World War III
Parts 1 through 6
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

World War III - Part 1

        There is much talk today about an attack on the United States by China, and occasionally we hear of an attack by Russia upon the United States but most of the time the traitorous Judeo-Christian Clergy say in great sounding words that Russia will attack the state in the middle east known as Israel. They make it sound so convincing that we thought, what we believe to be the truth, should be presented to you; instead of the lying propaganda of the Judeo-Christian Clergy and their masters, the children of Satan as Christ said in John 8:44 tell you.

        There will be some things that you will say to yourself; "I don't want to know this stuff, why are they presenting us with this?" or "What good does it do us to know this?" or "Of what use is this information?" Well that may seem like good questions, until you study what is being presented and if you think about it and put them together, you will see how seemingly insignificant and isolated acts of the conspirators finally come together into a cohesive unit; and eventually work together to kill hundreds of thousands if not millions of White Christian Israelites, which the Jews hate.

        Therefore because we have a difference of opinion about who the New Jerusalem and who Russia and China is going to attack at the end of the age. We believe it will not be the country in old Palestine called Israel, which is run and controlled by Asknazi Jews form Russia and Eastern Europe. We believe that the battle of Armageddon will be against the United States of America and the other Western Christian nations of the world. This study is enclosed to respectfully present our belief, according to Scripture,  for your inspection and review.

        Armageddon: Judeo-Christian Belief: A future Russian confederacy will invade old Palestine, igniting the battle of Armageddon.

        Biblical Answer: The three principle chapters used to teach a Russian military invasion of Palestine are Daniel 11, Zechariah 14, and Ezekiel 38. Here is a basic question: Will the focus of this cataclysmic end-time battle really be in Palestine, as almost all of the so-called Judeo-Christian ministers, preachers, priests and etc., relate to their people every chance they get: Perhaps the first passage we should dissect is: "And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over." (Daniel 11:40)

        Let's look at the words:


        Hebrew #7393: rekeb, reh'-keb; from 7392; A VEHICLE; by impl. a team; by extens. Cavalry; by analogy a rider, i.e. the upper millstone:-chariot, (upper) millstone, multitude [from the marg.], wagon.

        Hebrew #7392: rakab, raw-kab'; a prim. root; to ride (on an animal or IN A VEHICLE; caus. To place upon (foer riding or gen.), to despatch:-bring (on [horse-] back), carry, get [oneself] up, on [horse-] back, put (cause to, make to) ride (in a chariot, on, -r), set.


        Hebrew #6571: parash, paw-raqsh'; from 6567; a steed (as stretched out to a VEHICLE, not single nor for mounting [comp. 5483]); also (by impl.) A DRIVER (in a chariot), i.e. (Collect) cavalry:-horseman.

        The Geneva Reformers did not consider verse 40 to be an end-of-age event as evidenced by the marginal notes they wrote in the Geneva Bible: "That is, both the Egyptians and the Syrians shall at length fight against the Romans, but they shall be overcome" (marginal note "b" and verse 40).

        The "king of the north" is identified here as Rome, the "king of the south" as Egypt and Syria. The fate of the "king of the north" is given in verses 44 and 45: "But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him."

        The Reformers interpreted these last two verses as follows: "hearing that Crasus was slain, and Antonius discomforted. For Augustus overcame the Parthinians, and recovered that which Antonius had lost. The Romans after this reigned quietly throughout all countries, and from sea to sea, and in Judea: but at length for their cruelty God shall destroy them." (Marginal notes i.e, and f).

        If Daniel 11 is a past historical event, it would appear that Zechariah 14 and Ezekiel 38 ARE DEFINITELY FUTURE END-TIME EVENTS. In Zechariah 14 God intervenes to save His people from an onslaught of united nations: "For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle: and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city. Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south."

        The Geneva Reformers also did NOT interpret the above passage to mean old Jerusalem. In marginal notes c and d they wrote in regard to verses 2 through 4: "By this manner of speech the Prophet sheweth God's power and care over parts of the world; they shall see Jerusalem, which was before hid with this mountain: and this HE MEANETH OF THE SPIRITUAL JERUSALEM THE CHURCH." Modern Judeo- Christian-Zionists dislike this interpretation.

        In the 38th chapter of Ezekiel we have the most vivid and detailed account of the last battle. The adversary is identified as "the chief prince of Meshech," (verse 2) the term "MESHECH" being the most ancient name for MOSCOW. At present the nation of Russia appears to the Western Christian Nations as to having fallen into a state of political instability, but, the "Bear" will rise again as prophecy demands.

        Russia's accomplices are listed as Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya, these terms representing the Middle East and Africa (verse 5). Named also  are Gomer and Togarmah which are in Eastern Europe and Southern Russia (verse 6). God says, "Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee. Thus saith the Lord God; it shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought: And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely." (Verse 9-11). Notice that the place of conquest is described as a "land of unwalled villages." This could not possible refer go to old Palestine or Europe, both of which have historic traditions of walled cities and villages.

        We do find unwalled villages in the North American continent, the envy of the world, and the focus of Armageddon. The Geneva translators wrote regarding Ezekiel 38: "Signifying, that all the people of the world should assemble themselves against the Church of Christ their head." (Marginal note "e") In verse 22, God comes go to the rescue of His people: "And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone."  (Ezekiel 38:22)

        In Ezekiel we find the account of the final destruction of this Antichrist horde: "Thou shalt fall upon the mountains (nations) of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and go to the beasts of the field go to be devoured."

        This end time battle between Christianity and the Antichrist forces of the world is filled go to the brim with false teachings, much the same as the so-called "Rapture Theory."  Which is another of the false teachings which has been brought into Christianity by the Antichrists go to mislead Christians and go to keep them out of the battle. For if people think they will be raptured out, and that this world is not their own, then they will not object so very much at the attacks of the Antichrists.

        The Rapture Theory: The Judeo-Christian Belief: The return of Christ will be in two stages, say the Judeo-Christian teachers of the United States: first, the Christians will be taken up into heaven (raptured) for the duration of the earthly tribulation period; and secondly, after seven years in heaven, they will accompany Christ back go to earth.

