On Target
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

        The following is from "On Target!" A Private Publication of Northpoint Teams, P.O. Box 129, Topton, NC 28781.

        The Magic Trick: Ever notice how all eyes are on the magician as he waves his left hand with large waving strokes while his right hand slowly does the deceit? And then out comes the right hand with exactly what you didn't expect. Notice how the magician always performs behind a black robe, box or other prop.

        Christ performed REAL miracles in the presence of everyone. The Jews hated Him for it and tried to use their Jewish Babylonian laws (e.g., no miracles on the Sabbath) to get rid of Him.

        Our Jewish controlled banking system (Babylonian-Economic) and government systems (Talmudic-Religious) and most other governments in the world use deceit to change the course of history and destroy their own citizens. Note how bill Clinton has been making daily news statements about Iraq and Saddam Hussein and ordering aircraft carriers to the gulf region with the deadliest planes in the world - the Stealth Fighters. He is like the demon-possessed magician waving his left hand (the Jewish Secretary of State Madeleine Albright) for all to see, while he writes checks with his right hand (the Jewish Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin) to Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc., through the IMF which is funding the so-called loans just to bankrupt and destroy the American Economy.

        Question: If there is no fiat money in the world backed by gold or silver (except Switzerland), what difference does it make who prints the paper funny money? (And if you don't think it isn't funny money, just take a look at the new 20s and 50s - WM) It is all fraudulent make believe money anyway.

        Look at America. The Foreign-Owned Federal Reserve gets the U.S. Government to print all the paper money (paper notes of debt) the Fed wants for free and then loans it to Bill Clinton to give to foreigners or the Federal Reserve-owned banks to put in circulation by loaning it out to citizens (remember: "The borrower is slave to the lender." Proverbs 22:7).

        Why can't the Korean people, through their government, continue to print their own paper money just like the U.S. does? It has to do with the International Jewish Communist Bankers taking control of the New World Order Banking Systems. It has been talked about for several years that the Pacific rim countries will be the economic power house of the next century and it will make that area come into political control of the earth (e.g. China, the SERPENT country). So the big move now is who is going to take over the banking systems of the rim countries and make slaves of all their citizens similar to the White Christian Nations.

        In the early news reports on the collapse of the Korean economy it was reported Koreans were withdrawing their money from the Korean banks as the banks were going bankrupt. Note the citizens didn't cause the banks to go bankrupt: It was a group of Jewish International Lenders led by a man named Soros who refused to renew loans to corporations. The solution was a loan from the IMF which required all Korean national banks to dissolve as a condition for the loan so the Korean Government didn't collapse. Technically, all Korean corporations were bankrupt and the loans would be the salvation of the country and the economy. The Korean politicians agreed to do away with their country's own national banking system. What, no banks? No. It is called "restructuring." Now the International Communist Bankers can come in and buy the national banks at ten cents on the dollar or set up banks that will be owned by foreigners. Most of the time they buy out pre-existing banks or buy controlling interest. That will enable them to control the Korean money supply and make the citizens slaves just like in the U.S. Remember, "the borrower is slave to the lender."

        "Under pressure from the IMF, which has committed $58 billion to aid Korea's recovery from currency crisis and banking collapse, the government has permitted foreigners to own up to 55% of the shares in listed firms. From this month foreigners are allowed to launch hostile takeovers of Korean firms, and foreign banks and stockbrokers may open wholly-owned subsidiaries." (The Economist, April 4-10, 1998, p. 81)

        Do you think the Korean elected officials acted in the interest of the Korean people when they "saved" the country from economic collapse by doing away with Korean ownership of banks? Let's ask the same question about the U.S. do you think the elected officials in Washington D.C., acted in the best interest of the American state citizens when they created the Private Foreign-owned Federal Reserve Corporation and gave it authority to create debt to be paid by state citizens and control the money supply? Exactly what is happening in South East Asia behind a black robe is what happened in America and viola! Out comes the salvation of the Korean people: a new banking system, a stable economy and slavery for all!

