Parts 13 through 18
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Communisn - Part 13

 If the facts about the Jewish Communist holocaust against the peasants and Christians of Russia and Eastern Europe were given massive publicity, the supposed "special evil" of the Germans would stand exposed as a racist fraud. German actions during World War Two must be viewed in a vacuum in order for the New World Order to advance its covert objective of Jewish supremacy.

 When Nazi actions are placed within the context of Jewish Communism's abominable crimes against the Christian people of Russia and Eastern Europe, the public will begin to understand that Hitler and the Nazis were a reaction, however unbalanced and excessive, to the Jewish Communist genocide against millions of Christians and peasants in the East.

 This is why the crucial facts about Jewish Communism must never be documented in Hollywood films, discussed in university courses or pictured in contemporary news magazines. This is why Malcolm Muggeridge's book, an eyewitness account of the Jewish Communist holocaust against Christians, Winter in Moscow, has been tightly suppressed.

 In the Sunday Telegraph (London, England: Nov. 18, 1990) the question is asked, "Why then has it (Winter in Moscow) never been republished? The answer may lie in Muggeridge's handling of what was then called the 'Jewish question.'...Winter in Moscow is acutely concerned with Jews...It was of course the case that a very disproportionate number of the early Bolsheviks were Jews and thus of commissars and apparatchiki..."

 The Campaign for Radical Truth in History's documentation of these forbidden facts constitutes the chief motivation for the suppression attempts of such Stalinist censorship groups as the A.D.L and Simon Wiesenthal Center. Both of these organizations would, if they could, have this writer jailed for publishing the documentation herein in Germany, France, or Austria.

 They regularly supply "intelligence files" to those governments on pro-Christian and pro-German writers. In 1995 the ADL sought to assist the prosecution of 69 year old American writer Hans Schmidt who was imprisoned in Germany for publishing a newsletter in Florida. These Jewish censors would like to have similar laws passed worldwide, resulting in the jailing of more writers and researchers who will not toe the party line or worship the Golden Calf.

 To give the other side of history, the revisionist side--to give voice to the voiceless millions of dead victims of Jewish Communism; is regarded as "hateful" by the vain Zionists who demand for themselves the right to vomit forth a daily barrage of sewage upon the sacred memory of our grandparents and ancestors. To defend against the dishonoring of our heritage and our ancestors, is surely not hate; it is the right of self-defense against psychological warfare.

 The Beginning of Communism Began With The Illuminati

 Illuminati Back in 1203 B.C.: From the official printing press of the Rosicrucians, it states: "In 1203 B.C., several of the Brothers of the Order who were of the Illuminati were commissioned to go into other lands and spread the secret doctrines by the establishment of other Lodges. It was quite apparent that Egypt was to be subjected to a devastation and that its great learning might be lost.

 It was finally decided that 'no undue haste should be sanctioned in permitting the Brothers who have gone abroad to establish Lodges, but rather that those who travel here in search of the Light should be tried, and to those found qualified shall be given the commission to return to their people and establish a Lodge in the name of the Brotherhood. It was this dictum; known as the 'Amra,' that in later years proved the wisdom of the Councilors at this meeting, for it not only became a hard and fast rule, but made for the success of the plans of propagation. It was in this wise that the phrase 'travel East for learning or Light' first came into use; for those who soon began to travel to Egypt came from the West. About the year 1000 B.C., there came to Egypt a character whose name is recorded as Aslomon." (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C., pp. 44-45)

 If this is true, Israel's King Solomon was trained in the Illuminati teaching. No wonder he allowed his wives to establish their own private booths to worship their false gods.

 From the book Kabbalah by Charles Ponce which shows this symbol to be of occultic origin. It is one of the three greatest occultic or Satanic symbols. It had nothing to do with King David, but a 15th century teacher of the Kabbalistic teachings. "Saloman had the assistance of two who had traveled in Egypt as architects and artists; Huramabi of Tyre and one Hiram Abif. The Saloman brotherhood was closely watched by the fraternity in Egypt, which had removed its headquarters to Thebes again because of political changes and the warring invasions in the territory of El Amarna, which eventually reduced the entire community to ruins.

 It was found that Saloman restricted his order to males and adapted a great many of the details of the Rosicrucian initiations and services. At first it was believed that he would apply to the Grand Lodge in Thebes for a charter and make his work a branch of the R.C., but it became apparent before the first assembly was held that he was not adhering to the Rosicrucian philosophy, for he used the sun as the exclusive symbol of his order.
 Of the growth of the Saloman brotherhood, as it was officially called in all ancient documents, one may read in all literature bearing upon Freemasonry. it has evolved into a semi-mystical, speculative, secret, fraternal order of power and great honor, gradually altering the principles laid down by Saloman, it is true, but doing so for the greater benefit of man. The Greeks were now coming to Hebes to study, and it was at this time that the world-wide spread of the organization began." (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C., pp. 48-49)

 Let's Go Back to Egypt: According to the Rosicrucians, in 1378 B.C., Amenhotep IV was born and was crowned King of Egypt in 1367 B.C., at age eleven. Their official history says that he was: "Born in a country where peoples were given to idolatry, where the chief endeavors were those of building Temples to gods of all kinds, it is easy to appreciate his attitude toward the existing religion (or religions) after he had been thoroughly instructed in the secret philosophy. His mind and understanding were usually keen, for in his fifteenth year he composed many of the most beautiful prayers, psalms, and chants used in the organization today, as well as contributing to the philosophy and sciences. To him came the inspiration of overthrowing the worship of idols and substituting the religion and worship of one god, a supreme deity, whose spirit was in heaven and whose physical manifestation was the Sun - the Symbol of Life.
 This was in accordance with the secret doctrines, and it changed the worship of the Sun as a god to the worship of The God symbolized by the sun. This was the beginning of Monotheism in Egypt and the origin of the worship of a spiritual deity which 'existed everywhere, in everything, but was nothing of the earth.'" (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C., pp. 31-32) Pantheism!

