Another Honest Jew!!!
By Willie Martin

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Another Honest Jew!!!

        Got this off another list and thought you might be interested.

        To the List: I thought this was a truly refreshing admission by a man with a Jewish background on the need for America to turn from "Jewish" liberalism to God. JM

        A JEW SPEAKS OUT AGAINST ZIONISM [ETC] RE. COLUMBINE HIGH Stolen Lives, Chosen People, Steve Myers W Editor

        "A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more."  Jeremiah 31:15

        One of the hallmarks of a great nation is the warm embrace and practical use of life's lessons. On the contrary, one of the hallmarks of a society in terminal decline is the refusal to learn. George Santayana'shackneyed but relevant maxim, that those who fail to learn their lessons are condemned to repeat them, describes one of my most frustrating experiences: watching the apparent American national habit of either learning nothing or learning the wrong lessons from tragedies and mistakes. One of the greatest mistakes of America's modern history has been its experimental embrace of liberalism, a vacuous philosophy that we might call Marxism Light. It is centered these days on the deliberate jettison of values like liberty, self-discipline, responsibility, courage,perseverance, honesty, loyalty and faith, the cherished pillars of Americancivilization.

        This tragic experiment has reached its apogee under the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-everything, impeached liar, Bill Clinton. Even the present mess is not just an expression of extreme liberalism: it is also deeply corrupt. It has become a spiritual battle, and it is best understood by those who have a basic training in Spiritual Warfare.

        The terrible tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado is a direct result of the culture of liberalism, the culture of evil,death and destruction that the devil himself has wrought through liberals, and notably through the Democratic Party and regrettably, the Jewish community, for the past thirty years. Perhaps those who shy away from ultimate truth thought a nihilistic society would be less 'offensive" to religious minorities, so they did everything possible to undermine the Christian majority. In Columbine High School and in many other schools, Nazi propaganda and dress apparently passed without the blink of an eyelid, but look what happened to those who proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

        Our children have been stolen from us. We must mourn for them, we must reclaim them, and this time, we must learn. We have been stirred: truth can no longer be restrained, though some still try to do so. It has been profoundly repulsive to watch politicians trying to manipulate the Columbine tragedy for their own purposes. It is especially hypocritical for a proven liar and deceiver, who has not hesitated to kill innocent babies in the womb or civilians in Kosovo, to lament the failure of liberalism in Colorado. Mr. Clinton, the impeached, disgraced liar, said as he was bombing the living daylights out of Yugoslavia: "We have to take this moment once again to hammer home to all the children of America that violence is wrong, and to show children by the power of our own example how to resolve conflicts peacefully." What utter hypocrisy. What a sham. What a liar. But that is hardly news.

        The utter shallowness of this man was perfectly demonstrated when his healing balm consisted of godless government grief counselors, whom he sent to Littleton. As it happens, according the reports from local churches,many members of the team of grief counselors needed counseling themselves and received it from the Christian students, their parents andpastors. If government grief counselors and fake tears are all the Lieutenant of Liberalism can offer, he is indeed as ephemeral as he appears. No wonder America is lost. The President is missing, and has been replaced by a shallow, evil pretense of leadership which is robbing the American people of their children, their values, their heritage, and, of course, a great deal of their money. It has to stop.

        None of this should come as a surprise. The leading lights of liberalismin the Democratic Party and the Jewish community have fought tooth and nail for years to exclude God from our public schools and our public life. Without God, there is a spiritual vacuum, into which demons have stepped, in the form of movies, video games, and an amoral media, most of which have been brought to us by the very same liberal, usually Jewish, folks who have waged war on God at a civil level: they have determined that one may believe anything one wishes, except of course, in the salvation of Jesus Christ. They have happily left our children in the company of demons without a moment's thought about the consequences. What they have sown, they are nowreaping.

        Bill Clinton, his useless secular grief counselors, and the liberal moguls of Hollywood and the media cannot provide America's answers. They don't even know the questions. Their absolute ignorance of spiritual realities has resulted in a virtual invitation to Satan to come and rule over our lives, and the lives of our children. It is an invitation he has not been slow to accept.

