Evolution A Jewish Deception
Parts 1 through 6
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Evolution A Jewish Deception -Part 1

This study on "Evolution A Jewish Deception," is not all inclusive, as to do such a study would encompass every single creature on earth. Therefore, we submit the following for your review.

 Charles Darwin was a devout Talmudist Jew and as such obtained his training in the Cabala or Kabbala and Talmudic studies from the best Rabbis in England and the United States. The theory of evolution comes directly from the Jewish Kabbalah and the Talmud. And was conceived by the Jews to deceive our people, the White Race into believing a completely false relition, known as evolution, to turn them away from Yahweh and Yeashua.

 Titus 1:14: "Not giving heed TO JEWISH FABLES, and commandments of men, THAT TURN FROM THE TRUTH." And Jewish fables is exactly what the theory of evolution is.

 It is because that true followers of Yeashua do not believe nor adhere to this false Jewish Fables that the Jews hate the so-called Christian Identity believers so very much for they: 2 Pet 1:16: "For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty."

Evolution A Jewish Deception

 Due to the tremendous amount of unbelief in Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ in America today, and a seemingly worship of evolution, in government, I have compiled this presentation for your consideration. Please give me the courtesy of reading it before throwing it away.

 Creation Not Evolution: The theory of evolution is that all forms of life derived by gradual modification from earlier and simpler forms or from one rudimentary form. It teaches a process in which something complex is developed by itself from a simple beginning. It accepts the existence of the cause or causes of the first substance and the force or forces working successive transformations from a lower to a higher form of matter and life.

 The theory of cosmic evolution claims that from lower units of matter [atoms and molecules] the vast material suns, moons, stars, planets, and universes were formed by themselves. That of organic evolution teaches that the vegetable and animal kingdoms evolved from lower forms of life to what they are today.

 Utter Foolishness of Evolution: Evolutionists do not deny the first cause. Their theory begins with matter or substance already in existence. They believe in primitive nebulosity and powers possessed by molecules. They do not try to account for how these came to exist, how molecules got their inherent powers, or how there came to be definite laws governing them so that they could produce, without failure, all things as we now have them. Their theory does not show why there is such bitter hatred against the God of the Bible as being that first cause.

 It does not consider proven facts, but has absolute faith in a mere supposition which no fact has ever been produced to prove it. Its teachers seemingly deny God, the Bible, and known facts and continue to rob multiplied thousands of boys and girls of their simple faith in God and the Bible without a sting of conscience.

 They manufacture multiplied drawings of human beings, different kinds, rising from a molecule through a monkey to the present man; and add guess upon guess of how life was in each stage of evolution, but refuse to accept the Bible truth of the origin of all things.

 They speak glibly of denying God and His work in the creation and at the same time pose as having the only truth on the subject. Huxley said, "It is clear that the doctrine of evolution is directly antagonistic to that of creation...Evolution, if consistently accepted, makes it impossible to believe in the Bible."

 Darwin (Charles Darwin's Uncle, factory owner Josiah Wedgewood, owned a business that worked White Children of five years of age in a chemical factory permeated with Lead Oxide, a deadly poison. Wedgewood acknowledged that the lead made the children "very subject to disease" but worked them anyway) taught that the more complex organs and instincts have been perfected by the accumulation of innumerable slight variations, each good for the individual possessor. Spencer said that evolution was purely mechanical and anti-supernatural.

 Earnest Haeckel said, "It entirely excludes the supernatural process, every prearranged and conscious act of a  personal character. Nothing will make the full meaning of the theory of descent clearer than calling it the non-miraculous theory of creation."

 Thus the confessed evolution-theory leaders are clear that no true evolutionist can be a Christian or a believer in the Bible. There is no place for God in evolution, hence no need of a belief in sin or a Saviour, heaven or hell.

 Those in the church who try to harmonize evolution with the Bible rule God out in spite of themselves and are the enemies of both God and the Church.

 No one branch of organic evolution has been proven, much less the main theory. It is a bankrupt, speculative, philosophy -- not a scientific fact.

True Science Rejects:

 1). The theory that the hair is but elongated scales of prehistoric animals.

 2). The legs of all animals developed from warts on aboriginal amphibians.