 Amenhotep IV started monastic life, and it is passed down to us today through the Roman Catholic church. Amenhotep IV: "...built a new capital at El Amarna in the plain of Hermopolis on a virgin site at the edge of the desert and abandoned Thebes...At El Amarna he also built a large Temple for the Brotherhood, in 'the form of a cross,' and a large number of houses for his Council. Here was the beginning of monastic life, for within the boundaries of El Amarna lived two hundred and ninety-six Brothers of the Order, each having taken an oath never to pass 'beyond the shadow of the Temple.' These Brothers wore special costumes which included a 'cord at the loins' and a covering for the head, while the priest in the Temple wore a surplice of linen and had his head shaved in a round spot on the top. It is from this institution that all monastic orders, especially that of St. Francis, derive their methods, even their costumes." (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C., pp. 33-34)

Communisn - Part 14

 The origin of the Rosicrucians is still an unsolved mystery; it is even as Disraeli wrote in 1841: "This mystic Order spread among the Germans, a mystic people, where its origin was actually debated in the same way as those of other secret societies; In fact, its hidden sources defy research."

 On the other hand, as in all so-called Rose-Croix Orders, the R.R. et A.C. (Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis) in its 5-6 ritual claims to go back to the remotest, even mythical, ages of antiquity, for it says: "Know that the Order of the Rose and Cross has existed from time immemorial, and that its mystic rites were practiced and its wisdom taught in Egypt, Eleusis, Samothrace, Persia, Chaldea, India, and in far more ancient lands, and thus handed down to posterity the Secret Wisdom of the Ancient Ages. Many were its Temples, and among many nations were they established, though in process of time some lost the purity of their primal knowledge."

 The mysterious Brothers of the Rosy Cross designated themselves as Invisibles, and their legendary history was: The Fraternity was founded by a certain Christian Rosenkreutz ("Kether -

(1). I (Christian Rosenkreutz) a member of the body of Christ, do this day spiritually bind myself even as I am now bound physically to the Cross of Suffering. Chokmah;

(2). That I will, to the utmost, lead a pure and unselfish life, and will prove myself a faithful and devoted servant of the Order. Binah;

(3). That I will keep all things connected with this Order and its secret knowledge from the whole world, equally from him who is a member of the First Order of the Stella Matutina as from an uninitiated person, and I will maintain the veil of strict secrecy between the First and Second Orders. Chesed;

(4). That I will uphold to the utmost the authority of the Chiefs of the Order; that I will not initiate or advance any person in the First Order, either secretly or in open Temple, without due authorization and permission. That I will neither recommend a candidate for admission to the First Order without due judgment and assurance that he or she is worthy of so great a confidence and honor, nor unduly press any person to become a candidate; and that I will superintend any examinations of members of lower grades without fear or favor in any way, so that our high standard of knowledge be not lowered by my instrumentality; and I further undertake to see that the necessary interval of time between the grades of Practices and Philosophies and between the latter grade and the Second Order is properly maintained. Geburah;

(5). Furthermore, that I will perform all practical work connected with this Order in a place concealed and apart from the gaze of the outer and uninitiated world, and that I will not display our magical implements, nor reveal the use of the same, but that I will keep secret this inner Rosicrucian knowledge, even as the same has been kept secret through the ages. That I will not make any symbol, or talisman, in the flashing colors for an uninitiated person without a special permission from the Chiefs of the Order (Today these Chiefs are known as The Learned Elders of Zion); that I will only perform any practical magic before the uninitiated which is of a simple and already well-known nature; and that I will show them no secret mode of working whatsoever, keeping strictly concealed from our modes of Tarot and other divination of clairvoyance, of astral projection, of the consecration of talismans and symbols, and the rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram, etc.; and most especially of the use and attribution of the flashing colors, and the vibratory mode of pronouncing the Divine names (Cabalistic and Jewish). Tiphereth;

(6). I further promise and swear that, with the Divine permission, I will from this day forward apply myself to the Great Work, which is so to purify and exalt my spiritual nature, that with the divine aid I may at length attain to be more than human (defied), and thus gradually raise and unite myself to my higher and divine genius, and that in this event I will not abuse the great power entrusted to me (raising the kundalini and uniting it with the universal ether and so linking with the masters). Netzach;

(7). I furthermore solemnly pledge myself never to work at any important symbol without first invoking the Highest Divine names (cabalistic) connected therewith, and especially not to debase my knowledge of practical magic to purposes of evil and self-seeking and low material gain and pleasure, and if I do this, notwithstanding this mine oath, I invoke the Avenging Angel that the evil and material may react on me. Hod;

(8). I further promise always to support the admission of both sexes to our Order on a perfect equality, and that I will always display brotherly love and forbearance towards the members of the whole Order, neither slandering nor evil-speaking, nor tale-bearing, nor repeating from one member to another, whereby strife and ill-feeling may be engendered. (This is invariably broken). Yesod;

(9). I also undertake to work unassisted at the subjects prescribed for study in the various practical grades, from Zelator Adeptus Minor to Adept Adeptus Minor, on pain of being degraded in rank to that of the Lord of the Paths in the Portal of the Vault only. Malkuth;

