How The Jews Have Repaid America and Its People For Giving Them Safe Refuge From A World That Hates Them
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Jewish subversion and treason from the beginning to the attack!
Real Aims of World War II
Lucifer the Devil

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Chapter One - America the Country the Jews have Betrayed
Chapter Two - Treason Committed Against America By The Jews

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Chapter Three - Financial Interests Dictates American Foreign Policy:
Chapter Four - Jews Provided The Germans With Military Weapons On Russian Soil So Germany Could Rebuild Their Military

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Chapter Five - On November 22, 1963, The Jewish Mossad Killed President Kennedy!

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Chapter Six - Jewish Subversion After the 1776 Revolt Shays' Rebellion Battle For the American Jubilee
Chapter Seven - More Subversion of the Jews

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Chapter Eight - The Hidden Tyranny

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Chapter Nine - More Treason
Chapter Ten - In Conclusion

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Chapter Eleven - Attacks On Christianity

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Powerful Jewish elements are already at work in the United States to make it a criminal offence (as it is already in Germany and Canada) to deny the holocaust. Even though numerous authorities, including the famous English historian David Irving now believe the story to be "Wartime Propaganda Fiction." The consequences of this are enormous, it means that we are fast moving in a direction where those in power want to control even your very beliefs and your thoughts.

If this happens it will be a return to the Dark Ages in the United States. Incredible as it may seem to the brainwashed and controlled American Christians, the Jews in America have succeeded in getting the Jewish Noahide Laws made part of American Law. These laws, if ever acted upon, would effectively sentence all Christian Americans to death. Now if this sounds far-fetched we have only to consider the estimated 66 million (according to Solzhenitsyn) many of them Christians murdered by Jewish Communism in Russia since 1917. For even Winston Churchill identified Communism as being entirely Jewish and wrote of it "The principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders." (1) While an Official British White Paper; hastily withdrawn and suppressed stated, "Bolshevism is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things." The complete statement can be found in Secret Societies by Nesta Webster.

A Nation of Spies and Informers: The American: Almost all the phones in America are now tapped and a spy circuit has been incorporated into most mobile phones. Huge posters and notices in government buildings are encouraging the American to spy and inform on their neighbors and employers if they think they may be cheating the system i.e., evading taxes or receiving too much in benefits. The fact that The System is, itself, as corrupt as hell and the Financial and Moneyed Order represents absolute and undiluted evil as we shall prove totally escapes the average American. Of course, getting everyone to spy and inform on each other is nothing new. This is the system which operated in Communist Russia for over 70 years. An informer was likely to get his victim sent to a Siberian slave camp or a firing squad. It hasn't reached that far in America yet! However, just give it a little more time, for we are moving in the right direction fast.

In 1897, a document called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion first appeared in Russia and was brought to Britain by Victor Marsden; Moscow correspondent of the Morning Post. It was the blueprint or plan for the destruction of Christian Civilization. The document proved to be prophetic and as ninety-five percent of it has now been meticulously fulfilled there can be no doubt that whoever wrote it has controlled the history of the twentieth century.

Henry Ford, New York Jewish lawyer Henry Klein (murdered) Lord Northcliffe onetime owner of The Times (murdered) and Lord Sydenham a foremost authority of the day and owner of The Morning Post (forced out of business) are just a few of the people who believed the Protocols to be entirely "true and authentic." The system whereby everyone spies on each other is clearly stated in this document. "Under our system one third of the population will keep the rest under surveillance out of a sense of duty to the state."(2)

If you want to understand the real meaning of events during this century, get hold of a copy and read it. In Soviet Russia, just possessing a copy was a capital crime immediately punishable by death. No one can really understand 20th century history without reference to the Protocols.

Exactly Who Creates Our Money and Are The Real Beneficiaries of Taxation: Americans have been repeatedly told that the unemployed and those on benefits are supported by the taxation of those at work. Yet, incredible as it may seem the real beneficiaries of taxation are not the people at the bottom of the social scale, namely the unemployed and those on welfare, but the people at it's very pinnacle, namely a few super-rich Jewish Billionaire Bankers. These people have long enjoyed the most opulent and luxurious life style on the planet. Oil sheiks are paupers in comparison. Recently, one of them, Amschel Rothschild was found dead in his �800 Pounds a night hotel room.

