Parts 31 through 36
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Freemasonry - Part 31

Here we have the explicit testimony of one who was himself in close touch with the inner circle of esoteric Freemasonry, and may be presumed to possess accurate knowledge of its activities, as to the identity of the powers controlling international finance with the members of the inner Masonic circle. The testimony of "Papus" is confirmed by a whole mass of collateral evidence.

  Documents of Disputed Authenticity: Besides the Masonic documents of undisputed authenticity from which we have so far quoted, there is another important class of documents whose genuineness has not been conclusively established. It is clear that these documents cannot be advanced as evidence of anything which is not proved from other sources.

 Some, however, have a significance and importance which forbid their being passed over in silence. The most remarkable of these is the one known as the "Protocols of the Sages of Sion," (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) which was first published in Russia in 1901, and translated since the European war into most of the languages of the world, including Japanese and Chinese.

 These and some other kindred documents purport to be reports or records of conferences delivered before secret and select bodies of Masonic Jews of the very inner circles of Freemasonry; and to contain the main outlines of the policy and plans of action, elaborated long before by the Masonic Jewish leaders.

 The feature which gives these documents their peculiar interest, and which no amount of adverse criticism or of arguments against their genuineness can explain away, is the startling accuracy with which the recent developments of the anti- Christian and Masonic movement are described almost in detail. The documents were certainly published more than a 70 years ago. How is it that they seem to indicate or clearly foreshadow events and social developments which have taken place during the last century; and to trace these phenomena to their causes?

 The obvious explanation would seem to be that the documents, whatever may have been their origin, are based upon accurate knowledge of the Masonic Jewish conspiracy; and that the revelations they purport to contain of the aims and methods of the Masonic Jewish leaders are substantially true. Apart from this aspect of the cause, which is the dominant one, it may be added that although the proofs of their authenticity drawn from the history of the documents themselves and a critical analysis of their contents are far from convincing, the arguments to the contrary are still less so.

 Especially in the case of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," which is the most important and striking of the documents in question, the futility of the so-called "refutations" so far published (As, for instance, in the London Times, August 16-20, 1921) as well as the determined and persevering efforts (which have been partially successful, but only after the expenditure of billions of dollars to do so) on the part of the capitalistic Jewish controlled Press and the great financial interests to boycott or suppress the book, have gone far to convince many of its authenticity.

 It is outside our present scope to discuss these documents at length, nor do we quote them as independent evidence of Masonic Jewish aims and methods. For the benefit, however, of you the reader who may be interested in the subject, we give a brief summary of the contents of the book, and a short bibliography. (Mgr. Jouin, Les Protocols des Sages de Sion. Trad, Serge Nilus (i�me ed., Paris, 1927); Les Protocols de G. Butmi (Paris, 1922); Les Protocols des Sages de Sion (Coup d'CEil d'ensemble), ioi�me edition (Paris, 1925).These three editions (which are published at 8 Avenue Portalis, Paris) contain all the best matter on the subject so far available; and include introductions, full discussion on genuineness and veracity, valuable appendices, etc. Gottfried Zur Beek, Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion (Berlin, 1991). This edition, which was the first published outside of Russia, has a valuable introduction giving many details of the history of the document in Russia up to 1914. The Jewish Perios; Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (London, 1921) contains only the text of Nilus. The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion (Beckwith Edition, New York, 1921) gives the text of Nilus (1917), and has an epilogue (pp. 133-164) containing some useful information connected with the Protocols. An Italian edition, edited from the offices of the weekly review Fede e Ragione (437 Corson Umberto, Fiesole), was published in 1921. The Polish edition (published in 1919) has for title Bacznosc! ("Attention"), with the words in Polish as sub-title: "Read and get read, 1897-1920." Jouin, Le Peril Judaeo-Ma�onnique, vols. ii, iii, v and xi 8 Avenue Portalis, Paris). The International Jew, vols.. I to iv, published by the Dearborn Publishing Co., U.S.A., and sold by "The Britons," 40 Great Ormond Street, London, W.C.I. Also the London Times, May 8, 1920, and again, July 12 to 29, 1921; Morning Post ("The Cause of the World's Unrest"), July 12 to 29, 1920, and again October 24 to 27, 1921. L. Wolf, Myth of the Jewish Menace; or, The Forged Protocols (Macmillan, 1922). Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (London, 1924))

