Jewish Subversion
Parts 7  through 12 (the end) - Parts 1 - 6 are Missing
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Jewish Subversion - 7

President Johnson and the U.S.S Liberty incident: The weekly newspaper "Christian News" is published by the Luthern Church movement. In their issue of June 15, 1987, a very interesting article regarding the U.S.S. Liberty incident was published. The title of the article was, "LBJ gave the order to let the USS Liberty sink and let all hands on board drawn."
 Some very important information was revealed in that article that is very relative to our survival today as a Christian Nation. The article revealed: "In a private interview of U.S.S. Liberty survivor Commander {Ret.} David Lewis, who was in command of the scientific mission of the ship which was the gathering and dissemination of intelligence data. He told me that the order to abandon the USS Liberty and her crew to the attacking Israeli planes and Torpedo Boats came from President Lyndon B. Johnson.
     Two days after the rescue of the survivors, and after Commander Lewis had regained his eyesight, he was hit by an exploding torpedo, Admiral and Commanding Officer of the Mediterranean Fleet Larry Geis called him into his quarters and said to him, 'Commander, we received your calls for help, and we attempted to send our planes to the rescue. But in the event that something happens to me, or if I am blamed for not answering your call for help, I want you to know exactly what happened. As soon as we received your radio call for help I deployed our fighter-bomber planes and radioed the Pentagon of our action.
 A few minutes later I received a call from Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara ordering me to recall the planes because they were carrying nuclear arms. So I called them back. I immediately rearmed another squadron with conventional weapons, deployed it, and reported to the pentagon. A few minutes later I got another call from McNamara ordering me to recall these planes too. I was angry and mystified, and exercised my prerogative to go to the next highest level of authority so as to have McNamara's order reversed.
 Seconds later President Lyndon Johnson was on the radiophone, and I made my case to him. I told him that the USS Liberty had been under attack for an hour, and had radioed for help, and that I had sent out a squadron of fighter-bombers armed with conventional weapons to the rescue. Then the President said to me, 'I don't care if the ship sinks and every man on board drowns, we are not going to fight against our allies {Israel}'."

 1968: In the late 1960's the American government sent the Soviet Union 164 ball bearing machines, which make the ball bearings they use in the guidance systems of their IBM's. This is the only way they could make their intercontinental missiles so accurate. So accurate that they can be fired from Soviet soil, travel 7500 miles, and then split into ten warheads, which can virtually destroy ten cities. They are so accurate, using the technology the American government gave them and that which they have stolen from us through Jewish spies, that they can hit within 100 yards of ground zero after a flight of 7500 miles.

 1971: In November of 1971, Michael Fribourg completed a deal with the Soviet Union, through Nickolai Belousou, the Chief of Exportkhelb, the Russian grain-purchasing agency; for 900,000 tons of American surplus barley and oats, 2-million tons of corn, and 282-million bushels of wheat. The total figure was something in excess of 18-million metric tons of grain sold to the Soviet Union. This tremendous sale was financed by a combination of U.S. guaranteed credits and U.S. subsidized prices. So once again the Soviet Union was saved and the American farmers and taxpayers had been ripped off again.

 1972: America built for the Soviets the worlds largest truck factory on the banks of the Kama River, which produces more trucks than all the American truck factories combined. This plant, built by the American government, with American taxpayer funds, which supplied the trucks to the North Vietnamese and Vietcong during the Vietnam War.

 1972: The American Jewish Congress filed a formal protest with the U.S. Post Office Department about a stamp to be issued representing Christianity. (But the Jews clandestinely put a so-called star of David on a stamp issued by the Post Office.) The P.O. Department withdrew the stamp design to please the Jews. (Jewish Post & Opinion. August 17, 1972)

 1972: The Jewish Committee Against Religious Encroachment in Schools filed in Federal Court to have the Yule Pageant in Westfield, N.J. banned. The suit charged, "the pageant favor belief in religion over non-religion and favors the Christian Religion over others (Jews)." (New York Daily News, November 15, 1972)

 In May 1972, Summit Kissinger guaranteed the Soviet Union and China missiles a free ride against United States cities and our entire population. He abandoned and forfeited all rights to defend ourselves against incoming nuclear missiles. Following is the foreign policy of the State Department since 1961:

 1). The United States must converge her institutions and resources gradually with the Communists in order to attain an intricate state of interdependence with the Soviet Union.

 2). The United States must contribute and loan money to develop Russian agriculture and industry.

 3). The United States must set up Communist parties in all countries that do not at present have a Communist threat.