Jews Found in the Federal Reserve Bank: To understand the present scam we must go back to its very beginning. In 1694 a group of unidentified Jewish Financiers offered to lend King William III gold and silver coins valued at �1,200,000 at 8% interest, provided he gave his royal permission to print for themselves paper banknotes to the same value and set up a Bank of England which they would control. The king gave them a National Debt Certificate for �1,200,000 at 8% interest but actually paid them 108% by allowing them to print banknotes. This in 1694, the king and his government surrendered the nations' sovereign prerogative to create and control its own money into the hands of Jewish Financiers.(3)

The bankers front man and outward founder of the misnamed Bank of England stated openly "The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing." At this time in 1694 which must be the most crucial in our history the government saddled the people with a National Debt to be paid for out of taxation. Since this calamitous date successive British governments have borrowed money from the Bank of "England" at interest to run the country and fight its wars. Money which the bank creates our of nothing. All unpaid loans since 1694 plus accumulated interest forms the National Debt, now amounting to something like a trillion pounds which, of course, can never be repaid.

But the British people are taxed up to the hilt in an effort just to meet the interest to the bankers on money borrowed to fight the Napoleonic Wars. And the United States has been controlled in the same way since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was brought into being. Yes, your income tax does not support the unemployed it services the National Debt. In other words, your hard earned money, paid in taxes, goes straight into the coffers of the super wealthy who constitute the "Hidden Beneficiaries" of taxation.

All this may sound incredible to the brainwashed American but it happens to be one hundred per cent accurate and true. The Income Tax is merely a government organization whereby the public is forced to pay interest to service the National Debt. The truth is it is a government agency (almost all of the heads of the IRS have been Jews since its inception) operating entirely on behalf of the Jewish Money Power who long ago usurped control over the United States affairs. Therefore, loyal Americans have a solemn duty to do everything in their power to avoid paying taxes to these the greatest spongers, parasites and cheats of all history.

Why The Government Is Really Short of Money: Everyone knows that the government is desperately short of money but few understand why. In consequence they are under funding welfare, defense, industry, education, local government and all the rest. Because they refuse to create their own money--interest and debt free as a service to the nation, but instead borrow it at interest from the bankers.

These same bankers have conducted the greatest rip off in history. They haven't just robbed a bank of a few million they own the banks. They have stolen the nation's right to print its own money and control the value thereof. The true wealth of the nation is the capacity of its people to produce goods and services. There has always been a surplus of those in the United States which could have maintained for our people the highest standard of living in the world. But a deliberate shortage of spending power (money, the means of exchange) created poverty in the midst of plenty.

This was especially true during the 1920s and 1930s when whole families were starving and the children were dressed in rags. Although food was available in plenty and farmers could have produced much more and the shops and warehouses were full of clothes. To demonstrate the truth of this we have only to consider that as soon as WWI and WW II were declared the Jewish Bankers immediately made available astronomical sums of money for airplanes, guns and warships for Christian Nations to slaughter each other. Why wouldn't they have made similar sums of money available for food, clothes and housing for Americas multitudes of poor and down-trodden? They caused the depression to steal the land and property from Americans and place it in their hands. Make no mistake about it the government is only short of money because it is the bondslave of Jewish finance. This is why the Clinton Administration has been able to make it appear that everything is rosy, when a financial crash is imminent.(4)

Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air and Charge You Exorbitant Interest to Borrow It: The banks have lied to, conned and deceived their customers for years. Do you know the following facts about Barclays, Lloyds, Chase Manhattan, CitiBank and all the rest?

1). When a bank grants a loan or allows you to run up an overdraft it doesn't part with a single penny of the money deposited with it. "Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing." (5)

2). Banks are High Temples of Mammon that create and destroy money. When they make a loan they create the mine out of nothing (by punching a few keys on a computer file) when it is repaid they destroy it.

3). Every year they are forced to write off millions in debt owed by borrowers who cannot repay their loans plus interest. The banks then have a legal right under our present laws to make good their "loss" by seizing the property and assets of the defaulting borrower. So here we have institutions which manufacture money out of nothing, charge high interest to borrow it and when the borrower cannot repay steal everything he has. Think about this. It means that the people who operate this racket eventually end up owning just about everything.

4). During a period of just a few years well over a hundred thousand businesses have been liquidated by the banks because they defaulted on the money borrowed. Now if they had repaid this money plus interest the banks would have destroyed it. It naturally follows that the banks could have canceled the debts and lost nothing. Thus keeping millions who lost their jobs working. Think about it.

5). As banks have the power to create money all their supplementary charges are totally unnecessary i.e., charges to have a bank account, charges on certified checks, and etc.