 Protocols of the Sages of Sion (Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion): The "Protocols" purport to be the rough notes of a series of twenty-seven conferences, delivered or intended for delivery in secret conclave before a select body of Jewish Masonic leaders who were present at the First Zionist Congress at Basle in Switzerland in the year 1897, under the presidency of Dr. Theodore Hertzel. The papers are supposed to have been surreptitiously copied after the congress by secret agents of the Czarist  Government who found some way of penetrating for the purpose into the inner archives of a French Masonic Lodge of the Misra�m rite.

 Two well-known Russian publicists, Sergius Nilus, a pious member of the Russian Orthodox Church, and G. Butmi, an able nationalist writer and controversialist, got possession of copies independently, and both published Russian versions of the document (1901-1902). Several other editions appeared in Russia during the following fifteen years. It was not, however, until the Russian Revolution of 1917 that the book attracted widespread attention. Since then, editions have appeared in almost every civilized country of the world, and a whole literature has grown up around it.

 The book purports to contain only extracts hurriedly gathered from a fuller collection belonging to the same general class as the secret documents of the Illuminati, those of the Alta Vendita, and several other extracts that we possess from the authentic writings or the leaders of the inmost circles of Freemasonry. The extracts, if genuine, would be specially valuable as embodying a statement of the present immediate objective of the Masonic Jewish leaders, and an up-to-date description of their plan of action, which in its main outlines is in harmony with what is already known from other authentic sources. But, whether genuine or not, the book is of extraordinary interest and is manifestly the product of a master mind. It presents an analysis of modern social evils such as can be found nowhere else.

Freemasonry - Part 32

 Contents of the "Protocols": "The ultimate object, according to the Protocols of the Masonic Jewish policy, is the complete destruction of Christianity and the enslaving of all the Christian Nations of the world under the heel of the Masonic Jews. The master weapon to be employed is gold. The principal allies to be utilized in the work are the Freemasons and other secret societies, which are all permeated and controlled by Jewish Freemasonry. The means to be employed are the propagation of subversive and revolutionary ideas, a false and unsound system of education, the propagation of misleading economic and social theories, the destruction of all monarchical governments, the corrupting of public functionaries, the manipulation of democracy through the lever of gold, and with the aid of the capitalistic monopoly of the Press and of credit; the stirring up of unrest, class-war, strikes, lock-outs, revolutions, etc."

 Hyprocisy, calumny, and assassination are to be freely employed. Real patriots is to be uprooted, the old landed proprietors are to be impoverished by taxes and imposts, and displaced; and the ownership of the land to pass under the control of Jewish financiers.

 Internationalism is to be promoted; the people are to be demoralized by corrupt literature, corrupt movies and television shows, international sport, gambling, drinking, sexual vice, etc. The Great War is plainly foreshadowed; as are the revolutions in Russia and Hungary, as well as the United Nations and the world crisis as we know it today.

 During the transition period between the present governmental system and the establishment of the universal Jewish r�gime, there is to be a secret government of Masonic Jewish leaders resting upon the control of the Press and of public opinion (with the help of the so-called opinion polls), while the nominal governmental authority will be practically powerless, and little more than a instrument in the hands of the Jewish masters.

 See how close they follow the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto! The Protestant princes and rulers of Germany and Europe were pleased with Weishaupt's plan to destroy Christianity along with the Catholic Church, and they sought to join the Order. These men brought with them the control of the Masonic Order, into which they initiated Weishaupt and his co-conspirators in 1777. To prevent the rulers from realizing the true purpose of the Illuminati, Weishaupt limited them to the lower degrees.

