More Treason
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

        The Treason Continues as Chinese Military Arrive in Cuba and Mexico: Red China is clearly in the process of encircling the United States...while at the same time delivering 10,000 spies and fighters each year within our borders.

        The Clinton Administration has been facilitating air travel between Red China and Cuba for a long he has opened a route to allow one-stop-light change, permitting military officials much easier contact with Cuba (That is one of the reasons they do not want to lift the sanctions against Cuba, so that those American news people who are still honest and patriotic will not find out what is really happening in Cuba). This includes charter aircraft used for transfer of high technology equipment to Cuba right through the Los Angeles International Airport.

        New Heights of Chinese Provocation: This is an alarming development! We only hope that the messenger is not blamed. The director of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, at the University of Miami, has alerted us to the arrival in Cuba of top level military officials and that construction of facilities has begun. This had better be stopped, if not we will learn soon of offensive weapons being delivered to Cuba.

        They may already be there! After all this is not 1962 and John F. Kennedy is not in office. We have a traitor in the oval office; he is a Jew and will not inform you of the satellite photos taken of Cubas as did John Kennedy years ago.

        Many will recall that Kennedy announced to the nation the arrival of nuclear warheads in Cuba and remember we nearly went to war with the Soviet Union over the arrival of those weapons. This time the president will not inform the nation. You will have to rely on Criminal Politics. That's correct, sadly you will have to rely on us here at this magazine to sensitize you to the impending military threat and red alert crisis facing the country. Here are the details:

        We Are Encircled: The WSJ carried the shocking report on it's editorial page of July 30th, (not on page 1 mind you, just on the Editorial page). Mr. Suchlicki was the author of the report, and is director of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies. He reports that Cuba and China have exchanged high-level military and civilian delegations and including visits by Roul Castro and Cuba's top generals to Cuba. Once more, General Dong Liang Ju, head of the Chinese Military Commission has visited Cuba. China has become increasingly vocal in it's opposition to U.S.-Cuba's policy, especially the embargo and Cuba has chimed in condemning the NATO attack on the Chinese Embassy as an act of aggression and genocidal action.

        A New Base of Operations: As such, Suchlicki points out, this impoverished island can offer little attraction to Red China, other than a base from which to operate military offensive actions against the United States. Meanwhile, of course, it has been for years gathering base for the western hemisphere. Chinese aid. Suchlicki points out, has been arriving in Cuba since the early 1980s, (this is the first this information has popped up). The Cuban Foreign Trade Minister visited China and signed several agreements that increased bilateral commerce in 1983 to roughly a half a billion a year.

        Possibly Biologic Weapons: The WSJ story reports that China is putting money into Cuban military telecommunications and"possibly biological weapons." China has invested in the Terrena Caribe Satellite Tracking Base. Chinese Defense minister, Chik Haotian, met with Castro in February 1999, and commented that relations between the two countries have seen "fairly rapid development." Suchlicki hasn't a clue as to the ultimate intentions of the visits and wrote a laid back report. He claims that the purposes of the visits are not immediately obvious. Well, to me the purpose of the visits are patently clear! Cuba is assisting Red Cina to encircle the United States.

        Grave Danger: You are well aware of the Lease of Port facilities to Red China on both east and west coasts (as well as those in Mississippi) that has been outlined in the magazine over several years. The attempt by Red Cina to purchase the Long Beach Naval Yard, received quite a bit of publicity. They were blocked, but have obtained other facilities. You are also aware that Red China has occupied both ends of the Panama Canal so as to block its use by the United States.

        Jimmy Carter (TC) signed away the canal agreeing to abandon all military facilities by December 31, 1999, just in time for the arrival of the conveniently contrived Y2K threat. All this is TOO convenient, the Y2K threat is a purposely contrived event which will be enhanced by hacking down the power grid as I have stated previously. It's becoming obvious that China may utilize the "down" time here in the U.S. to take military action in the Pacific, either against Taiwan, South Korea, Japan or all three!

        Mexico Allows Landing of Chinese Troops: Insight Magazine has done an excellent job of alerting us to many of the developments on Red China. In their August 23 issue they report that Mexico, using its corrupt narco police and its carefully monitored narco cartels, is assisting with the landing of regular boat loads of "ILLEGAL CHINESE IMMIGRANTS" for the purposes of crossing Mexican territories into the United States. INSIGHT POINTS OUT THAT THESE ACTIONS HAVE THE FULL PROTECTION OF THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT AND THE ASSISTANCE OF MEXICAN NAVAL VESSELS TO TRANSFER THE MEN TO SHORE.

        "According to high level sources in the U.S. Intelligence Committee, the activity has picked up recently and they have been monitoring many more boats coming across the Pacific to Mexico." The U.S. intelligence officials are tipped off when the boats leave Chinese waters and are well aware that the military Chinese is present around the transport boats being loaded to cross the ocean.

        Troops Without Uniforms: Insight officially states for all to see, OFFICIAL Chinese collusion is taking place in these operations. While the men are termed to be "illegal immigrants," could they not just as well be troops? Just because they lack uniforms, would they be guaranteed to be untrained men in their 20s and 30s? How do we know? What guarantees do we have? You know the answer. WE HAVE NONE THEY COULD BE TROOPS!!!!

        The Suspicious Blocking of A Canadian Satellite: Troops could also be physically present in Cuba. After all Clinton is not going to disclose what the satellite pictures show. Maybe this is why, the U.S., has blocked the launching of a Canadian satellite with a greater resolution than Canada can be permitted. There is something going on THAT THE CLINTON GOVERNMENT IS DESPERATELY ANXIOUS THAT CANADA DOES NOT DISCOVER."

        Insight notes that the alliance of the Narco groups is a curious departure from the normal drug smuggling business. None of the Mexican drug barons have bothered to get involved in alien smuggling before, so why now??? The profits pale in comparison to those from drug trafficking.

        Therefore they must have the direction and control of the Mexican government. We have an axis between, Red Cina and the communist state of Mexico against America. Mexico wants the southern United States back, and have harbored grievances against the United States for 150 years (or longer).

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