 3). Eyes are but accidental development of freckles on blind amphibians that responded to the sun.

 4). Ears came about by the air waves calling to spots on early reptiles.

 5). The theory of natural selection.

 6). Man came from monkeys.

 7). The vast universes came from a few molecules.

 8). Nothing working on nothing by nothing, through nothing, for nothing begat everything.

Fallacies of Evolution:

 A). It accepts heathen and pagan philosophers in preference to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Christians. Pagan Hindu and Greek Philosophers invented such a theory. Aristotle taught An Internal Spontaneity, which is the same idea of modern evolutionists who call it Resident Forces or Impersonal Eternal Energy.

 B). It nullifies the idea of Bible creation by God. Blind force is substituted for the creative power of the personal and living God who created all things.

 C). It degrades man from creation by God in the image of God to a monkey ancestry.

 D). It degrades God's image to a mere beast.

 E). It makes Christ, the second and last Adam, nothing more than a mere animal.

 F). It does away with the fall of man, for how can a mere beast who has evolved steadily from a molecule to an intelligent being go backward and have a fall?

 G). It does away with Bible miracles and the supernatural in all its forms. The only miracle or power of evolution is the inherent force of molecules.

 H). It does away with the virgin birth, makes it impossible and unnecessary, and makes Christ a product of evolution in the same sense that it does all other men.

 I). It denies the bodily resurrection of Christ and declares that it is contrary to the process of evolution of resident forces making progress.

 J). It denies the atonement, for according to evolution there was no fall of man and therefore no sin to make atonement for. Regeneration by outside power is the direct opposite of the resident powers, the only power accepted by evolution.

 K). It denies the 2nd advent of Christ and the final restoration and preservation of all things by the personal acts of God.

 L). It does away with the authority of the Bible as a real revelation from a personal and living God, making it a lie, not only in regards to creation but every other doctrine.

 To argue that the Christian can accept evolution on the grounds that the Bible is not to be taken literally, is a surrender to the foes of God, Christ, The Holy Spirit, the Bible, and all Christian teachings. The theory therefore, is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-Christian, and anti-Intelligence.

Evolution A Jewish Deception -Part 2

 Facts Disproving Evolution: The Bible in its entirety condemns the theories of both cosmic and organic evolution. It declares in no uncertain terms that God created [brought into existence] all the material and moral creations; the animate and inanimate things, and that He is the first and last cause of all existing universes and the things therein.

 The Bible declared God created the heavens and the earth; God created great whales and every living creature (Genesis 1:20); God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:7; 19-25; 5:1-2; 9:6); All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made (John 1:3); God created all things by Jesus Christ (Ephesians 3:9; Colossians 1:15-18); The upholding of all things by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3); Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created. (Revelation 4:11)

 It is a law of nature that nothing reproduces anything greater than itself. If this is true of all species today, of which we have millions of examples, then it was true originally. The vast creations of matter and life had to come into existence by a superior power, not an inferior force.

 One thing is certain: All intelligence and matter could not have come from one or any number of molecules of unintelligence. The most that has ever been done or can possibly be done is to demonstrate the law of improvement of a species through breeding and cultivation.

 No New Species Has Been or Can Be Produced by Such A Law: If left alone the plants and animals would quickly degenerate, not improve themselves in any degree, which will be shown below.

 Therefore, we must conclude that no amount of unintelligent matter could produce intelligence or intelligent beings -- anything higher than itself. The intelligent and innumerable self-producing species of creatures, each with its own eternal and consistent traits, distinct flavored, and infinite combinations of chemicals, could never be the product of unintelligent matter.

 Each one of the millions of creatures that reproduce their own kind by fixed and eternal laws must be the work of an all-powerful and all-wise Creator.

 The Bible declares that everything created by God was given the power to reproduce its own kind. No one thing could break this law and reproduce any other kind. 1656 years later it had not been broken.

 Now, after thousands of years the laws of reproduction is still unbroken. The sponge is still a sponge and has not become an oyster, octopus, a turtle, frog, fish, or crab.

