Parts 31 through 36
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Vipers - Part 31

But the Hitlerian movement has not only come into conflict with the international naturalism of the Jewish nation, but also with the supernatural supernaturalism of the Catholic Church. What, then, are the forces behind the movement? An extract from The R.I.S.S. (Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes), (Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes, of June 1, 1933, pp. 333-335) will help us to get some idea of them.

The article stated: "Prussian Freemasonry rules in Germany with the triumph of the National Socialism of Hitler. The three Grand Lodges of Prussia had already made clear their aims in the following Declaration adopted on February 16, 1924, by the assembly of the Prussian Grand-masters: 'The National Grand Lodge 'At the Three Globes,' the National Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Germany, and the Prussian Grand Lodge 'Friendship,' declare that they stand for a German and Christian view of the world...We insist on these convictions as well as upon the respect of the rights of others, because we are persuaded that there is no universal Humanitarian Ideal and that, just as every personality has its root in race, only boundless love and fidelity to one's race can develop personality; and that, in a community aiming at the realization of humanitarian ideals, it is indispensable to have fundamental unity of outlook and conviction, not only from the national but also from the religious point of view.'

        Thus, in 1924, Prussian Freemasonry separated itself from World-Masonry. As Oswald Wirth very accurately noted, Prussian Freemasonry abandoned the ideal of Anderson's Constitutions for that of a narrow Germanism. It must be admitted today (1933) that the aim which Prussian Freemasonry set itself in 1924 has been realized...It has transformed itself into orders of chivalry.

        In the letter addressed by the National Grand Lodge 'At the Three Globes,' to the Minister for Home Affairs, Frick, we read: 'We have transformed the National Grand Lodge 'At the Three Globes,' founded by Frederick the Great in 1740, into the national Christian Order of Frederick the Great. To realize a complete internal transformation necessarily involving the total severing of the links still existing with Masonic Associations, the imposition of the obligation of German racial origin for the members, the suppression of the secret with regard to the ceremonial and the disappearance of the words 'Freemason' and 'Lodge,' the order has adopted an entirely new constitution.

        The reconstruction of the two other Grand Lodges will follow the same lines. The Grand Lodge of the Freemasons of Germany will be known in the future as the 'German Christian Order of the Templars.' The Prussian Grand Lodge 'Friendship' will select its new title next Saturday.'

        The National Christian Order published the following declaration: 'The character of the Order is determined by the complete transformation of its organization and of its regulations. The ideals which inspire the order are German Christianity, German Nationality, German Work. This is made clear in the preamble to the new constitutions of the Order.'

        The Order professes a German Christianity with which the old Aryan cult of our ancestors has many points in common. The symbols of the Order are Light and the Cross. The Order professes an ideal of pure Germanic Racial Nationality. The chose symbols of this ideal are the hammer of Thor and the knightly sword.

        The Order believes in the upward march of the German people by German work. At the same time, the Nazis suppress all the other lodges. The Humanitarian lodges, etc., disappear from the scene.

        Freemasonry means pantheism and the deification of man. Here we see that Hitlerism is supported by Prussian Freemasonry, which is tantamount to the deification of the German Race under the hegemony of Prussia. To a certain extent then, the Hitlerian reaction against Jewish domination represents the deification of the German Race in opposition to the deification of the Jewish Race.

        Thanks to the efforts of International Finance and International Masonry, Prussia with Berlin as capital, ousted Austria with its brilliant capital, Vienna, from the leadership of the German-speaking peoples. Cardinal Richelieu's policy during the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) prepared the way; Frederick the Great, that cynical, conscienceless ruler, carried on the work.

        International Finance and International Masonry then brought about the birth of the German Empire of the Hohenzollern, which grouped a large number of German-speaking Christians under the hegemony of Prussia. The Nazi movement is now endeavoring to bring the rest of the German-speaking Christians under the same rule, in the name of the naturalistic principle of race.

        By a decree issued by Hitler on January 31, 1934, A Rosenberg (a Jew) was given the charge of controlling the intellectual and philosophical formation of the Nazi Party. A few weeks later Rosenberg's book, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, was placed on the Index. The following extract will serve to show the spirit of the book: 'We see today that the negative Christianity of the Roman Church and the Protestant Church do not any longer correspond to the needs of our soul. Their ideals stand in the way of the organic forces of the Nordic peoples and they must give way.'"

At the same time a book by Professor Bergmann, The German National Church, was also placed on the Index. One extract from this work will show the character of the Hitlerian movement in its true light: "We, Germans, are looking for a German religion. That we may not perish through our intestinal warfare, we are returning to our natural Gods in a new and nobler guise. We reject the alien God who deceived us and did not save us from the disaster of 1918, as well as the corresponding doctrine of a false redemption.

        In a word, we want a German National Church, in which the twenty-nine sectional Protestant Churches and the German Catholic Church, if we can succeed in detaching it from Roman Catholicism, shall be amalgamated in the Church of the German Reich, just as in Bismarck's time the German tribes were united in the Reich (These extracts have been translated from an article by Dr. K. Turmer in La Vie Intellectuelle, March, 1934. For the Pantheism of the two works by Rosenburg and Bergmann see the pamphlet, German's National Religion, with a Foreword by G.K. Chesterton). The German Race is God."

        From an article by H. Belloc in G.K.'s Weekly, February 8, 1934, we learn that the English and American Governments, supported by the French anti-Clericals, notably the Freemason, Clemenceau, refused to allow a Catholic South Germany and a Rhineland State (also predominantly Catholic) to arise. The work of the Freemason Bismarck was not to be undone. Now Catholic Austria is to be incorporated.

Statement In Pastoral Letter Of Austrian Hierarchy

From, The Clergy Review, February, 1934, p. 173. After referring to the "mission of Austria in the Kingdom of God on earth," the episcopal letter goes on to praise the Government of Dr. Dollfuss on the grounds that it has suppressed public dangers, given protection to public morality, taken steps to meet social distress and to look after the welfare of youth, re-Christianized public life, introduced a social cooperative order, revived the religious spirit of the schools, embarked on a new Constitution, reorganized the army in a Christian spirit and negotiated the Concordat. The most striking part of the Pastoral Letter deals with what its authors call "Four fundamental truths," which are set forth as follows:

        1). "Mankind is one family built upon justice and love. Therefore, we condemn racial obsession which leads to racial hatred and conflict. Likewise, to be condemned, is the sterilization law, as it is contrary both to Catholic law and to Nature.

        2). True Christian nationalism is of God and the Church; and love of one's people and country is ingrained in the nature of man. We preach the virtue of Christian patriotism and we condemn treason against one's country; and we also condemn radical, racial anti-Semitism.

        3). Nation and State are different, and the State is above the Nation. Therefore, we condemn extreme nationalistic principles, defend the historic rights of our country, and favor the cultivation of the Austrian conception.

        4). Over and above nationalism is religion, which is supernatural, and ennobles every nation.

Every nation can be elevated by religion, and religion is not restricted to certain peoples, but is a message of salvation to all nations." (Judaism, Christianity and Germany, by Cardnal Faulhaber)

Catholic Pope's Message

In the Sovereign Pontiff's heartening Easter (1934) message to German Catholic Youth we read: "In spite of propaganda filled with plausible appeals, and in spite of the pressure put upon you to accept a new view of life which leads away from Christ and back to heathenism, you have stood fast in love and fealty to your Savior. By so doing your allegiance is all the firmer to your Home and Country, which you so much wish to serve."

He goes on to say: "Know that your cause is also Our cause," and adds, "In paternal love We lead you beneath that Cross of Jesus Christ which burns upon your banners." (The Tablet, April 7, 1934, p. 426)

The Popes and The Jews

Writing of the battles of the Talmud and its followers, authored by the Pharisees, we further read of events following the Sadducees, Samaritans (Israelites), the followers of Jesus and the early Roman Emperors. (History of the Talmud, Introduction) "The Rabbis next encountered the Popes. From the time of Pope Innocent III, the Talmud was burned at the stake in nearly every century from the 11th to the 18th in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and many other countries..."

Rodkinson speaks of the disputations which the Popes and Kings held in which the accusers of the Talmud were answered by its defenders. The results were always that when the criminality of the Talmud was revealed in all its horror, the Talmud was ordered burned, expunged, or censored. The same thing always started over again later. Rodkinson continues: "Still what has been the result? The Talmud exists today and not one letter in it is missing."

Rodkinson then lists a partial chart of the burning of the Talmud at the hands of Kings and Popes: (The Talmud At The Stake)

Time        Place           Persecutor

1244    Paris   King Louis IX
1244    Rome    Innocent IV
1248    Paris   Cardinal Legate Odo
1299    Paris   Philip the Fair
1309    Paris   Philip the Fair
1319    Toulouse   Louis

        1322: Burned in Rome by order of Pope John XXII, and accompanied by robbery and murder of the Jews by the mob.

        1553: Rome: Pope Julius III -- Similar burnings by the same order took place in Barcelona, Venice, Romagna, Urbino and Pesar. "Here three wagons full of books were burned; but first they were carried through the streets of the city, while royal officers proclaimed publicly that their condemnation was due to insults to Christianity which they contained."

        1554: Burned by hundreds and thousands in Ancona, Ferrara, Mantua, Padua, Candia and Ravenna.

        1557: Poland: Talmud burned because of the charge made against the Jews that they used the blood of Christian children in their ceremonies. This occurred during the Frankist disturbances.

        1558: Rome: Cardinal Chislieri.

        1559: Rome: Sextus Sinensis. Jewish Encyclopedias give credit, however, to various Popes for stopping violence against the Jews; for seeking to convert them, and securing certain rights for them in territories over which they exercised temporal power.

Although the Bishops were issuing restrictive laws against Jewish aggressions long before this, the reign of Gregory the Great (590-604) is taken as the starting point of consistent relations between the Jews and the Popes. He condemned the holding of Christian (White) slaves by Jews.

        (1). Anacletus II (antipope) as a Jew and his claim to the papacy always contested.

        (2). Benedictus VIII had a number of Jews put to death for blasphemy against Jesus.

        (3). Gregory VII charged the German emperor, Henry IV, with favoritism towards the Jews, "in 1078 he renewed the canonical laws which prohibited giving Jews power over Christians...Jews might not be employed as tax-farmers or mint-masters."

        (4). Pope Calixtus II (1119-24) and Pope Alexander III are cited for pro-Jewish acts.

        (5). Innocent III is the most hated of the Popes in Jewish literature. In 1215, the Fourth Lateral Council, which he convened, "renewed the old canonical prohibitions against trusting the Jews with public offices and introduced the law demanding that Jews should wear a distinctive sign on their garments...Nevertheless he protected them against the fury of the French Crusaders."

        (6). Pope Innocent III in a long decree stated that Jews are: "...not to be killed by anyone (but), they are to us dangerous as the insect in the apple, as the serpent in the beast...Since, therefore, they have already begun to gnaw like the rat, and to stink like the serpent, it is to our shame that the fire in our breast which is being eaten by them, does not consume them...Although Christian piety tolerates the Jews...and allows them to continue with us, although the Moors will not tolerate them, they must not be allowed to remain ungrateful to us in such a way as to repay us with contumely for favors, and contempt for our familiarity. They are admitted to our familiarity only through our mercy..."

Under this same Pope, Canons 67-70 were adopted by the Fourth Lateran Council, which included protective measures against Jewish usury; their wearing of a distinguishing bade (to warn Christians); forbidding intercourse with Christians, as employees, in marriage, and barring their testimony as witness in legal matters (their license for perjury under the "Kol Nidre" then being well known).

