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image A page dedicated to the World Church of the Creator and to the Pompous Maximus himself, Matt Hale.

imageA page dedicated to that fine, upstanding social organization - the KU KLUX KLAN.

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imageKeep America White - A front for WHITESONLY.ORG **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Unity - Racists banding together. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageJames Wickstrom - Is this guy a minister? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCombat 18 Blood and Honour **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNot another Aryan Nations webpage **** (Site info - see note below)
imageVolksFront - Followers of "NON-WHITE RELIGIONS SUCH AS JUDAISM, HINDUISM AND ISLAM" need not apply! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGas A Jew For Jesus - Aryan Nations of Pennsylvania **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Front National - The racist views of Jean-Marie Le Pen **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNUEVORDEN - neo-Nazi page in Spanish. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageS.E.A.L. Army Inc. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEuropean-American Unity and Rights Organization - King of the Klan David Duke is at it again. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Journal **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSkin Nation Forces - "The SNF was created for White people threw (sic) out the world to join a force they could feel proud and secure with. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHistorical Review Press **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Nationalist Women **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Women - "This page is a tribute to White women in III Reich, who had racial Pride, loyalty, honor and courage!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Alliance - A racist moron hosting other racist morons. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageExtreme Violent Racism - White revolution is the Final Solution **** (Site info - see note below)
imageDIES IRAE - A Hateful Requiem - "There is one solution, and only one that would have any possibility of saving our race - a process which the media commonly refers to as "ETHNIC CLEANSING". Violence, at this point, is the only solution. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageOdin's Rage - What a catchy name. But it's just the same racist web-host Yoderanium **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKevin Alfred Strom - the neo-Nazi who loves himself. To show what a fine person he is, Strom is using the World Trade Center tragedy to promote his own agenda. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLiberty Bell Publications **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan National Alliance - "We expect you to be a race loyal Aryan of mature judgment, and adherent to the Doctrine of Dual Seedline Identity. But foremost in importance, you must be a person who can be trusted with the life of our Race (True Israel). **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Nations **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Nations, Nevada State Office **** (Site info - see note below)
imageInternational Third Position **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAztlan Communication Network - God forbid you're a Jew or even a Latino that doesn't believe the way these individuals do. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican's For Self-Determination - "It is irrational to believe a multiracial society can work. The notion that diversity is a great strength to be celebrated is the great absurdity of our time." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWake up or Die! - Are YOU a White Gentile Race Traitor? Genocide is being perpetrated against White Americans. It is time to Wake Up. It is time to unmask and dismantle the parasitic monsters who feed on White Americans. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEuro-Canadian News Service - Content is of interest to Canadians of European heritage. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Alliance of Massachusettes - Just a re-hash of The National Alliance propaganda. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageYGGDRASIL'S LIBRARY - "Racial Strife seems universal where diverse races are placed in a single country. "Strife can be minimized through dividing such countries into homogeneous nations." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Militant - Dedicated to the principles of White Nationalism. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageImperium Records - Racist music from Portland Oregon **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNovember 9th Society - British Nazi party. "November 9th Society is in full agreement with apartheid and believes that the white Aryan race is superior to all others." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageVanguard News Network - "We have come together on the Internet to reclaim the American mind from the Jews." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWaffen SS Skinheads of Virginia **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Socialist Black Metal - "We support total death for weak humans." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNew Nation News - "Control Immigration, Crime and Corruption, Restore Constitutional Republic." You wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood. So take a look under the hood of this website. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAustralian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Holocaust revisionism under the guise of "civil liberties." **** (Site info - see note below)
image"Poor Richard" Butler - The Aryan Nation leader feels that he is being discriminated against. "We demand that the State of Idaho pursue remedy as specified by Law in this matter."