        So what killed the students of Columbine High School? Guns? Trenchcoats? The Internet? Hardly, but you'd never know it from the remarks of the Clinton administration. Dozens of school districts have banned the wearing of trench coats, and the White House is urgently seeking ways tocensor the Internet. As usual, this is misguided overkill, when a simple dress code and the sensible use of online services would solve the problem.

What killed a dozen innocent teens and a much-loved teacher was  30-year experiment in atheistic liberalism, globalism, relativism and socialism that has utterly, totally and demonstrably failed, yet which continues to be propounded in the newsrooms, high schools and colleges of America, as ifit were some kind of advanced state of civilization, rather than the work of the devil. It has been embraced as a religion by the 90% of Jews who, as a result of the fulfillment of Zionism, have no religion. If Bill Clinton is  its Grand Wizard, Tony Blair has become his obedient underling.

        The reason many in the Jewish community are so deeply in love with globalist, socialist relativism stems from their denial of Jesusas Messiah, a false rumor that has circulated among the Jews for almost two thousand years. And because His Messiahship is easily proven by reading the scriptures, Jewish people are encouraged never to do so. As God's purposes for the Jewish people are so essential, it is the devil himself who has distracted them from their mission, thus placing them in his service rather than in the service of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

        It came as no surprise that one of the Columbine killers, Dylan Klebold, was Jewish. Likewise, it came as no shock that Jewish community leaders complained that the Memorial Service for the dead students was too Christian, though one marvels at their chutzpah.

        When I departed the mainstream Jewish community seventeen years ago, I did so deliberately and with joy, because it was at the beckoning of the Lord Himself. I was blessed, chosen by him to be told the truth. He lifted the veil from my eyes, and showed me what I had failed to see for myself. In John Newton's wondrous words, "I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see."

        The mainstream Jewish community today must be regarded as unfortunates who think they possess everything but who, for the most part, possess nothing. They seem totally blinded to God's purposes for them.

        I had always been taught to be proud of being Jewish, part of the Chosen People. But of what should I be proud? The denial of God's chosen Messiah? The vulgar, sybaritic, secular lifestyle? The Hollywood movies that have decimated our culture? The false heroes? The censorship of the media? The support for the most corrupt politician who has ever walked the earth? Their willingness to be the tools of the New World Order? The fact that they have turned the Holy Land into a secular state like every other in Europe? I find no reason whatsoever for pride.

        For what have the Jews been chosen? For this mischief? A thousand times no!

        Indeed, to be a non-Messianic Jew today is a cause not for pride, but for shame. And guess who are the only ones who can't see that? The Columbine shootings were a very Jewish matter. It is high time that enormous efforts were made by the church and parachurch organizations to increase the level of Jewish evangelism. America can no longer afford a secular Jewish community, which is so powerful yet so out of tune with God andHispurposes for them, as written by Isaiah: "I will make you a light for the nations, that you may bring My salvation to the ends of the earth."(49:6) The words 'My salvation' are, in Hebrew, Y'shua, in Greek, Jesus.

        According to the Washington Times report, some liberal Christian, black and Jewish leaders were outraged over the Christian tone of the memorial service for those killed at Columbine High School. "The entire community was invited to come and mourn, and then it turned into an evangelical prayer service," said Rabbi Stephen Foster of Temple Emanuel in remarks beforethe Denver Interfaith Clergy Alliance. Another rabbi called the service reflective of an "ignorant, narrow-minded" streak of Christianity. What exactly is a "liberal Christian", a liberal or a Christian? Do they agree that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, as He said, and that nobody comes to the Father but by Him?

        Since liberalism, which originally espoused liberty, has been hijacked by the relativist, predominantly atheist and Jewish left-wing, the juxtaposition of the adjective'liberal' with the noun 'Christian' produces a contradiction in terms.

        Some black religious leaders complained that the program featured only white speakers, even though one of the victims was black. Why should blacks be outraged by a memorial service for a group of murdered born-again Christians? Maybe they haven't been told that in Christ, there is no racial divide. Were they outraged, or were their thoughts inflamed by the Jewish leaders in order to disguise the protest as an ethnic one, rather than a clear and shameful attempt to negate the Christian message?

        Whose human rights were violated? Only those Jews who do not yet believe in their Messiah. Frankly, as a Jew myself, I am sick to death of listening to Jewish leaders whining. Have the learned rabbis and community leaders ever considered the possibility that Christians may be right, and that they have descended to be nothing more than anti-Christians, without having the slightest clue why? And that they, not we, may be misguided?

