Marks of Israel
Parts 7 through 10
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Marks of Israel - Part 7

        7). Israel to spread abroad; to the West, East, North and South.

Genesis 28:14; Isaiah 43:5-6; Zechariah 1:17; Zechariah 2:6.

        This is a promise never fulfilled in old Israel; but is fulfilled today in the Anglo-Saxons, and to the very letter. West: Israel came to Britain (northwest of Palestine), then on west to America; east to India; north to Canada; south to Australia. Surely this cannot all be chance.

Micah 2:12.

        It is certain that number of people could not dwell in Old Palestine! Some statistics on the Jewish occupied area of Old Jerusalem and Palestine show it is not of sufficient size for a "multitude of people." The Present day State of Israel is bounded on the north by Syria, on the east by Jordan, on the south by Egypt and consists of an area of 7,847 sq. mi. compare that with the United States which has an area of 3,540,939 sq. mi. which is 5 times larger. Israel is approximately the size of New Jersey. However, since the so-called "war" in 1967, the area controlled by the Zionist Jews has increased substantially, but even if they took control of several entire Arabian countries, the Zionist state would still be smaller than just one of the average American States!!!

        8). In the promised nation, like in Ancient Israel, foreigners were to be allowed a place to dwell, own land and homes and have the same rights as natural born citizens of the country.

Exodus 12:49; Exodus 22:21; Exodus 23:9; Leviticus 19:33; Leviticus 24:22; Numbers 9:14; Numbers 15:16; Numbers 15:29; Deuteronomy 27:19; Ezekiel 47:22.

        9). Israel to have a new home.

1 Chronicles 17:9; 2 Samuel 7:10; 1 Kings 14:15; 2 Kings 23:27; Job 38:27; Jeremiah 7:12-15; Jeremiah 16:13; Jeremiah 31:1-10; Ezekiel 11:15; Ezekiel 38:8; Daniel 8:9.

        "...the children of Israel...IN THE PLACE WHERE IT WAS SAID UNTO THEM, YE ARE NOT MY [God's] PEOPLE, there it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God. (Our "Ministers" like mindless Poll-Parrots, who have been programmed by the antichrists to continually cry out the Jews are the "Chosen" people of God - But, in fact, it is the White Race - the Anglo- Saxons, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people who are the Real Children of Israel: The sons of God: the True Children of Israel)." (Hosea 1:10)

        When King David was firmly settled in his kingdom, having achieved wonderful prosperity; the whole of his kingdom being at peace, the king purposed in his heart to build a large and magnificent temple to God. This greatly pleased the Lord; and He sent Nathan the prophet, to the King to tell him so, and further, to announce a gracious blessing which God had determined to bestow upon him, and upon his people in consequence.

        But the message which Nathan was ordered to take to King David contained what was surely the strangest blessing that ever fell on the ears of a king. "Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more as before time." (2 Samuel 7:10; 1 Chronicles 17:9)

        Without a doubt, this is an illuminating prophecy. Bold, assertive, definite, it admits of no failure. and is absolutely unconditional. "I WILL appoint, settle, fix a place!" It is one of the outstanding prophecies of the Bible; declaring God's fixed purpose hundreds of years ahead. It is as epoch-making as when God called Abram out of Haran, and as when God brought Israel out of the land of Egypt.

        Yet the Judeo-Christian clergy totally ignore it. It cannot, however, be excised from the Bible, and it stands there; recorded in two places, as a monument of God's unalterable purpose, though few people know of its existence, and fewer still recognize what its glorious message means. This singular prophecy strikes the dull mind as with a sledge hammer and makes it think.

        It shows beyond questioning what God's purpose was with regard to Israel; even suggesting where she will be found in these, the latter days. It shows clearly that Israel, the nation, the kingdom, was to survive all shocks and is to last for ever for it is to become an enduring kingdom, being

1). Removed from Canaan;
2). Planted by God;
4). To move no more;
5). Free from serious molestation by the wicked nations;
6). All of which promises are absolutely unconditional.
        This scheme and plan was not Nathan's, it was not David's; it was God's, and must have been made to further some far-seeing and future purpose of the Divine will. Just think what it announces! Nothing less than the removal of the greater part of the nation from that land to another. But strange to say, Scripture nowhere announces the fulfillment of this very definite promise. On the contrary, nothing whatever was done in David's lifetime, nor yet in Solomon's; and the great Temple was built with God's definite approval.

        But in the time of Solomon's son, Rehoboam, God Himself made the necessary move which eventuated in the turnover of Israel from one land to another. Let it be said here, however, that eventually through the sin of the Israelites, God sent them into captivity from which there is no record either in Scripture or history of their return. What became of that immense multitude of people?

        Did they die out? Were they assimilated? If so, what has become of God's clear promises to them of a great increase, of preservation, of planting, of a new land, of a new home? For, please remember, all these promises, and many more, were unconditional. Where, therefore, is that new land, that new home? We may know where it is when we have found the people answering to the Israel marks. Wherever the Israel of the marks is found that is the place. And let us state here two alternatives:

1). Either god has accomplished this great promise to Israel, and put them in their new land; or
2). His word has failed. Is there any escape from that? We think not.

Marks of Israel - Part 8

        Again, at the same time that Nathan announced this peculiar blessing on Israel, He also at God's command told David that God was going to give him and his line the kingship over Israel for ever."He (Solomon) shall build an house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his Kingdom FOREVER. If he commit iniquity I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men." This is exactly what God did 260 years later. But it goes on: "But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul whom I put away before thee."

        There was to be correction, rebuke, punishment, but not desertion, as we are continually taught today. It continues: "And thine house and thine kingdom SHALL BE ESTABLISHED FOR EVER before thee: THY THRONE SHALL BE ESTABLISHED FOR EVER." (2 Samuel 7:10-16)

        Three distinct times in this one passage does God declare the everlasting continuance of the Davidic throne and the Israel kingdom. These Scriptures are CLEARLY prophecies relating to the moving of Israel from Palestine to a new land.

        10). This latter day nation was to have dominion from Sea to Sea, and to the ends of the world.

Psalms 72:8; Zechariah 9:10.

        These Scriptures are usually applied to Christ, to which we have no objection whatever. But why should we restrict it to Him only? For it is written: " prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation." (2 Peter 1:10); "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." (2 Timothy 3:16)

        If one limits the above scriptures to Christ only it will greatly diminish the universal triumph of His reign. As we are taught that His power and influence will be without, and that every knee shall bow and pay homage to Him.

