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Author: Kavking <[email protected]

Date: 1998/10/17

Forum: alt.feminism

>In article <[email protected]>,
> [email protected] (Kavking) wrote:

>You are so dumb that you have made it abundantly clear that you can't
>understand and never will be able to understand the voluminous, massive,
>credible, widely publicized studies which show that women who are married are
>2-3 times less likely to DIE prematurely than divorced or never married women.

You are dumb. You are dumb because you think that marriage is a guarentee that all these women will actually live longer. Ha! When people say "I do" that doesn't mean that God above says "ok, you will live longer". Married people die. Marriage doesn't prevent it. Guess what, in an abusive marriage, they might not live as long as they would have if they had stayed single.

>You are so dumb that you can't even perceive that your statement above is
>utterly dumb.

Same to you. I ask a question regarding the very real issue of abuse, some of which that results in mureder by spouses of men, women and parents of children, and you think this is dumb?

U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice ProgramsBureau of Justice Statistics Executive Summary September 1995, NCJ-156831Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties (Note: This file does not contain graphics or tables. The full report may be ordered using the title and NCJ number above by calling the BJS Clearinghouse at 1-800-732-3277.)HighlightsNumber of spouse murder defendants and their demographic characteristics In 1988 the justice system in the Nation's 75 largest counties disposed of an estimated 540 spouse murder cases. Husbands charged with killing their wife outnumbered wives charged with killing their husband. Of the 540, 318--or 59%--were husband defendants and 222--or 41%--were wife defendants.

You proud? This is what happens when men and women stay married to abusive spouses. There is no "less likely to die" there is only "dead." And this was only 75 counties, in a country with 1000's of counties. And it also doesn't consider the children that are killed by staying within the family unit. You are so dumb that you don't realise that dead people don't care about lifestyle, they are dead, they don't care about living in poverty, even living in poverty is better than what they have, they are dead. They don't care about life expectancy, they never got a chance to see what theirs would be, these married people don't even care that divorced women have a 2-3 times greater chance of dying than they do, they don't have a single chance of living they are dead. DEAD DEAD DEAD. And the only reason they are dead is because they married the wrong person.

The above usenet exchange took place with a feminist whose nickname is "Kavking", after she had participated in a lengthy debate about and had reviewed the results of twelve different studies which show that the premature death rate of divorced women (& men) is 2-3 times higher than the premature death rate of married women (& men). She never demonstrated that she had any source for or knowledge of any study which refuted the findings of these 12 studies, so she could not have just dismissed such a significant difference in quality of life which this vast a difference in mortality rates illustrates.

So why did she then say "



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