6). Up to 1844, numerous country banks had the power to print their own banknotes. But this power was curbed by a banking Act which gave a monopoly to the Rothschild and Rockefeller controlled Bank of England and the Bank of America on the issue of banknotes. The smaller banks circumvented the federal banks monopoly to print money by introducing the check which caused the commonly accepted legal tender to shrink in importance as a medium of exchange.

7). The banks plan to abolish cash money. This is why they have been encouraging people to shop without cash money for years by using Credit Cards. Many peoples' salaries and wages are now automatically credited to their bank accounts and major bills deducted without money changing hands. Over ninety percent of financial transactions are now by check and debit.

8). Eventually it is planned to turn people into walking Credit Cards by laser tattooing a Bar Code onto the back of their hand or forehead as foretold in the Bible.(6) Without "the mark" no one will be able to "buy or sell" or engage in any business so will effectively be sentenced to death. At the push of a few keys on a computer, a complete video "read out" will be available on everyone. Those who accept the mark will be slaves of the Money Changers.

Bankers Own the Earth and Control Everything of Consequence: Obviously the people that can create limitless amounts of money out of nothing control governments, education, the police, the courts and, in fact, everything of any consequence on the planet. For years they have controlled the government you elect to office in Washington. They represent banking and moneyed interests not the interests of the American people. They virtually own the Press, Television, Radio, Book Publishing Houses and the Motion Picture Industry and Video Industry. They control public opinion through the flood of lying propaganda they let loose on the people and form, shape and mold your thinking for you. Fantastic as it may seem many of the beliefs held by the majority are not really their own thoughts at all. They are the thoughts that have been funneled into their heads from the time they could first understand a few words through school (apply described as "incubators of degeneracy" and "centers of propaganda and indoctrination") to their adult life. Harold Wallace Rosenthal an American Jewish employee of a Senator, who put it brutally but accurately in his "Confessions" and was murdered by the Mossad for it. "The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them whether it be truth of lies. The majority are asses, horses asses. We control your thinking." Douglas Reed, onetime Foreign Correspondent of The Times in London, England expressed it differently. "Opinion today is a manufactured product and can be shaped in any form desired" and "The newspapers are under occult control" meaning Jewish Zionist control as made clear in his book "The Controversy of Zion." Whether you read the quality Moron Press, like The Times, The New York Times or The Washington Times which are described as "a pornographic comic strip for the unthinking people" and both owned and controlled by the Jew Rupert Murdoch, they are all under exactly the same financial control. "Through the Press we can influence while remaining in the shadow." (7)"All come to see things through the rose-tinted spectacles we place astride their noses." (8)

A Racial Program For the Twentieth Century: The above is the title of a book written by the Communist Israel Cohen and published in 1912. It has proven to be prophetic and explains much that is happening in the field of race relations today. "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their supposed exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige,, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause." (9)

Racial Equality, A Damnable Lie: Almost daily we are subjected to the cries of those who are working to destroy or nation on television, radio, newspapers and magazines that the "Afro-Americans" are not doing well in Americas schools. The reason they are not doing very well is because the Negro race is not as intelligent as the White race or even the Asian and Chinese races, but they will not have that. Negroes score about fifteen points lower in Intelligence Tests than Whites.(10)

It is a fact of history that the Negro race has never produced one great scientist, discoverer, explorer or composer. They were never able to invent the wheel, even though the Egyptians came among them for centuries; they never invented a plough, a sail or a written language of their own. However, they have helped to destroy every civilization they have come into contact with as they are now destroying America. All one has to do is look at the inner cities to see that this is true; they live in filth, murder, theft, rape and other crimes daily. Our enemies know this so have imported vast numbers of them into the countries they plan to destroy. The Negro is the Beast of the Field as spoken of in the scriptures, and our women, because of their sins, are to be given to them: "Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast."(11)

The Ultra Secret Society Which Controls the Planet: The plan to mix up the races and promote miscegenation or mongrelization is the program of the Illuminati. On May 1st, 1776, a Jewish Professor of Cannon Law, Adam Weishaupt who had been a Jesuit priest finished his reorganization of the ultra secret society called the Illuminati. He had done so at the instructions of the Learned Elders of Zion. Founder members included a number of Jewish Money Lenders, most notable of whom was Meyer Amschel Baer, founder of the House of Rothschild (Red Shield).