The Kol Nidre

     KOL NIDRE: It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues. It is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the "Jews" and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is as follows: "ALL VOWS, OBLIGATIONS, OATHS, ANATHEMAS, whether called 'konam,' 'konas,' or by any other name, WHICH WE MAY VOW, OR SWEAR, OR PLEDGE, OR WHEREBY WE MAY BE BOUND, FROM THIS DAY OF ATONEMENT UNTO THE NEXT, (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. MAY THEY BE DEEMED ABSOLVED, FORGIVEN, ANNULLED, AND VOID AND MADE OF NO EFFECT; THEY SHALL NOT BIND US NOR HAVE POWER OVER US. THE VOWS SHALL NOT BE RECKONED VOWS; THE OBLIGATIONS SHALL NOT BE OBLIGATORY; NOR THE OATHS BE OATHS."

The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows: "And he who desires that NONE OF HIS VOWS MADE DURING THE YEAR SHALL BE VALID, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, EVERY VOW WHICH I MAKE IN THE FUTURE SHALL BE NULL (1). (His Vows Are Then Invalid) PROVIDING THAT HE REMEMBERS THIS AT THE TIME OF THE VOW."


The greatest study of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was made by Theodor Reik, a pupil of the (I)nfamous Jewish Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective. This study is contained in The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies.


The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms that the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer has no spiritual value as might be believed because it is recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement as the prologue of the religious ceremonies which follow it. The Secular significance of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is forcefully indicated by the analysis in Vol. VI, page 441: "The Kol Nidre HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL IDEA OF THE DAY OF attained to extraordinary solemnity and popularity by reason of the fact that it was THE FIRST PRAYER RECITED ON THIS HOLIEST OF DAYS."

Vipers - Part 32

        (7). Gregory IX: "Gregory various official documents insisted on the strict execution of the canonical laws against the Jews...his successor, Innocent IV, ordered the burning of the Talmud in Paris (1244)."

        (8). Through Emperor Sigismund, "who was heavily indebted to them, they (the Jews) obtained from Pope Martin V (1417-31) ...various bulls (1418 and 1422, favorable to them). In the last years of his pontificate, however, he repealed several of his ordinances, charging that they had been obtained under false pretenses."

        (9). Popes Eugene IV and Nicholas V are cited for moderation.

        (10). Sixtus IV sanctioned the Spanish Inquisition, which was aimed at the "Marranos," namely 300,000 Jews who had entered the Church, but retained their Talmudism, and secured power over all phases of Spanish life.

One who reads the Jewish press today will see congratulations to Israel from Spanish "Catholics" who identify themselves as Talmudic Jews descended from those who have practiced their Talmudism secretly ever since 1492, when their "Marrano" co-religionists were expelled from Spain.

If nothing else, the term "convert," as applied to Jews, must be viewed cautiously, in view of the concealed Judaism of the "Marranos," which continued for centuries. One must learn, also, from Jewish authorities that Torquemada himself, LEADING THE INQUISITION, was a Jew, and that the Inquisition was only aimed at the Marranos who under the pretense of conversion had threatened to end Christianity by their inside machinations.

The Jewish Encyclopedia continues: "Alexander VI (Borgia), known in history as the most profligate of the Popes, was rather favorably inclined toward the Jews."

Leo X, one of the Medicis (a Jewish family) who fanned the Reformation by sponsoring a great renaissance of paganism and filled the Platonic Academy and salons of Rome and Florence with Jews, expounding Talmud, and occult Cabalism, is called, "the human ist...favorably inclined toward the Jews, whom he employed not only as physicians, but also as artists and in other positions at his court. The beginning of the Reformation influenced his action in the controversy between Reuchlin and Pfefferkorn which he settled in such a way as not to give any encouragement to those who demanded reforms in the Church."

The story of the sincerely converted Jew, Pfefferkorn, who aired the infamies of the Talmud, as opposed by the Catholic renegade, Reuchlin, dupe of the head of the Jewish community of Rome, and the pro-Jewish Medici Pope, ended with Pfefferkorn being silenced, Reuchlin not being tried for heresy, as he was scheduled to be and indeed should have been, and with two hostile camps in nearly every German town taking sides for or against the Talmud. One may ask: "How could anyone reading what the Talmud says argue about its contents?"

In this regard, however, it must be remembered that only with the relatively unexpurged Soncino translation of the Talmud in this century, in the contemporary language, English, has it become possible for the non-Jew to receive the full impact of what the Talmud says. In other trials arguments could rage as to what a Yiddish or Hebrew text of the Talmud really meant, if translated.

Nevertheless, the Jews always ultimately lost such arguments, as witness the condemnation of the Talmud by non-Jews through the centuries. Even the Soncino English translation of the Talmud is not readily available except in major libraries, to be read there and not taken out.

Clement VII (another Medici Jew) was the bastard son of Guilio, brother of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who founded a pagan salon, the Platonic Academy. The Platonic Academy attempted the old Talmudic strategy of "harmonizing" pagan philosophy with Christianity, as Maimonides had tried to do with Biblical Judaism. Lorenzo had his son Giovanni (Leo X) made a Cardinal, through his influence with Innocent VIII, at 13, having also been made an Archbishop at 7. Ready to ascend the throne, Giovanni promptly made five of his relatives Cardinals, including his bastard cousin, Giulio.

Leo X (Giovanni), made Pope on March 11, 1513, was ordained a priest on the 15th and made a Bishop on the 19th of the same month, and he reigned until December 1, 1521, nine years. It was this Pope, Leo X, who launched the selling of indulgences in 1517, the immediate cause of Luther's break with the Church, and of Europe's arousal. Every effort was made to corrupt and Talmudize the Church from the inside, while Jewry worked to wreck it from the outside.

The hotheads among Jews, says Jewish historian Cecil Roth, expected to end Christianity and supplant it with Talmudism. But when Luther nailed his theses on the Wittenberg Cathedral door, he nailed the Jews back into the ghetto, and Popes eager for Christian faith and morals were elected in place of the pro-Talmudic "humanist" Medici (Jewish) popes. Luther, in turn, found the same forces polluting his own following and ended his life beseeching the Protestant princes to expel or put at hard labor all Talmudists, after burning synagogues and Talmuds first of all.

Read his words, if you can now find them in any library! There is only praise for the Medici Popes in Jewish literature and only disappointment about the condition of Jewry during the Reformation and afterwards, for the succeeding Popes drove the Talmudists out of Vatican circles and back into the ghetto. Bewailing this, the Jewish Encyclopedia reports how the Talmud was burned by Pope Julius III in 1553 and Christians prohibited from printing it. "The worst was yet to come."

Paul IV (1555-1559) in his bull "Cum Nimis Absurdum" not only renewed all the canonical restrictions on Jews, but restricted their commercial activities and made them wear a yellow hat and live in their own territory, the ghetto. Concerning this period, the Jews and the Medici, Jewish historian Cecil Roth, states in his Jews of Italy: "Girolamo Savonarola was 1494 the great Dominican drove out the Medici...Thereafter their position in the city (Florence) was a sort of barometer of its political state; when the Medici returned in 1512, they (the Jews) came too, and when the Medici were driven out in 1527 they accompanied them...It was only when the ruling house was at last securely established (Jewish ruling house!), from 1530 onwards (here the Jew Cecil Roth is telling us, if we will only listen, that the Jews have been in absolute control of the Catholic Church since 1530), that the interruptions end and the continuous history of Florentine Jewry begins." (Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 190)

Also: "When Martin Luther nailed up his famous Theses on the cathedral door of Wittenberg, thereby setting the machinery of the Reformation in motion, the fate of the eager Jewries of Renaissance Italy were sealed. Threatened by this dangerous movement of secession, the Catholic Church began to set its house in order, more systematically and more comprehensively than ever before, in the process known as the Counter-Reformation.

        No longer were the Popes to be pre-eminently enlightened patrons of literature, science and the arts, with worldly inclinations and interests. Henceforth they were chosen among those in whose eyes the requirements of the Church, spiritual and temporal, were paramount...who...regarded the Jews as a leaven of disbelief which positively endangered Christianity and Christendom; at least until they were segregated from intercourse with other men, as the Lateran Councils had prescribed three and a half centuries before. Whereas the Talmud had been printed under Leo X, a Medici, in 1553, the Pope denounced the Talmud, and the other restrictions were set up." (History of the Jews of Italy, p. 190-et al)

Pope Pius IV gave "a brief period of respite" (1566-72), then his successor Pius V (1566-72), "not only repealed all the concessions of his predecessor, and not only renewed the laws of Paul IV, but added some new restrictions..."  In 1569 he expelled the Jews from his territory.

Gregory XIII (1572-85) allowed the Jews to return but "introduced a large number of severe restrictions...and they were obliged to send every week at least 150 of their number" to listen to conversationist sermons.

Sixtus V (1585-90) "was more favorable to the Jews," and permitted the printing of the Talmud after it was censored (1586).

Clement VIII (1592-1604) ordered the Jews expelled and prohibited printing of the Talmud. Under Clement X (1670-76) the Portugal Inquisition (against Jewry) was halted but he refused to help the expelled Jews of Vienna (1670). "The worst feature...under papal dominion was the closing of the gates of the Roman ghetto nights. Sever penalties awaited a Jew leaving the ghetto after dark, or a Christian entering it."

Pius VI (1775-1800), "renewed all the restrictions enacted from the 13th Century. The censorship of books was strictly enforced...and their attendance at conversationist sermons was enforced."

And Leo XII (1826) reinforced these rules with extreme rigor. Pius IX (1846-78) started with a liberal attitude but, as stated in other Jewish literature, after he had been expelled from Rome at the hands of a Jewish movement which revealed its Talmudic anti-Christian face, he changed. To quote The Jewish Encyclopedia ("Popes"): "Pius IX during the first two years of his pontificate, was evidently inclined to adopt a liberal attitude, but after his return from exile he...condemned as abominable laws all measures which gave political freedom to them...showed his approval of the medieval laws as enacted by Innocent III. He maintained the ghetto in Rome until it was abolished by the Italian occupation of Rome (1870). His successor, Leo XIII (1878-1903) was the first Pope who exercised no territorial jurisdiction over the Jews. His influence, nevertheless, was prejudicial to them. He encouraged anti-Semitism by bestowing distinctions on leading anti-Semitic politicians and authors, as Lueger and Drumont. (Note: Eduard Drumont's book, La France Juive traces the attempted Talmudization of French Christian life in every phase. A Judaized France was the result he deplored and sought to avoid) He refused to interfere in behalf of Captain Dreyfus, or to issue a statement against the blood accusation. (Note that human blood is used in Talmudic black magic rituals) In an official document he denounced Jews, Freemasons, anarchists as enemies of the Church."

The Index Expurgatrius issued by Leo XIII in 1887 stated concerning The Talmud and other Jewish books: "Although in the Index issued by Pope Pius IV, the Jewish Talmud with all its glossaries, annotations, interpretations and expositions were prohibited; but if published without the name Talmud and without its vile calumnies against the Christian religion they could be tolerated; however, Our Holy Lord Pope Clement VIII in his constitution against impious writings and Jewish books, published in Rome in the year of Our Lord 1592...proscribed and condemned them; it was not his intention thereby to permit or tolerate them even under the above conditions, for he expressly and specifically stated and willed, that the impious Talmudic Cabalistic and other nefarious books of the Jews be entirely condemned and that they must remain always condemned and prohibited, and that his Constitution about these books must be perpetually and inviolably observe."