        However, these passages, along with those provided before, about the East Sea and the Great Sea, is a clear territorial grant, issued by Divine Authority; and must mark the boundaries of the Israel which was to come. If one will be absolutely honest he will recognize that this geographical description is applicable to no other country on earth but America.

        "From sea to sea," from the Atlantic to the pacific Ocean. "From the river," can only mean the Mississippi [Algonquin, Missi Sipi, or "great river"], the central trunk of the great river system draining that part of the United States which lies between the Appalachian Mountains on the east and the Rocky Mountains on the west.

        Together with over 40 tributaries which are navigable for at least part of their courses it forms one of the great inland navigation systems of the world. Whereas, in contrast, in the present day Zionist-Communist State of Israel has only one river of any consequence, that being the Jordan River which is only about 200 miles long.

        As far as the water systems of the world is concerned, it is an insignificant waterway. But the most important aspect of it is that: IT EMPTIES INTO THE DEAD SEA AND DOES NOT FLOW INTO ANY BODY OF WATER WHICH ONE COULD FOLLOW TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. This fatal flaw by itself invalidates the present day state of Israel from any further consideration as the nation which was to come. However, the Israel which was to come, America, can be seen in the song:


O, Beautiful for spacious skies, (Deuteronomy 33:13).
For amber waves of grain, (Deuteronomy 33:16).
For purple mountain majesties, (Deuteronomy 33:15).
Above the fruitful plain! (Genesis 49:26).
America! America! (Genesis 48:21).
God shed His Grace on thee, (Genesis 48:16).
And crown thy good with brotherhood. (Genesis 48:20).
From sea to shining sea! (Ezekiel 47:18-20).
O, Beautiful for pilgrim feet, (Deuteronomy 33:13).
Whose stern, impassioned stress, (Genesis 49:23).
Thoroughfare for freedom beat, (Psalms 72:8).
Across the wilderness! (Deuteronomy 32:8-11).
America! America! (Genesis 48:21).
God mend thine every flaw, (Genesis 49:22-26).
Confirm thy soul in self-control, (Isaiah 45:13).
Thy liberty in Law! (2 Corinthians 3:17).
O, Beautiful for heroes proved, (2 Chronicles 25:6).
In liberating strife, (James 1:25).
Who more than self their country loved, (Revelation 12:11).
And mercy more than life! (Psalm 37:21-31).
America! America! (2 Samuel 7:10).
May God thy gold refine, (Isaiah 2:7).
'Til all success be nobleness, (Genesis 48:15-16).
And every gain divine. (Deuteronomy 33:13-17).
O, Beautiful for patriot dream, (Hebrews 11:9).
That sees beyond the years, (Isaiah 60:21).
Thine alabaster cities gleam, (Revelation 21:18-20).
Undimmed by human tears! (Revelation 7:17).
America! America! (1 Chronicles 17:9).
God shed His Grace on thee, (Acts 4:33).
And crown thy good with brotherhood, (Deuteronomy 32:13)..
From sea to shining sea! (Micah 7:12).

        11). Israel's home to be Northwest of Palestine.

Isaiah 49:12; Joshua 17:10; Jeremiah 3:18.

        12). Some of this latter day nation's citizens are to come from China.

        "Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim." (Isaiah 49:12)

        All the historical commentators agree that "Sinim" is the ancient name for China. That was its ancient name, and was the name used on the Ancient Maps. China lies "north" and "west" or in other words northwest of the United States. There are few, if any, Theologians and "Ministers" who question that this passage describes the emigration of Chinese to the land of restored Israel. As a result, a question arises for those who support the view that the occupation of the present day bandit state of Israel is "restored Israel." That question being: HOW ARE THE CHINESE TO COME FROM CHINA TO PALESTINE FROM THE NORTHWEST?

        This cannot happen because it would be impossible, for China lies NORTHEAST of Palestine! Not only that, but here is a promise of emigration from a distant country, whose inhabitants mingle with few other nations; here their ancient name is given and the direction from which they were to come. Once again perfect coincidence is perfect fulfillment and our position is given even more strength.


Marks of Israel - Part 9

        13). Israel to live in islands and coasts of the Earth.

Isaiah 41:1; Isaiah 49:1-3; Isaiah 51:5; Jeremiah 31:7-10; Isaiah 24:15; Isaiah 23:2; Isaiah 60:9; Deuteronomy 19:3; Joshua 19:49.

        14). Restored Israel is described as a country restored from its desolation, by the Peculiar Construction of its towns and Villages and the Prosperity and Generosity of its inhabitants.

Deuteronomy 32:9-10; Job 30:3; Job 38:26-27; Isaiah 49:7-8; Isaiah 51:3; Isaiah 51:9; Isaiah 58:12; Isaiah 61:4; Isaiah 62:4; Jeremiah 24:7; (Jeremiah 32:43; Ezekiel 11:19; Ezekiel 25:3; Ezekiel 36:4; Ezekiel 36:34-36; Ezekiel 38:8, 11-12; 2 Corinthians 5:17.

        Notice also what the prophet says of the generosity of the children of Israel: Is this not the way American's treat prisoners of war; "...he answered, thou shalt not smite them: wouldest thou smite those whom thou hast taken captive with thy sword and with thy bow? set bread and water before them, that they may eat and drink, and go to their master [The Jews certainly do not do this in their state, known as Israel today, do they? They systematically beat, kill and starve their captives]." 2 Kings 6:22; 2 Chronicles 28:15; Luke 10:34-35; Proverbs 25:21; Isaiah 58:7; Matthew 5:42; Luke 12:33.

        Here once again, the scriptures paint a perfect picture of the United States and its people, and in no way is a description of the present day state of Israel and its people. For they torture and murder their prisoners, as we have witnessed in just the past few years. No, they describe America and its people exactly, and not of any other country or people on the face of the earth. If you do not agree then: What other country or people have helped so many, and built their enemies up until they are now a threat to the economic life of America. That this is true and has been recognized by the people of other nations: That Genesis 22:18 has been fulfilled in the people of the United States, and in the foregoing scriptures is impressively expressed by the following:

by Gordon Sinclair
An editorial presented on Radio Station CFRB,
Toronto, Canada, June 5, 1973

        "The United States dollar took another pounding on German, French and British exchanges this morning, hitting the lowest point ever known in West Germany. It has declined there by 41 percent since 1971 and this Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people in all the earth. As long as sixty years ago, when I first started to read newspapers, I read of floods on the Yellow River and the Yangtze. Who rushed in with men and money to help? The Americans did. They have helped control floods on the Nile, the Amazon, the Ganges and the Niger. Today the rich bottom land of the Mississippi is underwater and no foreign land has sent a dollar to help. Germany, Japan, and to a lesser extent Britain and Italy, were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining debts to the United States. When the franc was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans who propped it up, their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris.

