World War III
Parts 13 of 18
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

World War III - Part 13

        In "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" Mrs. Nesta Webster writes: "That in Co-Masonic lodges we find 'the King' inscribed over the Grand Master's chair in the east, in the north the empty chair of 'the Master' - to which until recently all members were expected to bow in passing - and over it a picture, veiled in some lodges, of the same mysterious personage."

        The "King" may be Krishnamurti, as representing their so-called "Lord of Love," and the "Master" is said by some to be Ragocsky - Prince of Transylvania! Mrs. Besant apparently looks upon Co-Masonry as a powerful organized force, which will bring about the freedom of India from British rule!

        The following are the origins of the Theosophical Liberal Catholic Church, another perversion! The head of the Old Catholic Church in England, Archbishop Matthew, whose real name was Arnold Harris Mathews, was born at Montepelier of Irish parents. A student for Orders in the Scottish Episcopalian Church, he became a Catholic in 1875, and was ordained priest at Glasgow in June 1877. He gave up the priesthood July 1889, and in October 1890 he took the Italian name of Arnoldo Girolamo Povoleri, and married in 1892. He then called himself the Rev. Count Povoleri di Vincenza. About this time he also claimed and took the title of Earl of Llandaff. For a short time he was apparently reconciled with Rome, and in 1908 he was consecrated Bishop by Dr. Gerard Gul, who was head of the Old Catholic Church of Utrecht, Holland. The new bishop in turn consecrated two other unfrocked English priests, Mr. Ignace Beale and Mr. Arthur Howorth, and at the end of less than three years he founded the "Western Orthodox Catholic Church in Great Britain and Ireland," repudiating all subordination to Utrecht or Rome. Soon after this he induced his bishops to elect him archbishop. This Church took, successively, various names, and meanwhile the head tried, at different times, to negotiate for recognition and union with the Holy See, the Established Church, and the Orthodox Eastern Church. In 1911 he was formally excommunicated by the Holy See.

        In 1913 he ordained Mr. James Ingall Wedgwood, then General Secretary to the English section of the Theosophical Society; Mr. Rupert Gauntlett, Secretary to an "Order of Healers" attached to the Theosophical Society, and also author of "Health and the Soul" - "a plea for magnetic-healing;" Mr. Robert King, expert in "psychic consultation based on the horoscope," and Mr. Reginald Farrer. All four had been students for the Anglican ministry, and had later joined the ranks of the Theosophists. Archbishop Matthew, who was completely ignorant about Theosophy, took fright on finding that Mr. Wedgwood and his companions were expecting the coming of a new Messiah, and failing to secure their recantation, he closed the Old Catholic Church and offered his submission to Rome, but withdrew it, and instead founded the "Western Uniate Catholic Church."

         Mr. Wedgwood, failing to obtain from Mr. Matthew the episcopal consecration he desired, was at length consecrated by Bishop F.S. Willoughby, who had himself been consecrated by Mr. Matthew in 1914, but was expelled the following year from the Old Catholic Church, by Mr. Matthew on account of facts which were then known. Mr. Willoughby consecrated first Mr. King and Mr. Gauntlett, and later, with their assistance, Mr. Wedgwood, February 13, 1916, and then made his submission to the Holy See. Mr. Wedgwood left immediately for Australia, and at Sydney consecrated Mr. C.W. Leadbeater, formerly an Anglican clergyman, as "Bishop for Australasia."

         In 1916 an assembly of bishops and clergy of the Old Catholic Church adopted a new constitution, which was published under Mr. Wedgwood's name, in which there was nowhere any mention of Theosophy or a new Messiah. However, in November 1918, there was another declaration of principles, in which the name of the Old Catholic Church was replaced by that of the Liberal Catholic Church. In the "Vahan," June 1, 1918, Mr. Wedgwood writes: "...Another part of the work of the Old Catholic Church is the spreading of theosophical teachings in Christian pulpits; and a third and most important side is the preparing of the hearts and minds of men for the coming of a Great Teacher."

        In the Theosophist, October 1916, Mrs. Besant writes: "There is slowly growing up in Europe, silently but steadily, with its strongest center perhaps in Holland, but with members scattered in other European countries, the little- known movement called the Old Catholic, with the ancient ritual, with unchallenged Orders, yet holding itself aloof from the Papal Obedience. This is a living Christian Church which will grow and multiply as the years go on, and which has a great future before it, small as it yet is. It is likely to become the future Church of Christendom 'when He comes.'"

        What of the "ancient ritual?" for we find in the "Theosophist," October 1917: "Bishop Leadbeater's great work, which he hopes to carry on uninterruptedly, is the preparation of the liturgy of the Old Catholic Church, in which Bishop Wedgwood, as presiding bishop, collaborates."

        We are further told: "On Easter Sunday 1917, the revised liturgy was used at a Mass for the first time."  Again the "clairvoyant": "Bishop Leadbeater is investigating the occult side of the Mass, and is preparing a complete book on the 'Science of the Sacraments'" (The Messenger of Krotona, November 1918)

        As Mr. Stanley Morison truly says in his book "Some Fruits of Theosophy," from which we have drawn the above information: "The so-called High Mass 'done' by Mr. Leadbeater has no connection with Christianity." It is merely a method of charging the elements and congregation with the forces of their Christ Maitreya.