The Illuminati And Freemasonry

 To put an end to the numerous disputes raging among Masonic bodies, various congresses were held. In 1778, a congress was convened at Lyons; it lasted a month, but was without result. In 1785, another was held at Paris, but the time was wasted in idle disputes with Cagliostro. The most important was that which assembled at Wilhelmsbad in 1782, under the presidency of the Duke of Brunswick, who was anxious to end the discord reigning among German Freemasons. It was attended by Masons from Europe, America, and Asia.

 On July 16th, 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, an alliance between Illuminism and Freemasonry was finally sealed. This pact joined together all the leading secret societies of the day and united "not less than 3 million members all over the world." The actual effect of this merger on the subsequent history of the world has never been appreciated by historians. Most of which have belonged to one or the other of the secret societies and have sworn not to expose its secrets.

 "What passed at this terrible Congress will never be known to the outside world, for even those men who had been drawn unwittingly into the movement, and now heard for the first time the real designs of the leaders, were under oath to reveal nothing. One honest Freemason, the Comte de Virieu, when questioned on the 'tragic secrets' he had brought back with him, replied: 'I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which has been woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it.' From that time on, says his biographer, M. Costa de Beauregard, 'the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror.'"

 Discussions at Wilhelmsbad: The statements contained in Dr. Stark's book, "The Coping Stone," concerning the influence of the Jesuits in the Masonic body, formed one of the chief topics discussed. Some of the chiefs of the Strict Observance produced considerable confusion by being unable to give information concerning the secrets of the high degrees, which they had professed to know; or to render an account of large sums they had received on behalf of the Order.

 The main point was to settle whether Masonry was to be considered as a continuation of the Order of the Templars, and whether the secrets of the sect were to be sought for in the modern Templar degrees. After thirty sittings, the answer was in the negative; the chiefs of the Strict Observance were defeated, and the Duke of Brunswick suspended the Order for three years, from which blow it never recovered. The Swedes professed to possess all the secrets; the Duke of Brunswick hastened to Upsala to learn them, but found that the Swedes knew no more than the Germans; whence new dissensions arose between the Masons of the two nations.

 The result of the convention of Wilhelmsbad was the retention of the three symbolical degrees, with the addition of a new degree, that of the "Knights of Beneficence," which was based on the principles enunciated in St. Martin's book, "Des Erreurs et de la V�rit�, and the Tableau Naturel." The foundation of the new Order was attributed to the influence of the Jesuits (read that Jews), because the three initial letters of Chevaliers Bienfaisants, C.H.B., are equal to 3, 8, 2 = 13, signifying the letter N, meaning Nostri. Another result was a league between Masonry and the Illuminati, and it is still a matter of speculation whether these latter were not behind the Jews, brought about by the exertions of Spartacus or Weishaupt, who had long ago discerned the influence he could obtain by the co-operation of the Masons, whom he, of course, employed as his unconscious tools.

 But Jewish influence, at that time, was too powerful to be overcome; they sided with, and thus strengthened the influence of, the duke; hence the opposition of Germany to the principles of the French Revolution, which broke out soon after, an opposition which was like discharging a rocket against a thunderbolt, but which was carried to its height by the manifesto of the Duke of Brunswick, so loudly praised by courtly historians, and of which the German princes made such good use as to induce the German confederacy to surround France with a fiery line of deluded patriotism. Freemasonry had been made the tool of prince- and priest-craft, though occasionally it turned the tables on the prince, an instance of which is recorded in the next paragraph.

