More Odds and Ends
By Willie Martin

 ENGLAND: Jack Straw, a Jew who is the "British" Home Secretary has announced that a new British Holocaust Memorial Day will be established. At present he believes that it will be held on January 27th, the same day that a similar event is being held in Germany. He said the "day would provide a focus for educating future generations about the Holocaust and its implications."

 HELMS: Senator Jesse Helms attacked Britain for "rolling out the red carpet" for Chinese President Jiang Zemin, while keeping Chile's former President Augusto Pinochet under house arrest. Helms said that General Pinochet had saved "Latin America from Communism" while Jiang was oppressing a billion people under Communism.

 JEW OF THE YEAR: Our Jew of the Year award this year goes to a Jew from Russia named Semyon Mogievich who runs one faction of the "Red Mafia." A "real entrepreneur" Semyon got his start by "helping" his fellow Jews from Russia who wanted to leave "anti-Semitic" Russia for other countries where they could then proceed to fleece the goyim.

 (The article does not mention that it is a death penalty for anyone committing the crime of anti-Semitism: Bourgeoisie was a Bolshevik code-word for Gentile. The first law passed after the Communists seized power in Russia made anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death. (Izvestia, July 27, 1918))

 In Kiev he let it be known that when Jews wanted to eave for Israel, he would sell their valuables for them, take his share and then send the proceeds on to them. However, as his fellow Jews were to find out, Semyon, sold their valuables and kept everything (HaHa another typical Jewish thief). So, Jews who couldn't wait to leave "anti-Semitic" Russia and the "hateful Russians" who had never persecuted them or done them harm, got a real dose of anti-Semitism when their fellow self-chosenite, Semyon, stole everything they had of value.

 Semyon then took the "contributions"his fellow Jews "gave" him and purchased a magnet factory in Hungary. The magnet factory was incorporated in Philadelphia, and then his fellow Jews secured a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange for his new venture. Soon Semyon, had sold hundreds of millions of dollars of stock in his magnet factory, but no magnets were being produced. This time he hood-winked not only his fellow Jews but the non-Jews as well.

 Semyon branched out into arms smuggling, prostitution, contract murders and international art theft. It is also rumored that he now owns a tank factory in Hungary. Semyon's name came up when the FBI was investigating money laundering and the Village Voice ran an article tying Mogievich and other Jewish gangsters from Russia to a giant money laundering scheme which processed at least $2 hundred million this year (1999).

 An article in the Washington Jewish Week (September 9, 1999, page 25), feels that the involvement of Jews in criminal activity is going to "fuel" anti-Semitism in Russia. Describing Jewish criminal activity in Russia the Washington Jewish Week says: "Others whose names have surfaced in the mushrooming probe include several so-called ‘oligarchies' the business tycoons, many of them Jewish, who control much of the post-communist Russia's privatized industry.

 Another ‘oligarch' implicated is Konstantin Kagalovsky, a close ally of Khodorovsky. His wife, Natasha Gurfunkel, headed Bank of New York's East European operations until she was suspended last month.

 Russian Jewry experts fear the allegations may help fuel Russia's already rampant anti-Semitism by seeming to confirm extremist myths about Jewish "rape" of Mother Russia. All told Mogievich's mob may have looted as much as $15 billion from the Russian economy in the last few years."

 LA RAZA: A key speaker at the ADL's National Commission meeting in San Diego in October was Raul Yzagurirre. Mr. Yzagurirre is the president of the National Council of La Raza, a Mexican organization that fights to break down immigration laws and fights for "civil rights." An article in the San Diego Union said that Yzagurirre told the ADL convention that "...he is a Hispanic Jew..." It's interesting that we have a Jew running the largest "Mexican" organization in the United States!

 ROOSEVELT'S WAR: All too many have been "treated" to a nightly harangue on CNBC by Chris Matthews, on Hard Ball, regarding statements made by Pat Buchanan in his new book (What else could they do, seeing that they are nothing but barking dogs who cannot bite, but are fed by the Jews as long as they do their bidding, and licking their boots, like the dogs they are) saying that there was no reason for us to get involved in World War II and that Roosevelt was pushing us into war.

 There is little doubt that Chris Matthews is a loyal "conservative" lackey of his Jewish masters and will continue to try to destroy Pat Buchanan and any chance he may have to help change America for the better through the Reform Party. Chris Matthews has been promoting Donald Trump (Of course Trump is a Jew and Matthews has to lick his boots like a good little puppy) for president, in fact goading him on to take on Buchanan on almost every show. Another regular guest on "Hard Ball" has been Senator John McCain, who while being a war hero in Vietnam, has no courage to take on the real masters of America = the Jews. In McCain's eyes it is fine to fight a war against a people six thousand miles away to "save America" (from what?) Because the government sanctioned the war. However, when it comes to pointing out what the Jews are doing to America, McCain's knees are knocking together so loud it's almost hard to hear him constantly praising Israel and the Jews.

 WAR WITH GERMANY BEFORE AN ACT OF CONGRESS DECLARED IT: Now, we have received an article from the Muskegon Chronicle (May 31, 1999, section D), with the headline "He Fought the War Before the War." The story is an interview with one Bill Nobles, who prides himself on being one of the Americans who was officially fighting World War II before the United States declared war on Germany.

 Mr. Nobles was a sailor on the WW I era destroyer USS Schenek which was guarding convoys taking goods to England in 1941. The involvement of Americans in fighting Germany BEFORE war was officially declared is described in the Muskegon Chronicle: "British war cabinet papers from Roosevelt's meeting with Winston Churchill in Placentia Bay on August of 1941; not released until the 1970s, record FDR's intent to enter the war months before Pearl Harbor was attacked.

