The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal
Parts 9 through 12
By Willie Martin

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The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal - Part 9

        Howbeit, the king had arrived at a high degree of spiritual understanding following his humbling experience and he left this record for all to read: "Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase." (Daniel 4:37)

Biblical Proof

        From the Bible itself we have presented proof that the "beasts of the field" [or "earth"] are a high order of animal life who are vocal, intelligent, who can sin and repent, as well as pray. They are the pure stock of the Negro, a servant order. Let us next turn our attention to the Scriptural account of the orders of creation where we will find conclusive confirmation of the truth that Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, a completely distinctive order of life upon the earth.

Orders of Creation

        It has been established that the Bible refers to a species of creatures brought into being by Almighty God, the Creator, "beasts of the earth" who were bipeds, that is, tool-making and tool-handling, two-footed animals. They were intelligent and gifted with speech, but not in any way related to man. It is advisable, therefore, to re-examine the account of creation given in the Scriptures in order to discover their point of origin. Doing so, we find they came into being prior to the creation of man, who was made in the image of God, whereas they were not.

Four-Footed Animals

        God, the Creator, treats the land animals, with which man was to be closely associated in his efforts to "subdue" the earth, very differently from the manner in which He treats the "fowl of the air" and the "fish of the sea." He divided them into three classes: "cattle," "creeping things" and "beasts" a division that is maintained throughout the Scriptures: "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. And God made The Beast of the Earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good." (Genesis 1:24-25)

        In the Biblical classifications of quadrupeds, the word "cattle" is not necessarily confined to domestic animals. In its most general Scriptural definition, it refers to any four-footed animal, domestic or wild. However, it does more often refer to "herds" and "flocks." It has already been pointed out that the "creeping things" include a far greater variety of creatures than usually supposed. Since the word "creep" means "to move along with the body prone," i.e., slinking forward close to the ground, the category includes four-footed animals that can crouch. We repeat what Webster's synonyms point out; that "creep" is used more often of quadrupeds.

After His Kind

        The section of the animal creation under the descriptive phrase "beast of the earth" would not have presented a complex problem defying easy solution if the primary creative action, as Scripturally stated, had not been ignored. Among cattle, creeping things and beast, the Lord decreed that each should propagate "after his kind."

        The development of the atheistical theory of evolution [which state, broadly, that various types of animals, etc., have their origin in other pre-existing types] was spearheaded by Charles Darwin's book, Origin of Species, published in 1859.

        This spurious doctrine aligned itself with the growing apostasy which was to engulf all Christendom and before long produced disbelief in the scientifically accurate but simply-worded statements of the Bible.

        In spite of the fact that the theory of evolution is based on the idea of "natural development" without the miraculous intervention of any Divine Being, it found a ready and widespread acceptance even among so-called Christian believers.

        The evil of this anti-Biblical error spread quickly into schools, colleges, universities and seminaries until the time came when no one could read with understanding the elementary phrase, repeated many times in Genesis 1:24-25 "after his kind!" The word "kind," as translated from the original Hebrew, means "species" and we should understand from this that each species of animal was created, in its order, according to the Divine design.

        No matter how deplorable it is to us, this has been a work of Almighty God; so as to fulfill His words when He said: "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast." (Jeremiah 31:27) This is why our White Women and Men are joining with (marrying, living with, having sex with, and etc) the Black Race.

        While there is great diversity in the sorts of families within a species [for instance, the many varieties of dogs], nevertheless, each species remains separate in nature from all others.

        In fact, the Creator's laws governing procreation do not permit one to cross over into another; most certainly one does not "evolve" into another. There is order in the Divine creation; this is why God saw that it was good. He makes it very plain that mixtures are abhorrent to Him -- they are confusion!