 The sudden retreat of the King of Prussia of this name, after having invaded France in 1792, has never been satisfactorily explained. Dr. E.E. Eckert, in his "Magazine of Evidence for the Condemnation of the Masonic Order," writes as follows, quoting from a private letter from M.V.....z, of Paris, to Baron von S......z, at Vienna, which he qualifies as "thoroughly reliable": "The King of Prussia had crossed our frontiers; he was, I believe, at Verdun or Thionville. One evening a confidential attendant gave him the Masonic sign, and took him into a subterranean vault, where he left him alone. By the light of the lamps illuminating the room, the king saw his ancestor, Frederick the Great, approaching him. There could be no mistake as to his voice, dress, gait, features. The spirit reproached the king with his alliance with Austria against France, and commanded him immediately to withdraw therefrom. You know that the king acted accordingly, to the great disgust of his allies, to whom he did not communicate the reasons of his withdrawal. Some years afterwards our celebrated actor Fleury, who acquired such representation by his performance at the Th��tre Francais in 'The Two Pages,' in which piece he represented Frederick the Great to perfection, confessed that he acted the ghost when Frederick William III, was mystified by an appearance, which had been planned by General Dumouriez." Dumouriez was a Freemason. (The Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries, Charles William Heckethorn, vol. ii, pp. 61-63)

Freemasonry - Part 33

 People became intensely interested in the activities of the Illuminati as a result of information leaking out regarding their diabolical plans.

 In 1785, four more leading members of the Illuminati left the Society and testified before a Court of Inquiry called by the Elector of Bavaria.

 Their startling evidence removed all doubt regarding the Satanic nature of Illuminism. On the 11th of October, 1785, the Bavarian authorities raided Zwack's house and discovered a mountainous array of Illuminati documents which showed quite clearly that they planned to bring about a, "universal revolution that should deal the death-blow to society...This revolution will be the work of the Secret Societies, and that is one of our great mysteries."

Illuminism Came To America Before The Colonies Were United

 The Order of the Illuminati started when the American Revolution was already under way, and therefore played no significant part in it. It was brought to America by the Jewish immigrants, and colonists who had been sent to Europe and were introduced to it while there.

 Therefore, before the Colonies were united, the Constitution adopted, and our Republic established, fifteen lodges of the Order of the Illuminati were formed in the thirteen Colonies. The Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati was established in New York City in 1785. Members included Governor DeWitt Clinton, and later Clinton Roosevelt, Charles Dana and Horace Greeley.

 Warnings were issued about the Activities of the Illuminati in America. On July 19th, 1798, David Pappen, President of Harvard University issued a strong warning to the graduating class and lectured them on the influence Illuminsm was having on the American scene. President Timothy Dwight of Yale University issued a similar warning.

 George Washington, in 1798, sent a letter to a G.W. Snyder in which he stated: "It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea I meant to convey was that I did not believe the Lodges of Freemasons in this country had, as societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets..."

 One year later, Professor John Robinson published his famous Proofs of A conspiracy in which he warned the world of Illuminait infiltration of Masonic Lodges.

 Street Layout of Washington D.C.

 A curious piece of the Masonic conspiracy puzzle in the founding of America is the actual street layout for our Capital City, Washington, D.C. Remember, 53 of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons. The city was laid out in the form of Key Masonic Symbols, the Square, the Compass, the Rule, and the Pentagram.

 Take any good street map of downtown Washington, D.C. and find the Capitol Building. Facing the Capitol from the Mall and using the Capitol as the head or top of the Compass, the left leg is represented by Pennsylvania Avenue and the right leg by Maryland Avenue.

 The Square is found in the usual Masonic position with the intersection of Canal Street and Louisiana Avenue. The left leg of the Compass stands on the White House and the right leg stands on the Jefferson Memorial, the circle drive and short streets behind the Capitol form the head and ears of what Satanists call the Goat of Mendes or Goat's Head.

 On top of the White House is an inverted 5-pointed star, or Pentagram. The point is facing South in true occult fashion. It sits within the intersections of Connecticut and Vermont Avenues north to Dupont and Logan Circles, with Rhode Island and Massachusetts going to Washington Circle to the West and Mt. Vernon Square on the East. The center of the Pentagram is 16th Street where, 13 blocks due north of the very center of the White House, the Masonic House of the Temple sits at the top of his occult iceberg.

 The Washington Monument stands in perfect line to the intersecting point of the form of the Masonic Square, stretching from the House of the Temple to the Capitol Building. Within the hypotenuse of that right triangle sit many of the headquarters buildings for the most powerful departments of government, such as the Justice Department, the U.S. Senate, and the Internal Revenue Service.