        In his introduction to Serpent Power, translated from the Sanskrit, Arthur Avalon, in criticizing Leadbeater's clairvoyant experiences, writes: "This experience appears to consist in the conscious arousing of the 'Serpent Fire' (Kundalini or sex-force) with the enhanced 'astral' and mental vision which he believes has shown him what he tells us." It is in fact altogether astral, laying him open to deception and mental suggestion from his so-called Masters.

        This Eucharist Service, as described by C.W. Leadbeater (Bishop), in his "Science of the Sacraments," 1920, is pure paganism, a pantheistic conception evolved out of Illuminism.

        Apparently it serves much the same purpose as the rituals and ceremonies of Illuminised occult orders, more especially the Corpus Christi ceremony, and those of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes which are held for the purpose of drawing down the astral light into the Order, reaffirming the link with the hidden Center. The Trinity of the Liberal Catholic Church is that of Paganism and Gnosticism. Their "Kingdom of Heaven" is the "Great White Brotherhood" - the so-called "communion of saints;" and their so-called Christ is Maitreya, whose power they attract and manifest during the service.

        The whole scheme is a perversion of the Roman Catholic liturgy, deleted, added and altered, using the prayers, etc., as magical invocations or incantations, so as to generate a magnetic force, finer forces of Nature, which in turn attracts the universal life-forces, and through them the influences of their "World Teacher," or Maitreya, a method, Leadbeater says, "of spiritual outpouring to help on the evolution of the world!" Always the same old excuse of the Illuminati!

        According to Leadbeater, in the "Asperges" the altar and congregation are enclosed in an "etheric astro-mental bubble" - an area cleared for the magical operation! The forces are generated by the fervor, devotion, and enthusiasm of the worshipers, by the ritual, music, and incense, creating vibrations; the Cross is the direction down which the forces descend upon the Host.

        At High Mass a Triangle officiate, receiving and distributing the force, very similar, as we shall see, to triangles of power in all occult orders. A deacon and subdeacon, representing positive and negative, gather up the forces generated by the people, which they pass on to the priest, who stands in front of the altar before the Cross, and who, Leadbeater says, with the aid of attending angels and rays (seven aspects of the solar force), builds up an astro-mental, thought-form, eucharistic edifice over the elements, in the form of a Mosque with a square foundation having domes and minarets rising above, enclosing the elements within it. This becomes, he says, a center of magnetic radiation, condensing and distilling the fore, and can be "imagined as a power-house, the etheric eddying round the altar is the dynamo, and the celebrant is the engineer in charge!" The cleansing, he says, isolates the altar by "a shell of powerful magnetism," which later is extended, by a second censing, to enclose the congregation, binding them into a magical whole; they must then think not as individuals but as a body. The incense, more especially sandalwood, recommended by Leadbeater, loosens the astral body, inducing passivity, and prepares the people for the reception of the influences invoked.

        The force from the congregation wells up and creates a vortex round the altar, down which rush the forces from above into the edifice and elements. The force radiating from the Host he describes as "a manifestation of the finer forces of matter, a stream of liquefied light, of living gold dust," that is the ether or so-called spirit of illuminism, and the communicant in turn radiates the force upon all around him. He further states: "A bishop lives in a condition of perpetual radiation of fore, and any sensitive person who approaches him will at once be aware of this...Whenever he chooses he can gather together this force and project it upon any desired object." This is simply the Astral Light or "Serpent Power" which slays or makes alive, and judging from the past history and present activities of some of these Liberal Catholic Theosophical bishops, can the force radiated and projected by them lead to anything but moral and mental disorder, even when used by them for magnetic healing?

World War III - Part 14

        That this is merely Illuminism, playing about with Nature's forces, is shown by the following statement made by Leadbeater: "The marvelous afflux of the Holy Euchrist is arranged to synchronize with and take advantage of a certain set of conditions in the daily relation of the earth to the sun. There is an outflow and a backflow of magnetic energy between sun and earth, a magnetic tide, as it were, and the hours of noon and midnight mark the change...Therefore the Holy Eucharist should never be celebrated after the hour of noon...the reserved Host may be administered at any time, or used for Benediction." (Light-Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within, Miss Stoddard, p. 41)

        What of our Anglican priests who are also Illuminati, is this in part their conception of the meaning of the Eucharist service? At the beginning of 1927 Mrs. Besant issued an appeal for �40,000 to purchase a Happy Valley in California, "where the seat of a higher-plane civilization may be prepared for the coming o the Messiah," with Krishnamurti as "vehicle!" And Krishnamurti himself writes of this valley, December 1926, in the "Herald of the Star."  "I have decided to stay at Ojai, California, till April, in order that I may help in building up the Center there...Ojai will be another World Center like Ommen (Eerde Castle, Holland). I am very glad indeed that we shall have our own school here in Ojai, and Mr. N.S. Rama Rao, M.A., of the university of Cambridge in England, and late Vice-Principal of the National University, Madras, India, has kindly consented to at as the Head Master..." (The Herald of the Star, Krishnamurti)