(10). Finally, if in my travels I should meet a stranger who professes to be a member of the Rosicrucian Order, I will examine him with care before acknowledging him to be so. Such are the words of this my obligation as an Adeptus Minor, whereunto I pledge myself in the presence of the Divine One I.A.O. and of the Great Avenging Angel Hua, and if I fail herein may my Rose be disintegrated and destroyed and my power in magic cease." ( The Jewish Cabalistic Tree of Life, from the Jewish Cabala or Kabbalah; Light-Bearers of Darkness, Inquire Within, pp. 154-155: In reading this obligation it must be clearly understood that this Order is Cabalistic and Gnostic, Jewish and anti-Christian. In it we have the Lord of the Universe, the I.A.O. the Pan of the Gnostic cults. The Christ in this obligation is the Serpent, the Logos of the Gnostics; a 'Christ' is a deified man. The 'Great Work' is Luciferian, the 'incarnation in humanity of the sovereign Sun,' the deification of the adept, who directing and commanding the astral light, performs seeming prodigies and miracles not for himself but always under the control of the 'Divine Guardians or the Order.' Turning to the letters above the adept's head, the I.N.R.I., we find that it is the keyword of the 5-6 grade, and is analyzed thus: I. Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother - the reproducer of seeds and fruits on the earth - the Preserver. N. Scorpio, Apophis, destroyer - the destroying and uniting force - the Destroyer. R. Sol, Osiris, slain and risen - the generating force of the Sun - the Creator. I. Isis. Apophis, Osiris. I.A.O. - I.N.R.I. The Preserver, Destroyer and Creator, as invoked in the Equinox S.M. ceremony when bringing down the light. The Inner Sign is L.V.X.)), born, it is said in 1378, of a noble German family. For twelve years, from the age of five, he was educated in a cloister, and thereafter travelled to Damascus, and from thence to a place called Damcar in Arabia, where he was well received by the Magi. These wise men expected him as being the one who, it had been foretold, would regenerate the world, and they initiated him into their Arabian magic.

 After visiting Fez and Spain, he returned to Germany where, along with three disciples, he founded the Fraternity, and they built their house called "Domus Sancti Spiritus," in which Christian Rosenkreutz lived until his death.

 There they wrote the book "M" Magicon, according to Dr. Wynn Westcott; compiled, it is said, from the magic taught to Rosenkreutz by the Arabs of Damcar. Also the books Axiomata, Rota Mundi, and Protheus.

 Christian Rosendreutz died, we are told, in 1484, at the age of one hundred or more, and for one hundred and twenty years the place of his tomb remained unknown. In 1604, while repairing the building, they came upon the door of the vault, and when opened they found the body of their founder and much magical property and occult manuscripts.

 "The Rose-Croix grade is a complete perversion of Christian symbolism and sacred beliefs; 'Three major events should fix the attention of the Rose-Croix: the creation of the world (generation), the deluge of Noah (destruction), and the redemption of mankind (regeneration). The triple consideration should be, in fact, ever present in the mind of all Freemasons, since the royal art has, like the ancient mysteries, no other aim than the knowledge of nature, where all are born, die, and regenerate themselves...This regeneration of man was and will always be the work of the philosophy practiced in the mysteries...the eagle is liberty, the Rose-Croix, humanity, symbolized by the pelican...The rose was also the emblem of the woman, and as the cross or triple phallus symbolized virility or the sun in all its force, the combination of these two emblems offers one more meaning expressing, as the Indian lingam, the union of the two sexes, symbol of universal generation...Fire (or vital energy) is concealed everywhere, it embraces all nature, it produces, it renews, it divides, it consumes, it maintains the whole body...heat and light are but its modifications, fecundity, movement, and life the effects (of the letters I.N.R.I., he says). Their combination formed a mysterious meaning long before Christianity and the sages of antiquity had attached to it one of the greatest secrets of nature; that of universal regeneration ...All ancient mystagogies were terminated by all breaking bread and tasting the wine from a common cup, to recall among themselves the community of goods and that initiates have nothing of their own. The bread and wine are consecrated. This mystic nourishment, which should feed body and soul, was an emblem of immortality." (Jewish writer Ragon (Dragon), Cours philosophique (1841), The Trail of the Serpent, Miss Stoddard, pp. 83-84)

 After his death the brothers devoted themselves to the study of the secrets of nature and its hidden forces, besides practicing medicine, gratuitously, using some mysterious remedies. Their agreement was: (1) That none of them should profess any other thing than to cure the sick and that gratis; (2) None of the Posterity should be constrained to wear one certain kind of habit, but therein to follow the custom of the country; (3) That every year, upon the day C. (Corpus Christi Day, the summer solstice), they should meet together at the house Sancti Spiritus, or write the cause of absence; (4) Every brother should look for a worthy person, who, after his decease, might succeed him; (5) The letters R.C. should be their seal, mark, and character; (6) The Fraternity should remain secret one hundred years.

Communisn - Part 15

 These invisibles awaited what they called the purification of the Church, when, before the end of the world, they hoped to re-establish everything in its primitive integrity. After the opening of the tomb, the appointed one hundred and twenty years having more than passed, they issued two manifestos: Fama Fraternitatis R.C., 1614, and Confessio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis, 1615, and sent them to all the learned men and Governments in Europe, inviting them to join with the Order in the universal reform. For a time these made a great stir, but with little outward result. These documents by many were ascribed to Jean Valentin Andrea, although he, himself, always denied the authorship.

 In his book Les Rose-Croix Lyonnais an XVIII Si�cle, in 1929, Paul Vulliaud goes into these manifestos, etc., linking them with Paracelsus and Cornelius Agrippa, Theosophy and Illuminism. Speaking of Ch. Fauvety's Livre du Mond (Magic of Nature) Vulliaud writes: "In a very interesting study Fauvety maintains it has to do with Magnetism...He did well in showing the importance attributed, during the time of Paracelsus, to the magnetic fluid in the Theosophic-scientific doctrines...After having observed that the followers of Paracelsus and van Helmont made a mystery of it, Fauvety adds, that the magnetic power 'might, indeed, according to some writers, have been the secret of the Rose-Croix, who in the sixteenth century were said to possess a universal remedy. What supports this supposition is that even the adversaries of magnetism reproached the doctors, followers of Paracelsus, with curing by magnetic processes similar to those of the Rose-Croix.'"

