Parts 1 through 6
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

History - Part 1

        This is a series on a history that most Christians know nothing about; it is a history of both Israel, the Jews and Christianity. Christians know nothing about it because they have been too busy trying to make a living for their families; some because they are simply too lazy to study and obey God's Commandment to study to make oneself approved, a workman not ashamed. "Study  to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."  (2 Timothy 2:15) Many of the Judeo-Christian clergy tell lies and teach falsely because their congregations of make believe christians have itching ears and will listen only to that which they want to listen to. (2 Timothy 4:3) Because they cannot stand the truth, and must have lies and false doctrines and teachings given to them or they will not fill the church's plate and enrich the minister and build great buildings, empty of God's Word. "The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" (Jeremiah 5:31)

        In this series you will find out the origin of the stupid yellow ribbons that infest America on various occasions of grief and etc. Americans do not think about it, but yellow is the sign of a coward; such as the old saying that man has a yellow streak down his back because he is such a coward. And cowards, in deed, are the Jews for they ever work from behind traitors to our race who do their work for them for all to see, while the cowardly Jews remains hidden.

        You will find out that our early church fathers hated the Jews with all their hearts, but the cowardly Judeo-Christian clergy of today will not tell you about it because of their cowardance. They are afraid of the Jews for several reasons, but the three main reason are (1) Most of them have their church mortgaged to the hilt and if they offend the Jews, the banks or loan companies will call in their notes; which they cannot meet; (2) The Jews will use their ownership and control of the media to destroy the reputation of the minister and the church; and (3) The Jews will turn lose the IRS on the church, the minister and the elders of the church and destroy them through their unending supply of money from the government.

        I hope you enjoy this lesson in history as much as I did while I was putting it together. I remain Sincerely yours, In His Service, Willie Martin

Joannes Chrysostomus

        Joannes Chrysostomus, is generally known as St. Chrysostom: Patriarch of Constantinople, one of the most celebrated of the Church Fathers, and the most eminent orator of the early Christian period; born 347 A.D. at Antioch; died September 14, 407, near Comana, in Pontus. Chrysostom originally devoted himself to the law, but soon felt dissatisfied with this vocation, and at the age of twenty-three was made a deacon.

        About fifteen years later (386 A.D.) he advanced to the rank of presbyter, and in 398 A.D. was appointed by the emperor Bishop of Constantinople. Having attacked the empress Eudoxia in his sermons, he was banished in 403 A.D., but was recalled soon after, upon the unanimous demand of his congregation. He repeated his attacks upon the empress, and was again banished in 404 A.D.; first to Nicaea, then to Cacusus in the desert of the Taurus, and finally to Pityos on the Black Sea; but he died while on the way to the last-named place.

        The name "Chrysostomus" ('golden-mouthed'; = 'gold,' and = 'mouth') is a title of honor conferred on this Church father only. It was first used by Isidore of Seville in 636 A.D., and is significant of the importance of the man, whose sermons, of which one thousand have been preserved, are among the very best products of Christian rhetoric.

        As a teacher of dogmatics and exegesis Chrysostom is not of so much importance, although much space in his works is devoted to these two branches. Among his sermons, the "Orationes VIII. Adversus Judaeos" deserve special notice, inasmuch as they mark a turning point in anti- Jewish polemics.

        While up to that time the Church aspired merely to attack the dogmas of Judaism, and did that in a manner intended only for the learned, with Chrysostom there began the endeavor, which eventually brought so much suffering upon the Jews, to prejudice the whole of Christendom against the latter, and to erect hitherto unknown barriers between Jews and Christians. It was the existing friendly intercourse between Jews and Christians which impelled Chrysostom to his furious attacks upon the former.

Attack on Jews

        Religious motives were not lacking, for many Christians were in the habit of celebrating the Feast of the Blowing of the Shofar, or New Year, the Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles.

        "What forgiveness can we expect,' he exclaimed, 'when we run to their synagogues, merely following an impulse or a habit, and call their physicians and conjurers to our houses?' In another place Chrysostom says: 'I invoke heaven and earth as witnesses against you if any one of you should go to attend the Feast of the blowing of the Trumpets, or participate in the fasts, or the observance of the Sabbath, or observe an important or unimportant rite of the Jews, and I will be innocent of your blood.'

        Not only had Chrysostom to combat the pro-Jewish inclinations of the Antiochians in religious matters, but the Jews were held in so much respect at that time, that Christians preferred to bring their lawsuits before Jewish judges, because the form of the Jewish oath seemed to them more impressive and binding than their own." (Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 75)

        In a book entitled "Races in Europe," the author, William Z. Ripley, states under ethology: "The findings of physical anthropology show that, contrary to popular view, there is no Jewish race...Our conclusion then is final. It is paradoxical yet true, we affirm. The Jews are not a Race, but only a People after all."

        Perhaps it can be understood why The World Book Encyclopedia states: "The Jews were once a sub-type of the Mediterranean race, but they have mixed with other peoples until the name Jew has lost all racial meaning."

        From the above definitions it can be concluded that since the majority of people in modern Palestine and those who call themselves Jews are descendants from a "Turko-Finn, Mongolian tribal people" from Khazaria, they have never been a Semitic people. Therefore anyone who would be critical or oppose them cannot be anti-Semitic. They may be anti-Khazarian, anti-Jew, but certainly not anti-Semitic.

Opportunity Lost

        The opportunity was being given to each of the three sons of Judah to prove their right to the throne. The male line of Pharez-Judah had failed. The daughter of Zedekiah, the last king in Jerusalem, was united to the male line of Zarah-Judah in Ireland. The Shelah-Judah remnant was given their opportunity and proved their unworthiness by crucifying the Son of God, Jesus Christ, WHO WAS NOT A JEW, as He did not come from the Shelah line. Neither the Pharez branch nor the Zarah branch of Judah were Jews. The present House of Windsor has over it the combined line of Zarah-Pharez. Thus we can clearly see that First the Pharez Branch was exalted Then the Shelah Branch and at Present the Zarah Branch is Exalted.

        Notice that in verse 27 there are three overturns, i.e., from Pharez to Zarah and, while hidden in Ireland, from 580 B.C. to Christ, the Shelah line was given the opportunity to prove their worth. Three overturnings - from Pharez to Shelah, from Shelah to Zarah and the final overturn to Christ the rightful heir.  Also geographically this scripture is fulfilled; the throne was overturned from Jerusalem to Ireland, from Ireland to Scotland from Scotland to Westminster Abbey. From there He whose right it is, Jesus Christ, the greater son of David, shall rule - from shore to shore and from sea to sea.

        The Jews were the 70 week (490 year) nation of Daniel 9:24-27. They finished their sanctuary work, just as Judas did, and are broken as a nation forever. Jesus knew who they were. (Matthew 23:1-39) They were and are the cursed fig tree nation of Matthew 21:19 and are not of de facto nation today.

        They are the people who were deprived of the Kingdom. (Matthew 21:43) That Israeli thing in Palestine is the fulfillment of Daniel 11:14 and Matthew 24:15 and not Israel's return. (Jeremiah 50:4-6) The Jews are in Israel's land, but do not call themselves Israelite. The letters "T" and "E" are missing. Could the "T" stand for the Cross and "E" for Ephraim, the head of twelve tribed Israel, both of which they must accept before becoming true Israelites.

        They were the blasphemers of Paul's day and did all they could to hinder the gospel. (Acts 13:44-47) Have they changed in their attitude toward Christ and His Gospel up to this hour? The Canaanite anti-Christ spirit was manifest in their attitude toward Christ when they boastfully said: "We be not born of fornication," (John 8:41)

        Their statement did not refer to Christ's virgin birth, for Mary hid that secret within her heart. (Luke 2:19) The Shelah-Judah Jews had access to Christ's genealogical record and referred to His descent from the supposed illegitimate Pharez branch of Judah. See how, centuries after the birth of Judah's three sons, the genealogical record of each family was kept separate. (Numbers 21:19-20)

        In closing let us say that Christians who are giving all of Israel's promises to the Jews, that rejected nation, are doing great harm to the cause of Christ and will have to suffer the consequences. The Jews must be brought to Israel and to Israel's Christ, (Deuteronomy 33:7) "Bring Judah to his people" (i.e. Israel). This cannot be done by proclaiming lies, they must be told the truth. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

        True love shows those we love the error of their ways. many do not understand what it is to "act in true love" toward the erring brother. Few words have suffered the abuse of inaccuracy and loose meaning in recent years than was "love." With a great many true love is but a synonym for moral laxity, weakness of character, a taking the line of least resistance, a quiet tolerating of what is wrong. We have overlooked the folly of the blind and made excuses for their opposition to the Bible message for so long that we think it unkind for anyone to speak the truth.

        This reluctance to speak the truth is manifest in the home life, in the churches and in national and international affairs. Leniency and weakness have overridden truth and faithfulness and this laxity is misnamed "love." Sentimentality which shrinks from "Hurting the Feelings" of other is ousting all concern for the glory of Christ and the honor of His house. God is "Light," (1 John 1:5) as well as "Love," (1 John 4:8) "Holy" as well as "Merciful," "Severe" as well as "Good," (Romans 11:22) and unless we want to grievously misrepresent the Divine character we must preserve a balance between the two sides.

The One Who Wounds You The Most May Be The Best Friend You Have

        While the one who is silent about your sins and refuses to rebuke you for what is dishonoring to God, is your enemy and hates you. O, for the grace to say with the Psalmist: "Let the righteous smite me; it shall be a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head: for yet my prayer also shall be in their calamities."; (Psalm 141:5) "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: Rebuke a Wise Man, and He Will Love Thee." (Proverbs 9:8)

        How few of the wise are now left? For me to tell a sinner that all is well with him in contradiction to what God's Word teaches, wouldn't help him, but rather it would lead to his sorrow and eternal loss. Likewise, in failing to tell the Jew the truth would be doing him a great injustice. "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" (Galatians 4:16)

        The sons of Joseph were given the birthright (1 Chronicles 5:1-2) and Judah was never promised all of the land, (Genesis 15:18) never did Judah possess All of it. (Ezekiel 48:7) Except you repent (turn from your way of thinking as well as your attitude toward Christ and His Gospel), "Ye shall all likewise perish." You will perish individually just as you perished nationally, unless you repent. Judah and Israel must walk together in the last days. "In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers."; (Jeremiah 3:18) "And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble The Outcasts of Israel, and gather together The Dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim."; (Isaiah 11:12-13) "In those of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together, going and weeping: they shall go, and seek the Lord their God. They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces hitherward, saying Come, and let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten. My people hath been lost sheep: Their Shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place."; (Jeremiah 50:4-6) "Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will perform that good thing which I have promised Unto the House of Israel and To The House of Judah." (Jeremiah 33:14)

        That good thing promised is the putting away of our sins by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and His return to take unto Himself the throne of His father David, "for the government shall be upon His shoulders and of the increase and peace of His government there shall be no end."