 4). The United States must always retreat or surrender when threatened or confronted by Russia.

 5). An elite of super-intellectuals must secretly conspire with the Soviet to completely and unilaterally disarm the United States regardless of the wishes of the people. "It is our policy to put an end to National Sovereignty...We must seek to discourage anti-Communist revolts, even if by so doing we help to stabilize tottering Communist regimes and expose citadels of freedom to slow death by strangulation...If any Communist Government in any country would be overthrown, the United States would supply the resources to re-establish another communist regime."

 1972: Somalia brought under Communist control. "I know I don't have to say this, but in bringing everybody under the Zionist banner we never forget that our goals are the safety and security of the state of Israel foremost. Our goal will be realized in Yiddishkeit, in a Jewish life being lived every place in the world and our goals will have to be realized, not merely by what we impel others to do. And here in this country it means frequently working through the umbrella of the President's Conference (of Jewish organizations), or it might be working in unison with other groups that feel as we do. But that, too, is part of what we think Zionism means and what our challenge is." (Rabbi Israel Miller, The American Jewish Examiner, p. 14. On March 5, 1970)

 1972: March: As a result of a grant from HEW, Michael Springer writes "Social Indicators, Social Reports and Social Accounts: Toward the Management of Society," in which he describes how to manage society and, "the overall guidance of our social order," implying that "we can, in the foreseeable future, develop macroscopic assessments of our social order, predict our future, and put social processes under control." He then describes the "emergence of a new ruling class," managers of planned social change, who will advise the "rulers" of society.

 1972: April 22: Saturday Review editor and CFR member Norman Cousins says on "Earth Day" that, "humanity needs a world order. The fully sovereign nation is incapable of dealing with the poisoning of the environment...The management of the planet, therefore...requires a world-government."

 Between Two Ages by Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR member who became the first director of the Trilateral Commission and President Carter's National Security Advisor) is published in which he states that, "In the technetronic society the trend seems to be toward...effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason...Human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable...the increasing availability of biochemical means of human control...the possibility of extensive chemical mind control...A national information grid that will integrate existing electronic data banks is already being developed...The projected world information grid, for which Japan, Western Europe, and the United States are most suited, could create the basis for a common educational program, for the adoption of common academic standards...Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites...[whose] ties cut across national is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook...The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty...Further progress will require greater American sacrifices. More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken, with some consequent risk to the present relatively favorable American position."

Jewish Subversion - 8

 Individual papers can then be road with greater comprehension. The following dates are out of order because they came into our possession only recently and too late to put into proper order, and because of the possibility of government agents coming in and destroying the work. So the time is not going to be devoted to place them in their proper place now. If you care to rearrange things then do so whenever you wish.

 1932: Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer and Meyer Lansky: Onassis was to ship booze direct into Boston for Joseph Kennedy. Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt.

 1934: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement, outlined in an oil cartel memo: Screw the Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis' ships; Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters to get rich. All this was done. Roberts, studying journalism and physics at the University of Wisconsin, learned those things via personal contacts. His special interest was in crystallography - and the creation of synthetic rubies, the original Gemstone experiment.

 1936-1940: Eugene Meyer buys the "Washington Post" to get control of news media; other Mafia buy other papers, broadcasting, TV, etc. News censorship of all major news media goes into effect.

 1941-1945: World War II: Very profitable for Onassis, Rockefellers, Kennedys, Roosevelts, I.G. Farben, etc. Onassis, selling without losing a single ship or man.

 1949: Onassis buys U.S. War surplus "Liberty ships" in questionable (illegal) purchase. Burke Marshall helps him.

 1956: Howard Hughes, Texas millionaire, is meanwhile buying his way toward control of the U.S. electoral process - with a view toward his own personal gain. He buys senators, governors, etc. He finally buys his last politician: Newly elected V.P. Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar non-repayable loan to Nixon's brother, Donald.

 1957: Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht, introduce John, and remind Onassis of an old Mafia promise: the presidency for a Kennedy. Onassis agrees.

