Secret Societies
Parts 1 through 2
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Introduction - Part 1

 This series of posts is an introduction to many secret societies that you have, most likely, never heard of. All of them were started by Jews, controlled by them, and they are still under their absolute control. So keep this in mind as you read this. I have taken this material from several books and will try  my best to present you with the documentation. Most of the information about these secret societies is from a book named "Occult Theocrasy, by Lady Queenborough - Edith Starr Miller, published by the Christian Book Club of America, Vol. 1) I have never been able to get the second volume so if you wish to learn more then see if you can find it.

 The more one studies the more he finds that man is a creature of mind and matter. To the realm of mind belongs metaphysical thought which, whether trained or untrained, is peculiar to each individual and is subject for its development or restraint to his will. It is the basis of religion in the generally accepted sense of this word; it is purely spiritual and can reach the height of mysticism. From it issues creeds or doctrines and the erection of a theological system of beliefs.

 One must also, always keep in mind that whenever the word Cabalistic, Gnosticism, or Gnostics; it is the author trying to say the word Jew, but he/she is afraid to do so, because when they were writing these books, they would have been summarily arrested and executed. So they used these words as a camouflage for the word Jew, Jews, or Jewish.

 Imparted to other individuals and accepted by them, the metaphysical thought of a few great minds has become the basis of religious systems. Upon its teaching was grafted a Ritual or Law, disciplining the life, mystic, moral, social and even physical, of its adherents or believers. From the exercise of such laws, theocracy or the rule of priesthood was evolved. It is to be found in every religion regardless of the fact that in some instances like in the Buddhist doctrine of Gautama and in the teaching of Jesus Christ, nothing is further removed than ritualism from the metaphysical thought or religious conception of the founders.

 The power of theocracy or exercise of government rule over the masses by a hierarchy of priests or adepts rested on its dual system of teaching, namely: Exoterism and Esoterism, the former a code of discipline of the thought and mode of life of the masses, the latter the hierarchic school wherein were trained the chosen adepts destined to safeguard the rules imposed upon the people by the high priests.

 Upon a close study of the manifold religious systems, the corruption of which led to theocratic rule, namely, Brahminism, the Ancient Egyptian Cult, Mosaism or Judaism, Christianism and Mahometanism, one finds the accepted belief of monotheism as the basis of esoteric or secret belief or doctrine. Monotheism is here taken in the sense of First Principle.

 Whereas the Egyptian high priesthood of Memphis kept this theory as the esoteric teaching of the high adepts, Moses, brought up as one of them, gave it as exoteric or popular belief to the Israelitic sect to which he belonged. However, it did not embody it in a deity, such as the terrible god of the Jews.

 Another side of the esoteric teaching was that of occultism, the development of all human psychic forces which, when misused, lead to the practice of magic. The esoteric part of all religions or hermeticism, the teaching and practice of occultism, led to the development of what might be termed the religion of the secret, which eventually overshadowed and helped to dissimulate subversive activities.

 It is with this that we are chiefly concerned and will endeavor, to some degree, to show its baneful influence on society of all creeds and nations. Let the reader bear in mind that it is not the object of this study to discuss the place occupied and the part played by either Metaphysics and Philosophy on the one hand, and Science and Ritualism on the other. The limitations of each and its encroachment upon the territory of the others, the ensuing conflicts, are matter for the history of fanaticism throughout the ages. Our aim is to follow the outgrowth of Esoterism and a "few" of its multiple ramifications in the realm of perversion and subversion.

 This study is not all encompassing because that would beyond the ability of one man, in one lifetime, to study and present. So we are presenting only a few of an uncounted number. But we believe these will suffice to show you that there is a conspiracy and it is being played out for thousands of years and is even being played out this very day in which you read these words.

 Please keep in mind, whether you like it or not, hate it or love it, the players are one and the same group of people, with one particular religion, and that is Judaism. Of course they have their hangers on, the race traitors, the thieves, the murderers, and other assorted riff-raff of the other races and people who are helping them in their efforts to destroy the White Race; the True Children of Israel; the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred peoples of the Western World; and take over complete control of the world.

 The Meaning of Occultism: A summary and some explanation of the principal forms of occultism must proceed the following which deal with the historical side of this subject, and the objections, those of the credulous as well as those of the sceptics, must be foreseen and forestalled. Many persons are tempted to deny, arbitrarily and without examination, statements on matters of which they have no previous knowledge, but even the possible criticism of such as these must have received due consideration.