        Biblical Answer: Rapture advocates base their two-phase Advent dichotomy on an alleged inconsistency between the return of Christ as told in Matthew, and His return as told in Revelation. Matthew Chapter 24 relates that at Christ's coming, people will be "eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage." (Verse 38)

        In contrast, they argue that the return of Christ in Revelation 19 is different, with the world already in a state of devastation. (Revelation 6 and 11) Christ's return go to a merrymaking world, and His return go to a devastated world do not match. Therefore, they believe these must be separate events in time, or Christ's Second Coming in two different stages. Yet the people who believe in this interpretation fail go to comprehend at least two important points for obvious reasons: First, the catastrophes that are listed in Revelation 6; war, death, hunger and earthquakes (verses 4, 8 , and 12) plus the plagues of Revelation 11:6 are the same catastrophes as listed in Matthew 24, war, death, famine, earthquake, and pestilence (verses 6-7). Secondly, in Revelation 11 during the Great Tribulation, people are giving gifts go to one another! Verse 10 says, "And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them (the slain two witnesses, verses 3-10), and make merry, and shall send gifts one go to another."

        They, of course, do not ever refer to these verses of Scripture because they destroys their favorite money getting false theory: "Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith YE THERE HUNT THE SOULS TO MAKE THEM FLY, and I WILL TEAR THEM FROM YOUR ARMS, and WILL LET THE SOULS GO, EVEN THE SOULS THAT YE HUNT TO MAKE THEM FLY. Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and ye shall know that I am the LORD. Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life: THEREFORE YE SHALL SEE NO MORE VANITY, NOR DIVINE DIVINATIONS: FOR I WILL DELIVER MY PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR HAND: and YE SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD." (Ezekiel 13:20-23)

World War III - Part 2

        This, of course, is very consistent with the merrymaking in Matthew 24. In conclusion, the return of Jesus in Matthew, and His return in Revelation, both consisting of the same elements, are therefore the same event. Those who believe in the rapture often cite 1 Thessalonians where Paul says: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, go to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord."

        Many contend that since this passage does not specify Christ as physically touching the earth, it therefore is not describing the actual Second Coming, but instead the rapture. Yet, they fail go to explain why this same passage also does not specify anyone going go to heaven at all! The word "air" in verse 17 comes form the Greek term "aer" (#109) and means "Circumambient." (#109 Strong's Concordance)

        The 1828 Webster Dictionary defines the word circumambient as "the air about the earth." No one went go to heaven of God's throne. Paul is explaining in this passage the return of Christ and the Resurrection, not a rapture. In Luke Jesus said: "Two men shall be in the filed; the one shall be taken, and the other left." (Luke 17:36)

        The proponents of the rapture will say this means that the one taken is the Christian who is translated go to heaven, and the one left on earth is the wicked. They sometimes neglect the very next verse which reads, "And they answered and said unto him, where, Lord? And he said unto them, wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together." (Verse 37). This corresponds with Revelation 19 where God gathers the fowls of the air go to scavenge upon the bodies of the wicked dead, "both small and great." The one "taken" is the wicked, i.e., the one destroyed. Jesus said in Matthew: "The son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend , and them which do iniquity." (Matthew 13:41)

        Most believe that the rapture will be a secret event, and that the Lord will take them "as a thief in the night." But they don't take into consideration the changes in times and the actions of men. In Paul's day, mounted bands of thieves would thunder into an unsuspecting town at night, causing great chaos and calamity. There was nothing secret about it. Paul's letters go to the Thessalonians were not about a secret rapture, but were about the tumultuous Second Coming of Jesus Christ. God will preserve many Christians through tribulation as He preserved Noah and his family through the tribulation of the flood.

        In order go to be preserved in tribulation we must resolve go to do as Jesus said: "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved" (Matthew 24:13) (Greek "sozo" meaning go to "protect"). Christ will protect us upon the earth, if we "endure" here. It is our privilege go to suffer for Christ, as Paul wrote in Philippians: "For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only go to believe on him, but also go to suffer for his sake." (Philippians 1:29)

        In John 17:15 Jesus prayed this for His disciples and those which followed them, "I pray not THAT THOU SHOULDST TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WORLD, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil." Proverbs 10:30 says, "The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth." The rapture doctrine is a fraudulent escape, mechanism designed go to ease Christian anxieties over the coming climactic persecutions. Its greatest harm is that it instills apathy in churchgoers in regard go to the moral and social well-being of their country.

        The book "Russia And China Will Invade America,"  is an attempt go to show you, by means of investigations, documentary evidence of the inner workings of the present movement for World Revolution, leading go to World Domination through the New World Order, and is but an age- long and culminating, fanatical effort on the part of the Overshadowing Power - presently known as The Learned Elders of Zion, through their many secret organizations, such as the Illuminati.

        Whatever the ideas on the Messianic era and the true destiny of man may have been, the following account of mysticism and magic, written from 1823-1825 by Ho�n� Wronski, might well be an actual picture of world conditions today under the influence of similar mystic and secret societies, far more numerous and influential than the public imagine, through which the Invisible Center is again seeking go to direct and dominate the nations and the world.

        In his "Trait� m�thodique de magic Pratique," Papus, the well-known occultist and cabalist, Dr. Gerard Encausse, writes:  "A learned initiate and encyclopedist, Ho�n� Wronski, in a work which is almost unobtainable today, L'Apodictique Messianique, has given an analysis of magic and its origins, as well as its results, which merits a close study on the part of serious inquirers. We hope therefore go to render service go to such by reproducing the whole of the section devoted go to mysticism and magic." (Trait� m�thodique de magic Pratique, Papus (Dr. Gerard Encausse))

        Briefly, Wronski states that the aim of Mystic Associations is "Participation in Creation," and the physical end is "Direction of the Destinies of the Earth." This mysticism "consists of the mystic limitation of the absolute reality (universal life-force or energy), forming in general the neutralization of this negative and positive energy," a form of magnetic polarization, creating the etheric link; for this reason these societies cultivate supernatural sentiments and arts such as... "Hermetic Philosophy, Alchemy, the Great Work or Stone of the Philosopher, the Panacea, Magnetic- healing, Regeneration, etc., and certain mysteries of physical generation, etc." Being unable go to discover scientifically, by reason, the destinies of the earth, they profess go to foresee it by a "Cabalistic interpretation...of the traditions of the Holy Scriptures;" then they seek go to direct these destinies by means of special missions given go to chosen men in all ranks of society. Of Secret Societies, he says: "As the supernatural efforts made by the Mystic Association go to take part in creation can neither be practiced nor discussed publicly...and being equally debarred from openly directing the destinies of the earth as Government would oppose it, this mysterious association can perforce only act through Secret Societies. Thus actually it is in the heart of mysticism that all secret societies, which have existed, and still ext, on our globe, are born, and which, controlled from this mysterious source, have dominated and notwithstanding Government, continue go to dominate the world. Their secret societies, armed when needed, are detached into groups distinct and apparently opposed, professing respectively and in turn the most contrary opinions of the day, so as go to direct, apart and with confidence, all parties, political, religious, economic, and literary. They, in order go to receive common direction, and are again united go to an unknown center, where this powerful source is hidden which seeks this invisible go to control all earthly scepters...and without doubt all these secret societies are themselves, through the skill of certain of their chiefs, controlled and directed according go to the ideas and orders of an Unknown Supreme Committee who governs the world." (Ho�n� Wronski, Direction of the Destinies of the Earth)