The 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia states: "Pius X (elected 1903) is not sufficiently known to permit a judgment...but in his diocese of Mantua, before he became Pope, he had prohibited the celebration of a solemn mass on the King's birthday because the city council which asked for it had attended a celebration in the synagogue." (Note: The quote is from the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia hence the incomplete reference)

The Vatican's semi-official organ, L'Osservatore Romano, of August 13, 1938, in an article headed The Jews and the Vatican Council (1870), after speaking of the Protective measures for the Jews by the Catholic Church, stated: "But, in order to set things straight, by this it was not intended that Jews should be allowed to abuse the hospitality of Christian countries. Along with these protective ordinances, there existed restrictive and precautionary decrees with regard to them. The civil power was in accord with the Church in this, since, as Delassus says, 'they both had the same interest in preventing the nations from being invaded by the Jewish element and thereby losing control of society.' But if Christians were forbidden to force Jews to embrace the Catholic religion, to disturb their synagogues, their Sabbaths and their festivals, the Jews, on the other hand, were forbidden to hold public office, civil or military; and this prohibition extended even to the children of converted Jews. The precautionary decrees concerned the professions, education, and business positions."

Germany and The Jews

The attitude of the British Press towards the present regime in Germany offers much of interest and not a little humor. Only two months ago the anti-French and pro-German campaign was in full blast throughout this country; at any moment, we were led to believe, the sabots, to revert to Mr. Lloyd George's graceful smile, might again descend on the defenseless body graceful simile, might again descend on the defenseless body of Germany and its mild and peace-loving people be driven into war by the provocative attitude of France or Poland.

Those of us who declined to view the Germans as the woolly lambs they were represented by the protagonists, who, on the contrary, saw them as an intensely patriotic race, with many virtues, but with an inherent love of warfare, and prone to a violence foreign to our nature, were sternly silenced. No the only people likely to disturb the peace of Europe were the hysterical, intractable, the jingoistic French! But now, all at once, a change has come over the spirit of the dream. The columns of the Press are filled with denunciations of German brutality and German violence. The menace of Hitlerism has replaced the menace of French militarism.

What has happened to bring about this volte-face? Has Germany, in a fit of frenzy, torn up the Treaty of Versailles? Has the Reichswehr invaded Belgium or the "Graf Zeppelin" dropped bombs on the inhabitants of Paris? WORSE, FAR WORSE! GERMANY HAS DARED TO "DISCRIMINATE" AGAINST THE JEWS!

It is not a case of ill-treatment, still less of progroms, which would naturally be abhorrent to every humane mind. Such acts of violence as have been committed were shown to have been isolated incidents which any time of upheaval is liable to produce. In these the Government of Germany does not seem to have been more responsible than the British Government for the recent mobbing by Jews of a peaceful German citizen in the streets of London, an incident which was not recorded in our Press. Already the accusation of atrocities has been acknowledged by influential bodies of Jews to have been grossly exaggerated, and "persecution" is shown to have taken mainly the form of "discrimination" and a one-day boycott.

In what does this discrimination consist? Briefly, in a policy of "Germany for the Germans." We, who have consistently advocated a "Britain for the British," can hardly rebel at this. While resolutely opposing the principle of "Deutschland uber Alles" as applied to the world in general, we cannot dispute Germany's right to adopt it within her own borders. "Discrimination," therefore, apparently resolves itself into this: that Hitler has decided that German influences shall prevail in public life, and that Germans should be given the preference in the matter of employment by setting up a quota of Jews who may hold posts in proportion to the numbers of the Jewish population. For years we have been told of the distress prevailing among the German professional classes since the war, yet when Hitler adopts this very obvious remedy a howl of execration goes up from the so-called "friends of Germany" in our midst. It is evident now where they real sympathies lie.

As to the one-day boycott, this was calculated to draw attention to the principle advocated in our own country under the slogan of "Buy British," by which native industry is to be encouraged.

Those of us in England who have been subjected for years to a real boycott, organized by Jews, so that our writings are denied mention in leading organs of the Press, our voices, raised in defense of our Empire, unable to make themselves heard through the medium of the so-called "British" B.C., can hardly be expected to shed tears over this turning of the tables. As natives of a country where anyone who has ever ventured to oppose Jewish interests finds himself ostracized and his career ruined, or at best declared to be insane, a policy, by the way, adopted with regard to Hitler, who in 1923 was announced by the Jewish Press to be incarcerated in an asylum as a hopeless lunatic! We, who are under a dictatorship quite as rigorous as that of Hitler or of Mussolini, find it difficult not to envy a country where patriotism is an asset and not an obstacle to advancement in literary or political life.

The best answer Hitler can make to his denouncers is to refer them to Colonel Lane's The Alien Menace, boycotted by the Press for showing the extent of the penetration and corruption caused by the flood of undesirable aliens who have found refuge here. If Hitler desires to rid his own country of these elements is he to be blamed? If he determines to purge it from the poison of Marxism is he not to be applauded? For it must not be forgotten that in Germany, as everywhere else in the East of Europe, the Communists being predominantly Jewish, suppressing Communism necessarily involves taking action against a number of Jews. Are those people to be immune simply because they are Jews? Hitler certainly does not think so, and the fight against Communism is being carried on with characteristic German thoroughness. The raid on "Karl Liebknecht House" must have dealt a terrible blow to Soviet intrigue. (The Patriot, April 13, 1933)

The Visa Of Professor Einstein

Professor Einstein has informed the worked, through the Press, of his difficulty in getting an American visa in Berlin, owing to the U.S. Consul having been warned that he is an undesirable alien by the American Women's Patriotic Association.

In the end the professor got his visa, and chuckled over the fact that the sentries of America had not given heed to "the wise, patriotic ladies," but had forgotten the occasion when "the Capitol of mighty Rome was once saved by the cackling of its faithful Geese." The fact is that the patriotic American women had as substantial a reason for giving warning as had the Roman geese. The Patriot has given many instances in which Americans had as much tight to object to the meddling of Professor Einstein in revolutionary movements on his visits to the U.S. as we have to protest against the Bolshevik finger in the preparation of revolution by British Communists. In a few extracts from the formal charge put before the Visa Division of the Department of State, Washington, by the "Woman Patriot Corporation." In this charge there is a summary of all the existing Mandatory Alien Exclusive laws.  Among the classes of objectionable aliens are: "Anarchists or persons who believe in or advocate the overthrow by force and violence of the Government...Or who are members of or affiliated with any organization entertaining or teaching disbelief in or opposition to organized government...The burden of proof shall be upon any alien to establish that he is not subject to exclusion under any provision of the immigration laws."

Vipers - Part 33

Some of the specific objections by patriotic Americans to the politico-scientific professor are: "Albert Einstein believes in, advises, advocates, or teaches a doctrine which, in a legal sense, as held by the courts in other cases, 'would allow anarchy to stalk in unmolested' and result in 'government only in name.' He advises, advocates, or teaches, and is a member of and affiliated with groups that are in 'militant' and admittedly 'illegal' opposition to the most fundamental principle of organized government.

        He believes in or is affiliated with Communist groups that advocate the overthrow by force of the Government of the United States; he advocates 'acts of rebellion' against the basic principle of all organized government that it may be defend its existence and compel obedience to its laws by force of arms; he advocates 'conflict with public authority;' admits that his 'attitude is revolutionary;' that his purpose is 'illegal,' and that he intends to organize and lead, and collect money for and contribute money to a 'militant opposition.'...He teaches and leads and organizes a movement for unlawful 'individual resistance' and 'acts of rebellion' against officers of the United States in time of war, and which, on the part of participants in such unlawful and 'revolutionary' 'combat,' 'conflict,' or 'rebellion' (as Albert Einstein himself names his objectives) must promote treason, desertion, or other 'crimes against the existence of the Government;' he believes in or advocates a system of organized sabotage against all preparations of the United States to defend its existence, and the unlawful destruction of necessary means for such defense...

        It is not necessary to prove the alien guilty of any criminal or other offense, or of any overt act. It is enough if his beliefs, opinions, or affiliations show him to be among any one of the several classes of aliens that 'shall be excluded from admission into the United States.'

        Albert Einstein is a member of or affiliated with at least three organizations or groups that believe in, advocate, teach, and publish Anarchist and Communist doctrines, namely;

        1). The World Congress Against Imperialist War: Characterized even by European Socialist leaders as 'a Communist plot,' in which 800 Communist delegates took part and in which 'Marcel Cachin, Communist member of the French Chamber of Deputies, and Willi Munzenberk, Communist deputy to the German Reichstag, put forth most effectively and dramatically the Communist programme of action against war.' He is on the 'World Committee; of the above Communist Congress, his name heading the list of German members, followed by that of Clara Zetkin, Willi Munzenberg, and other notorious Communist leaders. (Daily Worker, official American Communist organ, October 11, 1932) The 'manifesto' of the above Congress declares that 'each of us' and 'altogether' they have pledged and sworn themselves ' fight with all our force and with all the means at our command against imperialist capitalism...against armaments, against war preparations, and in consequence against the Governments ruling us.' He is also one of the leaders of the World Congress of the Anti-Imperialist League, a subsidized a affiliate of the Communist International, that met at Frankfort, Germany, July 20, 1929, and his picture was featured among such leaders of that Communist Congress.

        2). The Workers' International Relief: This organization is a well-known affiliate and creature of the Communist International. The contribution of money, 'or anything of value to any organization' of this class, constitutes affiliation, under the statute, with the Workers' International Relief, and therefore with its affiliate, the Communist International. Einstein, March 1, 1931, wrote to the Workers' International Relief, American section: 'The work of your organization has the highest importance in a country in which the individual is so insufficiently protected.'

        3). The War Resisters' International: This organization or group, with which Albert Einstein is enthusiastically affiliated, openly admits and proclaims affiliation with Anarchist as well as Communist groups...and, under the law and the decision as Communist groups...and, under the law and the decision in the Kjar case, Einstein's affiliation with the War Resisters' International constitutes affiliation with its affiliates. 'I shall expect to have thousands of responses to this appeal. They should be addressed to me at the headquarters of the War Resisters' International, 11 Abbey Road, Enfield, Middlesex, England. To enable this great effort to be carried through effectively, I have authorized the establishment of the 'Einstein War Resisters' International Fund.' Contributions to this fund should be sent to the treasurer of the W.R.I., 11 Abbey Road, Enfield, Middlesex, England. (Signed) Albert Einstein.'

        The League of Nations Chronicle, published at Chicago, for March, 1931, contains the following report of Einstein's address to 400 'peace advocates' at Chicago: 'No one mentioned relativity...Militant opposition to militarism was his key-note...'It is my conviction that the only way is actual refusal of military service,' he said...'What I propose is illegal, but whenever a Government demands criminal actions from its citizens, they have a very real right to oppose it, and we must uphold them.'" (The Patriot, December 22, 1932)

An Open Letter To Mr. Samuel Untermeyer

Mr. Samuel Untermeyer, Executive Officer, World Jewish Economic Federation. "On last Sunday, August 6th, through your broadcast over station W.A.B.C. New York, and on the following day through the Press, we are informed that under your leadership a World Jewish Economic Federation was organized at Amsterdam, one of the main purposes of which is to engage in an economic boycott of Germany. In your address you urge that I join your movement: 'Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this Sacred War, should do so now and here.'

        Before doing so I should like to assure myself that you are really leading the world in what is in fact and reality A SACRED WAR. Memories of the vase amount of FALSE PROPAGANDA WITH WHICH WE WERE GORGED IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE AND HUNANITY, TO MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY, IN THE NAME OF A SACRED WAR, TO TERMINATE ALL WAR, memories of the masses anti-German propaganda, which even the authors NOW ADMIT TO HAVE BEEN CREATED TO FURTHER THE HOLY (?) CAUSE, still linger in the minds of some of us. Your own address, indeed, vividly recalls many similar-worded sweeping, tearful appeals of the world-war period and suggests the advisability of cautious investigation before hasty action, which your address counsels.
        As a Gentile, as a Christian and as a Catholic may I request of you, as one of the outstanding responsible organizers and executive officers of this World Jewish Economic Federation, information on the following issues:

        1). Can you guarantee that your Federation will not be used to promote policies and ends that are inimical to Christian civilization, or that will frustrate the extension of the social reign of Jesus Christ so ardently advocated by His Holiness Pope Pius XI?

