There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Nations
Parts 7 through 12
by Willie Martin

Jew Watch

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Nations - Part 7

        Altogether more than one hundred thousand Irish were shipped to the West Indies WHERE THEY DIED IN SLAVERY IN HORRIBLE CONDITIONS. Children weren't the only victims. Even eighty year old Irish women were deported to the West Indies and enslaved (The Curse of Cromwell: A History of the Ironside Conquest of Ireland, D.M.R. Esson, 1649-53, p. 176) Irish religious leaders were herded into, "internment camps throughout Ireland, and were then moved progressively to the ports for shipment overseas like cattle." (D.M.R. Esson, p. 159) By the time Cromwell's men had finished with the Irish people, only one-sixth of the Irish population remained on their lands. (D.M.R. Esson, p. 168)

        Cromwell did not only enslave Catholics. Poor White Protestants on the English mainland fared no better. In February, 1656 he ordered his soldiers to find 1,200 poor English Women for enslavement and deportation to the colonies. In March he repeated the order but increased the quota to "2,000 young women of England." In the same year, Cromwell's Council of State ordered all the homeless poor of Scotland, male and female, transported to Jamaica for enslavement. (Eric Williams, p. 101)

        Of course, Cromwell and the Puritan ruling class were not the only ones involved in the enslavement of Whites. During the Restoration reign of Charles II, the king with Catholic sympathizers who had been Cromwell's arch-enemy, King Charles enslaved large groups of poor Presbyterians and Scottish Covenanters and deported them to the plantations in turn. Legislation sponsored by King Charles in 1686, intended to ensure the enslavement of Protestant rebels in the Caribbean colonies, was so harsh that one observer noted, "THE CONDITION OF THESE REBELS WAS BY THIS ACT MADE AS BAD, IF NOT WORSE THAN THE NEGROES." (Acts Passed in the Island of Barbados, Richard Hall, p. 484)

        Also: "BY FAR THE LARGEST NUMBER and certainly the most important group OF WHITE INDENTURED SERVANTS (Slaves) WERE THE POOR PROTESTANTS FROM EUROPE." (Warren B. Smith, p. 44)

        There were four categories of status for White People in colonial America: White freemen, White freemen who owned property, White apprentices (also called "indentured servants," "redemptioners" and "free-willers") and White Slaves.

        The attempt by Abbot Emerson Smith, Galenson and many others at denying the existence and brutal treatment of White Slaves by pretending they were mostly just "indentured servants" learning a trade, regulated according to venerable medieval Guild traditions of apprenticeship runs completely counter to the documentary record. "...the planters did not conceive of their (White) servants socially and emotionally as integral parts of the family or household, but instead viewed them as an alien commodity...Having abandoned the moral responsibility aspect of pre-capitalist ideology, masters enforced an often violent social domination of (White) servants by the manipulation of oppressive legal codes...transform(ing)...indentured servitude, with its pre-industrial, moral, paternalistic superstructure, into a market system of brutal servitude...maintained by the systematic application of legally sanctioned force and violence." (White Servitude, Beckles, pp. xiv; 5)

        Informal British and colonial custom validated the kidnaping of working-class British Whites and their enslavement in the colonies under such euphemisms as "Servitude according to the Custom" which upheld the force of "verbal contracts" which ship masters and press-gangs claimed existed between them and the wretched Whites they kidnaped off the streets of England and sold into colonial slavery.

        These justifications for White slavery arose in law determined by penal codes. In other words, White slavery was permitted and perpetuated on the claim that all who were thus enslaved were criminals. No proof for this claim was needed because the fact of one's enslavement "proved" the fact of one's "criminality."

        The history of White Slavery in the New World can be found within the history of the enforcement of the penal codes in Britain and America. Slaves were made of poor White "criminals" who had stolen as little as one sheep, a loaf of bread or had been convicted of destroying shrubbery in an aristocrat's garden. They would be separated from their parents or spouse and "transported" to the colonies for life.

        In 1655 four teenagers were whipped through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, burned behind the ears and "barbadosed" for interrupting a minister, James Scott, while he was preaching in church. (Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, America and West Indies, Vol. 5, p. 1,113) The "convict" label was so ubiquitous that it prompted Samuel Johnson's remark on Americans: "Sir, they are a race of convicts, and ought to be content with anything we allow them short of hanging."