 1957: Jewish rabbi attacks the Lord's Prayer in the schools. (NJO, February 8, 1957)

 1957: American Jewish Congress brought suit to have a nativity scene of Christ removed from public school property in Ossining, N.Y. The Jews obtained an injunction and planned to take the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. (Jewish Voice, December 20, 1957)

 1957: New Jersey Region of the American Jewish Congress urges legislature to defeat a bill that would allow prayer in the schools. (American Examiner, September 26, 1957)  Have you ever thought about it: If the Jews God is the same one as the Christian's God, then why do they object to Prayer to God in the Schools? The answer is given in a 1960 Court case by a Jewess Lois N. Milman, If Christians would only listen and observe! "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." (John 8:47; 9:33; 1 John 3:10; 4:6)

 Early 1957: V.P. Nixon repays the favor by having IRS/Treasury grant tax free status (refused twice before) to "Hughes Medical Foundation," sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel or laundry for whatever Hughes wanted to do. U.S. Government also shelved anti-trust suits against Hughes's TWA, etc.

 March 1957: Onassis carries out a carefully planned event: He has Hughes kidnaped from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, using Hughes' own men (Chester Davin, born Cosaro in Sicily, et al). Hughes' men either quit, get fired or stay on in the new Onassis organization. A few days later, Mayor Cannon of Nevada (now Senator Cannon) arranges a fake "marriage" to Joan Peters, to explain Hughes' sudden loss of interest in chasing movie stars. Hughes, battered and brain-damaged in the scuffle, he is taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas, where the entire top floor has been rented for the "Hughes party." There he is shot full of heroin for 30 days and later dragged off to a cell on Onassis' island, Skerpiog. Onassis now has a much larger power base in the U.S. (the Hughes Empire), as well as control over V.P. Nixon and other Hughes-purchased politicians. L. Wayne Rector, "Hughes" double since 1955, becomes "Hughes."

 September 1957: Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to U.S. Mafia heads his grab of Hughes, and his adoption of Hughes' game plan for acquiring power: buying U.S. senators, congressmen, governors, judges, en masse to take control "legally" of the U.S. Government. Onassis' radio message to Appalachian from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted (reluctantly) by FBI's J. Edgar Hoover on the basis of a tip-off from some Army Intelligence guys who weren't in on the plan.

 1958: Hordes of Mafia-selected, purchased and supported "grass roots" candidates sweep into office.

 1959: Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista, thereby destroying cozy and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer Lansky. Castro scoops up $8-million in Mafia casino receipts. Onassis is furious. V.P. Nixon becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs  invasion, using CIA Hunt, McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops ("Cuban freedom fighters") Martinez, Gonzales, etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini).

 1959: Stirring election battles between Kennedy and Nixon. Either way, Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates.

 1960: JFK elected. American people happy. Rose Kennedy happy. Onassis happy. Mafia ecstatic.

 1960: Roberts brings his synthetic rubies - the original "Gemstones" - to Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles. They steal his rubies, the basis for Laser Beam research, laser bombs, etc., because of the optical quality of the rubies. One of the eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved in the Gemstone experiment was the Golden Triangle area. Roberts was married to the daughter of the former French consul in Indo-china. In that area, Onassis' involvement in the Golden Triangle dope trade was no secret.

 1960: Roberts' investigation revealed the Onassis-Hughes connection, kidnap and switch. "Gemstones" (synthetic rubies and sapphires) with accompanying "histories" (Gemstone papers) more gold or given away to foreign consular officials in return for information. A world-wide intelligence activities of many countries. This intelligence network is the source for much of the information in the Gemstone File.

 1961: Joseph Kennedy had a stroke, ending his control over John and Bobby. The boys decided to rebel against Onassis' control. Why? Inter-mafia struggle? Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to its mythical integrity? They began committing Mafia no-no's: Arrested Wally Bird, owner of Air Thailand, who had been shipping Onassis' heroin out of the Golden Triangle (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), under contract with the CIA (Air Opium); arrested Teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa, and put him in jail. Declared the $73-million in forged "Hughes" land liens, deposited with S.F.'s Bank of America, as "security" for the TWA judgment against Hughes, to be what they are: forgeries.

 April 1961: CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco. Hunt, McCord, CIA, Battists's Cubans and Mafia angry about JFK's lack of enthusiasm. Mafia Onassis has his U.S. right-hand man, "Hughes' top aide" - former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu (nicknamed "IBM" for Iron Bob Maheu) - hire and train a Mafia  assassination team to get Castro. The team of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy (the Weasel) Frattiano, expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and others. This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his "tips" from his friend Frank (Fiorini) Sturgis - also on the Castro assassination team. The team tries five times to kill Castro with everything from long-range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it. Castro survives.

Jewish Subversion - 9

1963: Members of the Castro assassination team arrested at Lake Pontchartrain, La., by Bobby Kennedy's justice boys. Angered, Onassis stops trying to kill Castro. He changes targets and goes for the head: JFK, who, according to Onassis, "welches" on a Mafia deal.