        We have seen that Mrs. Besant, the "Protector" of this Messiah, had formed an alliance with the political and subversive Grand Orient Freemasonry, who bring about their schemes by means of revolution. Of this "higher-plane civilization," Lady Emily Lutyens, one of Mrs. Besant's most faithful followers, writes in the Herald of the Star, March 1927: "We are witnessing the birth of a new-world consciousness, of a world civilization...We are witnessing all around us the destruction of the old world, the old civilization, with the corresponding suffering which destruction always brings in its train. Old traditions are being broken down, old customs destroyed, old landmarks swept away. the values of life are changing, the emphasis is being laid upon new conditions and point of view. With the suffering born of destruction goes also the birth pangs of the new world which is coming into being. When the outer form becomes so rigid that the life is in danger of being crushed, when civilization has become too material, that form and that civilization are broken, in order that the life may be released...New world conditions demand a new Gospel, tensely individualistic religion, laying emphasis on personal salvation...but it is a spirit which must give way to the new trend of modern thought and to the world civilization which is being born. The new Gospel, if it is to meet the needs of the world, must be universal in its application, and the Christ today, by the mouth of Krishnaji, tells us that He comes to establish the Kingdom of Happiness on earth...There must be anarchy before there can be creation..." (Herald of the Star, March 1927)

        Through such instruments and by such teachings do these subtle masters of subversion and pervasion blind the people and pave the way to their long-thought-out "Universal Republic," THE DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY and all old civilizations. THE DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF ALL SECRET SOCIETIES - AND ALL SECRET SOCIETIES ARE FORMED AND CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS!

         Of this gradual overshadowing or obsession of Krishnamurti, by their master Maitreya, many have written as follows: In the Herald of the Star, January 1927, C. Jinarajadasa writes: "I knew that, in 1911, the great Teacher was experimenting with the young body of Krishnaji to attune it even then." As Leadbeater told him: "Even at that time the great Teacher was using the vehicles of Krishnaji as a pivot from which to discharge forces to movements in the world, of which Krishnaji knew nothing."

        Twice he saw the Teacher's face in that of Krishnamurti: "The second occasion was one evening when I was reading to Krishnaji and his brother...I looked up at him, and there I saw that wonderful Face. Of course not a line of Krishnaji's face was changed...And yet there was such a change as it is utterly impossible to describe. I can only say, it was the face of the Lord."

        In all occult societies the chiefs and advanced adepts, at times, look with the face of the Master and speak His words - a partial obsession! The Rev. Charles Hampton, of New York, writes, in the Herald of the Star, December 1926: "The Order of the Star in the East, which exists for the sole purpose of preparing the way for the Coming, has over 50,000 members throughout the world...The Head of the Order is Krishnamurti, who is now thirty-one years old. The 'Protector' is Mrs. Annie Besant, International President of the Theosophical Society...On December 28, 1911, the first overshadowing of the World Teacher took place at Benares, when the Head, then a boy of sixteen, was giving out some certificates of membership. No words were spoken. On that occasion, in the presence of over 400 people, among them many prominent men, the spiritual force was so obviously manifest that almost all of them spontaneously knelt. The overshadowing was unmistakable, but it only lasted a few minutes. It was, however, a most striking scene. Brahmans and Buddhists, Parsis and Christians, haughty Rajput Princes and gorgeously apparelled merchants, British Army officers, University professors, grey-haired men and young children - all in rapt devotion in the presence of an extraordinary spiritual outpouring flowing from a sixteen-year-old Hindu boy.
        The next public manifestation came when Krishnamurti was thirty years old. On the evening of December 28 of last year he was speaking at the Jubilee Convention of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, in India. This time the World Teacher Himself spoke, although He only said a few sentences. Mr. Krishnamurti was explaining why the Teacher was coming and something of what He would do, when a Voice of penetrating sweetness, speaking in the first person, said these words: 'I come for those who want sympathy, who want happiness; who are longing to be released; who are longing to find happiness in all things; I come to reform not to tear down; not to destroy but to build.'...This same World Teacher will soon come again, speaking through another disciple, as he spoke through Jesus 1,926 years ago...In our view we draw a clear distinction between Jesus and Christ...We know that at the Baptism of Jesus, and again at the Transfiguration, something was added to Jesus that was not there before. That is perfectly explained by this distinction between the disciple Jesus and the Lord Christ...We look upon Krishnamurti as a disciple, whose body will be used by the World Teacher...At first months will separate the public manifestation of the Lord. Later He will speak more frequently, until we hope it will be possible for Christ to stay with us for many years. When He came before, He was only allowed to stay for three brief years doing public work, when He was murdered. As a result of that effort all He left was a little seed of 120 people...If we make it possible for Him to stay then times three years, what harvest will not that seed bring forth? When He came before, John the Baptist alone prepared the way for Him. Today tens of thousands of sincere people are His forerunners...We hope to make it possible for Him to stay many years once the body of His disciple is tempered to stand the strain sufficiently. Will the Christian Churches accept Him?..." (Herald of the Star, December 1926, Rev. Charles Hampton)

        In the Star Camp, Castle Eerde Ommen, July or August 1926, the Teacher again spoke through Krishnamurti to the assembled people, and briefly He told them the "only happiness worth possessing" was to act, think, and feel through the mind and heart of the Teacher! Here are two accounts of this occasion given by Geoffrey West in his "Life of Annie Besant": "A retired British officer writes: 'It happened at the evening camp fire...I suddenly felt an overwhelming impulse to remove my hat reverently...I was conscious that another voice than Krishnamurti's was speaking. The voice used old English (no uncommon habit with these Master!), which Krishnamurti had never done. This continued for four or five minutes, then Krishnamurti sat down. I was conscious of the utter stillness. Not only the two thousand pilgrims, but the very insects in the trees were quiet, and even the fire stopped crackling. We felt we had all become parts of one great body.'"