 As Gustave Bord wrote in La Franc-Ma�onnerie en France, 1908: "The doctrine of Paracelsus was drawn from the Cabala, Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. He claimed to know and expound the entire system of the Mysterious forces which act in nature and in man...Man must unite himself to the forces required in order to produce either physical or intellectual phenomena. The Universe was the Macrocosm, man was the Microcosm, and they were similar (as above so below)." Further, Vulliaud says that J.J. Monnier also knew that in certain lodges the initiates practiced magnetism. According to Monnier, "they magnetized by divine grace (sic), by force of faith and will, through walls to great distance, from Paris even to Dominica."

 Finally, Vulliaud concludes: "To sum up, Rosicrucianism is composed of mystic Illuminism, in combination with alchemy, astrology, magnetism, and communication with spirits (astral!), if not with the Word itself; it is composed of sometimes one, sometimes several of these forms of the marvelous and occult...In certain lodges...they ardently practice theurgy."

 In an anonymous book, Mysteries of the Rosie Cross, published in 1891, which is full of documented information, we read: "Respecting the origin and signification of the term Rosicrucian, different opinions have been held and expressed. Some have thought it was made up of rosa and crux (a  rose and a  cross), but it is maintained by others upon apparently good authority, that it is a compound of ros (dew) and crux (cross)...A cross in the language of the fire philosophers is the same as Lux (light), because the figure of a cross   exhibits all three letters of the word Lux at one view...A Rosicrucian, therefore, is a philosopher who, by means of dew seeks for light; that is, for the substance of the philosopher's stone."

 The Quintessence or five elements, earth, air, fire, water, and ether; the illuminised man! As to the Rosa-Crux interpretation, the R.R. et A.C. ritual Informs us the key to the, "Tomb of Osiris On-nopheris, the Justified One (illuminated), the symbolical burying-place of our Mystic Founder Christian Rosen-kreutz which he made to represent the the form of the Rose and Cross, the ancient Crux Ansata, the Egyptian symbol of Life, which resume the Life of Nature and the powers hidden in the word I.N.R.I."

 As we know, I.N.R.I. is Igne Natura Renovatur Integra; the entire nature is renewed by fire. It represents the three phases of universal generation; creation, destruction, and regeneration. The signs given are L.V.X. representing the same idea. Further explaining L.V.X., the same ritual says: Having arrived at the door of the tomb, "upon more closely examining the door you will perceive...that beneath the CXX in the inscription were placed the characters L.V.X., the whole being equivalent to 'Post CXX Annos Lux Crucis Patebo'; at the end of 120 years I the light of the Cross will disclose myself. For the letters L.V.X., are made from the dismembered and conjoined angles of a cross  ."

 Moreover, the Rosicrucians were learned cabalists, and Adolphe Franck, in La Kabbale, quotes Simon ben Jochai in the Zohar, speaking of the Ancient of Days, the first of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life: "He is seated on a throne of sparks which he subjects to his will... From his head he shakes a dew which awakens the dead and given birth within them to a new life. That is why it is written: 'Thy dew is a dew of light. It is the manna prepared for the just for the life to come. It descends into the fields of the sacred fruits (adepts of the Cabala). The aspect of this dew is white as a diamond, whose color includes all colors." This dew is the "Divine White Light or Brilliance" of the Rosicrucians, the magnetic fluid of their magic. Furthermore, it is said in the same R.R. et A.C. ritual: "Colors are forces and the signature of forces, and Child of the Children of Forces art thou, and, therefore, about the throne of the Mighty One is a rainbow of Glory and at his feet is the Crystal Sea." It is the force of Illuminism, a light of Nature!

 Again, Jane Lead, chief inspiration of the Panacea Society, speaking of the properties of the Cabalistic Tree of Life, describes the fifth as: "The sweetness of the dew, which lies always upon the branches of the Tree...It is all paradisiacal (or illuminating) power." This same power, magnetic fluid, is the basis of their Rosicrucian universal remedy." Moreover, according to the writer of The Mysteries of the Rosie Cross; "A remarkable work was published in Strasbourg in the year 1616, entitled, The Hermetic Romance, or the Chymical Wedding. Written in High Dutch by Christian Rosencreutz. This said to have existed in far back, in fact, as 1601, thus making it the oldest Rosicrucian book extant."

 Some say it was the work of Valentin Andrea; in any case, it appears to depict the adept's union with the Universal agent, and it is possible that the whole legend of Christian Rosenkreutz merely represents the same mystical idea as found among all yogis and mystics, awakening mysterious powers. As Gustave Bord wrote: "In all times there were secret sects who claimed to understand the laws which regulate the Universe; some believed they really possessed the ineffable secret; others, the clever ones, made their mysteries a lure for the crowd, claiming thus to dominate and lead it; at least they found the way to utilize it to their profit."

 In the Preface to a curious book, The Long Livers, by Robert Samber, writing under the pseudonym "Eugenius Phila�thes Junior," which was dedicated to the Grand Lodge of London in 1722, and has been referred to by the Masonic historians Mackay, Whytehead, and Yarker, it is clearly indicated that above the three traditional grades there is an illumination and a hierarchy, whose nature is not revealed, but the language used is entirely that of alchemy and Rose-Croix. Louis Dast�, speaking of Freemasonry in the French Revolution, remarks: "This mysterious illumination of the low grades of Masonry, this hierarchy of which Philal�thes Junior has so jealously guarded the secret, those 'Unknown Superiors' venerated by the Judaising Martinists and Philal�thes, who claim domination over ordinary lodges; is not all that the unbreakable chain which links the Jewish Cabala to Freemasonry, and have we not henceforth the right to suspect the Occult Power hidden behind the Masonic Lodges to be the brain of Judaism which would conquer and dominate the entire world?"

