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 From: "Clifton Emahiser" 
 To: "Danny Murphy" 
 Subject: Fw: Who Deny #9 
 Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 15:23:45 +0100 
  Special notice to ALL WHO DENY two seedline, #9 
  By: Teacher Clifton A. Emahiser 
 1012 North Vine Street 
  Fostoria, Ohio 44830 
  Phone (419) 435-2836 
  This matter of Two Seedline is of the utmost importance in our day, 
for we are beginning to see the culmination of this age-old "enmity" 
coming to a head. While it has been lying festering just below the 
surface for several thousands of years, today it is reaching its peak. 
It's like a giant abscess getting ready to erupt and spill out all its 
foul, infectious, corrupt, putrefying poison. And, while these great 
evil underground forces are at work, churchianity sits idly on the 
sidelines pretending all is well. In fact, the infection from this giant 
abscess is seeping into their midst, and they consider it "Christian." 
As if this were not bad enough, the anti-seedliners disavow the cause of 
the infection. To the anti-seedliners, it's just a theological game of 
words. They simply haven't done their homework on the subject. To show 
you this, I will now quote excerpts from Dr. Lightfoot in his A 
Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica, volume 2, 
pages 367-369 concerning Matthew 27:38-46: 
  "Among the monsters of the Jewish routs, preceding the destruction of 
the city, the multitude of robbers, and the horrible slaughters 
committed by them, deservedly claim the first consideration; which, next 
to the just vengeance of God against that most wicked nation, you may 
justly ascribe to divers originals. 1. It is no wonder, if that nation 
abounded beyond measure with a vagabond, dissolute, and lewd sort of 
young men; since, by means of polygamy, and the divorces of their wives 
at pleasure, and the nation's unspeakable addictedness to lasciviousness 
and whoredoms, there could not but continually spring up bastards, and 
an offspring born only to beggary or rapine, as wanting both sustenance 
and ingenuous education. 2. The foolish and sinful indulgence of the 
council could not but nurse up all kind of broods of wicked men, while 
they scarce ever put any one to death, though never so wicked, as being 
an Israelite [Jew]; who must not by any means be touched ... All the 
rout indeed and force of hell was let loose at that time against Christ, 
without either bridle or chain: he calls it himself ... the power of 
darkness, Luke 22:53. God who had foretold of old, that the serpent 
should bruise the heel of the promised seed, and now that time is come, 
had slackened the devil's chain, which, in regard of men, the Divine 
Providence used to hold in his hand; so that all the power and all the 
rancour of hell might, freely and without restraint, assault Christ; and 
that all that malice that was in the devil against the whole elect of 
God, [would be] summed up and gathered together into one head, might at 
one stroke and onset be brandished against Christ without measure." 
  If you listen to the anti-seedliners, they will claim there was "no 
power of hell" at work in the Crucifixion of the Messiah. They delegate 
all of that to some kind of "spiritual" hocus-pocus, making mockery of 
the foundational tenets of Scripture. I addressed this subject of the 
"bruising of Messiah's heel" in my Research Papers Proving The Two 
Seedline Seduction Of Eve. This passage, by Dr. Lightfoot, vindicates 
what I said in that article: 
  "We have a direct connection, here, with Judas, and the 'serpent' of 
Genesis 3:14-15! We can see the connection between Judas and the 
'serpent', if we read John 13:18: 
  "I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the 
scripture may be fulfilled, He that eateth bread with me hath lifted up 
his HEEL against me. 
  "The scripture spoken of here, which was fulfilled in Judas, was 
Genesis 3:15! Does that sound 'spiritual'? Judas was a Kenite-Canaanite 
'Jew-devil', a descendant of Cain fathered by Satan! However, there is a 
problem here because it says that 'he (Judas) hath lifted up his heel 
against me' whereas Genesis 3:15 says that 'thou (the seed of the 
serpent) shalt bruise his (Yahshua's) heel.' Is it the 'heel' of Judas 
or Yahshua that is affected? I am quite certain that John 13:18 is 
referring to Genesis 3:15, as it is indicating that it is a fulfillment 
of Scripture. Tell me, what other Scripture could it be? - there isn't 
any. There is another Scripture, Psalm 41:9, that reads similarly to 
John 13:18, but John 13:18 is not a fulfillment of Psalm 41:9 - as a 
matter of fact, Psalm 41:9 is not a prophecy about anything. The 
prophecy then can only be Genesis 3:15! - and Genesis 3:15 is definitely 
a prophecy. Therefore, there has to be a slight mistranslation in 
Genesis 3:15! Let's try to render it in a manner, which makes some 
  "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy 
seed and her seed; it (her seed) shall bruise thy head and thy heel 
shall (rise up and) bruise him (her seed). 