 None of These Have Ever Reproduced Anything Except Their Own Kind: No lowly earth-worm has ever turned into a spider, tarantula, scorpion, lizard, tortoise, snake, or crocodile. No bug, bird, or animal has ever changed from its own kind or reproduced another kind which was fertile and could produce a new kind.

 The crossing of an ass and a mare, for instance, will produce a mule which cannot reproduce itself. No monkey has ever produced a man and the missing-link is still missing. All this is quite remarkable in view of the fact that there are over 2,000,000 different species of plant and animal life.

 Each species proves the law of reproduction established by God-- after his own kind. It is claimed that there are more than 1,000,000 species of insects. Species of beetles number 250,000; butterflies and moths 110,000; shell-fish 80,000; snails 80,000; arachnids 60,000; flies 40,000; barnacles, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp 25,000; fish 20,000; bees 10,000; wasps 10,000; worms 9,000; ants 5,000; birds 1,200; and cockroaches 1,000. Besides these, there are many species of larger animals, and over 180,000 species of plants; species of fungi number 100,000; algae 20,000; mosses 20,000; corals 5,000; and sponges 3,000 besides many other species of living things.

 All species exist in great variety, and the so-called proofs of the evolutionists are merely variations, or minor changes within the same species. Out of billions of living organisms and fossils there is no evidence of the slightest tendency to evolve out of the original kind to which each belongs, into a new species. There is only the evidence of development and normal growth; but these are not evolution.

 Improvement of a species and new varieties within the species are not evolution.  The theory of evolution teaches TRANSMUTATION, a change in nature, substance, form, and alteration of essence by a slow and gradual process of Mutation from one species to another, and from the lower to the higher.

 This has never been done, nor can it be done. In nature we find endless variety within each species of kind, But No Change From One Species to Another!

 Without A Change of Species There Can Be No Evolution! God has made life so that it interbreeds in closely related variations; and when interbreeding is attempted between different kinds of species it is found that there is an impassable gulf which cannot be crossed.

 Life multiplies abundantly. One bacterium in 24 hours can produce 281,500,000,000,000 descendents. A fly can lay 500 eggs in a season, each of which can develop into a fly capable of laying 500 eggs of its own. If all the eggs hatched and survived the original fly would have enough descendents in 6 months to cover the earth with flies, to a depth of about 50 feet.

 A common potato bug is said to be capable of producing 60,000 offspring in a season; a single sunfish lays 3,000,000,000 eggs a season; an oyster 100,000,000; a codfish 10,000,000; a toad 20,000; spiders have 2,000 babies in one cocoon; a logger-head turtle lays 1,000 eggs at a time; and a pair of meadow mice could produce 1,000,000 offspring in a single year. An elm tree produces 1,584,000,000 seeds and a barley seed 18,000 grains. But out of the billions of yearly reproductions of nature, Not one Monkey's tail has been produced by anything except a Monkey. There is no proof of man in various stages from a molecule to a monkey, or from a monkey to a man!

 There can be no Evolution without the power of reproduction in living things. Since reproduction is a prior condition to Evolution, it cannot be a product of it!

 Hence, we face the logical necessity for the creation of life and its power of continued reproduction. The power of reproduction is not in the embryo, but only in the mature parent. An egg cannot produce an egg.

 It is also true that the egg is not improvable by itself. Improvement can come only in and through the mature form. Therefore, the parent-form of life must have been created in the beginning to have produced an egg from which offspring alone can come.

Evolution A Jewish Deception - Part 3

 Science has proven that dead matter cannot generate life; and that only life can come from pre-existing life. When test tubes were filled with hay and other organic matter, when all life-germs were completely destroyed, when the tube was hermetically sealed to exclude outer air, and while it was absolutely free of living germs, not one vestige of life appeared.

 The attempt to get the living out of the dead completely failed. The theory of spontaneous generation of evolution has had to be given up. It is now recognized that life can only come from life. All life is dependent upon other life; the lower upon the higher; the simple upon the complex; the powerless upon the powerful; the impersonal upon the personal; the unintelligent upon the intelligent; the non-existing upon the existing; the natural upon the spiritual; the temporary upon the eternal. Nothing can come from nothing or be produced by nothing.