   Martines de Pasqually: In his book on the Order of the Elus Coens of the eighteenth century, R. le Forestier tells us that this Order was founded; continuing as martinists today, about 1760, by Martines de Pasqually, said to be a Portuguese Jew. It was one of the most interesting occult groups of the time,  "which constituted under cover of Freemasonry one of the last links of the long chain of mysterious and jealously closed associations whose members claimed by magical process to communicate with the divine in order to participate in a blessed immortality." Illuminism!

 The name Coen given by Pasqually to his members is an adaptation of the Hebrew term Cohanim, which designated the highest sacerdotal caste, constituted at Jerusalem, under Solomon, to assure divine service in the Temple; they were said to be descended in direct line from Aaron (This we know to be a lie, because the Jews are not Israelites, but are the descendants of the Khazars of Eastern Russia).

 The Coens thus claimed to be heirs and depositories of the secret Jewish tradition. Pasqually built up a curious metaphysical and mystic system, "borrowed from secret traditions, it represented a weak but very clear echo of the diverse esoteric doctrines originating in the East during the early centuries of our era after adopting other more ancient traditions, and which later penetrated the West through the intermediary of the Jewish Cabala."

 His disciples were the successors of the mystes of Asia, Egypt, Greece, and Italy, of the Valentinians, Orphics, and followers of Mithras; they professed the mystic doctrines of the Neo-Platonists, Gnostics, and Cabalists, and cultivated at the time of the Encyclopedia the "Secret Wisdom of the Ancients."

Communisn - Part 14

 The Theoretical Cabala, as we know, treats of the nature of the Deity, his relations with man, and the origin of the world. The Practical or Magical Cabala, on the other hand, dealt with "dynamistic and thurgic magic, taught the art of commanding spirits, divining the future, clairvoyance from a distance, and making amulets."  In its mystic currents were found the influence of Chaldean astrology and demonology, Ionic natural philosophy, Mazdean, Manichaean, Sabean, and Mthraic concepts, also Pythagorean arithmetic and geometry. It was a residue of the primitive cults founded on "fluidic Magic"; the magical magnetic fluid of the alchemists, Rosicrucians, and Illumin�, and which still during the Captivity, persisted in the Babylonian and Persian religions. In the seventeenth century J.B. van Helmont, in his Hortus Medicine, wrote: "A magical force, sent asleep by sin, is latent in man; it can be awakened by the grace of God or by the art of the Cabala."

 It is the awakening of the kundalini by magical process or yoga! These theurgic rites of the Practical Cabala had existed until the eighteenth century in the heart of the Jewish sects connected with the Frankists, so widespread in Central Europe.

 Finally, le Forester says that the theurgic process, advocated particularly by the Practical Cabala, was founded on the marvelous power of divine names; it is derived from one of the fundamentals of all kinds of magic, going back to remotest times.

 Pasqually also emphasized this idea, familiar to cabalists, that the name above all manifests its power when pronounced in a loud voice. Here we have the "vibratory mode of pronouncing divine names," used in the Stella Matutina and the R.R. et A.C., a Martinist Order, which their obligations command should never be revealed!

 The power is greatly increased, as in magical conjurations, by pronouncing the name together with all its correspondences as shown in Crowley's book 777. Further, the operations of the Coens, with their diagrams, lustrations, burning of incense, prostrations, invocations, and conjurations, manifestly show the magical ceremonials to which the disciples of Pasqually devoted themselves. We find the same operations in the S.M. and the R.R. et A.C. et A.C. today.

 To turn to Eliphas Levi, another and later Martinist, who writes in his History of Magic: "Moreover, the law of equilibrium in analogy leads to the discovery of a universal agent which was the Great Secret of the alchemists and magicians of the Middle Ages. It has been said that this agent is a light of life by which animated beings are rendered magnetic, electricity being only a transient perturbation. The practice of that marvelous Kabalah reposes entirely in the knowledge and use of this agent. Practical Magic alone opens the secret Temple of Nature to that power of human will which is ever limited but ever progressive."

 The Zohar, he says, is a genesis of light (of Nature). The Sepher Yetzirah is the ladder of accomplishment and application; it has thirty-two steps; ten Sephiroth or centers of light, and twenty-two paths or canals linking the Sephiroth, and through which the light or magical fluid flows. It is the Cabalistic Tree of Life. Applied, as it is in cabalistic and magical Orders, to the Microcosm of man's brain and nervous system, it is full of danger and illusion, mental, moral, and physical. Eliphas Levi further says that the science of fire and its ruling was the secret of the Magi, giving them mastery over the occult powers of nature; "on every side we meet with the enchanter who slays the lion and controls the serpents. The lion is the celestial (cosmic or starry) fire, while the serpents are the electric and magnetic currents of the earth. To this same secret of the Magi are referable all marvels of Hermetic Magic."

 Finally, these controlling "Supermen" behind the scenes are, it would seem, past-masters in the knowledge and working of this Practical Cabala built up from cults of the remotest past. Is it not, therefore, justifiable to suppose that these Supermen are magic-working, cabalistic, and revolutionary Jews?

   Pernety: Joanny Bricaud, in Les Illumin�s d'Avignon, 1927, gives us some curious details on the growth of this movement: "Strange thing! The era of the Encyclopedists and philosophers was also the era of the prophets and the thaumaturgists. In face with Voltaire, Diderot, d'Alembert, incredulous and skeptic, arose Swedenborg, Martines de Pasqually, Saint-Martin, Mesmer, and Cagliostro, founders of mystic groups given up to every practice of theurgy, magic, and illuminism."