        2). Will you, as leading member of the executive of this World Jewish Economic Federation, exert your full influence to have this economic boycott include not only Germany, but Mexico, Spain and the Russian Soviet Republics, in view of the brutal and outrageous persecution that Catholics and other Christians are experiencing in these counties?

        3). Can you secure from your international Jewish compatriot and fellow-member of the World Jewish Economic Federation, Mr. Litvinoff, Foreign Minister of the Russian Confederated Soviet Republics, assurance from his Communistic Government of a guarantee of the right of religious liberty for Catholics and other Christian denominations, as well as restoration of the many thousands of Catholic churches, convents, colleges, schools and other institutions confiscated, besides compensation for the many hundreds of millions of church and other properties destroyed, as also adequate reparation for the lives of many thousands of bishops and priests and the billion odd lay men and women wantonly and brutally murdered because of their religion? You make a sweeping but unsubstantiated charge that on 'an investigation into the facts, the world will confront a picture so fearful in its barbarous cruelty that the hell of war and the alleged Belgian atrocities will pale in significance as compared to this devilishly, deliberately, cold-bloodedly planned and already partial executed campaign for the extermination of a proud, gentile, loyal and law-abiding people...for the Jews are the aristocrats of the world.'

Can you also furnish me with definite and accurate information on the following points:

        1). As to the number of Jewish rabbis, if any, that have been murdered in Germany by the National-Socialist Government, the number of synagogues that have been confiscated and destroyed, and the actual number of Jewish synagogues that are at present permitted to hold religious services?

        2). As to whether the wireless to the Jewish owned daily, the New York Times, of May 23, 1933, records facts when it states that in the annual election of the officers of the world-renowned 'Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Sciences,' which had expelled Einstein because of his alliance with Communist Russia, 'three persons of the Jewish faith were re-elected' on May 23rd to the Governing Board, and that this society pledged itself 'ready to co-operate joyously in the reconstruction of the new National State?'

        3). As to whether one may credit the wireless of the New York Times special correspondent from Frankfort-on-Main of June 19th that 'Jewish shops are as well patronized as ever. They sell brown shirts at reduces prices...The Jews of the possessing classes are inclined to regard their sufferings under Hitler as the lesser of two evils. Whatever the fact there is no doubt Germany was convinced she was on the verge of bolshevism. The fear of Communism, now subsiding, amounted to national hysteria. One is a director of a great bank, in himself proof that the proposal to remove Jews from all directorates is already scrapped. The banker was depressed and reserved, but insistent that outside interference only aggravated the situation.

        4). Is it true that Dr. Rose Nellor, novelist and playwright, who is now undergoing sentence of six months' heavy penal servitude, having confessed and been convicted by the Vienna Courts of having staged an 'Attempted Nazi Assassination' in order to denounce the German Nazi, is a Jewess? The Associated Press despatch from Vienna, May 20th, carries the following report of the case: 'Slashing herself four times with a knife, it was charged, she called police and told them the wounds were inflicted by a young Nazi. She presented a list of Viennese Jews, apparently targets for attack, which she said the youths had left behind. Later, police said, she confessed that the wounds were self-inflicted, and that the list of names was written on her own typewriter.

        5). Is it true that a considerable number of the leaders and members of the German Communistic Party, which polled at the National election in July, 1933, over 6,000,000 votes, are Jews?

        6). Is it true that ten days prior to this election, Chancellor Von Papen found it necessary to arrest the Chief Commissioner of Police and two of his assistants and to reorganize the Berlin Police Force as well as to assume the Dictatorship of Prussia, in an effort to forestall a revolution in Germany?

        7). Is it true that the headquarters of Communistic World Militant Atheists and of the Communistic Terror Troops were, until routed out by the German Government, located on Grenadier Strasse in the heart of the Berlin Jewish colony?

        8). Is the statement of Rev. Karl H. Von Wiegand reliable, that during the past year '150 Protestant preachers, including myself, have become Socialists,' and, furthermore, that 'the Socialist German Free Thinker (Atheistic) Society had, until dissolved recently by the Hitler Government, 6,000,000 paying members, 2,000 branches, 21 offices, and a fortnightly newspaper with 400,000 circulation?'

        9). Is it true that, after Hitler's overwhelming victory at the poll in March of this year, 'the Kommintern issued orders to its members to close ranks with the Second International, which until then they had fought most fiercely, in common opposition to German Fascism?'

        10). Can you inform me as to how many members of the Kommintern are Jews? Is the statement exaggerated that 'of the 545 officials of the Soviet regime 447 members, or 83 percent of the total are Jews?' Can you furnish me the exact data?

        11). Is it true that Yaroslavsky-Goubelman, the head of the Soviet-Atheistic Propaganda Bureau and the author of the Anti-Religious Front, is a Jew?

        12). Is it true that Trotsky, Kerensky, Lenin, Zinovieff, Kameneff, Litvinoff and most of the other leaders of the Russian Bolshevistic Anti-Christian revolution were Jews?

        13). Is it true that the universally recognized apostle of Communism and anti-religious Socialism, Karl Marx, the author of Das Capital, was a German Jew?

        14). Is it true that Freud, who Papini states 'glories in the well-deserved reputation of a scavenger of souls,' the apostle of the modern sex cult and nudism and the founder of the modern pseudo-scientific humbug Freudianism, is an Austro-German Jew?

        15). Is it true that the foremost exponent of Atheism, author of The Anti-Christ, who blatantly boasts of 'the debaucher of the Christian religion,' and characterizes as 'the most harmful vice, pity shown to the misbegotten and feeble Christianity,' Nietzsche, is a German Jew?

        16). Is it true that Einstein, the Jewish scientist on whom was conferred honorary German citizenship by being voted membership in the German Academy of Sciences, is a Socialist and a member of the Communistic International Red Relief, an organization which uses its funds for the propagation of Communism among the working-classes? According to the statement of the Executive Committee of the Communistic Kommintern, 'The end of this revolutionary relief organization for the aggressive proletariat is the establishment throughout the whole world of the Communistic regime. This is the principal end, for the relief to the revolutionists is only secondary.'

        17). Is the report true that Joseph Schiff, former president of the International Jewish banking firm, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., of New York, 'presented Lenin with one million dollars to finance Athesistic Communism?'

        18). Is it true that Bela Kun, who staged the red terroristic revolution in March, 1919, in Buda-Pest, Hungary, and through with Catholic churches, convents and other religious institutions suffered so terribly, and who was, according to recent associated Press reports, arrested, disguised when attempting, with faked passports, to pass into Austria for the purpose of establishing a new European center of Communistic revolution, that this same Bela Kun is of Jewish nationality?

        19). Is it true that Kurt Eisner, whose monument in Munich was recently demolished by order of the National Socialist Government and his disinterred remains turned over to the Jewish synagogue for disposal, was with six other Jews, Levin, Landauer, Sontheiner, Toller, Levine and Mukam, the leader of the Communistic revolution which controlled Bavaria at the end of the World War (World War I)?

        20). Is the Press report correct that the perpetrator of the recent Holy Year bombing outrage of St. Peter's Church in the Vatican City was a Spanish Jew named Salomon?

        21). Is the statement of Leon Blum made to the Zionist Congress at Zurich, Switzerland, true, that 'Judaism finds its highest and final expression in Socialism?'

        22). Is the Press report contained in the March 28th issue of the new York Herald Tribune correct, that, in the monster Jewish meeting held in Madison Square Garden on the previous evening, Bishop Manning 'was greeted with wild applause when he entered the Garden, but when he condemned the persecution of Soviet Russia he was vigorously booed by his hearers?'

        23). Is it true that Bishop Gfoellner, of Linz, Austria, in a pastoral letter issued this year, while condemning all class, racial and national hatreds, states that 'the international Jewish spirit is altogether different from the Jewish nationality and the Jewish religion. It is incontestable that a number of Jews devoid of all religion exercise a supremely pernicious influence in all the domains of modern civilization...To combat and destroy this pernicious influence of Judaism is for all sincere Christians a deadly enemy and has no legitimate right but an imperious conscientious duty?'

        24). How are we to reconcile with your statements the recent editorial of the Catholic Times, London, England, which states: 'We hold no brief for persecution but, is it quite certain that the alleged Nazi persecution of the Jews is quite what it is made out to be? We cannot easily forget the part played by International Jewry in the present state of world distress. Nor can we overlook the fact the Jews are back of much of the present propaganda of irreligion and immodesty, two of the Atheistic Communism's main lines of attack on that civilization which Herr Hitler, for all his faults, has sworn to uphold. When Signor Mussolini set about rebuilding Italy, one of the first great actions he deemed necessary was to crush the power of Jewish Freemasonry, and among the first he sent packing was the infamous Nathan, the Jew Freemason May of Rome. If the Jews find themselves beneath the same heel that has set out to crush Communism, who is to blame?" (Donald A. MacLean, M.A., S.T.L., Ph.D., Professor of Social and Political Ethics, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., August 11, 1933. The Catholic Gazette, December, 1933)

Following are some passages from Quadragesimo Anno: "There is nothing to be looked for from hatred but hatred and destruction...We believe that Christians ought to reply 'no' to the men who would bar the way to Fascism by enrolling them in the ranks of those who have a materialistic idea of work and of human life and who teach that religion is the opium of the people.

        And we hold that Christians should also answer 'no' to the men who would bar the way to Communism by enrolling them in the ranks of those who compromise the ideas and virtues of order, authority and discipline, by associating those ideas with the prejudices and interests of a class, as well as with a too narrow view of the national good and an inhuman misconception of the dignity of labor, and who, besides, too often regard religion merely as a means of governmental control...

        The political and social domain is, above all and essentially human, that is to say, moral...Political action is intrinsically inseparable from morality. The spiritual and the temporal are intimately linked together. It is all over with the separations and extrinsic connections of the age that is past. Religion and politics while remaining distinct, must be vitally associated...

        Finally, it is not the myth of Class or Race or Nation or State, it is the idea of dignity of the human person and of our spiritual vocation, as well as of the common good of the State, founded upon justice and charity, which must be the animating principle of social life and of united effort. The poles of truly human social and political regime must be the responsibility and liberty of human persons. The State must not be either Totalitarian or Communist, for both are opposed to an organization of life in accordance with the Christian faith. The State must be pluralist, uniting in an organic unity a diversity of groups and social structures, which express and safeguard personal liberty...there are some who fear that the State is substituting itself in the place of private initiative, instead of limiting itself to necessary and sufficient help and assistance. It is feared that the new corporative international institution possess an excessively bureaucratic and political character. Just as it is wrong to withdraw from the individual and commit to the community at large what private enterprise and industry can accomplish, so, too, it is an injustice, a grave evil and a disturbance of right order for a larger and higher organization to arrogate to itself functions which can be performed efficiently by smaller and lower bodies." (The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, Rev. Denis Fahey)

Vipers - Part 34

Franklin D. Roosevelt and World War II

President Franklin D. Roosevelt worked hand in glove with the Zionist Jews of the world from the time he went to Albany as Governor of the State of New York. The story of how President Roosevelt lied the United States into the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East is not a long story. It is the story of treason and how Roosevelt tricked, just as Wilson, the United States into the Second World War.