 1963: JFK sets up "Group of 40" to fight Onassis.

 August 1963: Two murders had to occur, before the murder of JFK, of people who would understand the situation and might squawk.

 1963: Senator Estes Kefauver, whose Crime Commission investigations had uncovered the 1932 deal between Onassis, Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, Lansky, Roosevelt, et al. Kefauver planned a speech on the Senate floor denouncing Mafia operations. Instead, he ate a piece of Apple Pie laced with  sodium morphate (used in rat poison), and had a sodium-morphate-induced "heart attack" on the Senate floor.

 1963: Phillip Graham, editor of the "Washington Post." Phillip had married Katherine Meyer, Eugene Meyer's daughter, who had inherited the "Washington Post" and allied media empire. Graham put together the Kennedy-Johnson ticket, and was Kennedy's friend in the struggle with Onassis. According to Gemstone, Katherine Meyer Graham bribed some psychiatrists to certify that Phil was insane. He was allowed out of the nuthouse for the weekend, and died of a shotgun wound in the head, in the Graham home in Washington. Death ruled "suicide."

 November 1, 1963: The hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia style: a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam. Diem and Nhu got theirs, as scheduled. Onassis invited Jackie (Jackie Kennedy was Jewish. From the New York Post, Wednesday, November 9, 1995: "Jackie Jewish? Don't ask Gore: The Kennedy clan may want to shout 'Mazel tov!' when John Jr. finally gets hitched, given the ethnic surprise buried deep inside Gore Vidal's much-hyped autobiography. For any reader sturdy enough to make it to the end of 'Palimpsest: A Memoir,' Vidal stuns students of Jackie Kennedy Onassis by claiming her mother, Janet was Jewish. Janet, who had Jackie with her husband John 'Black Jack' Bouvier, eventually divorced him and married Hugh Auchincloss, who was also Vidal's stepfather.
     In the book, after offering a couple of tasteless Jackie details early on, such as how she taught post-sex feminine hygiene to Vidal's half- sister Nina, Vidal offhandedly writes on page 372, 'One should note that the first Hughdie's (Hugh Dudley Auchincloss) three high-powered wives was Russian, the second my mother, the third Jackie's mother, Janet, born Lee or, as my mother used to observe thoughtfully, Levy.' Vidal continues, 'Apparently, Janet's father had changed his name in order to become the first Jew to be a vice president of the Morgan bank. My mother wondered how Hughdie, a quiet but sincere anti- Semite, would respond when he found out.' As for Janet Lee, he writes she used to say she was 'of the Virginia Lees'...until the real Lees ordered her to shut up.') for a cruise on the Cristina, when JFK got tipped off that big "O" planned to wipe him out.

 October 1968: Jackie Kennedy was now "free" to marry Onassis. An old Mafia rule: If someone welshes on a deal, kill him, and take his gun and his girl (in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon).

 July 1969: Mary Jo Kopechne, devoted JFK girl, and later one of Bobby's trusted aides, was in charge of packing up his files after his assassination in L.A. She read too much - learned about the Kennedy Mafia involvement, and other things. She said to friends: This isn't Camelot, this is murder. She was idealistic American Catholic. She didn't like murdering hypocrites. She died trying to get off Cappaquiddick Island, where she had overheard (along with everyone else in the cottage) Teddy Kennedy's end of the D.H. Lawrence cottage telephone calls from John Tunney, and to Joe Alioto, and Democratic bigwigs Swig, Shorenstein, Schumann and Bechtel.

 September 1969: "Gemstones," with histories, had been released around the globe for several years. In 1969, Roberts gave a Gemstone, with history, to Mack, head of California CREEP, for Nixon, with the proposition: the Presidency, in return for wiping out the Mafia. The "history"  included Teddy's phone calls to, and from, the Lawrence cottage on Chappaquiddick - billed to Teddy's home phone in Hyannisport. Nixon, being Mafia himself, wasn't interested; but kept the information to use on Teddy whenever it seemed advantageous.

 May 4, 1970: Charlotte Ford Niarchos called her ex-husband, Stavros, worried about them Ford Foundation's involvement in the Chappaquiddick cover-up. Eugenie Livanos Niarchos, in bed with her husband, overheard the conversation. Stavros was forced to beat her to death; he ruptured her spleen and broke the cartilage in her throat. Cause of death was listed as "overdose of barbiturates," though autopsy showed these injuries.