  "It's not the seed of the serpent that was to bruise the heel of 
Yahshua, but the seed of the serpent will lift up his heel and bruise 
Yahshua (the seed of the woman). Now, Yahshua is not the only seed of 
the woman. All of Eve's descendants are the seed of the woman. Once we 
understand that it is the seed of the serpent (in the person of Judas) 
that was to lift up his heel against the Messiah, we can better 
understand Isaiah 53:5: 
  "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our 
iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his 
stripes we are healed. 
  "One good comment on John 13:18, is from the Jamieson, Fausset & Brown 
Commentary On The Whole Bible, page 1058: 
  "I speak not of you all - the 'happy are ye,' of vs. 17, being on no 
supposition applicable to Judas. I know whom I have chosen -in the 
higher sense. But that the scripture may be fulfilled -i.e., one has 
been added to your number, by no accident or mistake, who is none of 
Mine, but just that he might fulfill his predicted destiny. He that 
eateth bread with me - 'did eat of my bread.' 
  "It was Judas that raised up his heel against Him and bruised Him. It 
probably should be pointed out here what is meant by 'lifting up the 
heel.' It is described as someone who kicks out at the person who is 
feeding him. Judas, planning to betray Yahshua while eating of the 
sacrificial supper, did just that, and it is known as 'lifting up the 
heel.' This 'heel' in John 13:18 is the same 'heel' as in Genesis 3:15. 
This type of action was considered one of the most insulting things a 
man could do. Of course, what else would you expect of a devil? 
  "Just before this 'lifting up the heel' on the part of Judas by 
partaking of the last supper, some interesting statements are made. They 
were having a foot-washing lesson from Yahshua. Verse 10 says, 'Yahshua 
saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but 
is clean (pure) every whit: and ye are clean (pure), but not all.' 
Yahshua is indicating that all the disciples are clean (pure) racially, 
but no amount of washing would make Judas clean (pure). 
  "A second statement in this 18th verse is also interesting. It says, 
'I speak not of you all.' Again Yahshua is excluding Judas from the 
others. 'I know whom I have chosen.' I am not deceived in My choice. I 
knew what was going to happen from the very beginning of the enmity of 
the serpent. I have chosen Judas as a 'serpent' and I plainly foresaw 
that he would raise up the heel and deliver Me. Did not I foretell this 
at the time of the curse upon the 'serpent'? Matthew 26:14-16: 
  "14 Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief 
priests, 15 And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver 
him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. 
16 And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him. 
  "If you can't see 'Jew' written all over this action on the part of 
this 'serpent', Judas, you have to be blind. He was only doing his 
father's bidding, John 12:4-6: 
  "4 Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, which 
should betray him, 5 Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred 
pence, and given to the poor? 6 This he said, not that he cared for the 
poor, but because he was a thief and had the bag, and bare what was put 
  "Not only was this 'serpent-Jew' a traitor, he was a thief - just like 
the 'Jewish' IRS and Federal Reserve of today. Here is more evidence 
that Judas was the offspring of Satan... 
  "Like the Spirit that is within Yahweh's children (seed of the woman), 
so there is a counter-spirit within the 'serpent's' children. That is 
why it just came natural for Judas to betray Yahshua. It says here that 
the devil put it into the heart of Judas to betray the Messiah. The 
children of Satan have a certain nature about them, and under various 
circumstances, they will react in predictable behavior patterns. The 
Messiah understood exactly what the behavior pattern of the 'serpent', 
Judas, would be. That behavior pattern is yet more evidence that the 
'Jews' are a satanic seedline. You cannot change the nature of a 
rattlesnake, nor can you change the nature of a 'Jew.' So much for 'Jews 
for Jesus'!" (See also Jeremiah 13:23) 
  All this is totally oblivious to the anti-seedliners! Speaking further 
on page 83 of volume 2, Lightfoot says of that nation: "That the nation, 
under the second Temple was given to magical arts beyond measure ... 