Germany and Poland had agreed upon a formula giving Germany access across the Danzig Corridor, an invention of President Wilson, who created it in 1919, and it was designed to separate Germany into two halves. In order to keep Germany weak, at the instigation of the Jews at the Versailles Peace Conference, President Wilson devised the plan to cut Germany into two halves; separated by a strip of German territory which was granted to Poland and divided Germany into two halves.

Crossing the Danzig Corridor from Western Germany to eastern Germany or vice versus was like travelling from one country to another. The inconveniences, the delays and the annoyances to Germany and Poland had finally worked out their acceptable arrangement that eliminated a majority of German objections to the Danzig Corridor, which would serve to prevent Germany's resort to more aggressive action.

Adolf Hitler was the head of the German government at the time. The Jews throughout the world opposed the peaceful adjustment between Germany and Poland in the Danzig Corridor situation. Because unrestricted access of traffic between the western half and the eastern half of Germany would soon make Germany on of the most powerful countries in the world, which the Jews of the world dreaded.

In spite of the difficulties placed in the way of reaching a solution for the Danzig Corridor problem, by the Jews, Germany and Poland finally agreed upon a formula, and preparations were being made to consummate their understanding in a treaty: both Germany and Poland were satisfied the formula agreed upon and would serve both governments. Shortly before the agreement, or treaty, with Germany was to be signed, Poland secretly signed a treaty with England dated August 25, 1939.

Great Britain agreed to that treaty to hasten to the military assistance of Poland "with all the support and assistance in its power" and if Poland were to be attacked by Germany. With that assurance from Great Britain, Poland broke off negotiations with Germany. Germany did not understand the reason for Poland's sudden change of mind and decided to proceed with the terms of the arrangement agreed upon with Poland, and that was the actual start of World War II.

England knowingly, under pressure by the Jews, deceived Poland when they actually promised military assistance to Poland if Poland were to be attacked by Germany. England could not come to Poland's assistance and knew it when the offer of military assistance was made. Thus Poland fell into the trap which had been set by the Jews in Great Britain.

Therefore, Poland's unexplained discontinuance of negotiations with Germany to complete the Danzig Corridor agreement and resulted in Germany's moving troops into the Danzig Corridor. The Jews of Great Britain knew exactly what would take place in that event, that it would mean the beginning of World War II. The rest is history. The Jews of the world welcomed a war against Germany in 1939, so as to crush the Nazi Government as the Jews crushed Germany in World War I in 1917, by tricking the United States into the war in Europe.

President Roosevelt tried every thing he and his brother Jews could think of to trick the United States into the war so as to accommodate the Jews in the United States. Germany had learned by experience in World War I that the entry of the United States into the war could prove equally disastrous to Germany, if they could be tricked into entering the war on the side of England.

Therefore, even though American submarines had been sinking Germany ships since early in 1940, Germany exercised extraordinary caution not to proved the United States with justification under international law to declare war against them. It was just that which presented President Roosevelt with a problem.

However, President Roosevelt decided if it were impossible for him to get America into the war in Europe through the front door that he would trick the United States into the war through the back door. Which meant going through Japan. And he succeeded.

Secretary of Defense Stimson During World War II Makes Startling Revelation

Germany and Japan had a treaty under which if either Germany or Japan were attacked by a third power, the country which was not attacked by the third power automatically would be at war with that third power. President Roosevelt planned to provoke Japan so they would attack the United States, which they did on December 7, 1941. At which time the United States immediately declared war against Japan and thus was automatically at war with Germany.

The personal diary of Henry L. Stimson and all his papers are in the Yale University Library. Each day he entered in his personal diary the important events in his life that day, as he was President Roosevelt's secretary of defense. Stimson's diary was introduced as evidence in the United States Senate investigation of the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan over the strong objections of friends of President Roosevelt.

He made an entry in his diary on November 25, 1941, two weeks before Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, that at a meeting with President Roosevelt and his cabinet that morning at the White House, at which time Roosevelt told those present that he wished to be at war against Japan but that he "did not want it to appear the United States fired the first shot."

Zionist Conspirators Provoke Pearl Harbor Incident

President Roosevelt knowingly provoked Japan to attack the United States, advising them they could purchase no more steel scrap or oil from America. Japan was, at that time, in the midst of a war against China. And without scrap steel and without oil Japan would be unable to continue that war, for Japan was totally dependent upon the United States for both steel scrap and oil.

Professor Charles Callan Transill, the professor of diplomatic history at Georgetown University in Washington, wrote a classic work he called Back Door to War, published by Henry Regnery of Chicago in 1952. Professor Tansill spent five years after the war in the confidential files of the State Department doing research there on World War II. Professor Tansill's book has 652 pages all filled with alarming authenticated facts little known to the public during the war.

In a scholarly detailed manner easily understood, Professor Tansill supplies facts which are incontrovertible proof showing how President Roosevelt tricked the United States into World War II in Europe. President Roosevelt's (Another Marrano Jew) desire to please the Jews who were his brother religionists.

President Roosevelt realized if he expected political support by the Jews in the United States into the war then in progress in Europe against Germany. Surely nobody can any longer question that tricking America into World War II was President Roosevelt's contribution to the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East.

President Harry S. Truman made his great contribution to the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East when he recognized as a sovereign state an armed uprising in Palestine by 800,000 armed aliens transplanted there in a conspiracy organized by the Jews throughout the world.

Mr. Clarke M. Clifford, Secretary of War under President Lyndon B. Johnson, deserves a great deal of credit for the recognition of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, by the United States.

Mr. Eliahu Epstein, the American representative of the Jewish Agency in Washington in 1948, told the story in his three-page article in The Jewish Chronicle of London in its 10th anniversary issue of June 1958 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.

Mr. Clifford undoubtedly was anxious to help because President Truman had confided in his close friends that he wished to recognize the Zionist state in the "first hour of its birth" as he did. The State of Israel was officially "proclaimed" in Tel Aviv at midnight on May 14, 1948. President Truman recognized the birth of the State of Israel eleven minutes after midnight.

The Jews were willing to carry out their part of their bargain with President Truman after he recognized the State of Israel. Although the odds in President Truman's election in 1948 were 20 to 1 against his election, President Truman romped home the winner over Governor Dewey assisted by the invisible and invincible Zionist political steamroller that always elects their candidates.

President Truman not only used the power and prestige of the United States to compel America to admit the State of Israel as a peace-loving nation, the regime of an armed uprising in Palestine by transplanted aliens, but he made billions of American taxpayer dollars available to the Jews, to make the State of Israel powerful. When the day to vote for the admission of the State of Israel arrived they were short two votes. As the plan was about to collapse.

In the emergency, Mr. Charles H. Silver engaged Cardinal Spellman to make two trips to South America to change their votes in the United Nations against the admission of the State of Israel into the United nations to vote in favor of the admission of the State of Israel into the United nations as a member.

And since that time the Jews have proven to be ten times the murderers the Germans were said to have been. They have committed massacres against the Arabs and Palestineans without number.

A Partial List

The worst of the massacres were the King David Hotel, the Semiramis Hotel, Deir Yassin, Dawayma, Kibya, Kafr Kassim, the attack against the USS Liberty and the Libyan Boeing 727 Airliner, and the massacres against Sabra and Shatila and other refugee camps in Lebanon.

Following are just a few of the many massacres committed by the Jewish/Zionists; specifically the Hagana, Irgun and Stern Gangs of Israel: The Massacre of --

                        1. King David Hotel, July 22, 1946.
                        2. Sharafat, Feb. 7, 1951.
                        3. Deir Yassin, April 10, 1948.
                        4. Naseruddine, April 14, 1948.
                        5. Carmel, April 20, 1948.
                        6. Al-Qabu, May 1, 1948.
                        7. Beit Kiras, May 3, 1948.
                        8. Beitkhoury, May 5, 1948.
                        9. Az-Zaytoun, May 6, 1948.
                        10. Wadi Araba, May 13, 1950.
                        11. Falameh, April 2, 1951.
                        12. Quibya, Oct. 14, 1953.
                        13. Nahalin, March, 28, 1954.
                        14. Gaza, Feb. 28, 1955.
                        15. Khan Yunis, May 31, 1955.
                        16. Khan Yunis Again, Aug. 31, 1955.
                        17. Tiberia, Dec. 11, 1955.
                        18. As-Sabha, Nov. 2, 1955.
                        19. Gaza Again, April 5, 1956.
                        20. Houssan, Sept. 25, 1956.
                        21. Rafa, Aug. 16, 1956.
                        22. Qalqilyah, Oct. 10, 1956.
                        23. Ar-Rahwa, Sept. 12, 1956.
                        24. Kahr Kassem, Oct. 29, 1956.
                        25. Gharandal, Sept. 13, 1956.
                        26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.

   July 2, 1946: The King David Hotel in Jerusalem was bombed. Killing 91 people. Menachem Begin, who was recently given the so-called Nobel Peace Prize (It seems this prize is given to the people who can kill the most Christians and get away with it!), and is the same Begin who planned the destruction of the King David Hotel and the massacre of Deir Yassin. Ex prime minister, Shamir, was originally a member of the Jewish terrorist gang called Irgun, which was headed by none other than Menachem Begin.

Shamir later moved over to the even more radical "Stern Gang," which committed many vicious atrocities. Shamir himself has defended the various assassinations committed by the Irgun and Stern gangs on the grounds that "it was the only way we could operate, because we were so small. So it was more efficient and more moral to go for selected targets." The selected moral targets in those early days of the founding of the state of Israel included bombing of the King David Hotel and the massacre of Deir Yassin.

   1946: Treaty. President Truman ordered the augmentation of U.S. Troops along the zonal occupation line and the reinforcement of air forces in Northern Italy after Yugoslav forces shot down an unarmed U.S. Army transport plane flying over Venezia Giulia. Earlier U.S. Naval units had been dispatched to the scene. The Irgun Gang murdered almost 100 British by bombing the King David Hotel. Terrorism also was (and still is) routinely practiced against Arabs to stampede them out of Palestine, thereby reducing their demographic strength even as uninvited Jews stream into the country.

The King David Hotel explosion of July 22, 1946, which resulted in the deaths of 92 Britons, Arabs and Jews, and in the wounding of 58, was not just an "extremist act" of "Jewish extremists," but a premeditated massacre conducted by the Irgun in agreement with the highest Jewish political authorities in Palestine, the Jewish Agency and its head David Ben-Gurion.

According to Yitshaq Ben-Ami, a Palestinian Jew who spent 30 years in exile after the establishment of Israel investigating the crimes of the "ruthless clique heading the international Zionist movement." "The Irgun had conceived a plan for the King David attack early in 1946, but the green light was given only on July first. According to Dr. Sneh, the operation was personally approved by Ben-Gurion, from his self-exile in Europe. Sadeh, the operations officer of the Hagnah, and Giddy Paglin, the head of the Irgun operation under Menachem Begin agreed that thirty-five minutes advance notice would give the British time enough to evacuate the wing, without enabling them to disarm the explosion." (Yitshaq Ben-Ami, Years of Wrath, Days of Glory (New York: Speller, 1982), p. 377)

The Jewish Agency's motive was to destroy all evidence the British had gathered proving that the terrorist crime waves in Palestine were not merely the actions of "fringe" groups such as the Irgun and Stern Gang, but were committed in collusion with the Haganah and Palmach groups and under the direction of the highest political body of the Zionist establishment itself, namely the Jewish Agency.

That so many innocent civilian lives were lost in the King David massacre is a normal part of the pattern in the history of Zionist outrages: A criminal act is committed, allegedly by an isolated group, but actually under the direct authorization of the highest Zionist authorities, whether of the Jewish Agency during the Palestine Mandate or of the Government of Israel thereafter.