 "The President had said he would wage war but no declare it and that he would become more, and more provocative, ‘said the minutes of the meeting.' The President made it clear that he would look for an incident which would justify him in opening hostilities...

 The USS Schenck was among a handful of destroyers escorting a large supply convoy, and the soldiers were given orders to destroy any German U-boats within 300 miles of the group-historical evidence suggests this was part of FDR's effort to agitate Germany and justify opening hostilities. though, undeclared, war was being waged almost immediately after the convoy left port and headed for Iceland."

 The deceit of the United States Government in serving the interest of World Jewry were noted when Nobles said that " bothered him but,.. They did a pretty good job of keeping things quiet, and they're still doing a good job of keeping it quiet."

 RUSSIA: With elections for parliament coming up in December, the election commission disqualified Vladimir Zhirinovsky's "Liberal democratic Party" from the ballot because they claimed that three of his top candidates did not properly report a complete list of cars and property owned. However, Zhirinovliament, according to press releases 96 of his members will run on the Spas ticket.

 In the past Mr. Barkashov, who is known for opposing President Yeltsin by providing militia troops when the parliament was attacked by the military several years ago has in the past refused to run candidates for parliament.

 SPAIN: In September a parliamentary commission passed a resolution commission passed a resolution condemning the1936 military uprising by Francisco Franco against the Marxist government in Spain. The government of Spain has become increasingly pro-Marxist since the death of Franco in 1975.

 SWITZERLAND: In an upset surprise the Swiss People's Party became the largest political party in Switzerland when it won 22.6% of the vote in the parliamentary election in October. The party had been in fourth place. One of the top party leaders has been critized by the Jews because he praised a revisionist book which challenged the claims of the Jews regarding the Holocaust. The SVP opposes the European Union, the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A spokesman for the SVP said: "What we want in the next four years is to fight against misuses of asylum rights, against illegal immigration, for the improvement of state finances, lower taxes and the independence and neutrality of Switzerland." Jewish sources were quick to point out that the World Jewish Congress has recently been attacking the SVP because one of it's leaders, Christoph Blocher, a billionaire, because of remarks "...about the World Jewish Congress and a letter of praise to a revisionist historian."

 CANADA: Conspiratologist, David Icke, was picketed by 60 Jews when he spoke at the University of Toronto in October. The Jews claimed that Mr. Icke's books on conspiracies were "anti-Semitic" and that they "...wanted to send a message to any official who spews such hatred that he would not be allowed to speak on the university campus."

 Approximately 250 showed up to hear Mr. Icke who read passages from his book, "The Biggest Secret" but carefully replaced the word "Jew" with other words when reading passages. Not satisfied that they were not able to prevent Mr. Icke from speaking, the Jews purchased copies of his book with the object in mind of trying to have him prosecuted for hate crimes. Also on hand at the meeting was the "hate crimes unit" of the police to monitor his speech. However, Jewish detective Samuel Samm said he could not find that Mr. Icke had violated the law. The group which called the police to the meeting was the B'nai B'rith of Canada.

 CHRISTMAS: An article appeared in the Jewish Chronicle (October 22, 1999, p. 3) and we believe that you would be interested in seeing it, so it follows. The title on the article was "Christmas Tree Ban." Israel's Chief Rabbinate is set to decide next week whether to take action; including the withdrawal of kashrut licenses, against hotels which hold Christmas and New Year parties for the tourists expected for millennium celebrations. In a Knesset committee hearing this week, travel industry officials expressed fears that tens of thousands of tourists would be deterred from visiting Israel to bring in the year 2000 because of what was described as "the imposition of Jewish rituals."

 Several thousand had already canceled their tours, they added, because they had been told they would not be allowed to hold Christmas parties. The Knesset economics committee heard from hotel representatives that they had received warnings against putting up Christmas trees in hotel lobbies. Committee head Avarham Poraz of the secular Shimul Party, asked: "What have Christmas trees got to do with kashrut?" and suggested that the rabbinate should not overstep its area of authority.

 His Shimul colleague on the committee, Yosef Paritzky, wondered what Israel would do if "The Archbishop of Vienna ordered the city's hotels not to put up Chanuciot in their buildings during Chanukah." However, Rabbi Avraham Ravitz, of United Torah Judaism, praised the rabbinate's actions, saying that New Year's Eve parties would cause a "massive desecration of the Sabbath."

 CZECH REPUBLIC: Journalist Tomas Kebza was sentenced to three years in prison and banned from writing articles for 10 years because he wrote two articles: "The Children of Moses accuse others of racism," and "Forum 2000 in Prague." Mr. Kebza is the editor of the weekly newspaper Republika, the publication of the Republican Youth Party. The judge claimed that the articles were an "attack on the Jewish race" which is "protected by the Constitution." Mr. Kebka argued that the Constitution guaranteed him freedom of speech and expression. The conviction of Mr. Keka is another attempt by the Jews to stifle free speech. Mr. Keka is appealing the sentence.

 HOLOCAUST DENIAL: The Jews are up in arms because Holocaust revisionist historian, Germer Rudolf has made his way to England after being sentenced to 14 months in jail in Germany for "Holocaust denial." Mr. Rudolf, who is now living 8in Tunbridge Wells, England told the press that Holocaust denial is not a crime in England and he has requested asylum in that country. Jews complaining to the government have been told that under present British law he cannot be deported to Germany for trial. Mr. Rudolf told the press that he will continue his work in England. However, the Jews are trying to have him prosecuted under the "race hate" law in that country."