imageThe American Defense League - "Was founded November 6, 2000, to bring together patriotic citizens in order to restore America. Our founding fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see that the very minority they warned us against is now in control using our resources to serve their Zionist interests." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Falangist movement - "any radical homosexual that disrupts a Religious service because they don't agree with what is being said or practiced by that church should be sentenced to a special labor camp for 20 years or in some cases executed." "We want all Americans to have the right to own fully automatic assault weapons, as we feel that it would be the greatest deterrent to an oppressive government and rising crime. The founding Fathers of this Country intended it to be so." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSOUTHERN PHALANGE - is an organisation of ultra-nationalists belonging to various political parties and groups who have banded together for a common purpose. That common purpose is the total independence of our beloved Southland. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSouthern Legal Resource Center - "We are a non-profit legal foundation waging a counter-offensive to preserve Southern Heritage." Strange statement coming from an organization whose Director. Kirk Lyons, was married at the Aryan Nations compound by neo-Nazi racist Richard Butler. **** (Site info - see note below)
image"Final Conflict" - A Facist publication - "Against Capitalism and Communism." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Front **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Third Position **** (Site info - see note below)
imageG.O.A.L. -- God's Order Affirmed in Love **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Fagbashers of America - "Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie,and fagbashing. all-American traditions." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSuperior Breed World Headquarters - "What we have today is an accumulation of genetic garbage that is piled high above the evolutionary cream of the crop. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe 11th Hour Remnant Messenger - The home of millionaire racist Vincent Bertollini. **** (Site info - see note below) - Exposing The Evil Entity That Has Engulfed And Demoralized The Great United States Of America! "How can a Jew take the oath of naturalization and become an American citizen? And, is it unjust to observe he may be valueless if not dangerous to American society?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHitler Is God **** (Site info - see note below)
image88 Skins for Genocide - Well they've moved again. It must be hard for racist moron's to find a home. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Alliance - the only alliance here is with hate! Check out their goals. **** (Site info - see note below)
image"Equality: Man's most dangerous myth," insight from William Pierce of National Alliance. - what a waste of God's greatest gift to mankind - the brain!
imageStormfront - no weather reports here, just a lot of hot air! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageStormfront for Kids - Another example of Don Black showing what a worthless human being he is! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Pride women - they're whining about Kosher foods. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageStormfront's Legal Defense Fund - I'll donate if you will. Then again maybe not! **** (Site info - see note below)
image"Our Legacy of Truth" - They wouldn't know the truth even if they met it face to face. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCandidus Productions "Is a pro-White web design company that offers web and custom graphic design to White nationalists world-wide." For a small donation, you too can have your own racist web page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageZundelsite - Holocaust denial by Ernst Zundel. Zundel, (one of the new Nazi's) says the "Holocaust" was an Allied propaganda tool concocted during World War II - that is not based on historical fact. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEuro-American Students Union - The Multi-Cultural Mongrolians are in control, but like the all-destroying Mongols of history, they can be defeated. The purpose is restoring and preserving the Euro-centric foundations of the U.S. and advancing the cause of White-Particularism.**** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Renaissance - A literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration, and the decline of civility. (if it talks like a bigot and walks like a bigot - it's a bigot!) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageW.A.R. (White Aryan Resistance) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFor Folk and Father Land - N.S.W.P.P. 4319 Medical Drive, Suite 131-150, San Antonio, TX 78229 **** (Site info - see note below)
imageInstitute for Historical Review (Holocaust revisionism) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGreg Raven's Web site for revisionist materials. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCrosstar - The Headquarters' of The Nationalist Movement. What do Nationalists want? Freedom from non-Americans - Wetbacks, boat people and aliens who crash our borders, trash our Way of Life and treat us as a big grab-bag, including domestic, incompatible minorities and defectives incapable of citizenship. THAT'S all! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLeague of White American Voters **** (Site info - see note below)
imageJew Watch **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Freedom Site (whine, whine, whine) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Socialist German Workers Party / American Order - Home of the "New Order." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNew Jersey Skinheads **** (Site info - see note below)
imageVoice of White America - In their dreams. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Angel's White Pride Links - Angel of darkness maybe! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageStudent Revisionists' Resource Site **** (Site info - see note below)
imageInstitute for Historical Review **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCODOH - Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHome Web page of Arthur R. Butz - more holocaust revisionism. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAir-photo evidence that Nazi death-camps didn't exist. - The author of this page claims that ground photos show healthy, happy, relaxed, well-fed inmates! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeritage Front - Homegrown Canadian hate. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Occidental Pan-Aryan Crusader - UNITING THE EUROPEAN AND EUROPEAN-AMERICAN WORLD FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE ARYAN RACE **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Female Homestead - I suppose Aryan babies have to come from somewhere. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhitePride.Net - What can you say! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFUTURE GENERATIONS - Future Generations is about humanitarian eugenics. Humanitarian eugenics strives to leave a genuine legacy of love to future generations: good health, high intelligence, and noble character. (wow, what beautiful words - makes me get all weepy eyed!) (Site info - see note below)
image14-Word Press - "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePosse Comitatus - This is the website of: Pastor(?) James P. Wickstrom. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSeigHeil88's Homepage - "To all of you scum out there who have some sort of problem with my beliefs, you can kiss my ass." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan Re-Education links - what a great idea - re-educating Aryan youth. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAttention White Men! - DECLARATION TO REGAIN A NATIONAL STATE **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSouthern Independence - Fed up with watching helplessly as your Southern nation is crushed beneath the modern Tower of Babel called the New World Order?**** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Pride World Wide **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWestern Imperative Network - Furthering the Racial Separatist Alternative **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFrom the Republic of Vermont - Here is a good example of a anti-Semitic "Patriot" page.