Kinds of Flesh

        As a matter of fact, the Apostle Paul mentions how vital it is that, "all things be done decently and in order." (1 Corinthians 14:40) Then, as a part of his great discourse on the resurrection, he made this trenchant observation: "All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds." (1 Corinthians 15:39)

        Contrast this Divinely-inspired, unequivocal statement of fact with the mouthings of evolutionists: "'Evolution' means a process by which man must trace his ancestry back to some ape form, then to some quadruped, thence to some reptile, thence to some amphibian, thence to some fish, thence to an invertebrate, thence to some single-celled creature that lived in the slime of the sea." (After Its Kind, by Byron C. Nelson, p. 2)

        In Great Pyramid Proof of God, George R. Riffert writes under the heading, "An Overworked Word:"  "The popularity of evolution as an anti-Christian explanation for the universe is not due to anything science has yet discovered in its favor, but rather to the decline of Christianity in the life of the people, the weakening of confidence in the Bible as God's Book of Truth and the widespread indiscriminate use of the word 'evolution' in connection with matters to which it bears no logical relation. 'Evolution' is the most overworked, misapplied and misunderstood word in the English language. Growth, development and improvement are erroneously accepted as its equivalent meanings. So farfetched and ridiculous has been the use of this word that 'evolution' is now applied to anything from the undertaker's business to the making of a universe.

        When you say that a substance evolves odors or gasses and a mind evolves ideas, you have said about all that you can say and still be within the bounds of fact and truth concerning evolution. To say that a worm evolved a fish and that apes or lizards evolved men whose descendants produced a Lincoln or a Gladstone, a Handel or a Michelangelo, to say nothing of the Christ of God, is yielding to a speculative wildness of brain activity that is little better than philosophical imbecility." (Great Pyramid Proof of God, pp. 154-155)

The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal - Part 10

Not The Same Blood

        We are led to next consider another related scientific and Scriptural fact. In The Bible and Segregation, by C.R. Dickey, it is stated: "Paul's statement in Acts 17:26 is now so interpreted as to make it mean the exact opposite to what Paul intended. It reads: 'And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation...' Without quoting the latter part of this verse, some people make much ado over the first clause, and use it glibly to overthrow all previous Biblical teaching concerning racial separation. The key word used to prove the oneness of all mankind is 'blood;' yet, actually, it proves nothing because the word 'blood' does not appear in ancient manuscripts. It was added by translators. Ferrar Fenton gives this most logical reading of the passage: 'Himself giving to every one life and breath and all things; because He made by One [i.e. Christ] every race of men to dwell upon the whole face of the earth...'" (The Bible and Segregation, pp. 16-17)

        Furthermore, we are quoting in part from an article that appeared in The Putnam Sun of Palatka, Florida, on April 20, 1961, pointing out the fatal consequences of mixed blood transfusions: "Unheralded by the kept press of the day, but certainly to have more far-reaching effects than he discovery of the atomic bomb, is the news of recent advances in the biological sciences. These are of such a nature that we are today on the threshold of understanding how living things are created and live. No person capable of reading the printed word should miss, in the April 15th issue of The Saturday Evening Post, an article entitled 'The Messages of Life,' by James Bonner, professor of biology at California Institute of Technology.

        According to Prof. Bonner - 'This almost successful search for the principle, the logic, of life may someday enable us to control the step-by-step development of the human organism to cultivate replacement organs and perhaps even to initiate life in isolated cells. This new largely concerned with the molecular facts of life...Every day now brings new excitement as research biologists draw close to a final solution. For they have discovered that each cell of each individual contains a blueprint, an instruction manual, which gives the cell detailed instructions on what kind of chemicals to make from the available food, on how the cell shall divide or duplicate itself, on the size and shape of the systems it shall form [that is, elephant or mouse] in short, how the cell should become a part of a particular kind of living thing.'

        A tremendous fact developed is that the human races are not the same -- but particular kinds of living things. The blood of the White Man differs in Molecular construction and hereditary factors from that of the Negro. The physical evidence of this difference has been commonly known as sickle cell anemia, a child killer and causing invalidism in adults. This anemia is not a disease. It occurs in the blood of the Negro as a mutation from the normal and is an inherited characteristic. It can be and is transmitted to the White Race by means of transfusion of Negro blood. Prof. Bonner remarks that 'a striking example of an enzyme found in victims of the hereditary disease called sickle cell anemia, characterized by abnormal hemoglobin of red blood cells.' Developments are gradually leaking out that the epidemics of hepatitis occurring in hospitals the last few years are closely related to blood transfusions from different races and peoples. This is now being recognized by the American Association of Blood Banks. The 'social engineers' and misguided 'do-gooders' devoting their energies to race mixing as a basis for social adjustment now are proven wrong from every scientific point of view. Race mixing is bound to result in race suicide. The Red Cross and other blood banks who have mixed blood of the races for transfusions under pressure from minority groups, are guilty of a crime against humanity. The crime is not directed to the White Race alone -- but there is much evidence that White Blood given to a Negro has, in many cases, a much more serious result. According to the official information received from the Red Cross,' the race of the donor [of blood] has not been shown on any Red Cross records or on labels applied to the bottles since 1951.' This must not be continued in the face of the scientific evidence that mixed blood transfusions may have fatal consequences."