 MIRACLE?: When we read short articles in our newspapers we must ask ourselves what kind of chimps are writing the stories? In the Time Picayune (November 3, 1999, page A-3) there is a short story with the headline: "Miracle Holocaust Survivor dead at 101." The story is about a Jew by the name of Pepi Deutsh, "whose youthful appearance fooled the Nazis into keeping her alive and who got herself and her daughter through the horrors of slave labor...she endured imprisonment at Auschwitz..."

 We must ask the reporter writing the story just what the "miracle" was? In our opinion the"miracle" was that any Jews at all died of anything but natural causes during World War II. Please note, not only Pepi but her young daughter made it safely through Auschwitz. Sine according to Jewish authors, almost every Jew entering Auschwitz was"immediately" gassed; it is amazing that a woman and her young daughter made it through alive!!!

 PAPON: The hunt goes on by the Jews and the friends of the Jews to harass old nationalists who dared to stand up to the Jews in World War II. Gleeful Jews and friends of the Jews were celebrating the fact that 89 year old Maurice Papon, had been arrested and brought back to France from Switzerland, while awaiting his appeal for alleged "war crimes."

 During World War II Papon was the secretary general of the Bordeaux area and helped round up subversive Jews which he turned over tot he Germans. Upon his arrival at Frersnes prison the criminal morons who were incarcerated there booed him. His lawyers are taking his case to the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg.

 TALL TALES FROM THE HOLOCAUST: The Jewish Chronicle (October 15, 1999, page 27), carries an obituary for one William Shlesinger, who was born in Hamburg in 1913. When the Nazis came to power in Germany he was working in a Kosher bakery. He was arrested by the Gestapo and "deposited at the German-Dutch border."

 He then made his way to Prague where he had "an alteration with the German military attache" and was arrested. He was then released without being prosecuted and left for Vienna. He was arrested again in 1934 and then released without charge. He then traveled to Trieste and then to Palestine.

 He then went to Czechoslovakia where he was arrested again after the German occupation, but was released and left to make his way to Cracow. He then joined M15 and was used by them to ferret out Nazi spies among refugees. For his spying effort he was given a British entry visa and made his way to England. He then lived in England where he died recently at age 99.

 Here we have a Jew being arrested by the Nazis in Germany. However, he wasn't "gassed" or even imprisoned by the "hateful Nazis" but rather "deposited at the Dutch border." Then we have him going to Prague where he "had an altercation with the German military attache." Again, no "gassing," prison camp or torture. The "hateful Nazis" just released him so he could go to Vienna.

 Again, he was arrested in Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, but again, no "gassing"or concentration camps, but rather left to go on his way to Cracow. Reading the stories of Holocaust survivors and other Jewish tale tellers, we have been led to believe that every Jew in any country under Nazi control or occupation, immediately rounded up every Jew, and then sent those Jews to concentration camps to be "gassed." Either the Jews are telling lies or the Nazis weren't as anti-Jewish as they are made out to be and couldn't careless about tormenting individual Jews, even after altercations with their own civil servants.

 This Jew NEVER SERVED ONE DAY IN ANY PRISON CAMP AND YET THE LYING JEWS SAY HE WAS A SURVIVOR. Americans; put on your thinking caps and stop taking Jew talk as truth.

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     "Sirs, you are doubtlessly intelligent people, however, I have a problem understanding how you found a place in prophecy for those I know to be void of a even a single drop of Hebrew blood - without any cultural or historical ties to the Holy Land and in fact simple converts to a base form of Judaism. Clinton eulogized Rabinowitz (Yitzhak Rabin) as a son of David and a son of Solomon. You must know that this man was a Khazar of Turko-Mongolian lineage, and can in no way represent a 'return' since his southern Russian ancestors never made it down to Palestine until 1948." (Christian Radio Talk Show in Birmingham, on which Dave Hunt appeared as a guest. Dave was promoting his book, A Cup of Trembling).

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President Nixon and the Jews

        Everyone was told by the media that the reason that Nixon was forced from office was because of the Watergate Break in; but that was not the truth. If, those of you, who
are old enough to remember the events, the break in soon lost all significants, and the removal of Nixon became the most important thing.

        The real reason for Nixon's removal from office was because he and the Jews didn't like each other and he did not have the power they did. The truth has been revealed recently in an article in The Jewish Chronicle, of October 15,1999, p.4: "...New White House tapes released by the National Archives in Washington show that President Richard Nixon was obsessed with Jews; telling an aide at one point that ‘you can't trust the bastards.'"

        The latest batch of tapes consists of 445 hours of conversations from February to July 1971. Beset by the leak of a top-secret history of the Vietnam War and rising unemployment statistics. Which were hurting his standing in the polls, Mr. Nixon lashed out repeatedly at ‘the Jews' whom he saw as the root of the problems.

        "The Jews are all over the government," he complained to his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman, in one Oval Office meeting. He further said; "The Jewish influence should be controlled by putting someone in charge who is not Jewish" in key government agencies. "Washington ‘is full of Jews,'" Mr. Nixon asserted. "Most Jews are disloyal."

        He made exceptions for some of his top aides; including national security adviser Henry Kissinger, White House counsel Leonard Garment, and speechwirter William Safire, but added: "Bob generally speaking you can't trust the bastards. They turn on you. Am I wrong or right?"

        "Haldeman agreed wholeheartedly, ‘Their whole orientation is against you. In this administration anyway. And they are smart. They have the ability to do what they
want to do, which is to hurt us." (Christian Defense League, P.O. Box 449, Arabia, LA 70032, Issue No. 227, December/1999)

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In Defense of Buchanan on World War II

     While I have some reservations about Buchanan, I still believe that he would be 1000 times better than any of the others in the running, includding the nigger that so many conservatives love.

