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The Survey of Inmates of State Correctional Facilities, 1991, from the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that almost one out of five inmates possessed a weapon during the commission of a crime.  Ten percent report that they used the weapon to scare the victim, 2.7% to injure the victim, and 2.6% to kill the victim.  12.6% used guns, 5.4% used knives or sharp objects, .7% used rocks or blunt objects, and 0.8% used "other" weapons.  But these statistics reveal a disturbing fact about living in a country which teaches our children that we have a Second Amendment right to bear firearms at the same time that we actively enforce 22,000 unconstitutional gun control laws.  It is inevitible that the only crime committed by a certain percentage of those inmates who used weapons were the violations of gun control laws themselves, making a mockery of the Bill of Rights.  True to form, this survey didn't ask the crucial question which would have enabled us to determine what percentage of these inmates fall into that category. But the fact that 5.9% of them used weapons for protection and 2.6% used them to get away and 1.2% used them in "other way" means that it is entirely possible that as many as 9.7% of these inmates were convicted of nothing other than using a constitutionally protected weapon to defend themselves against crime.

Survey QuestionPercent of All Inmates
Possessed Weapon19.6%

Did Not Use Weapon


Used To Scare Victim


And Killed Victim


And Injured Victim


And To Get Away*




Used For Protection*


Used To Get Away*


Used in "Other Way"*

Possessed A Gun12.6%

*Used Gun For Self-Defense


Used Gun To Kill or Injure Victim

Fired A Gun7.0%

For Self-Defense


To Kill Or Injure Victim


It's a rare occasion that someone can use a knife or rock for self-defense.  If all of those who used a weapon for self-defense used a gun, then a maximum of 2.9% of all inmates used a gun to commit a crime other than a gun control crime.  Since 5.2% of them injured or killed their victims, then 2.3% of them used a weapon other than a gun and 2.9% of them used a gun.  In other words, it is entirely possible (and considering that the key question was NOT asked, it is PROBABLE) that the number of inmates in our state prisons who used a constitutionally protected firearm for self-defense outnumbers the number who used them in the commission of crimes by more than three fold (3.3X).   And if all of those who killed or injured their victims who used a gun also fired the gun, then only 1.8% of those who used a firearm in self-defense fired it, which means that mere possession of a gun was more than four times (4.4X) as effective in self defense as firing it was.

If this survey is representative of the two million Americans now behind bars, then it's possible that 194,000 of them were convicted of a crime no more serious than using a constitutionally protected weapon to "illegally" defend themselves, while only 58,000 of them used a gun to kill or injure someone.   Considering that the rate of false convictions being disclosed by DNA tests now exceeds 50% [PROFESSOR BARRY SCHECK: "... the number of exonerations [from DNA tests] far outnumbers the number of inclusions"] the real number may be 29,000 rather than 58,000.

Ordinary citizens reviewing this study should be seriously concerned that those who conducted it didn't ask the key questions which would have made some of the above guesstimates unnecessary.  They should be writing their congressmen to ask what role our 22,000 gun control laws played in the ten fold increase in the number of Americans behind bars since the first gun control law was passed four decades ago.  But they should be OUTRAGED that M-Cubed (Million Moms March) marched on Washington to demand more gun control laws at a time when all of the data and studies and surveys show that there are more Americans behind bars for using a gun for self-defense than to commit a crime.

The other violent crime which makes great headlines and movies but which wasn't so obvious in this survey is sexual assault.  22,957 of the 648,432 state prison inmates who were convicted of rape in 1991  had a total of 30,660 victims and of the 42,635 inmates who were convicted of "Other Sexual Assault" had a total of 55,188 victims.  This represents a total of 65,592 inmates and 85,848 victims, which is 1.3 victims for each inmate.  This would require a large proportion of these inmates to have had multiple victims.  But the damages caused by these sexual abusers is not indicative of the serial rapists which Americans see daily on national TV or newspapers.  In fact, the damages are almost impossible to detect.   The estimated financial loss per victim was $200, which is a total of $11 million.   Zero percent of their victims had been shot by a handgun, rifle, or assault weapon, had teeth or bones broken, or were knocked unconscious.  Even though inmates convicted of sexual assault represented 20% of violent inmates, only 0.007% of them caused internal injuries to their victims, only 0.005% bruised, cut, or scratched them, and only 0.01% of them wounded them with a knive or sharp object, making a mockery of the term "violent".  Even at that, if you added up all the injuries to sexual assault victims and assumed no overlap between, say, those who were scratched and those who were cut with a knife, the total percent of inmates who injured their victims in a sexual assault was 0.022%, which is less than 0.05% of the violent inmates.  What was so "violent" about the other 99.95% of the inmates?

It is now known, though, that many of these inmates were convicted on the basis of false testimony from one serial "victim", which should have resulted in more inmates than victims.  . "Violent" sexual abusers were awfully non-violent, especially compared to the violence caused by the women who falsely accused many of them.  If our incarceration rate is 18 times higher than Japan's due exclusively to such LIES, then 1,889,000 of the two million Americans now behind bars were convicted based solely on falsified evidence.  If so, the discovery in the Rampart Investigation that at least 3,000 men in Los Angeles were convicted based on police who LIED is a mere tip of one huge iceberg.  It makes the McMartin Pre-School Fiasco seem like child's play );  It makes the Amirault Travesty of Justice, where jurors believed children who testified that their entrails had been ripped out of them and laid out on a table for everyone to see, and then reinserted without a scratch, seem logical.   It makes the Wenatchee Witch Hunt where 46 parents had been falsely convicted of child abuse by whores of the justice department, where visiting Judge Friehl asserted that even the defense attorneys were caught up in the surrounding mass hysteria, seem like just part of the status quo in American justice.  Waco and Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City Bombing and Kosovo, combined, pale in comparison to the specter of 1,889,000 falsely convicted men now sitting in America's prisons. 

But there are other reasons besides false convictions that we have an 18 fold higher incarceration rate than Japan.  Even though Japan has a population about half of ours, we have more Americans behind bars just for drinking and driving, and twice as many CHILDREN behind bars, than Japan has for all crimes combined.  The rate of drinking drivers behind bars is 22.6 per 100,000 population, the rate of children behind bars is 40/100k, and Japan's incarceration rate for all crimes is 40/100k.  Our murder rate is 5.6 times higher than Japan's, but the rate at which we fail to prosecute and punish murderers is 40 times higher, so it would be expected that 3.5 times as many American citizens per capita would be in prison for violent crimes like murder.  Americans are also arrested for drug crimes at a rate 3.5 times higher than Japanese.  An incarceration rate of 140 is 3.5 times higher than Japan's.  Adding drinking drivers and children increases the rate to 202.6 which is more than sufficient to account for both our higher crime rates and our greater number of laws. But our actual incarceration rate is 735 per 100,000, which is a difference of 532.4, which can only be explained by an extremely high rate of false convictions.

This would put 1,448,000 Americans behind bars based exclusively on the false testimony of numerous public servants and women who LIED.   The damages awarded in the most recent discovery of a false conviction in Los Angeles exceeded $3 million, but not even $3 million is enough of an award to compensate men who spent 20 years in prison based on a single LIE from women who were motivated by meager "victim compensation awards".  If this could possibly be typical of what to expect from such trials, total damages awards for the other 1,448,000 potentially false convictions would exceed $4.3 trillion. 

This is half of our total annual GDP.  The damages caused by LIARS exceeds the financial damages done to "victims" by almot four million times.  Because of these LIES, this nation is morally and financially bankrupt.

The violence from women who LIE is almost four million times greater than the violence from men behind bars for sexual assault.






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