Anthropology Confirms The Bible

        Our agreement is with the Science of Anthropology when its members classify all of mankind into three basic groups, viz., anthropologist Dr. Henry Field and his staff of the Chicago natural History Museum who trace the races of mankind from the three primary sources:

           1). Mongoloid;
           2). Negroid, and
           3). White. (Hammond's Library World Atlas 1955)

        The three great divisions confirm and amplify those three races as set forth in Gen., Chapters 1 and 2, as the "Aw-dawm" (White or Aryan), "Enosh" (Mongoloid) and "Chayee" or "Beast of the Field" (Negroid).

        Anthropology distinguishes these groups as Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid by their contrasting physical characteristics. As you will continue to discover, there is much more involved in separating each race from the other characteristically, than most MODERN scientists in fields affecting racial and social studies, will admit. Through grants and funding by large tax-free foundations, many members of the profession of Anthropology have sold their integrity for the price of a ride on the highly profitable "liberal band-wagon."

        All of this has worked well, on the unsuspecting public, to help evolve the "one-race" or "Brotherhood of Man" idea the enemies of Christ and His Israel people advocate. However, occasionally a few do speak out on what they find to be true regarding separatist factors among the three racial divisions as pertains to abilities and qualities reflecting upon our Western standards.

        Their independent findings have withstood persecution in place of rebuttal. Dubbing a scientist a "racist" is a cowards way of avoiding the responsibility of an intelligent refutation, which seems impossible considering the evidence to be surmounted.

        That evidence points to, "...the overwhelming balance of probability that racial differences exist in the morphology of the human brain which in turn account for differences in the capacity to adapt to Western Civilization."

        There is no dispute about the fact that, other things being equal (such as sex, body size, proportion of parts and stultification) the weight of the brain correlates with intelligence. This has been found to be true throughout the series of vertebrate animals. It is only denied in humans because that truth will not fit in with those who would destroy our Israel people thus destroying Christ's witnesses on earth.

        Various studies have been made of the comparative average weights of white and Negro brains with results that all fall within the range of about 8 to 12% lower weight for the Negro brain. Such studies have been published by Drs. Bean, Pearl, Vint, Tilney, Gordon, Todd and others. As a racial average, the Negro brain is lighter than the white and this in turn indicates a lower average level of intelligence.

        In the words of Dr. Carleton Coon, past president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists: "Among living populations, absolute brain size is generally, although not necessarily individually, related to achievement."

        Naturally achievement can be attributed to both mental ability (brain size) and will power. This latter attribute is a major contributory factor which must necessarily be evaluated on an individual basis. Dr. Clyde Kluckhohn, Professor of Anthropology at Harvard wrote, "On the premise that specific capacities are influenced by the properties of each gene pool, it seems very likely indeed that populations differ quantitatively in their potentialities for particular kinds of achievement."

The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal - Part 11

Differences In Races Are Innate

        Dr. Henry Garrett, for 15 years head of the Dept., of Psychology at Columbia, tested six cases where Negroes and Whites had the same exact environment. The tests corroborate the direct evidence from other sciences, namely that the Negroes' limitations are chiefly innate!

        Other tests show that environment contributes about 25% and inheritance 75%, to human capacity; the ratio varying somewhat with different characteristics. Obviously a man's or a race's genetic limitations eventually influence their environment so that the one compounds the other. It will never be possible completely to equate White and Negro "environment" without making the Negro into a White Man. This the "Race Mixers" know! To equate the Negro with the White they must be blended into a composite which can equalize only by diminishing the higher talents of the White Race and raising those of the Negro.