 End of 1970: Howard Hughes' presence on earth was no longer required. His hand-writing could be duplicated by a computer. His biography - all the known facts about his life - had been compiled and a computerized biography issued to top Hughes executives. His double, Rector, had been doing "Hughes" for years. And Hughes was ill.

 Clifford Irving, author of Hoax, about an art forger, became interested in "Hughes." Living on Iblzza, he heard the Mediterranean gossip that "Hughes" was a hoax, too. He went to "Hughes'" so-called "Mormon Mafia," the six "nursemaids," for information. One of them, Merryman, perhaps tired of the game, gave Irving the computerized Hughes biography, and from it Irving wrote his "autobiography." Hughes' death was expected shortly. Preparations were being made so that it would not interfere with the orderly continuation of his empire. Irving wrote his book, and the publishers announced it. Onassis knew someone had given Irving the information. He thought it was Maheu, and fired him in November 1970. On Thanksgiving Eve, 1970, in the middle of the night, "Hughes" (Rector) made a well-publicized "secret departure" from Las Vegas to the Bahamas.

 1971: Guinea brought under Communist control.

 1971: November: Michael Fribourg completed a deal with the Soviet Union, through Nickolai Belousou, the Chief of Exportkhelb, the Russian grain-purchasing agency; for 900,000 tons of American surplus barley and oats, 2-million tons of corn, and 282-million bushels of wheat. The total figure was something in excess of 18-million metric tons of grain sold to the Soviet Union. This tremendous sale was financed by a combination of U.S. guaranteed credits and U.S. subsidized prices. So the farmers and the taxpayers had been ripped off again. President Carter and his Administration later announced it would permit the Soviet Union to purchase up to 25-million metric tons of wheat and corn in 1979. Nixon, Carter and other Presidents before and after them, permitted such action because the Communist system is unable to grow enough grain to feed its own people and depends on the United States to bail it out again as we have time and time again.
 In the grain announcement, no mention was made about how the Soviet Union will pay for this 25-million metric tons of grain. But now we know that once again our government leaders failed to live up to the trust our American People had in them by electing them in office, and let the Soviet Union have the Grain free through credits, issued by the United States Government, for the Soviet to purchase the grain at American Taxpayer Expense.

 1973: Afghanistan, Zambia and Equatorial Guinea were brought under virtual Communist Control.

 1973: February 10: In The Saturday Review of Education, National Education Association (NEA) president Catherine Barrett writes that, "...dramatic changes in the way we will raise our children in the year 2000 are indicated, particularly in terms of schooling...We will need to recognize that the so-called 'basic skills,' which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one-quarter of the present school day...When this happens, and it's near, the teacher can raise to his true calling. More than a dispenser of information, the teacher will be a conveyor of values, a philosopher...We will be agents of change."

 1973: November: The Harvard Educational Review publishes Hillary Rodham's (wife of Bill Clinton) radical views of children's rights in "Children Under the Law." In her article, Mrs. Clinton states that some children "may have interests independent of their parents or the state." She bemoans"the belief  that families are private, non- political units whose interests subsume those of children," and feels that the right of parents to control the upbringing of their children could even go "to the point of depriving them of an advanced worldly education."
 She deplores the "consensus romanticism about the family." And she says "the state should no longer be allowed to assume the rationality of regulations based upon age, and should at least be required to justify its action on the basis of modern legislative or administrative findings."

Jewish Subversion - 10

 1973: December 10: National Security Council Memorandum 200, titled "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests," is marked "classified" and "confidential." Only declassified fifteen years later, the document reveals the role the U.S. government has been playing in the population control movement, as it states: "If future numbers are to be kept within reasonable bounds, it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970s and 1980s...Food and agricultural assistance is vital for any population sensitive development strategy...Allocation of scarce resources should take account of what steps a country is taking in population control...There is an alternative view that mandatory programs may be needed...With assistance from the U.S. Agency for International Development, a number of private family planning organizations [e.g., International Planned Parenthood] have significantly expanded their worldwide population programs...No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion..."

 1973: Jewish State Senator Anthony Beilenson (representing Beverly Hills) brought pressure on state officials and had the nativity scene removed from the Capitol grounds because it offended the Jews from his district. (Sacramento Union, December 22, 1973)

 1974: General George Brown was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1974. President Ford publicly reprimanded him for statements regarding excessive Jewish influence in the media, banks and Congress. Manachem Shalev, member of the Israeli Consulate: "Journalists, editors, and politicians for that matter, are going to think twice about criticizing Israel if they know they are going to get thousands of angry calls in a matter of hours. The Jewish lobby is good at orchestrating pressure...Israel's presence in America is all-pervasive...You don't want to seem like you are blatantly trying to influence whom they (the media) invite. You have to persuade them that you have the show's best interests at heart...After the hullabaloo over Lebanon (cluster bombing civilians, etc.), the press doesn't do anything without calling us for comment."