"As we await the arrival of Our Saviour - Jesus Christ - so too do we await the arrival of HITLER NUMBER TWO - in your image to destroy you. HEIL HITLER!"
"Adolph Hitler - We salute you and sincerely apologize.You were right and we were wrong! We're sorry we stopped you!"
imageAAARGH - another Holocaust Revisionism page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Truth at Last - America's premier White patriot newspaper. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHail the Order **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe American Nationalist Union - The ANU is the largest political organization in America promoting nationalism. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Association for the Advancement of White People - "Start today, fellow white Americans. Look at the faces around you: find the faces like yours, and see them as your brothers and sisters. Find the fair-skinned babies, and see them as your children." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNAAWP of Pennsylvania. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNAAWP of Hawaii. - paradise spoiled by the likes of Ronald Edmiston. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNAAWP of Florida. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNAAWP of North Carolina. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Association for the Advancement of White People (Georgia chapter) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSun Set Bootboys - Aren't they clever. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHammerSkin Nation **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHammerSkins of Spain **** (Site info - see note below)
imageVinland HammerSkins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWestern HammerSkins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGerman HammerSkins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAustralian HammerSkins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNew Zealand HammerSkins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSS Regalia - Merchandise that every neo-Nazi moron would love to own. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCanada First Immigration Reform Committee **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRadio Freedom - Insightful Commentary and thought provoking news. (actually just more racist B.S.)**** (Site info - see note below)
imageRadio Islam - People just don't seem to want to live together. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageOSTARA WEBSERVER - "PRESENTING A COLLECTION OF CONTROVERSIAL WEB-LINKS, BOOKS, DOCUMENTS & WEBSITES." (They make it sound like they are performing a public service - the page speaks for itself.) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageUnited Strike - "We need to unite in a common cause for the preservation of the glorious White Race." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Rudolf Hess site Just another I love Rudolf Hess page. **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Nationalist Observer - Is a bimonthly magazine and daily e-zine published for activists in the struggle to secure the White Race's survival and advancement. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageJerry's Aryan Battle Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBetter Than Auschwitz **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Papers - "In the White Western nations, a decline in population growth, an intensive campaign of psychological warfare and the invasion of our lands by the third world threatens the survival of White Europeans as a people." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSuppressed Facts **** We are a racial and pro-life organization, Teutons, Slavs, Celts united in building a White Homeland in North America in which our people's survival will be assured, a society free of Jewish manipulation and influence and black/mestizo crime, free of the threat of domination by foreign cultures like those of India or Asia, and free of those things which threaten racial, physical, and cultural life in North America today.(Site info - see note below)
imageCouncil of Conservative Citizens - "If we want to live, white Americans must begin today to lay the foundations for our future and our children's future. An individual without a strong group identity, a racial, ethnic, religious or national identity, will be lost like a lone snowflake among glaciers in the near future: we white Americans must rebuild our ruined sense of self. We must raise a fortress to defend ourselves against slanderous attacks: we must create a school in which to teach our children, our neighbors and our countrymen about ourselves." "Start today, fellow white Americans. Look at the faces around you: find the faces like yours, and see them as your brothers and sisters. Find the fair-skinned babies, and see them as your children." Is your Congressman a bigot? Read a recent newspaper article and find out. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Campaign for RADICAL TRUTH in History. - The information contained herein is banned in Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Australia and a growing number of countries at the behest of such Zionist hate groups as the B'nai B'rith of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the World Jewish Congress and similar Orwellian thought control organizations which fear free and open debate. They use rigged courts and jailers to enforce their information monopoly. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSheriff's Posse Comitatus **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Socialist Movement **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Socialist Movement - Nazi's in Ohio **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNew Jersey Branch of the Aryan Nations **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Survival Southwest - This website is dedicated to all the people of the Southwest who have died thanks to the governments bloodthirsty pursuit of a multicultural non-white society. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePatriot88 **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTHE INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRATOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION - Look out for the ZOG conspiracy. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlitzcast - Everything there is to read or hear for all you Aryan brothers and sisters. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Civil Rights(?) Review - Boy can a name be deceiving! **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePro-White Australia **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBruiser22's Whitepride homepage - Let' s get a few things straight from the get go, this is not a hate site. This is a pro white site, not an anti-non white site. I am not a hater; I just love my own. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlood and Honour Scandinavia - Hail Blood & Honour! Hail Victory!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlood & Honor North America **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThule Publications - Reading material for every true Aryan(?) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSkinhead Pride - "This page is dedicated to all the true skinheads around the world." This coming from a bunch of loons who call Rudolf Hess a "prisoner of peace." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhiteSingles.Com - A chatroom for white singles brought to you by everyones favorite Klansman David Duke. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhiteRace.Com - Aryan video page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSIGRDRIFA Publications - the PREMIER white women's publishing agency. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBlitzkrieg - "The first amongst these sacred precepts is the indisputable fact that Aryan mankind represents the absolute apex of all human development if one is to consider excellence as the standard." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Racial Compact - A call for Racial Preservation, Racial Independence, Racial Rights and Racial Good Will. Check out their map on how the US should be divided up among the different races. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Nazi Party - Here at Nazi Headquarters, we are gathering the best and most ACTIVE of our fighters for the White People. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican National Party - "Our country is being ruined. Our homeland is being invaded. The occupational government has become a parasite upon the people and must be removed." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAryan International Movement (A.I.M.) - Oh, really! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFor Volk and Vaterland **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMartin Luther King Jr. - Another vile attempt by STORMFRONT.ORG to defame the work of Dr. King. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageI Love White Folks - Oh, but it's not a racist page. Yeah Right! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageMothers Of The Movement - The future of the Aryan race depends on our ability to bear and raise healthy, strong children. **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Unity Press **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeritage Lost Ministries - another webpage from King Nazi Don Black at Stormfront. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageDerby City Skinheads, Louisville, Kentucky (password is "skinhead") **** (Site info - see note below)
imageA Eugenics Perspective: - Breeding an Improved Human Species. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePolitics and Terrorism - It's all the fault of Jews. **** (Site info - see note below) - Just another mouth piece for the National Alliance **** (Site info - see note below) - See above **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Official Harold Covington website - neo-Nazi extraordinaire **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAdelaide Institute **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe WORKS of REVILO P. OLIVER - "Are Americans more concerned about protecting their children from the AIDS plague -- or about which set of Congoids has won the latest ball game?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSS RAHOWA'S Racialist Web Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSATANIC JEW WEB SITE **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRuediger's Fyrfos Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe New Order - Building a Better World for Future Aryan Generations. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLibertarian National Socialist Green Party - "...we do actively discriminate against those so foolish to admit to believership in Judaism or Christianity." **** (Site info - see note below) - was created on the idea of offering free homepage to users who have had home pages destroyed while using a previous service on one of those "free homepage providers." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe American Populist Review - Edited by John Weiss, a man who considers David Duke a "good friend." Lots of photos of Weiss and David Duke. **** (Site info - see note below)
image88 Enterprises - Just someone hawking Hitler trinkets. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Front - We feel that culturally mixed societies cannot form a true Nation and are inherently unstable. No one race or culture is "superior" to others, but they are all different. Racial integration threatens all Peoples. Humane efforts towards separation and self-determination are better for us than endless repression, tension, and racial violence. The freedoms of any nation must be defended through armed neutrality, which highly trained National defense forces backed up by a militia made up of the entire adult population. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHate Watch of America - Don't be fooled by the honorable sounding name. The websites Don Ellis links to, tell the real story. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageGerhard Lauck - is trying to sell his Nazi propaganda. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSisterhood of the WCOTC - "We abhor the jew-feminist ideology that so many White women succumb to." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFL (Florida) Hammer's Hate Site **** (Site info - see note below)
imageTri-State Terror Another Skinhead music page. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSword of Christ - Get a load of the picture of Hitler. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWelcome to Reality - If you're White, and you're seeing things going on that no one else can see. And people say that you're f#[email protected] crazy or brainwashed, then you've found the right site. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSS Enterprises The content of these pages contain racial undertones that may seem offensive to some. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHolocaust denier, David Irving loses in court (what a shame). - But he still needs your donations. **** (Site info - see note below).
