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Within four years, THE MURDER RATE DROPPED 50%, from 31.4 to "only" 15 per 100k.

WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia has ended the year with a record low number of homicides.Mayor Vincent Gray and Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier are holding a press conference Thursday to announce that the city had 88 homicides in 2012. That’s the lowest on record since 1961.


454 murders in DC in 1993
76 By Hispanics
6 by Whites
19 by other

363 by Blacks

/550,200 Blacks in DC in 1992

= 65.8 murders per 100,000 Blacks

294,000 Blacks in DC in 2008

x 65.8 murders per 100k Blacks = 193 PROJECTED murders for 2008

186 murders = ACTUAL murders in 2008 (the YEAR the Supreme Court tossed out their restrictive gun control laws)

88 murders = ACTUAL murders in 2012, a 52.7% in only FOUR YEARS after gun control was outlawed

44 murders = PROJECTED murders in 2016 based on continuation of current trend [READ: liberals don't decide to "fix" the problem, once again]

ampm62 "You call yourself Christian? LOL "

Why would I as a Christian pretend that 24 White children killed in Sandy Hook is more important to me than the 247 Black children killed in your nation's capitol WHEN WE COULD MORE easily prevent those deaths than the ones in Sandy Hook?

At the time our nation's capitol achieved the coveted title Murder Capital of the world, our politicians knew (hopefully) that the FBI was keeping close track of who was doing that. They found that Black male youths age 18-24 were victims of homicide at the rate of 182 per 100,000 population, and age 14-17 at the rate of 75 per 100,000. But they also found that they committed homicide at the rate of 380 at age 18-24 and at the rate of 250 at age 14-17. This would mean that, on a national average, 51% of all homicides were committed by the one percent who were Black male youths between the age of 14-24.

But DC didn't fit the national average, as you might have guessed, as at the time, 82% of the population were Blacks who the CDC tells us are are 11.8 times more likely to commit homicide with a firearm, 3.7 fold more likely to commit homicide without a firearm, 1.9 times more likly to die from a gun accident.

Sorry to challenge your gun control religion, but the ONLY reason the homicide rate there fell a whopping 62.2%, from 82 per 100,000 in 1992 to 31 in 2008 (the YEAR the Supreme Court outlawed their strict gun control laws), had nothing [positive] to do with gun control, but was because the population of Blacks there fell 40 percent, from 492,000 to 294,000.

As you may suspect, the CDC keeps very careful records of all deaths in the US. On Table 12 of the following url you will find that in 2010 there were:

120,859 accidental deaths, of which 606 were by firearms, of which 101 were Black males

38,364 suicides, of which 19,392 were by firearms, of which 965 were Black males

16,259 homicides, of which 11,078 were by firearms, of which 5,553 were Black males

of 5,181 homicides which did not involve firearms, 1,151 were Black males

So where Black males are 6% of the population, they are 50.1% of the firearm homicides, 22.2% of the non-firearm homicides, 5% of firearm suicides, and 16.7% of the accidental firearm deaths.

Black males are thus over-represented by 8.4 fold in firearm homicides, 3.7 fold in non-firearm homicides, 2.8 fold in accidental firearm deaths, and under-represented by 17% in firearm suicides.

Conversely, White males are 44% of the population, 32% of firearm homicides, 40.4% of non-firearm homicides, 80% of firearm suicides, and 65% of accidental firearm deaths.

White males are thus under-represented in firearm homicides by 1.4 fold, equally represented in non-firearm homicides, over-represented in firearm suicides by 1.8 fold, and over-represented in accidental firearm deaths by 1.5 fold.

So relative to Whites, Blacks are 11.8 times more likely to commit homicide with a firearm, 3.7 fold more likely to commit homicide without a firearm, 1.9 times more likly to die from a gun accident, and slightly less likely to commit suicide with a firearm.

Why is the gun death rate in Louisiana so high? 37% of their population are, relative to Whites, 11.8 times more likely to use a firearm to murder someone, and twice as likely to shoot themselves.