        But even an exclusive focus on the indentured servant or "apprentice" class cannot conceal the fact of White Slavery because very often the distinctions between the two blurred. Through a process of subterfuge and entrapment, White apprentices were regularly transformed into White slaves, as we shall see.

        White Slaves were owned not only by individual aristocrats and rich planters but by the colonial government itself or its governor. White Slaves included not just paupers but such "wicked villaines" as "vagrants, beggars, disorderly and other dissolute persons" as well as White Children from the counties and towns of Britain who were stolen from their parents through no Harriet Beecher Stowe rose to prominence in chronicling the anguish and hardship of these enslaved White Children. A large number of the White Slaves arriving in America described as "convicts" were actually political prisoners.

        Of the Scottish troops captured at the battle of Worcester more than 600 hundred were shipped to Virginia as slaves in 1651. The rebels of 1666 were sent as slaves to the colonies as were the Monmouth rebels of 1685 and the Jacobites of the rising of 1715.

        1650: The Marquess of Montrose, James Montrose, was a Scottish Coventanter who was in opposition to Cromwell. He, because of a burning desire to avenge the death of King Charles I, gathered a small army and attacked England in rebellion against Cromwell. He was captured and executed.

        1651: Charles II, who was in exile in France, invaded England. He was defeated and retreated to France.

        1652: England was involved in another contrived war with the Dutch. All of these wars and skirmishes were financed by the money lenders with funds loaned at usury (interest).

        1653: Cromwell proclaimed himself Lord Protector of England. England became involved in more wars. These were contrived wars similar to the "police actions" of the United States' war in Vietnam.

        1656: Trouble started in the American Colonies. This was also a contrived "police action." England's loss of the American Colonies because of our War of Independence, and what they immediately planned to do about that loss, will be discussed in detail later in a future issue.

        1657: Death of Oliver Cromwell. Son Richard named Protector. Two years later, he became disgusted with the intrigue and resigned.

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Nations - Part 8

        1660: General Monk occupies London. Charles II proclaimed.

        1661: The truth was revealed regarding the intrigue entered into by Cromwell and his two cohorts, Ireton and Bradshaw. The public became incensed and violent. THE BODIES OF CROMWELL, IRETON AND BRADSHAW WERE EXHUMED AND HUNG FROM GALLOWS ON TYBURN HILL, LONDON!

        1662: Religious strife was engendered to divide members of the Protestant denominations. Non- Conformists to the established Church of England were persecuted.

        1664: England is again involved in war with Holland. Wars and "police actions" are used extensively to fuel the fires of the Hegellian Dialectics to create the economic and political world that is desired for the self-chosen few. We cannot over-emphasize this point and we must take the study of it seriously.

        These wars made England a debtor nation (sound familiar?). The Bible says that, "...the borrower is servant to the lender." (Proverbs 22:7)

        1665: A great depression settled over England. Depressions are often used for the same purpose as wars. Unemployment and shortages of food undermined the health of the people and the Great Plague broke out. The Great Fire of London, known as "The Great Cleanser," ended the plague.

        1666: England involved in war with France and Holland. More money loaned at interest to all three nations.

        1667: Cabal agents start new religious and political strife (the events of the group that is now known by that name is very important because the families involved come on down through history and were the promoters of the doctrine of "Dispensationalism" and the Balfor Declaration, which provided for the new state of Israeli in the Mideast).

        1674: England and Holland make peace. The men directing international intrigue change their characters. They become peace-makers instead of the war-makers (just like what is going on between Russia and the West at the present time). They elevate plain Mr. William Stadholder to the rank of Captain-General of the Dutch Forces (remember, Manasseh ben Israel was a powerful figure in Holland). Stadholder became William  Prince of Orange. It was arranged that he meet Mary, the eldest daughter of the Duke of York. The Duke was only one place removed from becoming King of England.

        1677: Princess Mary of England married William, Prince of Orange. To place William upon the throne of England it was necessary to get rid of both Charles II and the Duke of York, who was slated to become James II.

        1683: The "Rye House Plot" was hatched. The intention was to assassinate both King Charles II and the Duke of York. It failed.

        1685: King Charles II died. The Duke of York became James II of England. Immediately a campaign of L'Infamie was started against James II (The name L'Infamie was given during the French Revolution in 1787 to a group in France who planted disinformation and other propaganda to cause the public to react violently against targeted leaders).