 The argument of evolution from embryology; that embryos of different forms of life are somewhat alike so they must have come from a common ancestor; has utterly failed, as have the theories of natural selection, and the survival of the fittest. The similarity of embryos and their fast development to full growth are contrary to the principles of the evolution teachers have to argue due to the fact that no single example of evolution from one species to another can be cited.

 Design In Infant Nutrition: By definition, evolutionary scientists believe that life came through random chance processes, including natural selection. However, in n ature there is a chorus of voices with the message that evolutionary theory does not blend with either simple or complex observations.

 In order to maintain good health, the following must be present simultaneiously and in proper balance: organic vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, eight essential amino acids, and unrefined carbohydrates.  These are all present in human breast milk, as are hundreds of other less-well understood food factors. The more the human breast and its milk are studied, the more obvious it is that neither random chance nor survival of the fittest could explain their design and complexity.

 Paul Palma, M.D., and Eugene Adcock, M.D., of the University of Texas Medical Center, along with Dr. Buford Nichol of the Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas, are among the many researchers who have discovered some amazing facts about human milk. In their studies, Macro-hutrients, micro-nutrients, immunological factors and psychosocial factors were analyzed. Their results are discussed below. (Practical Therapeutics, 1981, Vol. 24, pp. 123-181, Palma, P.A., Adcock III, E.W. "Human Milk and Breast- feeding.")

 Macro-Nutrients: The calorically important compoents of milk are the macro-nutrients.

 1). Carbohydrates: lactose, a disaccharide, composed of glucose and galactose.
 2). Lipids: polyunsaturated long and medium chain fatty acids.
 3). Proteins: nitrogen-containing compounds in the form of long chains of amino acids.
 The caloric content and the nutrient balance of the mother's milk change dramatically according to the infant's needs. Our most brilliant neonatologists with the best computers could not design a better balanced product for an infant regardless of his needs at whatever age or stage of development. The concentration of these nutrients is dramatically affected by two factors; the duration of gestation before birth (i.e., is the baby premature or mature at birth); and the stage of lactation.

 Duration of Gestation:

 Lipids: The premature infant has increased caloric needs. Fifty percent of milk's caloric content comes from lipids. The milk provided for a premature infant has more lipids than the breast milk for a mature or term infant. At this time the mother's milk also has higher levels of lipases, enzymes which make the lipid content bioavailable to the infant. But it must be fresh, for lipases deteriorate in pooled mother's milk or cow's milk, particularly if it has been pasteurized.

 Protens: It is now known that during the first month of lactation, the nitrogen and ptotein content decline. However, the premature mother's milk is as much as 20% higher in proteins. In  evolutionary terms, this weak premature infant should be culled out by a survival of the fittest process, but three advantages for the premature have been found in this well-designed milk.

 1). The ratio of cysteine to methionine is high, thereby overcoming the limited biosynthetic capabilities of the premature child to produce cysteine.

 2). Taurine, aminoethylsulfonic acid, which may be essential for neonates, is present in high concentrations in the mother's milk for prematurely born infants. Taurine is very low in cow's milk.

 3). The potentially toxic aromatic amino acids, phenylalanine, and tyrosine, are lower in concentration in human milk than in animal's milk. Human milk proteins are more easily assimilated by the child than the proteins in animals' milk. Some of these proteins are absolutely vital for the healthy development of the infant's immune system.

 Lactose: Lactose and the enzyme lactase, which greatly accelerates lactose digestion, are balanced in the milk at concentrations ideally suited for the maturity of the baby. In summary, the design of the milk is perfect in caloric content, amino acid concentrations, and in the enzyme concentrations of both lipase and lactase, ideally meeting the infant's needs. Its make-up far surpasses that of any formula, or even milk from animal sources.

 Stage of Lactation: Lactation can be divided into three stages: the early milk or colostrum; transitional milk, from one to four weeks; and mature milk, changing as the baby ages. (Barnes, L.A., ed., Advances in Pediatrics, Vol. 26, Chicago: Yearbook Medical Publishers, Inc., 1979, pp. 136-61, Nichols, B.L. Nichols, V.N. "Lactation.") Also, during a single meal the concentration of the milk even changes between early feeding and the late feeding time. Theories as to why suggest that these changes stabilize the volume of the fluid in the baby's circulatory system.