     I was there. I saw it. When distant cities are hit by an earthquake: It is the United States that hurries in to help...Managua, Nicaragua is one of the most recent examples. So far this spring 59 American communities have been flattened by tornadoes. Nobody has helped.

     The Marshall Plan, the Truman Policy, all pumped billions upon billions of dollars into discouraged   countries. Now newspapers in those countries are writing about the decadent war-mongering Americans. I'd like to see just one of those countries that is bloating over the erosion of the United States dollar build its own airplanes.

     Come on, let's hear it. Does any other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the Lockheed Tristar or the Douglas D.C. 10? If so, why don't they fly them? Why do all the international lines, except Russia, fly American planes? Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the moon? You talk about Japanese technocracy and you get radios. You talk about German Technocracy and you get automobiles. You talk about American technocracy and you find men on the moon, not once but several times...and safely home again. You talk about scandals and the Americans put theirs right in the store window for everyone to look at. Even their draft dodgers are not pursued and hounded. They are here on our streets. Most of them, unless they are breaking Canadian laws, are getting American dollars from Ma and Pa at home to spend here.

     When the Americans get out of this bind, as they will, who could blame them if they said the hell with the rest of the world. Let someone else by the Israeli bonds. Let someone else build or repair the foreign dams or design foreign buildings that won't shake apart during earthquakes.

     I can name you 5,000 times when the Americans raced to the help of other people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else has raced to the Americans when they were in trouble? I don't think there was outside help even during the San Francisco earthquake. Our neighbors have faced it alone and I'm one Canadian who is damned tired of hearing them being kicked around. They will come out of this thing with their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to thumb their nose at the lands that are gloating over their present troubles.

     I hope Canada is not one of these. But, there are many smug, self-righteous Canadians. And finally the American Red Cross was told at its 48th annual meeting in new Orleans this morning that it was broke...Almost anyone can add much to the list of blessings which have come to ALL NATIONS through America. The feeding of hungry people from Belgium to Armenia after World War I, Bundles for Britain during World War II, and the continuing Foreign Aid programs around the world since then. The "Care" packages, Children's Fund, and many other programs in addition to the projects financed by the United States Government. JEHOVAH WAS SURELY SPEAKING OF AMERICA WHEN HE SAID TO ABRAHAM, 'IN THY SEED SHALL ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH BE BLESSED.'"

        Is it not amazing -- Others can see that Americans are the Children of Israel; that every promise made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, has been, or is currently being fulfilled in the United States and its people; That they ARE the ISRAELITES and that America is Israel, but the American people cannot see it. The prophet clearly spoke the truth, and was talking about the American people, when he uttered the following words: "Hear, ye deaf, and look, ye blind, that ye may see. Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? Who is blind as he that is perfect and blind as the Lord's servant? Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not." (Isaiah 42:18-20)

        15). Scriptures which describe the United States of America and no other nation.

Deuteronomy 8:6-9; Deuteronomy 15:6; Deuteronomy 30:1-3.

        16). Kings and Queens are to be the fathers and mothers of this latter day nation.

Isaiah 49:23

        How well this prophecy has been realized, will occur to the mind at once. The term "nursing" applies to infancy. It was in the early history of America that the supervision of royalty was exercised over us. The Kings and Queens of all the countries of the earth sent their sons and daughters and much goods to this New Nation that was and still is -- so blessed by the God of Heaven. There certainly are no "nursing" kings or queens as fathers or mothers of the present day state of Israel: FOR IT IS A BASTARD STATE WHO'S FATHER IS SATAN!!!

        17). Israel to become a Company of nations.

Genesis 17:4-6, 16; Genesis 35:11; Genesis 48:19;  Ephesians 2:12.

        As we see, God told Abraham, "Behold my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations;" and the next verse says, "Thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee." We have here god covenanting with Abraham to make him the father not of one nation, but many nations; not one single nation, the Jewish nation, but many! This covenant is repeated again in verse 6. These promises were all to be fulfilled through Sarah. "As for Sarah thy wife...I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her; yea, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations, kings of people shall be of her."

        Notice here the plural: "Mother of NATIONS," to come through Sarah and her son Isaac. "I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him." This has no reference to the Jews whatsoever. Also, in passing, let it be said that THIS CANNOT REFER TO ANY SO-CALLED SPIRITUAL SEED, FOR IT COMES THROUGH SARAH. Neither can it refer to any of the nations that came through Abraham's second wife Keturah, nor though the Egyptian handmaid. This plurality of nations God promises again to Jacob: "And God said unto him, I am God Almighty, be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee."

Marks of Israel - Part 10

        18). The latter day Israel was described as a country remarkable for the number of its majestic rivers.

Psalm 72:8; Psalms 80:11; Psalms 89:25; Isaiah 18:1-2; Isaiah 33:21; Isaiah 43:18-19; Isaiah 34:13; Ezekiel 47:5; Zephaniah 3:10.

        The present day state of Israel; known in the scriptures as Palestine, and is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the NW, Lebanon on the N, Syria on the NE, Jordan on the E, and the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea and Egypt on the S and SW; area 7,847 sq. mi.; pop. (1988 est.) 4,208,000; Ethnic groups: Jews 3,492,640 (83%), Arab 673,280 (16%), others 42,080 (1%).

        The principal RIVER in Palestine is the Jordan, which has its head streams in Syria and Lebanon. The Jordan proper is formed in Lake Hula, in northeastern Israel, and flows south along the Great Rift Valley through the Sea of Galilee and EMPTIES INTO THE DEAD SEA. It does not go to the ends of the earth; IT GOES ONLY TO A DEAD SEA AND STOPS!!! And not only that but only 73 miles of it are within Israeli territory. Other streams, including the Karn, Kishon, Hadera, Yarkon, and Rubin, flow INTERMITTENTLY -- NONE OF WHICH, NOT EVEN WITH THE INCLUSION OF THE JORDAN, IS SO WIDE THAT ONE WOULD HAVE MADE THE STATEMENT CENTURIES AGO, "IT WAS A RIVER THAT I COULD NOT PASS OVER." Except for the Jordan, which is only about 200 miles in total length, all Israeli rivers are short and dry for at least part of the year.