     Freemasons, Applied or Political. "Pure or speculative Masonry is properly only the great nursery from which all mystic associations choose their high chiefs (epoptes)...Also the grades of initiation are so arranged that the great part of Freemasons, far from doubting the aim of their affiliation, see in it only an object of mutual pleasure and goodwill. Only those who have been tested are admitted into the higher grades, and it is from among the latter that the different branches of applied Freemasonry are formed, whose aim is manifestly go to realize, by deeds and according go to circumstances, the liberal mystic speculations of Freemasonry. Thus in our day have been successfully formed the Nocturnal Chapters of Ruel and Passy, the Lodge of the Contrat-social, the Philadelphes, the Carbonari, the Tugend- Bund, the Burschaften, the Comuneros, etc. (This does not apply go to British Masonry)." (Ho�n� Wronski, Participation in Creation)

     Reciprocal Influences between the Visible and Invisible. (Etheric Link). The Illuminati (Illuminism). "The name Illuminati (not Wissende)...appears go to have been introduced only about 1775 by the secret society which was founded by Weishaupt, and developed, it is said, by Baron Knigge. must have existed from the greatest antiquity. And actually the mystic affiliations under the Pyramids of Egypt, the esoteric sect of Pythagoras, the astrologers or mathematicians of Rome in the time of Domintian, the house of Wisdom of Cairo, the Ismilis or Assassins, Companions of the Old Man of the Mountain, the Templars, the Rose- Croix...appear go to form but an uninterrupted chain of these superior affiliations...under the name of Illumin�s." (Reciprocal Influences between the Visible and Invisible World, Ho�n� Wronski)

        The Directing Power - the Invisibles or Earthly Beings (Masters working on the Astral). "Once only have these Invisibles shown themselves go to men, that was when, at the terrible Secret Tribunal - seeing that all the powers of earth, ministers, princes, and even sovereigns themselves begged the favor of being admitted go to this formidable affiliation - these invisible Chiefs believed that at last they had conquered the earth, and they dared, so go to say, go to give away the secret by openly showing the way in which they intended go to govern the world...These earthly beings do not appear today, but it is they who form the Supreme Committee from which emanate the orders which rule all secret societies, and in this Committee the ancient Book of Records ever remains open..."  (Here we have the 'Supreme and Invisible Hierarchy of Cabalistic Jews' - Today known as the Learned Elders of Zion). (The Directing Power - the Invisibles or Earthly Beings, Ho�nn� Wronski; Light-Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within, The Christian Book Club of America, Hawthorne, California)

        Here is the Oath administered go to the Illuminati: "In the name of the son crucified (the Pentagram, the illuminised man), swear go to break the bonds which still bind you go to your father, mother, brothers, sisters, wife, relatives, friends, mistresses, kings, chiefs, benefactors, and all persons go to whomsoever you may have promised faith, obedience, and service. Name and curse the place where you were born, so that you may dwell in another sphere, go to which you will attain only after having renounced the pestilential globe, vile refuse of the heavens! From this moment you are free from the so-called oath go to country and laws: swear go to reveal go to the new chief, recognized by you, what you may have seen or done, intercepted, read or heard, learned or surmised, and also seek for and spy out what your eyes cannot discern. Honor and respect the Azua Tofana as a sure, prompt, and necessary means of purging the globe by death of those who seek go to vilify the truth and seize it from our hands. Fly from Spain, Naples, and all accursed land; finally fly from the temptation go to reveal what you may hear, for the thunder is no prompter than the knife, which awaits you in whatsoever place you may be. Live in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (They are speaking here, not of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost - but instead is speaking of the Trinity of Illuminism - Cabalistic and Gnostic. The Father - the generating fire; the Holy Spirit - the Great Mother Nature, reproducing all things; the Son - the manifestation, the vital fluid, the astral light of Illuminism. It is a perversion of Christian symbolism - just as the Masons do go to confuse and deceive Christians)." (Ho�n� Wronski, The Directing Power - the Invisibles or Earthly Beings; Light-bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within, pp. 3-4)

World War III - Part 3

        The reason for Wronski's exposure of these sects was to show the appalling spread of Illuminism at that time and its diabolical plan of destruction. Mrs. Nesta Webster, in her "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements," tells us that about 872 A.D., an Ismaili, Abdullah ibn Maym�n, brought up on the doctrines of Gnostic Dualism, a pure materialist, formed a sect known as the Batinis, whose project was thus described by Dozy in Spanish Islam. "Go to unite in the form of a vast secret society with many degrees of initiation, free-thinkers (atheists)...and bigots of all sects; go to make tools of believers in order go to give power go to skeptics...go to build up a party, numerous, compact, and disciplined, which in due time would give the throne, if not go to himself, at least go to his descendants...The means which he adopted were devised with diabolical cunning...It was... not among the She-its that he sought his true supporters, but among the Ghebers, the Maciheans, the pagans of Harran, and the students of Greek philosophy; on the last alone could he rely, go to them alone could he gradually unfold the final mystery, and reveal that imams, religions, and morality were nothing but an imposture and an absurdity...but he took care go to initiate devout and lowly souls only in the first grades of the sect. His missionaries, who were inculcated with the idea that their first duty was go to conceal their true sentiments and adapt themselves go to the views of their auditors..In the presence of the devout they assumed the mask of virtue and piety. With mystics they were mystical, and unfolded the inner meanings of phenomena, or explained allegories and the figurative sense of the allegories themselves...By means such as these the extra- ordinary result was brought about that a multitude of men of diverse beliefs were all working together for an object known only go to a few of them..." (Mrs. Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements)