 In this modern age of radio, television, movies, rockets, and  space craft, one of the fads of the modern highbrow is to scoff  at such things as sorcerers, magic and evocations as old wives' tales (Because he/she is to stupid to examine something before they laugh at it). Tales of ancien history! There are people who refuse to believe in the existence of the supernatural, perhaps we should say supernormal, even when confronted with the evidence. Such are the sceptics who deny everything. Hidebound in their prejudice, they ignore the fact that magic, White or Black, has now as many adepts as ever, nor can they distinguish between the different schools of spiritism.

Introduction - Part 2

First, there are the charlatans whose tricks in the line of Spiritsm are generally sooner or later unmasked.

Second, there are the Occultists who operate in secrecy and hide their meetings from all but initiates with the greatest care.

Many people are duped by charlatans, so the sceptics persuade themselves of the absolute non-existence of all diabolical practices in modern times. They are wrong. For Occultism flourishes now in Europe, Asia, and America. The Black Mass is said today in Paris and London, and Satanism has its faithful followers in America. On this subject one of the prominent writers was Carl Hackse, who, under the pseudonym of Dr. Bataille, made an extensive study of Occultism and gave his extremely exaggerated views of it in the book "Le Diable au XIXe Si�cle."

The following pages of this part of our study are mostly either quotations or abridgements from that work: "According to the teaching of the Christian churches, God allows demons certain limited powers, but they are not permitted to open the gates of hell and release a spirit at the request of one who evokes the dead. The dead, even damned, will not show themselves if evoked, nor would evocations be answered by those who had succeeded in attaining the kingdom of heaven, but devils can and do, says the Church, substitute themselves for the deceased. They will impersonate a dead person whose appearance is demanded by invocations.

It is also admitted that the fallen angels or spirits will often manifest to people without being called. The theological Hagiographa cite many cases of diabolical apparitions to saints, apparitions which these saints have been able to repel and conquer...but what sceptics and agnostic Christians alike ignore is that besides the drawing room mediums, mediums for diversion, there are occultists whose vile practices are veiled in the profoundest mystery. These men, whose moral sense is absolutely perverted, believe in Lucifer, but they believe him to be the equal of God and worship him secretly." (Le Diable au XIXe Si�cle, Vol. I, p. 28, Occult Theocracy, by Edith Starr Miller, p. 26)

Modern Occultism is on the one hand practical Cabala and on the other, Indian Yogism, both of which have always had their adepts more or less openly.

The Cabala is Occult Science itself. It is the secret theology of the initiates, theology essentially Satanic. In a word the counter-theology. Our God, the God of the Christians, is the power of evil in the eyes of the Cabalists; and for them the  power of good, the real god, is Lucifer.

"The Cabala teaches magic or the art of intercourse with spirits and supernatural beings. One cannot be a convinced Cabalist without soon becoming a magician and devoting oneself to the practices of occultism.

Not that our Cabalists or contemporary magicians practice all the different branches of occultism. Some of these have been abandoned and others are only used by charlatans for the exploitation of superstitious persons, but a great many, precisely the most criminal and perverse, are observed in the hidden dens of our modern Luciferians." (Bataille, Le Diable au XIXe Si�cle, Vol. I, p. 29)

Magic Has Two Divisions: The first is divining magic, subdivided into several branches of which the principal are:

The second is operative magic, also subdivided into several branches of which the principal are:
Various miraculous feats
There are moreover some superstitious practices not specially classed. Bataille thus defines some of the foregoing:
Astrology: Divining the future by the stars. The casting of horoscopes is its most prevalent practice.

Palmistry: Divining the future by the hand.

Anthropomancy: This is one of the practices supposed at present to have fallen into disuse. It is a horrible, savage abomination and consists in disemboweling a human being for the purpose of divining the future by inspection of the entrails.

Mediaeval accuses Gilles de Retz of perpetrating this crime on children, whom the he lured to his castle for the purpose.  Tacitus says that the Druids, in ancient Britain, used to consult their gods by looking into the entrails of their captives.
Oneirocritics: Divining the future through interpretation of dreams.

Aeromancy: Divination by the study of aerial phenomena.

Hydromancy: Divination by the study of liquids or aquatic phenomena.

Pyromancy: Divination by fire.

Cartomancy: Divination by cards.

There is no need to expatiate further on the more or less grotesque means employed by those who follow these false sciences. One must be somewhat erratic to imagine that the future can be foretold by coffee grounds, by the antics of flames in a grate, by the order in which shuffled cards will be drawn, or by the odd shapes assumed by wind-driven clouds! When events corroborate predictions made under these conditions, it can be attributed to the use of the power of clairvoyance, but these fortune tellers, some of whom have a thorough knowledge of the rules governing the practices of these absurdities, are the first to distrust their art.
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