        Outraged, were they? Suppose an Orthodox Jew had been killed. Can you imagine Gentiles attending the memorial service and complaining that the liturgy was too Jewish? It's too ridiculous a notion to even contemplate. At least they would remain respectfully silent. No wonder'chutzpah' is a Yiddish word. Is this not an incarnation of the same misguided belief that all religions are equal, which they are not, and that nobody can ever discover the truth, which they can. Is it not to equate the darkness of the denial of Christ with the light of Christ? And is it not as deluded and ludicrous as liberalism itself?

        Rabbi Foster's remarks are even more absurd: The Memorial Service didn't turn into anything. It was exactly as it was planned to be. Organizations like the Denver Interfaith Clergy Alliance are usually founded by Jewish leaders for the purpose of confusing Christians and diluting the Christian message. Finally, Rabbi Fred Greenspahn, who gave the service's closing prayer, called the service reflective of an "ignorant, narrow-minded streak of Christianity". He deserves the Nobel Prize for Chutzpah. Imagine a rabbi, of all people, calling born-again Christians ignorant and narrow-minded!

        Precisely which "streaks of Christianity" are acceptable to the rabbi? Presumably only those which aren't sure what they believe and are willing to join the rabbi in his darkness. Oddly enough, he accidentally hit the light switch, but failed to turn it on. Jesus said the way is narrow: being "narrow" is acompliment. The sad fact is that most people put more discernment into choosing a washing machine than into choosing where they will spend Eternity. In this case, it pays to be narrow. The rabbis' remarks and conduct were grossly boorish, inappropriate and unworthy of their position, a pathetic attempt to infect the light with their prized possession of darkness.

        My experience suggests that their words were spoken in fear: not the fear that Christians are misguided or wrong, as they have been preaching for years, but the fear that they are right. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have seen the light. For that we rejoice. Evenone brave soul who remains outside Christianity, has sensed the truth.

        Rabbi Daniel Lapin, writing in the current issue of The American Enterprise says:"I am an Orthodox rabbi, the son of a famous Orthodox rabbi, and the  brother of two more...I consider it necessary to explain that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Christian. I am heir to a faith that has produced the longest-lasting, continuous culture in the history of the world, I am also an American. And it is Christianity that has been responsible for, among other things, the founding of America, and its flowering into the greatest civilization the world has ever known. It is my fervent belief that America has been blessed as a place for Jews to live not in spite of the deep-seated Christian beliefs of most Americans, but because of them. It is also my great concern that all Americans - including Jews - are endangered by a weakening of Christianity in our society today.

        All Americans who love freedom, whether they are religious or not, should be reassured rather than frightened by the reawakening of earnest Christianity throughout our land. What Jews as well as other minorities ought to fear most is not a Christian America but a post-Christian America."

        This is one rabbi who has it absolutely right. When one removes the fluff, everything revolves around the single question of whether or not Jesus is the Messiah. If He is not, we should close all the churches and terminate the Christian faith. However, a growing number of Jews and Gentiles alike are seeing through the fraud of liberalism. Just look at their fruits. This was a memorial service for a dozen fine young people and a teacher. Colorado's whining rabbis were hardly a comfort to the bereaved.It would be nice to think that occasionally they would stop demanding equality in an era when liberals, mostly secular Jews, run Hollywood, the media, most of the White House and almost all the banking system, legal system and stock market, not to mention a good chunk of the Council on Foreign Relations, the de facto Government of the United States.

        They  already have much more than equality, given that they represent just 1.82% of the US population.

        Perhaps they should remember the old line about having one mouth and two ears. America does not learn from its mistakes as an advancing society should do, because America has not been advancing for the past three decades. It maybe small comfort for the bereaved of Littleton, but their tragic loss may have awakened folks enough to provoke a turning point in America's modern tragedy.

        May we use these senseless deaths as an inspiration to bring about an end to the miserable, soul-destroying experiment of liberalism.

        Just outside my office window, there are two freshly planted Columbines. Daily  they will remind me of the great tasks at hand, and serve as a small memorial to the innocent children who are no more. May they rest in peace.

May we learn from them. - Steve Myers W

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