        One must keep foremost in mind that the "great conspirators" always take advantage of any weakness of the flesh or the carnal mind to destroy a person. If they can find nothing carnal, they create a lie. More about the L'Infamie will be discussed when we cover the French Revolution (All of this history is intertwined). "There is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations; it occupies almost everywhere the avenues of power - a double assault of Jewish revolution and Jewish finance, revolution and finance. If I were God, I'd clean this mess up and I would start with cleaning the Money Changers out of the Federal Reserve. He does say in His Word that the gold and silver will be thrown in the streets. Since they aren't using money in Heaven now, we won't need any when He gets here. It will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Oh, I do thank God for that! Hallelujah! I'll bet you haven't heard this much praises, ever." (La Nouveau Mercure, Paris 1917, Rene Groos)

        The Duke of Monmouth was persuaded, or bribed, into leading an insurrection to overthrow King James II. On June 30th, the Battle of Sedgemoor was fought. Monmouth was defeated and captured. He was executed July 15, 1685. In August Judge Jeffreys opened, what historians have named, "The Bloody Assizes."

        Over three hundred persons concerned in the Monmouth Rebellion were sentenced to death under circumstances of atrocious cruelty. Nearly one thousand others were condemned to be sold as slaves. This is another example of the Machiavellian concepts used by the Internationalists. Working behind the scenes, they create conditions for which other people are blamed. Still others are aroused to actively oppose those they blame. They, in turn, are liquidated (This seems complicated but it is not. We see the very same thing happening today regarding the current U.S. position of negotiating with the PLO. All sorts of attempts are being made to make the PLO look bad whether any real evidence exists or not). King James still had to be disposed of before William of Orange could be placed on the throne to carry out their mandate. Every person in England was bewildered, as they were not allowed to know the truth. Then the conspirators made their next move.

        1688: They ordered William, Prince of Orange to land in England at Torbay. This he did on November 5th. King James abdicated and fled to France. He had become unpopular by reason of the campaign of L'Infamie, intrigue and his own foolishness and culpability. They found the carnal mind of the king and they exploited it by making it known to the public. Public opinion can be controlled so very easily, particularly when you control all of the public news media as is the case now. Instead of "The news fit to print," it is "The news printed to fit."

        1689: William of Orange and Mary, were proclaimed King and Queen of England. King James did not intend to give up the throne without a fight. He was a Catholic, so the Internationalists set up William of Orange as the champion of the Protestant faith. On February 15th, 1689, King James landed in Ireland. The Battle of The Boyne was fought by men of definite, and opposing, religious  convictions.

        The battle has been celebrated by "Orangemen" on the 12th of July ever since. There is probably not one Orangeman in ten thousand who knows that all the wars and rebellions fought from 1640 to 1689 were fomented by the international money-lenders for the purpose of putting themselves in position to control British politics and the economy.

        Their first objective was to obtain permission to institute a Bank of England and consolidate and secure debts Britain owed them for loans made to her to fight the wars they instigated. William of Orange immediately directed the British Treasury to borrow 1,250,000 pounds from the international money lenders, the very same people who put him on the throne.

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Nations - Part 9

        History books will show that Sir John Houblen and Mr. William Patterson, on behalf of the British Government, made the negotiations, thus their family names go down in the history as the culprits while the real evil men are made out as heros. It is ironic that the negotiations setting up the Bank of England were conducted in a church.

        The terms that the International money lenders demanded when they set up the Bank of England were:

1). That the names of those who made the loan remain secret; and that they be granted a charter to establish a Bank of England.

2). That the directors of the Bank of England be grated the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency, by which.

3). They could make loans to the value of 10 pounds for ever 1 pound value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults.

4). That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt; and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation of the people (sound familiar?). (William Carr, Pawns In The Game)

        The international money lenders never intended that England pay off the national debt. From here the world Revolutionary Movement (WRM) was to go forward and create revolutions encompassing first the Christian West, and then, the entire world. It all started in England and as we go through the pages of time we will see how they fine- tuned the techniques for revolution to an art form.

        If we are more fully to understand the technique that they created, we must spend considerable time in England. Once the technique used in England is explained in sufficient detail, then the rest of the revolutions, right up to the current time, will be easily understood. There is much more to be written about merry England and how the international money lenders used that country and the people to build the Plutocratic, Elite-Capitalist, Bolshevik, Zionist (now Christian and Jewish) system, designed to rule the world. All of us, to one extent or another, have been forced into this ungodly Babylonian system. But for us to be a part of an evil system and at the same time think that we are doing right, is wrong.