        Here we have the system not only of Weishaupt but of all secret subversive societies of today, as later we hope go to make plain. Again, in 1090 Hasan Saba, called "the Illuminator," founded the sect of the "Assassins" at Alamut in Persia on the Caspian Sea. He adopted the methods of Maym�n, adding go to them wholesale assassinations of those who opposed him. He also used as his groundwork the organization of the Grand Lodge of Cairo. His was a "system of organized murder on a basis of religious fervor." As von Hammer said, "'Nothing is true and all is allowed' was the ground of their secret doctrine, which, however, being imparted but go to few, and concealed under the veil of the most austere religionism and piety, restrained the mind under the yoke of blind obedience." Their secret doctrines were eventually revealed by the leaders themselves. And von Hammer again said: "In the annals of the Assassins is found the chronological enumeration of celebrated men of all nations who have fallen victims of the Ismailis..." And again: "Poison and the dagger prepared the grave which the Order had opened for so many," and so Hasan and his Grand Masters were in turn assassinated by their next-of-kin. (Mrs. Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements)

        The Templars' self-appointed r�le was, "We shall be the equilibrium o the Universe, arbiters and Masters of the World." (Mrs. Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements) In the March issue of the occult "Revue Internationale des Soci�t�s Secr�tes," began a French translation of the two most important collections of the original documents relating go to the Bavarian Illuminati of Weishaupt: "(1) Einige Originalschriften des Illuminaten-ordens. Munich, 1786. (2) Nachtrag von weitern Originalschriften, welche die Illuminaten- secte...betreffen en 2 parties, Munich, 1787."

        Speaking of the occultists of Haute Maconnerie of the eighteenth century, the R.I.S.S. writes: "These Illumin�s of France, with Martinez Paschalis, the unknown philosopher, Pernetty, and the whole school, which has left such deep roots in Lyons and its surroundings; the Illuminati of Bavaria, with Weishaupt and his accomplices. It was in these secret Lodges that the French Revolution was conceived and prepared; today it is in the Temples of the same Order, cabalistic and Satanist, that the World Revolution has germinated and ripened...The plans of yesterday will better assist us go to grasp the intention and methods of today." (R.I.S.S., Haute Maconnerie)

        The documents are described: "Some Original Writings of the Order of the Iluminati which were found at the House of Zwach, former Councillor of Government, in the domiciliary visit carried out at Landshut, October 11-12, 1786. The present collection has been published by the Supreme order of His Highness the Elector in order go to convince the public of this and foreign countries of the undoubted falsity of the reasons given for the ceaseless outcry from the Illuminati against the injustice, violence, and prosecution go to which they are subjected in Bavaria, and also at the same time go to put them on their guard against this epidemic sect, and against all other such illegal and clandestine societies. For these merely set themselves go to deceive credulous people and get money out of them - and in place of spreading truth and morality, as they profess go to do, absolutely ruin the latter and suppress or completely falsify the former. If anyone doubts the authenticity of this collection, let them present themselves at the secret archives of this town, where orders have been given go to show the originals. Munich, March 26, 1787." (R.I.S.S., Haute Maconnerie; Light-Bearers of Darkness, The Overshadowing Power, Inquire Within, p. 6)

        In one document Zwach speaks of the proposal go to form a woman's order, go to consist of two classes, each constituting a separate society, each remaining unknown go to the other: one class of virtuous women, a means of obtaining money, secret information, and benefits for the real Order; the other of light women, go to satisfy the passions of F.M. so inclined. "Both should be kept in ignorance that they are directed by the men's Order." (Original Writings of the Order of the Illuminati, Zwach - former Councillor of the Bavarian Government; Light- Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within, p. 7)

        Of their camouflaged and supposed aim Spartacus (Adam Weishaupt) writes: "As in the past, the future aim of the order remains, go to interest man in bringing go to perfection his mind and moral character; go to develop humane and social sentiments, go to oppose wicked designs in the world, go to fight against injustice, go to help the unfortunate and oppressed, go to encourage men of merit who are useful go to the Order, and go to spread knowledge of the sciences; and they are faithfully and solemnly assured that this is the real and not merely the supposed aim of the society. That it is vain go to hope go to gain greater power and riches by entering this Order."

        The scheme of this Order is apparently go to form a united machine absolutely controlled by the Superiors, who alone know its true aim. For this purpose there must be complete harmony among its members, no hatred, no jealousy, no unworthy egoism; having one spirit, one consideration, and one will!

        Go to help go to bring about this desired orientation, a special list of books is prescribed upon which the members must build up their outlook. "The society cannot use men as they are; they must be shaped according go to the use that is go to be made of them." Here we have the same sinister methods as found in all similar societies of today!

        Weishaupt further writes that the adept must learn the art of dissimulation, observing and probing others. Discovering secrets he must disclose them go to the Superiors, who in turn promise not go to make use of the information unless permitted by the informer! "The order exacts complete submission in whatsoever concerns the affairs of the Order. They must practice perfect circumspection and discretion with regard go to the world outside. Silence and secrecy constitute the soul of the Order," and even the Frater's grade is kept secret, save with equals, among whom there are signs for recognition.

        As go to the true aim of this Order, a document drawn up by Zwach shows its political progress for one year in Bavaria - Jesuits removed from all professorial chairs, and entirely cleared out of Ingolstadt University; penetration by F.M. of the Church, control of German schools, charitable societies, and other university chairs. "On the recommendation of the Fratres, Pylade has become treasurer of the Ecclesiastical Council, and in this way the Order has the revenues of the Church at its disposal."  Thus it was able go to assist the Fratres and save some of them from the clutches of money-lenders!

        Again: "The widowed Duchess has organized the Institute of Cadets absolutely according tot he plan indicated by the Order; all the professors are members of the Order...and all the pupils become adepts of the Order. We will draw go to us all the young priests of the Bartholomew endowment...there is every chance that we may in this way be able go to provide all Bavaria with instructed priests."

        Also among the documents were various recipes - "One for Aqua Toffana, a poison imperceptibly slow but deadly." Another go to bring about abortion; and yet another concerning herbs having deleterious properties.