 It would be great to know that our Capitol is bathed in continual prayer, and to believe that its buildings and monuments have been dedicated in prayer, but do you realize that every key federal building, from the White House to the Capitol Building, Has had a cornerstone laid in a Masonic Ritual and had specific Masonic Paraphernalia placed in each one? If we were talking about the one true God, it would be wonderful; this is not the case. The cornerstones of all these buildings have been laid in Masonic ritual, dedicated to the demonic god of Masonry, Jao-Bul-On.

 That is the secret name of the Masonic god, the "Lost Word" in the rite of the Royal Arch degree. "Jao" is the Greek name for the god of the Jewish Gnostics, laldabaoth or lao. "Bul" is a rendering of the name Ba'al and "On" is the Babylonian name of Osiris.

 What we see represented in this name of the Masonic deity is a three-headed pagan deity that is blasphemous to a Christian. The ritual and full explanation is found in Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, Third Edition, p. 224-226; 249-251.

 In 1796, John Adams, who had been instrumental in organizing Masonic Lodges in New England, decided to oppose Thomas Jefferson in his bid for the presidency. He made a major issue of the fact that Jefferson, who had been minister to France, 1785-1789, and was frankly sympathetic to the Illuminist-fomented Reign of Terror, was using Masonic lodges for subversive purposes.

 John Quincy Adams wrote three letters to Colonel William L. Stone giving details of the charges. The information contained in these letters is credited with winning John Adams (his father) the presidency.

 The existence of these letters was first brought to the public's attention by Commander William Guy Carr in his book, Pawns in the Game. And until recently they were in the Rittenburg Square Library in Philadelphia. They have now mysteriously vanished.

Freemasonry - Part 34


 To trace their activities further, it becomes essential that we look for prominent individuals and groups who adhere to the Satanic tenets of Illuminism. It is "by their fruits" that we will know them. They will all be working toward the attainment of the goal of the Illuminati, the destruction of national sovereignty and the establishment of a One-World Government, a "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

 In 1829, American Illuminists sponsored a series of lectures in New York by English Illuminist Frances "Fanny" Wright. She advocated the entire Weishauptian program of her auxiliary of the Order of the Illuminati including Communism made more palatable by the label of "equal opportunity and equal rights," atheism emancipation of women and free love. Those present were informed that the Illuminati intended to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive organizations into an international organization to be known as Communism.

 This new destructive force was to be used by the Illuminati to foment future wars and revolutions. Clinton Roosevelt (a direct ancestor of Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt), Charles Dana and Horace Greeley were appointed a committee to raise funds for this new undertaking.

 Has America been flooded with these phrases: Equal rights and equal opportunity, free love and emancipation of women, since the 1960's?

The Feminist Movement

 Most Americans believe the feminist movement was begun in order to bring about the equality of disenfranchised women. Don't believe that for a single moment. Although working women have benefitted from the movement, in some ways, and all who possess a sense of fairness support those benefits, that's not the prime reason the movement exists. The prime reason is to divide and conquer.

 As bizarre as it may seem, the motive behind feminism is to drive a wedge between men and women thereby creating social conflict. It's the Marxist scheme of class warfare. There is no doubt the movement is led by the lesbian faction, who are the world's most fervent men haters.

 With study, much of the material and scripts written for entertainers, especially the so-called female stand- up comics, degrades and denigrates men; and most of their sewer grade comedy is sexual in nature.

 All too many advertisements on TV subtly downgrade men, in the eyes of their wives, and children. But the overwhelming majority of women have not caught on to the sinister implications of the feminist movement, even though many don't like it. For like all of the other modus operandi of the world planners, the purpose of this movement goes undetected by the masses.

Revolution Around The World

 In 1834, Giuseppe Mazzini, the Italian revolutionary leader, was appointed by the Illuminati as director of their revolutionary program around the world. He held this position until he died in 1872. At about this same time an obscure intellectual by the name of Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx [born of Jewish parents], joined one of the branch organizations of the Illuminati conspiracy known as the League of the Just.