 As said by Bricaud, Dom Pernety, the founder of the Avignon group, was born at Roanne, in Forez, 1716, and became a Benedictine of Saint-Maur. Whilst at the Abbey-Saint-Germain-des Pr�s, he came across many books on Hermetic lore and Alchemy, and became thoroughly inoculated with this fever of the age. Finding monastic life intolerable, he threw it up and went to Avignon, where he founded his Hermetic Rite, 1766. Later we see him in Berlin, still keeping in touch with his adepts. Gradually his hermeticism became invaded by the mysticism of Swedenborg and Boehme, he became a seer and illumin�, having as guide a so-called Angel Assadai, receiving communications from an invisible power known as Sainte-Parole.

 M. Bricaud further says that there exists in the Bibloth�que Calvet at Avignon, a strange manuscript of 155 pages in Pernety's own handwriting, which was seized in his house during the Revolution. It dates from Berlin, 1779-1783, and Avignon, 1783-1785, and is an account of the evocations and questions of his initiates to this Sainte-Parole and the replies of that power.

 The initiates are inscribed by occult numbers, which form the basis of their cabalistic operations, when consulting Sainte-Parole. Nothing was done without the approval of this unknown power. As Weishaupt has said: "We cannot use men as they are; they must be shaped according to the use that is to be made of them."

 In the same way Pernety and his initiates were tested, admonished, and bemused until the power obtained absolute faith and obedience from them. They were consecrated on a hill above Berlin, regenerated, and illuminised; Pernety was destined to found a society for the "new people of God," and build a new city in preparation for a "new heaven and new earth." He was to be the center and pontiff and another adept, Comte Grabianka, was to be king.

 The six-year-old daughter of the latter was to be isolated from parents and country for seven years to be prepared as oracle through whom he was to rule. Finally, the temple calle Thabor was established near Avignon, and the group became known as the Illumin�s d'Avignon (more on this later). Their cult was absolutely secret, and in a general way their ideas were those of Swedenborg, but they also professed a cult of the Virgin, apparently the Great Mother of the Gnostics. Don Pernety died in 1796, and the last survivors entered Martinism.

   Saint-Martin: Martinist Illuminism was founded, as we have seen, by Martines de Pasqually, who taught the doctrine of reintegration; from 1754 to 1768 he propagated his higher grades among the Masonic Lodges of France. M. de Maistre, in 1810, wrote that the Martinists had a cult and higher initiates of priests called by the Hebrew name of Cohen, and he observed that all these great initiates took part in the Revolution, though not to excess. Saint-Martin, the unknown philosopher, was Pasqually's disciple and later considerably developed the movement, establishing his Loge ma�onnique des Chevaliers de la bienfaisance at Lyons.

 According to Louis Blanc: "Martinism made rapid progress in Paris; it reigned in Avignon; at Lyons it had a center whence it radiated to Germany and Russia. Grafted on Freemasonry, the new doctrines constituted a rite which was composed of ten grades...through which the adepts had successively to pass; and numerous schools were formed with the sole aim of finding the key to the mystic code and spreading it. Thus, from one book Des Erreurs et de la V�rit� par un philosophe inconnu arose a vast crowd of... efforts which contributed to enlarge the mine dug under old institutions. In the name of pious spiritualism the unknown philosopher rises up against the folly of human cults. By paths of allegory he leads to the heart of the Mysterious Kingdom which man in his primitive state had inhabited."

Communisn - Part 17

 The Illumin�s, organized under the law of secrecy, exercised important influences in revolutionary movements, and both Martinists and Swedenborgians allied themselves to the Illuminati of Weishaupt, as seen in the wilhelmsbad Convent of 1782, the object of which was thus expressed by a horrified delegate, the Comte de Virieu who had been deceived by Saint-Martin's mysticism: "There is a conspiracy being plotted so well planned and so deep that it will be very difficult for religion and governments not to succumb to it."

 In the Rituel de l'Ordre Martiniste, edited by Teder, 1913, the adept of the third degree is warned not to reveal the mysteries: "But if, by the power of thy freewill and the blessings of the Divine One, thou shalt arrive at contemplating the Truth face to face, remember that thou must keep silence on the Mystery that thou hast penetrated, even should thy fidelity cost thy life. Ever remember the fate of the Great Initiators who have, even with the best of intentions, tried to raise, before the multitude, a corner of the sacred Veil of Isis."

 Here follows a few named: Jesus, Jacques Molay, Paracelsus, Cazotte, Cagliostro, Saint-Martin, Wronski, Eliphas Levi, Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, and hundreds of others (all Jews). And they continue: "Shouldst thou reveal the least of the Secret Arts or any part of the hidden mysteries that meditation may have led thee to understand, there is no physical torture that is not sweet compared to the punishment that thy folly shall bring upon thee."

 No material symbol can express the horror of annihilation both spiritual as well as physical which awaits the miserable revealer of the True Word, for God (sic) is without mercy, for whosoever may profane His sanctuary and brutally expose to unworthy eyes the unspeakable Secret. Finally, the Superior Inconnu in the Second Temple has to swear to "work with all my strength to establish on earth, the Association of all Interests (Profits), Federation of all Nations, Alliance of all cults and Universal Solidarity." In 1913 "Papus," Dr. G. Encausse, was Grand Master and President of the Supreme Council of the Martinists.

   Swedenborg: As for Swedenborgianism, in Les Sectes et Soci�t�s Secr�tes, from the pen of Le Couteulx de Canteleu, we find a short but interesting sketch of Swedneborg and his systems: Emanuel Swedenborg was the son of a Jewish Lutheran Bishop of Skara in Sweden, and was born in Upsala about 1688.