        The Jews are fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel 11:15 in saying to Israel: "Get you far from the Lord: Unto Us Is This Land Given In Possession." Through their subtle political maneuvering they have placed, in both the Republican and Democratic platforms, a pledge to restore (?) Palestine to the Jews. To restore, means to them, to bring back to a former state. When, we ask, did the Jews ever possess ALL of Palestine? Our blind political leaders will discover, to their sorrow, that they have made a promise they can never fulfill. To all Christians supporting the Jews in their unscriptural claims and demands for Palestine we say: You Will Find Yourself Fighting Against God. Many of you wouldn't dare insist that Esau be given the birthright after he had been dispossessed.

        Yet you continue to support the Jew, both morally and financially, in his futile attempts to regain something which was taken from him. (Matthew 21:19, 43) By doing so you prolong the suffering of the Jews and just might possibly bring the judgment of God upon your own head to your sorrow and loss, while the Jews goes to the slaughter in his vain attempts to "establish the vision." (Daniel 11:14)

History - Part 2

        We have found Israel under the leadership of Ephraim and Manasseh, not the Jews.  We have identified Israel by their marks, by the things they are doing and the position they hold in the world. The prophecies made concerning Israel are being fulfilled by the United States and the so-called Christian Nations of the world and not the Jews. The two sons of Joseph inherited the birthright and the name of Israel. (Genesis 48:16) They are a great multitude in the earth, a nation and company of nations; possessing the gates of their enemies. They are God's battle-ax and weapons of war. They are the custodians of God's Word and they Glory in Jesus Christ. They have His Name. True we do not serve Him as we should - far from it, but we have not nationally, as did the Jews, denied His Name. We have found Israel the positive witness and we have found that other family, the remnant of Judah, the Shelah-Jews, the negative witness. Remember that by the mouth of two or more witnesses shall every word be established. (Ruth 4:11)

        The people said, "We are witnesses the Lord make the woman (Ruth) that is come into thine house like Rachel and like Leah, Which Two did build the house of Israel." (Jeremiah 33:14); "Behold the days come, saith the Lord, that I will perform that good thing which I have promised unto The House of Israel and to The House of Judah" vs. 24 "The Two families which the Lord hath chosen." (Hebrews 8:8); "I will make a new covenant with The House of Israel and The House of Judah." (Ezekiel 37:19); "Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold I will take the Stick of Joseph, Which is in The Hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the Stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand." (Ezekiel 37:19)

        True love exhorts, rebukes, reproves and warns of dangers ahead and endeavors to win those outside of Christ at all costs.

Are The Jews Israel?

        The popular aversion to the subject of race has contributed much to the prevailing blindness regarding the ethnic antecedents of the Jews. "The Brotherhood of man," a One-World, Universalist doctrine, censors any consideration of race in Bible exegesis. This is most evident throughout the organized church where any suggestion that race could be a factor in the plans and purposes of God is anathema. This has brought about a strange paradox. The plain Bible teaching that the Lord God has "A Chosen People" is denied; if not in so many words, then by silently ignoring the numerous references regarding "the children of Jacob His chosen." Virtually no credence is given to recognition of a chosen race by the main line church denominations; but, oddly enough, those who find racial distinctions the most objectionable are often the first to insist that "the Jews are God's chosen people."

        Jesus exposed the age long Esau-Idumean conspiracy to displace the seed of Jacob in order to seize Israel's inheritance. He well knew of the Idumean Herod's plot to slay Him as the Christ child, and He knew the identity of those who still sought to kill Him in order to usurp His Kingship as the legitimate Heir to the Throne of David.

        When Jesus' ministry was about to end, He left the safe environments of Galilee to confront the Jews in Jerusalem. To those who believed on Him, Jesus said: "...If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32-33)

        Then His enemies raised a racial question: "...We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?" (John 8:33) This was a tacit admission that, although they could claim descent from Abraham, they were not the seed of promise through Isaac and Jacob-Israel who had been in bondage in Egypt. Jesus knew they were the descendants of Esau. When Jesus said "the scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat," He meant They had taken Control of the Government and Organized Religion. He characterized them as hypocrites: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him two fold more the child of hell than yourselves." (Matthew 23:15)

        Jesus identified them by their own admission: "...If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye Serpents, Ye Generation (Race) of Vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar." (Matthew 23:20-35)

        In His parable of the Nobleman, Jesus indicted those who would deny Him the Kingdom: "...his citizens hated him (Christ), and sent a message after him (Christ), saying, We (Jews) will not have this man (Christ) to reign over us." (Luke 19:14)

        To them (The Jews), He (Christ) rendered a final verdict: "But those Mine Enemies (The Jews), which would not that I should reign over Them (Jews), bring hither, and Slay Them (Jews) before me." (Luke 19:27)

        It should be understood that the term "Jew" in the English language Bibles is a contraction of the Hebrew word Yehu-dim, meaning "of Judah." Failure on the part of many to recognize the true identity of the House of Israel is at the epicenter of the widespread confusion regarding Biblical distinctions between Israel, Judah and the Jews. These are not, in any sense, synonymous terms. Once these distinctions are clearly understood, one can begin to grasp the enormity of the deception on the part of "those who call themselves Jews" by assuming the mantle of Israel.

        It is most unfortunate that throughout so-called "Christian Orthodoxy," an oversimplified scenario persists that the ten "lost tribes" were assimilated by their Assyrian captors and, or absorbed among the Gentiles (Nations). According to the common belief, all that survived of the twelve tribes was the remnant of Judah which was taken captive to Babylon and eventually, they say, returned intact to Jerusalem. This grossly mistaken concept ignores many factors; particularly that the vast majority of Judahites were also taken to Assyria to follow the path of their Israelite kinsmen in the great migration westward to settle the Isles and the Northern Coast lands of Europe.

        According to the Biblical accounts and secular history, the major deportations of the Northern Ten-Tribed Kingdom of Israel were carried out by two Assyrian Monarchs, Tiglath-pileser and Shaimaneser. About this same period, 721 B.C., another Assyrian, Sennacherib, captured the forty-six strongholds or "fenced cities" of Judah. (2 Kings 18:13)

        The captives of Judah were taken in the same northerly direction where Tiglath-pileser had taken their Israel kinsmen of the tribes of Manasseh, Reuben and Gad in 745 B.C. All of these children of Israel became part of the great migration to the appointed place, north and west of Palestine. Only "the inhabitants of Jerusalem" within the city walls escaped the Assyrian conquests.

        What remained of this shattered remnant of Judah was further decimated while captive in Babylon. Little if any account is taken of the proselytes to Judaism who joined them during the captivity. After seventy years, as many as desired to go were allowed to return to Jerusalem. This number included some of the remnant of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin, and the royal descendants of David, as well as a few of the tribe of Levi.

        With them came many of the proselytes who were Hittites, Canaanites and Edomites; and among these were descendants of Ishmael and Esau who pressed the claim that Abraham was their father and thrust their company upon the returning remnant. When they returned from Babylon, certain ones of the House of Judah and some of the priests intermarried with the inhabitants of the land and these intermarriages were severely condemned by Ezra and Nehemiah. (Ezra 9; 10; Nehimah 13:23-29) While there were other admixtures in Judah, these forbidden marriages were mainly with Hittites of the former Canaanite empire. In time, this merging of Judahites with Hittites became identified as one of the racial types called "Jews."

Kimyarite (Himyarites) King Adopts Judaism and Converts His Army and People

Kimyarite (Himyarite). (See Sabeans Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 403)

        Sabeans: The inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Sheba in southeastern Arabia, known from the Bible, classical writers, and native inscriptions. The genealogies of Genesis give three pedigrees for Sheba, the eponymous ancestor of the Sabeans, who is variously termed (1) the son of Raamah and the grandson of Cush, (Genesis 10:7; 1 Chronicles 1:9; comp. Ezekiel 27:22; 38:13) (2) the son of Joktan and a great-great-grandson of Shem, (Genesis 10:28; 1 Chronincles 1:22) and (3) the son of Jokshan and a grandson of Abraham by Keturah. (Genesis 25:3; 1 Chronicles 1:32)

        There seem, therefore, to have been three stocks of Sabeans: one in Africa, (Comp. the Ethiopian city of Saga mentioned by Strabo, Geography, p. 77) and the other two in Arabia. Of the latter one is connected with the story of Abraham, and the other with that of the kingdom localized by Genesis 10:30, including the Joktanites generally, and extending "from Mesha, as thou goest unto Sephar, a mount of the east." (Genesis 20:30)) In Job 6:19 the Sabeans are mentioned in close association with the Temeans, an Ishmaelite stock (Genesis 25:15) that dwelt in Arabia. (Isaiah 21:14, comp. Jeremiah 25:23-24)

        The Psalms and the prophetical books lay special emphasis upon the wealth and commercial activity of the Sabeans. The gifts of the kings of Sheba and of Seba to Solomon are noted in Psalm 62:10, gold being especially mentioned among these presents. (Pslam 62:15) In both these passages the Septuagint, followed by the Vulgate, identifies Sheba with Arabia Isaiah 60:6 adds incense to the gifts which these countries were to bring. (Comp. Jeremiah 6:20) "Despite the collocation with Dedan in Genesis 10:7, 1 Chronicles 1:9 and Ezekiel 38:13, the merchants of Sheba, whom Ezekiel addressed in the words 'occupied in thy fairs with chief of all spices, and with all precious stones, and gold...' (Ezekiel 27:22) were doubtless Sabeans; but the reference in the following verse to the 'merchants of Sheba,' together with Haran, Canneh, Eden Asshur, and Chilmad, who by implication would be Asiatics, is probably a mere dittography, and is rightly omitted in the Septuagint. The wealth of Sheba is indicated also by the list of the gifts brought by its queen to Solomon, and which were 'a hundred and twenty talents of gold, and of spices very great store, and precious stones: there came no more such abundance of spices as these which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon." (1 Kings 10:10; 2 Chronicles 9:1-9; see Sheba, Queen Of)

        The only mention of the Sabeans is a warlike connection is in Job 1:15, where they are described as attacking and killing the servants of Job to rob them of cattle; but according to Joel 4. (A.V. 3:8), they dealt in slaves, including Jews.

        In the New Testament there is a reference to the kingdom of Sheba in the allusion to "the queen of the south" (Matthew 12:42; Luke 11:31). Sheba must be carefully distinguished from the Cushite or African Seba, (Comp. Genesis 10:7; 1 Chronicles 1:9) as is shown by the discrimination between the "kings of Sheba and Seba." in Psalm 72:10, and by the collocation of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Seba in Isaiah 43:3, 45:13.

        Strabo, basing his account for the most part on Eratosthenes, an author of the third century B.C., gives considerable information of value concerning the Sabeans. (Geography, ed. M´┐Żller, pp. 768, 778, 780) Their territory was situated between those of the Mineans and Cattabanes; and their capital, Mariaba, stood on the summit of a wooded hill.

        The country, like those adjoining, was a flourishing monarchy, with beautiful temples and palaces, and with houses which resembled those of the Egyptians. The mode of succession to the throne was peculiar in that the heir apparent was not the son of the king, but the first son born to a noble after the monarch's accession. The king himself was also the judge; but he was not allowed to leave the palace under penalty of being stoned to death by the people.