        "Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honorable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it (hell is referring to the grave)...Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:13-20)

        The Internationalists now have the world in the palm of their hands. We are taught that if we are good and do as they say, we will be rewarded commensurate with our abilities to perform. An analogy to this is that of a large dairy. We are in the milking string in the milking barn. Those cows that produce more, get more feed and better treatment. Those that produce less, get less.

        But we do not have liberty. We are finger-printed, photographed and licensed. We must have licenses to drive on our streets, to own an automobile, to get married, to build a house. The government owns our children. They must be educated as the government says. We are not even allowed to determine how we will treat our own illnesses when we get sick. "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." (Galatians 5:1)

        Back to "merry" England! When England was forced to allow the international money-lenders back into England under Oliver Cromwell, we find a country whose nobility was practically worthless. They were, for the most part, corrupt and by position of birth alone they controlled the destiny of the people. Some were inbred, in violation of God's Law, to the extent that many were functional idiots. God's judgment was coming on England for her many sins. The just and the unjust alike were to suffer. And that suffering is not yet finished.

        As the World Revolutionary Movement gathered power and moved into other countries, the takeover could only be accomplished when the leaders of those countries likewise became corrupt. We will realize this as we continue this history and we will see that the United States of America was no exception.

        "The founding prophet of the leftist faith, Karl Marx, was born in 1818, the son of a Jewish father who changed his name from Herschel to Heinrich and converted to Christianity to advance his career. The young Marx grew into a man consumed by hatred for Christianity.

        Internationalizing the worst antichrist stereotypes, he incorporated them into his early revolutionary vision, identifying Jews as symbols of the system of private property and bourgeois democracy he wanted to further. 'The god of the Jews had been secularized and has become the god of this world,' Marx wrote. 'Money is the jealous god of the Jews, beside which no other god may stand.' ONCE THE REVOLUTION SUCCEEDS IN ‘DESTROYING THE EMPIRICAL ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY, he promised, 'THE JEWS WILL BECOME THE RULERS OF THE WORLD. This early Marxist formulation is the transparent seed of the mature vision, causing Paul Johnson to characterize Marxism as 'the antichristian of the intellectuals.'

        The international Communist creed that Marx invented is a creed of hate. THE SOLUTION THAT MARX PROPOSED TO THE CHRISTIAN ‘PROBLEM' WAS TO ELIMINATE THE SYSTEM THAT ‘CREATES' THE CHRISTIAN. The Jews, he said, 'are only symptoms of a more extensive evil that must eradicate capitalism. THE JEWS ARE ONLY SYMBOLS OF A MORE PERVASIVE ENEMY THAT MUST BE DESTROYED...'

        In the politics of the left, RACIST HATRED IS DIRECTED NOT ONLY AGAINST CHRISTIAN CAPITALISTS but against all capitalists; not only AGAINST capitalists, but ANYONE who is not poor, and WHO IS WHITE; AND ULTIMATELY AGAINST WESTERN CIVILIZATION ITSELF. The Marxist revolution is antichrist elevated to a global principle." (David Horowitz, in Human Events)

        The nobility of England allowed for the intermarriage between the ruling aristocratic families and the non- Christian Sephardic Jews shortly after the formation of the Bank of England. Because of their money, and because England was so corrupt, these men very quickly obtained positions of leadership in the government. Within fifty years, the English people were no longer in control of their own finances. The well known English historian and author Hilaire Belloc wrote: "Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled in countries where the gentry had not suffered or enjoyed this admixture." (The Jews, Hilaire Belloc)

        The die was cast. Starting at the time of Cromwell, and certainly during the reign of Charles II and the infamous Cabal, an arrangement was made where the drive, ambition, native sense of intrigue and above all the par excellence of money matters of the international money- lenders and the greed, corruption and culpability of English nobility, agreed to rebuild England and develop what is now known as the Plutocratic, Bolshevik, Elite- Capitalist, Zionist world order

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Nations - Part 10

       Think not that the Plutocrats of England have lost out with the dissolution of that empire following World War II. That was too easily accomplished, with hardly a whimper, to be anything but planned. The "government" above and behind the scenes, so-to-speak, the official governments, not only in the United States, but in all of the Western Christian nations was developed as a direct result of the incidents in history that will be presented. When we study out of the average history book it is difficult to relate a single incident discussed in that particular book to incidents found in other writings.