        "Another witness, a Cambridge physicist...declared he saw a 'huge star over Krishnamurti's head burst into fragments and come raining down. For an instant I thought I was back in France'!" This astral light phenomenon is not unheard of in other Illuminised Orders; it is the illuminating 'Serpent Fire' projected by these hidden Masters, and more often it is hypnotic.

        Finally, at Ommen 1927, Krishnamurti announced: "My Beloved and I are One." The obsession was completed, Krishnamurti's own personality was in absolute abeyance!

         In a pamphlet, issued by Mrs. Besant's Theosophical Society, on "The Doctrine of Rebirth Scientifically Examined," W.Y. Evans-Wentz, M.A., D.Litt., D.Sc., appears to attempt to prove the unprovable, and by quoting Celtic beliefs to show the possibility of the reincarnation of the so-called great teachers. As "the logical corollary to the rebirth doctrine...the gods are beings which once were men, and the actual race of men will in time become gods...According to the complete Celtic belief, the gods can and do enter the human world for the specific purposes of teaching men how to advance most rapidly towards the higher kingdom. In other words, all the great Teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, and many others...are...divine beings who in inconceivably past ages were men but who are now gods, able at will to incarnate into our world..."

        The pamphlet ends: "In the same way, what in this generation is heretical alike to the Christian theologian and to the man of science, may in coming generations be accepted as orthodox."

        I suggest that this reincarnation Maitreya is neither god nor divine being, but is more likely one of these Cabalistic Jews, still in the body of the flesh, whose aim is perversion of Christian beliefs. In a speech, given before the Esoteric School of the Theosophical Society, we find Mr. Baillie Weaver propounding the same theories; he said: "Equally inevitable also is the fact that these superhuman beings take a share in the governments of the world; that they appoint, train, and use pupils and agents, and from time to time come to earth to teach their less advanced brethren, and that this school is one of the agencies, both for training of pupils and the purpose of transmitting power."

World War III - Part 15

          Again, Mary Gray, of California, writing on the "Path of Probation" in the Herald of the Star, December 1926, says: "As the chela passed successfully the tests, as he prove his capacity to stand alone...he begins to draw closer to the Master and to share in His work. More power is made available for the chela's use, since it has to be proved that he can be trusted to react well to its stimulation. He begins to enter upon his period of service, in which he distributes the Master's force, or, more accurately, small portion of the force of the White Lodge, either in active service in the outer world or in intimate contact with those about him. The use of the force expands and develops his vehicles and their powers. His brain increases in power, his devotion in intensity and purity, his actions in accuracy, skill, and power...Moreover, he becomes more radiant a luminous, serene, and joyous figure in the dark atmosphere of worldly life. At the same time he begins definite training on the inner planes, in which he is taught the use and control of forces there. Little by little he gains knowledge of the control of the various elements there...In all these things he is taught how to command (forces) the name, and by the authority of the White Lodge, as an agent of its power..."

        After the consummation of the coming, the "Order of the Star in the East" assumed a new name. They apparently believed that the star of the World Teacher was at last among them and that they no longer required to look for it in the East, and no longer required a herald to announce His coming, so it very simply was reduced to announce His coming, so it very simply was reduced to the "Order of the Star," with its national organ the "Star Review." Its organization was said to be international and national, but nevertheless it was universal. Its objects were said to be (1) To draw together all those who believe in the presence of the World Teacher in the world; (2) to work with Him for the establishment of His ideals. Its international magazine was the Star.

        In the February issue of this Review, 1928, through his mouthpiece, Krishnamurti, the World Teacher, in the name of liberation, expounds his doctrine of absolute negation, necessary for the building up of his new Kingdom, the peace, unity and happiness of universality and individualization. Here are a few extracts from teachings given at Ommen, August 1927, and at Paris, September 27, 1927: "The purpose, the manner of attaining this happiness, of gaining this liberation, is in your own hand. It does not lie in the hand of some unknown god, or in temples or in churches, but in your own self. For temples, churches, and religions bind, and you must be beyond all dreams of God in order to attain this Liberation. There is no external God as such who urges us to live nobly, or to live basely; there is but the voice of our own intuition...When that voice is sufficiently strong, when that voice, the result of accumulated experience, is obeyed, and you yourself become that voice, then you are God...So the most important thing is to uncover this God within each one of you. That is the purpose of life; to awaken the dormant God (the unused sex-force, the Kundalini within you) to give  life to the speak which exists in each one of us, so that we become a flame (illuminised), and join the eternal flame of the world (the universal life-force or either, as above so below, of Hermes)...In the permanent is established, is seen, the only God in the world, yourself that has been purified."

        Here we have the creed of Cabalistic Jew, the "Deified Man." Now Krishnamurti being merely the "vehicle," the flame, the voice and intuition within him, and which he listens to, can only be those of the World Teacher; remembering this, the following extract is interesting: "And so it is my desire that you should not be mesmerized by anything I say, because if you are put to sleep by my words or by my thought, by my desire, by my longings, you will be just as much in prison or even more so than you were before you came to this place."

        But is this not just what has happened? A negative body prepared for the reception of these hypnotic suggestions; do his followers not all live and move and have their beings, as it were, in Krishnamurti as the 'vehicle' of the World Teacher? By their Liberal Catholic Church Mass do they not one and all unite in communion with this World Teacher, this so-called Christ?