     The controlled press has ripped Patrick Buchanan to shreds his comments about World War II in his book. But Buchanan simply pointed out that we were not in any grave threat of being invaded by Hitler. For that, he has been accused of "loving Hitler" and being a "Nazi." Which is what the Jews call anyone who speaks the truth about them and their roll in history.

    Not only were we not in any danger of being invaded but we were tricked into World War II (We were also tricked into World War I by the Jews). The ugly truth is that in 1933 the International Zionist bankers agreed to finance Hitler and his war machine development (much as we financed Saddam Husseinin his invasion of Kuwait). ut the Jewish bankers had demanded that Hitler agree to accomplish a little project for them. They wanted the Jews run out of Europe (at least 60,000 Jews minimum) so that they could be transferred toPalestine, which was to become the new nation state for the world's Jews. THAT'S RIGHT! THE ENTIRE WORLD WAR II WAS A CONTRIVANCE OF INTERNATIONAL ZIONISM!!!!

     Who says so..." The above facts are not my beliefs, but the information published in a major Jewish publication; no less, publised from the nations capital,Washington, D.C, The Washington Jewish Week. What's more, the point out that 35,000 documents have been secretly stored in an archive of the  Spertus Institute, The Spertus College of Judicia, from which the information was clearly authenticated andproven. It was also the basis of an out of print book, "The Transfer Agreement, The Untold Story of The SecretPact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine." (MacMillan) Don't try to borrow it from your library  on interlibrary loan because the Jews have either stolen or had destroyed all copies of the book.

     The Spertus Institute has a web site at:

     The secret pact between Hitler and the Jewish Internationalists has also been chronicled in a later book: "Who Financed Hitler?" by James Pool(who is Jewish), which explains how the Jewish controlled banks put up all the money for Hitler's war machine. Then there is the book: "The Hidden History of Zionism," by Ralph Schoenman, and the book: "Adolph Hitler: The Founder of Israel," by Kardel.

     So now you can see, once again, how the lying Jewish dogs have perpetrated their HoloHoax for financial gain.

     For Buchanan to make the claim that were in no immediate danger of being invaded by Hitler; is not only competely reasonabe, but a fact of history.This secret archive, of course, is not going to be made available to outsiders. Those who are extremely disturbed by this set of facts, will have to complain to  the editors of The Washington Jewish Week and demand proof of their claims

    More and more truth is seeping out about the fantastic Jewish HoloHoax  but the Judeo-Christian Clergy are completely silent about it. Thus they are in league with Satan and his children, who have deceived the world for almost 2000 years. The Judeo-Christian Clergy are cowards and are scared to death of the truth.

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Under the heading of "A brief History of the Terms for Jew" in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: "Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a 'Jew' or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew." (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)

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More on HAARP

     On the topic of weather modification, in oneof the interviews of William Thomas, Thomas brought up an Air ForceTechnical Memo 195 dated Octoer 1991, page185, which discussed a USAF subcontractor Phillips Labs,stating that the HAARP program will reach a peak power output of 100 BILLION WATTS. It was explained by Thomas and Art Bell that a mirror of polyester resin is held aloft by electricity, patent #425190 to collect a highly concentrated beam of incredible intensity, at a certain point in the sky, creating incredible heat, thus disturbing and adjusting the normal wealther patterns.

     They explain that the HAARP program, generated from Alaska, starts out as a broad
signal and thebeam is reduced to a tiny width of incredible intensity by the time it hits the mirror in the sky, where the weather action is to be changed. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active AuroralResearch Project. There are world wide ionospheric research facilities in a number of countries, including Puerto Rico, England and severalsights, within Russia. A mechanism of weather modification is fully expained in a number of illustrations in an appendix to the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP."

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 Arab League: The Deputy Secretary of the Arab League, Mohammed Ismail recently accused the Israeli government of helping India develop nuclear weapons and of supplying India with the means of delivering them to targets in the Islamic world...

 Australians Disarmed: A recent letter received from Mr. Nicholas Panella gives us a look at what has happened in Australia under their new gun control laws. We quote here: "Australia has always been a nation with a keen respect for the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms and to use them to protect themselves and their loved ones. From 1910 to recent times, homicides in Australia have steadily averaged 1.8 per 100,000 - one of the lowest in the world. Then misguided Australian Prime Minister (he was not misguided he was a dirty traitor to his country and under the control of the Jews and their boot licks - WM) forced all law abiding gun owners to surrender their personal firearms, even their shotguns and .22 rifles. He stated: ‘Self defense is not a reason for owning a firearm.'"

 Austria: Reacting to the election victory of the Freedom Party in Austria, where it received 27% of the national vote, the Jews flew Cardinal Christoph Scoenborn to Israel so he could visit the HoloHoax memorial. The Cardinal, doing the work of the anti-Christ Jews, made negative remarks about the Freedom Party and voiced his "concern" over the growing patriotic movement in Austria.

 Being a good puppet (ass sucker) of the Jews, the Cardinal said in part: "I think it is very understandable that Austria is watched, especially in this country, with great concern because the history of my country has a burden of what has happened in the past."

 As we go to press the Israeli government has threatened to break diplomatic relations with Austria if any political party forms a coalition with George Harder and his Freedom Party. (I wish the Austrian government had the guts to for such a coalition and tell the Jews to stick it up their nose - WM)

 Azerbaijan: The Israeli/Turkish axis has not begun work on setting up a Turkish military base in Azerbaijan. The Turks are claiming that the base is being established because of Russia's support for Azerbaijan's neighbor Armenia. Part of the deal made between Azerbaijan and Turkey is to let Israel set up radars on the Azeri/Iranian border.