        "Inscriptions of the Sabeans are numerous, but the information which these records furnish is comparatively meager. They cover, it is true, a period of about 1,300 years, ceasing only with the extinction of the kingdom in the sixth century (A.D.); but only of the period just before and just after the beginning of the present era are they sufficiently abundant to allow even an approximation to a coherent history. The earliest inscription known is one containing the name of Yetha-amara, who has been identified with the 'Ithamara the Sabean' of an inscription of Sargon dated 715 B.C.

        Besides the epigraphical remains, there is a large number of coins, dating chiefly from 150 B.C. to 150 A.D. These are of special value for the history of the nation, even during its period of decline, since they bear both the monograms and the names of numerous kings. The Sabean inscriptions are dated by eponymous magistrates previous to the introduction of an era which has been identified with the Seleucidan (312 B.C.), and which has also been fixed by other scholars as beginning in 115 B.C., although there are traces of other chronological systems as well.

        These texts frequently allude to commerce, agriculture, and religion. The chief articles of trade are the same as those mentioned in the Bible and the classics, with the addition of horses and camels. The agricultural texts are chiefly prayers for increase in crops and live stock, with the inevitable petition of the Semite for male offspring. They contain also a number of plant-names, as well as occasional references to systems of irrigation. The military texts, in their accounts of successful raids on and repulses of other marauding tribes, confirm the allusion in Job 1:15.

        The references to religion are for the most part names of deities; but the entire lack of description renders a reconstruction of the Semitic pantheon practically impossible. It is clear, however, from the appellations of the gods that the religion of Sheba closely resembled the pre-Islamic Arabian cult, and showed certain affinities with the Assyro-Babylonian system as well. Among the Sabean gods the most important were Almakah ('the hearing god?'), Athtar (a protective deity and the male for of 'Ashtaroth,' to whom the gazel seems to have been sacred), Haubas (possibly a lunar deity), Dhu Samawi ('lord of heaven'), Hajr, Kainan, Kawim ('the sustaining'), Sin (the principal moon-god), Shams (the chief solar deity), Yata', Ramman (the Biblical Rimmon), El ('god' in general), Sami' (the hearing'), Shem (corresponding in functions to the general Semitic Ba'al), Hobal (possibly a god of fortune), Homar (perhaps a god of wine), Bashir (bringer of good tidings), Rahman (the merciful), Ta'lab (probably a tree-god), and Wadd (borrowed from the Mineans). A number of goddesses are mentioned, among them Dhat Hami (lady of Hami), Dhat Ba'dan (lady of Ba'dan), Dhat Gadran (lady of Gadran), and Tanuf (lofty).

        It becomes clear, even from this scanty information, that the religion was in the main a nature-cult, like the other Semitic religions; and this is borne out by a statement in the Koran that the Sabeans worshiped the sun. Few details of the cult are given, although there are frequent mentions of gifts and sacrifices, as well as of 'self-presentation,' a rite of doubtful meaning, but one which evidently might be performed more than once.

        Ritual purity and abstinence of various forms also seem to have formed part of the Sabean religion, and the name of the month Dhu Hijjat or Mahijjat, the only one retained by the Arabs (Dhu'l-Hijja, the twelfth month), implies a custom of religious pilgrimage to some shrine or shrines.

        To the account of the government as described by Strabo the Sabean inscriptions add little. The word for 'nation' is 'khums' (fifth), which apparently implies an earlier division of Arabia or of a portion of it into five parts; and the people were divided into tribes (shi'b), which, in their turn, were composed of 'tenths' or 'thirds.' The kings at first styled themselves 'malik' (king) and, possibly later, 'mukarrib,' a term of uncertain meaning, while they afterward were called 'kings of Saba and Dhu Raidan,' and finally monarchs of Hadramaut and Yamanet as well. There were likewise kings of a number of minor cities. From a late text which mentions a king of Himyar and Raidan and of Saba and Silhin, it has been inferred that the capital of Sheba was later removed to Raidan while the actual palace remained at Himyar, and that from this circumstance the dynasty and all that it ruled were formerly called Himyaritic (the 'Homeritae' of Ptolemy and of Christian ecclesiastical authors), a designation now generally discarded.

        The state of society in Sheba seems to have been somewhat feudal to character. The great families, which evidently possessed large landed estates, had castles and towers that are frequently mentioned in the inscriptions; and remains of some of these buildings are still extant. The status of woman was remarkably high. The mistress of a castle is mentioned in one inscription, and the epigraphical remains represent women as enjoying practical equality with men, although a few passages imply the existence of concubinage.

        The Sabean language belonged to the Semitic stock. While some of the inscriptions differ little from classical Arabic, most of them show a close affinity with Ethiopic. The weak letters occasionally possessed their consonant value as in Ethiopic, although they have become vowels in Arabic. On the other hand, the article is affixed as in Aramaic, instead of being prefixed as in Arabic, and certain syntactic phenomena recall Hebrew rather than the South-Semitic dialects. The alphabet, which, like all the Semitic systems except Ethiopic, represents the consonants only, is plausibly regarded by man as the earliest form of Semitic script." (Jewish Encyclopedia, pp. 608-610)

History - Part 3

        Even before the captivities, the "inhabitants of Jerusalem" were already a heterogeneous composite of antagonistic groups which included the "good fig" Judahites and the "evil fig" Shelanite-Canaanite pseudo-Judahites the Jews. When Nebuchadnezzar carried the "good fig" Judahites with Jeconiah and the princes of Judah to Babylon, (Jeremiah 24:1) the "evil fig" residue of Jerusalem was left under Zedekiah who reigned in Jerusalem for eleven years as Nebuchadnessar's puppet king. The appellation, "Jew," is a relatively recent term in Old Testament history.

        The word, Jew, first appears in 2 Kings 16:6, in our English language Bibles as a slang contraction of the Hebrew, Yehudim, meaning "of Judah." Or of "the land of Judah." In fact, the origin of the term, Jew, does not antedate the return of the remnant of Judah from Babylon. During the captivity, many of the Babylonians who became proselytes to Judaism adopted the name, Diaspora, or "dispersion of the Jews," but they were neither of Judahite nor Israelite ancestry. In Juda, what became known as "the nation of the Jews" consisted of the proselytes to Judaism who had swelled their numbers in Babylon. Judaism had Nothing to do with the Hebrew Religion. There were further mutations in Jewry. One occurred about 125 B.C. when the nation of the Idumeans was absorbed by the Jews. Another took place in Queen Esther's time in the Persian Kingdom when "many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them." (Esther 8:17)

        In his "Study of Esau-Edom in Jewry," C.F. Parker of London explains how the pseudo-Judahites brought in additional Esau-Edomites and Ishmaelites to help them gain control. So great was the number and influence of these interlopers that, during Jesus' ministry, He found them "sitting in Moses' seat," i.e., in complete control of the nation of the Jews, albeit subject to Rome.

        By the end of the tenth century A.D., the bulk of the world's Jewish population from Mesopotamia, Persia and the Armenian and Caucasian highlands had swarmed into Khazaria and intermarried extensively with the converted Khazars to produce the Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern Europe. These Ashkenazim of Eastern Europe and the Sephardim of the Mediterranean basin have been recognized for over a thousand years as two sharply contrasted physical types within the Jewish fold. Together they comprise the major part of world Jewry. However, today, Judaism embraces many other peoples including such diverse races as the Black Jews of Malabar and Ethiopia and the Mongoloid Jews of China.

        The Appellation, Jew, has been broadened to include Anyone of Whatever Race or Nationality Who Accepts the Faith of Judaism or who, without formal religious affiliation, regards the traditions of Judaism; its ethics, its folkways, its literature, as their own. The vast majority of Judah who, like their kinsmen in Israel, were taken captive by the Assyrians were Never known as "Jews" nor had they been called "Jews" while in Palestine. They were Never part of the Jewish Diaspora which came out of Babylon and Egypt.

As the historian H.G. Wells wrote: "The main part of Jewry was Never in Judea." (H.G. Wells, Outline of History)

        While the children of Israel disappeared for a time from the pages of history, The Jews have always known who they were and the World has never been allowed to lose sight of them! Because they have always sought to destroy Christians and Christianity whenever possible.
The following Jewish attacks on Christianity are taken from the February, 1978 issue of the "Christian Vanguard."

        1). 1954: ADL attorney Leonard Schroeter, is instrumental in preparing desegregation briefs for the NAACP for hearings before the U.S. Supreme court. He said "The ADL was working throughout the South to make integration possible as quickly as possible." (Oregon Journal, December 9, 1954)

        2). 1957: Jewish rabbi attacks the Lord's Prayer in the schools. (NJO, February  8, 1957)

        3). 1957: American Jewish Congress brought suit to have a nativity scene of Christ removed from public school property in Ossining, N.Y. The Jews obtained an injunction and planned to take the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. (Jewish Voice, December 20, 1957)

        4). 1957: New Jersey Region of the American Jewish Congress urges legislature to defeat a bill that would allow prayer in the schools. (American Examiner, September 26, 1957)

        Have you ever thought about it: If the Jews God is the same one as the Christian's God, then why do they object to Prayer to God in the Schools? The answer is given in a 1960 Court case by a Jewess Lois N. Milman, If Christians would only listen and observe! "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." (John 8:47; 9:33; 1 John 3:10; 4:6)

        5). 1960: Jewish pupil objects to prayer in schools. Jewess Lois N. Milman, objected to discussing God in the Miami schools because the talk was about "A God that is not my god." (How true this is) In a court suit she also objected to "having to listen to Christmas carols in the schools." (L.A. Times, July 20, 1960)

        6). 1962: The American Jewish Congress has called the Philadelphia decision against Bible reading in the public schools a "major victory for freedom." A special three judge federal court in Philadelphia voided as unconstitutional Pennsylvania's law requiring the reading of ten verses of the Bible in public schools each day. (Remember the Jews claim that the first five books of the Bible is also their Bible. Do you begin to see what liars they are?). "The Bible was read Without Comment and objectors were Excused upon Request from parents...The Jewish Congress is a Major Force in Supporting Challenges to Traditional (Christian) Practices in the Public Schools." (Los Angeles Times, February 2, 1962)

        7). 1963: Jews Bernard Roseman and Bernard Copley arrested smuggling in a large quantity of LSD-25 From Israel. The drug was manufactured at the Wiseman Institute in Israel. (Do you see now why the government cannot stop the drug traffic?) Jews repay Christian Americans for their Hospitality and Aid by Making Drug Addicts out of their Children. (Los Angeles Times, April 4, 1963)

        8). 1972: The American Jewish Congress filed a formal protest with the U.S. Post Office Department about a stamp to be issued representing Christianity. (But the Jews clandestinely put a so-called star of David on a stamp issued by the Post Office.) The P.O. Department withdrew the stamp design to please the Jews. (Jewish Post & Opinion. August 17, 1972)

        9). 1972: The Jewish Committee Against Religious Encroachment in Schools filed in Federal Court to have the Yule Pageant in Westfield, N.J. banned. The suit charged, "the pageant favor belief in religion over non-religion and favors the Christian Religion over others (Jews)." (New York Daily News, November 15, 1972)

        10). 1973: Jewish State Senator Anthony Beilenson (representing Beverly Hills) brought pressure on state officials and had the nativity scene removed from the Capitol grounds because it offended the Jews from his district. (Sacramento Union, December 22, 1973)

        11). 1976: Jewish owned movie studios in Hollywood produce two anti-Christian movies. "The Passover Plot" which portrays Christ as a revolutionary who uses drugs to trick people into thinking he was crucified. "The Sex Life of Jesus," Christ is portrayed in a series of sexual encounters including homosexual (Think about it: Time after time the Jews make movies portraying our Lord Jesus Christ as a Queer. How can ANY thinking Christian possibly believe these are God's People HOW STUPID CAN CHRISTIANS BE?) "Acts The Many Faces of Jesus" is built around the same theme. (Other movies made since 1976 with that same theme, that Jesus Christ was a drug addict and Queer are "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Last Temptation of Christ," "Heaven on Earth"; this one was not about Christ but about a fallen woman angel, "Oh God-1" and "Oh God-2" while these did not portray Jesus as a Queer they did portray Almighty God as a stupid mortal man -- and these are only a few of the many). (Tribune Review, November 16, 1976)

        Where the hell are our so-called Christian Ministers? That's right in their pulpits, on television and radio crying out for more money and letting these antichrist perverts go on blaspheming Almighty God the Lord Jesus Christ; While they suck up after these Satanic Creeps!