 Where would the human be if the first mother's breast had not yet developed the ability to produce just one of several specific enzymes to speed the digestion of the lactose, lipids, or proteins found in her milk? What if one of the essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., were not in a bioavailable form or in optimal concentrations in the first mother's milk?

 Human kind would not have existed through one generation. Certainly a Designer is a necessity. Random chance equals no chance in the case of life and death. Time for development equals death before the complex enzymes could develop.

Evolution A Jewish Deception - Part 4

 Survival of the fittest? Why would a random process protect the weak, premature infant with such a complexly designed, ever- changing milk? The Designer syas that His strength was made perfect through weakness.

 Micronutrients: If the study of the macro-nutrients in milk is not convincing, take a brief look at the micro-nutrients. Micro- nutrients include vitamins and minerals. They are found in very small concentrations.

 Hundreds of other nutrients are also in breast milk; we do not know how most of them function. One of the functions that is known is to enhance the bioavailability (or ease of utilization) of other micronutrients. Researchers many years ago wrongly concuded that human breast milk did not have vitamin D, and supplemental formulas were recommended.

 Years later it was learned that a liquid soluble type of vitamin D, formerly undetected and unique to breast milk, was present which totally met the needs of the infant when combined with the unknown food factors in milk. The whole complex design is greater than the sum of its individual components and greater than our ability to understand.

 Iron and zinc are similar examples in human breast milk. The breast-fed baby has no need for supplements. However, cow's milk, formulas, and pooled pasteurized human milk all need supplements to prevent deficiencies.

 Immunobiology: The early milk, or colostrum, sets in motion the infant's immunoreactive system. There are two classes of immunoactive components in the early milk; cells and soluble protein factors. Human milk is a truly living fluid in which antibodies and cells move about. The cells in the mother's milk not only attack bacteria that may be harmful to the baby, but apparently they have the ability to produce antibodies that destroy bacteria and viruses as well. Evidently the infant who is exposed to infecitons and nurses from its mother, also produces changes in the mother's breast. Within hours the next milk contains antibodies and immunoglobulins to protect the baby before the infant exhibits visible systoms.

 Psycholsocial: There are many other advantages for breast feeding which have not been mentioned. We should at least mention the more tender benefits to both mother and child of breast feeding. The close contact entails tactile, auditory, olfactory, and visual interchange which reinforce bonding. This deepening relationship may even be more important than the advantages discussed above.

 These virtues have been observed in many studies. The longer the duration of breast feeding, the more measurable the quality of mother-child bonding. Benefits have been noted for nursing up to two years after birth. There is also a significantly lower risk of child abuse and failure to thrive.

 These characteristics of mother's milk and breast feeding would indicate an extensive design which makes the practice "very good" for healty, weak, and sickly infants. "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger." (Psalm 8:2)

 This verse has two words speaking of a suckling nursing babe. It also indicates that an infant has special strength against his enemy. Is there any evidence that infants have prolonged benefits from the mother's milk or that the parent might also be stronger?

 Infants who have been breast-fed have been studied up to five years of age. They have a much lower incidence of diarrhea, urinary tract infecitons, pneumonia, vomiting, asthma, earaches, childhood allergies, and crib death. Also, viral and bacterial infecitons, cancers, and learning disabilities are less of a problem, as are psychological problems. Parents of these children will be spared much anguish and will also avoid costly medical care. Furthermore, in the New England Journal of Medicine, (Vol. 330, 1994, p. 81) the incidence of breast cancer was shown to be decreased by 25% in women proportional to the amount of time that they breast-fed infants during their lives.

 "There is a way which seemeth right unto man; but the end thereof are the ways of death." (Proverbs 14:12)

 How many have suffered because man thought he had a better idea and recommended baby formulas with supplements instead of the real thing? The value of a formula today is measured by how close it can come to the mother's milk, but still they fall short.

