Postmillennial View of Satan
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

        The Postmillennial View of Satan: The Postmillennial view of History sees the world coming daily under the rule of Christian thought and philosophy. It foresees a final victory of this earth by Christian men and the establishment of Christ's Kingdom without a personal return of Christ back to earth prior to the victory of this Kingdom over the earth. The Postmillennial theology sees Satan as almost non-existent, or if he did exist, he would exert little if any power in the earth. This viewpoint of history and of the Bible denies Satan any valid position as to power and authority in this earth. While this position is more valid than the millennial or premillennial position with regard to Satan, it is not entirely void of weakness. This position is closer to the truth, but is still extremely far from the true teaching of the Bible with regard to Satan. Those who take an extreme position in the Postmillennial viewpoint of history and of the Bible would deny the personal existence of Satan.

        Those who deny the personal existence of Satan are probably beyond the stand taken by most Postmillennial Christian people; deny the Scriptures teach the existence of a Satan, and who teach that Satan is only symbolic of evil or an "evil thought" or "lust" in man's mind and/or heart, are unknowingly according Satan his greatest victory which is to deny that he exists. SATAN'S MOST OVERWHELMING VICTORY IS TO CONVINCE MAN HE DOES NOT EXIST. To deny the existence of Satan is just as extreme as those who accord him super-natural, omniscient, omnipresent power over the earth, its people, and hell. Neither position is a valid Biblical Viewpoint. Both extremes are wrong and both deny the Biblical Viewpoint of Satan which will be discussed later.

        Those who deny Satan usually end up defending this position by trying to argue that Satan is a scapegoat which people can impute their own sins and not bear personal responsibility for their actions. This type of behavior, Flip Wilson style. "The Devil Made Me Do It," may indeed be used by many irresponsible people who seek to find a scapegoat upon which they can impute their sins. This faulty thinking only demonstrates their utter lack of Biblical Understanding toward Satan and his fallen nature which is still in process of captivating the minds of many Christian people. Whose who seek to blame their "sins" upon Satan and use him as their own personal scapegoat have failed to do business with the problem of sin, and those who would deny the existence of a Satan because people would say, "The Devil Made Me Do It," do not understand the cause of Original sin and the result of Original Sin.

        Most people have been taught by the Judeo-Christian ministers that the Original sin was sex between Adam and Eve. But this is not Biblical for the Bible says: "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So GOD CREATED MAN in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, AND GOD SAID UNTO THEM, BE FRUITFUL, AND MULTIPLY, AND REPLENISH THE EARTH, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." (Genesis 1:26-28)

        Here we see that God commanded the men and women to be "fruitful" and "multiply," and "REPLENISH, the earth. Therefore, if God made the commandment for the men and women to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth then sex between men and women CANNOT BE A SIN. For sin is the violation of God's Laws.

        Man's denial of a Satan means that they ultimately must impute all sin to God. A denial of Satan means that there was no original sin for a denial of Satan leaves us without a first cause. We are left with the result, "sin," but are without a first cause, the tempter, who tempts, when we deny the existence of a Satan. If we deny the existence of Satan then God has no enemy and if god has no enemy then His children are without enemies. If Satan is only a "state of mind" or an "evil thought in man's mind" then does this mean that Christ is only a "good thought" or a good presence of mind?

        Those who deny the existence of Satan have allowed him his greatest victory...the victory of conning man into believing that he "Satan" does not exist. Those who deny the existence of Satan are trapped in faulty thinking. If there was no Satan to tempt the first Adam, then the temptation of the Second Adam (Christ) cannot be valid. They, in fact, have openly declared war on Almighty God. If there is no Satan to bear God's Righteous Judgment as the First Cause of "Original Sin" then can man also expect to escape the judgment for his sins against God? Those who deny the existence of Satan and his demons have apparently been blind to the testimony of six thousand years of history during which time Satan and his minions, as well as the work of Original Sin in the heart of Adam Man, has done its job upon the earth. To deny Satan is to assault the Word of God. It is Humanism carried to the final brink! It is man attempting to be his own idiot god and to deny the clear record of the Scriptures of the Living Word of God.

        Those who deny the existence of Satan as the first tempter of Adam man have failed to do business with the most basic presuppositions of Bible Truth. What was the first cause of the Original Sin? What was the Original Sin? How did the Original Sin influence Adam man? What is the difference between the Transgressions of Adam man verses the original cause of his fall? If the personification of evil is without bodily form does this mean the personification of good (the remedy for Adam's justification through Jesus) without bodily form also? Does the denial of Satan present valid ground for those who claim that Jesus was a historical myth? That He was only an "idea in the mind of fanatics" who were seeking illusions of grandeur? The end result of denying Satan is in effect to deny Christ. The end result of the declaration that Satan was only a symbol of evil, is to say that Christ is only a symbol of good. The denial of Satan in Scripture is an open declaration of war against the Truth of God's Word. It can only mean in the ultimate end of Humanism, man seeking to legislate his own ideas above the declamation of God in Scripture. To teach a denial of Satan is to also teach a denial of Demons. The denial of Satan also presents a frontal assault against the existence of Angelic beings. This position cannot be defended by the teaching of the Bible. It represents the depravity of man seeking to rearrange the Ordered events of Almighty God. WE WILL FIND WHAT THE BIBLE ACTUALLY TEACHES ABOUT SATAN IN A FOLLOWING POST ON THE BIBLICAL VIEW OF SATAN.

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