        12). 1977: President Jimmy Carter forced to apologize to the Jews living in America for telling his Bible class the truth, that The Jews Killed Christ. (Jewish Press, May 13, 1977)

        13). 1977: Russian Jews arriving in the U.S. given Medicaid by New York States as they claim being uncircumcised ruins their love life. They complain Jewish girls will not date them on Religious grounds if they are not circumcised (I Wonder if a Jewish boy has to show the Jewish girls his Privy Member before he asks her for a date?) Despite Constitutional separation of Church & State, New York and Federal authorities give these foreign Jews taxpayer money to be circumcised so the Jew girls will date them. (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

        14). 1977: Jews urge Removal of Bible Toting Judge. The Anti-Defamation League sent a letter to the state Committee on Judicial Performance (California) to have Judge Hugh W. Godwin removed from the bench because "his Christian religious beliefs color the manner in which he dispenses justice." (L.A. Herald Examiner, June 24, 1977)

        15). 1977: Lutheran Church leaders are calling for the deletion of the hymn "Reproaches" from Lutheran hymnals because the "hymn has a danger of fermenting anti-Semitism." The ADL sent a letter commending the president of the American Lutheran Church for the action.

        16). 1977: The American Jewish Committee was responsible for the Episcopal Church removing two hymns "Reproaches" and "Improperia" from the Book of Common Prayer because they (truthfully) accused the Jews of the Crucifixion of Christ. Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum congratulated Episcopal Bishop Allin for "his historic act of respect for Judaism and friendship for the Jewish people." (Jewish Press).

        17). 1977: The National Jewish Commission of Law and Public Affairs is now forcing cemeteries to bury Jews on legal holidays. Cemeteries were normally closed to burials on legal holidays. However, since the Jews bury their dead quickly after death they are now forcing cemeteries to make special rules for them. Jews have been instrumental in having Christian Crosses removed from graves in Veterans Cemeteries because the crosses "offend them." (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

        18). 1977: U.S. Foreign Policy is now based on How Foreign Countries treat their native Jews. Senators Moynihan and Javits of New York, two ardent Zionists, notified the Soviet Government that grain shipments from the U.S. would be canceled if the Soviets tried Jewish trouble maker Anatoly Sheharansky. (So they sent him to the Israeli State). (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

        19). 1977: Jewish leaders chastised Jews for celebrating Christmas and for trying to make their Hanukkah holiday like Christmas. Dr. Alice Ginott said, "(Jews) borrow the style if not the substance of Christmas and, believing they can Take The Christian Religion out of Christmas, create an artificial holiday for their children...Hanukkah symbolizes the Jewish people's struggle to maintain their spiritual (racial) identity against superior forces."

        20). 1977: The Anti-Defamation League has succeeded in getting 11 major U.S. firms to cancel their ads in the "Christian Yellow Pages." To advertise in the CYP, people have to declare they believe in Jesus Christ. The Jews claim they are offended by the idea of having to say they believe in Jesus Christ and yet want to force their way into the Christian Directories.

        21). "The rabbi of the 'Adath Yisrael' synagogue in Cleveland Park, Washington, dedicated his Sabbath sermon to the Jewish cultural and political center now being formed in America. "For the first time in American history," the rabbi said, "we no longer feel we live in the diaspora. The U.S. has no longer a government of Goyim, but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term 'government Goyim' should be re-examined since it is an outdated term in the U.S."  (Remarks, October 16, 1995)

        These Are Just a Few of the many attacks against Christianity by the Jews in the past several years. It is unfortunate, indeed, that the Christian clergy seems to be ignorant of, or apathetic to this plot to destroy everything they say they stand for as Christians. In fact, in many instances, they stand behind their pulpits and defend and support the very people who are pledged to destroy them.

        There is no doubt that thousands of Christian "Ministers" are deeply disturbed by the mysterious pressures from above, which often prevent them from exercising sound judgment. One outstanding Fundamentalist pastor, a leader in the Moral Majority, recently admitted to Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr: "I am deeply disturbed by the Jewish influence behind the efforts to destroy the Moral Majority, even though we have been strongly pro-Jewish. But all the great Bible scholars and preachers of the Twentieth Century have said they were God's Chosen People, so I will have to go along with them."

        May God have mercy on us when we use this as the Criteria for Whether we are right or wrong! The greatest spiritual teacher of all time, our Lord Jesus Christ, spoke to the Jewish religious leaders of His time in no uncertain terms: "Ye (Jews) are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye (Jews) will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44)

        Then Christ goes on in verse 47, speaking to the Pharisees once more: "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye (Jews) therefore hear them not, Because ye (Jews) Are Not of God." Does this sound like the Jews are the "Chosen People" to you? These same Jews had Already admitted they were Not Israelites in verse 33, when they told Jesus: "...We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man..."

        If they had been true Israelites, they could not have said this, since any bible Scholar knows the Israelites spent over 400 years in Egypt, many of which Were in Bondage. Yet their leaders told Jesus: "We have never been in bondage to any man."

        In John 10:26-28, Jesus spoke again to a crowd of Jewish hypocrites: "But ye (Jews) believe not, because Ye (Jews) Are Not Of My Sheep...My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish."

        Then in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 we hear the final word of our Lord concerning these pseudo-Israelites, as He warns the church at Smyrna concerning them. He warned them of: "...the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

        How can our preachers ("Judeo-Christian Ministers") designate these blasphemers, whom Christ has cursed as "God's Chosen People?" In fact the Jews are desperately working toward the time when: "They shall put you (Christians) out of the synagogues: yea, The time cometh, that whosoever killeth you (Christians) will think that he doeth God service." (John 16:2 and Sepher Or Israel, Talmud)

The following, in part, was taken from Facts are Facts, by Benjamin Freedman.

        Most of the confusion in the minds of Christians is unwarranted and unjustified. It would not exist if the so-called Christian Clergy had not aided and abetted the deceptions responsible for it. As a matter of fact, our Christian Clergy has committed TREASON -- as defined by the Constitution of the United States. "Treason against the United States (Or The Lord Jesus Christ), shall consist of...adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort (America and Christians send billions of dollars in military and monetary aid to the Israeli State to aid them in their murders and theft against the Palestinian people)." (Art. V, Sec. 3)

        With so many of our clergymen allies with their enemies it is no wonder we see spiritual sabotage on every hand. It is no wonder that millions of potential "front line" soldiers for Jesus Christ have become spiritual cowards; who hide in their spiritual foxholes, praying for Christ to return and rapture them out of the mess They Are Responsible For.

        Many in this category will be in for the "shock of their lives," so to speak, for they will be so tightly zipped up in their "shroud of self-righteousness" that they will not get unzipped in time to go with their Master when He does come. Remember Jesus said: "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 7:23) The will of God goes a lot farther than knocking on doors and inviting someone to attend church; it goes farther than telling them about the love of God and the way to salvation. It means "front line duty" in the battle that rages.

History - Part 4

        To stop this spiritual surrender, we are going to have to have an "about face" on the part of our clergy. Christian organizations, such as the Moral Majority, will never reach their full potential, until their leaders will willingly and honestly point out who their enemies really are. Mr. Freedman puts his finger squarely on one of the major church problems when he told Dr. Goldstein: "The utterances by the Christian clergy, which confuses Christians the most, is the constantly repeated utterance that 'Jesus was a Jew.' This appears to be their favorite theme. It is a Misrepresentation and Distortion of an Incontestable Historic Fact...Informed, intelligent Christians, cannot reconcile This Unwarranted Misrepresentation and Distortion of Facts."

        Most competent Bible historians will admit that at no time in the New Testament is Jesus ever called a Jew and that, during His sojourn on earth, He was called a "Judean" by His contemporaries. He was also called a "Nazarene" and a "Galilean" but the Nazarenes or Galileans are Not given such a glowing account! The great Hebrew historian, Josephus, wrote many times concerning Jesus, but Never once Called Him A Jew. The church historian, Theoplylact, writing in 1080 A.D. said: "The city of the Judeans was taken, and the wrath of God was kindled against them: as also Josephus witnesses, that this came upon them on the account of the death of Jesus."

        When Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea, allowed the crucifixion of Jesus, he had inscribed on the cross the Latin words: "Iesus Nazarenous Rex Iudeorum." He was expressing his sarcasm for the Jewish religious leaders who had pressured him into allowing them to execute a man he knew was innocent. Authorities on Latin will tell you this inscription means: "Jesus the Nazarene, ruler of the Judeans." By no stretch of the imagination does this read: "King of the Jews," And it was Not so translated in the 1611 printing of the King James Version of the Bible. During His lifetime, Christ was Never known as the "King of the Jews." Pilate knew that Jesus had been denied by the Jewish religious leaders of the people we now call Jews and that they were responsible for the false testimony they had brought against Him.

        Christ was crucified, by the Jews, not because of any guilt on His part. With the exception of a few of His followers, most of the Jews abhorred His teachings. There were only 120 faithful ones in the "upper room" on the Day of Pentecost.. (Acts 1:15) The fact that Jesus was never called a Jew, or was known by this name, cannot be erased by the "wishful thinking" of our theologians, no matter how hard they try to back the Jews.

        There is no factual foundation in history or theology, which would allow the word used by Pilate to describe Jesus as a Jew. The Greek word is "Ioudais" the Latin "Iudaeus," and the English translation can be nothing but "Judean." There is no way you can come up with a religious connotation for this word. During the time of Christ, at no place in the world, was there a religion known as "Jewish."

        Countless intelligent and informed Christians no longer accept unchallenged assertions by the Christian clergy that Jesus in His lifetime was a Member of a group in Judea which practiced a religious form of worship then known as "The Tradition of the Elders" and now know as "Judaism," or that Jesus in His lifetime here on earth was a Member of the racial group which today includes the preponderant majority of All The "Jews" In The World, or that the "Jews" throughout the world today are the lineal descendants of the nation in Judea of which Jesus was a national in His lifetime here on earth, or that the cultural characteristics of the "Jews" throughout the world today correspond with the cultural characteristics of Jesus during His lifetime here on earth and His teachings while He was here on earth for a brief stay.