 Is there any way random chance (even controlled by "Mother Nature," "Mother Earth," or millions of mutation) could produce such an awesome product? If the mother's milk was not well- designed from the beginning, humankind would be extinct. Human milk cries the message of design! Time (years, or millions of years) would be the enemy of humans if this milk were not fully designed from the beginning. Thank the Creator! (Impact #259, January 1995; by Rex D. Russel, M.D. *Dr. Russell is interested in the heath benefits gained by obedience to the Creator's ordinances and commands. He is a vascular invasive radiologist at Holt Krock, Ft. Smith, Arkansas. He trained at Holt Krock and at the Mayo Clinic)

 Human and other embryos pass through various stages of growth very rapidly. In the case of some, the progress of growth is so rapid that it is miraculous. Thus, evolutionists are forced to believe in miracles, which they deny. In other miracles, which they deny, in other fields, but sustain in their own, in the effort to prove their claims.

 It is now known that there are radical differences between the embryos of vertebrates [backboned animals] and invertebrates [animals without back-bones] which we would not have if all things had a common ancestor. Some similarity among embryos of all forms of life should be expected, since all start individually from a single life-germ or a combination of two.

 If a botanist would be asked the difference between an oak, a palm-tree, and a lichen, he would declare that they are separated from one another by the broadest line of classification. But if the germs of these plants were placed before him, to choose one from the other, he could not do it. Under the most powerful microscope they would yield no clue.

 If analyzed by the chemist they would still keep their secret. The same is true of the life-germ of various animals and man. No one can tell which is which. What makes the little speck grow into the millions of different kinds of creatures?

 What is there which the eye cannot see that determines which of the many creatures it shall be? Only a personal and an infinite intelligent Being could make such unfailing laws of reproduction; after his kind. It is further argued that man and monkey are so similar that they must have come from a common ancestor.

 This is neither sound logic nor sound science. Resemblance proves nothing but resemblance. Similarity proves nothing but similarity. Resemblance and similarity run throughout all nature in things that have no connection with each other.

Evolution A Jewish Deception - Part 5

Resemblance or similarity on some points is to be expected even through we accept creation by God. Such only magnifies the fact of an intelligent operator. This is true whether it is the Creator or a manufacturer as in every factory of man. The wheel, for example, is the same in the wagon, the car, locomotive, and plane. But such similarity does not prove that the wagon evolved into an automobile, then into a locomotive, then into an airplane, and finally into a rocket.

 All animals and men have the same kind of faculties to breathe, cat food, and perform other bodily functions, but no such similarity proves close relationship. God made them thus so that all could exist alike in the same air and on similar foods.

 The dissimilarities between man and lower animals, and not only in body, but also in brain, spirit and soul faculties prove that they are NOT related. The differences between man and monkey are so wide that any single bodily part is sufficient in itself to prove whether it is a part of man or monkey.

 Evolutionists themselves confirm this fact by their promptness in deciding whether a bone is from a monkey or a man. There are hundreds of differences between the bodies of men and apes, and thousands of differences between those two in mental, moral, spiritual, and habitual matters which prove evolution of man from apes or lower life and impossibility. Degeneration -- The similarities between man and lower animals could be used to prove a process of degeneration from man more than a process of evolution to man.

 The Bible teaches, God made man before He made land animals; on day 6. There-fore, man came first, and then the monkey. Darwin's argument that plants and animals have within themselves tendencies to vary of their own accord in many and all directions to an unlimited degree, has been disproved many times.

 Mendel's experiments prove conclusively that plants and animals, even under man's selective skill in breeding, do not tend to vary in all directions and to an unlimited degree; but that the variations are within strict limits and work according to fixed laws producing unvarying results.

 The theory of natural selection and of inheritance of acquired characters has failed for lack of proof. The forms of vegetables, plants, and animals that man succeeds in improving by human selection and cultivation revert rapidly to type as soon as man's directing skill is removed.

 In all man's directing skill is removed. In all man's selection and cultivation he can work only within the limits of the species. No change into new species has been produced either by natural or artificial selection. The iron law of sterility stands guard at the far frontiers of the species and everything continues to reproduce after his kind.

 There is a certain potency of development implanted in all things, but such potential powers are led out into actual development or improvement, not through resident forces, as evolution teaches, but only through outside intervention and intelligent help.