 Blair: An article run in the Jerusalem Post (September 24, 1999, p. 17) carries the headline: The Man Behind Blair. Of course, the "Blair" they are talking about is "British" Prime Minister Tony Blair and the "Man Behind" is none other than a dual citizenship Israeli/British Jew by the name of Michael Levy.

 According to the article, Mr. Levy who is a multi-millionaire or possibly a billionaire, has been the financial genius behind the ruse of Tony Blair and his Labor victory over the Conservatives in a 1997 "landslide." A caption on the article with pictures of Levy and Blair is not only Blair's older and wealthier friend and fund raiser, he is also the Prime Minister's indispensable security blanket."

 The article notes that even before Blair became Prime Minister, it was Levy who raised the funds to "lubricate his success." Levy is credited with raising over $18 billion for Blair which allowed him to set up a full time staff of 20 young Jews that were used to build a political machine and the money was channeled through a secret "blind trust." For his efforts in supporting Blair, Levy was given a peerage and is now addressed as "Sir Michael Levy."

 The man handling the "blind trust"for Levy/Blair was another dual citizenship Israeli/British Jew named Blick Rothenberg whose function is described in the article as: "...handles the business of many major Israeli companies operating in Britain..."

 The main doors to the "blind trust" were four Jews, Sir Trevor Chainn, Sir Emmanuel Kaye, Alex Bernstein and Bob Gavron.  Tony Blair has described Michael Levy as "a very Jewish Jew."

 Burma: Jewish busybody Rachel Goldwyn has been arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison in Rangoon, Burma for trying to cause the overthrow of the military government of the country. (Yeah, Yeah, Hooray for the Burmanise)

 Constitution Party: The patriots who founded the Constitution Party over a half a century ago would now be spinning in their graves if they could see that a Jew is now running for President on the Constructional Party ticket.

 In September, racial Jew, Howard Phillips was on C-Span at the national convention of the Constitution Party. Phillips bragged about being a Jew by race and of being a "spiritual Christian." (There is no such thing as a Jew who is a Christian; and one saying that he is both is a liar)

 Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are running Jewish candidates for president who present themselves as Aryans, but are lying, and are "Spiritual Jews" by choice and religion! (Gore is a Jew, and Bush may be one also, Eustace Mullins said that George Bush was one, so it would follow that his son would also be a Jew) Voting Democratic, Republican or Constitution party; one thing is certain, there is no choice.

 Croatia: Jews from the Simon Wiesenthal Center recently failed to get the Croatian language edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf banned in Zagreb. The Jews claim that the publican of Mein Kampf constitutes "hate." Two years ago the Jews complained because Croatiaprojekt had published an edition of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. At that time the Jews demanded that the publisher Franjo Letic include a new introduction to the Protocols "explaining how evil they were," and he refused.

 Did You Know?: The Jewish Chronicle (September 24, 1999, p. 72) carried a story with the headline: "Lawyers Accused of L330m Holocaust Scam." The article notes that two Jewish lawyers were exploiting a special law for Jews which allows Jews to sign up in the German Social Security system. The two Jews, Israel Perri, who lives in Tel Aviv and Frank Reppenhagen, who lives in Berlin, have been milking the German Social Security system since 1980.The two filed over 30,000 claims for pensions for Jews and have received over $1 billion from the German taxpayers. The two have set up a phony organization called "The Organization for Carrying Out The Social Security Convention."

 What most people are unaware of is that under the "Social Security Convention... German pensions were open to all Israeli citizens regardless of whether they had suffered at the hands of the Nazis."

 This shows just what thieves the Jews really are.

 England: Britain's Jewish Home Secretary, Jack Straw has praised Britain's "multi-racial society" and called on the government to enact "tougher race hate laws" to stop Whites from protesting the colored invasion of the country.

 The Jew said that racism was "absurd, a poison, a form of madness" and went on to say, "Maybe we have all been mad to allow a society where such things matter. One day they will not."

 Latvia: A report from Riga, Latvia notes that Latvian Defense Minister Gikrts Kristovskis wants to "include a controversial, right wing paramilitary group, the Aizargi, into the country's network of defense forces." The report also says: "Aizargi members have been accused of being anti-Semitic." The government has issued permits to Aizargi members to carry weapons. An article in Life Magazine said that the main aim of the Aizargi movement was to drive "Russians and Jews" out of the country.

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 A New Tune: Tipper Gore, who over a decade ago led a crusade to require warning labels on raunchy rock records, now has severed her ties with this and has apologized to West Coast entertainment executives in a private meeting with her husband. Her switch has helped husband Al Gore, who has raised more funds from the entertainment industry than any other presidential candidate this year. She also recently helped raise big funds for the political coffers at a gay-lesbian fund-raiser. (Christian News, 9/30, 303227 Beouf Lutheran Rd., New Haven, MO 63068)

 Parental Victories: A federal jury in Scranton, PA decided that the J.T. Lambert Middle School in East Stroudsberg, PA had violated the civil rights of 59 sixth grade girls the school forced to undergo genital exams in the school nurse's office without the consent of the parents. The school district was ordered to pay $60,000 to the eight girls who sued the school district. In March of 1996, the pre-teen girls were herded into the nurse's office and physically kept from leaving until the exam was done. The judge held that the school system violated the girls' Fourth Amendment rights protecting them from unreasonable search. The girls were represented by the Rutherford Institute. Parents also won a victory in a class-action case against the San Antonio Independent School District, in which parents, for several years, objected to the way schools force students to respond to non-academic questionnaires intruding on pupil and family privacy. Some of the questions, for example:

 1). How do you get along at home?
 2). Has anybody close to you died in the lat year or so?
 3). Do you ever wish you were a boy or girl instead of what you are?
 4). What things do you worry about?
 5). Select the group counseling sessions you would like to participate in: Managing Anger, Parent/Teen Conflict, Coping with stress; Impersonal Relationship; Grief/Loss; Study Skills.