 "I believe that the active Jews of today have a tendency to think that the Christians have organized and set up and run the world of injustice, unfairness, cruelty, misery. I am not taking any part in this, but I have heard it expressed, and I believe they feel it that way. Jews have lived for the past 2000 years and developed in a Christian World. They are a part of that Christian World even when they suffer from it or be in opposition with it, and they cannot dissociate themselves from this Christian World and from what it has done. And I think that the Jews are bumptious enough to think that perhaps some form of Jewish solution to the problems of the World could be found which would be better, which would be an improvement. It is up to them to find a Jewish answer to the problems of the world, the problems of today." (Baron Guy de Rothschild, NBC-TV, The Remnant, August 18, 1974).

 1975: While Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, Laos and South Vietnam were being enslaved, President Ford, flanked by Henry Kissenger, signed the Helsinki Accord agreeing to permanent Communist enslavement of all Eastern Europe.

 1976: January 2, the Boston Globe exposed the still "Top Secret Forward Plan" drafted by the HEW Department which would demand the nation-wide compulsory fluoridation of water and vaccination of everybody. News releases were prepared to brainwash and convince the people into believing that fluoridation and vaccination would improve the health and save billions of dollars in doctor and hospital expenses. This plan received so much exposure that it was replaced by the Swine Flu Hoax.

 1976: January-February: The Humanist publishes an article by Prof. Sheila Schwartz in which she expresses her thankfulness that "the crazies (e.g., fundamentalists) don't do all that much reading. If they did, they'd find that they have already been defeated."

 1976: February: John Martin Rich of the University of Texas writes in the journal Theory Into Practice: "Formal education has been a contributory role to play in providing needed information and promoting changed attitudes toward a new world order...Democracy in education, then, would mean the teaching of those values, attitudes, and abilities most likely to contribute to the development of such a world order...The type of democratic education essential is one that would contribute, even if only indirectly, to the development of an international world order under law. A healthy international world order is not only one that has learned to cope successfully with world crises in order to survive; it is also one that has developed a basis for mankind pursuing common ideals and goals."

 1976: March-April: The Humanist publishes an article by humanist Paul Blanshard in which he pronounces: "I think the most important factor leading us to a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is sixteen tends to lead toward the elimination of religious superstition. The average child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged history."

 1976: May 10: The Atlantic Council approves a formal policy statement which states that a changing world "can no longer be accommodated by political forms and sovereignties developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries" and needs institutions "to deal adequately with problems with which no existing nation-state can cope successfully alone." George Bush is CIA director at this time and becomes an Atlantic Council director from 1978-79.

 1976: November 22, Soviet scientists have developed Micro-Wave techniques which can be sent great distances and directed to groups or even individuals. They cause dizziness, irritability, emotional instability, and destroy a person's judgment and power to think and to make proper responses to given situations. For some time, they have been tested on vessels in or near American waters.

 1976: December 15, A tanker containing 7 and � million gallons of oil was wrecked and all oil lost near Cape Cod. Trouble was attributed to the unusual and unexplained behavior of the crew. Soon after this, the Taiwan tanker, "Grand Zenith" and its crew of 38 and cargo of 8 million gallons of fuel oil were lost in American coastal waters. This has been followed by a large number of similar incidents. The Pentagon has reported that the Soviet can employ Micro-Waves to cause heart attacks and change the behavior patterns of military and diplomatic personnel. "Federation play a major part in Jewish life throughout the world. There is a federation in every community of the world where there is a substantial number of Jews. Today there is a central movement that is capable of mustering all of its planning, financial and political resources within twenty-four hours, geared to handling any particular issue. Proportionately, we have more power than any other comparable group, far beyond our numbers. The reason is that we are probably the most well organized minority in the world." (Nat Rosenberg, Denver Allied Jewish Federation, International Jewish News, January 30, 1976); "A Jew is anyone who says he is." (David Ben Gurion).