        Christians, who follow the Lord's Commandment to study to make themselves approved, will no longer believe that the race religion, nationality and culture of Jesus and the race, religion, nationality and culture of the "Jews" today or their ancestors have a common origin or character.

        The resentment by Christians is more ominous than the Christian clergy suspect. Under existing conditions the Christian clergy will find ignorance is not bliss, nor wisdom folly. Christians everywhere are today beginning to learn the authentic relationship between the "Jews" throughout the world today and the "Judeans" who populated "Judea" before, during and after the time of Christ. Christians now insist that they be told correctly by the Christian clergy about the racial, religious, national and cultural background of the "Jews" throughout the world today and the basis for associating these backgrounds with the racial, religious, national and cultural background of Jesus in His lifetime in Judea. The intelligent and informed Christians are alerted to the exploded myth that the "Jews" throughout the world today are the direct descendants of the "Judeans" amongst whom Jesus lived during His lifetime here on earth.

        Many Christians today are becoming more and more alerted day by day why the "Jews" throughout the world for three centuries have spent uncounted sums of money to manufacture the fiction that the "Judeans" in the time of Jesus were "Jews" rather than "Judeans," and that "Jesus was a Jew." Christians are becoming more and more aware day by day of all the economic and political advantages accruing to the "Jews" as a direct result of their success in making Christians believe that "Jesus was a Jew" in the "secondary meaning" they have created for the 18th century word "Jew." The "Jews" throughout the world today and especially those in the Mideast, represent themselves to Christians as "Jews" only in the "secondary meaning" of the word "Jew." They seek to thereby prove their kinship with Jesus. They emphasize this Fiction to Christians constantly. But that Fable is Fast Fading.

        To allege that "Jesus was a Jew" in the sense that during His lifetime Jesus professed and practiced the form of religious worship known and practiced under the modern name of "Judaism" is false and fiction of the most blasphemous nature. At the time of the Crucifixion of Christ, Pontius Pilate was the administrator in Judea for the Roman Empire. At that time in history the area of the Roman Empire included a part of the Middle East. As far as he was concerned officially or personally the inhabitants of Judea were "Judeans" to Pontius Pilate and not so-called "Jews" as they have been called since the 18th century. In the time of Pontius Pilate in History there was no religious, racial or national group in Judea known as "Jews" nor had there been any group so identified anywhere else in the World prior to that time.

        Pontius Pilate expressed little interest as the administrator of the Roman Empire officially or personally in the wide variety of forms of religious worship then practiced in Judea. These forms of religious worship extended from phallic worship and other forms of idolatry to the emerging spiritual philosophy of an eternal, omnipotent and invisible Divine deity, the emerging Yahve (Jehovah) concept which predated Abraham of bible fame by approximately 2,000 years. As the administrator for the Roman Empire in Judea it was the official policy of Pontius Pilate never to interfere in the spiritual affairs of the local population. Pontius Pilate's primary responsibility was the collection of taxes to be forwarded home to Rome, not the forms of religious worship practiced by the Judeans from whom those taxes were collected.

        The Latin word "rex" means "ruler or leader" in English. During the lifetime of Jesus in Judea the Latin word "rex" meant only that to Judeans familiar with the Latin language. The Latin word "rex" is the Latin verb "rego, regere, rexi, rectus" in English means "to rule, to lead." Latin was of course the official language in all the provinces administered by a local administrator of the Roman Empire.

        This fact accounts for the inscription on the Cross in Latin. With the invasion of the British Isles by the Anglo-Saxons, the English language substituted the Anglo-Saxon "king" for the Latin equivalent "rex" used before the Anglo-Saxon invasion. The adoption of "king" for "rex" at this late date in British history did not retroactively alter the meaning of the Latin "rex" to the Judeans during the time of Christ. The Latin "rex" to them then meant only "ruler, leader" as it still means in Latin. Anglo-Saxon "king" was spelled differently when first used but at all times meant the same as "rex" in Latin, "leader" of a tribe.

        During the lifetime of Jesus it was very apparent to Pontius Pilate that Jesus was the very Last Person in Judea the Pharisees or scribes would select as their "ruler" or their "leader." In spite of this situation in Judea Pontius Pilate did not hesitate to order the inscription of the Cross "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum." By the wildest stretch of the imagination it is not conceivable that this sarcasm and irony by Pontius Pilate at the time of the Crucifixion Was Not Mockery of Jesus by Pontius Pilate, But Was Mockery of the Pharisees and the scribes; whom we know today as "Jews." After this reference to "Jesus the Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans" the Priests, Pharisees and scribes (Jews) forthwith proceeded to Crucify Jesus upon that very Cross.

It was the Chief Priests, Pharisees and Scribes (The Jews), Who Crucified our Lord Jesus Christ: Not the Romans!!!

        If one is to be honest, it is Utterly Impossible to give any other English translation to "Iudaeorum" than "of the Judeans." Qualified and competent theologians and historians regard as incredible any other translation into English of "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum" than "Jesus the Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans."

        At the time Pontius Pilate was ordering the "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum" inscribed upon the Cross the spiritual leaders of Judea (The Jews) were protesting to Pontius Pilate "not to write Jesus was the ruler of the Judeans" but to inscribe instead that Jesus "had said that He was the ruler of the Judeans." The spiritual leaders of Judea made very strong protests to Pontius Pilate against his reference to Jesus as "Rex Iudaeorum" insisting that Pontius Pilate was not familiar with or misunderstood the status of Jesus in Judea.

        These protests are a matter of historical record, as you know, if you have read the account of the Crucifixion in the Bible. (John 19:21) The Gospel, by John, was written originally in the Greek language according to the best authorities. In the Greek original there is no equivalent for the English that Jesus "had said that He was the ruler of the Judeans." The English translation of the Greek original of the Gospel by John 19:19, reads "do not inscribe 'the monarch (basileus) of the Judeans (Ioudaios), but that He Himself said I am monarch (basileus) of the Judeans (Ioudaios)." "Ioudaia" is the Greek word for the Latin word "Iudea" and the English word "Judea." "Basileus" is the Greek for the Latin for "Basileus" in Greek. The English "ruler," or its alternative "leader," define the sense of Latin "rex" and Greek "basileus" as they were used in the Greek and Latin Gospel by John.

        Pontius Pilate "washed his hands" of the blood of Jesus and the protests by the spiritual leaders (Jews) in Judea who demanded of him that the inscription on the Cross authored by Pontius Pilate be corrected in the manner they insisted upon. Pontius Pilate very impatiently replied to their demands "What I have written, I have written." (John 19:22); "Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum," or "Jesus the Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans" in English.

The Inscriptions on the Cross

        Since the inscriptions on the cross has been brought up. We will try to explain the questions that the atheists and agnostics continually bring up, when tormenting baby Christians; those who have only recently accepted Christ. And in all too many occasions, older Christians who, after accepting Christ, simply sat back and never learned anything else. Each of the four Gospels gives a Different wording of these inscriptions:

   1). Matthew 27:37: "This is Jesus, the King of the Jews."
   2). Mark 15:26: "The King of the Jews."
   3). Luke 23:38: "This is the King of the Jews."
   4). John 19:19: "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews."

        Here again the difficulty is created by assuming that these Similar but differing records are Identical, without noticing the exact words which are written. It is universally assumed that there was only One, and then follow the efforts to explain the alleged "discrepancies" between the different version of it.

If we note carefully what is actually said all will be clear.

        A). Mark 15:26: can be dismissed; for he does not say anything about a "title" (Gr. titlos, John 19:19) being put on the cross or anywhere else, which any one had seen. It is a question of the Lord's "accusation" or "indictment," or the ground or cause of His condemnation as claiming to be "the King of the Jews."

        B). John 19:19: speaks of a "title" written by Pilate, Before it Left Pilate's Presence; for no one suggests that Pilate went to the scene of the execution and wrote anything there. He had already "washed" his hands over the affair. In Pilate's writing the three languages were in this order: (1) Hebrew, (2) Greek, and (3) Latin (cp. D below). And it was read After the Cross had been set up. This was the one which gave rise to the argument between the Chief Priests (The Jews) and Pilate (John 19:21-22) and this argument took place before the parting of the garments (v. 23 and 24).

        C). Matthew 27:37: was the result of that discussion; for another "title" was brought and was "set up over his head," After they had "Parted His Garments," and having sat down, they watched Him there (v. 35 and 36). As there could hardly have been two titles at the same time, the former must have been taken down and the other substituted. We are not told how long the argument lasted or when it ceased, or what was the final result of it.

        D). Luke 23:38: a further result is seen for another was brought much later, close upon "the sixth hour" (v. 44), when the darkness fell. It was written with the languages in a different order: (1) Greek, (2) Latin, and (3) Hebrew (v. 38 -- but read the texts completely). It was put up "over Him" (Gr ep' auto, v. 38), "After the Revilings of the People" (cp. v. 35-37, with v. 38); whereas Matthew's (No. C) was set up Before the Revilings. (Matthew 27:37 with v. 39)

The result is that:

        1). Mark's was only His indictment.

        2). John's was the First, written by Pilate himself (or at his order, in (1) Hebrew, (2) Greek, and (3) Latin, and was put on the cross Before It Left Pilate's Presence.

        3). Matthew's was the Second, substituted for the first, in consequence of the arguments which took place, and was set up "over His head" After the garments had been divided, and Before the revilings.

        4). Luke's was the Third (and last), put up "over Him," After the revilings, (Luke 23:35) and was seen just before the darkness of the "sixth hour" (v. 44). This was written in three languages but in a different order: (1) Greek, (2) Latin, and (3) Hebrew (v. 38). Not in Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin, as No. B in John 19:19. (Companion Bible)

        Thus, such differences as these are marks of Divine accuracy; and, instead of being sources of difficulties, become, when rightly divided, the means of their removal.

        Jesus is first referred to as a so-called "Jew" in the 18th century editions in the English language of the 14th century first translations of the New Testament into English, and is the corrupted English word for the 4th century Latin "Iudaeus" found in St. Jerome's Vulgate Edition. Of that there is no longer any doubt.

        It is an acknowledge fact the word "Jew" did not appear in the English language until 1775. Prior to that time, it did not exist in any language on earth. It was introduced into the English language in a play (The Raven) written by an English playwright named Sheridan.

        It was completely unknown to Shakespeare nor was it known to the translators of the King James Version of the Bible in 1611. Contrary to popular opinion, Shakespeare wrote his "Merchant of Venice," (V. III i. 61). "I am an Iewe: hath not an Iewe eyes."

        To go back a bit further, the word "Jew" does not appear in the 1582 version of the Douay Bible, the official translation of the Roman Catholic Church. But it does appear in both that version and the King James Version, when they were revised late in the 18th Century.

        As we have stated, the word "Jew" was first introduced into the English language in the 18th century and its one and only implication, inference and innuendo at that time was "Judean." However, during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries a well-organized and well-financed international "pressure group" (which later became known as Zionism) has created a so-called "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" among the English-speaking people of the world.