The organization took its name from Lucifer the Devil who before his fall had been "the covering cherub" or "angel of light." Its members were secret devil worshipers and were totally committed to establishing the rule of Satan on earth in opposition to God. It planned the destruction of Christian Civilization and the setting up of World Government of absolute despotism under a World Dictator from amongst its own number. It never worked for immediate success, all its aims were very long range. Its diabolical plans became known in 1785 as a result of a bizarre "accident." A courier of the Illuminati named Lanze was struck dead by lightening. Its secret plans including the French Revolution fell into the hands of the Bavarian Government who also raided the headquarters and sent copies to all the leading nations of Europe but for some inexplicable reason they paid no heed. (There is little doubt this was a result of the secret workings of the Learned Elders) A few years later Professor John Robinson pretended to be one of them and successfully infiltrated the organization and later exposed its secrets in a book published in 1797, "Proofs Of A Conspiracy Against All The Religions And Government Of Europe."

The aims of the Illuminati may be summarized as follows:

1). Abolition of all ordered governments;

2). Abolition of all Religion;

3). Abolition of Patriotism;

4). Abolition of all morality, marriage and the family and the proper education of children;

5). Abolition of all private property;

6). Abolition of inheritance;

7). During the final staged, the mixing of all the races and the promotion of mongrelization.

8). The destruction of nation states and the creation of World Government.

Only a dimwit could fail to see that these are exactly the policies being pursued at this present time. Numerous students of secret societies have stated that the Illuminati has been the secret power behind all the wars and revolutions since 1776 and is, today, entirely responsible for massive colored immigration into all the countries of the once Christian West and the demonic drive to promote miscegenation.

The Destruction of Celtic-Anglo-Saxons: In the early days of Jewish controlled Hollywood, Negroes were presented as house boys and nannies. Now they are presented as brain surgeons, chiefs of police and space commanders. Even the story of Robin Hood has been made into a movie to introduce the Negro into the story and make him the real hero in the pornographic film "The Prince of Thieves" (The Sheriff of Nottingham tries to copulate with Maid Marion during a marriage service). In the recent film "Independence Day," a Jewish computer buff and a Negro fighter pilot save the whole world from annihilation at the hands of aliens from outer space.(12) Yet still most of the befuddled Americans cannot recognize all of this trash for what it really is. An exercise in propaganda to promote the Negro exactly according to the declared policy of International Jewry as expounded in Israel Cohen's book of 1912. Standards have been lowered in an effort to recruit more Negroes into professions like the police and quotas have been set to insure that Negroes get into certain jobs i.e., professional football. This is in America a once overwhelmingly White country. But because we have not been faithful to our God, this is no longer so. We have Negro and Asian newscasters, interviewers and entertainers and a Negro is mightily promoted as "Physical Therapy" teachers in order to encourage Americans to exercise. When what they really need is to exercise their brains. Only a dimwit would deny that Israel Cohen's program has now become a reality.

The real aim of massive colored immigration into all the White countries was put very succinctly by Rabbi Rabinovitch at a secret meeting of European rabbis held in 1956 in Budapest, Hungary. But the speech was leaked and translated from Yiddish into English by Henry Klein, a New York Jewish lawyer for which he was murdered. "Mixing the dark with the White means an end of the White man and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory." This speech detailed their plans to precipitate WW III during the height of the so-called Cold War in the fifties but its widespread circulation, here in America, saved the world from the horrors of nuclear war at that time.(13)

Both Karl Marx(14) and Lenin(15) declared; "The British are too stupid to cause their own revolution we will have to import one for them." Wing Commd. Leonard Young in his book "Deadlier Than The H-Bomb" and Major Robert Williams of U.S. Counter Intelligence in his book "The Ultimate World Order" state that "The Anglo-Saxon nations were being made to breed with the dark races to weaken and destroy them." Rabbi Abraham Feinberg revealed the ultimate goal when he declared, "One world, One Race, The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriage." The plan is to destroy the God given entity of race and create a world of mix breeds, apart from the Chosen Rulers who will be very careful to avoid this themselves. The Plan is anti-God and anti-Christ to the core and is, in every respect, Satanic.

Banks The Real Thieves: The banks have been in the business of bankrupting and dispossessing people for years. They loan people huge sums of money at high interest which they create out of nothing and when they default on the repayments they seize all their assets and property. Someone has written, quite correctly, that virtually the streets of the entire earth are mortgaged to the Jewish Bankers.