 In 1847, he was hired, by the Rothschilds and the Fabians, to write what became known as the Communist Manifesto. It was, basically taken from the works of the Kabbala and the Talmud, and was/is a policy statement of the Jews overall plans for the future.

 The next important personality to emerge on the American scene as a leader in the Satanic conspiracy was Albert Pike. He was selected by Mazzini to head their operations in the United States. Albert Pike was an evil genius of the first magnitude. He was a man of many talents who invariably used his abilities to destructive ends. He was very literate, being able to both read and write in 16 ancient languages.

 He was an avowed worshiper of Satan by name, who practiced necromancy and all forms of sorcery. As top Illuminsts, Pike and Mazzini worked in unison. Pike took control of the theosophical side of their operations, while Mazzini was in charge of the political.

 When the Grand Orient lodges of Masonry became suspect as a result of Mazzini's revolutionary activities in Europe, Mazzini presented a Master Plan to Pike who was by then the head of the ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Mazzini's plan was simple.

 Being a practical man, he understood that it was inadvisable to favor one rite to the exclusion of all the others. In a letter to Pike, dated January 22, 1870, he wrote: "We must allow all of the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite we will govern all Freemasonry, which will become the on international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown." (Occult Theocracy, by Lady Queensborough, pp. 208-209)

 Historian Dominico Margiotta tells us that, "It was agreed that the existence of this rite would be kept strictly secret and that no mention of it would ever be made in the assemblies of the Lodges and Inner Shrines of other rites, even when by accident the meeting might happen to be composed exclusively of brothers having the perfect initiation, for the secret of the new institution was only to be divulged with the greatest caution to a chosen few belonging to the ordinary high grades." ( Andriano Lemmi, p. 97)

 Pike originated this ultra-secret organization under the name of The New and Reformed Palladian Rite. He established three supreme councils: one in Charleston, S.C. another in Rome, Italy, and the third in Berlin, Germany.

 Historian Dr. Bataille wrote: "this super rite, which is Masonic Luciferian spiritism, must not be confused with the machinery of high Masonry, Palladism is the Cult of Satan in the inner shrines of a rite superimposed on all the rites. It is a cult, a religion." (Le Diable au XIX Siecle, p. 346)

Freemasonry - Part 35

The Supreme Pontiff Of Freemasonry

 One of Albert Pike's most famous works is the 861- page Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, published in 1871. Following the example of Clinton Roosevelt, the "Supreme Pontiff" of Universal Freemasonry "lets it all hang out" at the beginning of the book. He leaves no doubt as to what he has in mind.

 "Force, unregulated or irregulated, is not only wasted in the void like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the air, they recoil and bruise itself. It is destruction and ruin...not growth and progress...The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also must be regulated by intellect. To attack the citadels built up on all sides against the human race by superstitions, despotisms, and prejudices, the force must have a brain and a law. Then its deeds of daring produce permanent results, and there is real progress. Then there are sublime conquests...When all Forces are combined, and guided by the Intellect (Illuminati) and regulated by the Rule of Right, and Justice, and of combined and systematic movement and effort, the great revolution prepared for by the ages will begin to march ...It is because Force is ill regulated that revolutions prove failures." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, pp. 1-2)

 When reading these statements by Pike, it is clear he had access to the plan for world revolution and eventual domination as described in the Protocols of Zion. For we find these same thoughts expressed this way in the Protocols: "It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare...

 In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards, to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature right lies in force...

 Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one's party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself bee infected with the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power.

 It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might of the nation cannot for one single day exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the old already weakened by liberalism...If every state has two foes and if in regard to the external foe it is allowed and not considered immoral to use every manner and art of conflict, as for example to keep the enemy in ignorance of plans of attack and defense..." (Protocol 1:3-9); "By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way. When the hour strikes for our Sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned it is these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto...This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean [secret societies] methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries...These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot." (Protocol 3:8-11)

 The theological dogma of Albert Pike is laid out in the "Instructions" issued by him on July 14, 1889 to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world: "That which we must say to the crowd is: 'We worship a god, but it is the god one adores without superstition.' To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: 'the Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine.