Forget reflections on my fond memories of this once beautiful American city--because during my way back from Moscow (where I rode on the world's most beautiful subways) back to Los Angeles, I stopped in DC for a class reunion--where I rode on the world's ugliest subway even though it was a brand new modern system just years ago.  While I felt perfectly safe in Moscow, I couldn't wait to get away from the freaks who now inhabit this entire system.  But even that was difficult, because there are no restrooms in the DC subway and every business or agency close to the exits had huge signs warning me that their restrooms were only for their patrons.  And even after I had managed to skirt the law and enter a restroom without becoming a genuine patron, the restrooms had been trashed and all the mirrors either broken or removed.

That's not what DC was like before the Blacks got there, and that's not the way it is today in Black-free Moscow.  So now the question is: what is the status of this world class effort to transform a people whose only distinguishing characteristic is that God painted them Black, into White people?

Warning: I already know the answer, and if you don't want to hear the sad truth, turn back here and never return again.  If you DO want to know, then read on--and please help me fill in the gaps by email [email protected] or phone 949 544 1461 or Skype israeliteknight.


The Grand Experiment is an Even Grander Failure

For the last five decades, contrary to the best intentions of our Founding Fathers, Washington, DC, has become the cauldron of the most pampered race on the planet--Blacks whose incomes their peers will never in a billion years see, 50% higher than the national average for Blacks and 20 TIMES higher than almost 800 million Blacks of Africa, whose children cost $24,606 EACH to educate, 3-4 times greater than White children in Iowa and North Dakota and 10 times greater than Asian children in Korea, the strictest gun control and drug control laws, the best health care ever offered by White men, with numerous world class and EXPENSIVE hospitals nearby, and five separate police forces. 

"The grand total of DC public school funding for 2007-08 is thus $1.216 billion. Divide that by the OSSE’s official enrollment figure of 49,422 students, and you arrive at an estimated total per pupil spending figure of $24,606."

The REAL purpose behind all of this was to try oh so delicately and quietly to get our nation's capitol off the hit list of the Murder Capital of the WORLD, a title it has held for five decades straight.  During that time, only a few cities (Detroit, New Orleans, and Gary, Indiana, also popular havens for Blacks) managed to have even higher murder rates, but noly for a year or two before DC bounced back to the top.  So how have Washington, DC, Blacks fared with all this pandering and pampering?

The More We Pamper Them, The Worse They Do  

Nvsr47-9.pdf “Mortality levels also varied by race in 1996. Overall, age-adjusted death rates for the black population exceeded those of the white population by about 58 percent. Rates for the black population were higher for most of the leading causes of death. The largest race differential was for homicide, with an age-adjusted death rate for the black population that was 6.2 times that for the white population.”

District of Columbia also had the nation's highest AIDS death rate, 99.6 per 100k, almost ten times higher than the national average of 11.7 and infinitely higher than Vermont, North Dakota, and South Dakota who had no AIDS deaths.

The world's strictest and longest running gun control laws resulted in DC having less than 25,000 guns, yet a murder rate 400 TIMES greater than North Dakota, with a similar population, and more than ONE MILLION guns (and last year, both murders were caused by KNIVES.

It's cancer death rate of 254 was 50% higher than the national average of 203.4 and almost four times higher than Guam at 72.4.

The infant mortality rate for Blacks nationally of 14.7 is more than twice that of Whites at 7.6, but the rate in DC of 17.6 is another 20% higher.

Nationally, the homicide rate for Blacks is 71.6, which is 23 times higher than for Whites, but in DC the rate was 102, 42% higher than the national average. The rate at which Black males are murdered just by firearms in DC is 42.3.

Nationally, the motor vehicle fatality rate for Blacks is 25.2, which is 2 ½ times greater than the rate for Whites of 10.0, even though Blacks are licensed drivers half as frequently as Whites.

Between 1990 and 1996, the age-adjusted death rate for drug-induced causes increased by 44 percent. In 1996 the age-adjusted death rate for drug-induced causes for males was 2.3 times the rate for females, and the rate for the black population was 1.6 times that for the white population.

In 1996 the age-adjusted death rate for alcohol-induced causes for males was 3.4 times the rate for females, and the rate for the black population was 1.7 times the rate for the white population.

The age-adjusted rate for death by firearms for Black males nationally is 52, which is 14 times greater than that for White females at 3.6.

In 2010, the Expectation of life at birth (years) in the US for Blacks was 74 years, for Blacks in DC was 73 years, for Whites was 78.4 years, compared to Japan at 81.6 years, France at 80.3 years, Kenya 58.8 years, and Zimbabwe 39.1 years.

US Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1999, pg 49, sec01.pdf of “Population”
Table No. 48 Cities with 100,000 or More Inhabitants in 1998—population, 1980 to 1998, and Land Area, 1990 Resident Population by Race, Hispanic or Latino Origin, and State: 2005 Table 23, pg 26 (2007 edition) 2005 Washington, DC—percent Black in 1990 = 65.8%

No. 345. Crime Rates, by Type—Selected Large Cities: 1997 U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1999 Pg 216 of Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prisons sec05.pdf

District of Columbia Crime Rates 1960 - 2011
1998 523,000 46,210 8,988 37,222 260 190 3,606 4,932 6,361 24,360 6,501 
2003 557,620 41,757 9,061 32,696 249 274 3,941 4,597 4,671 18,119 9,906 




Murder Capitol of the World

83% black and 81 homicides per 100k

At the peak of the violent crime swing in Washington, DC, 83% of the students who participated in NAEP were black:

<<<At the peak of the violent crime wave in the early 1990s, Washington, D.C., was known as the "murder capital" of the United States. The number of homicides peaked in 1991, with 482 murders. As the population of the city was just over 600,000 at that time, this meant that the District's homicide rate was 80.6 per 100,000 inhabitants. By contrast, when New York City, with 7.3 million people at the time, hit its highest homicide count and rate with 2,245 murders in 1990, this meant a murder rate of "only" 30.66 per 100,000.>>>,_D.C.

If a city (no, country) like Washington DC, with more Blacks and politicians per square inch than any plot of land on the face of the planet, who re-elected known drug user Marion Berry as mayor, who really can't be expected to be too religious about facts and statistics, will ADMIT to a homicide rate of 80.6, then the actual homicide rate could be 50% higher and perhaps twice as high, putting it in the range of 121 to 162.    These are the folks who control the numbers, so it's extremely easy for them to cook any of their own statistics which put them in a bad light, up to and including the complete removal of the column "homicide" from the table "Death Rates, by Leading Causes--States" in the 1993 and 1994 editions of the Statistical Abstract of the United States which would have contained the above figure, or one even worse. 

They did manage to restore this column by the time the 1996 edition was published, at which time the homicide rate in DC was down to "only" 72.4--a rate still 42 TIMES higher than Maine at 1.7, and 362 TIMES higher than Singapore at 0.2.

What exactly did we get in return on this HUGE investment?





YearPercent BlackMurders Per 100,000 pop

Compared to Mesa, Arizona Who Gets Almost No Federal Pampering

Residents in Washington, DC are 15% more likely to be raped, 52% more likely to be robbed, twice as likely to be assaulted, 20% more likely to be burglarized, 6% more likely to be victims of larceny 5063, and 50% more likely to have their car stolen.


Mozambique participated in IAEP and got 28.3% correct, compared to 80.2% in China, 55.3% in the US, and 73.4% in Korea. The recent breakdown of scores by race in the US by TIMSS suggests the following to be the racial component of our score of 55.3:


Protestant White 35%, 83.2%

Catholic White 18%, 40.8%

Other 7%, 51.1%

Asian 3%, 76.1%

Hispanic 24%, 38.3%

Black 13%, 29.1%  

Blacks in DC, 21.5% 

Mozambique, 28.3%


"The grand total of DC public school funding for 2007-08 is thus $1.216 billion. Divide that by the OSSE’s official enrollment figure of 49,422 students, and you arrive at an estimated total per pupil spending figure of $24,606."

This compares to $5,100 per student in Iowa and North Dakota, and $3,000 per student in Korea and Singapore.

So the MOST pampered student on the universe, the Black student in DC who already costs $24,606 per year to educate, almost FIVE TIMES more than a student in Iowa or Korea, STILL scores 11 NAEP math points lower (at 231) than the AVERAGE American black student, 24 points lower than Blacks in Iowa who cost only $4,500 per year, 70 points lower than a nonpublic school student in Texas who costs only $4,000, and 72 points lower than the AVERAGE White student in the SAME schools in DC (at 303).

What does Mozambique do right that DC does wrong?

How exactly do American Blacks benefit from this? How do WE benefit from this?

The Only People In DC Who Score Lower Than Black Students are Teachers pg. 14, Table 2.4

In ACT Math, Blacks in DC score 16.4, which is 0.7 points lower than the national average for blacks of 17.1, 10.2 points lower than Whites in DC (26.6), and 5.6 points lower than Asian/Pacific Islanders in DC.