Through massive Death Duties the landed gentry in England have been systematically robbed of their property for years; the same thing has happened in America. If you doubt that the banks have long been destroying people and business, you should read about what happened to John D. Pett, farmer, engineer and inventor. Lloyds of London deliberately destroyed his engineering business immediately after he go a �500,000 order for irrigation equipment from Saudi Arabia and later they tried to destroy his farm as well. In his fight against the Jewish Banks, he founded "The National Society For Victims of Banking Fraud and Malpractice." He has documented many cases of banks destroying perfectly sound businesses. Be warned! Never, ever, trust any bank manager, like politicians, they are the scum of the earth.

The Coming Depression: According to well informed sources, the International Jewish Financiers who control the misnamed Bank of England and the Federal Reserve plan another "Great Depression" which will make that of the twenties and thirties look like a Sunday School picnic in comparison. On January 13, 1932, Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Finance and Currency Committee of the House of Representatives exposed the Money Changer and explained how they created the depression then ravaging America from coast to coast. By the simple expedient of withdrawing millions of dollars in banknotes from circulation and reducing credits by other millions they brought about the depression which was the cause of so much misery. He said that if all this money had been channeled back into circulation the depression would disappear like a bad dream. After several attempts on his life McFadden was finally murdered and his words were never put to the test.

Numerous patriots in the United States, have stockpiled large amounts of food and bottled water for what they believe to be inevitable, total financial collapse. The dollar will become worthless, quickly followed by the pound in England. It could be a grievous mistake to think that this couldn't happen to you. For it has already happened to millions during this century. In August 1921 it took 300 Marks to buy one Pound Sterling and by January 1923 it took 80,000 Marks to buy one British Pound and by the end of the same year it took 20 billions to buy one Pound. In the early fifties a postage stamp cost 3� it now costs 32�. So one can quickly see that in less than forty years, the purchasing power of the dollar has sunk by about 90 per cent. According to Des Griffin in his book "Fourth Reich Of The Rich" every single nation that has used paper money has experienced massive inflation leading to total collapse of the money. So, if you have money, you want to put it to good use now for it is very soon going to be worthless.

Freemasonry And The Illuminati: The Illuminati long ago infiltrated and took over Freemasonry at the top. Long ago, Albert Pike, grand pontiff of universal Freemasonry declared that the ultimate secret revealed only to top degree Masons is that "Lucifer is God." Lady Queensborough in her book "Occult Theocracy" confirms that the secret revealed to 32nd, 31st, and 30th Masons is exactly as above. Numerous authorities have confirmed that the god Masons worship and serve is Lucifer the Devil. The latest in the book "The Brotherhood," chapter The Devil In Disguise, by Stephen Knight. Masons form the lower echelon of the Illuminati, the power that has long controlled Britain from behind the scenes. In Britain today, they have virtually a Masonic Police Force, Masonic Judiciary, Masonic Parliament, Masonic Civil Service, Masonic Local Government, Masonic Education System and Masonic Mediz; and it is the same in America. Masonry ensures that only people who will faithfully serve the hidden masters of Illuminism and their goals get all the most lucrative and influential jobs in society. "Beyond the Masons and unknown to them lay the deadly secret conclave (The Illuminati) which directs Masons for the ruin of the world and their own selves." (16)

Incredible as it may seem Freemason (one in fifty) are feverishly working for the destruction of their own race and nation and even themselves and the establishment of World Government. When the Jewish Bolsheviks came to power in Russia they ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated all Masons. They had helped the Revolution along and were no longer needed and some of them knew too much.

Screaming Cacophy of Rock & Pop: A Tool of Mind Control: Jerry Rubin wrote in the book "Do It." "We will combine youth, music, sex and drugs with rebellion and treason; that's a combination hard to beat." Every channel into the human mind has been utilized to further the aims of the Illuminati and brainwash the masses. The beat of modern music (thump, thump, thump) is slightly faster than the human heart beat and the natural rhythm of the body. It can seriously affect the emotions, disorganize and scramble the brain, leading to disorganized, abnormal and aberrant behavior.

The high decibel sound often combined with flashing lights, cannot only permanently damage the hearing, but acts as a power tool of mind control and conditioning. Like hypnosis, this leaves the mind wide open to the often very suggestive lyrics. It is well known that many noise and degeneracy groups, like the Rolling Stones, have experimented with drugs but it is less well known that many groups have dabbled with the occult and are Satanists. Much of the noise they produce, can by no stretch of the imagination be called music, it is unadulterated Satanism. But one of the most dangerous and insidious aspect of jungle noise is the use of a technique called Backtracking. Hidden messages are introduced into the recordings in reverse. These are just noise to the conscious brain but they are descrambled by the subconscious and can alter and shape behavior and promote destructive habits; often unknown to the listener. Following are some examples taken from pop records.