        There are three major lakes on the borders of Israel, and all lie in the Great Rift Valley. The northern most two, Lake Hula and the Sea of Galilee, contain fresh water. The Dead Sea, partly in Israel and partly in Jordan, is a saline lake WITH NO OUTLET. The Mediterranean coast of Israel is low and straight. It has a total length of some 118 miles. Haifa Bay, in the north, is the only major indentation. Israel also has slightly more than 6 miles of coast at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea.

        Compared with the United States the rivers and streams of Israel pale into insignificance. The United States has an area of 3,733,000 sq. miles; pop. (1986 est.) 240,856,000. It has HUNDREDS of RIVERS, 69 of which is over 350 miles in length; and total more than 52,000 miles and does not include their tributaries, some of which are larger under normal conditions than the Jordan at flood time.

        The foregoing scriptures are admitted by theologians to refer to the land of restored Israel. Now if that land be the present day state of Israel, then were are the "broad river(s) and stream(s)?" For as has been shown the River Jordan and the other small streams(?) can not possibly answer to the description of "broad river(s) and stream(s)" as related in the scriptures. However, on the other hand, the many mighty and majestic rivers and streams of America fulfill this prophecy on a magnificent scale.

        19). Israel to have a Davidic King - a perpetual monarchy within Israel.

2 Samuel 7:13-19, 29; 1 Chronicles 22:10; 2 Chronicles 13:5; Psalm 89:20-37; Ezekiel 37:24; Jeremiah 33:17-26.

        There can be no doubt, after reviewing these scriptures; David's throne MUST be still in existence on earth!

        20). Charitable character of inhabitants, intelligibility and uniformity of language, to be a characteristic of the latter day Israel.

Jeremiah 24:7; Ezekiel 11:19; Ezekiel 36:26; Romans 7:6; Ephesians 2:15; Ephesians 4:24.

        It is clear, these scriptures cannot by any stretch of the imagination refer to Palestine. For the Jews have NEVER been known to be a people with a soft heart; IN FACT THEIR HATRED FOR ALL THE OTHER RACES AND PEOPLE OF THE EARTH KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

        21). Jeremiah the prophet spoke directly to and about the United States.

Jeremiah 3:23); Jeremiah 5:26-31; Jeremiah 8:5-11; Jeremiah 14:13-15.

        22). The rapid advancement of intelligence and divine instruction of the people of the Word of God, would mark the rising progress of that people.

Daniel 1:3-4; Daniel 12:4; Isaiah 54:13; 1 Timothy 6:20.

        There is no other nation on earth who answers to the description of these Scriptures better than the United States. Our learning institutions are spread all across the country, so that, if desired, even the poorest citizen may be enriched with the invaluable treasure of a higher education. And until our schools curriculum, as our government, came under the absolute control of Christ's and America's enemies -- the Jews [Which is completely unknown, or the knowledge of it is rejected by the majority of our people. Completely verifying God's Words, "My people are destroy for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)], all countries and races of the earth acknowledged the excellence of our schools and sent their finest minds here to America, to complete their education. It is here, in the United States, the pulpit, unawed by the terrors and thunderings of the throne or the Vatican and its murderous army of Jesuit Jews; The Bible, the Word of God is an open book and like the sun in Mid-heaven, shedding a strong and steady light upon the shadowy spirit of the lost; inspiring the living with the eternal hope of the resurrection at the end of time, with THE RETURN OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. And our peoples knowledge of science is excelled by none.

        23). Latter day Israel to colonize and spread abroad.

Genesis 28:14; Genesis 49:22; Deuteronomy 32:8; Deuteronomy 33:17; Psalms 2:8; Isaiah 26:15; Isaiah 27:6; Isaiah 43:5-7; Isaiah 43:19-20; Isaiah 54:2; Zechariah. 10:6-11.

        24). Israel to colonize the desolate places of the earth.

Isaiah 35:1; Isaiah 3:19-20; Isaiah 49:8; Isaiah 54:3; Isaiah 58:11-12.

        25). The country inhabited by the people gathered out of the nations and would be settled in thirteen distinct colonies [States] like it was with ancient Israel.

Nehemiah 13:11; Psalm 102:22; Isaiah 11:12; 27:12; 43:4-6; Baruch 4:37; Isaiah 54:7; 56:8; Jeremiah 23:3; 29:14; Jeremiah 32:37; Ezekiel 11:17; 20:34; 22:21; 28:25; 34:13; 36:24-26; 38:8; Micah 2:12; Revelation 21:1.

        26). Israel to lose a colony, then expand demanding more room.

Isaiah 49:19-20.

        27). Israel to have all the land needed.

Deuteronomy 32:8.

        28). Israel to be the first among the nations.

Genesis 27:29; 28:13; Deuteronomy 14:2; Deuteronomy 4:7; Deuteronomy 26:19; Deuteronomy 28:13; Jeremiah 31:7.

        29). America - The New Jerusalem.

Genesis 12:2; 17 [The entire chapter]; 17:6; 24:60; 27:28; 28 [The entire chapter]; 49:22-26; 48:5-6; Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 4:7-8; 28:9-14; 33:13-17; 1 Chronicles 5:1; 2 Samuel 7:10; Leviticus 19:33-34; Psalms 80 [The entire chapter]; Psalms 107 [The entire chapter]; Isaiah 1:26; 2 [The entire chapter] 11:10; 18 [The entire chapter]; 29:10-11; 33:21; 35:1; 43:19-21; 49: 18-23; 51:3; 51:11; 54:11-17; 59 [The entire chapter]; 59:21; 60:9-22; 61: 11; 62:4; 66:7-9; Jeremiah 30:21; 49:31; 51:20; Ezekiel 38 [The entire chapter]; 47:13; 47:18-20; Hosea 1:9-11; Micah 4 [The entire chapter]; Joel 2:21-32; Matthew 13 [The entire chapter]; Luke 15:11-32; 16:19-32; and Romans 11:25)

        30). This latter day Israel [Called by another name] was to be a land shadowing with wings which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia; that sendeth Ambassadors by Sea; a people terrible from their beginning; a nation meted [Measured] out and trodden down; whose land the  rivers have spoiled!

Isaiah 18:1-2. Revelation 12:14; Micah 1:15-16; Isaiah 9:16; Isaiah 56:8-12; Jeremiah 50:6-7; Ezekiel 34:2-6, 10.

Marks of Israel - Part 20
Parts Numbered 11 through 19 not used

 31). Latter day Israel to lift up an Ensign.