        Further, in a poem in his book "The Search," an absolute freedom from everything is required, freedom from the narrowness of tradition, custom, habit, feeling, thought, religion, worship, adoration, nation, family possession, love, friendship, even thy God, etc., then all barriers will have fallen; and what is to take their place? The flame, the voice, the intuition from the World Teacher, the New Kingdom of Happiness, the hypnotic control of Illuminism!

        And who is this World Teacher? Mrs. Besant in the "Herald of the Star," April 1927, enlightens us. Speaking of Krishnamurti's "great initiations," where, in the first, she promised the "Great Ones" to guard him with her power, and Leadbeater promised to guide him with his wisdom (here we have, with Krishnamurti as the apex, the Triangle necessary for the manifestation of the power of the World Teacher!), she says: "And then the day came when our office ended...we took the child, whom we had received as guardians, as a man no longer wanting aught of us (the manifestation being accomplished!) the Lord Maitreya...the then bud had blossomed out into a wonderful flower; and that flower is placed at the feet of its Owner, the Lord Maitreya, the Christ, the Savior of the World."

        Again, in the "Herald of the Star," March 1927, she said at Ojai, California: "As much as each can see will be to each of you the manifestation of the Christ. For my own part, who know Him in His far-off Himalayan home (astrally), where I have heard Him speak of His Coming, and being here with our Krishnaji, I need not say how, having love Him for so long a time, I rejoice to recognize in Him the Presence of our Lord."

        Is this not a liberation unto bondage, a body prepared in which to sow the seeds of world disintegration, by the power working behind and through Grand Orient Judeo- Masonry, to which Mrs. Besant's Co-Masonry is allied?

        And what is the outcome of this manifestation? At the 1929 Ommen Camp Krishnamurti announced that the Order of the Star was to be dissolved; all he had desired was to lead people to "freedom," but, he said, they did not want freedom. Mr. Lansbury, for many years a flower of Mrs. Besant and believer in the World Teacher's mission, making the best of the apparent failure, said: "Krishnamurti has broken the bondage of mere organization...with a magnificent gesture he has bid the surrounding young people of all races to develop their own individuality in their own way, responsibility for one's life and character depending on oneself."

        A correspondent in the "Patriot," August 29, 1929, gives some interesting details as to what went on at this Camp Meeting at Ommen which we give verbatim: "I have studied Theosophy and its kindred movements, such as Co-Masonry, the Liberal Catholic Church, and the Star, for some years, and have formed the definite opinion that behind the mask of the innocent study of symbolism, brotherhood, and comparative religion there lies a deep- seated anti-British organization. The link between these movements is Dr. Annie Besant...

        Last year the camp at Ommen was a most astounding place. though the key-note of the Star teaching is 'freedom for all,' the camp was surrounded by a seven-foot barbed- wire fence; all members had to wear a label which showed clearly their name and number, and without which they were not allowed in or out of the camp; there were endless irritating rules and regulations, all destined to reduce the inmates to the last stage of servility.

        Brotherhood among the different nationalities was supposed to prevail, but it was noticeable that the German contingent, who were frequently in positions of authority, took every opportunity of insulting the English and French members, the Englishmen always allowing themselves and their womankind to be thus treated.

        The table manners of the campers would have disgraced a farmyard, though, of course, Krishnamurti did not feed with the common herd, but in luxury at Eerde Castle, the residence of Baron von Pallandt, a prominent member of the Theosophical Society, who also holds a very high degree in the co-Masonic Order.

        The camp was for men and women of any class, creed, or color, and it was customary to force well-bred Englishwomen at every meal to wait upon Indian and African natives mostly in their native dress. These women were reduced to such a state that they literally fawned upon the colored men, beseeching them to eat, and often producing special tit-bits for them, while their fellow- countrymen went hungry.

        The clothing worn by many of the members was as scanty as was compatible with the most elementary decency. Photographs brought home prove this, and copies of these photographs are in the possession of the Authorities, and also in my possession. One of these shows a native, in native dress, walking round the camp with an English girl clad in nothing but a flimsy shirt and a pair of shorts, each with an arm around the other.

        Among other details, the smell of either from one of the tents at night was overpowering; this drug, according to some occultists, being one of the most powerful in 'liberating the spirit from the body.'

        The 1929 camp at Ommen has just ended, and it was apparently there that Krishnamurti publicly announced that the Order of the Star would be dissolved. What is going to happen to his unfortunate dupes who have followed him slavishly, have given up their own religion, and who have worshiped him blindly is impossible to say. His own words and writings urge them to have no other support but themselves, which in plain English means having no other support but him; he is now casting them away with broken beliefs, no ideals, and no leader or Teacher on whom to rely. He has undermined their faith in God and their country, and now leaves them in a state of utter chaos.

        Is it possible that things have been rendered too hot for the Order of the Star to continue? Is it because they have fought among themselves? Or can it be that Dr. Besant and the black Messiah have ceased to see eye to eye in their anti-Empire and occult activities?

        Time will show; at present let us be duly thankful that one group, at any rate, of the subversive societies is as a house divided against itself, and there are still loyal men and women who will risk their time, money, and even more in unrewarded service to their King in order to unmask these subversive and seditious organizations."

World War III - Part 16

        Nothing could be more damning than the above, but yet it is only a glimpse of the real diabolical work that is being slowly carried out through secret societies and many other movements, some apparently harmless. It is the work of the same disintegration power as is being carried on in Russia through the "Godless" and similar groups; it means the degradation of humanity, the death of its soul, making it lower even than the brute-beast.