        Our God expressly forbids this in his 7th Commandment against adultery in Exodus 20:14. Funk & Wagnalls New College Standard Dictionary defines Adulterate: "To make impure by admixture of other or baser ingredients; corrupt. Adulterated: corrupted, debased; spurious, Adulterous: from the Latin meaning, to add to, to alter."

        The Latin from which our English originated was preceded by the Greek which followed the Hebrew of our Holy Scriptures. The entirety of those Scriptures are very definite regarding Adultery as the mixing of God's people, Israel, in pro-creation, with any of the other races or mixtures of races!

        To ignore this Biblical fact in preference for the modern, liberalized translation; "marital unfaithfulness" amounts to a confession of having missed what can easily be considered one of the most vital acknowledgments to be derived from the Holy Scripture. It is a case of Intellectual Dishonesty, make no mistake about it! However, the point we wish to make is that the Bible and Science do agree! Sir Julin Huxley's finding that a difference of one and one-half percent in average I.Q. makes a difference of fifty percent in the number of those having an I.Q. of 160 or higher.

        Since the Negro I.Q. ranges from fifteen to twenty percent below that of the White, it is easy to understand the relative dearth of Negro intellects throughout human history. And since a civilization is totally dependent for leadership upon a thin top layer of it's population, it is equally obvious that any amalgamation of the races would be disastrous for our culture. Such then, is the cumulative and converging testimony from anatomy, histology, physical anthropology, genetics and psychology.

        While no single item may constitute proof, each item constitutes evidence, and we feel justified in saying that the total of the evidence must amount to proof to any unbiased mind. When the sum is added to the testimony from history [Here we would remind you once again: The English historian, Arnold Toynbee, has stated: 'The White Race has created some 13 civilizations, the Oriental race, some 3 civilizations.


        Our American [Israel] people have been misled long enough by equalitarian propaganda claiming support in scientific circles. It is time all of us realized that the constant parroting of denials of the existence of well established evidence does not effect an adequate refutation. We should become aware that undocumented resolutions by scientific societies have no probative value, and that the perversion of truth in the interest of race amalgamation must be stopped. Honest, conscientious Christians must adhere to God's Word on this subject.

Confirmed By Science

        A convincing array of scientific evidence is now adduced in support of the Biblical premise upon which the fact is established that the Negro is not of Adamic origin.

The Family Simiidae

        When scientists discovered striking similarities between "prehistoric" inhabitants of the earth and Negroes, they approached more nearly the truth than they realized. Their findings that the characteristics of the so-called "Neanderthal man" and the Negro are very similar are valid because they were not describing the characteristics of a man but of the "beast of the earth." One scientific statement is significant in this context because it states: "In anthropology, the term 'Grimaldi Man' is applied to a Negroid type of prehistoric man found in the caves of Grimaldi, near Mentone, Italy."

        The pure Negro, who was created before man, is of the family Simiidae, for while he did not "evolve" from apes, he stands, nevertheless, at the head of that family, as the lion stands at the head of the cat family. The Negro is of the Anthropoidea because, while he is not man, he resembles man in many of his characteristics.

        It was man who was to have dominion over the earth and "subdue" it. (Genesis 1:28-30) The "Beast of the earth" is mentioned separately and the conclusion may be logically drawn that a being was created by God in the animal order as nearly as possible like man to take from Adam's shoulders many of the tasks of subduing the earth, maintaining the Garden of Eden and other duties of the earth and the field.

Scientists Agree

        Many scientists who, while they are not familiar with the order of creation in which the Negro is categorized, do confirm what the Scriptures maintain. It must be said that this was not always their intention, since some were exponents of the theory of evolution. This very fact, however, enhances the value of their objective testimony and Dr. Alexander Winchell, an American geologist and professor of geology and paleontology in the University of Michigan from 1879 to 1891, made these statements: "The inferiority of the Negro is fundamentally structural. I have enumerated the points in his anatomy in which he diverges from the White Race and have indicated that, in all these particulars, he approximates the organisms below. It follows that what the Negro is structurally at the present time is the best he has ever been. It follows that HE HAS NOT DESCENDED FROM ADAM."