 "All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye." (Isaiah 18:3); "ENSIGN: A flag or banner; specifically, a national flag." "Trumpet: To proclaim loudly." (The New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, p. 466 & 1527)

 In this prophetic third verse we find the words "ensign" and "trumpet" which are in many cases symbols of war. Therefore, it would appear that,  Isaiah saw America [The Israel that was to come] lift up its ensign on the mountains [Nations] blow the trumpet -- a declaration of war. Twice when America has "declared" war, many of the nations of the world "took heed" and became involved. And in each case the United States was not only the deciding factor; indeed, it was more powerful than all of the so-called allies combined, and took the leadership in making the terms and regulations for managing and adjusting the varied claims of the nations. Since the birth  of America it won every war it was involved in; Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Mexico-American War, World War I and World War II, until 1948 when the American People replaced God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ and began worshiping the Jews -- Christ's enemies. Nevertheless the United States has also fulfilled an accompanying scripture, "The portion of Jacob is not like them; for he is the former of all things: and Israel is the rod of his inheritance: the Lord of hosts is his name. Thou art my battle ax and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms." (Jeremiah 51:19-20)

 32). Israel to continue as a nation forever.

2 Samuel 7:16, 24, 29; 1 Chronicles 17:22-27; Jeremiah 31:35-37.

 Let it be said here that "Israel" is the ONLY nation in the world whose  continued existence to the end of time is guaranteed by God. Other nations come and go, advance and decay; but this one nation alone of all the nations of the earth is to last as long as the sun and the moon endure.

 Let us look at what Lord Beaconsfield said: "History will recognize the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon race, but history will never record its decline or fall. History will say, This is the great, the understanding people." That was a remarkable thing for a Jew to say. We strongly suspect that he knew the great secret of the Anglo-Saxons. For Deuteronomy 4:6 uses those very words about Israel and describes the nations as saying of them, "Surely this great nation is a wise and understanding people."

 This speech was thought at the time to be a very great one, and his quotation exceedingly fitting; but time has shown it to be greater than the people knew at the time. It is suggested that he meant all he said. "This is the great, the understanding people." What made Lord Beaconsfield so confident? He did not speak of human probabilities: he spoke of certainties! In those words we think we may read Lord Beaconsfield's discovery and confession.

 33). Israel's home to be invincible to outside forces.

2 Samuel 7:10; 1 Chronicles 17:9; Isaiah 41:11-14.

 34). Israel to be undefeatable while defended by God.

Numbers 24:8-9; Isaiah 54:15-17; Micah 5:8-9.

 35). In that time the present will be brought unto the Lord: to the place of the name of the Lord of Hosts; the Mount Zion.

Isaiah 18:7.

 Here we are shown the outcome of the cleansing. As in the parable of the wheat and the tares the removal of the wicked forces is shown to precede the time that the people return to their God. Also we find that this [Christian] land is the "place of the name of the Lord of Hosts." It is as the passage states "the Mount Zion."

 36). Israel to be God's instrument in destroying evil.

Numbers 23:24; Numbers 24:8-9; Jeremiah 51:19-23; Micah 5:8-9; Daniel 2:34-35; Daniel 2:44.

 Israel was to be God's battle axe and weapons of war, to break in pieces the wicked nations (see Jeremiah 51:19- 24); finally to break in pieces Babylon the Great, the concentrated, heaped-up, combined wickedness of the world, under the leadership of Satan himself. This is Israel's mission.

 Is there a single nation attempting to do it today except the Anglo-Saxon race? Not one. They all seek their own. On the testimony of Lloyd George, Great Britain has four separate time in recent history gone outside her own frontiers and risked her very existence to put down and break in pieces the tyrants of the nations; but the United States has stepped outside her own frontiers and risked her existence more than five times in the last 150 years alone. Therefore, one cannot say, "All this is chance."

 Finally Israel has to take up arms to defend herself against them all. For with one united purpose they eventually combine for Israel's overthrow. And with the help only of her young lions, and Sheba and Dedan, and a few others of the Israel race not yet recognized, she has to face them all.

 God, however, sees this unholy combination against Israel, and His fury comes up in His face: then at long last and with wrath indescribable, He appears out of His secret place, comes down for Israel's deliverance, smites and destroys her foes, delivers His much loved and greatly astonished people, makes Himself known to them; and then reigns over them with believers upon this earth for ever. All this is given in great detail in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

 37). Israel to have a land of great mineral wealth.

Genesis 49:25-26; Deuteronomy 33:15-19.

 38). Israel to have a land of great agricultural wealth.

Genesis 27:28; Deuteronomy 8:7-9; Deuteronomy 33:13-14, 28.

 39). Israel to be rich through trade.

Deuteronomy 8:9; Isaiah 60:5-11; Isaiah 61:6.

 40). Israel to be envied and feared by all nations.

Deuteronomy 2:25; Deuteronomy 4:8; Deuteronomy 28:10; Isaiah 43:4; Isaiah 60:10-12; Jeremiah 33:9; Micah 7:16-17.

 41). Israel to lend to other nations borrowing from none.

 Deuteronomy 15:6; Deuteronomy 28:12.

 42). Israel to have a new name.

Isaiah 62:2; Isaiah 65:15; Hosea 2:17.

 43). Israel to have a new language.

 "For with stammering lips and ANOTHER TONGUE will he speak to this people." (Isaiah 28:11)


 Many opponents of our identity as Israel say we cannot be Israelites because we do not speak Hebrew and because we write from left to right, whereas Hebrew is written from right to left. Many add a further claim that English has no similarity to Hebrew. Pastor Curtis Clair Ewing, in a cassette tape lecture on this subject, destroys all their arguments with the facts of history. His lecture is titled The Hebraic Origin of the English Language, and the following are a few of his deductions:

 FIRST: If we can't be Israelites because we don't speak Hebrew, then the Jews can't be Israelites because they don't speak Hebrew either! Many ministers mistakenly think they do, but most European Jews speak Yiddish, which is a corrupted combination of Russian, Polish, and German. They do use the Hebrew alphabet, but that no more proves they are Hebrews than the Norwegian's use of the Roman alphabet proves they are Italians. The Jews in Palestine are attempting to teach Hebrew, but with little success.

 SECOND: The argument that writing from left to right proves we are not Hebrews is specious. Some claim no nation ever changed its writing that way; but if they would took up the term "boustrophedo" in the Encyclopedia or any large dictionary, they would find it means a style of writing where the lines alternate, right to left, then left to right, and that the Greeks used that style in ancient times, as did the Egyptians, and at one time, even the  Irish and the Norsemen. Now they have all changed, although opponents of our Israel identity continue to insist no nation ever changed its style of writing!