         In these secret societies the methods are ever the same; it is gradual obsession by this hidden power through so-called illumination, or the age-old illuminism by means of the perversion of the sex or create forces in man and in Nature. This is shown in the symbol of the Theosophical Society.

        The symbol represents Illumination or Initiation. Most of these esoteric and secret Orders are ruled and directed by the invisible Masters of the Great White Lodge, and under their instructions illumination is artificially and intensively induced in a comparatively short time. The individual, as directed, works from within, while the master works from without, both using this "Serpent Power" - the dual creative forces of all Nature, the forces of attraction and repulsion. The individual, by means of exercises, meditations, etc., inspired by these masters, awakens within himself this "Serpent Power" - the Kundalini or unused sex-forces - which lies coiled up in the lower part of the body. It is said to be sublimated or purified by fire and water, as indicated by the hexagram or interlaced triangles, the Jewish Star of power, or more correctly perverted; and rising up through the nerve- centers, vivifying them, awaking clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuition, the head and the tail, the positive and negative forces, unite at the base of the nose, the Pineal Gland. The symbol in the small circle above is the Svastica or electric Hammer of Thor, a whirling, disintegrating electric force breaking down the protective barriers, the will and the reason, creating a vortex down which enters the outside magnetic force of light from the masters. Thus the adept is illuminised, and the Etheric Link is formed by these controlling masters from without just as in the Liberal Catholic Mass.

        The Ankh in the center is the Egyptian symbol of life, it is the creative principle, the lingram. The encircling serpent isolates, conserving the force within, rendering powerful the illuminised tool. This tool is ready for the appointed work; he is free, not to use his freedom for himself, but for these masters. It is a liberation unto bondage. At the top of the symbol is the three, the triangle of power or unity, by means of which the power is manifested in the Order and individual.

        Illuminism can be individual, group, or world, and this can be applied to present world conditions. World revolution, the electric Hammer of Thor. Its consummation, invisible world domination through prepared and illuminised "vehicles."

        Take the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," which have been marvelously correct as prophecy, whatever their first origin, before M. Joly used part of them in 1864: Page 10: "Today I can assure you that we are only within a few strides of our goal. There remains only a short distance, and the Cyclone of the Symbolic Serpent, that badge of our people, will be complete. When this circle is locked, all the States of Europe will be closed in it, as it were, by unbreakable chains. The existing constructional scales will soon collapse, because we are continually throwing them out and destroying their efficiency." (The Disintegrating Hammer of Thor!)

        Page 90: "...Constantinople is shown (on the sketch of the course of the Symbolic Serpent) as the last stage of the Serpent's course before it reaches Jerusalem. Only a short distance still remains before the Serpent will be able to complete its course by uniting its head and its tail..."

        Page 16: "Who or what can dethrone an invisible power? Now, this is just what our Government is. The Masonic Lodge (esoteric) throughout the world unconsciously acts as a mask for our purpose. But the use we are going to make of this power in our plan of action, and even our headquarters, remain perpetually unknown to the world at large."

        Mr. Philip Graves, in his book, "Palestine, the Land of Three Faiths," speaking of the Okhrana, or Tzarist Secret Police, said that these police knew the Jewish and non- Jewish revolutionaries so well that it was said no one knew where the Okhrana ended and the revolution began!

         After reading "The Tcheka," by George Popoff, one is inclined go to ask, who is the ruling power behind the Tcheka, and who was the power behind the Tzarist Okhrana, many members of which remain in the service of the Tcheka? Was I not Jewish and occult? According go to Popoff, whoever took service under the Tcheka immediately changed, and from simple, honest men became crafty, brutalized, and fanatical, and during the examinations of prisoners appeared go to use hypnotic force.

        Is the same not true of most of those who are entrapped by these secret and subversive societies? They enter with high ideals, seeking spiritual development for themselves an others, the result being often a fanatical obsession, perverting all that is high and sacred; curiously enough, invariably the higher the ideals the greater the blind acceptance of their master's call go to take part in their diabolical work of destruction.

         Further it is interesting go to find that the oath of secrecy and silence demanded from the candidate and adept is always in connection with the astral methods of contacting these masters and the real aims and work of the order as directed by them in this mysterious secrecy and silence. Of the Theosophical Oath, Ren� Gu�non writes: "One thing with which secret societies, and in particular Freemasonry, is most often reproached is the obligation under which they compel their members go to take an oath the nature of which varies, as also the extent of the obligations which they impose; it is in most cases an oath of silence, go to which is added sometimes an oath of obedience go to the orders of the chiefs known or unknown. The oath of silence may itself concern either the methods of recognition or the special ceremonial used by the society, or even the existence of the latter, its organization, or the name of its members; more often it applies in a general way go to what is said and done in it, go to the power exercised, and go to the teachings received in it under one form or another. Sometimes they are pledges or another kind, such as the promise go to conform go to certain rules of conduct which can, with good reason, appear abusive as soon as they take the form of a solemn oath ...What alone interests us at the present is this, that if it is a valid reproach against Masonry and against some other societies more or less is equally valid against the Theosophical Society. The latter, it is true, is not a secret society in the complete sense of the word, because it has never made a mystery of its existence, and the greater part of the members do not try go to conceal their grade...For our present purpose we will here admit as sufficient the opinion according go to which a secret society is not necessarily a society which conceals its existence or its members, but is, above all, a society which has secrets, whatever their nature may be. If this is so, the Theosophical Society can be regarded as a secret society, and its very division into 'exoteric' and 'esoteric' sections would be sufficient proof; be it understood, in speaking here of 'secrets' we do not mean by that the signs of recognition, but the teaching strictly reserved go to members or certain among them go to the exclusion of others, and for which they exact the oath of silence; these teachings in Theosophy appear, above all, go to be those relating go to 'psychic development,' since such is the essential aim of the 'esoteric' section...