        Does a pattern evolve out of all of these incidents? Are the people involved in the incidents related to each other in any way? We will find, as we continue in our studies, that there is a pattern and there are relationships among the peoples involved. The incidents that occurred in England in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries if we are to understand the World Revolutionary Movement (WRM) must be studies carefully and fully. Over this comparatively short period of time, the forces of evil were developed that have culminated in this maddening drive toward One World Government/New World Order.

        Behind those forces, in our modern Mystery Babylon, was the development of the Bank of England. The creation of money out of nothing, fractional reserve banking and the direct taxation of the people for the payment of national debts to the Central Bankers, all of which are privately owned, is the great hammer held over our heads. For all of this to happen, it was necessary that our Christian doctrines be modified or eliminated. We have already shown that John Calvin was the first to falsely teach that usury (loaning money at interest) was acceptable in Christian doctrine.

        Why was England chosen as the place where Christian doctrine was to be modified? Because it was from England and Germany, not Rome, that Christianity became the compelling force to lead the world. Germany will be covered in detail later. Here are some quotes from early church fathers and historians that will show the importance of Christianity that once existed in England:

        Tertullian (A.D. 155-222) wrote, "The extremities of Spain, the various parts of Gaul (Galatia), the regions of Britain which have never been penetrated by Roman arms have received the religion of Christ." (Tertullian De. Fidei, p. 179)

        Eusebius (A.D. 260-340) wrote, "The Apostle (Paul) passed beyond the ocean to the Isles called the Britannic Isles." (De Demonstratione Evangelii, Lib. 111)

        Dorotheus, Bishop of Tyre (A.D. 303) wrote, "Aristobulus, whom Paul saluted, writing to the Romans (Romans 16:10) was Bishop of Britain." (Synopsis de Apostol. Synops 23 Aristobulus)

        Gildas (Albanicus) the Wise (A.D. 425-512), the early British historian wrote, "Christ, the true Sun afford His light, the knowledge of His precepts, to our Island in the last year, as we know, of Tiberius Caesar." This was in A.E. 37, four years after the crucifixion. (De Excidio Britanniae, Sec. 8, p. 25)

        Augustine (A.D. 600) said, "In the Western confines of Britain, there is a certain royal island of large extent, surrounded by water, abounding in all the beauties of nature and necessities of life. In it the first neophytes of catholic (universal) law, God beforehand acquainting them, found a church constructed by no human art, but by the hand of Christ himself, for the salvation of His people." (Spelman, Concelilia, p. 5)

        William of Malmesbury (A.D. 1080-1143) was asked by the monks of Glastonbury to write their history. He said, "After the Crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea arrived with 11 missionaries and that the king gave them 12 Hides of land." (De Antiquitate Glastoniae Chapter 1)

        Maelgwyn of Llandaff (A.D. 450) wrote, "Joseph of Arimathea, the noble decurion, entered his perpetual sleep with his 11 companions in the Isle of Avalon." (Cottonian M.S. and Usher, Antiquities, p. 12)

        Polydore Vergil, the Italian historian (A.D. 1470-1555) wrote, "Britain, partly through Joseph of Arimathea...was of all kingdoms the first that received the Gospel." (Lib. II)

        Now that we have shown it was for a purpose that Thomas Cromwell destroyed the church at Glastonbury as well as many others that were a part of that early Christian movement called "THE WAY."

        The great battles that took place between the Roman Empire (which was totally controlled by the great "Synagogue of Satan") and Christianity in Britain as well as the great empire of the Franks will be presented later. But first, back to the England of the 17th century.

        THE CABAL UNDER KING CHARLES II: The word "cabal," as used by the English people at the time of Charles II, came from the French word "caballe" which meant any group of political or private intriguers. The French acquired the word from the Jewish Talmudic community and they, in turn, acquired it from the word Kabballah which is the representation of theology in terms of esoteric occultism.

        John Knox was born about 1505 in Gifford, Scotland. He went to Grammar School at Haddington and then from there to Glasgow to attend the University in 1521. At that time Scotland was completely Roman Catholic, however since Luther nailed his thesis to the door in Wittemberg in October 1517, criticism of the church was more fervent, even in Scotland and Knox grew up hearing different from his professor at the University.

        He believed that the General Council of the Church was more powerful than the Pope, and even was so bold as to state that the Pope was not temporarily supreme and divine as some believed. However, the main teaching consisted of the current philosophical and intellectual religion tinctured with superstition. Knox was ordained a priest in 1528 after having obtained his M.A. and teaching philosophy in the University. Between 1530 and 1535 things began to change, Knox, like Luther and some of the other Reformers who had been devout Catholics before, became dissatisfied with this seemingly pagan religion. Knox was then led to read the writings of the fathers of the Christian Church, Jerome and Augustine. These led him to understand that the Scriptures were the truth and that he needed to understand it in it's original languages.