 THIRD: Most mistakenly believe there was only one Hebrew language, but  there were three. The first was known as Sinai Hebrew; then came the  Phoenician Hebrew; and then after the Babylonian Captivity, the Tribe of Judah used what is now called Assyrian Hebrew. Form early examples, it appears the earliest was written from left to right, and later from right to left! So, early in their Palestine sojourn, they changed their language and style of writing; and every Bible translator knows that at the time of Christ, the Israelites in Jerusalem spoke Aramaic - a THIRD change in less than 2,000 years! To insist the English-speaking peoples cannot be Israelites because they do not speak the ancient Hebrew or write from right to left is an utterly nonsensical argument.

 FINALLY: The English language is still similar enough to the ancient Hebrew  that it must be the ancestor tongue of English! Here are a few testimonies given in Pastor Ewing's lecture:

 Rev. Jacob Tomlin of England, in A Comparative Vocabulary of 48 Languages, wrote there was a close  affinity between Hebrew and English, not only in words, but in the arrangement of ideas and the structure of sentences.

 William Tyndale, one of the great Reformers and a translator of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts into the English Language, said the Hebrew agreed more closely with the English than it did with the Latin.

 Ferrar Fenton, who translated the Fenton Bible, once wrote a letter to the famous Professor Totten in which Fenton stated that while he was yet an unbeliever, his thorough studies of the ancient languages, including Hebrew, had convinced him the Welsh language was closely aligned with Hebrew and that the English- speaking peoples must be racially aligned with the Hebrews!

 Pastor Ewing gave much more information to prove the amazing similarity between Hebrew and English and then concluded his lecture with the statement that since English was rapidly becoming the official trade and political language of all nations, the English language may well be the fulfilling of the promise of God to Israel in Zephaniah 3:9, For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent. If it is God's purpose to make English the universal language, that would explain the desperate attempts of the enemies of God and America to make our nation bi-lingual by bringing in Spanish, French (in Canada), even Indian languages, and Swahili for the Blacks. They are attempting to frustrate God's purpose, but they will not be successful,  just as their attempts to destroy America SHALL FAIL.

 One final comment on language. Some years ago the American networks televised the investiture of Prince Charles of England as the Prince of Wales. At one point a TV commentator asked Sir Richard Burton of Wales a question about the Welsh people and in his answer Sir Richard included this phrase, "the ancient Welsh language is almost pure Hebrew." Millions of Americans heard that - further testimony to God's Saxon Race of their Hebrew ancestry.

 We could go on and on, but we believe this will suffice to prove that THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAME FROM THE HEBREW!

Marks of Israel -Part  21

 44). Israel to possess the gates of his enemies.

Genesis 22:17; Genesis 24:60.

 45). Israel to find its enemies diminishing before them.

Deuteronomy 33:17; Isaiah 41:8-14;  Isaiah 49:25-26; Isaiah 52:12; Isaiah 54:15, 17; Isaiah 60:12; Jeremiah 31:7-10; Jeremiah 46:28.

 46). Israel to have control of the seas.

Numbers 24:7; Deuteronomy 33:19; Numbers 24:7; Psalm 89:25; Isaiah 60:5.

 47). Israel to have a new religion - a New Covenant.

Jeremiah 31:33-34; Matthew 10:5-7; Luke 1:77; Luke 2:32; Luke 22:20; John 11:49-52; Galatians 3:13; Hebrews 8:13; Hebrews 9:15-17; Hebrews 10:10-13.

 48). Israel to lose all trace of her identity or lineage.

Isaiah 56:5; Isaiah 62:2; Hosea 1:9-10; Hosea 2:6, 17; Romans 11:25

 49). Israel would "NEVER" return to Palestine.

Isaiah 42:16-19; Hosea 1:9-10; Hosea 2:6, 17; Romans 11:25.

 50). Israel to keep the Sabbath forever.

Exodus 31:13-17; Isaiah 58:13-14.

 51). Israel to be called the sons of God - accept CHRIST - ianity.

Hosea 1:10-11.

 52). Israel to be a people saved by the Lord.

Deuteronomy 33:27-29; Isaiah 41:8-14; Isaiah 43:1-8; Isaiah 44:1-3; Isaiah 49:25-26; Isaiah 51:1-12; Isaiah 53:3-13; Isaiah 54:1-10, 13, 15; (Jeremiah 46:27-28; Ezekiel 34:10-16; Hosea 2:23; Hosea 13:9-14; Hosea 14:4-6; Micah 6:6-13; Matthew 15:23; John 10:26-28.

 53). Israel to be custodians of the oracles - Scriptures - of God.

Psalms 147:19-20; Isaiah 59:21.

 The Oracles of God which in Christ's day were in the possession of the Hebrew nation consisted solely of the Old Testament or, in other words, "The Old Covenant." They dealt with that exclusively; though there was indeed the promise of the New. The Jews have tried to convince the world that the Word of God was for them. But God's plan was to make Israel (NOT the Jews) a blessing to all the world. For the Jews have been a curse to all the world and have been run out of every country on earth, except the American  continent, at one time or another. A list of those countries is given in another part of this study. Therefore, of necessity there mut be committed to her the greater and more complete oracles of God!

 She was to be the great world evangelizer. "Dew from the Lord." "Showers upon the grass." "Thou shalt be a blessing." "Ye are My witnesses." How could all this be, unless Israel had the great means to all this, namely the Word of God?

 Please note how fitting it is that just as the Book of the Old Covenant was necessarily in the hands of the people of the Old Covenant, so it is absolutely necessary that the Book of the New covenant (the New Testament) should be in the hands of the people of the New Covenant, God's own people, Israel, with whom that covenant was made! (See Hebrews 8:10)

 So the Oracles of the New Covenant are where they should be, in the hands of the people of the New Covenant, Israel of the House of Jacob. (See Jeremiah 31:33) The possessor of this New Covenant is there said to be "the House of Israel," a distinctive name for all 13 tribes of Israel, and the covenant with her is detailed. There is also to be a New Covenant with Judah (see verse 31) but that is not yet given; and obviously she has not yet entered into it.

 Where, then, is this "House of Israel" which receives the New Covenant, with its word and mission, and which carries that word to the heathen? There is only one race upon the earth which does it; the Anglo-Saxon, therefore, and indisputably, they MUST be "Israel."

 How strange it is (if we are only Gentiles) that we should have among us as our great possession this Old Hebrew book, the Bible; and, what is more wonderful still, it has become the basis of all our creeds, the standard of our virtue, the instructor of our youth (until the antichrist Jews took control of our courts), the solace of our old age, the foundation of our laws, the ultimate court of judgment between right and wrong, the one Book of the nation, read more than any other, loved more than any other, prized beyond all others; the guide of father, mother, son and daughter alike.