        Let us now return go to Mme. Blavatsky's statements, and let us see what concerns the oath of silence: 'As far the inner section actually known as the 'esoteric' since 1880, the following rule has been determined and adopted: 'No member shall use for personal ends anything which has been communicated go to him by a member of the higher section. The infraction of this rule will be punished by expulsion.' However, now, before receiving any communication of this kind, the postulant must take the solemn oath never go to use it for personal ends, and never go to reveal anything confided go to him, unless he is authorized go to do so.' (Mme. Blavatsky's Key go to Theosophy, 1889) Elsewhere she refers go to these teachings, which must be kept secret: 'Although we reveal all that is possible, we are nevertheless obliged go to omit many important details which are only known go to those who study the esoteric philosophy, and who, having then taken the oath of silence, are consequently alone authorized go to know them.' (Key go to Theosophy) In another passage allusion is made go to 'a mystery relating directly go to the power of consciously and voluntarily projecting the 'double' (astral body), which is never revealed go to anyone except 'chelas,' who have taken an irrevocable oath, that is, go to those who can be trusted.' (The Key go to Theosophy) Mme. Blavatsky insists, above all, upon the obligation go to observe always this oath of silence, obligatory even for those who, voluntarily or not, should have ceased go to take part in the society: she puts this matter in these words: 'A man who is asked go to leave or forced go to resign from the section, is he free go to reveal things which he has been taught, or infringe one or other of the clauses of the oath he has taken?' And she replies: 'The fact of resigning or being sent away frees him only from the obligation go to obey his teacher, and from taking an active part in the work of the society, but does in no way free him from the sacred promise go to guard the secrets which have been confided go to him...All men and women who possess the slightest sense of honor will understand that an oath of silence taken on a word of honor, still more taken in the name of his 'Higher Self,' the god hidden in us, must keep it until death, and that although having left the society no man or woman of honor would dream of attacking the society go to which they were thus bound.' (The Key go to Theosophy)

        We also see from these quotations that the oath of silence taken in the 'esoteric' section includes an oath of obedience go to the 'teachers' of the Theosophical Society. One is forced go to believe that this obedience is carried very far, as there have been examples of members who, ordered go to sacrifice a great part of their fortune in favor of the society, have done so without hesitation. These pledges, or which we have just spoken, still exist, as also the 'esoteric' section itself...which could not exist under any other conditions...In such a circle all independence is entirely abolished." (Le Th�osophisme, Ren� Gu�non)

World War III - Part 17

       Mrs. Besant, on her return from India in 1924, demanded from all members of the "esoteric" section an oath of implicit belief in and obedience to her as the mouthpiece of the hidden Masters. However, the London Lodge, numbering about sixty members, refused to comply or recognize Mrs. Besant's autocratic rule and political aims. They therefore formed a small group outside her jurisdiction for the study  of comparative religion. The "esoteric" section of the Theosophical Society is said to consist of three inner circles, Learners, Accepted our Initiates, and Masters of the Great White Lodge. Very similar go to the "Temple of the Desert" in the Near East, go to which some of these hidden masters belong, as will be seen when speaking of the "Stella Matutina."

         Mrs. Besant's political aims were largely connected with disrupting India under the mistaken idea of forming India's heterogeneous peoples and religions into a "self- governing community."

        In 1907 from social work she turned go to politics, although not until 1913 did she definitely declare for Home Rule. Lord Sydenham, speaking in the House of Lords, October 24, 1917, said of Mrs. Besant and her aims: "She wrote a book, which contains more reckless defiance of facts than I have ever seen compressed into the same small space, and in her paper New India...she said that 'India was a perfect Paradise' for 5,000 years before our advent, that it had become 'a perfect Hell' owing to the 'brutal British Bureaucracy.'...The Government of Madas decided go to enforce the provisions of the Press Act, and Mrs. Besant was ordered to give security for the good conduct of her paper. As the violence of New India continued quite unabated, the security was sequestrated. That gave her a right go to appeal go to the High Court of Madras. The case was heard by three judges, of whom two were Indians, and the action of the Madras Government was confirmed...Well might one of these judges point out that 'this pernicious writing must tend go to encourage assassination by removing public detestation of such a crime.'"

        In his book, "India as I knew it," Sir Michael O'Dwyer wrote: "Mrs. Besant's Home Rule Movement in India, which was afterwards adopted and amplified by the Indian extremists, was started in 1916 soon after the Easter Monday rebellion in Ireland." It was introduced as a private bill in 1925 and again in 1927, but it aroused little or no interest except among the Labourites who sponsored it.

        Mrs. Besant was one of the original promoters and share-holders in the Socialist Publication Company, registered April 12, 1918, under the title of Victoria House Printing Co., Ltd., in which Mr. Landsbury and other Theosophists were the moving spirits. This company produced the Herald, which became the Daily Herald in March 1919.