        Then sometime between 1528 and 1540 the reformational ideas began to spread in Scotland; where the first protestant martyr, Patrick Hamilton, was burned at the stake in 1528 at the age of 24. From then on the flames of persecution began to be sparked everywhere. The truth was mainly being spread by the New Tyndale translation of the Bible, and by 1540 many persons of rank in Scotland were supporters of the Reformed faith. This was all taking place under the reign of King James V of Scotland, who died in December of 1542.

        1542 also saw John Knox clearly become a Protestant in his views and beliefs. He was pronounced a heretic by the Church and stripped of his priesthood. He then fled to Southern Scotland for safety. It was at this time that a great thing happened, the Regent (ruling in place of the king) passed an act that declared it legal to read the Bible in the common language; this helped the Reformers greatly. Knox was asked to take up preaching many times, but felt he was unworthy. But finally he agreed, saying like the apostle, "not to count his life dear, that he might finish with joy the ministry which he received of the Lord, to testify the gospel of the grace of God." At once he struck out against the Papacy pronouncing the Pope as anti- Christ, and the whole system to be faulty and unscriptural.

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Natuions - Part 11

        In 1547 the Reformers had seized the castle of St. Andrews, Knox, along with many others, dwelt there for safety. In June of 1547 a French fleet appeared to help the Scottish Government reduce the castle to submission and met with success; it fell back into the hands of the Roman Catholic forces in July of that year. Knox, with others, was confined on board the galleys of the French ship, in chains, treated as a heretic. By the summer of 1548 the ship returned to Scotland and Knox was in very bad health, near death when he saw the steeple of St. Andrews again. He said, "Yes, I know it well; for I see the steeple of that place where God first opened my mouth in public to His glory; and I am fully persuaded, how weak soever I now appear, that I shall not depart this life till that my tongue shall glorify His goodly name in the same place."

        Finally in 1549 Knox was freed from his imprisonment - just how this occurred is not known for a certainty. When he was at last freed, he went to England: There he found Edward VI (the son of Henry VIII) King under a Regency. Thomas Cranmer was Archbishop of Canterbury.

        In England, Knox was first a preacher and then was made Chaplain in Ordinary to King Edward VI. During this year he was consulted about the English "Book of Common Prayer," which was about to be republished, and because of his influence the idea of the bodily presence of Christ at the Lord's supper and the act of kneeling to receive the bread and wine were both removed.

        On July 6th, 1553, Edward VI died. Knox remained until Queen Mary, a Catholic, was proclaimed sovereign; this event put the Reformed movement in great danger. Liberty was promised to Protestants until the 20th of December at which time they would lose their protection of the law. Knox refused to leave England, and continued preaching.

        In January of 1554 after some of his letters had been seized, he headed to Southern England, but some of his friends persuaded him to go to the coast and escape to the Continent which he did, landing at Dieppe on January 28, leaving behind his bride of one year, Marjory Bowes. From Dieppe he went to Switzerland and became acquainted with Calvin and studied under him.

        In 1554, Knox took the job of being a Pastor at a church at Frankfort-on-Main. The church was mostly made up of English Protestant refugees; the group broke up the next year due to a conflict over the use of Edward's VI's Prayer Book. The group which opposed Knox accused him of treason for making remarks against the marriage of Queen Mary and Philip of Spain. This caused him to leave Frankfort and return to Geneva.

        Then he decided to go to Scotland. Protestants were having an easier time there, and also he planned on going back through Dieppe to see his wife for the first time in two years. Through all these travels, he really regretted not being able to stay in Scotland and felt that he was letting his own people down by not being able to stay with them during this time of persecution and trouble.

        In July of 1556 Knox was chosen Pastor of the English Congregation at Geneva and this time with his wife, left Scotland and returned to Switzerland; there he had two sons. For a brief time he returned to France and preached to a persecuted French Protestant Church at Dieppe.

        In 1558 he returned to Geneva and helped with the translation of the Geneva Bible, published in 1560; he also wrote a treatise that he became famous for, "The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women."