That it was given to easiness of believing all manner of delusions 
beyond measure. And one may safely suspect, that those voices which they 
thought to be from heaven, and noted with the name Bath Kol, were either 
formed by the devil in the air to deceive the people, or by magicians by 
devilish art to promote their own affairs ... The very same which I 
judge of the Bath Kol, is [in] my opinion also of the frequent 
appearances of Elias, with which the leaves of the Talmud do every where 
abound; namely, that in very many places the stories are false, and, in 
the rest, the apparitions of him were diabolical." 
  The "magical arts" used by the "Jews" is called the "Cabala" 
(sometimes spelled Cabbala, Kabbalah or Qabbalah). According to Warren 
Weston in his Father Of Lies, page 51: "The four collections of works 
composing the Dogmatic Kabbalah are: 1. The Sepher Yetzirah, or 'Book of 
the Formation': it treats of the cosmogony as symbolized by ten members 
and twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which it calls the 
'thirty-two paths' or symbols, - with the esoteric zero making 
thirty-three in all ... The whole Kabbalah is usually classed under four 
heads: (1) The Practical Kabbalah. (2) The Literal Kabbalah. (3) The 
Unwritten Kabbalah. (4) The Dogmatic Kabbalah ... 2. The Zohar, or book 
of 'Splendour', itself composed of five important books (besides other 
treatises) ... These five are: Siphra Dtzenioutha, or 'Book of Concealed 
Mystery'; Idra Rabba Qadisha, or 'Greater Holy Assembly'; Idra Zuta 
Qadisha, or 'Lesser Holy Assembly'; Beth Elohim, or 'House of the 
Elohim'; and the 'Book of the Revolutions of the Soul.' 3. The Sepher 
Sephiroth, or 'Book of Numbers' (or Emanations) ... Sephira, 'number' 
(singular); Sephiroth (plural). 4. The Asch Metzareph, or 'Purifying 
Fire', dealing with Alchemy." 
  While a good deal of the form of the Cabala can be traced to the 
second century, the substance appears to originate from remote 
antiquity, possibly as remote as Cain. In the book Trail of the Serpent 
by Miss Stoddard, page 25, the Cabala is described: "The Practical or 
Magical Cabala with its combinations and correspondences was the 
astrological, magical, and magnetic basis used by the Alchemists and 
Magicians of the Middle Ages in working their transmutations and 
conjurations. It was impregnated with the 'fluidic magic' derived from 
very ancient cults, and still practiced at the time of the Captivity 
among the Persians and Chaldeans. To day, all Rosicrucians and 
cabalistic sects use this Magical Cabala for their works of divining, 
clairvoyance, hypnotic and magnetic healing, making of talismans, and 
contacting their mysterious masters. As the Jewish writer Bernard Lazare 
said: 'Secret societies represented the two sides of the Jewish mind, 
practical rationalism and pantheism, that pantheism which, metaphysical 
reflection of the belief in One God, ended at times in cabalistic 
  Let us now see an example of what is contained in the Cabala. For 
this, I will now quote from The Esoteric Tradition by G. de Purucker, 
volume 1, page 62: 
  "Turning to the Jews, one may find in the Zohar - a Hebrew word 
meaning 'splendor', which is perhaps the greatest text-book of the 
Jewish Qabbalah, and which has been mentioned before - a statement to 
the effect that the man who understands the Hebrew Bible in its literal 
meaning is a fool. 'Every word of it', says the Zohar in this connexion, 
'has a secret and sublime sense, which the wise [that is, the initiated] 
know.' One of the greatest of the Jewish Rabbis of the Middle Ages, 
Maimonides, who died in 1204, writes: 
  "We should never take literally what is written in the Book of the 
Creation, nor hold the same ideas about it that the people hold. If it 
were otherwise, our learned ancient sages would not have been [sic. 
gone] to so great labor in order to conceal the real sense, and to hold 
before the vision of the uninstructed people the veil of allegory, which 
conceals the truths that it contains. Taken literally, that work 
contains the most absurd and far-fetched ideas of the Divine. Whoever 
can guess the real sense, ought to guard carefully his knowledge not to 
divulge it. This is a rule taught by our wise men, especially in 
connexion with the work of the six days...'" 