        This so-called "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" bears no relation whatsoever to the 18th century original connotation of the word "Jew." It is a misrepresentation. It is a Deliberate Lie Formulated by the Jews to Deceive Christians into support for a people who are the Enemies of Christ! The "secondary meaning" of the word "Jew" today bears as little relation to its original and correct meaning as the "secondary meaning" today for the word "camel" bears to the original and correct meaning of the world "camel," or the "secondary meaning" today for the word "ivory" bears to the original and correct meaning of the word "Ivory." Therefore, the "secondary meaning" today for the word "camel" is a cigarette by that name but its original and correct meaning is a desert animal by that name. While the "secondary meaning" of the word "ivory" today is a piece or box of soap whereas its original and correct meaning, the tusk of a male elephant.

History - Part 5

        The "secondary meanings" of words often become the Generally Accepted meanings of words formerly having entirely different meanings. This is accomplished by the expenditure of great amounts of money for well-planned publicity. So today if you ask for a "camel" someone will hand you a cigarette by that name. Today if you ask for a piece of "ivory" someone will hand you a piece or a box of soap by that name. You will never receive either a desert animal or a piece of the tusk of a male elephant; unless you specifically state that is what you want.

        We believe this illustrates the extent to which "secondary meanings" are able to practically eclipse the original and correct meanings of words in the minds of the general public.

        The "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" today has totally eclipsed the original and correct meaning of the word Jew when it was introduced as a word to the English language. Well-planned and well-financed world-wide publicity through every available means and by every available media by well-organized "Jews" for three centuries has created a "secondary meaning" for the word "Jew" which has completely "blacked out" the original and correct meaning of the word Jew. There can be no doubt about that! There is not a person in the entire English-speaking world today who regards a "Jew" as a "Judean" in the literal sense of the word. But that was the correct and Only meaning in the 18th century. The generally accepted "secondary meaning" of the word "Jew" today is Falsely Presented by the Clergy with practically no exceptions is made of four FALSE universally-believed theories.

        These four theories are that a "Jew" is,

        (1) A person who today professes the form of religious worship known as "Judaism," and that it is the foundation of Christianity.

        (2) A person who claims to belong to a racial group associated with the ancient Semites.

        (3) A person directly the descendant of ancient nation which thrived in Palestine in Bible history.

        (4) A person blessed by Divine intentional design with certain superior cultural characteristics denied to other.

        The present generally accepted "secondary meaning" of the word "Jew" is fundamentally responsible for the confusion in the minds of Christians regarding elementary tenets of the Christian faith. It is likewise responsible today to a very great extent for the dilution of the devotion of the countless Christians for their Christian faith.

        The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the word "Jew" today, to the preponderant majority of intelligent and informed Christians, is contradictory and in complete conflict with incontestable historic fact. Christians who cannot be fooled any longer are suspect of the Christian Clergy who continue to repeat, and repeat, and repeat ad nauseam their pet theme song "Jesus was a Jew." Until it actually now approaches a psychosis.

        Thousands of Christians have come to the knowledge that they were "Brainwashed" by the so-called Christian Clergy on the subject "Jesus was a Jew." The resentment they feel is not yet apparent to the Christian Clergy. Christians will soon begin to demand from the Christian Clergy "The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth." Because they know it is time for the Christian Clergy to tell Christians what they should have told them long ago.

        Remarking about what took place in 1776, some Rhode Island Jews were overheard to say, in regards to the White American peoples' attitude about Jesus Christ, as their King: "Damn those fellows! We shall never be able to do anything with them, until we root out that cursed Puritanic spirit!" (The Puritan Ethic and the American Revolution, Edmund Morgan, William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 24, p. 17)

        This was in response to such statements as the one made by governor, Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut, who spoke out openly in defense of freedom: "It is hard to break connections with our mother country, but when she strives to enslave us, the strictest union must be dissolved...'The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice; let the multitudes of isles be glad thereof,' the accomplishment of such noble prophecies is at hand."

        And to a letter to the Board of Trade in England: "If you ask an American, who is master? He will tell you he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ." Which may have given rise to the cry which was soon passed up and down the length of America by the Committees of Correspondence: "No king but King Jesus!"

        The Jews are the most Deadly Enemy they have ever faced; The Jews are responsible for the outright murder of uncounted millions of Christians over the past 2,000 years; The Jews are even now working day and night to destroy this Great Christian Nation: The United States of America! It was the International Jewish Bankers who instigated the American Civil War!

        In respect to the Civil War, we will begin with several quotes from a book written in the last century. "It was to obey those bloody laws that Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nates, caused the death of half a million of men, women, and children, who perished in all the highways of France, and caused twice that number to die in the land of exile, where they had found a refuge. Those anti-social laws, today, are written on her banners with the blood of ten millions of martyrs. It is under those bloody banners that 6,000 Roman Catholic priests, Jesuits and bishops, in the United States, are marching to the conquest of this republic, backed by their seven millions of blind and obedient slaves.

        Those laws, which are still the ruling laws of Rome, were the main cause of the last rebellion of the Southern States. Yes! Without Romanism, the last awful Civil War would have been impossible. Jeff Davis would never have dared to attack the North, had he not had assurance from the Pope, that the Jesuits, the bishops, the priests and the whole people of the Church of Rome, under the name and mask of democracy, would help him. These diabolical and anti-social laws of Rome caused a Roman Catholic (Beauregard a Jew) to be the man chosen to fire the first gun at Fort Sumter, against the flag of Liberty, on the 12th of April, 1861. Those anti-Christian and anti-social laws caused the Pope of Rome to be the only crowned prince in the whole world, so depraved as to publicly shake hands with Jeff Davis, and proclaim him president of a legitimate government.

        These are the laws which led the assassins of Abraham Lincoln to the house of a rabid Roman Catholic woman, Mary Surratt (a Jewess), which was not only the rendezvous of the priests of Washington, but the very dwelling-house of some of them. Those bloody and infernal laws of Rome nerved the arm of the Roman Catholic, Booth (a Jew), when he slaughtered one of the ignoble man in the history of America to that time. Those bloody and anti-social laws of Rome, after having covered Europe with ruins, tears, and blood for ten centuries, have crossed the oceans to continue their work of slavery and desolation, blood and tears, ignorance and demoralization, on this continent. Under the mask and name of democracy (which is in all reality Judaism) they have raised the standard of rebellion of the South against the North, and caused more than half a million of the most heroic sons of America to fall on the fields of carnage.

        In the very near future, if God does not miraculously prevent it, those laws of dark deeds and blood will cause the prosperity, the rights, the education, and the liberties of this too confident nation to be buried under the mountain of smoking and bloody ruins. On the top of that mountain, Rome (Judaism through the rule of the Black Pope) will raise her throne and plant her victorious banners." (Fifty Years In the Church of Rome, p. 289-291)

        Lincoln (Little has been published about the early life of Abraham Lincoln. However, during a search of some old property records and will in a small courthouse in central North Carolina, Alex Christopher the author of "Pandora's Box,"; in one of the old will books dated around 1840, he found the will of one A.A. Springs. Upon reading the will he was shocked and amazed at the secret that it disclosed, but one must remember that it is a known fact that wills, even though they are classified public records the same as property and corporation records, they are rarely combed through as he was doing at the time, and these records hold many dark secrets that can be hidden in public view, but are never uncovered because there are very few who research these old records.

        This practice of hiding secrets in public view and the conspirators can say, when faced with the facts and accused of concealing the records; they can reply "Well it was there in the public record in plan view for any and all to find." In the will of A.A. Springs was the list of his property. it went into detail to whom the property was to be dispersed and it included his children. Mr. Christopher and others were looking to find what railroads and banks this man might have owned and had left to his son Leroy Springs. He didn't find anything like that, but he did find the prize of the century. On the bottom of page three of four pages was a paragraph where the father, A.A. Springs, left to his son an enormous amount of land in the state of Alabama which amounted to the land that is today known as Huntsville, Alabama and then he went into detail to name the son and at first Mr. Christopher and the others with him couldn't believe what they were seeing, but there it was the name of the son and it was "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!"

        This new information that they had about the Springs (real name Springstein) family, this was just another twist to add to the already manipulative family. This new information about Lincoln built a fire under them to see where this new lead would take them, because everything they had found in the railroad and banking saga had been areal mind-bender. They figured this one would be the same; so they inquired at the local archives and historical records on families and found a reference to one Abraham Lincoln in the family genealogy of the family of the Carolina by the name of McAdden, in a published genealogy on the family. The family members in the Carolinas were in a limited edition that at one time could be found in the public libraries. The section on Lincoln and the story went something like the following:

        "In the late spring of the year of 1808 Nancy Hanks, who was of the family lineage of the McAdden family was visiting some of her family in the community of Lincolnton, North Carolina. While on her stay with family in the Carolina', she visted with many of the neighboring families that she had known for many years; one such visit was the Springs family. The sordid details had been omitted but obviously the young Nancy Hanks had found herself in a compromised position and was forced to succumb to the lust of A.A. Springs. She became pregnant as a result. There were no details of a love affair or an act of violence on a helpless female. Abraham Lincoln was the result of that act, which leads one to wonder if the name Lincoln was real or a fabricated name for the are of conception was Lincolnton. Was there really a Thomas Lincoln? Since the Spring were of the race that called themselves Jewish, that made Lincoln part Jewish and as part of the Springs family, he also became a relative of the Rothschild family by blood."

        The following information was derived from information that exists in the Smithsonian, National Archives, the Congressional Library, Courtroom Police files, public and private libraries and storage vaults across the United States and Europe: "Abraham Lincoln was slapped three times with a white glove by a member of the Hapsburg royal family of Germany (Payseur family relatives) during a White House reception in 1862. The German royal family member demanded a pistol duel with the, then, President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The blows to the face stunned Lincoln but he non-verbally refused to participate in the duel by bowing his head before walking out of the reception room. What had ol' honest Abe done to so enrage and up-set the royal European personage?

        It seems that the practice of promiscuity was running rampant in many families in those days and the German King Leopold had, had an illegitimate daughter named Elizabeth who was sent to America, where she lived in a very comfortable manner. Although Leopold could not recognize her position, he was very interested in her life.

        In the early or mid 1850s, Abraham Lincoln and Elizabeth began having sexual liaisons that produced twin daughters named Ella and Emily in 1856. The regal German father who was so royally up-set with ol' honest Abe probably had full knowledge of what the true blood line of Lincoln really was. Abraham's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, did not find out about Elizabeth, Ella and Emily until 1865. Previous to being informed about Elizabeth and the twins, Mrs. Lincoln had developed a ravaging dependency on opium. Her main supplier of the drug was a former member of the Confederate Intelligence community, he was a former member because the Southern gentlemen did not approve of his drug pushing and unreliable behavior. It was because of his involvement with the Souther Intelligence Community, Mary's supplier - John Wilks Booth - knew about the lover and the illegal twins.

        After being spurned by the Confederate intelligence community, Mary's 'candy man' approached and became involved with the Rothschild Empire of Europe, for he realized the European banking moguls would be very interested in his pipeline to the White House.