 In 1743 he began to spread his beliefs, a mixture of mysticism, magnetism, and magic. As with all such doctrines, he had two systems: one for dupes and fools which was apparently to reform Christianity by a fantastic deism, the reigning faith in his New Jerusalem; his followers believed in his marvelous visions and prophecies, his talks with angels and spirits. The other led straight to godlessness, atheism, and materialism, where, as in Hermeticism, God was only a sun, a spirit of Light, a spiritual heat vivifying the body. To these latter he represented his doctrine as being that of the Egyptians and the Magi, and these adepts went whole-hearted for the Revolution as restoring to man his primitive Equality and Liberty.

 In England alone he had 20,000 such followers in 1780, who looked for the Revolution to overthrow all other beliefs; Swedenborg's God was to be the only King left! In Avignon he had many adepts who mingled with the Martinists, being known as illuminated Theosophists, and among these were found the same vows in favor of an anti-social, anti-religious revolution.

 In a Foreword to one of Emmanuel Swedenborg's books on The Doctrine of the New Church; the New Jerusalem, translated in 1797, from the Latin of the Amsterdam edition of 1769, it is said in explanation of this doctrine: "To be at the same time in the natural world and in the spiritual world, to live in the former in the society of men, and find oneself in the latter in the society of the angels, to see them, to speak with them, to hear them, to move in a kingdom of spiritual substances; here, doubtless, is more than is needed to disconcert the materialistic understanding of the wise men of today."

 It is, therefore, not surprising that de Luchet considered that "Theosophists, Swedenborgians, Magnetisers and Illumin�s were a national danger."

   Templars: As the French Revolution approached, the ground, it was found, was being mined and prepared for the sinister upheaval of 1789 by, among others, the still active power of the former Order of the Templars. Eliphas Levi Informs us that, although outwardly Catholics, the secret cult of the Templars was Johannism, and their secret aim was to rebuild the Temple of Solomon on the model of the vision of Ezekiel; the arms of the Masons of the Temple, quarterly a lion, ox, man, and eagle, were the banners of the four leading Hebrew tribes.

 The Johannites, who were cabalists and gnostics, adopted part of the Jewish traditions and Talmudic accounts; they regarded the facts of the Gospels as allegories of which John had the key; their Grand Pontiffs assumed the title of Christ. In time the Templars became a danger to Church and State, menacing the entire world with a gigantic revolution, and they were eventually suppressed.

 As the high Mason Albert Pike wrote, in Morals and Dogmas: "The Order disappeared at once... Nevertheless it lived under other names and governed by Unknown Chiefs, revealing itself only to those who in passing through a series of degrees had secret...The secret movers of the French revolution had sworn to overturn the Throne and Altar upon the tomb of Jacques de Molai."

 According to Louis Blanc, in his History of the French Revolution, 1848, Cagliostro was initiated at Frankfort, 1781, under the authority of "the Grand Masters of the Templars," the Illuminati of Weishaupt, from whom he received instructions and funds to carry out their diabolical intrigues against Marie Antoinette in preparation for the later seizure of power through the illuminised Grand Orient Lodges.

 Speaking of Weishaupt's projects, Louis Blanc wrote: "By the sole attraction of mystery, by the sole power of association, to subject to the same will, to animate with the same breath thousands of men in every country in the make new beings of these men by means of slow gradual education, to render them, even to the point of frenzy or death, obedient to invisible and Unknown Chiefs; with such a legion to secretly weigh upon the Court, to surround the sovereigns, unbeknown to direct Governments, and to lead Europe to that point where all superstition is annihilated, all monarchies brought down, all privileges of birth declared unjust, the right even of property abolished; such was the gigantic plan of the founders of the Illuminism."

 In Orthodoxie Ma�onnique, 1853, the Jew and Masonic authority, J.M. Ragon, gives details of the two grades of the Order "Juges Philosophes Inconnus," a Templar r�gime. He places these as belonging, probably, to the "Order of Christ," an Order which, after the suppression of the Templars, was constituted in Portugal by King Denis, and into which reformed Templars were admitted, without, however, their former immunities and entirely depending on the Head of the State. It is admitted that modern Templars have used the veil of Masonry as being better for spreading their ideas, but it is Masonic only in form.

 The jewel of the adept is a dagger and his work is vengeance. The Novice grade of these "Philosophes Inconnus" is the first in the last grade of Masonry; Kadosch, 30th degree, the brother must be at least Rose-Croix (18th degree) and already instructed in the royal art. The President addresses him: " were for long the object of our observation and our soon as you have taken your new obligation you will cease to belong to yourself; your life, even, will have become the property of the Order. The most absolute obedience, the entire abnegation of your will, the prompt execution, without reflection, of the orders which will be transmitted to you on the part of the Supreme Power, such will be your principal duties. The most terrible punishments are reserved for perjurers...and who is a perjurer in the eyes of the Order? He who even in the lightest thing infringes the orders which he has received from the Chief or refuses to execute them, for nothing is unimportant in our sublime Order...Your employment in the future will be to form men...You must learn here how the feet and hands of those who usurp the rights of men can be bound; you must learn to govern men and dominate them, not by fear, but by virtue (sic). You must consecrate yourself entirely to the Order which has undertaken to re-establish man in his primitive dignity...The secret Government, but not less powerful, must lead other Governments towards this noble aim without, however, allowing itself to be perceived except through the universal opinion and assent of society. There exists a considerable number of our brothers; we are spread throughout most distant lands, all led by an invisible force...If you desire only to be a perjurer and a false brother, do not pledge yourself among us, you will be cursed and unhappy; our vengeance will reach you everywhere."

Communisn - Part 18

 If he hesitates, he is blindfolded and led out; if he consents, he takes the obligation and is received. After three years of study and preparation the final grade, Juge-Commandeur, may be given. He then takes another obligation, in which he promises and swears to work for the propagation of the Order and its safety, to obey his Superiors in all ways, whether they are known to him or not.

