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This author strongly opposed the admission of women and blacks to my alma mater from the beginning, a position which most of my own Brother Rats [fellow alumni] strongly condemned not too long ago.

In the 47 years since I first walked past the statue of Stonewall Jackson and read "you may be what you want to be", this is the first time I've heard anyone even associated with VMI pronounce:

  1. Themselves greater than VMI, and

  2. VMI was a blight to their reputation.

As the careers and reputations of my Brother Rats rests on continuing their entrenched political correctness, I will now speak on their behalf even though half of them would condemn the following words to "Reggie Williams":


  1. You are NOT my brethren, because blacks can NEVER be brethren according to the WORD OF GOD Who I swore an oath to defend my country for.

  2. You NEVER belonged at VMI in the first place.

  3. You were patently unqualified to be admitted and used our misled courts to legally FORCE your way in.

  4. As an ingrate who used the force of law to be admitted, you could not possibly have appreciated the blood, tears, and sweat spilt by Brother Rats who ARE my brethren, in the first place.

  5. Your words are an insult to EVERY VMI Alumnus even if NONE of them tell you so TO YOUR FACE.

  6. You debased the Institute by forcing your way in through affirmative action, you debased it by your mere presence, you debased it by requiring the standards to be reduced just so you could get a degree there, and the worst possible way you can debase it now is to bite the hand that fed you.








Welcome to the VMI Discussion Group, an independent organization seeking to preserve vital VMI traditions. Please update yourself on this crucial issue by reading the following prior to posting a reply and also take the time first to sign the guestbook.

VMI Discussion Group

Justice Ruth Bader Ginzberg

Statements by VMI Alumni

Results of Survey on Admission of Women to VMI

USMA Alumni On Women at West Point

US Education Already Ranks 27th of 31 Nations in Math

It is at the BOTTOM in math and language scores, and at the TOP in education spending.  




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