        When we turn upon the conclusions of this scientist the light of the Apostle Paul's declaration that "there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds," (1 Corinthians 15:39) we find that the Negro who "has not descended from Adam." and is consequently not of the "flesh of men," belongs to one of the other three "kinds of flesh." Being a land animal, he belongs to the "flesh of beasts" - that is, he is of the Anthropoidea.

Man Not A Species

        Let it be stated here with emphasis that the term "species" correctly applies only to plants and animals; it does not apply to mankind. The theory of evolution attempts to say that man is of the "genus of mammals usually considered as belonging to the order [Primates] which contains also the monkeys, apes and lemurs."

        The dictionary definition of man takes its cue from this and designates man as the highest type of animal; that he is the human "species." this is entirely erroneous, refuting, as it does, the inspired statements of the Bible. But, then, this was the atheistic intention, supported by such evolutionists as Julian Huxley who did not propose to allow God to be anywhere in the evolutionary picture. Certainly He was not in the caricatures they drew of "early man!" Huxley is quoted to have asserted: "If you let God in one place, you may as well let Him in all along the line."

        The whole theory of evolution -- postulating, as it puts it, man's descent from the ape -- is not only irrational and unscientific; it is completely unscriptural. One tragic result is that the Negro has obtained his present unjustifiable, unnatural position "in the family of man" as the result of the acceptance of the notion that man is merely a highly develop species of ape -- the "human species" -- of which the Negro is the lowest race.

        Hence, our social, political and religious relationships with the Negroes are not based upon the Scriptures, but upon the teachings of atheism. This position repudiates the declaration the White Man is a distinct creation in the image of God, for our yielding to the degrading influence of the atheistic theory of evolution; to renounce kinship with God by claiming to be kin to the ape.

        FIRST CONTRAST: Contrasting Black and White - Advancing his arguments that man - and man alone - was created in the image of God, Professor Charles Carroll took strong exception to the evolutionist position (the theory of natural development [selection]) that the White Race is a "human species," one of "five races of men."

        As the Professor maintained, the number of races may be more or less, "dependent upon the whim of the naturalist who makes the classification." Nevertheless, borrowing the very phrase he detested, Professor Carroll went on to assert: "The White, the highest, and the Negro, the lowest of the so-called [five races of men], present the strongest contrast to each other in their physical and mental characteristics...White is not a color; neither is Black a color; yet the White, colorless complexion of the White finds its strongest contrast in the Black, colorless complexion of the Negro."

        The following facts are relevant here as put on record by Professor Carroll. He quotes first from a discussion by anthropologist Quatrefages in The Human Species: "With all anthropologists, I recognize the high value of the color of the skin as a character...We know that it does not result from the existence or disappearance of special layers.

        Black or White, the skin always comprises a White dermis, penetrated by many capillaries, and epidermis, more or less transparent and colorless. Between the two is placed the mucous layer, of which the pigment alone in reality varies in quantity and color according to the race. All the colors present in the human skin have two common elements: the White of the dermis and the red of the blood.

        Moreover, each has its own proper element, resulting from the colorings of the pigment. The rays reflected from these different tissues combine into a resultant which produces the different tints and traverses the epidermis. The latter plays the part of roughened glass. The more delicate and the finer it is, the more perceptible is the color of the subjacent parts...From the preceding we can also understand why the White alone can be said to turn pale or to blush. The reason is that in him the pigment allows the slightest difference in the efflux of the blood to the dermis to be perceived. With the Negro, as with us, the blood has its share in the coloring, the tint of which it deepens or modifies. When the blood is wanting, the Negro turns grey from the blending of the White of the dermis with the Black of the pigment."

The Beast of the Earth Was/Is Not An Animal - Part 12

       Professor Carroll concluded from his extensive examination of this subject: "Thus, it is shown by the highest scientific authorities that the Black, colorless complexion of the Negro IS NOT THE RESULT OF CLIMATIC INFLUENCE; it is due solely to the Black pigment which intervenes between the dermis and the epidermis."