 Finally, it is said to him: "You swear and promise to keep inviolate the secrets I am going to confide to you; never to pardon traitors, and to subject them to the fate that the Order reserves for them...To guard yourself from the excesses of wine, the table, and women, the ordinary causes of indiscretion and weakness (in case of betraying Order secrets!)."

 At the end of both grades a portion of an abridged history of the destruction of the Knight Templars is read to the adept. And of their Order it was said: "It can no longer be denied that in early times we have never recognized more than five degrees of knowledge; the number twenty-five or thirty-three degrees which form the frame of Scottish Masonry is the result of the love of innovations or the product of self-esteem; for it is certain that of the thirty-three degrees practiced today there are twenty-eight apocryphal which merit no confidence."

 In their regulations, Article 32 says; "The penalties against the brothers who have been guilty of any offense whatsoever are: reprimand, expulsion, and even graver penalties if the crime compromises the Society. Sentences of the last nature cannot be executed without confirmation of judgment by the Supreme Power."

 In his final discourse upon the unhappy fate of the Templars, the Chief of the Philosophes Inconnus said: "...Now as the number of Templars escaped from the murderous sword of persecution was very small, also as, in order to avenge the unheard of crime of which they had been victims, it was necessary to repair their losses, they admitted into their Order men of recognized merit, whom they sought for and found among the Masons...They offered them initiation into their Order, which was eagerly accepted, and in exchange the Templars were initiated into the Masonic mysteries."

 In conclusion we give two passages from Le Couteulx de Canteleu, who in his well-documented book refers to the trial of the Templars: "Certainly, far be it from me the thought to defend the cruel procedure followed against several members of the Order and the torture applied during interrogations; far from me the thought to believe all the absurdities of which they were accused. But in the midst of all these cruelties and all these infamies, the foundation of the accusation was true; they knew it, and that was what made more than 300 members, not yet subjected to torture, admit facts which appeared to us so extraordinary, but which were understood when one knew the foundation of their doctrine, revived from Egyptian and Hebraic initiations, also their affiliation to the Freemasons of the East (the Assassins), and the vices that the Grand Masters had permitted to be introduced into the Order, so as, probably, to increase their power."

 He also regarded as positive that the Templar Guillaume de Monthard received Masonic initiation from the Old Man of the Mountain in a cave in Lebanon, and that the Assassins held some of the beliefs of the Ophites, serpent or dual-sex worshippers, hence,

 he says, Baphomet! Again he said that Pope Clement V was slow to believe in this formidable heresy: "It was only after having seventy-two Knights interrogated in his presence, as a man interested in finding them innocent, exacting no other oath from them but to reply to the questions asked; it was only after their admissions, given in the presence of notaries, that he was forced to recognize their guilt and revoke the suspension (previously ordered) of the Bishops, allowing them to pursue the arrangements made by Philippe le Bel in order to come to a judgment."

 The occult, worshippers of Lucifer, used the cross as its sacred symbol. Now do we understand why our Savior, Jesus the Christ, died on a cross or upright stake or obelisk? It was Satan's symbol!

   Prophesied Occultic World Leader: "In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy the mighty men and the holy people. He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of Princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power." (Daniel 8:23-25; NIV)

 In the King James version, verse 23 says, "understanding dark sentences." In other words, "tricky" or occultic language that the "uninitiated" will not comprehend. The Rosicrucians stated that they were the oldest secret society, and even admitted being the Illuminati.

 Let's investigate their rise to power and Who they admit is their god through which this power comes. Revelation 13:1-2 says: "And I saw a beast rise up out of the sea...and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

 An unseen power is using human beings to give rise to world government. Revelation 12:9 identifies the dragon as, "...that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world..."

   Secret Societies Great Mystery; "Novus Ordo Seclorum": In 1785, four more leading members of the Illuminati left the Society and testified before a Court of Inquiry called by the Elector of Bavaria. Their startling evidence removed all doubt regarding the Satanic nature of Illuminism. On the 11th of October, 1785, the Bavarian authorities raided Zwack's house and discovered a mountainous array of Illuminati documents which showed quite clearly that they planned to bring about a "universal revolution that should deal the death-blow to society...This Revolution will be the work of the Secret Societies, and that is one of our Greatest Mysteries."

 Is it true that these documents revealed a secret sinister plot for world government run by members of these Secret Societies? From the book Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, we read: "It is no violation of Secrecy to give the Outer, objective, details of the various activities of the Great White Brotherhood..." (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewish, Ph.D., F.R.C., Introduction, p. 15)

 So there are secrets that are Not to be made public. Mr. Lewish stated that only books printed on the official Rosicrucian printing press were authentic. He also said there is a great White Brotherhood!

   Origin of the Rosicrucian Order: What possible connection could Secret Societies have with ancient Babylon and Egypt that the Bible would condemn them? "Whether one accepts all of the points of the traditional history or not, one is certain to feel that the origin of the Rosicrucian Order is found in the early Mystery Schools of the Great White Brotherhood. A study of the schools of philosophy and arcane wisdom in the Oriental land preceding the Christian Era reveals that there is but one land in which the Rosicrucian organization could have had its birth. That land is Egypt. And even the casual student of Egyptian history is impressed with the probability of the birth of the organization in that land.

 If one sets aside the traditional history entirely, and accepts only that which is based upon very definite records in printed or official manuscript form, one must reject the popular and entirely fictitious claim that the Rosicrucian Order had its origin in the seventeenth century in Germany. The very positive references to the Order in printed books dated centuries earlier in other lands conclusively prove that the Order was very old and very well established when it had a form of revival in Germany in the seventeenth century. The claim has been made that the AMORC (Rosicrucian Order) is the Oldest antedate Freemasonry and the latter has always claimed great antiquity." (Rosicrucian, Questions and Answers, with Complete History, H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C., pp. 12-13; 17)

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