        The Initiation took place after one, two, or three years of probation. In the "Revers de silentio," a form signed by the candidate before the initiation, submission and silence is promised, and he is assured that there is in the Society nothing contrary go to "State, morals, or religion." Before the Oath is administered it is said; a sword pointed at the breast: "Shouldst thou become a traitor or perjurer, let this sword remind thee of each and all the members in arms against thee. Do not hope go to find safety; whithersoever thou mayest fly, shame and remorse as well as the vengeance of thine unknown brothers will torture and pursue thee." (Revers de silentio)

        Then in the Oath which follows he swears: "eternal silence, and faithfulness and everlasting obedience go to all superiors and regulations of the Order. I also renounce my own personal views and opinions as well as all control of my powers and capacities. I promise also go to consider the well-being of the Order as my own, and I am ready, as long as I am a member, go to serve it with my goods, my honor, and my life...If I act against the rules and well-being of the Society, I will submit myself go to the penalties go to which my superiors may condemn me..." (Revers de silentio)

World War III - Part 4

        He received a classical name, by which he was henceforth known in the Order. He was required also go to keep all things appertaining go to the Order in a special place, having a label attached with the address of his superior, go to whom the box had go to be sent in case of his sudden death. In one of the recipes is found the description of such a box which, when opened by an uninitiated person, would at once bust into flames! Go to such an extent was secrecy and silence demanded! After the breaking up of his Order Weishaupt and his followers still secretly carried on their intrigues, for by 1789 the 266 Lodges controlled by the Grand Orient Freemasonry were all Illuminized unbeknown go to the large majority of the members, and a few months later the French Revolution of that date eventuated. In 1794 the Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of German Freemasonry, issued a Manifesto go to all the Lodges showing how Masonry had been penetrated by this International Sect, and suggesting, for a time, suppression of all Freemasonry until it was freed form this unseen canker. It said: "A great sect arouse, which, taking for its motto the good and happiness of man, worked in the darkness of the conspiracy go to make the happiness of humanity a prey for itself. This sect is known go to everyone: its brothers are known no less than its name. It is they who have undermined the foundations of the Order (Freemasonry) go to the point of complete overthrow; it is by them that all humanity has been poisoned and led astray for several generations. The ferment that reigns amongst the peoples is their work. They founded the plans of their insatiable ambition on the political pride of nations. Their founders arranged go to introduce this pride into the heads of the peoples. They began by casting odium on religion...They invented the rights of man, which it is impossible go to discover even in the book of Nature, and they urged the people go to wrest from their princes the recognition of these supposed rights. The plan they formed for breaking all social ties and of destroying all order was revealed in all their speeches and acts. They deluged the world with a multitude of publications; they recruited apprentices of every rank and in every position; they deluded the most perspicacious men by falsely alleging different intentions. They sowed in the hearts of youth the seed of covetousness, and they excited it with the bait of the most insatiable passions. Indomitable pride, thirst of power, such were the only motives of this sect; their masters had nothing less in view than the thrones of the earth, and the government of the nations was go to be directed by their nocturnal clubs. This is what has been done and is still being done. But we notice that princes and people are unaware how and by what means this is being accomplished..." (Mrs. Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements)

        Later, a law was passed, as a result of all this, by the English Parliament in 1799, prohibiting all secret societies with the exception of Freemasonry. Today, it is said, these secret societies are still illegal, and although some call themselves semi-public, an oath of secrecy is still required by their chiefs, concerning the most important and secret teachings, relating, more especially, go to contact with the mysterious controlling power on the astral plane.

        According go to Monsignor Dillon, 1885: "Had Weishaupt not lived, Masonry might have ceased go to be a power after the reaction consequent on the French Revolution. He gave it a form and character which caused it go to outlive that reaction go to energize go to the present day, and which will cause it go to advance until its final conflict with Christianity must determine whether Christ or Satan shall reign on this earth go to the end." (Mrs. Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Movements)

        Was Weishaupt not merely the tool of another and more formidable Sect? Of this "Overshadowing Power," which is the life, as it were, of Illuminism, we are told in "The Victories of Israel," by Roger Lambelin: "Joseph de Maistre who was, one knows, a Freemason of fairly high grade, noted the influence exercised by the Jews. In 1811, examining the causes of the French Revolution, in a letter written go to his King form St. Petersburg, he says: 'The power of this sect oriented by Jewry, go to bewitch Governments, is one of the most terrible and most extraordinary phenomena that have been seen in the world.'" (The Victories of Israel, Roger Lambelin)

        Again, Bernard Lazare, the Jewish writer, affirms: "it is certain that there were Jews even at the cradle of Freemasonry - Cabalistic Jews, as is proved by certain exiting rites; very probably during the years which preceded the French Revolution they entered in still greater numbers into the councils of the society, and themselves founded secret societies. There were Jews round Weishaupt; and Martinez de Pasqualis, a Jew of Portuguese origin, organized numerous illuminised groups in France, and recruited many adepts, whom he initiated into the doctrine of reintegration (regeneration). The Martinist Lodges were mystic, whilst the other Orders of Freemasonry were rather rationalist, which proves that secret societies represented the two sides of the Jewish mind - practical rationalism and pantheism; that pantheism which, while a metaphysical reflection of a belief in the One God, ends at times in a Cabalistic Theurgy." (Bernard Lazare, L'Antisemitism)

        And of the Jewish aspirations he writes: "The Jew is also a builder (this is an outright lie, the Jews have never built anything worth while, they can only invent things which maim, torture, and kill); proud, ambitious, domineering, he tries go to draw everything go to himself. He is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaises; he destroys the Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference, but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals, and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task - the annihilation of the religion of Christ!"

        And M. Roger Lambelin adds: "They are the ferments of revolution in all ethnic groups foreign go to their race." (The Victories of Israel, Roger Lambelin)

        Further, Rabbi Benamozegh says: "Is it surprising that Judaism has been accused of forming a branch of Freemasonry? What is certain is that masonic theology is only theosophy at bottom, and corresponds go to that of the Cabala...Those who will take the trouble go to examine with care the connection between Judaism and philosophic Freemasonry, theosophy, and the mysteries in general...will cease go to smile in pity at the suggestion that Cabalistic theology may have a r�le go to play in the religious transformations of the future...It contains the key go to the modern religious problem." (The Victories of Israel, Roger Lambelin)

        This is borne out by a speech, "Given by Senator Joseph McCarthy, six months before his mouth was closed forever: George Washington's surrender: 'And many of the people of the land became Jews.' (Esther 9:17) The confession of General Cornwallis go to General Washington at Yorktown has been well hidden by historians. History books and text books have taught for years that when Cornwallis surrendered his army go to General Washington that American independence came, and we lived happily ever after until the tribulations of the twentieth century.

         Jonathan Williams recorded in his Legions of Satan, 1781, that Cornwallis revealed go to Washington that 'a holy war will now being in America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects go to the Crown.' Cornwallis went on go to explain what would seem go to be a self contradiction: 'Your churches will be used go to teach the Jew's religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government they believe go to be divine will be the British Empire [under the control of the Jews]. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry [Lucifer - as Albert Pike disclosed in Morals and Dogma].' And indeed George Washington was a Mason, and he gave back through a false religion what he had won with his army." (Jonathan Williams, Legions of Satan, (1781))

        Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of World Catastrophe that would be universal and that unrest would continue until mind control could be accomplished through a false religion. WHAT HE PREDICTED HAS COME GO TO PASS!!! Of that, there is no longer any doubt. A brief study of American religious history will show that Masonry and Judaism has infused into every church in America their veiled Phallic Religion. Darby and the Plymouth Brethren brought a Jewish Christianity go to America. Masons Rutherford and Russell [both Jews] started Jehovah Witnesses' in order go to spread Judaism throughout the world under the guise of Christianity.