"Let's smoke Marijuana." "Satan, I promise I will take the mark."

"Kill kids, kill kids. Kill losers." "My sweet Satan, I've seen Sabbath."

Hidden Propaganda on the Little Screen: Subliminal brainwashing; messages and pictures flashed onto the screen for a fraction of a second have been used for several years not to insinuate into our minds attitudes and behavior which the Illuminati want us to adopt. Long before the regular use of Negroes on television in positions of authority over Whites and giving orders to Whites and long before Negroes were shown with White women the ground was carefully prepared by subliminal propaganda. Thus natural barriers separating the races have been gradually eroded so that the Illuminati can now more vigorously promote its policy of Racial Genocide for the White Race. This is only one area where this powerful tool has been used to control and manipulate Americans.

Rock and Roll: A Form of Voodoo: In 1951, a young Black singer from the Mid-west of the United States, Little Richard, modified the beat and rhythm of Rhythm and Blues music of the Black population of the Southern States. In 1954, the film "Blackboard Jungle" brought to the attention of the public a song called "Rock Around the Clock," written by Bill Haley. Alan Freed, a disc-jockey in Cleveland, Ohio, invented and popularized the name "Rock and Roll," indicating as with the word Jazz; sexual intercourse. Starting from soft rock we come to hard rock and then to acid rock, based on the drug culture and punk rock; jungle noise, entirely different to any European or American music. The "blue devils" according to their beliefs are demonic spirits responsible for depression. Rhythms were invented by Shamans to scare away these devils. All this was part of the African-Caribbean religion of Voodoo. This Black religion described as "an animistic cult of an orgiastic and violent nature where invocations accompanied by obsessive rhythmic drumming are made to a demon inviting him to take possession of a participant and make itself present through him during dances often lasting many hours thanks to the effects of stimulating drugs." Four factors are always present in Voodoo; rhythm, drugs, sex and magic these four factors are found in rock music.

Rock and Roll is the Voodoo of the twentieth century and many of the performers are Satanists and have dedicated their lives and music to Lucifer. John Todd, the owner of several record companies said; "Witchcraft has always been practiced to the sound of beat, which is identical to Voodoo cults and Rock music. It is impossible to practice witchcraft without accompaniment. The Illuminati controlled the then Zodiac Productions which is now known as Atlantic Productions. It is known that David Crosby, Nathan Young, Graham Nash, all the big producers of Rock and Roll are members of a satanic church and that a great many of the rock groups are followers of one or other luciferin religion." When they make new track they ask their Satanic priests to bless it and invite demons to go with every recording. It follows that when you buy this trash you invite demons tied to it. So said John Todd. No wonder a madness now grips many young people and vast numbers are on drugs.

This is all the work of the Illuminati to enslave and destroy the young and prepare them like unthinking drones for "The New World Order." "So, today, the goyim youths are beginning to turn away from Christianity and to follow our lead. And our lead is toward their ultimate destruction." (17) Laurence Hoins of Australia proves in his book "The Coming Crash" that the American Government and CIA at the highest level is involved in importing drugs into the United States.

The evil powers behind the scenes have made sure that drugs in plenty are available to the young plus the incitement to use them by Voodoo Rock and Roll and Backtracking Indoctrination. Unless the police stop pussy-footing around and tackle the growing drug problem at its roots they are wasting their time.(18)

A Secret Lecture Leaked to the Public Reveals All: In a secret Yeshiva Lecture given by Rabbi Cohen to his students and translated from tapes in Hebrew by David Goldstein the extent of the control they exercise over the masses is clearly stated: "Remember that all of the Media of the United States are owned and controlled by Jews. We control all newspapers, magazines, wire services, television broadcasters, most radio stations, the entire entertainment industry of Hollywood and elsewhere. So we are free to make the goyim (human cattle) think what we want them to think. And as they think so will they do. All of them watch our television programs and read our newspapers and believe our propaganda...we have already enslaved their minds but they are unaware of it. (And will not believe it when they are told) And I warn you, they must forever remain ignorant of these facts...we have our media present in every household. You will see how we can destroy our enemies by pointing our holy fingers at them. Our television and newspapers will lead the assault against their tiny brains, with gossip presented as fact, with allegations, with false assumptions, innuendo, outraged moral posturing, false accusations, lies and all the methods at our command. If the real truth gets out it will be heaped with ridicule we will engulf them with deceit."