        This publicly stated his disapproval of Mary's government in England and the governing of women over nations in general. In July of 1558 upon hearing of the death of Queen Mary and the succession of Queen Elizabeth, he decided to return to Scotland and did so in January of 1559. It was the beginning of the real Reformation in Scotland. His first step there was to strip the images and other idolatrous items from the town near St. Andrews castle; this set an example for many other parts of Scotland.

        The Reformers had a very tough time, even to the point of French troops sent to control them, but they persevered and Knox felt sure that they would eventually prevail; this they did and Knox was appointed, along with five other ministers, to produce a system of administration for the new Protestant Church. The result was "The First Book of Discipline." This was never officially accepted by their council, but it did form the basis for the organization of the Scottish Reformed Church Government and Policies. The next woman Knox had to deal with was the young Mary Queen of Scots, a confirmed Roman Catholic; they met together a few times and battled over their completely opposite beliefs.

        He watched closely her activities of winning over Protestant nobles and cooling the zeal of the Reformed cause and spoke out harshly against her and her Catholic decisions. Knox's first wife died in 1561 and after three years he married again to Margaret Steward, the daughter of a nobleman who consistently supported the Reformed cause. The history of Mary Queen of Scots is very important to the history of John Knox's life, because of the suspected sordid activities in her life. Knox was not able to minister in Edinburgh until she was removed form office. He returned to his calling and preached at the Coronation of James VI on July 29th of 1567.

        James, the young King swore in his coronation oath to preserve the Protestant religion in Scotland. His Regent, the Earl of Murray, also was anxious to settle grievances for the Protestant Church. These days were for Knox some of the happiest as he saw the Reformation established more firmly in Scotland and could rest for a while and look back over the years of suffering and endurance.

        However, that was not to last. Murray was killed and political confusion in Scotland ran rampant. Knox was very moved by all of this and this led to him having a stroke in October of 1570. His speech was affected considerably.

        The next regent, James VI grandfather, the Earl of Lennox, was very weak and his enemies raised a revolt against him. Knox's life was in danger because of his opposing views and there were many who feared him being in Edinburgh would start a civil war, so he was persuaded to go back to St. Andrews castle.

        There his health continued to deteriorate, however, he was not to die there. The members of the Church of St. Giles sent a deputation requesting Knox to return to them at Edinburgh, and he did so in August of 1572. Unfortunately, his last days were filled with grief as he heard of the assassination of a French Protestant leader, Admiral Coligny, the Massacre of St. Bartholomew and the general massacre of Protestants in Paris and other cities. This deeply grieved him and possibly even hastened his death which came on November 24, 1572. No name ranks higher than his were in the Reformed cause in Scotland. Few suffered as much and none had more courage than he, nor such a firm conviction of the rightness of the cause.

        The founding fathers of the United States were, themselves, from wealthy and aristocratic families. They were all very well educated and were accustomed to communicating with men of like stature. Consequently, it was easy for the men from the European oligarchies to become acquainted and accepted within the circle of the founding fathers. As we shall see, many of them were even able to acquire very important positions within the government of the United States.

There Is A Jewish Conspiracy Agaisnt All Nations - Part 12

        Just such a man has a name that is familiar to all of us from our high school history books. Aaron Burr has been romanticized and some historians even hint that he may have been given a bum rap. But Aaron Burr represented, from the very outset, the very powerful families of England and Switzerland.

        Aaron Burr's ancestral lineage itself presents some very interesting information. His grandparents on his mother's side were the famous theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards, who became well known because he taught against the teachings of the Pilgrims regarding the concept of free will as compared to grace only.

        The Pilgrims taught that works are required as well as grace and that you are rewarded or judged accordingly. This debate is legion and has divided Christianity into those who believe in building the Kingdom and those who believe in waiting for the Kingdom. Sara Pierrepoint's family became a part of the J.P. Morgan dynasty and owners of the New York Times. Those in support of the British position very quickly latched on to Jonathan Edwards theology and supported him. (Alexander Homes, Aaron Burr, The Proud Pretender, Harper & Bros. New York 1937)

        Burr attended Princeton University as a classmate of James Madison. Burr's father had been the second president of the college and his grandfather, the third president. While Madison joined the patriotic Whig Society, Burr joined with the pro-British groups. It was here that he was discovered by James Mark Prevost. The Prevost family was powerful and famous as a part of the ruling 200 oligarchy of Switzerland. The Prevost and the intermarried Mallet family became a most influential link down through the years in the story of the oligarchies attempting to destroy our country. Aaron Burr married into the Prevost family.