         In an interesting book, "Les Jifs et le Talmud," by M. Flavien Bernier, we find some light thrown on this Pantheistic creed of the Cabalistic Jews and the "Deified Man" of Illuminism. He wrote in 1913: "Now the dominating philosophic doctrine among learned Chaldeans...was absolute Pantheism. In the vast Temple which is the Universe, the learned Chaldeans suppressed the Creator...Everything was cause and effect; the world was uncreated and itself became its own God. Even the idea of Divinity was confounded with Universal Harmony which regulated all things, and with each of the things it regulated. God was therefore in turn, and as a whole, Earth nourisher of man, the dew which fertilized it, the Sun which gave light and heat, the wind which carried the fertilizing pollen of vegetation; god was the life principle which perpetuated the species, human and animal; which caused plants go to germinate, grow, die, and spring into life again, which manifested even in apparently inanimate bodies. Identified as a kind of breath of Nature, uncreated and eternal. God emanated from the world not the world from God.

        It is realizable that such a system, which bears the imprint of a bizarre but undeniable poetry, would, in all ages, have the power go to seduce the human mind. It would seduce it all the more that the system had, as immediate result, the increase of human pride in the cult of the 'Deified Man.'

        In effect, if no Supreme Being as distinct from Nature was imposed over the latter by right of creation, if all things had in some manner an intelligence or soul, and if God was merely the sum of all these conscious or unconscious souls of the Universe, a hierarchy would necessarily exist among these souls of which each was a part of God, but which could only contain God in a very unequal manner. The divine principle would find itself distributed in less abundance in a stone than in a tree, which lives, breathes, grows, and dies; in a tree than in an animal, which thinks, perceives, and acts; in an animal than in a man who meditates on the past and future, solves the problem of Nature, corrects the latter's imperfections by his labor and ingenuity, and seeks go to perfect himself indefinitely. At the summit of the ladder of beings Man, much more perfect and more intelligent than any of the others, evidently absorbed the greatest amount of the divine essence of which the Universe is composed. Having emptied the heavens of any being superior go to himself, he was in truth God of the World, where all were apparently inferior and subordinate go to him." (Les Juifs et le Talmud, M. Flavien Bernier)

World War III -Part  5

        In a footnote the author adds: "Those of our readers who are familiar with the works of Hermetic Freemasonry will at once recognize the favorite ideas of the pontiffs of that sect, ideas which they have inherited from the alchemists of the Middle Ages, who held them from the Cabalistic Jews. The same may be said of the cult of the 'Deified Man,' which was the basis of Chaldean Pantheism, and which has remained that of Occultism, ancient and modern.

        Certain traditions give go to Zoroaster, a Jewish Prophet, as Master...But, on the other hand, Chaldean thought acted powerfully upon orthodox Judaism and determined the growth of a sect in its midst which was go to transform Israel...This sect was that of the 'Pharisees.'...What they borrowed (from the Chaldeans) in fact...was the essence of the Pantheistic doctrine...It was then that was formed from these borrowings that Kabalah of the Pharisees which was for long transmitted orally from Master go to disciple, and was, 800 years later, go to inspire the compilation of the Talmud, and found its completest expression in the 'Sepher ha Zohar.'...This religion of the 'Deified Man,' with which they were impregnated in Babylon, was only conceived as benefiting the Jew, superior and predestined being...The promise of universal domination found in the Law by the orthodox Jew was not interpreted by the Pharisees in the sense of the reign of the God of Moses over the Nations, but in the sense of a material domination which would be imposed by the Jews over the Universe. The expected Messiah...was go to be a temporal King, all bloody from battle, who would make Israel master of the world and trample all peoples under the wheel of His chariot." (Les Juifs et le Talmud, M. Flavien Bernier)

        Have not here the basis of the teachings in all these Orders and groups, mystic and occult, of the present time - the cult of the life-force, the I.A.O., the "Serpent Power," the all-pervading ether?

         And have we not also the key go to the Cabalistic Jews, in these Pharisees of old and of today; these so-called "Divine Guardians" working behind and through these secret Orders, who profess go to teach the doctrine of the deification of the adept, but who in very truth create Illuminized slaves controlled by the Cabalistic Jew, who claims go to be the "Deified Man" - as M. Bernier says, "the God-people" rather than the "People of God."

        In the "Patriot," March 7, 1929, we find some interesting material in connection with Secret Societies and the French Revolution; it says:  "In 1910 there was published a very remarkable book, entitled 'Marie-Antoinette et le Complot Ma�onnique.' It was written by M. Louis Dast�, an eruite historian, who had spent a great deal of time in examining published and unpublished documents throwing light on the part played by secret societies in preparing the French Revolution...The extracts show, among other things, how anti-Christian and revolutionary ideas were circulated by bodies ostensibly engaged in educating the French people. Behind these bodies was French Freemasonry, which was and is, unlike our own Freemasonry, anti-Christian, political, and revolutionary." (The Patriot, March 7, 1929)

        We quote the following extracts showing their methods: "At the beginning of the eighteenth century France was still fervently attached go to her religious and political traditions; at the end of that century she broke - or rather a secret influence made her break - with all of them. What was this secret influence? It was in every case the influence of Freemasonry...For more than half a century the Freemasons had, in fact, been secretly preparing the mine, whose explosion in 1789 wrecked the old France...From 1750 onwards Reading Societies were started in most of the towns in France. Like the Free Thought Societies of the present day, they were under the control of Freemasons...Members of these societies who had been the most easily caught by the masonic bait, and who, in addition, possessed literary talent, were admitted into groups of a higher degree, the societies called 'Academic.'...Like the Reading Societies, the Academic Societies were secretly directed by Freemasons...who provided the money spent either on prizes given for anti- Christian pamphlets or on the printing and publishing of them...Finally, above the Reading and the Academic Societies were the so-called Societies of Action, which were neither more nor less than exteriorisations of Masonic Lodges... The work which the Reading and Academic Societies did in conjunction with the Lodges controlling them was as deadly as it was simple. Under the influences of these groups of Masons and their helpers, luke-warm Catholics gradually became unbelievers, and finally fanatical anti-Christians...Freemasonry first infected the King's ministers and the high functionaries; then magistrates of every kind; lastly the Church of France itself...Thanks, therefore, go to their ignorance of the Masonic danger and go to their semi-complicity with the enemy, the two d'Argensons, Maurepas, and St. Florentin allowed the Freemasons of the eighteenth century go to destroy the Christian monarchy of France..." (The Patriot)