World War III - Part 18




        With the consolidation of a one-world government in what appears to be the end of the so-called cold war and the admission of relations between the Soviet Union [Gog], China [Magog] and the United States of America [The regathered 13 tribes of Israel], are we still to expect a full-scale Russian and Chinese military invasion of America?

        For many years, patriotic Christians have been waiting for a military invasion of America by the Russians and the Chinese because they thought Ezekiel prophesied it in Chapters 38 and 39. We recognized modern Israel in these Chapters to be America, not the outlaw state called Israel in Palestine because of clues such as verse 8.

        After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt  come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out  of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always  waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.

        America is definitely "gathered out of many people" and "brought forth out of the nations," because it is called "the great melting pot" nation.

        The phrase "brought back from the sword" was always interpreted to mean "peaceful." And this seemed to fit America, which hasn't been torn by constant internal wars the way Palestine and Europe has been for the last 40 years. "They shall dwell safely (confidently) all of them," also seemed to corroborate this view as in verse 11: And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling  without walls, and having neither bars nor gates.

        America has been thought of as a land of unwalled villages - towns and cities that aren't protected from constant military attack (as in Palestine).

        These clues, coupled with the larger study of the true identity of Israel in scripture, told us that if this prophecy was to be fulfilled in modern times it would have to be America that was going to be invaded, and not Palestine. On top of that, we were told that Russia had to be the invader because of the names listed: "Meshech" and "Tubal." "Meshech" was the ancient name for the city of Moscow and "Tubal" was the ancient name for "Tobolsk," another Russian city.

        So for years we have been looking over our shoulders, dreading the atom bomb, missiles, planes with paratroopers and bombs falling out of them, Soviet tanks rolling down Main Street, USA and Ruskies and Chinese troops with M-16's and AK-47's on every street corner.

        But, suddenly, the big bad Communist enemies have come out of the closet and admitted to being a western political pervert. Like all the other nations, it is a puppet of the International Jewish Bankers, and now is coming to the U.S. Government for advice on how to enslave their people more efficiently. Apparently, their old ways have been abandoned for the more efficient "Western" ways of enslaving the people of a land.

        The Berlin wall, as a symbol of Communist isolationism seems to be no longer needed. American merchandise is being sold in Russia and Americans are sporting clothes and other merchandise with Russian writing or the Hammer and Sickle on them. With all the euphoria over the "new peaceful relations" there seems to be no further need for the American Government and the Western Bankers to continue staging "The Communist Enemy" image.

        With the U.S. Government operating under the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto, and with historical proof that the Soviet beast was designed, built and financed by the same plutocratic families that continue to control the U.S. Government, we now see that the Soviet and the U.S. Government have never really been at odds. They've been allies all along in their International Conspiracy. So, what are we to conclude about Ezekiel 38 and 39? Who is the real invader? Were all those Christian Identity Pastors wrong in thinking that these Chapters were really the "Russian and Chinese Chapters?"

        The delusion of Futurism has appeared to have tainted many Identity Christians' perspective of Ezekiel 38 and 39. While some are still waiting for "the future return of Jesus Christ" and "the future establishment of His Kingdom [of which there is no doubt]," or "the future Rapture of the saints [Which will not happen]" off this planet, some are also still awaiting "the future Russian invasion of America." In all cases their telescopic tunnel vision has appeared to blind them to what's happening right here and now. They always seem to be in a "someday" mode, thinking that this "someday" is the answer to everything. "Someday" the Russians will invade America and be defeated. "Someday" the Kingdom will come and everything will be great. Of this the Scriptures plain testify to. As a result, the important things of this life slip by these Christians who train their eyes solely upon the future. They are blinded to the significance of current events because they are too busy hanging around, wasting time, waiting for "Someday" to come.

        However, those who are not under the powerful influence of Futurism can more readily see, by reading Ezekiel 38 and 39, that America HAS ALREADY BEEN INVADED - and not just by "The Russians!"


        The Russian military invasion scenario has come from interpretations based strictly upon a military mind set; in terms of planes, tanks, bombs, missiles, guns, infantry, ships, submarines, etc. Thus, the ancient military weapons in Ezekiel (swords, bucklers, shields, horses, etc) are merely updated to correspond to modern weapons. But, this theory doesn't take into account the fact that there is much more to war than military weapons. In China, in the first millennium B.C., Sun Tzu wrote The Art Of War; a manual on how to be successful in warfare. Its principles are so timeless that it is still applicable to warfare today, 2500 years later.

        It has been required reading in the Soviet military/political hierarchy for years and has been available in the Russian language for centuries. (The Art Of War, by Sun Tzu - edited by James Clavell) Besides discussing ways of inspiring soldiers to fight, the cost of raising and supporting an army, troop maneuvering, using the terrain to your army's advantage, etc., Sun Tzu also states: "All warfare is based on deception."

        When your army is able to attack, it must seem unable. When your army is close to the enemy, you must make the enemy believe that you are far away, and vice versa. Attack your enemy where he is unprepared. Appear where you are not expected. Pretend to be weak, so your enemy will grow arrogant.

        According to The Art of War, if you could make your adversary think there is no invasion, then the covert invasion would be more successful. Tzu also states that a good strategist should be able to overcome the enemy without even unsheathing his sword (i.e., without using military weapons). An invading nation could fare very well, plundering their enemy's resources, wealth and manpower, if they waged their invasion through the deception that there was no invasion. Ezekiel verifies that plunder is the goal of the enemy in Ezekiel 38:

        To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the  desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are  gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

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