 This Texas case is the latest chapter in along-running battle against nosy surveys about sex, drugs, death and family matters. It marks the real turning point in the battle for parents' rights. (Texas Eagle Form Torch, _P.O. Box 795354, Dallas, Texas 9/99)

 Prescription Drugs: They are often connected to senseless acts of violence. April 16/99, a boy, age 15, in the shooting at Notus, ID, was taking Ritalin for ‘bipolar disorder," April 20/99 Eric Harris, age 18, in shooting at Littleton, CO., was taking Luvox prescribed for "obsessive-compulsive disorder;" May 20/99, 15 year old in shooting at Conyers, Ga, treated with Ritalin; May 20/99, 15 year old in Springfield, OR, who murdered parents and two school students, had been prescribed both Ritalin and Prozac; March 14/99, two students in shootings at Jonesboro, AR had been given psychiatric counseling, but attorney refused to divulge psychiatric drugs being taken. The World Health Organization, 28 years ago, said: "Ritalin is a Schedule II drug - the most addictive in medical joins morphine, opium, cocaine, and the heron substitute (called methadone!" (Insight Magazine 6/28/99, via Resurrection 8/99, P.O. Box 353, Sterling, VA 20167)

 Truth Unwelcome: The U.S. Holocaust Memorial museum has come under severe criticism from Zionists because they hosted a book-signing and forum with the authors of "Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know." The book, a collection of articles about war crimes, lists Israeli actions as the main examples of "Property: Civilian Destruction of," "Collective Punishment," and "Civilians, Illegal Targeting of." It also includes an article by post-Zionist Benny Morris, which says, "In retrospect, it is clear that what occurred in 1948 in Palestine was a variety of ethnic cleansing of Arab areas by Jews." Abraham Foxman, director of the ADL said that it was a "mistake" for the museum to have hosted the even. Morton Klein, president to the Zionist organization of America, and Meyrav Wurmser, director of the middle East Media Research Institute were among Zionists who criticized the museum for the event. They did not deny the atrocities committed by the Jews against Lebanese and Palestinian Arabs, but didn't like the truth being exposed in a book sold at the museum's bookstore. (Reported in Forward, a weekly Jewish newspaper in NY, NY, 8/6 and 8/13)

 Delta Force: The Posse Comitatus Act of 2878 was a law that prevents soldiers from acting as police officers. It was later amended to allow the military to assist the police in drug cases and the training of police to combat drugs and terrorism. For over six years the government has denied any use of the military in the killing of over 80 people in the Branch Davidian church, and the media has cooperated in the denial. Finally, however, with new evidence being exposed, the Dallas Morning news is allowing some truth into print. In a feature article 9/26 it reports that Delta Force commandos were present at the attack on the church. These commandos, based at Fort Brgg, N.C., specialize in urban warfare and are experts in the close-range use of automatic weapons and explosives to rescue hostages and kill terrorists. Before the raid the BATF (Burn All Toddlers First) had requested "on call" equipment form the military, including seven armored Bradley fighting vehicles. The military required that the U.S. Army markings on such vehicles or aircraft be "obscured." The Cato Institute recently published a paper titled, ‘Warrior Cops: The Ominous Growth of Paramilitaism in American Police Departments." Diane Weber, who researched the paper, said, "The use of paramilitary tactics in everyday police work should alarm people of good will from across the political spectrum." (Dallas Morning News, 9/26/99)

 Free Inquiry Denied: Germar Rudolf, a chemist trained at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, took samples from the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz to determine cyanide levels.  He concluded that the chambers could never have been used in the manner claimed. Mr. Rudolf submitted his report to more than 300 experts for their critique before he published it. Not one of them found the smallest error; nonetheless, as a result of his scientific findings, Germar Rudolf was criminally charged under German's repressive "holocaust-is-a-dogma" law. He was sentenced to a prison term of 128 months. The report he wrote has been banned in Germany and ordered destroyed. Many people connected to its publication have been punished with jail terms and/or fines. Rudolf and his family now live in exile. There is a growing number of people, including well-known historians and scientists, who have been fined and/or jailed for revealing the results of their research on the Holocaust (HoloHoax) story. And yet were told that World War II was fought to make the world save from tyranny. (The Trumpet Messenger, P.O. Box 565, Sandy Hook, CT 06482, 9/99)