The following is a statement made in the House of Commons by then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee: "On July 22, 1946, one of the most dastardly and cowardly crimes in record history took place. We refer to the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. Ninety-two persons lost their lives in that stealthy attack, and 45 were injured, among whom there were many high officials, junior officers and office personnel, both men and women. The King David Hotel was used as an office housing the Secretariat of the Palestine Government and British Army Headquarters. The attack was made on July 22 at about 12 o'clock noon when offices are usually in full swing. The attackers, disguised as milkmen, carried the explosives in milk container, placed them in the basement of the Hotel and ran away.

        The Chief Secretary for the Government of Palestine, Sir John Shaw, declared in a broadcast: 'As head of the Secretariat, the majority of the dead and wounded were my own staff, many of whom I have known personally for eleven years. They are more than official colleagues, British, Arabs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians; senior officers, police, my orderly, my chauffeur, messengers, guards, men and women, young and old, they were my friends.

        No man could wish to be served by a more industrious, loyal and honest group of ordinary decent people. Their only crime was their devoted, unselfish and impartial service to Palestine and its people. For this they have been rewarded by cold-blooded mass murder.'

        Although members of the Irgun Z'vai Leumi took responsibility for this crime, yet they also made it public later that they obtained the consent and approval of the Haganah Command, and it follows, that of the Jewish Agency." (War Office Document 261/562, Public Record Office, London)

Vipers - Part 35

The King David Hotel massacre shocked the conscience of the civilized world. On July 23, 1946, Anthony Eden, leader of the then British opposition Conservative Party, posed a question in the House of Commons to Prime Minister Atlee of the Labor Party, asking "the Prime Minister whether he has any statement to make on the bomb outrage at the British Headquarters in Jerusalem." The Prime Minister responded: "Hon. Members will have learned with horror of the brutal and murderous crime committed yesterday in Jerusalem. Of all the outrages which have occurred in Palestine, and they have been many and horrible in the last few months, this is the worst. By this insane act of terrorism 93 innocent people have been killed or are missing in the ruins. The latest figures of casualties are 41 dead, 52 missing and 53 injured. I have no further information at present beyond what is contained in the following official report received from Jerusalem:

        'It appears that, after exploding a small bomb in the street, presumably as a diversionary measure, this did virtually no damage, a lorry drove up to the tradesmen's entrance of the King David Hotel and the occupants, after holding up the staff at pistol point, entered the kitchen premises carrying a number of milk cans. At some stage of the proceedings, they shot and seriously wounded a British soldier who attempted to interfere with them. All available information so far is to the effect that they were Jews. Somewhere in the basement of the hotel they planted bombs which went off shortly afterwards. They appear to have made good their escape.

        Every effort is being made to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this outrage. The work of rescue in the debris, which was immediately organize, still continues. The next-of-kin of casualties are being notified by telegram as soon as accurate information is available. The House will wish to express their profound sympathy with the relatives of the killed and with those injured in this dastardly outrace.'" (Hansard, House of Commons Debates, volume 425, pp. 1877-1878)

As a result of his massacre it was said: "Root of regicide, master robbers, sinister, carrion birds of humanity, hateful, oriental slavers, puppeteers, plague, revolutionaries, subversives..."

   April 9, 1948: Deir Yassin Massacre. The first major massacre in the 1948 War was the massacre of Deir Yassin on April 9/10, 1948. It was designed to spread terror and panic among the Palestinian population in every city and village of Palestine in order to frighten them into fleeing, so that their homes and land could be confiscated for the use of Jewish colonialist settlers. The tactics of the Zionist Jews were to frighten defenseless people into fleeing their homes out of fear for their lives.

A combined force of Irgun and Stern Gangs committed a brutal massacre of 260 Arab residents of the village of Deir Yassin. Most of whom were women and children. The Israeli hordes even attacked the dead to satisfy their bestial tendencies. In April, 1954, during Holy Week, and on the eve of Easter, The Christian cemeteries in Haifa were invaded, crosses broken down and trampled under the feet of these miscreants, and the tombs desecrated. The Israeli military conquest, therefore was made against a defenseless people, who had been softened up by such earlier massacres as Deir Yasin (250 Arabs; men, women and children were massacred there).

The Jew, Weizman, referred to the massacre as this "miraculous simplification of our task" and Ben Gurion said "without Deir Yasin there would be no Israel." Americans are not told that 10% of the Arabs killed by the Israeli's in 1948 were Christian and that 10% of the Arab property confiscated belonged to Christians. Nor are they told the fact that Israel's massacres and military actions forced 100,000 Christians to become refugees.

Accounts by Red Cross and United Nations observers who visited the scene, said that the houses were first set on fire and the occupants were shot down as they came out to escape the flames. One pregnant woman had her baby cut out of her stomach with a knife. Reminiscent of the acts committed by their brother Jews in Russia during and after the Bolshevik (Jewish) take over. The head of the International Red Cross delegation in Palestine, Jacques de Reynier, drove into the village and was met by a detachment of Irgun terrorists. In his report of the massacre the previous night, he wrote: "All of them were young, some even adolescents, men and women armed to the teeth: revolvers, machine-guns, hand-grenades, and knives, most of them still blood-stained. A beautiful young girl with criminal eyes showed me hers (knife) still dripping with blood, she displayed it like a trophy."

Two hundred and fifty people were slaughtered. Mutilating the bodies, even before death, the culprits cut off parts and opened the bellies of others. Nursing babies were butchered on the bosoms of helpless mothers. Of those two hundred and fifty people, twenty-five pregnant women were bayoneted in their abdomens while still alive. Fifty- two children were maimed under the eyes of their own mothers, and then they were slain and their heads cut off. Their mothers were in turn massacred and their bodies mutilated. About sixty other women and girls were also killed and their bodies mutilated. Such are the historical facts concerning the horrible crime perpetrated against the Arab village of Deir Yassin.

On the night of April 9/10, 1948, the peaceful Arab village of Deir Yassin, a suburb of Jerusalem, was surprised by loudspeakers calling upon the inhabitants to evacuate the village immediately. The villagers woke up and, in a state of turmoil and fear, proceeded to investigate what was going on, only to find themselves surrounded on all sides by Jewish gangs. The Jews made use of the prevailing state of fright and disorganization by killing and mutilating people who had been deprived of every opportunity to defend themselves.

The marauders were not satisfied with the crimes they had committed in the village. They gathered together the women and girls who were still alive, and after removing all their clothes, put them in open cars, driving them naked through the streets of the Jewish section of Jerusalem, where they were subjected to the mockery and insult of the onlookers. Many took photographs of those women.

The crime of Deir Yassin shocked the world, which called upon the International Red Cross Society to establish the truth. The representative of the Red Cross, Mr. Jacques Reynier, asked the Jewish Agency for permission to visit the site of the massacre. The granting of this permission was delayed twenty four hours while the Jews tried to erase the traces of their crimes. They gathered together all that was possible to collect of the parts of the mutilated bodies of their victims, dumped them in the cistern of the village and locked it up. They did all they could to obliterate any traces that the representative of the Red Cross could come across. On visiting the site of the crime, however, the representative of the Red Cross discovered the cistern, and found one hundred and fifty maimed bodies of women and children. He could express his horror, disgust and fright at the sight only by declaring that "the situation was horrible."

In addition to the bodies that he had found in the cistern, the representative of the Red Cross discovered many other corpses scattered throughout the backstreets of the village and buried under the debris of the destroyed homes. Mr. Reynier found under a mound of dead bodies a girl of six who had been seriously sounded, but was not yet dead. He extracted the girl from under the human debris and carried her with him to the hospital.

All the Jewish Agency (the body responsible at that time for the activities of the Jewish gangs) did was to express its sorrow and condemn the affair as if it had been completely unaware of it. David Shaltiel, Commander of the Haganah, released a communiqu� about Deir Yassin on April 10, in which he stated: "This morning the last Lehi and Etzel soldiers ran from Deir Yassin, and our forces entered the village. We were forced to take command of the village after the splinter forces (Irgunists and Sternists) opened a new enemy front and then fled, leaving the western neighborhoods of the city open to enemy attack. The splinter groups did not launch a military operation...They could have attacked enemy gangs in the Jerusalem area and lightened the burden which Jerusalem bears. But they chose one of the quiet villages in the area that has not been connected with any of the gang attacks since the start of the present campaign; one of the few villages that has not let foreign gangs in. For a full day, Etzel and Lehi soldiers stood and slaughtered men, women and children, not in the course of the operation, but in a premeditated act which had as its intention slaughter and murder only. They also took spoils, and when they finished their work, they fled..." (Dan Kurzman, Genesis 1948 (New York: New American Library, 1972), p. 181)

The communiqu� denied Irgun and Sternist claims that a Palmach force had participated in the attack. Enraged by this declaration, Raanan and Zetler released the text of the letter Shaltiel had sent them guardedly approving the attack in advance. Israel Galili, the Haganah commander, then asked Shaltiel about this letter, which Tel Aviv had never sanctioned. Shaltiel cabled back on April 15: "I learned they were preparing action against Deir Yassin. As I didn't want to meet them I sent a letter. I would stop to the extent possible future operations of dissidents." (Dan Kurzman, Genesis 1948, p. 181)

Two days after this maneuver of the Jewish Agency, the newspaper "Hamashekev," the organ of the Irgun, replying to the Jewish Agency's condemnation of the Deir Yassin massacre, published the fact that the Commander of the Haganah (the organized forces of the Jewish Agency) had been fully aware in advance of the details of the plan and had already contemplated the occupation of Deir Yassin by the Irgun Terrorists. Meanwhile, Menahem Begin, the leader of the Irgun gang, himself admitted on December 28, 1950, in a press interview in New York, that the Deir Yassin incident had been carried out in accordance with an agreement between the Irgun and the Jewish Agency and the Haganah.

Four criminals who had taken part in the deir Yassin massacre and had been badly injured demanded remuneration from the Jewish authorities in occupied Palestine on the basis of a government decision to compensate all persons who suffered injuries during the fighting in Palestine. The authorities refused the request on the grounds that the Deir Yassin incident had not been perpetrated on orders from responsible Jewish authorities. The four culprits raised an action before the District Court at Tel-Aviv. They produced evidence that the Deir Yassin massacre had been carried out on the orders of the Jewish Agency, and in agreement with the Haganah. The District Court considered the evidence produced to be genuine and irrefutable and ruled that the plaintiffs should be compensated by the state.

By the criteria established in the International War Crimes Tribunals after World War II, the Irgun and Stern gang members directly responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre would receive death sentences for committing such an atrocity. The leaders of both gangs, including Menachem Begin of the irgun and Yitzhak Shamir of the Stern Gang, would have been convicted with a death sentence for their Command Responsibility for the massacre. Moreover, the senior commanders of the Haganah, especially Chief of Staff Yaacov Dori and Commander David Shaltiel, and the political authority responsible for the discipline of the Jewish armed units, the Jewish Agency leaders and its head David Ben-Gurion, would have borne ultimate responsibility and would have been hung like their Nazi political counterparts after World War II.

        1948: The following testimony of a soldier who participated in the occupation of the Palestinian village of Dawayma (in Haifa sub-district) on October 29, 1948 is only the most recent disclosed item in a long chain of evidence: "They killed between eighty to one hundred Arab men, women and children. To kill the children they (soldiers) fractured their heads with sticks. There was not one home without corpses. The men and women of the villages were pushed into houses without food or water. Then the saboteurs came to dynamite them.