Oklahoma and Trade Center Bombing to Discredit Opponents: Just to indicate the extent that the thinking of the masses is controlled here are a few more quotations from the above article: "The patriots, the Republican Party and the Christians are getting too close to the truth...And so we have ordered the Mossad to blow up something. We are going to stab America in the heart and lay the blame on our enemies so I warn all of you to avoid Oklahoma City in April...I assure you we will not make the same mistake that we made with Lee Harvey Oswald. This time there will be no clues of a conspiracy. All clues will point to the scapegoat...the neo-Nazis, the Conservative Christians, the Muslims, the militia groups, the various anti-Semites and the Republican Party...And the Clinton goy will force our anti-terrorism bill through Congress. They will give us not only gun control but they will allow the police force, the CIA and the FBI that are now under our command to raid the strongholds of our enemies...We have it all planned out. They will all be destroyed. And within four years, I predict that we can begin filling the prisons with the patriots and Christians and Muslims, all who oppose us."

Note: Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, formerly one of the top explosives experts in the USAF and who appears to have some grasp of what is really going on stated the following in a letter to Senator Trent Lott, United States Senate, Washington, D.C. "Observations in Oklahoma City. The photos present irrefutable evidence that at least four demolition charges were set off at four critical columns of the reinforced concrete structure at the floor level of the third floor. Oklahoma was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Both Oklahoma City and the Trade Center in New York show evidence of a counter-terrorism sting gone wrong." In his address Rabbi Cohen said that they also planned to blow up the N.Y. Trade Center to discredit the Muslims and that they planned to use all of the Blacks, Brown and Yellows they had brought into America to wage war against the Whites in a race war.

Exactly Who Really Controls America?: Colonel John Beaty who was an Intelligence Officer to the White House during World War II stated in his book "Iron Curtain Over America" that the Khazar Jews, exactly the same people who had usurped control over Russia, had infiltrated the American Government and Administration and were the real rulers of America. That they controlled the American Media were undermining the Constitution and destroying America from within and that they were the makers of American Foreign Policy. Major Robert Williams of American Counter Intelligence confirmed all of the above and wrote "Unless the American people recapture their government and smash the Zionist machine the insane elements in that machine may wipe out mankind."

The Balfour Declaration:"The Balfour Declaration was merely Great Britain's promise to pay the Zionists what they had agreed upon as a consideration for getting the United States into the war." So this great Balfour Declaration, that you hear so much about, is just as phony as a three dollar bill. I don't think I could make it more emphatic than that. That is where all the trouble started. The United States got in the war. The United States crushed Germany. You know what happened. When the war ended, and the Germans went to Paris for the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 there were 117 Jews there, as a delegation representing the Jews, headed by Bernard Baruch. I was there: I ought to know. If it ever becomes widely known what these Khazar Jews have done and are doing to us, they won't last long.

The Balfour Declaration and the Zimmerman Note: In trying to unravel the puzzle of why Britain issued the Balfour Declaration, perhaps the first need is to establish that a puzzle really exists. It has been suggested that it can all be explained by money, but I find this hard to accept. At least two statements lead one to believe that the true reason for the issuance of the Balfour Declaration remains hidden. The first is a statement to Parliament in 1922 by Winston Churchill, then colonial secretary, that it should not be thought that, in the Balfour Declaration, Britain gave something to the Jews for which she received nothing in return. The second is Fromkin's statement that, in his memoirs, written in the 1930s, Lloyd George says that he issued the Balfour Declaration in gratitude for Weizmann's contributions in wartime acetone production. Fromkin calls this fiction. Usually when people tell lies, it is for the purpose of concealing the truth.

A possibility that should be considered is that Britain issued the Balfour Declaration in exchange, not for something she hoped would happen in the future, but for something that had already happened in the past. If we look back a few months before the time of the Balfour Declaration we find an event of extreme value to Britain America's entry into the war. What I suggest is that the Balfour Declaration was a reward to the Zionists for their part in having brought the United States into the First World War at Britain's side.