In ACT English, they score 15.0, which is 0.7 points lower than the national average for Blacks, 13.1 points lower than Whites in DC(28.1), and 10.3 points lower than Asian/Pacific Islanders in DC.

In ACT Reading, they score 16.1, which is again 0.7 points lower than the national average for Blacks, 12 points lower than Whites in DC, and
8.7 points lower than Asian/Pacific Islanders in DC.

In ACT Science, they score 15.9, which is 9.7 points lower than Whites in DC, and 7.1 points lower than the national average for Asian/Pacific Islanders.

Is there ANYBODY who could POSSIBLY score lower than that? Well, of course. Table 4.1 shows that teacher education majors in DC score only 14.9, another .2 points lower.


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If the murder rate in Washington were to climb back to its 1991 rate of 80.6 and remain there for the next four decades (which is very likely considering the long term trend), and if the population were to remain at 600,00 (which may be high considering the recent decrease in the population), there will be 19,344 murders in that one city alone.  If it were to increase to the rate of New Orleans before God wiped them out, or 86, there will be 20,640 murders.  Even if it were to remain flat, at the current level, there will still be 10,320 murders.

homicidedc.gif (13521 bytes)


Conversely, if it were to decrease to the level of Rwanda, there will be only 3,288 murders; or Ethiopia, 1,704 murders; or Iraq, 720 murders; or China, 408 murders; or Madagascar, 336 murders; or Hong Kong, 144 murders; or Saudi Arabia, 96 murders; or North Dakota, 48 murders; or Qatar, 24 murders.


Homicide Rate

Murders per year

Murders Four Decades

DC 1991




New Orleans












S. Africa




DC Now








US average




















Mesa, Az








Hong Kong




Saudi Arabia








N. Dakota














In other words, simply because we've permitted blacks to move into our nation's capitol, rather than Whites from North Dakota, or Muslims from Qatar, or Asians from Singapore, we are CERTAIN that over the next four decades an EXTRA 20,000 Americans will be murdered in JUST this once city.

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Removing Blacks WORKS

Our politicos quietly implemented a secret (or at least unknown to the news media) plan to reduce the population of blacks in our nation's capitol from 82.2% in 1990 to only 61.4% in 1999, the primary reason for the more than 50% reduction of the homicide rate, from 80.6 to 35.8.  Relatively unbiased government agencies like NAEP confirmed that blacks were 83% of the students.  This is because they knew intimately something we don't know  and the news media failed to report:  the most murderous population in the nation are Black male youth between the ages of 14-24.

But not even that was enough to keep our nation's capitol off the murder capitol hit list:


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- District had Highest Big-City Murder Rate in 2002

- DC Murder Rate Soared as Other Cities Saw Decline

(Washington, DC) Washington, DC is once again the nation's 'Murder Capital," according to a new study released today.

The study, conducted by (, a public safety watchdog group, compared the annual number of murders per 100,000 residents in American cities with populations greater than 500,000. This was the same standard used to determine DC's previous rank as murder capital. In compiling the data, the group relied on homicide statistics from the FBI and police department homicide units from around the country.

According to the numbers, DC outranked all major cities, and is again the nation's "murder capital."

Immediately following DC on the list were Detroit (the winner in 2001), Baltimore, Memphis, Chicago and Philadelphia (in that order).

Other notable rankings included: Los Angeles (9), Dallas (10), Boston (18), San Francisco (24), and New York (25). Last on the list was Honolulu, ranked 32d with only 18 murders, in spite of its population of nearly 900,000.

DC, by comparison, with nearly 600,000 residents, had 262 murders last year.

DC's soaring homicide rate also defied national trends showing a slight drop in murders. In spite of the fact that the number of total murders in all 32 cities dropped 1.2% in 2002 as compared to 2001, DC saw a nearly 13% increase in its murder rate in 2002, giving it the 6th-highest increase among the cities surveyed.

"Nationally the murder rate hardly changed, yet in DC it soared last year," said John Aravosis, cofounder of and co-author of the study along with Matt Forman. "DC officials clearly can't blame the city's increasing murder rate on the worsening economy or other national trends since most other cities facing the same pressures did not see the same increase in homicides."