        One commander ordered a soldier to bring two women into a building he was about to blow up...Another soldier prided himself upon having raped an Arab woman before shooting her to death. Another Arab woman with her newborn baby was made to clean the place for a couple of days, and then they shot her and the baby. Educated and well-mannered commanders who were considered 'good guys'...became base murderers, and this non in the storm of battle, but as a method of expulsion and extermination. The fewer the Arabs who remain, the better." (Davar, June 9, 1979)

1948: The Semiramis Hotel Massacre, in the Katamon section of Jerusalem, by the Jews against the Palestinians.

The Jewish Agency escalated their terror campaign against Palestinian Arabs. They decided to perpetrate a wholesale massacre by bombing the Semiramis Hotel in the Katamon section of Jerusalem, in order to drive out the Palestinians from Jerusalem. The massacre of the Semiramis Hotel on January 5, 1948, was the direct responsibility of Jewish Agency leader David Ben-Gurion and Haganah leaders Moshe Sneh and Yisrael Galili. If this massacre had taken place in World War II, they would have been sentenced to death for their criminal responsibility along with the terrorists who placed the explosives.

A description of the massacre of the Semiramis Hotel from the United Nations Documents follows, as well as the Palestine Police report on the crime sent to the Colonial Office in London: "January 5, 1948, Haganah terrorists made a most barbarous attack at one o'clock in the early morning of Monday, January 5, 1948, at the Semiramis Hotel in the Katamon section of Jerusalem, killing innocent people and wounding many. The Jewish Agency terrorist forces blasted the entrance to the hotel by a small bomb and then placed bombs in the basement of the building. As a result of the explosion the whole building collapsed with its residents. As the terrorists withdrew, they started shooting at the houses in the neighborhood. Those killed were: Subhi El-Taher, Moslem; Mary Masoud, Christian; Georgette Khoury, Christian; Abbas Awadin, Moslem; Nazir Lorenzo, Christian; Mary Lorenzo, Christina; Mohammed Saleh Ahmed, Moslem; Ashur Abed El Razik Juma, Moslem; Ismail Abed El Aziz, Moslem; Ambeer Lorenzo, Christian; Raof Lorenzo, Christian; Abu Suwan Christian family, seven members, husband, wife and five children. Besides those killed, 16 more were wounded, among them women and children." (United Nations Security Council Official Records, Supplements 1948, Document S/740)

The following is a text of a cable by the High Commissioner for Palestine to the Colonial Office about the massacre: "Jerusalem. 0117 hours, Urban. At approximately 0117 hours, a grenade was thrown into the Semiramis Hotel, Katamon Quarter, causing superficial damage but no casualties. During the ensuing confusion, a charge was placed in the building and it exploded about one minute later, completely demolishing half the hotel. Witnesses have stated that the perpetrators arrived by way of the Upper Katamon Road in two taxis. Four persons are reported to have alighted fromt he first taxi, and one person, who apparently covered the main party, from the second. All were wearing European clothes.

        The following are the known casualties: Dead - Manuel Allendesalazar y Traveseda - Spanish Consul at Jerusalem; Nazira Lorenzo; Mary Lorenzo; Abbas Ahmed Awadin, an Egyptian waiter, and Ashur Abdul Razzik Juma. (The last two named have not yet been extricated from the debris). Seriously Injured - Mrs. Georgette Khouri, aged 38, of Jaffa. Slightly Injured - Silvo Lorenzo; Eddy Lorenzo; Rene Lorenzo; Rita Lorenzo; Joseph Lorenzo; Dr. Abu Sawan; Cyril Abu Sawan; Matier Abu Sawan; Friek Batawi; Daoud Khadoush; Mohammed Ahmed Abdul Najib; Ibrahim Nicola; Hassan Mohammed; Awad Mohammed; Hassan Ibrahim; and No. 874 F.P.C. Hamil Ragheb Dajani.

        The following are believed to be buried underneath the debris: Raouf Lorenzo and his wife; Lutfi Abu Sawan (62) and his wife (45); Labibeh Lorenzo (40); Hubert Lorenzo (25); Subhi Taha (25); Amneh Abdul Azziz Zorob (34); Ismail Zaid Abdo (15), son of Amneh Zorob; and Gharviayeh Saoud Abu Yunis (30). The bodies of two of these persons have been extricated from the debris but have not yet been identified. Heavy firing broke out in the Katamon area after the first explosion, and Mohammed Ahmed Saleh of Beit Rima, who was near the hotel in the company of another Arab, was shot in the head and killed." (Colonial Office Document 537;3855, Public Record Office, London)

        May 1948: The U.S. appointed Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden to mediate between the Arabs and the Israelis. In his first progress report (of Sept. 16, 1948) he recommended that the U.N. should affirm "the right of the Arab refugees to return to their homes in Jewish controlled territory at the earliest possible date." The Israelis responded in their own quiet way. The following day Bernadotte was murdered in Jerusalem.

The spectacular assassination which caused an International outcry was claimed, the, by an unknown "Fatherland Front," but that was a cover for Shamir's Stern Gang. Yoshua Zeitler and Meshlam Markover of Stern told Israeli Television earlier this year (1989) that, they respectively directed and led the operation that killed the Swedish diplomat and his French aid-de-camp. Zeitler, 71, said he decided to speak now because of fear that the U.N. and the "goyim" (non-Jews) are again trying to force Israel into concessions.

        February 1949: Israel launched an offensive across the Armistice lines with Egypt which brought its forces to the Gulf of Aqaba, occupying the Palestinian police post of Umm Rashrash which they afterwards named Eilat.

        1950: Israelis seized the Al-Uja de-militarized zone on the Egyptian side and Baqqara on the Syrian side, expelling their Arab inhabitants and razed their homes to the ground by bulldozers.

        1950-1955: Israeli forces unleashed more than 40 acts of armed aggressions against Arab states, almost all causing a heavy loss of life. This included attacks and massacres in Qibya, Huleh 1953, Nahalin, Kfar Qassem in 1954, Gaza and a Syrian outpost on Lake Tiberias in 1955.

        October 14, 1953, was a continuation of such brutal, inhjman massacres as the King David Hotel, Semiramis Hotel and Deir Yassin. But it was also a watershed in one of the most sinister grand designs in military history - a deliberate turning of an entire officer corps into a cabal with shared personal guilt for vicious war crimes.

Vipers - Part 36

The Nazis organized a separate all-volunteer army, under Heinrich Himmler, the Waffen SS. The SS was responsible for the majority of the German war atrocities comparable to those committed by the Zionists. In 1953, Ben-Gurion established an SS equivalent in the Zahal, designated as Commando Unit 101. This all-volunteer unit was responsible for the Kibya massacre and was given exemption from the rules of war as if the Geneva Convention never existed. The first, and only, commander of Commando Unit 101 was Ariel Sharon, the single person most responsible years later for the notorious Sabra dn Shatila massacre in Beirut, Lebanon.

The guilt of Commando Unit 101 was the in the most sinister fashion extended first to the Israeli Airborne forces, and subsequently to the entire career officer corps of the Israeli Army. Sharon maneuvered the resignation of the professional commander of the Israeli paratroops, Yehuda Harari, and amalgamated the paratroops along with Commando Unit 101 into Unity 202 of the Israeli Army. The professionalism of the Israeli Airborne troops was thus destroyed, turning all Israeli paratroopers, not just the participants in the Kibya Massacre, into common criminals and murderers of innocent men, women and children.

The Zionists, having destroyed the professionalism of their own Airborne Force, proceeded to destroy the professionalism of the entire career Officer Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces. No senior officer of the IDF could gain promotion without prior service in the paratroops, and all paratroopers shared in war crimes guilt through assignments given them to murder civilians and to commit other acts illegal under the Geneva Convention. According to an authoritative survey of the Israeli Army "The silver parachute 'jump- wings' are worn by almost all Zahal officers, as it is normally a required qualification." (The Israeli Army in the Middle East Wars 1948-1973 (London: Osprey Publishing), p. 31)

The Government of Israel at the time claimed that the Kibya Massacre was performed by "civilian Jewish settlers." But the historical record shows that it was sanctioned by acting Prime Minister Moshe Sharrett, and was planned by Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon, the Chief of the General Staff Mordecai Maklef, and the Chief of Operations, General Moshe Dayan, in concert with vacationing Israeli Prime Minister David Ben- Gurion.

Despite the Israeli Government's attempt at cover-up, word spread of their responsibility for the Kibya Massacre and Ariel Sharon's role ultimately came out in connection with this crime. No less a Zionist figure than I.L. Kenen, the founding father of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the official Israeli lobby in the United States, revealed in his Memoirs: "I was on my way home on the subway, headed for Riverdale, when I heard a brief news flash in the World Telegram disclosing that 66 Arabs had been killed at Kibya as Israelis sought to avenge the slaughter of an Israeli family. I did not know until years later that the raid was ordered by Ariel Sharon, the Israeli commander who led the invasion of Lebanon in 1982." (I.L. Kenen, All My Causes, p. 60)

At 9:30 p.m., on Wednesday, October 14, 1953, Israeli troops attacked the border Jordanian village of Kibya, Northwest of Jerusalem. Seven hundred regular Israeli troops participated in the attack in which mortars, machine guns, rifles and explosives were used. Forty-two houses as well as the school and the mosque of the village were dynamited. Every man, woman and child found by the attackers was killed; all in all, seventy-five innocent villagers were murdered in cold blood that night. Later, the attackers turned their fire on the cattle, killing 22 cows. The attack was the bloodiest and most brutal Zionist crime since the infamous Deir Yassin massacre of 1948.

The Jordanian Government immediately informed the Truc Supervision Organization of the attack. The signatories of the Three Power Declaration of 1950 (U.S.A., Britain and France) were also informed of the serious consequences of the despicable Zionist aggression.

The Arab Legion cancelled all leaves, thousands of persons demonstrated in the streets of Amman, Nablus and Old Jerusalem asking for arms to avenge the innocent victims of Kibya. The Jordan Cabinet held a series of meetings with military chiefs to discuss measures to be taken to deal with the situation resulting from the Zionist attack. After a two-hour meeting, the Jordan-Israeli Mixed Armistice Commission convicted Israel of the Kibya murders.

        REACTION OF WESTERN POWERS: In London, the Ministers of major western powers who were meeting in the British capital condemned the Israeli crime. The British Foreign Office issued a statement in which the attack was described as constituting the gravest violation of the Palestine Armistice Agreement and a serious threat to peace in the area. The statement added: "Her Majesty's ambassador in Tel- Aviv has been instructed to express to the Israeli Government the horror of her Majesty's Government at the apparently calculated attack. Her Majesty's Government expects the Israeli Government to bring to justice those who are responsible and to take measures to compensate the victims."

In Paris, the French Government announced that it associated itself with Great Britain in protesting in horror against the Israeli attack. A spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry also confirmed that a French note of protest was delivered to Israel through the French embassy in Tel-Aviv. In Washington, the Department of State issued a statement in which it said: "The U.S. Government has the deepest sympathy for the families of those who lost their lives in and near Kibya during the recent attack by Israeli forces. The shocking reports which have reached the Department of State of the loss of lives and property involved in this incident convince us that those who are responsible should be brought to account and that effective measures should be taken to prevent such incidents in the future."

        JORDAN REPORTS KIBY MASSACRE TO SECURITY COUNCIL: On October 16, 1953, Dr. Yousif Haikal, Jordanian Ambassador to the United Nations, addressed the following letter to the President of the Security Council reporting the Israeli Kibya attack: "Under instructions from my Government I have the honor to bring the following matter to your attention:

        On Wednesday, October 14, 1953, at 9:30 p.m., a battalion scale attack was launched by Israeli troops on the village of Kibya in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Israelis entered the village and systematically murdered all occupants of houses, using automatic weapons, grenades, and incendiaries; and dynamited houses over victims' heads. On October 14, the bodies of forty-two Arab civilians were recovered. Four men and thirty-eight women and children bore small-arms or grenade wounds. Several more bodies were still under the wreckage. Forty houses, the village school, and a reservoir were destroyed. Twenty-two cattle were killed and six shops looted. Approach roads from neighboring villages were mined. Several men of the village police and National Guards, who were absent on frontier duty preventing Jordan infiltrators from entering Israel, lost their families, one man lost his entire family of eleven. Quantities of unused explosives bearing Israeli Army markings in Hebrew were found in the village.