 54). Israel to carry the Gospel to all the world.

Genesis 28:14; Isaiah 43:10-12 - not the church see verse 14; Isaiah 43:21; Micah 5:7.

 55). Israel to be kind to the poor and to set slaves free.

Deuteronomy 15:7-11; Psalm 72:4; Isaiah 42:7; Isaiah 49:9; Isaiah 58:6.

 56). Israel to be the heir of the world through faith not the Law.

Romans 4:13.

 57). Israel to be God's glory.

Isaiah 46:13; Isaiah 49:3; Isaiah 60:1-2; Isaiah 60:13.

 58). Israel to possess God's Holy Spirit as well as His Word.

Isaiah 44:3; Isaiah 59:21; Haggai 2:5.

 59). Israel to be God's Heritage.

Deuteronomy 4:20; Deuteronomy 7:6; Deuteronomy 14:2; 2 Samuel 7:23; 1 Kings 8:51-53; Isaiah 43:21; Isaiah 53:5-10; Hosea 2:19-23; Joel 2:27; Micah 7:14-18.

 60). Israel is the nation appointed to bring Glory to God.

Isaiah 41:8-16; Isaiah 43:10-21; Isaiah 44:23; Isaiah 49:3; Isaiah 60:21.

 61). The Promised Nation to be a Republic.

Isaiah 1:26; Jeremiah 30:21; Hosea 1:11.

 "One head," -- President -- appointed -- Elected -- by the people, governors, judges and counselors taken from the masses of the people are particularly promised, BUT NO KING; BECAUSE CHRIST IS OUR KING!

 Peter Marshall and David Manuel in their book "The Light and The Glory" put it this way: "In like spirit, the new year of 1773 was rung in by the men...'Death,' they proclaimed unanimously on the first of January, 'is more eligible than slavery. A freeborn people are not required by the religion of Jesus Christ to submit to tyranny, and may make use of such power as God has given them to recover and support their laws and liberties... [We] implore the Ruler above the skies, that He would make bare His arm in defense of His Church and people, and let Israel go.' It is interesting to note that a pivotal change had taken place in American rhetoric: no longer were the exhortations coming exclusively from the pulpits and a few zealous 'patriots'; the broad mass of the people themselves had taken up the torch and were carrying it forward on their own. And now even a governor, Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, spoke out openly in defense of freedom: 'It is hard to break connections with our mother country, but when she strives to enslave us, the strictest union must be dissolved...'The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitudes of isles be glad thereof,' the accomplishment of such noble prophecies is at hand.'

     But most Crown-appointed governors remained submitted to their king, and one wrote to the Board of Trade in England: 'If you ask an American, who is his master? He will tell you he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ.' Which may have given rise to the cry which was soon passed up and down the length of America by the Committees of Correspondence: 'NO KING BUT KING JESUS!'"

 62). Latter day Israel to be captive of "Mystery Babylon."

Micah 4:10-11; Isaiah 62:1-4.

 63). The waiting isles of Isaiah are an announcement of America and its early occupation by European Emigrants.

Isaiah 60:9. Isaiah 23:2-3; Hosea 11:1; Exodus 2:19 and Ezekiel 29.

 64). The history of America parallels the history of Ancient Israel.

Judges 6:1-6.

 It is past time that the people of America realize that they, as the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and Kindred people who settled this great country ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB-ISRAEL. THAT THEY WERE/ARE, IN FACT, THE PEOPLE OF THE HOLY BIBLE. However, whenever  anyone tries to inform them of this fact, the enemies of Christ; of America; of our Hebrew children begin their efforts at disinformation to brand anyone attempting to put forward that information, as a neo-Nazi, White Supremist, anti-Semite or some other such buzz word they use to stifle opposition.

 But once one gets past those terms he discovers that the information being presented, is simply a revelation of Biblical and Historical facts. Once we understand that America is in Bible Prophecy and we learn: THE PEOPLE WHO SETTLED AND FORMED THIS NATION ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE. They were Bible believers. They believed both the Old and New Testament to be the Word of God. They established their homes, their communities, their cities and states, and their nation upon the whole counsel of God; not part of it; not in addition to it; and certainly not a perversion of it.

 They recognized Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They were not Christ- rejecters or Christ-deniers. They were the ones who had the faith and courage and vision to establish this nation. They are the ones who shed their blood, gave their lives, and who made other incredible sacrifices, proving the genuineness and divine origin of their faith. The others with their false faiths, their false religions, and their antichrist systems came later.

 65). The Sun, Moon and Stars to withdraw their shining.

 In Prophetic Scripture the sun, moon and stars represents Jacob [The Sun, his wife Rachel The Moon] and the twelve Patriarchs [The Stars] of the twelve tribes of Israel. Genesis 37:9-10; Joel 2:10; Joel 3:15.

 66). Israel's name was to be "great."

Genesis 12:2.

 67). Israel was to be exceeding fruitful.

Genesis 28:14; Genesis 49:22, 26; Numbers 23:10; Isaiah 10:22, 27; Isaiah 27:6; Hosea 1:10; Zechariah 10:8.

 68).  Israel to dwell alone.

Numbers 23:9; Deuteronomy 33:28; Isaiah 49:21.

Marks of Israel - Part 22 (Last One)

 69). Israel's home to be permanent.

2 Samuel 7:10, 1 Chronicles 17:9; Isaiah 41:11-14.

 70). Israel to be like a lion.

Numbers 23:24; Numbers 24:9.

 71). Israel to lose a colony, and then increase demanding more room.

Isaiah 49:19-20.

 72). Israel to reign over many nations; be reigned over by none.

Deuteronomy 15:6.

 73). Israel was to possess the land from the Euphrates to the uttermost sea.

Deuteronomy 11:24.

 74). Two great rival nations were to spring from Joseph.

Genesis 48:13-20; Genesis 48:19; Genesis 49:22-26.

 75). Israel was to have a Heathen Empire.

Psalm 111:5-6; Psalm 149:1-8.

 76). Israel was to be a people glorying in Christ.

 Isaiah 41:16; Luke 2:32; John 11:52; Acts 5:31; 1 Peter 2:7-8.

 77). Israel will not be found in circumcision. Circumcision was a sign of the Old Covenant. Israel will be found under the New.

Hebrews 8:-9; Hebrews 9:17; Acts 15:10; Galatians 3:13; Acts 15:19, 29.

 78). Israel is described as "drunken."

Isaiah 28:1-7.

 79). Israel was to be called or named after Isaac.

Genesis 21:12; Amos 7:16; Romans 9:7.