 If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay (the Christian God) whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy, and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him? 'Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods: darkness being necessary to light to serve as its foil as the pedestal is necessary to the statue, and the brake to the locomotive...The doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonay; but Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of darkness and evil.'" (La Femme et l'enfant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle, by A.C. De La Rive, p. 588; and Occult Theocrasy by Lady Queenborough, pp. 220-221)

 Illuminist propaganda would have us believe that all those who oppose Christianity are atheists. This is a deliberate lie circulated to hide the secret plans of those who are directing the Luciferian conspiracy.

 They remain behind the scenes, their identity and true purpose hidden even from the vast majority of those  they deceive into doing their will.

 They know that the final success of their diabolical plans to usurp the powers of world government depends upon their ability to keep the truth hidden from the people until it's too late to stop its execution.

 As we shall see, the Illuminati has been working on a definite step-by-step plan for the systematic destruction of civilization and the establishment of their despotic rule.

 In a remarkable letter dated August 15, 1871, which until recently was on display in the British Museum Library in London, Pike gave Mazzini details of the Luciferian plan for world conquest.

 In graphic detail he outlined plans for three world wars. He stated that in the third of these wars, "we shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which, in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light through the universal manifestation of  the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Freemasonry - Part 36

 The Bible confirms this Satanic rise to world power in Revelation 13:1-2: "...I saw a beast (government) rise up out of the sea (of humanity, (Revelation 17:15)...and the dragon (Satan, (Revelation 12:9)) gave him his Power and his Seat and Great Authority." (Fourth Reich of the Rich, by Des Griffin)

 Who Is The God of Masonry?

 Remember, when the Bavarian government raided Zwack's home and confiscated Illuminati plans, they said: "...this revolution will be the work of the Secret Societies, and that is one of our great mysteries."

 If the Illuminati-Freemasonry-Judaism mysteries are working for world government and wish to keep it a secret, they must conceal and hide the truth of their actions.

 Albert Pike wrote: "Nothing excites men's curiosity so much as Mystery, Concealing things which they desire to know, and nothing so much increases curiosity as obstacles that interpose to prevent them from indulging in the gratification, of their desires. Of this the Legislators and Hierophants took advantage, to attract the people to their sanctuaries, and to induce them to seek to obtain lessons from which they would perhaps have turned away with indifference, if they had been pressed upon them." ( Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Richmond, Virginia, L.H. Jenkins, Inc. 1919, p. 384)

 Arthur Waite, another Masonic writer, tells us that Masonry, "is on the surface a 'system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.'" (Author Edward Waite, A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites, Literature and History, New York, Weathervane Books, 1970, Vol. II, p. 421)

 Ralph Anderson, a 32nd degree Mason, further expounds on the hidden symbolism of Masonry: "Masonry may be defined as a system of symbols, a collection of allegories, and a pictorial form which veils and hides a truth so general and universal that man cannot live without it. An allegory is a story which is susceptible of two meanings, an outer one which captivates the fancy and engrosses the attention, and an inner one which conveys to the initiate some basic cosmic and human truth by which a man must live. A symbol is an outer and visible form which hides or veils an inner spiritual reality. The Masonic Temple work abounds with such symbols, and through them is revealed to the intelligent Mason the story of his own progress and also the evolutionary history of the race of men." (Arcana Workshops, Op. Cit., pp. 3-4. See also Foster Bailey, The Spirit of Masonry, Kent, England: Lucis Press Limited, 1957, pp. 28-29)

 Again quoting Waite: "...the newly received Brother has come into a world of emblems or symbolism and whatsoever takes place therein has a meaning behind it, being one which is not always indicated on the surface." (Waite, op. cit. p. 395)

 In fact, Masonry Intentionally Misleads those Masons who have recently joined. Pike claims: "The symbols and ceremonies of Masonry have more than one meaning. They rather conceal than disclose the  Truth." (Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 148) If you have been disappointed in the first three degrees, as you have received them... remember that...symbols were used, not to reveal but to conceal...(Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 106) So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets, and intentionally leads conceited interpreters astray." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 105)

 Pike stated on page 819: "The Blue Degrees (the first three degrees of Masonry) are but the outer court or portion of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts (those who have advanced to the highest degrees in Masonry)...It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whose attempts to unde ceive them will labor in vain..."