        (At this time) Abraham was searching for an issue that would unite the North and South AFTER the Civil War ended. The issue needed to be popular to all levels of American citizenry so they could 'rally around the Stars and Stripes' thus rapidly healing the wounds of the bloodiest war in history. Lincoln was seriously considering one major movement or event that would galvanize his fellow Northern and Southern patriot countrymen into cutting loose the United States of America from the dictatorial grip of the Hapsbergs bloodline of banking control in Europe. All the time, the Rothschilds were trying to take control of the entire world monetary system, and at that time the Rothschilds were trying to get a foot-hold in America and find a way around the British, Virginia Company, and French Bourbon family that were gaining control in this country through government help...

        Lincoln found himself in real hot water, because under the Virginia Company covenant the 48 families that formed it were all of the Holy Grail Bloodline. This country was to be an extension of what all the royal families of Europe controlled. The royalty of Europe is Hapsburg, no matter what their name is. The royal family of England is one such example. Now what Lincoln did is he wanted to become independent of the cogenant (in favor of his family) on the Rothschild side...the Rothschilds and their family bloodline have always been undermining the affairs of the Hapsbergs and stealing the monetary control away from them. No matter what the history books say, the Rothschilds didn't get (total) real control on things in America and the Federal Reserve until the Springs usurped the Payseur family companies in the early 1920s...

        (But Lincoln had fallen from Rothschild grace also and so, due, in part to his Executive Order to print United States Greenbacks, thus interfering with the Jewish International Banks profits) It appears that the Rothschild family wanted Lincoln embarrassed to the maximum degree. (So) Mary Todd's drug dealer (John Wilks Booth) was hired to kidnap the President of the United States. Abraham would be put on a boat for a two month cruise of the Atlantic where he would be injected with and addicted to opium and then dumped on the streets of Washington. While the forcefully addicted President was stumbling around our nation's capital, the press would be informed of Elizabeth, Ella and Emily.

        The drug pusher (Booth) and collaborator (agent) of the Rothschilds had his perfect accomplice in the plot to kidnap and discredit the leader of the North American continent in the First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. After being informed of Abe's lover and the twins and the kidnap plot by her drug supplier, Mary was promised that after her husband resigned or was impeached, she and Abe would be moved to Europe to live happily ever after with plenty of opium. Superficially Mary expressed a desire to live in Europe with plenty of opium and no Civil War or politics to distract her husband or family. But her drug suppler had totally underestimated the confusion, desperation and anger of Mary Todd Lincoln.

        The plotters decided the Presidential snatch needed to take place in a public, yet discreet location where minimum witnesses would be present. There were too many potential witnesses at the White House. Two hours before the capture was to take place, Mary Todd had on the floor, a tantrum, because Abe had decided not to go out of the White House that night. Mary's outrageous outburst caused Abe to change his mind and the First family departed. Several minutes after arriving at the kidnap location, Mary instructed the family bodyguard to take a position that placed the First Family out of his visual sight. The position also required the bodyguard to traverse several flights of stairs to reach Abe and Mary should he be needed for any reason...A wagon with a wooden cover arrived at the back entrance of the kidnap location with several men including Mary's opium supplier. The plan was for the drug pusher to traverse the backstairs entrance, silently move down a hallway, and open an unlocked door to a darkened room where Mary and Abe were sitting.

        After entering the room, Mary's drug man (Booth) would tell the President an urgent message was waiting for him at the War Department. Before descending down the backstairs, Abe would be knocked out with a chloroform loth. The kidnappers would load the limp body into the covered wagon and swiftly stow Lincoln on an opium boat for a novel 'cruise' of the Atlantic Ocean. When Booth actually opened the door to the darkened room where Abe and Mary were sitting, he went into a panic and shock. Abe was asleep with his head on Mary's left shoulder and the First Lady had her head turned toward the left looking at the door...When she was sure the man who opened the door was Booth, she turned and looked at the President to be sure the pistol she was pointing would explode beneath the lower left earlobe of her husband.

        Before Mary pulled the trigger, John Wilkes Booth, drug supplier to the First Lady, realized he was the patsy in all this mess. But he did not know if he was only Mary's patsy or also a chump for the Rothschild family. Were the men hiding around the back door of Ford's Theater there to help Booth with the kidnaping or there to point the false finger at the 'innocent' Booth? Booth was not about to run into the hallway or down the backstairs to find out the answer to that question. The only escape route was to jump the balcony and crash onto the stage during the performance. That night, Booth gave a literal interpretation of the theatrical phrase 'brake a leg' as he fractured one of his during his leaping act from 'lethally looney Mary' and the men lurking around the back entrance of Ford's Theater.

        In a novelty case on a wall in Ford's Theater is 'The Gun That Shot Abraham Lincoln.' If anyone (assassin) were to kill a head of state, they would use a revolver, because several bullets might be needed to accomplish the murder and stop any guards during the escape. One would only use a one-shot pistol if they were absolutely sure they had intimate access to the victim. The gun on the wall of Ford's Theater is a derringer-the perfect weapon for the left handed female assassin who did not attend her husbands funeral. Mary Todd was not hiding in her room due to overwhelming grief and sorrow; she was imprisoned in her room with two armed guards for two weeks after killing her husband.

History - Part 6

        In the 1860s, an act of Congress mandated the compensation of widows of former and active Congressmen, Senators, Vice Presidents and Presidents. The mouth and duration was ratified by both Houses of Congress for each widow. Mary Todd Lincoln applied for her widowers compensation three times and was denied the mandated compensation three times by both Houses of Congress. An unknown benefactor paid for Mary's passage to Europe where she died in small cottage in Germany.

        In 1867, the Secret Service was founded so that drunken municipal law enforcement could not unwittingly participate with drug-addicted First Ladies or Gentlemen in vengeful high-brow killings of philandering Presidents of the United States. (To cover up the murders committed which would reflect a bad light for the presiding Administration, such as the Foster murder is doing at the present time).

        Before Booth jumped out of the balcony of the Presidential Box of the Ford Theater, he shouted at General Riley and his wife who were sitting to the right-front of the Lincolns''. Booth's words expressed his innocence but also sealed the fate of the Rileys. Within a week of the shooting, General Riley and his wife were packed off to an insane asylum where they both died of 'unknown causes' within 30 days of being committed." (Pandora's Box, by Alex Christopher, pp. 282-286))

Lincoln was quoted to have said (trying to shift the blame for the war to the Catholic Church, where some of the blame lay without doubt, because the bulk of Christians in the South were Protestants, and away from the Jews): "We owe it to the Popery that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noble sons. Though there were differences of opinion between the South and the North, on the question of slavery, neither Jeff Davis nor anyone of the leading men of the Confederacy would have dared to attack the North, had they not relied on the Promises of the Jesuits (the Jews), that...

        The Money and the Arms of the Roman Catholic Church, and even the arms of France were at their disposal, if they would attack us (See how long the Dragon; Satan's Children have been working to enslave the entire world and destroy the memory of Christ and Christianity from off the face of the earth, and if possible at the same time to destroy True Israel the Anglo-Saxons, Germanic, Celtic and Kindred People). I pity the Priests, the Bishops and the Monks of Rome in the United States, when the people realize that they are in Great Part Responsible for the Tears and Blood Shed in this war.

        I conceal what I know, for if the people knew the whole truth, this war would turn into a religious war, and at once, take a tenfold more savage and bloody character. It would become merciless as all religious wars are. It would become a war of extermination on both sides. The Protestants of both the North and South would surely unite to exterminate the Priests and Jesuits, if they could hear what Professor Morse has said to me of the plots made in the very city of Rome to destroy this Republic, and if they could learn how the Priests, the Nuns, and the Monks, which daily land on our shores, under the pretext of preaching their religion, instructing the people in their schools, taking care of the sick in the hospitals, are nothing but the emissaries of the Pope, of Napoleon and the other despots of Europe, to undermine our institutions, alienate the hearts of our people from our Constitution and our laws, destroy our schools, and prepare a reign of anarchy here as they have done in Ireland, in Mexico, in Spain and wherever there are any people who want to be free...

        New projects of assassination are detected almost every day, accompanied with such savage circumstances that they bring to my memory the massacre of St. Bartholomew and the Gunpowder Plot. Our investigation indicates that they come from the same masters in the art of murder, the Jesuits. The New York riots were evidently a Romish plot from beginning to end. We have the proofs in hand that they were the work of Bishop Hughes and his emissaries. No doubt can remain about the bloody attempts of Rome to destroy New York, when we know the easy way it was stopped. I wrote to Bishop Hughes, telling him that the whole country would hold him responsible for it if he would not stop it at once. He then gathered the rioters around his palace, called them his 'dear friends,' invited them to go back home peacefully, and all was finished!...From the beginning of our civil war, there has been, not a secret, but a public alliance, between the Pope of Rome and Jeff Davis. The pope and his Jesuits have advised, supported, and directed Jeff Davis (through Judah P. Benjamin, also a Jew) on the land, from the first gun shot at Fort Sumter by the Rabid Roman Catholic Beauregard (Jew). They are helping him on the sea by guiding and supporting the rabid Roman Catholic pirate, Semmes, on the ocean...

        The pope has thrown away the mask, and shown himself the public partisan and the protector of the rebellion, by taking Jeff Davis by the hand, and impudently recognizing the Southern States as a legitimate government. Now, I have the proof in hand that that very Bishop Hughes, whom I had sent to Rome...is the very man who advised the pope to recognize the legitimacy of the Southern republic, and put the whole weight of his tiara in the balance against us in favor of our enemies! Such is the perfidity of those Jesuits (Jews)." (Fifty Years In the Church of Rome, pages 297-299)

        Under the guiding hand of Judah P. Benjamin (a Jew), chosen by the Rothschilds and the Church of Rome to represent the International Bankers, to do their work for them in the United States, was also the first advisor to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern Confederacy. Benjamin is reputed to be the "brains of the revolt," as he was also the Secretary of State of the Confederacy. Through the hands of this man, huge sums of money were provided to finance the destruction of this great New Christian American Republic flowed. The Confederacy fell and the men who had fought a valiant fight for what they believed right were thrown into the even greater travail of the Reconstruction; while Judah P. Benjamin, almost alone of the leaders of the South, forsook immediately the suffering people Who had Honored and Enriched Him, fled to England and was soon embarked upon a new career of distinction and wealth, Reminiscent of others of his religion (Jewish) dispossessed of their temporary cause and gains.

        While we are talking of the Civil War it behooves us to mention that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (A Jew). That the plot of Booth, involved not only the assassination of Lincoln, which was accomplished, but also the assassination on the same night of the Vice President, Andrew Johnson, of the Secretary of State, William H. Seward, and of General Ulysses S. Grant. Seward, who was ill at his home, was stabbed, as was also his son, Frederick Seward, by David E. Herold (A Jew), a co-conspirator with Booth, who was hanged. The Vice President Johnson escaped injury, but George A. Atzerodt (also a Jew) was hanged for conspiring with Booth to kill him. General Grant, who was to have attended the theater with Lincoln that night, due to an unexpected departure for Burlington, New Jersey, was unharmed.