        SECOND CONTRAST: Dr. Ernst Heindrich Haeckel wrote in "History of Creation," Volume II (pp. 414-415; 1868): "The long, fine, silken hair of the White finds its strongest contrast in the short, coarse, woolly hair of the Negro. Each individual hair of the White is cylindrical. Hence, 'its section is circular.' In striking contrast to that of the White, each individual hair of the Negro 'is flattened like a tape.' Hence, 'its section is oval.'"

        The Negro's hair is inserted in the vertical in his scalp, while in the White Man's scalp, the insertion is oblique.

        THIRD CONTRAST: The long, narrow skull of the White finds its strongest contrast in the short, broad skull of the Negro. The shortness and broadness of the Negro skull displays its similarity to the bodily construction of the anthropoid ape. A certain relative length of skull (i.e., high forehead) appears to be associated with energy, force and executive ability. Hence the shortness of the Negro's skull denotes his lack of these attributes. The Negro skull is very thick and solid; it is flattened on the top and well suited to carrying burdens.

        FOURTH CONTRAST: The relatively short, narrow jaw of the White finds its strongest contrast in the long, broad jaw of the Negro. The jaw of the Negro extends forward at the expense of the symmetry of the face, and backward at the expense of the brain cavity. It is well known that in the Negro, the entire face, and especially the lower portion, projects forward. In the living subject, it is exaggerated by the thickness of the lips. The prominent chin of the White finds its strongest contrast in the retreating chin of the Negro. This is also a simian characteristic.

        Dr. Winchell says: "The retreating contour of the chin, as compared with the European, approximates the Negro to the chimpanzee and lower mammals."

        The front teeth of the White, set perpendicularly in the jaw, find their strongest contrast in the front teeth of the Negro, which set slanting in the jaw, still another simian characteristic. Dr. Haechel describes as Prognathi those "whose jaws, like those of the animal's snout, strongly project, and whose front teeth, therefore slope in front;" and men with straight teeth Orthognathi, "whose jaws project but little and whose front teeth stand perpendicularly." The relatively thin lips of the White find their strongest Contrast in the thick, puffed lips of the Negro. The prominent nose of the White is in strong contrast to the flat nose of the Negro, which has the appearance of having been crushed in. In the Negro these are both simian characteristics.

        FIFTH CONTRAST: The color of the Negro brain is darker than that of the White, and its density and texture inferior. Dr. Winchell states: "The average weight of the European brain, males and females, is 1,340 grammes; that of the Negro is 1,178 grammes."

        On a related subject, Dr. J. Hendree of Aniston, Alabama, in writing to Dr. Winchell, made this comment:  "Let me mention one fact especially, drawn from my own experience of forty years. The coarseness of their (the Negroes') organization makes them require about double the dose of ordinary medicine used for the Whites."

        Dr. M.L. Barrow, of Drayton, Georgia, in writing to Dr. Winchell, reported: "I have practiced among the Negroes over forty years...Your information in respect to the dosage of medicine for the colored people corresponds with my experience - except as regards opiates, and perhaps they will bear large quantities of these as I have known some to take very large doses with impunity."

        SIXTH CONTRAST: The highly developed calves, in the bodily structure of the White, find their strongest contrast in the think calves of the Negro. The calves of the White, situated low on the leg, find their strongest contrast in the calves of the Negro, set relatively high on the leg. The short, narrow heel of the White, finds its strongest contrast in the long, broad heel of the Negro. Again, all of these Negro characteristics are related to their background as of the family Simiidae.

Unanswered Questions

        There are certain statements in the Scriptures which have never been adequately explained by the theological approach to the study of the Bible. In fact, their context has been ignored and no analysis of the implications of words used has been made.

        For example, in the Book of Jonah we are told that this prophet went to Nineveh and proclaimed in that city that in forty days it would be destroyed because of the wickedness of its inhabitants. Word of Jonah's preaching came to the king of Nineveh and he descended from his throne, put on sackcloth and issued a proclamation: "Let neither man nor beast, herd nor flock, taste any thing: let them not feed, nor drink water." (Jonah 3:7) This was a command to fast and all men, and their animals, were to obey. The proclamation continued: "But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not?" (Jonah 3:8-9)

        Both man and beast, as well as herds and flocks, were to refrain from eating and drinking. Notice, however, that the further stipulations of the proclamation were addressed only to "man and beast" -- not to the herds and the flocks, i.e., the domestic animals. Man "and beast" were to put on sackcloth; both man "and beast" were to cry mightily unto God. Furthermore, both man "and beast" were to turn from their evil ways and refrain from the violence "in their hands."

