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Vatican Condemns Israel

============================================================ This should be, could be, the beginning of the People's Revolution against the jew in the streets of America. Most likely though Americans will watch on TV a handful of brave men go to jail. Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder, I'm afraid Americans are, as usual, asleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Vatican launches war against Israeli crimes

What about its own crimes:-  

Palestine-Vatican, Politics, 4/15/2002

The Vatican launched a semi-official warfare against Israel terming its re-occupation of Palestinian territories as genocide against the Palestinian people, due to which the international community must intervene.

This is, of course, an unprecedented accusation leveled by the Vatican to Israel whose Politica1 significance prompts other western parties to oppose Israeli policies.

In its official Gazette, the Vatican stressed that the genocide against the Palestinians has got nothing to do with allegations by Israel that its war is against terrorism.

It added that this war aimed at preventing Palestinians from realizing their dream of establishing their independent state. It stressed that the current war against Palestinians lacked all forms of international legitimacy.

Commenting on this war, the Vatican says that the current war, waged by Israel in collaboration with the Americans against Muslim Palestinian people, is not "religiously blessed".  

Rather it is condemned by all Catholic Church archbishops in the world. The Vatican urged all Catholics in the world to unify ranks to condemn the religiously unlawful war against Palestinians.

Getting out to the diplomatic chess board, the Vatican recalled the American and Israeli ambassadors informing them that Pope John Paul II rejected calling the current war against Palestinians as anti-terrorism war.

The Pope urged Israel to withdraw immediately from the occupied territories and urged the Americans to stop their support to Israel, through public recall of the two ambassadors, the Vatican said that all Christians in the World particularly the Catholics support the Palestinian people.

Thus, it expressed its readiness to establish an international alliance with Islamic leadership to face up the Israeli-American alliance after the Europeans had rejected to join them in their aggression against the Palestinian people or Iraqi people in the future.  


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