        At about 3:00 a.m., to cover their withdrawal, Israeli support troops began shelling the neighboring villages of Budrus and Shuqba from positions in Israel, damaging a number of houses.

        On that same day, October 14, Israel had been condemned by the Mixed Armistice Commission for ambushes on a civilian buss and taxi travelling between Beit Sira and Latrun. At an emergency meeting on October 15, the Mixed Armistice Commission condemned Israel by majority vote for the shelling of Budrus by a supporting unit of the Israel attacking forces (under the Armistice Agreement, Article 3, Paragraphs 2 and 3). The Commission passed a resolution by majority vote, calling upon the Israeli Government to take immediate and most urgent steps to prevent the recurrence of such steps on Jordan and Jordan citizens.

        The Jordan Government has taken appropriate measures to meet the emergency. However, it feels that this criminal Israeli aggression is so serious that it might start a war in the area. It has the view, therefore, that the situation calls imperatively for an immediate and effective action by the United Nations, and especially by those nations party to the Tripartite Declaration of May 25, 1950." (United Nations Security Council Official Records, Supplements 1953, Document S/3113)

        SECURITY COUNCIL DEBATE ON ISRAELI BORDER AGGRESSIONS: On October 19, the United Nations Security Council met at the invitation of the three Great Western Powers to discuss the Israeli border aggressions. (United Nations Security Council Official Records, 1953, October 19, 1953)

On October 26, General Van Bennike testified before the United Nations Security Council. He gave irrefutable evidence that the brutal attack on Kibya was undertaken by regular army units of Israel and not by irregulars as claimed by official Israeli sources. The following is the full text of General Van Bennike's report on Kibya: "The information I am going to submit on the Kibya incident is based on reports received from United Nations observers, in particular from the senior officer who is the Acting Chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commission.

        Following the receipt of a Jordan complaint that a raid on the village of Kibya had been carried out by Israel military forces during the night of 14-15 October, between 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m., a United Nations investigation team departed from Jerusalem for Kibya at about 6:30 a.m. on 15 October. The Acting Chairman also left for Kibya on the same morning. On reaching the village he found that between thirty and forty buildings had been completely demolished, including the school, the water pumping station, the police station and the telephone office.

        Near the police station, one lorry had been completely destroyed by fire. The necks and trigger attachments of incendiary bombs were found nearby. Bullet-riddle bodies near the doorways and multiple bullet hits on the doors of the demolished houses indicated that the inhabitants had been forced to remain inside until their homes were blown up over them.

        There were several small craters along the western perimeter of the village, and the tails of two-inch mortar shells were found. Four gaps, approximately three meters in width, had been blasted in the barbed-wire protective fence surrounding the village. Fragments, easily identifiable as parts of Bangalore torpedoes, were found near these gaps.

        By the time the Acting Chairman left Kibya, twenty-seven bodies had been dug from the rubble. The villagers were digging for others who they knew were still buried beneath the building stones. They believed that the number of dead might reach sixty. Six wounded persons were seen in the village, and the Acting Chairman was told that there were other wounded persons in the hospital.

        Witnesses were uniform in describing their experiences as a night of horror, during which Israeli soldiers moved about in their village, blowing up buildings, firing into doorways and windows with automatic weapons and throwing hand grenades. A number of unexploded hand grenades, marked with Hebrew letters indicating recent Israeli manufacture, and three bags of TNT were found in and about the village.

        An emergency meeting of the Mixed Armistice Commission was held in the afternoon of 15 October. The following resolution, moved by the Jordan delegation, was adopted by majority vote, with the Israeli delegation voting against it:

        (a) The crossing of the demarcation line by a force approximately one half of a battalion from the Israeli Regular Army, fully equipped, into Kibya village on the night of 14-15 October, 1953, to attack the inhabitants by firing from automatic weapons and throwing grenades and using Bangalore torpedoes together with TNT explosives by which forty-one dwelling houses and a school building were completely blown up, resulting in the cold-blooded murder of forty-two lives, including men, women, children, and the wounding of fifteen persons and the damage of a police car, (and) at the same time, the crossing of a part of the same group in to Shuqba village, (are) a breach of article III, paragraph 2 of the General Armistice Agreement.

        (b) The shelling by a supporting unit to that force by three-inch mortar guns resulted in the damage of some houses and a bus and the wounding of a N.C.O in charge of the National Guards, is a breach of article III, paragraph 3 of the General Armistice Agreement.

        The Mixed Armistice Commission decides that it is extremely important that the Israeli authorities should take immediately the most vigorous measures to prevent the recurrence of such aggressions against Jordan and its citizens.'

        I discussed with Commander Hutchison, of the U.S.A. Navy, the Acting Chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commission, the reasons why he had supported the resolution condemning the Israeli Army for having carried out this attack and, after listening to his explanations and technical arguments, I found them most convincing." (United Nations Security Council Official Records, 1953, October 26, 1953)

        Security Council Condemns Israel for Kibya Raid: On November 9, the British, United States, French and Greek delegates to the Security Council told the Council they held Israel responsible for the raid on Kibya. After a long debate which the Israeli delegate to the UN tried to drown the aggression on Kibya in a generalized discussion of all sorts of aspects of the Palestine Question, the Council finally approved on 25 November a draft resolution introduced by France the United Kingdom and the United States. The resolution condemned Israel's crime at Kibya in unmistakable terms. It said in part: "The Security Council, Recalling its previous resolutions on the Palestine question, particularly those of 15 July 1948, 11 August 1949, and 18 May 1951 concerning methods for maintaining the armistice and resolving disputes through the Mixed Armistice Commission; Noting the reports of 27 October 1953 and 9 November 1953 to the Security Council by the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization and the statements to the Security Council by the representatives of Jordan and Israel;

        Finds that the action at Kibya taken by armed forces of Israel 14-15 October 1953 and all such actions constitute a violation of the cease-fire provisions of the Security Council resolution of 15 July 1948 and are inconsistent with the Parties' obligations under the General Armistice Agreement and the Charter; Expresses the strongest censure of that action which can only prejudice the chances of that peaceful settlement which both Parties in accordance with the Charter are bound to seek, and calls upon Israel to take effective measures to prevent all such actions in the future." (United Nations Security Council Official Records, Resolutions 1953, S/3139/Rev. 2)

        American Private Citizens Expressed Outrage At Israel For The Kibya Massacre: The following comments are by Passionist Father Ralph Gorman, Editor of "The Sign," National Catholic Magazine of the United States: "Terror was a political weapon of the Nazis. But the Nazis never used terror in a more cold-blooded and wanton manner than the Israelis in the massacre at Kibya.

        The official report of the Palestine Truce Supervisor removed any possible doubt that the Israelis, themselves in large part refugees from Hitler's terror, were perpetrators of this horrible slaughter of innocent men, women and children. It also reveals that it was an official act of the State, carried out by an official organ, the army.

        Kibya is an Arab village twenty miles northeast of Jerusalem and a mile and a half fromt he border of Israel. The evening of October 14, was like any other for the 1500 inhabitants of the peaceful village until at 9:30 all hell let loose. Mortar shells began exploding from artillery that had been carefully aimed from Israel before dark. After the town had been partly demolished and many of its inhabitants buried in the rubble of falling homes or blown to bits by the exploding shells, half a battalion of the regular Israeli army moved in and surrounded the village to cut off escape.

        Then followed an orgy of murder that would be incredible if it had not been verified by reliable neutral testimony. Women and children as well as men were murdered deliberately, systematically, and in cold blood.

        The only response the Israelis have made to outraged protest of the civilized world had been one of defiance and self-justification. Prime Minister David Ben- Gurion excused the murderers. Israeli newspapers openly gloated over the deed, and even AMERICAN ZIONISTS SHOWED LITTLE CONCERN OTHER THAN A FEAR THAT AMERICAN DOLLARS MIGHT NOT CONTINUE TO FLOW AS FREELY AS BEFORE INTO THE COFFERS OF THE NEW STATE.

        Most of our readers know by now our attitude on Zionism. We are not anti- Semitic, although anybody who criticizes Israel is tarred with this brush in some quarters. We have always advocated help for persecuted Jews and an open-door policy for Jewish immigration into the United States. But Palestine has been an Arab country since the seventh century, and it is a horrible injustice to rob the Arabs of their land and drive them into exile in order to make a home for Jewish refugees. If want a measure of justice for all concerned, if we want any respect for the United Nations and its decisions, if we want peace in the Middle East and the vast Moslem world on our side, then we must take action now. We simply cannot permit the Israelis to go on thumbing their noses at the United Nations and flouting the most fundamental decencies of the civilized world.

        We should demand that the Israelis accept, and accept as final, the territorial limits established by the United Nations, with minor rectifications to return to Arab villages land which has been cut off by an arbitrary drawing of boundaries. We should give a guarantee to the Arabs that in case of further Israeli aggression we shall shut off all help to Israel and give all possible aid to the Arabs. We can and should force the Israelis to accept the United Nations decision to internationalize Jerusalem. This is a matter in which the whole Christian world has an interest. These are minimum and essential demands.

        We must confess a fear that little or nothing will be done in spite of the tremendous issues involved. The Zionist pressure group in this country is so powerful that even the highest Government officials either talk as if they were citizens of Israel or keep silent." (The Sign, December 1953)

John Barwick is an American citizen who was for many years YMCA Representative in the Middle East and was then living in Jerusalem. In the following article he describes the indelible effect of the fact that American ammunition was used in the Kibya Massacre:  "FA 43, that is what is stamped on the rim of this cartridge shell. There is a dent in the copper center which means it had done its job. But it was still vigorous enough at midnight on October 14, 1953 to penetrate a baby's skull as it lay on its mother's lap. Its fellows in the magazine of that gun did the same for a three- year-old boy, this four-year old sister and their mother. All the wounds were in the back of their heads. Their bodies were bowed as in prayer when the stone of their home were lifted off them. Those who made that cartridge hoped it would keep the Nazis behind the Rhine.

        The Arab village of Kibya will probably outlive Lidice in the hot memories of hate. To Kibya, Israel dispatched its army, as its instrument of national policy, to use artillery to blast its way into an unarmed village of 2,000 people, kick open a few doors, shoot in cold blood a dozen families, put demolition bombs under their houses then sit on the wall in the moonlight to watch them blow up, smoking cigarettes looted from the shops. After that the soldiers loaded the loot on a few donkeys, shot the rest of the livestock and went leisurely home to well-earned rest.

        The irony of all this is that for centuries Arab countries had been the refuge of Jews persecuted in so-called Christian lands. The practical problem the world faces today is the mind of the Arab holding this shell. He has been told it is of American origin and he is not surprised, although it is not what he hoped for from a country known for its kindness. FA 13 against the background of a white hot memory - that night when his world fell around him, his army 75 miles away, unable to respond to his pleas, his women and children dying under the rubble of his roof, no help of any kind for hours, no doctors or nurses until all but two had died, not even an ambulance for almost 24 hours.

        The conclusion is inescapable: all he held dear was destroyed through Barbarism made possible by American bullets and shells. All the missionaries America may send from now on, all the Point Four we can pour into the country, all the U.N. relief we can provide, will not wipe out the memory." (Tension, Terror and Blood in the Holy Land, pp. 127-128)

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