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       Outraged: That was Walter Burien Jr., a Wall Street commodities trader for 15 years, when he was told of a "second set of books" being kept by most government treasurers throughout the country; outraged. His investigation found, for example: (1) that in 1997, Arizona reported an annual Service Budget (first set of books) of $5.5 billion while the states Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) showed Total Gross Cash Receipts of $17 billion, a difference of over $11 billion; (2) New Jersey reported less than $25 billion in its annual Service Budget, but on its CAFR books showed almost $300 billion in cash, stocks, loans, and insurance equity; (3) The state of Alaska and the city of Anchorage both use Budget/CAFR (two sets of books) accounting systems that conceal a "breathtaking" difference in reported revenue; (4) In Wyoming a comparison of the state's Budget and CAFR: "There are two sets of books and the income reported on the Budget (first set of books) is millions or billions of dollars less than is reported on the CAFR (second set of books); (5) In California, Orange County declared bankruptcy in the late 1980s. Diligent investigators accidentally stumbled onto their CAFR (second set of books) and discovered that the county actually had a surplus of $16 billion in profitable investments, from the CAFR. The media would not publish this back then, and you never heard any more about the Orange County bankruptcy. Most government employees and Americans do not know that this theft/fraud is taking place. Mr. Burien alleges that "the dual accounting system (two sets of books) is used by all 50 states and also by the counties, big cities and the federal government itself." Others who have investigated this unbelievable story have said it is true. Mr. Burien can be contacted at P.O. Box 11444, Prescott, AZ 86304, e-mail [email protected] (American Publications, 3370 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251)

        Y2K Problems: On June 27th, the District of Columbia government announced that its year 2000 repair program would not be finished on time and stated that they are planning a "massive New Year's Eve mobilization of emergency personnel." On June 11th it was reported that the Ohio Secretary of State's business services officer computer system has so many bugs in it that it will not be functioning at the years end. On June 17, the city of Van Nuys, Calif., was running a Y2K test on its sewage system and the computer pumped 4 million gallons of raw sewage into the streets and into Lake Balboa Park. On June 22, Monroe County, Indiana's new Y2K compliant computer began issuing checks in the amount of 50 million dollars instead of 50 dollars. On June 23, it was announced that Mobil Oil Company in Melbourne, Australia, tried out their new Y2K software upgrade, and the entire Mobil Oil distribution center ceased to function. On July 6, it was announced that the National Guard in the U.S. is organizing a new RAID unit. Each team is made up of 22 full- time Guard members and is being trained to deal with domestic and terrorist threats at the end of the year. (Last Trumpet Newsletter, P.O. Box 806, Beaver Dam, WI, August)

        No Takers: The following is from USAF Sgt. J.R. "It's so maddening to serve, and perhaps give our live, under the orders of an immoral, un-American Commander-in-Chief. Many here feel as I. Our unit has been running a contest, that quickly drew interest. Here it is: ‘Can anyone find and document ONE THING that Clinton has ever done (not said) that was pro-American or pro-Freedom? Just one thing?' After 5 weeks, all that could be discovered was UN-American activities. This was the big question some of us serving here in the Balkans had been trying to answer and a contest seemed to be the way to find the answer. The one with the answer would win a $350 dollar pot. During the 5 weeks the contest was running (before we were threatened and shut down) no one collected the pot. It didn't seem to surprise many here that no one, not even for money, had been able to find, and document, anything that this man has done to promote America or Freedom for our country." (Aid and Abt, Vol. 4 No. 2, Phone (208) 935-7852, via American Education Association, Box 463, Center Moriches, NY 11934)

        Warfare Briefs: A Christian employer in Pennsylvania was told by a parent company that he could not put any religious material in any employee communications. Increasingly companies across the nation are discriminating against religious viewpoints (but you can bet they don't discriminate against Judaism - the sickest perverted religion of them all) while permitting nonreligious values to be presented. Christian men in Oregon and California will face criminal trials for giving the gospel in public places. A Christian child care agency in Vermont is being challenged because it wants to hire only Christian workers, and a church in Massachusetts is being told by the state that it must accept homosexual applicants into its preschool program. (Legal Alert of Christian Law Association, P.O. Box 4010, Seminole, FL 33775)

        Our Ally: Israeli crime syndicates, tagged by the Drug Enforcement Administration as the prime source of the party drug Ecstasy, are now recruiting Americans as drug couriers, officials tell Whispers, "Israeli organizations tend to recruit couriers within their own ethnic and religious communities and are actively recruiting young American males and females," says a DEA "intelligence brief" just obtained. The agency says that Israeli drug bosses traffic the hallucinogen, popular at all-night "rave" parties, through European cities to U.S. markets and are now targeting smaller towns such as Fayetteville, Ark., and Nashville. (U.S. News & World Report, 8/9/99)

        Music Virus: Hard Rock music is like a "virus" in American culture contributing to growing youth violence, according to a report released July 8 by the Free Congress Foundation. The report has been endorsed by 18 religious leaders. The report, titled "There is a Virus Loose Within Our Culture: An Honest Look at Music's Impact," includes 140 footnotes citing social and behavioral-science research, and survey data. The report "demolishes" the music industry's claim that popular music does not negatively affect youth. It notes that the Columbine killers idolized shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, as did other perpetrators in recent incidents of teen violence. The report says that music surpasses television as an influence in the lies of teenagers, who listen to an estimated 10,500 hours of rock music between the seventh and 12th grades, only 500 hours less than the total time they spend in school over 12 years. (New Home Herald, 114 Pratt Rd., Dobson, NC 27017)

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 Little Difference: The Scriptures say in Revelation 18:4-5: "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." (KJV)

 Yet, today, there is very little difference between the actions of the enemies of Yeashua and those who claim to be "born-again Christian." A new random survey by the Barna Research Group, Ltd. reveals that the opinion of the so-called Born-Again Judeo-Christians regarding President Clinton's character and job performance is only slightly different than that of the general population. Overall, 55 percent of ALL adults approved of the President's performance, with the average coming from a 61 percent approval raiting by non-Christians, and a 48 percent approval rating from the Judeo-Christian Born-Again Christians. When asked if they felt strongly that Mr. Clinton is "honest and trustworthy," only one out of 10 adults agreed, regardless or religious background. "The absence of adoptable link between faith and character assessment raises serious questions about how well born-again adults understand the teaching of their faith related to such matters," said Research Group president, George Barna. (Intercessors for America, P.O. Box 4477, Leesburg, VA 20177)

 This is proof that the Judeo-Christian clergy in America are mostly false teachers and are teaching a government accepted churchanity and not the Word of Yahweh.