Here's a couple of articles about poor Mr. Irving's plight:
"Holocaust libel case tossed out of court"
"Historian branded 'racist' by judge"
imageNordic Fest 2000 (password is "nordicfest") - will be held Memorial Day weekend in Kentucky **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Screed - is an independent publication that discusses issues and events pertaining to the state of the Euro-American ethnic majority in the United States **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNEW WORLD ORDER WATCH - "Why are blacks so violent? Is it because they have been perscuted for hundreds of years? Could it be they have been that way for thousands of years and they can't be civilized?" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhitestorm 88 **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNovember 9th Society - Bringing National Socialism into the 21st Century **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThatcher Thunders - "Adolf Hitler is referred to many times in the Bible! In a positive manner, too! The problem is convincing people of this, people who think they know all about the Bible yet never read it." "How long will America let the Jews and Israel dominate it? And what about Western Europe? By America’s dominating role in Europe, the Jews effectively control that continent." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Civil Rights Review - What a sham this page is! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageNational Action - "AN INDEPENDENT WHITE AUSTRALIA" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEuroKnowledge **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Order - For a Brighter Whiter Future **** (Site info - see note below) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKados' White Pride Page - "If you are offended, KISS MY ASS, and take yourself back to where you came from!!" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageKurt's Aryan Pride Page **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRanger Skins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageRacial Nationalist Library - "Our Race is Our Nation" **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWindy City White Boys **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBROADSWORD - THE VOICE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM IN BRITAIN **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHeathen Front **** (Site info - see note below)
imageDie Hunde - Skinheads Dopey and Demon **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWHITE ORDER of THULE - New Age racism. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePennsylvania White Pride **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite People's News Network "This Website is an effort to awaken White people to the double standards that exist for heterosexual White men and women in the world today, and to serve as a conduit for Whites who want to help secure the survival and prosperity of their Race." (This is a real winner!) **** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Heritage Emporium - E-commerce for racists. **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePlunder & Pillage - Is this what you want your kids to be listen to? **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican Skinheads **** (Site info - see note below)
imageSkinhead Territory **** (Site info - see note below)
imageAmerican National Socialist Skinhead Party **** (Site info - see note below)
imageUnited Aryan White Knights - "I am getting fed up with it. Its time we make a stand. As a nation, as a race, and as a bloodline. White Power!!! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageEIN VOLK EIN REICH EIN F�HRER - "This site does not exist to suggest, imply, direct, nor attempt to influence harm be perpetrated upon individuals based upon racial beliefs, it is meant as an archive of information and discussion only." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageBifrost - "Its a battle for young minds. Music is the battleground and the bands are the warriors.**** (Site info - see note below)
imageWhite Power Music - here we go again! **** (Site info - see note below)
imageCentral Iowa Skins **** (Site info - see note below)
imageLeague of the South - "Somebody needs to say a good word for slavery. Where in the world are Negroes better off today than in America," says League of the South Board Member Jack Kershaw. **** (Site info - see note below) - "Immigration should be cut off, only whites should be allowed to come in. To make sure there is enough we should start exporting the jews, niggers, spics, and asians." "We should cut off all trade with china. Blockade there ports, and let the chink bastards starve. anyone that tries to lend aid should be bombed in to submission." **** (Site info - see note below)