        "John Booth, A Jewish silversmith whose ancestors had been exiled from Portugal because of their radical political views. In London the refugees had continued their trade and free thinking, and John had married Wilkes' cousin. This Wilkes was the 'celebrated agitator John Wilkes of Westminster, London...John Wilkes Booth's father was Junius Brutus Booth." (The Mad Booths of Maryland)

American Civil War and Captivity

        History often repeats itself, and like the ancient nation of Israel, America has been/is Undergoing a type of Captivity; the start of which as the Civil War of 1861. Not a physical conquest and captivity by foreign armies, but by stealthy encroachments against its founding legal principles, superseding them with new laws. Yet this is still a conflict. It is a conflict that seeks to conquer America and its people just as sure and complete as any physical captivity could have achieved.

        Like Ancient Israel, America's adversaries and captors were foreign aliens, however, they did not attack America from outside its boarders but from within them. This enemy was none other than an elite group of alien Jewish money powers who had gained financial control over Europe and now wished to likewise financially conquer America. Through the use of large banks, usury, loans, and commodity manipulation, the Jews were able to control the political arena in Europe. Their conspiratorial plan for America was to repeat this modus operandi through which they could form a "new order" of law and government.

        Perhaps the greatest and most tragic disaster in the history of the United States was the Civil War, or, the War Between the States, the South calls it The War of Aggression. The whole country is still paying for that evil Satanic war. ("Who can sum up the horrors and woes accumulated in a single war? War comes with its bloody hand into our very dwellings. Takes from ten thousand homes those who lived there in peace and comfort, held by the tender ties of family and kindred. It drags them away, to die untended, of fever or exposure, in infectious climes; or to be hacked, torn, and mangled in the fierce fight; to fall on the gory field, to ruse no more, or to be borne away, in awful agony, to noisome and horrid hospitals. The groans of the battle-field are echoed in sighs of bereavement from thousands of desolated hearths.

        There is a skeleton in every house, a vacant chair at every table. Returning, the soldier brings worse sorrow to his home, by the infection which he has caught, of camp-vices. The country is demoralized. The national mind is brought down, from the noble interchange of kind offices with another people, to wrath and revenge, and base pride, and the habit of measuring brute strength against brute strength, in battle. Treasures are expended, that would suffice to build ten thousand churches, hospitals, and universities, or rib and tie together a continent with rails of iron. If that treasure were sunk in the sea, it would be calamity enough; but it is put to worse use; for it is expended in cutting into the veins and arties of human life, until the earth is deluged with a sea of blood...

        At times, the baleful fires of war light up half a Continent at once; as when all the Thrones unite to compel a people to receive again a hated and detestable dynasty, or States deny States the right to dissolve an irksome union and create for themselves a separate government. Then again the flames flicker and die away, and the fire smoulders in its ashes, to break out again, after a time, with renewed and a more concentrated fury. At times, the storm, revolving, howls over small areas only; at times its lights are seen, like the old beacon-fires on the hills, belting the whole globe. No sea, but hears the roar of cannon; no river, but runs red with blood; no plain, but shakes, trampled by the hoofs of charging squadrons; no field, but is fertilized by the blood of the dead; and everywhere man slays, the vulture gorges, and the wolf howls in the ear of the dying soldier. No city is not tortured by shot and shell; and no people fail to enact the horrid blasphemy of thanking a God of Love for victories and carnage. The Deums are still sung for the Eve of St. Bartholomew and the Sicilian Vespers. Man's ingenuity is racked, and all his inventive powers are tasked, to fabricate the infernal enginery of destruction, by which human bodies may be the more expeditiously and effectually crushed, shattered, torn, and mangled; and yet hypocritical Hunaity, drunk with blood and drenched with gore, shrieks to Heaven at a single murder, perpetrated to gratify a revenge not more unchristian, or to satisfy a cupidity and not more ignoble, than those which are the promptings of the Devil in the souls of Nations.

        When we have fondly dreamed of Utopia and the Millennium, when we have begun almost to believe that man is not, after all, a tiger half tamed, and that the smell of blood will not wake the savage within him, we are of a sudden startled from the delusive dream, to find the think mask of civilization rent in twain and thrown contemptuously away. We lie down to sleep, like the peasant on the lava-slopes of Vesuvius. The mountain has been so long inert, that we believe its fires extinguished. Round us hang the clustering grapes, and the green leaves of the olive tremble in the soft night-air over us. Above us shine the peaceful, patient stars. The crash of a new eruption wakes us, the roar of the subterranean thunders, the stables of the volcanic lightning into the shrouded bosom of the sky; and we see, aghast, the tortured Titan hurling up its fires among the pale stars, its great tree of smoke and cloud, the red torrents pouring down its sides. The roar and the shriekings of Civil War are all around us: the land is a pandemonium: man is again a Savage. The great armies roll along their hideous waves, and leave behind them smoking and depopulated deserts. The pillager is in every house, plucking even the morsel of bread from the lips of the starving child. Gray hairs are dabbled in blood, and innocent girlhood shrieks in vain to Lust for mercy. Laws, Courts, Constitutions, Christianity, Mercy, Pity, disappear. God seems to have abdicated, and Moloch to reign in His stead; while Press and Pulpit alike exult at universal murder, and urge the extermination of the Conquered, by the sword and the flaming torch; and to plunder and murder entitles the human beasts of prey to the thanks of Christian Senates.

        Commercial greed deadens the nerves of sympathy of Nations, and makes them deaf to the demands of honor, the impulses of generosity, the appeals of those who suffer under injustice. Elsewhere, the universal pursuit of wealth dethrones God and pays divine honors to Mammon and Baalzebub. Selfishness rules supreme: to win wealth becomes the whole business of life. The villainies of legalized gaming and speculation become epidemic; treachery is but evidence of shrewdness; office becomes the prey of successful faction; the Country, like Actaeon, is torn by its own hounds, and the villains it has carefully educated to their trade, most greedily plunder it, when it is in extremis." (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, pp. 124, 2970298)). It is still difficult to speak or write about it without angering someone, blacks, Northerners, or Southerners.

        Many people have been reluctant to argue over that unpleasant subject but unwilling to be silent when there was a need to speak, have told Northerners that it was less a moral concern and more economic and sectional hatred that governed the North. The rhetoric of a sizeable minority, mostly Jews, the Abolitionists, was anti- Christian and Unitarian. They were intensely interested in destroying the South, and their moral claims were questionable.

        The Southerners were also ready to allow, as did the Northerners, the extremists and hotheads to lead the way into an unrealistic war. The war came when the churches were at a low ebb theologically, although the South saw a major revival among the troops during the war. While the South was staunchly Christian, its leaders, especially secessionists, who were also mostly Jews, were not.

        Some significant facts must be remembered about the South. Savage called attention to a neglected fact: "Of the hundred and thirty anti-slavery societies organized in the country, more than two thirds were in the South." (Henry Savage, Jr., Seeds of Time, The Background of Southern Thinking, New York, N.Y. 1959, p. 62) There were good reasons for this. First, slavery was a very present fact to all Southerners. Second, Puritan faith had then centered in the South and deeply resented by Unitarians, strongly influenced many Southerners, although not very many of their politicians. Third, only one of sixteen Southerners owned eve a single slave. (Henry Savage, Jr., Seeds of Time, The Background of Southern Thinking, p. 82) There were various reasons for this. Some of the fifteen Southerners could not afford it. Others were against slavery. Other than South Carolina, Southern states favored abolition provided that the slaves could be repatriated somewhere, and, with some, their owners compensated. Fourth, many Southerners resented the power and pride of the slave- owning aristocracy.

        Even then, secession was not popular when first propounded by John C. Calhoun. Calhoun was a Northerner by education, a Yale man whose goal was to have Yale educate his sons. (John C. Calhoun, Nullifier (Indianapolis, Indiana: The Bobbs- Merrill Company, 1949). 31f) Calhoun himself was at Yale in Timothy Dwight's day, whose faith Calhoun rejected. Calhoun would not join the church, nor profess Christianity, nor even join the Moral Society. In the classroom, his disavowal of Christianity was open. (Margaret L. Coit, John C. Calhoun, American Portrait (Boson, Massassachusetts, 1950), p. 27) When in politics, in Washington, D.C., he gave money to help build the Unitarian Church, and his name is found among the original members. Although he attended his wife's Episcopal Church when in the South, he bluntly announced on one occasion, "Unitarianism is the only true faith and will ultimately prevail over the world." (Margaret L. Coit, John C. Calhoun, American Portrait, p. 508) In his last days, with an echo of his childhood Calvinism, Calhoun spoke of his "unshaken reliance upon the province of God," (Margaret L. Coit, John C. Calhoun, American Portrait, p. 509) but not of Jesus Christ.

        Calhoun's perspective was important. More than a few prominent Southerners sought their education in New England colleges which were openly or tacitly Unitarian. The Timothy Dwights of the early years could not stem the tide. Unitarian and Transcendentalist thinking was either Hegelian or shared common roots with Hegel. Such thinking represented a major intellectual revolution in Europe with deep roots in the Enlightenment. Hegel best expressed the think of his and the previous era, namely, a radical belief in the conflict of interests. With the French Revolution, the Western world entered into the Age of Revolution, which is very much with us still. As against the Biblical Faith in an ultimate harmony of interests for the Godly, (Romans 8:28) this new belief was in a radical conflict of interests. Thus, the way to progress was revolutionary violence to establish justice, and hostile confrontations to resolve problems. Not moral suasion but bitter conflict was seen as the ethical course of action.

        This faith marked the Abolitionists in the North, most of whom were Unitarian. In the South, Unitarianism was not an organized ecclesiastical or intellectual cause as much as the tact premise of the secessionist leaders. Calvinist leaders in that cause were at the best rare. However, Enlightenment premises were popular among gentlemen, and these persons were receptive to the Unitarian developments there of. The secessionist leaders were not Calvinists, and they did share in the growing and tacit Unitarianism of the leaders of the day.

        Those men, North and South, who were not Christian, were not thereby neutral but rather were deeply influenced by a common media that prevailed in all of the United States. That media represented the culture of Enlightenment humanism. The philosophy of the modern era began with Descartes, whose "cognito, ergo sum," I think, therefore I am, was the starting point of philosophical inquiry.

        The Carthesian premise at once created a division in man's perspective between body and soul, between perceptions and reality, and between the inner and the outer worlds so that the concern was to bridge two realms. With Kant, the real world became the realm of the mind, and the reality was what the philosophical ("To study and seek to interpret correctly the symbols of the Universe, is the work of the sage and philosopher. It is to decipher the writing of God, and penetrate into His thoughts...To hold the full cup of thought to the thirsty lips of men; to give to all the true ideas of Deity; to harmonize conscience and science, are the province of Philosophy. Morality is Faith in full bloom. Contemplation should lead to action, and the absolute be practical; the ideal be made air and food and drink to the human mind. Wisdom is a sacred communion. It is only on that condition that it ceases to be a sterile love of Science, and becomes the one and supreme method by which to unit Humanity and arose it to concerted action. Then Philosophy becomes Religion...

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