        In the "Revue Internationale des Soci�t�s Secr�tes" there was an article on "Revolution, Terror, and Freemasonry," which explained the connection of Grand Orient Freemasonry with the French Revolution and its present-day aim at a "World Republic" Universal Freemasonry: "In 1789 the revolutionary crimes were prepared by the Committee of Propaganda of the Lodge Les Amis r�unis, and the plan of 'The Terror' is due go to one of its most influential members, the Jacobin Freemason, Adrien Duport (who when questioned as go to his plan said)...'Now, it is only by means of terror that one can place oneself at the head of a revolution in a way go to govern it...It is therefore necessary, whatever repugnance you may have, go to resign oneself go to the sacrifice of some remarked persons.'...Instructions in conformity with the plan were given go to the principal agents of the department of insurrections which was already organized, and go to which Adrien Duport was no stranger; execution followed quickly. The massacre of de Launay, de Flesselles, Foulon, and Berthier, and their heads paraded on pikes, were the first effects of this philanthropic conspiracy.
        In 1922 the Orator of the Grand Lodge (France) said: 'My brother Masons, my hope is that Freemasonry, which has done so much for the emancipation of men, and go to which history owes the national revolutions, will also know how go to make that greatest revolution, which will be the International Revolutions.'"

         Speaking of subversive propaganda at that time, Arthur Young, in his "Travels in France and Italy" (Young, in Paris at the opening of the French Revolution, was one of the acutest observers o the eighteenth century) writes: "June 29, 1789. Will posterity believe that while the Press has swarmed with inflammatory productions that tend go to prove the blessings of theoretical confusion and speculative licentiousness, not one writer of talent has been employed go to refute and confound the fashionable doctrines, nor the least care taken go to disseminate works of another complexion?" (The Patriot, February 2, 1928)

        Does the above not apply equally go to the present "World Revolution," engineered by the same hidden and "formidable Sect?" How many dare or will publish the bedrock truth?

        Let us now study the present aims of Grand Orient Freemasonry as shown by their own records. It is a Judeo- Masonic body, political and revolutionary, working for World Domination.

        In "La Dictature de la Franc-Ma�onnerie sur la France," M.A.G. Michel exposes some of these machinations: "It is the duty of universal Freemasonry go to co-operate absolutely with the League of Nations in order that it may no longer have go to submit go to the interested influences of Government. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1923)

        The principal tasks of the League of Nations consist in the organization of peace, the abolition of secret diplomacy, the application of the right of peoples go to self- determination, the establishment of commercial relations inspired by the principle of Free Trade, the repartition of basic matters, the regulation of transport, restoration of normal relations between national devices, and the creation of an International note; the development of international legislation of labor, and especially the participation of an organized working-class in international councils; the spread of a general pacifist education based notably on the extension of an international language (Esperanto!); the creation of a European spirit, of a League of Nations patriotism - in brief, the formation of the United States of Europe, or rather World Federation. (Convent, of the Grand Lodge of France, 1922)

        Affirms that this Assembly (League of Nations) must evolve in a democratic sense and rapidly admit representatives of all nations; declare that the new establishment must assure equality of nations; report with satisfaction the creation of a Bureau of International Labor as a permanent organ of the League of Nations . (Convent, Bull. Off. Grand Lodge of France, 1920)

        The Commission demands that the Convention should unanimously vote that in all manner of cases the League of Nations shall henceforth have supreme authority go to decide between peoples and Governments. (Convent, Grand Lodge of France, 1923)

        Further, it demands that the League of Nations, in order go to assure the execution of its decisions, should be endowed with a permanent armed force placed under its sole authority, diminishing by so much the different national armies. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1923)

        The Federal Organization of Peoples implies the establishment of an Over-State, or super-national State, invested with three powers - executive, legislative, and judicial; that is go to say, possessing the three organs indispensable go to all constituted society, a Government, a Parliament, and a Court of Justice. The Court of Justice must be furnished with a penal code, civil code, and a code of international procedure. The international authority must be sanctioned by an army or international police. Go to disarm separate States and arm the Federation of United States, these are two phases of the same progress. (Bull. Off. Grand Lodge of France, 1922)

        Studies through the League of Nations go to create an International Bank based on the mobilization of invested (fonci�re) property, public or private. (Bull. Off. Grand Lodge of France, 1922)

        Leading go to a program of Universal Masonic Dictatorship:

World War III - Part 6

        I). Policy of Destruction (Solve of Illuminised Masonry): Destruction of the Church. Revolution.

        II). Reconstruction of a new regime (Coagula of Illuminised Masonry):  (a) Economic and social; (b) financial and fiscal reform; � socialization of individuals.

        III). Universal Masonry: 'This International Revolution is for tomorrow the work of Freemasonry. (Convent, Grand Lodge of France, 1922) 'Three Revolutions, 1789, 1871, 19- -' (Bull, Hebd., 1922)." (La Dictature de la Franc- Ma�onnerie sur la France, M.A.G. Michel)

        The Grand Orient penetration of many groups is explained by the following extracts from the same document: "Masonry must be felt everywhere, but must be found nowhere. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1922) We are forming a great Association, dumb go to the outside world, whose sole endeavor will be go to express ideas collectively and overrun the country with them...we must earnestly endeavor go to make our thoughts penetrate the whole mass...but our whole satisfaction will come from that which our ideas germinate. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1922)
        An active propaganda is urgent, so that Freemasonry shall again become the inspirer, the sovereign mistress of the ideas through which democracy is go to be brought go to perfection...Go to influence social elements by spreading widely the teaching received within the Institution. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1922)
        Sports societies, Boy Scouts, art circles, choral and instrumental groups. All organizations which attract Republican youth go to works of education, physical and intellectual. There are so many fertile fields where Masonic propaganda ought most usefully go to be exercised. Everywhere add go to these adult courses, wherever there is any chance of them being taken up and frequented, libraries, etc. (Convent, Grand Orient, 1923)
        Freemasonry is not exactly international, it is universal; it is a society non-national, a society of 'humanity' - not a society of international brotherhood, but a society of Universal Brotherhood. (Bull. Off. Grand Lodge of France, October 1922)" (La Dictature de la Franc-Ma�onnerie sur la France, M.A.G. Michel)

        The Grand Orient was founded in 1772, formed a coalition with the Grand Chapter in 1786, and became a body both subversive and dangerous. By 1789, we have seen, it was illuminised just previous go to the Revolution. It is therefore illuminised esoteric masonry, largely dominated by Jews, and its aim is political power. Their god is the Creative Principle, and they look upon God the Creator as a myth. On the other hand, the British masons are exoteric, non-political, and philanthropic, and they believe in God as the Great Architect of the Universe. For these reasons in March 1878 they broke off relations with the Grand Orient.