        If the results of comparative anatomy, which indicate the structural differences of the Negro, are not found conclusive -- if there is still insistence that he is a descendant of Adam -- FROM WHICH BRANCH OF THE ADAMIC FAMILY WOULD HE HAVE DESCENDED? If we were to accept the atheistical doctrine that the Negro and the White are blood brothers, from whence came all these physical and mental characteristics which so widely distinguish the White from the Negro?

        1). What changes his complexion from the colorless White to the colorless Black?

        2). What turned his smooth, silken hair to short, coarse, wooly hair and changed each hair of his head from cylindrical in  construction to flat?

         3). What wrought the change in the way his hair was inserted into the scalp, from the oblique to the vertical?

        4). How was his cranium shortened and broadened, his skull thickened and his brain made another color?

        5). What reduced the number and increased the size of the convolutions of his brain, thus simplifying and  approximating it to the anthropoid ape?

        6). What made his brain lighter and smaller?

        7). What broadened his jaw and extended it forward at the expense of the brain cavity; thickened his lips, sloped his front teeth, flattened his nose; shortened and thickened his neck, reduced his chest measurements and lung capacity?

        8). What elongated his arms, reduced the size of his calves, placed them at a high elevation on the leg, lengthened and broadened his heel and flattened his foot?

        9). Why does he have to have a larger dosage of medicine than the White?

        These are only a few of the many fundamental differences that raise the most serious objections to the theory that White human beings and the Negroes are the descendants of the primigenial pair -- Adam and Eve.

Man's Station

        The great tasks to which man was assigned in the Creator's plan were of such magnitude that their accomplishment would require ages of time for completion and demanded that man be endowed with a mind almost Godlike in its scope; a mind at once legislative, executive and judicial. History, tradition and the whole range of scientific research combine to teach us that man is so endowed.

        This power is peculiar to man and it is this marvelous intellectual capacity that enables man to tower above the animal creation over which he was given dominion, just as the snow-crowned mountain towers above the brooklet at its base. Fresh from the hands of his Creator, Adam presented, in his physical, mental and spiritual organisms, the acme of human perfection.

        Eve, also fresh from the hands of her Creator, presented, in her physical, mental and spiritual organisms, the most sublime specimen of her lovely sex; upon whose fair brow was stamped the image of her God. The scientists take up this theme. Theodore Parker maintains: "THE WHITE DIFFERS FROM ALL OTHER RACES; he is humane; he is civilized and progressive. He conquers with his head as well as with his hands. It is intellect, after all, that conquers, not the strength of man's arm. The White has often been the master of other races never their slaves; except for brief periods when God was punishing them.

        He has carried his religion to other races -- but never taken theirs. All the great, limited forms of monarchies are White. Republics are White. All the great sciences are of White origin; all the inventions are White. Literature and romance come from the same stock; all great poets are of White origin. No other race can bring up to memory such celebrated names as the White race."

        In his book, Moral and Intellectual Diversity of Races, De Gobineau states: "The White Race has great vigor, capacity and endurance. It has an intensity of will and desire which is controlled by intellectually.

        Great things are undertaken readily, but not blindly. It manifests a strong utilitarianism, united with a powerful imagination, which elevates, ennobles and idealizes its practical ideas. The Negro can only imitate, the Chinese only utilize, the work of the White, but the latter is abundantly capable of producing new work.

        He has as keen a sense of order as the yellow man; not from the love of repose, however, but from the desire to protect and preserve his acquisitions. He has a love of liberty far more intense than exists in the black and yellow races, and clings to life more earnestly. His high sense of honor is a faculty unknown to other races and springs from an exalted sentiment of which they show no indications. His sensations are less intense than in either the black or yellow, but his mentality is far more developed and energetic."

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