 Man can develop the wild rose into the American Beauty, or the wild pony into the Kentucky Thoroughbred, by selection, better environment, breeding, etc., but it is most significant that these improvements do not continue to increase, or even persist, when things are left to themselves. The rose reverts once again into a wild rose if left alone, and the horse begins to revert back to its degenerated type the very minute man's skill is omitted.

 If one takes a flock of highly developed pigeons, with all their shades of color and variety of markings, and turns them loose in the forest to see if they will improve or degenerate, he will find in a few years that they have all returned to one type. Compelled by an unfailing natural law, all will revert to common colors instead of being a variety with beautiful markings.

 Improvements brought about by care and selection in breeding will be gone, Proving The Theory of Evolution To Be A Failure!

 The same thing will happen to man. If he neglects himself, he will revert to a worse and lower type of man, like those who have been discovered on desert islands or in jungles. If the mind is neglected it will degenerate into imbecility and ignorance. Solitary confinement has the power to unmake men's minds and leave them idiots. If the conscience is neglected it will run off into lawlessness and sin. The soul that is neglected will go into ruin and depravity. Only three possibilities are before us; balance, improvement only to a certain degree, or degeneration.

 The Bible Question: The Bible question is: How shall we escape if we neglect it? These three possibilities face every man. He has a desire to better himself and yet he is constantly beset with a gravitation to sin and the law of death working in his very being. We say that nature is full of life, but in reality it is full of death. Plant life and animal life are kept alive by a temporary endowment which gives power over the elements that cause death.

 Withdraw the elements of life and the true nature will be revealed. Life is merely the suspension of these destructive powers; the sum total of the functions that resist death. Spiritual life is the same; the sum total of the functions that resist sins. If we neglect the use of these powers death will result. The man who does not properly use the powers to live is as much dead as a man falling 500 ft., is as good as dead the first foot of the fall. Unless he is stopped he is a dead man. One who continues to neglect life is dead. If we neglect it, degeneration sets in. If we use the powers of life to resist sin, we live.

 To use the argument that the savages of heathen darkness are more like monkeys than men in the civilized world is no proof of evolution; it is proof of degeneration. Man fell from original sinlessness and the highest degree of intelligence to the present status. Adam had more intelligence the day he was created than all-men together have now. He could name all the things God created, but all the men today who learn all their lives cannot yet do this.

 Degeneration: Degeneration: Explains the present uncivilized parts of the world, and the so-called cavemen; the Peking man, the Heidelberg, the Neanderthal, the Cro-Magnon man and others. All problems between true science and the Bible can be solved by the facts of degeneration, or with the Bible truth of a pre-Adamite world.

 Belief in the pre-Adamite system allows that the earth could be millions of years old. Pre-historic animals could have been a part of that system, as well as any different type of man, if such is ever excluded from Adam's race by established proof.

 Fossil remains have been referred to as one of the strongest proofs of evolution. But evolutionists themselves acknowledge that this proof is extremely fragmentary, limited, and obscure due to the fact of only a few fossil remains. Hence, they are forced to guess without proof.

Jewish Deception Part 6

The Missing Links Between Man and Monkey Have Never Been Found: The manufactured bones of pre-historic men are all fakes. The Piltdown man, for example, was no man at all. The story is that in a gravel pit in Sussex, England near Piltdown Common, two or three bits of skull bone, a piece of jaw-bone, and a tooth were found by different persons in different places in different years. From these few scraps so-called scientists constructed the Piltdown man and named it the Dawn-man of the dateless past. From the same bones another later type was made by another team of scientists.

 Finally it was acknowledged that the jaw-bone which was unquestionably human; the Peking-man of China was made from human skull fragments found in a cave, in 1929; the Swanscombe-man of England was made from the back and one side of a woman's skull; the Fontechevade-man of Africa was made from an ape skull found in a number of other ape skulls and bones in Africa; and the Hesperopithecus Haroldcookii, the Nebraska-man, was made from a single pig tooth said to be 1,000,000 years old.

 Pictures of these, the man-made specimens, have been the so- called proof shown in the school textbooks. Such are the Hoaxes which are being bassed upon our innocent boys and girls by some educators in the name of science!

 The old geological scheme to prove evolution has also been repudiated. Instead of the older rocks being found at the bottom and the younger rocks at the top, as would be the case if evolution were true, the opposite is often the case.