  It is true that the Bible is written, to a great degree, in allegory 
and symbols, and if we don't understand them, we cannot grasp the 
message contained therein. The "Jews", on the other hand, attach an 
occult meaning to every word and phrase. Their views of Scripture are so 
foreign to our perspectives one would not recognize them. In spite of 
this, their view is not always entirely incorrect. From the above, it is 
obvious that the "Jews" do not believe in a six, twenty-four hour day 
Creation, as do some Christian fundamentalists! If we take the same 
stance as the anti-seedliners like Ted R. Weiland, Jeffrey A. Weakley, 
Stephen E. Jones, Jack Mohr, Charles Weisman, etc., that everything 
found in "Jewish" writings is evil, we will have to take the opposite 
position and start advocating a six, twenty-four hour day Creation also. 
Can you see now how absurd some of the positions taken by the 
anti-seedliners are? You will remember, as I showed you before, if we 
throw everything out which can be found in the Talmud and other "Jewish" 
writings, we will have to pitch out most of the contents of our Bibles, 
along with the truth of our Identity. One thing I have noticed with the 
anti-seedliners is: they are strangely quiet about "Jewish" history, and 
never seem to quote "Jewish" history books. This should run up a red 
flag for us, indicating they're not as knowledgeable on the subject as 
they pretend to be. And that hardly qualifies them as students who have 
studied to show themselves approved, (2 Timothy 2:15). As I have said 
oft before, we need a Bible in one hand and a history book in the other 
("Jewish" history books without exception). 
  Referring again to A Commentary on the New testament from the Talmud 
and Hebraica by John Lightfoot, volume 2, page 209: "That nation and 
generation might be called adulterous literally; for what else, I 
beseech you, was their irreligious polygamy than continual adultery? And 
what else was their ordinary practice of divorcing their wives, no less 
irreligious, according to every man's foolish or naughty will?" 
  Again on Lightfoot, volume 2, pages 295-297 concerning Matthew 
23:13-14: "Under a pretence of mighty devotion, but especially under the 
goodly show of long prayers, they so drew over the minds of devout 
persons to them, especially of women, and among them the richer widows, 
that by subtle attractives they either drew out or wrested away their 
goods and estates. Nor did they want nets of counterfeit authority, when 
from the chair they pronounced, according to their pleasures, of the 
dowry and estate befalling a widow, and assumed to themselves the power 
of determining concerning those things... 
  "Yet in making of these they used their utmost endeavours for the sake 
of their own gain, that they might some way or other drain their purses, 
after they had drawn them in under the show of religion, or make some 
use or benefit to themselves by them. The same covetousness, therefore, 
under a veil of hypocrisy, in devouring widows' houses, which our Savior 
condemned in the former clause, he here also condemns in hunting after 
proselytes; which the scribes and Pharisees were at all kind [s] of 
pains to bring over to them. Not that they cared for proselytes, whom 
they accounted as 'a scab and plague'; but that the more they could draw 
over to their religion, the greater draught they should have for gain, 
and the more purses to fish in. These, therefore, being so proselyted, 
'they made doubly more the children of hell than themselves.' For when 
they had drawn them into their net, having got their prey, they were no 
further concerned what became of them, so they got some benefit by them. 
They might perish in ignorance, superstition, atheism, and all kind [s] 
of wickedness: this was no matter of concern to the scribes and 
Pharisees; only let them remain in Judaism, that they might lord it over 
their consciences and purses." 