 Saxons is a corruption or shortening of Isaac's sons, or Saac's sons.

 80). Israel was to be a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation to the Lord.

Exodus 19:6; Leviticus 20:26; Deuteronomy 7:6; Isaiah 61:6; Isaiah 62:12.

 81). Israel was to pray towards Jerusalem.

1 Kings 8:29; 2 Chronicles 6:21, 26.

 82). The entire Israel nation is the church, this is taught throughout the New Testament. The whole people good and bad formed the Assembly, the Congregation; so is it with our churches today. The Scriptures are too numerous to list in this short study.

 83). According to the Biblical Encyclopedias and other reference books, the singular name: "Great Britain," means "Brit" or "Brith" and is Hebrew for Covenant, it is also Welsh meaning the same thing; Britain is Covenant land; British is Covenant Man.

 84). Israel or Joseph must have possession of the stone of Israel.

Genesis 28:22; Genesis 49:23-24; Genesis 49:22, 26; Psalm 118:22-23; Isaiah 28:16; Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:10-11; Luke 20:17; Acts 4:11; Ephesians 2:20; 1 Peter 2:4-5; 1 Peter 2:6-8.

 85). Israel to deliver (the New) Jerusalem in the last days.

Ezekiel 25:14; Ezekiel 36:8, 12; Luke 21:24.

 86). Israel's new home to be filled with treasures.

Isaiah 60:5, 16; Isaiah 61:6.

 87). Israel's teachers, pastors and shepherds were to be blind.

Isaiah 42:16; Isaiah 43:8; Ezekiel 34:1-16.

 88). Israel was to encompass or girdle the earth.

Deuteronomy 32:8-9; Psalm 74:2-3; Isaiah 49:8;  Isaiah 60:12-13.

 89). Israel's seed to be honored among the nations.

Isaiah 61:4, 6, 9.

 90). Israel to be gentle and magnanimous in victory.

1 Kings 20:31.

 91). Those that blessed Israel were to be blessed, and those that cursed Israel were to be cursed.

Genesis 12:2-3; Numbers 22:6; Numbers 24:9.

 92). Israel is to be the chief opponent of antichrists at Armageddon.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 the entire chapters. Most commentators agree that this is the Anglo-Saxons' part.

 93). Israel is to call an unknown nation, and unknown nations are to run to

Isaiah 5:55.

 94). Israel is to pride herself in the lifting up of the nations.

Isaiah 49:8-9; Isaiah 61:6.

 95). Israel is to be sown in the earth.

Jeremiah 31:27; Hosea 2:23; Amos 9:9; Zechariah 10:9.

 96). Israel to destroy Edom (the Jews) in the last days.

Isaiah 11:14; Ezekiel 25:14; Amos 9:12; Obadiah 1:18.

 97). Israel's people to be established in righteousness.

Isaiah 45:25; Isaiah 54:14; Romans 11:26.

 98). Israel to remain in ignorance of her special relationship to God until the great revealing comes.

Ezekiel 39:7, 22, 28.

 99). Some of Israel's soldiers, in the latter days, to be in scarlet colored uniforms.

Nahum 2:3-4.

 This is a perfect description of our streets and roads in the time of the end, which we believe is this present time, and at that time her valiant men are to be dressed in scarlet. Khaki was adopted for the war, but England's Guard can presently be seen every day in Birdcage Walk, S.W., or on duty at Buckingham Palace.  On the occasion of the martial pageant of the Trooping of the Colors in honor of the King's 64th birthday, England's leading newspaper headed an article "Scarlet Troops," the very word of Scripture. And they then went on to describe it as follows: "A great multitude stood with bared heads yesterday morning in and around the Parade...where five scarlet battalions of Foot Guards, and two troops of Household Cavalry were drawn up in the splendor of full dress."

 100). In none of the above listed marks are the Jews described in any way; but they are mentioned in Scripture so that we may know that they ARE NOT Israel, but are instead truly the children of the Devil.

 The attitude of Jesus Christ to this sect is definitely expressed in the New Testament. Ask yourself the following questions regarding present day Jews Then you decide from the Word of God, Who is true Israel.

  1). Have the Jews been a blessing to all nations?
  2). Have the Jews been "Circumcised In The Heart?"
  3). Do the Jews glorify Jesus Christ?
  4). Do the Jews declare that Jesus is God?
  5). Do the Jews show forth the praises of Christ, God's Son?
  6). Have the Jews carried the message of "personal" and "national" Salvation to the ends of the Earth?
  7). Do the Jewish people have God's Spirit in their hearts?
  8). Was the New Covenant (Testament) written to Jews or Israelites and what is the difference between the two?
  9). Are the Jews the "lost sheep of the house of Israel?"
 10). Are the Jews the "children of God, scattered abroad?"
 11). Are the Jews the servants of God?
 12). Are the Jews a Holy Nation and People?
 13). Are there any Jews mentioned in the "faith chapter" of Hebrews 11?
 14). Are the Jews a righteous nation?
 15). Are the Jews bringing forth the fruits of God's Kingdom?
 16). Are the Jews kind to strangers in their midst?
 17). Are the Jews called the "children of the living God?"
 18). Do the Jews admit that they are not God's People?
 19). Do the Jews have all of God's Word?
 20). Are the Jews a Great and Mighty Nation?
 21). Do the Jews possess the "gates of their enemies?"
 22). Are the Jews a "company of nations?"
 23). Are the Jews above all people in moral excellence?
 24). Are the Jews today called through Isaac?
 25). Have the Jews ever lost their identity?
 26). Have the Jews ever been called by a "new name?"
 27). Are the major heathen nations aligned against the Jews alone?
 28). Are the modern day Jews described as "a great lion?"
 29). Did the Jews deliver Jerusalem from the power of the heathen?
 30). Has the Jewish people ever had the name of "Great?"
 31). Have the Jews been foremost in ending slavery?
 32). Have the Jews been great colonizers?
 33). Do the Jews recognize Jesus as Messiah?
 34). Does your pastor teach that the "Jews are ALL of Israel?"
 35). Do you honestly know what the Bible teaches about the Jews and Israel?

     God has told us who these are whom He will deliver us up to: "Behold, therefore I WILL DELIVER THEE TO THE MEN OF THE EAST [God is telling us He will deliver us for a time to the Jews -- they are the men from the east because the Jews who presently rule over us are Khazar Jews -- MEN FROM THE EAST!] for a possession, and they shall set their palaces in thee, and make their dwellings in thee: they shall eat thy fruit, and they shall drink thy milk." (Ezekiel 25:4)

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