imagePanzerfaust Records - Another racist music label who just want to support other "Racialists" out there on the web who are working hard for White Survival. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageHouston Naturalist Society - Dedicated to preserving Houston area's most precious and endangered species -- The White Race. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Barnes Review - A mouthpiece for Willis Carto **** (Site info - see note below)
imageForbidden Net - From the "concerned" folks at "The Liberty Lobby." Every book the racist would want. Anything from a book on lynching to the "Private Movie Collection" of Hitler's sweetie Eva Braun on VHS tape. **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Spotlight - More from the Liberty Lobby **** (Site info - see note below)
imageFirst Amendment Exercise Machine - It’s an innocuous sounding name, until you read what this site has to say. "Most of my ancestors have been on this continent for about 400 years. No, they were not teepee dwellers or cotton pickers. I think this qualifies me to be labeled an American. Now consider a China fellow with the name Long Tin Wang. He just fell off the boat and took an oath which he'll soon forget. He can call me whatever he wants but if I refer to him as a "slant" or "chink" and fire him from his job, I could wind up in legal doodoo for 'ethnic discrimination'. In other words, this bamboo bombino has MORE RIGHTS in a country which I thought was MINE, than I do!!" "White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy and remember. Black people do neither." **** (Site info - see note below)
imageThe Pornonationalist Vanguard - "Watusi, Tutsi, Ubangi, Hmong, Pakistanis, Jews, and other incompatibles and unassimilables inhabiting American territory shall be restricted from citizenship and encouraged to emigrate. Non-compatibles that remain within American territory shall enjoy no rights of citizenship or political participation." "In the interests of world prosperity and the tranquility of humankind, Israel shall be neutralized. Zionist terrorists pushing for the completion of Jewish-supremacy will be eradicated. Surviving Jews shall be relegated to enclaves and laboratories, to be kept under observation and utilized for research." "America shall be a sovereign White nation empowered by the pure initiative of Higher Humanity. The nation must be free and independent of all Judaic, degenerate, and foreign influences, and will be liberated from all elements that disrupt the vitality, initiative, mission or solidarity of the American People." **** (Site info - see note below) - "An alternative to proud White men and women, one that would be for our White interests only." Front-14 is operated out of Eagle River, Alaska by John Gill (email address: [email protected]). **** (Site info - see note below)

Here are some of the racist websites Front-14 hosts:
imageGenetic Heritage - "This site is intented to educate and remind concerned Whites of their rights that are being infringed upon and violated daily to accomodate the minority outcry of this nation and to make liberal, ass-kissing lawmakers feel better about themselves."
imageHaken-Kreuz - Racism from Romania. "Our aim is to re-establish Truth about those who had struggled under the sign of the Haken-Kreuz, to ensure the supremacy of the white race in its own vital space, which ancestors handed down from the immemorial and which generate tradition, culture and history."
imageWorld Gentile Congress
imageSisterhood - World Church of the Creator
imageNational Socialist Hitler Youth Legion
imageFyrfos Youth Alliance
imageRussian Nazi
imageAngry Aryans - Too White For You - "We offer tough music, for tough people in tough times! Anything less would be a fucking crime."
imageNational Alliance - Minnesota Region
imageKennesaw National Socialists
imageNational Independents Movement
imageWomen for Aryan Unity
imageWhite Baby Pages - Using kids!
imageHolocaust 2000
imageTor 88's site
imageThe Ripper
imageSpokane Skins
imageSiegrunen - "He who swears allegiance to the swastika cross must oppose all other crosses, even fight them."
imageThis Is Race War
imageNS Skin - "Fighting for Freedom"
imageMilitant Skinbyrd's Page
imageA Pure White Site
imageAryan Nightmare
imageLa Fenice
imageKill Whitey Page
imageChurch of the Creator No.14
imageHeritage Front Manitoba
imageCanada's Skinheads
imageBlood & Honour USA
imageArt of White Cultural Revolution
imageThe Order - Bruder Schweigen
imageReichsfolk - "To uphold and champion the Way of Life of National-Socialism and so make known, among Aryans and other peoples, the Cause of Adolf Hitler."
imageWorld Church of the Creator - France
imageNational Association of Independent Creators
imageBud 88's homepage - " It was, actually, my Christian morality that caused me to reject the Jewish pre-Christian notion of divinity and to distance myself from the brainwashing cult of Catholicism."

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jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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