        Indonesia: Indonesia is another story. It is a Muslim country. Muslims don't exact interest from each other; it is their Religion. Our Jewish news media calls that "the good old boy network." No, it is their Religion. It is opposed to the Jewish religion that says charge interest and make slaves. The present political struggle is between Muslims and Jews. If it gets into a shooting war you won't see any Jews fighting. IT WILL BE THE DUMB GOYIM (Christian "cattle") WHO WILL DO THE DYING FOR THE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF THEIR MASTERS.

        Let's stop here and Saleh. Saleh is a word used by God to say stop and think about what was just said by HIM. Kindly grant me the license to use Saleh and suggest we look at this story of HIStory in a different way. We are witnessing the culmination of plans made over a hundred years ago by a different generation of people handing them down to today's children to be carried out according to their Religion. In New Yorker Magazine, page 32, January 18, 1972, a Zionist spokesman declared, "I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to the discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non- ideological blend of the emotional and rational and resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti- nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process of Judization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish." There are two plans of Jewish religions, national and international. You know them by their political names of Zionism and Communism. The Zionists want to legitimize themselves as a world class people and believe they need a homeland to do it, so they stole Palestine from the Arabs. The Communists are international in scope and want to control the world. They believe it is their religious destiny. Among themselves they brag about how many slaves they will or already do have. Every political action taken is founded on a religious belief.

        Religious - Political - Economic Belief - Force - Way of Life:

        1) Religion: International Communism is the political structure to force the carrying out of the religious BELIEFS of the oriental Jewish people.

        2). Politics: Is the use of FORCE to establish the tenets of a religious order.

        3). Banking: Is the economic means to establish slavery - the way of life.

        Civilizations run in a 500 year cycle. We are living today witnessing the attempted takeover of the world by a very small minority of religious zealots called Jews.

        Go back in history a little and we find the Jews tried to take over Christian Russia and Nicholas threw them out. They came back with $20 million from Christian America's "Wall Street" in the "Communist" revolution and killed the Christian royal family and 20 million other Christians and took over the country and then killed 80 million other Russian citizens. They then rose up in Germany, creating a depression, and tried to take over Germany. Hitler rose up and took them over. But the devil is clever; he arranged to finance BOTH sides and convinced the Christian Nations of Great Britain and America to violate God's Law and go out and kill Christian Germans.

        Indonesia was controlled by one man who acted as a king. He made the laws for his country and ruled it with an iron fist. President Suharto was born the second son of eleven children on June 8, 1921 to a poor Muslim farming family on the island of Java. He played on the soccer team in high school, briefly worked as a bank clerk and then joined the Dutch colonial army. He attended the army military academy and became a general. His predecessor, Sukarno started the war of independence and became the first president in 1949. Sukarno ruled unto 1969 when a Communist uprising broke out and was put down by Suharto who also deposed Sukarno. Under Suharto the military cleansed the country of some 500,000 Communists and destroyed the Indonesian Communist Party, setting the country up to receive millions in aide from the U.S., Japan and Europe, thereby creating the greatest economy in South East Asia. For 32 years President Suharto ruled the largest Muslim country in the world with the fourth largest population, 600 ethnic groups and 750,000 square miles.

        Indonesia has oil: ‘The United States and other industrialized countries are worried that Indonesia's collapse could imperil the recovery of other Asian economies, topple banks in Singapore, Korea and Japan and even undermine economic growth in the U.S. and Europe. The IMF has decided to withhold $3 billion to Indonesia, money that was due March 15 and is part of an overall $43 billion package of loans and credits. Without the IMF money, millions of Indonesians are likely to go hungry. Economist and international bankers are alarmed at Indonesia's inability or unwillingness to take steps to "restructure" (emphasis mine) its banking system," said USA today on March 9, 1998. It is called "black mail" which is always to be kept a deep dark secret.

        Nothing is new under the sun. It is the working out of the religious beliefs of a very secretly behaving people. It is the political action arm of the Jewish Babylonian banking system and is being funded through your elected officials in Washington D.C.