 It's About Time: Representatives Ron Paul (R-TX) and Jack Metcalfe (R-WA) have introduced the Separation of Powers Restoration Act. H.R. 2655. The bill would "restore the separation of powers between the Congress and the President," reaffirming that Congress alone has been Constitutionally invested to legislate - to create law. It recognizes that the president' executive authority derives from his Constitutional Article, Section 3 power to "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." The bill would terminate any presidentially declared "national state of emergency" after 90 days, and it would "check" and limit the use of presidential "executive orders," a term and a practice which has become rampant this century. President Clinton has issued a record of some 300 EO's since taking office. (Intercessors for America, P.O. Box 4477, Leesburg, VA 20177) This bill has no chance for passage because the vast majority of Congress men and women are interested in only one thing, how much under the table money they can get and re-election.

 Progress and Persecution. The German Bible League, which works in Egypt, distributing Bibles and training local Christians, reports: "In Egypt, it is illegal for more than five people to meet in a house, but over the last year, 36,000 people met in 1,267 Bible groups."...Chinese police have arrested over 200 people in the last 10 months during raids on house churches. An August 23 raid of a Protestant house church in Henan resulted in the arrest of 40 Christian leaders. House churches in China are widespread and have millions of followers, but are outlawed by the government. Chinese law requires all churches register with the government. (People & Places 10/99 1819 S. Main St., Elkhart, IN 46516)

 Millions to China: The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Lutheran Laymen's League have given 40 million dollars to the China Christian Council for a printing press. The China Christian Council is a strong supporter of the Communist government in China and its under the control of the Communists. "At the judgment bar of God some of America's leading churchmen such as Dr. Billy Graham and Dr. Oswald Hoffmann, will have to answer to God as to why they have vocally sided with the Communists and kept silent about the persecution of China's 100 million house church Christians. It is the Crime of the 20th Century." (Christian News, 10/4/99)

 Evolutionists on the Run, For the Present: Hot on the heels of the evolution controversy in Kansas, we now have a decision by the Kentucky State Education Department to delete the word "evolution" from its science guidelines and substitute "change over time." The Kentucky guidelines are different to the Kansas episode. The standards approved by Kansas did not delete the word "evolution" (which is contrary to the claims of almost all of the Jewish owned media, which misreported that the word had been expunged). The changes do not prevent the teaching of evolution, but evolutionists are critical of any examination of their unproved theories. Philip Johnson of the University of California law school said that the atheistic materialists "protect their creation myth from criticism in the schools." Dr. Keith Wanser, Professor of Physics at Cal. State U., Fullerton, and a creationist, said, "Well, now that I've gotten tenure, that means I can't be fired for simply believing in a recent six-day creation and the world-wide Noahic Flood. If I had been outspoken on the issue before, I doubt I would have obtained tenure." His studies led him to say, "I am convinced there is far more evidence for a recent, six-day creation and a global Flood than there is for an old earth and evolution." What may fail to recognize is that evolutionary belief is a philosophical/religious belief system, affecting one's belief of what life is all about. It has more to do with the deterioration of morals in our nation than educators like to admit. (Christian News 10/18/99)

 Mining Gold in U.S.: The Jewish newspaper, Forward (9/10/99) described how Jews "mine gold" from Christians in the U.S. Gershon Solomon, the leaders of the Temple Mount Faithful, a Jerusalem-based group dedicated to rebuilding the Temple, recently conducted a six-week fund-raising tour of North America during which he spoke almost exclusively to Christian audiences. The report said that this year alone, evangelical Christians will give about $10 million to fund Jewish immigration to Israel. The Interfaith Fellowship of Christians and Jews has donated more than $20 million to the Jewish agency for Israel during the past five years to help resettle Jews from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union in Israel. The group has an estimated 130 donors, 95% of them Christians, its founder, Rabbi Eckstein, said. By contrast, the American Jewish Committee's 1999 Survey of American Jewish Opinion is that only 3 percent of American Jews consider "support for Israel" as essential to their Jewish identity.

 The New Rome: With the exception of Grenada, none of the U.S. military engagements in the last 50 years were in defense of the U.S. contrary to the intent of the U.S. Constitution. None were conducted under a declaration of war by Congress. In the words of Richard Maybury, "Washington is the new Rome, and the U.S. military is no longer a defense force, ti is an imperial expeditionary force fo the UN and NATO. The troops do not realize that their purpose is no5t to protect America but to expand the UN/NATO Empire..." (Newsletter of American Education Association, Box 463 Center Moriches, NY 11934, Send for No. XCIX-A11)

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"I am gong to show that real religious persecution is uniquely Jewish...In the time of Justinian, in the sixth century, the Jews massacred Christians in Caesarea and destroyed their churches. When Stephanus, the governor attempted to defend the Christians, the Jews fell on him and slew him. In 608 A.D., the Jews of Antioch fell upon their Christians neighbors and killed them with fire and sword...About 614 A.D., the Persians advanced upon Palestine and the Jews, after joining their standard, massacred the Christians and destroyed their churches. Ninety thousand Christians perished in Jerusalem alone." (The International Jew, Henry Ford (1922), pp. 171, 173; Who is Esau-Edom? Charles A. Weisman, p.100)

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