 This explodes the evolution-theory of natural building up of the strata. The fact of two universal floods instead of one [One in Lucifer's day and one in Noah's day] and a later division of the earth can easily explain the fossil remains being where they are. In Lucifer's flood God turned the earth upside down by earthquakes. This accounts for fossil remains being found deep in the earth underneath many layers of solid rock.

 Such things never would have been there without the earthquakes and judgment of God. It is evident that many fossils came from a great catastrophe, being entombed in the strata instead of being slowly buried by sedimentation over millions of years. We read of whole schools of fish, covering large fields which have been found with every indication of a violent and sudden death.

 They are not in a relaxed position but often with their head twisted around to their tails and every fin extended, which is the position in which a fish dies when overtaken by an enemy or some catastrophe. Historians tell us that the earth has undergone one great and indescribable catastrophe.

 This happened during Lucifer's flood or when the earth was divided into continents. That there was a dividing of the earth in the days of Peleg is clear from Genesis 10:25. Such a shaking up of the entire earth, as well as the flood-catastrophe of Lucifer's time could have caused fossils to become deeply submerged.

 The Arctic regions give clear evidence of a sudden calamity. In their extensive fields of fossilized and frozen mammoths, where multitudes of giant creatures have been found, some have been discovered with their stomachs filled with undigested food, and in some instances with their mouths also shows that they were feeding quietly when the crisis came and that they were destroyed with suddenness.

 That the Arctic regions had tropical climate when these beasts were destroyed seems true, for they had tropical food in their mouths. Evidently they were frozen immediately when God withheld the sun, moon, and stars from shining on the earth during Luficer's flood.

 Regarding Noah's flood, God commanded male and female of every species to be kept alive in the ark to replenish the earth after his kind when the flood was over. Had the evolutionists been right, this would have been unnecessary. Noah could have merely saved a couple of molecules, turned them loose after the flood and eventually, we could have the innumerable living things again in all their varieties.

 If evolution is responsible for all the vast creations in space and the endless varieties of species of life on the innumerable planets, then why is the law not working today? And why do we not have actual and unquestionable examples of the various stages of evolution from the lowest to the highest forms of life? If evolution ever worked, it should be working today so that every form or stage of development could be seen as proof that the lower forms of life will eventually be the higher in the ages to come.

 Is it not strange that the process has been on earth to observe the law of evolution at work? Is it not strange that man has not produced one example of change from one species to another, not even to the losing of the monkey tail and hair?

 There is evidence now that the whole world and all in it are degenerating and moving toward some climax or judgment and recreation, instead of evolving upward into higher and better forms. In chemistry, which is closest to the deeper facts and forces of inanimate matter and life, there is no evidence of a surge upward. Not only are the laws of chemical affinity static and unchangeable as to their operations, but there is a disintegrating tendency downward instead of upward that seems to characterize all matter. The tendency of atoms of high atomic weight to break up into other atoms of lower weight seems to be the universal tendency of all matter. Scientists declare that this is also true in the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

 The evolution theory is not only absurd -- its so-called proofs are so contradictory that they cause increasing doubt regarding its guesses. Tyndal says that the world began in a fire-mist that contracted as it became cold; but Spencer says it was a cold-cloud that became heated and contracted. The age of man is estimated all the way from 550,000,000 years to as little as 6,000,000 years. The age of the earth is put by guessers as 10-billion to the lowest estimate of 10-million years. This proves nothing but the unreliability of data which is used in the effort to prove diverse conclusions.

 Science vs. Reason: The world of science has not escaped the attention of the conspiracy, and its interest has been spurred of late by the sudden increase in the research into a competing theory. The basic foundation block of current scientific thought is the theory of evolution. So important is this theory that there are those who say that anyone finding fault with it is ignorant: "No informed person doubts any more that the many animal types that inhabit the earth today are the results of a process of evolution." (Time Magazine, April 7, 1980, p. 65)

 This position is further strengthened by those who claim that evolution is no longer a theory: "...evolution is not a guess, it is an established Theory that is fully proved by known facts." (The Evolution of Man, Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1905, p. 3)

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