        Mr. Paul Leavitt reported in USA Today "The Clinton administration ‘grossly' understates the U.S. financial role in the International Monetary Fund. Congress' Joint Economic Committee reported. It said the U.S. Contributes 52% of IMF funding, not 18% as the IMF and the administration contend. It comes as Congress debates whether to grant Clinton's request for $18 billion for the IMF to deal with the Asian financial crisis. Critics say the agency is too SECRETIVE and must become more responsive to Congress. The administrative budget for the World Trade Organization is around $140,000, per employee each year, compared with $280,000 at the World Bank and $230,000 at the IMF." (The Economist, April 4-10, 1998, p. 79) That is a lot of money to pay a clerk typist to type up a loan agreement...

        Oil and Energy: We are presently in a slight drop in gasoline prices. What is happening to cause such a situation? There is a VCR tape program put on by Public Broadcasting Service about the history of the oil business called, "Energy the Prize." Some public libraries have them available. They cover Rockefeller in this country, but more importantly the development of oil in Europe and the Arab countries. It covers the creation of a country called Kuwait which was stolen from its neighbors and established as a new country, just the way the country of Israel was created by stealing the land from Palestine. Someone was placed in power so the oil business men could have a front man and a country to contract with for the theft of Arab oil.

        Remember President George Bush? Well, before he became president he went to Yale and became involved in a secret group called Skull and Bones. Then he went to Texas and became involved in oil. He then got involved in politics and became director of the CIA. The CIA is very involved in drugs and oil everywhere in the world (a very fascinating movie about this topic is Night of the Condor). People involved in oil have had very bad reputations for committing criminal behavior. In Europe and the Middle East there were a lot of murders over oil. In the U.S. there was a lot of deceit and theft in oil leases, drilling rights and land thefts. One of the criminal techniques is called "slant drilling." Slant drilling is a technique where by you drill at an angle, rather than straight down, with the angle being specifically calculated to meet a pool of oil in an adjoining neighbor's property.

        While President Bush was in office it seems Kuwait was slant drilling into oil fields in Iraq. Sadam Hussein told them to stop. Sadam knew that any drastic change in oil flow could dramatically change all world economies. When Kuwait did not stop, Sadam called in the U.S. Ambassador and requested she inquire from her state department what King George's position would be if Sadam made Kuwait stop. Madam Ambassador inquired of Washington and received a reply that King George had "no interest in the matter." At that point Sadam should have smelled a rat coming from "Read-My- Lips George." But instead Sadam moved his troops to the border. George needed a political uplift. Madam Ambassador admitted the truth of the "no interest in the matter" cable and was promptly recalled to Washington and held incommunicado from then on. Has anyone ever heard from her in the press? No, and you won't. The Gulf War happened so George could experiment with anthrax on our troops and at the same time reduce world oil to raise prices. Now we have Iraq secretly delivering its oil to the world through Jordan, but at a very limited quantity.

        The large oil producing countries (OPEC) generally agree to limit the production of oil to actinically maintain a high price. It is called "price fixing," and is a crime, but you will never hear a member of Congress advocating the criminal prosecution of the Babylonian oil company executives involved.

        Scientific America (March 1998) contains a special report predicting the next oil shortage. They point out that we are using 97% of oil production and by the year 2000 we will be using 100%+. "Every year for the past two decades the oil industry has pumped more oil than it has discovered," they say.

        Note: The lie is not in the facts they state but rather in what they leave out. They are talking about newly discovered oil but we already have over a 500 year supply of oil between the U.S. and Venezuela even if no new oil is found. Someone want to raise the price of gasoline in the U.S. again. (And just recently the prices have began to creep upward again)

        Remember the last time there was a "shortage?" The answer was for Congress to impose a 50 cents a gallon tax on gasoline which was supposed to cut back on consumption. (Let God be true and every Congressman a liar. Romans 3:4) So the opposite is true. Congress wanted to steal from the citizenry and call it a tax for their benefit.

        Since the politicians create laws that create problems, how is it possible that they would have the answers? It is politically incorrect to say they knowingly create problems, but rather, one must think they did not know the consequences of their acts and thus are not responsible. If they didn't know the consequences of their acts in the first term, let's save them from making the same mistake twice by never, never, never re-electing anyone.

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