 Finally, Pike adds: "Masonry, Like All The Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 104-105)

 Masons emphasize that to participate in the Masonic rituals one must believe in a "Supreme Being." "Freemasonry is available to any man of good character who believes in a Supreme Being and is closed only to avowed atheists and agnostics," claims Ralph Anderson. (Arcana Workshops, op. cit. p. 2)

 Since the Bible cautions us that, "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve," (Matthew 4:10) and the Masons worship a Supreme Being, is this Supreme Being the same God as the Christians worship or is he a different god? As you read on you will find out who this "Supreme Being" really is, but this "Supreme Being" is not the only god Masons worship!

 Although many Masons may be unaware of the Polytheism in Masonry, Many gods and goddesses are worshiped through the Symbolism and Rituals of Masonry. One poem, written by a Mason, J.S.M. Ward, sums up some of the Mythology that is prevalent in masonry:

  Bacchus died and rose again,
  On the Golden Syrian Plain;
  Osiris rose from out his grave;
  And thereby mankind did save;
  Adonis likewise shed his blood,
  By the yellow Syrian flood,
  Zoroaster brought to birth,
  Mithra from his cave of earth,
  And we today in Christian lands,

  We with them can join hands. (C. Penny Hunt, Masons and Christ: The Menace of Freemasonry, Finleyville, Pennsylva nia: The Voice of the Nazarene Press, 1967, p. 9)

 Bachus, Osiris, Adonia, and Mithra are all GODS that are worshiped by Occultists and Masons! Of course, these are just a few of the gods that are actually worshiped through different Masonic ceremonies. It doesn't matter to the Mason that God proclaims: "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve."

 Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead as well as a sun-god, but he is also known by many other names. In Thrace and Greece he is known as Dionysus, the god of pleasures and of partying and wine. Festivals held in his honor often resulted in human sacrifices and orgiastic (sexual) rites. (Paul Hamlyn, Greek Mythology, London, England: Paul Hamlyn Limited, 1967, pp. 109-114)

 In Rome he is called Liber or Bacchus. The Lydiana label him Bassareus and in Persia he is identified as Mithras, where Astrology is practiced by his followers. He is Zagreus to the Cretans and "became an underworld divinity who welcomed the souls of the dead to Hades and helped with their purification," declares Paul Hamlyn. (Paul Hamlyn, Greek Mythology, London, England: Paul Hamlyn Limited, 1967, p. 113) He also informs us that since Zagreus was killed and resurrected (in mythology) he "became the symbol of everlasting life."

 The Phrygians know Osiris as Sabazius where he is honored as a solar deity (a sun god) who was represented by horns and his emblem was a Serpent! (Paul Hamlyn, Greek Mythology, London, England: Paul Hamlyn Limited, 1967, p. 112)

 In other places he went by other names such as Deouis, The Boy Jupiter, The Centaur, Orion, The Boy Plutus, Iswara, The Winged One, Nimrod, Adoni, Hermes, Prometheus, Poseidon, Butes, Dardanus, Himeros, Imbros, Iasius, Zeus, Iacchus, Hu, Thor, Bel, Serapis, Ormuzd, Appolo, Thammuz, Atus, Hercules, and believe it or not, Baal! Most of these gods were considered to be solar deities or sun-gods. The Worship Of The Sun, disguised through the use of gods and symbols, plays a very important role in Masonry!

 It is to this god, Osiris (under the name of Hiram Abiff), that the Masons pay honor in the third degree. The Drama for this degree (Master Mason) involves a death and resurrection ceremony.

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