        Many of these secret and pseudo-public societies, which are go to be discussed later, are affiliated directly or indirectly go to the Grand Orient, and are, as it will be seen, subversive.

         Anyone who has at all considered the matter must realize that no movement which as the present World Revolution, with all its intricacies, could gain the proportions which it has very evidently done unless there was a means of cohesion and a powerful central mind directing the whole. What the late Bishop of Dijon has said of the Jews in his book "Les Pharisiens d'autrefois at Ceux d'aujourd'hui," might well be said of the above movement. He writes: "But, in order that these colonies of Jews, so widely scattered as they are among such different races, under such dissimilar rule, buried among hostile masses, and without any apparent link, should have nevertheless succeeded in preserving their original characteristics, always the same ideals, everywhere the same mentality, the same ideas, a perfect similarity, it is indispensable that they should have some invisible uniting link, a common mind, a head, in a word a central government, and that government can only be an occult government." (Les Pharisiens d'autrefois at Ceux d'aujourd'hui, Bishop Dijon)

        In a footnote go to the same book, and speaking of Grand Orient Freemasonry, he says: "In the Lodges the discussions are not for the purpose of getting at the truth, but their aim is action. What matters is not a connected and real opinion corresponding go to the convictions of each as a whole, but a collective and practiced opinion, the result of a prearranged understanding for an interested end. They do not search for it by means of study as the philosophers do; they suggest and impose it...One is not forced go to enter Masonry, but once in, the adept must take on the spirit of Masonry - it is 'initiation.' They set themselves go to infuse him with it in order go to orient him. But if each mason personally oriented, so also is each group, unbeknown go to themselves, by the higher groups, in such a way that, because of the impossibility of seeing what leads them or where they are being led go to, they believe themselves free, whereas in fact they are oriented or directed by this 'Mysterieux Moteur Central, known go to us alone' says the author of that strange book The Jewish Peril." (Les Pharisiens d'autrefois at Ceux d'aujourd'hui, Bishop Dijon; Light-Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within)

        The same secret system will be found in all illuminized secret societies of today, which are all ruled and directed by some mysterious hidden center.

        Speaking of his own system, Weishaupt says that he forms his ranks "out of men who would submit go to be led blindly onwards by unseen directors."  He says: "One must show how easy it would be for one clever head go to direct hundreds and thousands of men. I have two immediately below me into whom I breathe my whole spirit, and each of these two has again two others, and so on. In this way I can set a thousand men in motion and on fire in the simplest manner, and in this way one must impart orders and operate on politics." (Mrs. Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements; Light-Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within)

        This is Weishaupt's system, but what of the mysterious central power? It is not this book's purpose go to prove or disprove "the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," which have been somewhat unconvincingly pronounced by Philip Graves, in "The Times" of August 16-18, 1921, and again in 1923 in his book "Palestine the Land of Three Faiths," go to be plagiarized in parts from Maurice Joly's revolutionary pamphlet, "Dialogues aux Enfers" and in part supplied by the Okhrana or Tzarist secret police. What interests us, however, is that Mr. Graves admits that the same ideas and methods as expressed in the Protocols and the aforesaid pamphlet underlie all revolutions: "The French Terrorists, the Napoleons, the Turkish Chiefs of the Committee of Progress and Union, Lenin and his adherents." And of the Jews he says: "Do not these facts sufficiently explain why the Eastern Jews have been go to a great extent the driving force of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, intensifying its fanatical bitterness against Tzar, Church and Capital, but supplying it with greater brain power, greater continuity of policy and persistence, than could be found among the Russian masses or among the Communist fraction of the intelligentsia." (Dialogues aux Enfers, Mr. Graves)

        Here and there we quote these Protocols, comparing them with the work of these many secret societies solely go to show that these same revolutionary ideas and methods still underlie the principles of these Jew-dominated secret and undoubtedly subversive movements of today. (Light- Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within)

        CABALISTS, GNOSTICS, AND SECRET SYRIAN SECTS:  A valuable series of articles on subversive movements throughout the centuries, "The Anatomy of Revolution," by G.G., better known as "Dargon," author of "The Nameless Order," was published by the "Patriot," October 1922. In one of these he writes: "For centuries there have existed certain esoteric schools of mystical philosophy originating apparently in several Oriental currents of thought meeting in the Levant, Egypt, and the nearer East. We find in these schools elements of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Egyptian occultism mingled with Grecian mysteries, Jewish Kabalism, and fragments of ancient Syrian cults. Out of the Hotch-potch of Oriental philosophy, magic, and mythology arose in the earlier centuries of the Christian era numerous Gnostic sects, and after the rise of Mohammedanism, several heretical sects among the followers of Islam, such as the Ismaelites, Druses, and Assassins, which found their inspiration in the House of Wisdom in Cairo. Go to the same sources may be traced the ideas that inspired such political-religious movements of the Middle Ages as those of the Illuminati, Albigenes, Cathari, Waldenses, Troubadours, Anabaptists, and Lollards. Go to the same inspirations must be assigned the rise of early secret societies. The Templars are said go to have been initiated by the Assassins into anti-Christian and subversive mysteries, and we find similar traces of an old and occult origin in the Alchemists, the Rosicrucians, and the later mystical cults of which the Swedenborgian is a familiar example." (The Anatomy of Revolution, G.G., "Dargon,"; Patriot, October 1922; The Trail of the Serpent, Inquire Within, Miss Stoddard)

        Further, Albert G. Mackay, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council 33o for the Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., writes in his "Lexicon of Freemasonry:" "The Kassideans or Assideans...arose either during the Captivity or soon after the restoration...The Essenians were, however, undoubtedly connected with the Temple (of Solomon), as their origin is derived by the learned Scaliger, with every appearance of truth, from the Kassideans, a fraternity of Jewish devotees, who, in the language of Laurie, had associated together as 'Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem.'...From the Essenians Pythagoras derived much, if not all, of the knowledge and the ceremonies with which he clothed the esoteric school of his philosophy." (Lexicon of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackay)

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