"In Search of Isaac's Children"
By Willie Martin
Table of Contents

Part 1 of 32
The Inheritance of Israel
The People Called By My Name

Part 2 of 32
Chapter One
The Jews Come To America
The Talmud:

Part 3 of 32
Chapter One Continued
Cracks In The Holocaust Myth

Part 4 of 32
Facts About The Holocaust!

Part 5 of 32
Chapter Three
God Does Not Recognize Mixed Seeds
God Forbids Mixing Of The Races
Herod Was On The Throne In Palestine
Fornication Is The Mixing
Integration Is A Curse
Moses First Wife Was A Negro Woman

Part 6 of 32
Chapter four
A History Of The Travels Of Israel

Part 7 of 32
Chapter Five
The Assyrians Who Took The Israelites Captive

Part 8 of 32
Chapter Five Continued
Is There A Chosen People?
Magna Charta of 1215 A.D.
The Petition of Right of 1628
Bill of Rights of 1689

Part 9 of 32
Chapter Five Continued
North America Was Inhabited By Israelites

Part 10 of 32
Chapter Five Continued:
The Norsmen
Chapter Six
White Slavery In Early America

Part 11 of 32
Chapter Six Continued:

Part 12 of 32
Chapter Six Continued:

Part 13 of 32
Chapter Seven
In the Words of S.D. Baldwin, Who Lived in the 19th Century
The White Race Is An Old Race But Not The Oldest
Acts Which Cannot Be Ignored

Part 14 of 32
Chapter Eight
Marks Of Identity
The United States Is: Regathered Israel
Chapter Nine
Christianity - Religion of the West
West and Christianity Synonymous
Established Facts are Undeniable
Western Civilization Unexportable
Transformation By Cannon

Part 15 of 32
Military Force - Not Love
White Missionaries Murdered
Christianity Is Bewildering To Primitive Natives
Disease and Pestilence
Falling Birth Rates and Abortion Murder Mills
Humanism Taught In Our Schools
Aliens [within and without]
Foreign Wars
High Taxes
Failing Farms and Industry
Acid Rain

Part 16 of 32

Part 17 of 32
Chapter Ten
Adam Was Not The Father of Cain or Abel
Adam and Man As Hebrew Word 120
Moses Writes Word 376 Not 120
The Hebrew Words 120 and 376 Are Not Equal

Part 18 of 32
Chapter Eleven

Part 19 of 32
Chapter Twelve
Israel Follows The East Wind
Jeremiah's Letter
Two Empires Broken Up
Israel Escapes
New Names For Israel
Spartans Were Israelites
Jesus The Christ

Part 20 of 32
Chapter Thirteen
Israel Arrives In America
The Scottish Declaration of Independence
Righteousness is Disregarded
Desolate Heritages
Sailing to The New World
America's Compact to God
God Keeps His Word

Part 21 of 32
Chapter Fourteen
Mystery Babylon

Part 22 of 32
Chapter Fifteen
Proof that the Unites States is: Regathered Israel!

Part 23 of 32

Part 24 of 32
The Rapture Theory

Part 25 of 32

Part 26 of 32

Part 27 of 32

Part 28 of 32
The Never-Ending Last Days

Part 29 of 32

Part 30 of 32

Part 31 of 32

Part 32 of 32
George Washington's Vision

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