  The main index of the History Of The Jews by Heinrich Graetz is found 
in volume 6, and on page 512 are listed the various peoples proselyted 
by the "Jews" during their extended history. The list is too extensive 
to elaborate on here. We will key in on volume 3, pages 60-62 concerning 
the subtitle "Arabs Become Converted To Judaism" (approximately 450-500 
  "Happily, the Arabian Jews bethought them of the genealogy of the 
Arabs as set forth in the first book of the Pentateuch, and seized upon 
it as the instrument by which to prove their kinship with them. The Jews 
were convinced that they were related to the Arabs on two sides, through 
Yoktan and through Ishmael. Under their instruction, therefore, the two 
principal Arabian tribes traced back the line of ancestors to these two 
progenitors, the real Arabs (the Himyarites) supposing themselves to be 
the descendants from Yoktan; the pseudo-Arabs in the north, on the other 
hand, deriving their origin from Ishmael. These points of contact 
granted, the Jews had ample opportunity to multiply the proofs of their 
relationship. The Arabs loved genealogical tables, and were delighted to 
be able to follow their descent and history so far into hoary antiquity; 
accordingly, all this appeared to them both evident and flattering. They 
consequently exerted themselves to bring their genealogical records and 
traditions into unison with the Biblical accounts. Although their 
traditions extended over less than six centuries on the one side to 
their progenitor Yarob and his sons or grandsons Himyar and Kachtan, and 
on the other, to Adnan, yet in their utter disregard of historical 
accuracy, this fact constituted no obstacle. Without a scruple, the 
southern Arabians called themselves Kachtanites, and the northern 
Arabians Ishmaelites. They readily accorded the Jews the rights of 
relationship, that is to say, equality and all the advantages attending 
  "The Arabs were thus in intimate intercourse with the Jews, and the 
sons of the desert whose unpoetical mythology afforded them no matter 
for inspiration, derived much instruction from Judaism. Under these 
circumstances many Arabs could not fail to develop peculiar affection 
for Judaism, and some embraced this religion, though the Jews had not 
thought of their conversion. As they had practiced circumcision while 
heathen, their conversion to Judaism was particularly easy. The members 
of a family among the Arabs were indissolubly bound to one another, and, 
according to their phylarchic constitution, the individuals identified 
themselves with the tribe. This brought about, that when a chieftain 
became a Jew, his whole clan at once followed him, the wisest, into the 
fold of Judaism. It is expressly recorded about several Arabian tribes 
that they were converted to Judaism; such were the Benu-Kinanah, a 
warlike, quarrelsome clan, related to the most respected Koraishites of 
Mecca, and several other families of the tribes Aus and Chazaraj in 
  "Especially memorable, however, in the history of the Arabs is the 
conversion of the powerful king of Yemen. The princes or kings of Yemen 
bore the name of Tobba, and at times ruled over the whole of Arabia; 
they traced their historical origin back to Himyar, their legendary 
origin to Kachtan..." 
  This is only one example of the extensive amount of "Jewish" 
proselytizing in history. This is the kind of history the 
anti-seedliners are mute on. Their incompetent, inept commentary bears 
record of their immaturity on the subject. You may think it is 
out-of-place for me to mention names of the anti-seedliners. Before I 
wrote one jot, Jeffery A. Weakley in his The Satanic Seedline, Its 
Doctrine and History, wrote this on page 29: "If you have encountered an 
argument and you are sincerely seeking an answer [against Two Seedline], 
I suggest that first you completely study it out in God's Word (look up 
definitions, check parallel passages, be sure of the context, etc.). 
After that I suggest you contact men such as Pete Peters, Dan Gentry, 
Earl Jones, Jack Mohr, etc...." 
  From Jeffrey A. Weakley's comment, here, there can be little doubt 
where Pete Peters and the three others mentioned stand on Two Seedline! 
After Weakley, writing a book against the Two Seedline doctrine, you 
surely wouldn't expect him to recommend someone who didn't agree with 
him, would you? Jeffrey A. Weakley was an anti-seedliner, and he knew 
Pete Peters was an anti-seedliner also. To the date of this writing, 
there is no pubic evidence that Pete Peters has changed his position on 
the subject, and I don't believe he ever will! He may make all kinds of 
derogatory statements about the "Jews", but he will never say, as our 
Messiah did, they are genetically Satanic. If he ever does, he will lose 
half of his following, one-way or the other. The only way he can keep 
them is to talk out of both sides of his mouth. He must continue to try 
to please both the Two Seedliners and the anti-seedliners in his 
audience to keep the lucre flowing in. With the message of Two 
Seedliners, there is little financial support. All this in defense of 
the late Bertrand L. Comparet and Wesley A. Swift! 


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