The Jews Are Really Moving Now
March 12, 2000
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

 Boy the Jews are working overtime in producing television shows that espouse their agenda. I believe that they are frantic and are showing it through their constant increas-ingly propagandic television and movies. They know instenctively that their time for destruc-tion is drawing ever more near and are trying to destory our people, so that Almighty God cannot finaize His plans for His Israel people. But the Jews will fail in this, just as they have failed in every other thing they have tried to do.

     They thought by conquering Russia and Eastern Europe that they would be able to competely destroy our Israel brothers and sisters sooner than this, but their plans have failed and they know it. Now they are desperately trying to accomplish their plans and so the ever increasing propaganda.

 A couple of weeks ago on "Walker Texas Ranger," they really gave Christians, Patriots, and those who love their country a very black eye in the eyes of the masses; who don't know what is happening and don't want to know.

 Then they had a show on "Walker Texas Ranger," wherein they are trying to convince the masses that to raise children who are mindless and have no individuality as the thing to do. That for a child to be an individual was some-thing very bad; and that all should wear the same clothing in school so their individuality would not show itself.

 Now, tonight, on "Touched By An Angel" they are trying to portray the Jews as being very religious and follow after God all the time in their every thought and deed. Which could not be further from the truth.

 In one scene an ambulance went by and the parent of the little boy scolded him because he did not "pray" for the person in the ambulance. But the movie did not show that the god the Jews pray to is Satan or Lucifer, as some call him. And that if they did pray for the one in the ambulance, that he/she would die before they reached the hospital, especially if they were white and one of our brother or sister Israelite.

 The movie, of course, did not show that the agenda of the Jews, in part, is to: "The family is to be abolished and infants are to be raised in a public orphanage and later educated by the state, and then assigned to the various tasks (out based education) for which they are best fitted; in other words, the penitentiary state, universal draft, federal education, from the Kibbutz (orphanage) to the battlefield. And, to those of aristocratic birth are to be given further training in preparation for becoming rulers. Those who fail to qualify are to be made auxiliaries of government, officers and clerks, while those who succeed will continue into the higher studies of the Philosophy of the State... who shall become the ‘guards' or rulers of the state."

 Since men are by nature acquisitive, jealous, combative, erotic and generally not to be trusted,
how can they be expected to enter into such a scheme of things? How can those who fail to qualify be reconciled to a subordinate place? Will not jealousies and disappointments be the seed of discontent and of ultimate revolution?

 Many of the Talmudic "sages" have foreseen this difficulty and devised an answer. They believe and teach in the Talmud that a state can not be strong and unified unless it believed in "a god." And Russia has proven that this is true, because they tried to have a state with no god, but found that it would not work. Therefore, they are now allowing a form of religion, a mixture of Mohammed, Christianity, Islamic, and Judaism. Therefore, they realized that a mere "cosmic force" a "first cause" that was not a personal deity (like the En Sof of the Talmudists) could not inspire hope or devotion...or restrain greed and passion. The social force of a belief in "a god" is enhanced when it is joined with a belief in personal immortality. Granted that such beliefs cannot be demonstrated, and may be false, they will, the "sages" argue, do no harm and may do immeasurable good.

 So the children of the state be taught to believe in an afterlife and in a just and punishing "god" merely as a political expediency. It could be pointed out to them that the "god" had made men differently, some of gold, some of silver, some of brass, and some of iron; the oracle of the "god" could constantly proclaim that when a man of iron tried to rule the state, he would be destroyed. But this and similar stratagems the populace could be kept subservient to the guards, who could d presumably change the stratagems from time to time as the need arose.

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     Definition of an American: "A person who is a slave to the International Bankers and Zionist elite, but believes he is free, because they can voice their opinions; as long as the government agents don't hear it."
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