 Countless American politicians who refused to become puppets have been targeted by the Zionists for defeat including Congressmen Findley and McClosky, Senators Joe McCarthy and Charles Percy, presidential aspirants John Connally and Jesse Jackson, and even presidents themselves. "President Ford [made] known his displeasure with Israel -- something he was to regret the following year (1976)." (C.C. O'Brien, The Siege); "I spent weeks on the Hill testifying about the Pueblo in the most detail [1 U.S. sailor killed], but nothing like that's ever been done for the Liberty. The difference in the way these two events were handled is mindboggling...I think that those 34 men who were killed on the Liberty were killed a preconceived operation." (Congressional Testimony of Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The F-14 Tomcat is named after him); "Yet I have a clever touch And pander to your vices, While looking on in exultation. And so I play my game, with the exuberance of experience, the strange and terribly subtle final aims of my Asiatic Blood that remain a mystery to you." (Paul Meyer, Aktion)

Jewish Subversion - 11

 1976: Jewish owned movie studios in Hollywood produce two anti-Christian movies. "The Passover Plot" which portrays Christ as a revolutionary who uses drugs to trick people into thinking he was crucified. "The Sex Life of Jesus," Christ is portrayed in a series of sexual encounters including homosexual (Think about it: Time after time the Jews make movies portraying our Lord Jesus Christ as a Queer. How can ANY thinking Christian possibly believe these are God's People HOW STUPID CAN CHRISTIANS BE?) "Acts The Many Faces of Jesus" is built around the same theme. (Other movies made since 1976 with that same theme, that Jesus Christ was a drug addict and Queer are "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Last Temptation of Christ," "Heaven on Earth"; this one was not about Christ but about a fallen woman angel, "Oh God-1" and "Oh God-2" while these did not portray Jesus as a Queer they did portray Almighty God as a stupid mortal man -- and these are only a few of the many). (Tribune Review, November 16, 1976)   Where the hell are our so-called Christian Ministers? That's right in their pulpits, on television and radio crying out for more money and letting these antichrist perverts go on blaspheming Almighty God the Lord Jesus Christ; While they suck up after these Satanic Creeps!

 1977: January 3, According to "Midnight" Vol. 23, No. 28, pp. 4-5, (1440 Catherine St. West Suite 625, Montreal, Canada) The Soviet have built a "Powerful Laser Beam Base" in Cuba; the highest development of electrical technology in the world and that it can bring death and destruction to the Eastern Coast of the United States.

 1977: January-February: The Humanist publishes an article by Sidney Hook (signer of the 1973 Humanist Manifesto), in which he states that "human beings can be influenced to examine critically their religious beliefs only by indirection, (by which) I mean the development of a critical attitude in all our educational institutions that will aim to make students less credulous to claims that transcend their reflective experience."

 The new Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is completed in the shape of a "boot" in Basel, Switzerland, and becomes known as the "Tower of Basel." Remember that in George Orwell's 1984, a description of the future under "Big Brother" is given as "a boot stamping on a human face -- forever." Pertaining to the BIS, which began under the Hauge Agreement of 1930, Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope (1966) wrote: "The powers of financial capitalism had [a] far-reaching nothing less than to create a world  system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Base, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank ...sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world."

 1977 was a big year for the Jews.

 1977: President Jimmy Carter forced to apologize to the Jews living in America for telling his Bible class the truth, that The Jews Killed Christ. (Jewish Press, May 13, 1977)

 1977: Russian Jews arriving in the U.S. given Medicaid by New York States as they claim being uncircumcised ruins their love life. They complain Jewish girls will not date them on Religious grounds if they are not circumcised (I Wonder if a Jewish boy has to show the Jewish girls his Privy Member before he asks her for a date?) Despite Constitutional separation of Church & State, New York and Federal authorities give these foreign Jews taxpayer money to be circumcised so the Jew girls will date them. (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

 1977: Jews urge Removal of Bible Toting Judge. The Anti- Defamation League sent a letter to the state Committee on Judicial Performance (California) to have Judge Hugh W. Godwin removed from the bench because "his Christian religious beliefs color the manner in which he dispenses justice." (L.A. Herald Examiner, June 24, 1977)

 1977: Lutheran Church leaders are calling for the deletion of the hymn "Reproaches" from Lutheran hymnals because the "hymn has a danger of fermenting anti-Semitism." The ADL sent a letter commending the president of the American Lutheran Church for the action.

 1977: The American Jewish Committee was responsible for the Episcopal Church removing two hymns "Reproaches" and "Improperia" from the Book of Common Prayer because they (truthfully) accused the Jews of the Crucifixion of Christ. Rabbi Marc Tannenbaum congratulated Episcopal Bishop Allin for "his historic act of respect for Judaism and friendship for the Jewish people." (Jewish Press).

