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Willie Martin, Rest in Peace, December 6, 2003

New Years' Eve 2011: ONE MILLION DEAD priests: Hallelujah!!

"Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob,

and tell the children of Israel;

Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians,

and how I bare you on eagles' wings,

and brought you unto myself." 

Exodus 19:3-4

Willie Martin, Watchman On The Gate, unexpectedly met with his Maker December 6, 2003, a shock still too large for many of those who knew him to get over.  This giant among men, true blue Israelite, defender of the faith, honest prophet, proliphic and exhaustive author, great speaker and intellect, is the biggest threat to jews since they crucified Jesus.

To say that his enemies, the jews, judeochristians, and seriously misled Israelites who're too afraid to learn the truth of their glorious heritage, are dancing on his grave is an understatement.  His casket wasn't even cold by the time the jews gleefully announced that his untimely death was due to his "cursing the jews". 

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