        Another individual from a powerful European oligarchy who wormed his way into the official government of the fledgling United States was Albert Galatin. The Galatin family was from the oligarchy in Switzerland with members of the family directing (from behind the scenes) the governments of Russia, Italy, Savoy, Holland and Southern Germany. (Count Gallatin, The Diary of James Gallatin, Charles Schribner's Sons, New York 1919)

        Galatin was born in Genevia, Switzerland in 1761 and educated at the University of Geneva. He was tutored by the famous pro-British, anti-American Voltaire. Galatin arrived in Boston in 1780 during the darkest days of the American Revolution. Somehow Galatin knew about the approaching act of treason by Benedict Arnold where the American Colonies would be split in two by the planned surrender of West Point to the British. Galatin waited for the outcome in Boston.

        When the plot failed he rushed to the Canadian border and hid in a cabin for over a year until the surrender at Yorktown. He came back and from then on he did everything he could to counter any national program that would have made the United States stronger and more secure.

        Like the traitors, in government, today! He was an instigator in the Whiskey Rebellion. He worked incessantly to reduce the size and capability of the armed forces of the country, preparing for the War of 1812. Which is exactly what President Clinton is doing today in America, preparing us for an invasion, not from England, but from Russia and China. As outlined in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

        In 1801 Jefferson was sworn in as President. Aaron Burr was Vice-President and Albert Galatin was appointed Secretary of the Treasury. Galatin and Burr worked diligently to thwart the government's attempt to stop the British backed North African sea pirates from attacking American shipping.

        Taking advantage of Jefferson's inclination for working towards paying off all national debts, Galatin reduced the navy to a state of impotence. Only through extraordinary seamanship and bravery, and with Yahweh's help, the pirates were destroyed anyway.

        Concurrently with the anti-American behavior of the families of Burr, Galatin and Prevost-Mallet, the "old wealth" of America formed its own oligarchy. Known as the Boston Brahmins, their wealth came from slave trading and, later, the opium trade. They aligned themselves with the British East Indies Company and were given world trade concessions not available to the average citizen. Their allegiance remained with England throughout the years and, today, they are called the Eastern Establishment. Some of the family names include: Cabot, Higginson and Lowell.

        Many other families have been added including the Harrimans and Morgans. The "Johnny-come-latelys" include the Roosevelts, Carnegies, Kennedys, Bushs, etc. Nevertheless, they all belong to the oligarchy that is in total command, along with the Jewish banking dynasties of course, of the people, the land, the laws, the schools, the churches, the business and even various religions of the United States.

        It is obvious that the Burr, Galatin and Prevost-Mallet combine would want to align themselves with the Boston Brahmins and this they did. All of them were determined to destroy the Union and to make more wealth and power for their own oligarchies by forcing the Bank of England system of finance upon the United States. At first, they wanted only to cause the secession of the New England states from the union. Then, they realized, with the help of the Rothschilds, that it would be more productive for them, as well as England, to cause the secession of the entire South.

        In 1808, John Quincy Adams, who was later to become President, held a very urgent meeting with President Jefferson. He told the President that a group of powerful merchants and bankers of his own Federalist Party in New England, known as the Essex Junto, were working closely with the British Secret Intelligence Service to create a civil war which would destroy the union. Their plans expanded and improved over the years to that of the empire just described. (Andrew Young, The American Statesman: A Political History, N.C. Miller, New York 1862; Fifty Years In the Church of Rome)

        The leaders of the Essex Junto included these families: Senator George Cabot, Secretary of State Timothy Pickering; Judge John Lowell (ancestor of the modern McGeorge Bundy); Stephen Higginson; and the brother-in- law of Aaron Burr, Judge Tapping Reeve. It was Tapping Reeve who taught Burr the art of dueling with pistols which allowed him to kill Alexander Hamilton, when his usefulness, in setting up the First National Bank, was finished. Yes, they all flocked together like the buzzards they were.

        The Essex Junto manipulated the circumstances that led to the war of 1812. They were confident that because of Galatin's efforts in reducing the U.S. Navy to only a few warships, the English would win. But, again, with the help of Yahweh, that small fleet of extraordinarily capable and courageous sailors swept the British fleet from the seas. They even secured the Malvinas Islands for Argentina. (The Malvinas Islands were recently the object of England's war against Argentina to regain them. If you will remember, there wasn't very much complaint from the current oligarchy over that venture. And the U.S. sent no troops to protect Argentina's interests!)

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