 1977: The National Jewish Commission of Law and Public Affairs is now forcing cemeteries to bury Jews on legal holidays. Cemeteries were normally closed to burials on legal holidays. However, since the Jews bury their dead quickly after death they are now forcing cemeteries to make special rules for them. Jews have been instrumental in having Christian Crosses removed from graves in Veterans Cemeteries because the crosses "offend them." (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

 1977: U.S. Foreign Policy is now based on How Foreign Countries treat their native Jews. Senators Moynihan and Javits of New York, two ardent Zionists, notified the Soviet Government that grain shipments from the U.S. would be canceled if the Soviets tried Jewish trouble maker Anatoly Sheharansky. (So they sent him to the Israeli State). (Jewish Press, November 25, 1977)

 1977: Jewish leaders chastised Jews for celebrating Christmas and for trying to make their Hanukkah holiday like Christmas. Dr. Alice Ginott said, "(Jews) borrow the style if not the substance of Christmas and, believing they can Take The Christian Religion out of Christmas, create an artificial holiday for their children...Hanukkah symbolizes the Jewish people's struggle to maintain their spiritual (racial) identity against superior forces."

 1977: The Anti-Defamation League has succeeded in getting 11 major U.S. firms to cancel their ads in the "Christian Yellow Pages." To advertise in the CYP, people have to declare they believe in Jesus Christ. The Jews claim they are offended by the idea of having to say they believe in Jesus Christ and yet want to force their way into the Christian Directories.

 In the future, the powers behind the New World Order planning a world economic system will promote the use of the debit card as a means of monitoring everyone's financial transactions. Governor Bill Clinton in his July 16, 1992 acceptance speech for the Democratic presidential nomination will pay tribute to his "hero," Carroll Quigley, who also said in Tragedy and Hope regarding the intellectual elite who strive to direct the future: "There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an International Anglophile Network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical Right believes the Communists Act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies...but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."

Jewish Subversion - 12 (Last One)

 Intelligence sources report that the Soviet Laser Beams have already destroyed two of our vital early warning satellites. This report was confirmed by "Arizona Republic" of November 23, 1976 and the "Los Angeles Times" of December 26, 1976.

 1977: April 9, President Carter's deferral of Plutonium reprocessing in the United States will dangerously if not fatally, increase the nation's radioactive garbage heap. It will create a volume of unutilized radioactive waste that will remain deadly for centuries. This action not only creates a hazardous accumulation of deadly poison, but it also totally rejects a powerful source of energy currently desperately needed. This action represents a continuation and acceleration of the unilateral disarmament and downgrading and destruction of the United States which has been the consistent policy of the traitors in our government since 1961.

 1977: President Carter signed the Panama Canal giveaway treaty.

 1977: The latest to frustrate all hope of finding a document authorizing the massacre of Jews is Professor David Irving's Hitler's War. (Viking Press, N.Y. 1977, 926 pages)

 1978: Nicaragua. With the help of the U.S. State Department fell to the Communist.

 1995: "The rabbi of the 'Adath Yisrael' synagogue in Cleveland Park, Washington, dedicated his Sabbath sermon to the Jewish cultural and political center now being formed in America. "For the first time in American history," the rabbi said, "we no longer feel we live in the diaspora. The U.S. has no longer a government of Goyim, but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term 'government Goyim' should be re-examined since it is an outdated term in the U.S." (Remarks, October 16, 1995)

 We could have presented another hundred or two instances where the U.S. has sent our military men to defend the interests of the International Jewish Bankers and Oil Interests, but we believe these should suffice to prove our point; and where the Jews have subverted our laws in their efforts to destroy Christianity in America. And as we said you can accept it or not, it is not for us to try to convince you of anything or to change your mind about the events of history. You believe what you will.

     "And not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not stedfastly look to the end of that which is abolished: But THEIR MINDS WERE BLINDED (They were blinded so that could not see that they were Israel. This happened after the Assyrian Captivity: for UNTIL THIS DAY REMAINETH THE SAME VAIL UNTAKEN AWAY (Even today, most of Israe, cannot see or recognize who they really are; and thus allows an anti-Yawhew to steal their name) IN THE READING OF THE OLD TESTAMENT; which vail is done away in Christ. But EVEN UNTO THIS DAY, when Moses is read, THE VAIL IS UPON THEIR HEART. Nevertheless WHEN IT SHALL TURN TO THE LORD, THE VAIL SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY. Now THE LORD IS THAT SPIRIT: AND WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE lORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." (2 Corinthians 3:13-18)

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