The largest jump in the 2002 murder rate was in Columbus, which saw a nearly 60% increase last year, immediately followed by San Jose (+27%), Tucson (+21%), Jacksonville (+20%), and Denver (+18%).

On the other end of the spectrum, El Paso had the greatest decline in its murder rate last year (-30%). The percentage change in the murder rate of other notable cities in 2002 include: Los Angeles (+12%), Detroit (+2%), Baltimore (-1%), Chicago (-3%), Philadelphia (-7%), Boston (-8%), New York (-10%), and Dallas (-20%).

The study also cast doubt on another factor often used by DC officials to explain the city's increasing crime rate: the demands of Homeland Security.

"We were surprised to find that New York had a 10% drop in homicides last year, as DC officials often blame the District's increasing crime rate on the demands of post-September 11 security," Aravosis said. "Yet New York, which surely faces as great a threat as Washington, has managed to improve its murder rate."

The study also found that in 2001 DC was the murder capital "runner up."

This year, according to the DC Metropolitan Police Department, murder in the District is up over 21% from last year, and at the current pace, Washington could see 325 murders in 2003 as compared to last year's 262. (Source: Washington Post)

"We were the murder capital runner-up in 2001, we won the title in 2002, and 2003 is already being heralded as a record year for death in the District," said Aravosis. "All of this proves that this year's 21% jump in homicides is hardly a temporary fluke. It's been building for years." is a web-based ad hoc coalition of District of Columbia citizens and police officers working to improve public safety and hometown security. founder, John Aravosis, is a nationally-known Internet activist best known for his year 2000 web campaign. The campaign brought citizen pressure to bear in convincing corporate sponsors to withdraw from Dr. Laura Schlessinger's television talk show ultimately leading to the cancellation of the show.


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DC Regains Title of "Murder Capital" In 2003 

A Study by

April 24, 2003

DC is Again the Murder Capital

Washington, DC had the highest number of homicides per capita in 2002 of cities with populations of 500,000 or more, making the District again the nation's "murder capital." (This was the same standard used to determine DC's "murder capital" status in the late 1980s.) In 2001, DC was the "murder capital runner-up," following Detroit which held the title that year. In 2002, however, DC's nearly 13% increase in homicides over the previous year exceeded Detroit's more modest increase of less than 2%. As a result, Detroit and DC switched places in the rankings for 2002, with DC taking the lead.

The Importance of Calculating the "Murder Rate"

A word about the "murder rate" and per-capita calculations. While Los Angeles had the most murders in 2002 of any large city, Washington, DC gets the rank of "murder capital" because the risk of being murdered in the District is higher than in Los Angeles. This is because while Los Angeles has 6.5 times the population of the District, last year LA did not have 6.5 times the number of murders in DC - rather, LA had only 2.5 times the number of murders in DC. Thus, in terms of each citizen's risk of being murdered, DC is more dangerous than LA and thus gets a higher rank.(1)

Top Ten Murder Rates in 2002

The following chart shows the ranking for the top ten cities in murders per capita for 2002:

Gallant1965: 45.8 per 100,000 people



naepmath1996race.gif (100746 bytes)

With an official population of 603,000, using the above proportions, the population groups should be as follows:

Whites = 24,120

blacks = 500,490

Hispanics = 60,300

Asians = 12,060

With blacks broken down by age groups and sex:

Males 14-17 = 17,517

Males 18-24 = 27,527

Males > 24 = 205,201

Females 14-17 = 17,517

Females 15-24 = 27,527

Females > 24 = 205,201


A) Males 14-17:  17,517 x 250 homicides per 100,000 population = 44

B) Males 18-24: 27,527 x 380 homicides per 100,000 population = 105

C) Males > 24:  205,201 x 80 homicides per 100,000 population = 164

D) Females 14-17:  17,517 x 12 homicides per 100,000 population = 2

E) Females 18-24: 27,527 x 23 homicides per 100,000 population = 6

F) Females > 24:  205,201 x 10 homicides per 100,000 population = 21

TOTAL = 342


60,300 x 30 homicides per 100,000 population = 18


24,120 x 1 homicide per 100,000 population = 0


12,060 x 0.5 homicides per 100,000 population = 0


360 CLEARED homicides, plus 180 uncleared homicides = 540 homicides

= homicide rate per 100,000 population of 89







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