Willie Martin is Named as One of the Leaders of the Identity Movement
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How about that folks a person on the [email protected] has named me as one of the leaders of the Identity Movement. Boy was I ever shocked to read that; and would you believe it he posted a good number of Christian Identity web sites that had my name on them.

     "Chad wrote: I have wondered if he is part of The House of Yahweh. well, according to this link http://konformist.com/blasphemy/blasphemy.htm (scroll to 'Ishtar/Easter' section (CTRL+F) he is a leader of Christian Identity movement (http://www.christianidentity.org/)

More on the above movement can be found here:

http://www.stormfront.org/links.htm scroll to Christian Identity section

You might also want to visit the http://www.stormfront.org itself to have an idea who Christian Identity associated with.

Willie's own site at http://www.jewwatch.com/ is advertized here:
http://www.wpww.com/ and Willie's books can be obtained from this list:



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   So how about that. Little does he know that there are those out there that are far more knowledgeable than I am that do not work on the Internet, but do theirs in their
churches which I have none. I am just a watchman; and the definition of that is certainly not a leader.

    I would have liked to have been but I waited too long in life to learn the Israel Truth and therefore can on do the work of a watchman and not a minister or preacher. But since that is what Yahweh wants me to do I intend to do it the very best I can.

    I pray that all of you escaped the pagan "Halloween" and worship of Satan alright and that none of your children were hurt by the evil ones that put razor blades, poison and etc., into the treates they give the children.

    But I thought some of you might get a kick out of what this guy says. I think this Nikolai is probably a Jew since he had a list of web sites on CI and knew who I was. But I think Yawhew that he put those sites on the list because some of the others will go to see what it is all about and therefore the Israel Truth messages will go to some that would never see it otherwise.

I remain Sincerely yours, In His Service,

Willie Martin

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