To test this hypothesis we must ask what actually did bring the U.S. into the war. Long-term anti-German propaganda by the British certainly helped to set the stage. But there is little doubt that the actual trigger was the publication of the so-called Zimmermann Note or Zimmermann Telegram. This was a message sent on Jan. l6, 1917, by the German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmermann, via the German ambassador in Washington, to the German minister in Mexico City. It stated that Germany planned to begin unrestricted submarine warfare (meaning not restricted to British ships though still restricted to a war zone around the British Isles) on Feb. 1, that Germany would attempt to keep America neutral, but that should that attempt fail and war become inevitable, the German minister should propose a formal German-Mexican alliance to the Mexican president. One of the aims of the alliance would be the restoration of Mexican sovereignty over Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The mere fact that the Zimmermann Note was sent had no effect whatever on America's going to war. At no time did the German government want war with America, and the Zimmermann Note represented no change. It only represented contingency planning. Had it remained secret, and had America remained neutral, it would never have come into play. What did have a dramatic effect was that the note was made public. Let us see how this came about.

Accepted history is that the Zimmermann Note was sent encrypted on Jan. 16, 1917, intercepted by the British and subsequently decoded. In late February the text was given to the U.S. Embassy in London. It was transmitted to Washington and was released to the press on March 1. An uproar followed in the press and in Congress, leading to a declaration of war against Germany on second voyage on which it docked in New London, CT on Nov. 1, 1916. Code 13040 was a simpler and rather old code. It was probably used because the German legation in Mexico City did not possess code 7500.

Friedman and Mendelssohn emphasize that code 7500 was very difficult to decipher, both intrinsically, and because it was a new code and the British would have had little material in that code with which to work. They nevertheless conclude that the British would have been able to read the original Berlin-to-Washington Zimmermann Telegram (ZT) but only partially. They cite reasons for believing that the British could not have read the telegram completely, but none for believing that they could have read it at all. Perhaps they consider it self-evident.

Since they apparently never laid eyes on the original ZT, it is difficult to see how Friedman and Mendelssohn could have reached the conclusion that the British could have read it. One of the channels used to transmit the original ZT was one provided by the State Department via the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, so a copy of it should have been in State Department files, yet Friedman and Mendelssohn report that a "most diligent search" failed to locate it. It must have been there at one time. It is unlikely that it was lost by accident, so it seems likely that someone removed it. We do not know who, but we can guess why. A careful examination of the original ZT by cryptographic experts would probably have raised serious doubts that the British would have been able to decipher it.

Let us now use our chronology to put together a picture of what must have happened in late 1916 and early 1917. Chaim Weizmann's autobiography for this period makes interesting reading, especially if one keeps in mind the dates of the ZT.

One statement Weizmann makes is that in 1916 the German government approached German Zionists with the suggestion that they might serve as intermediaries in peace negotiations with the British. He states that some preliminary contacts were made but that ultimately they came to nothing. One cannot help wondering whether they came to nothing because the Zionists wanted them to come to nothing. It would certainly seem that there would have been nothing for Zionism in a negotiated end to the war.

In any case, in our picture, the ZT was sent on Jan. 16, 1917. It was intercepted by the British, but they were unable to decipher it. Once the British Zionists obtained the original plain-language text of the ZT, they would have done two things. First, they would have contacted like-minded people in America to obtain a copy of the ZT as sent from Washington to Mexico. And second, they would have provided the British with the gist of the telegram and informed them that they might be able to get an exact copy and help bring America into the war provided Britain agreed to an eventual Jewish homeland in Palestine.

It should be noted that the text of the original ZT differed slightly from that of the version forwarded to Mexico. The British at first (in late February) claimed only to have obtained the second, Washington-to-Mexico, version of the ZT, having obtained it in Mexico. Later, however, they allowed it to be discovered that they possessed both versions. Thus, rather than announcing it themselves, the British allowed others to conclude, erroneously in my opinion, that the British had succeeded in deciphering the original ZT. There would have been nothing for Zionism in a negotiated end to the war.

On Feb. 1, Germany began unrestricted submarine warfare, and on Feb. 3, the U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.

On Feb. 16, the expelled German Ambassador, Count Bernstorff, went into what was essentially British captivity when his ship entered Halifax harbor.

The next day, on Feb. 17, 1917, the "first full-dress conference leading to the Balfour Declaration" took place in London. At that meeting a formal agreement would have been signed by both the British and the Zionists, the terms of the Balfour Declaration would have been agreed to, and it would have been agreed that Britain would formally issue the Balfour Declaration within some specified period of time. On their side, the Zionists would have handed to the British the exact text of the original Berlin-to-Washington ZT and also a copy of the encrypted telegram sent by Bernstorff to Mexico City, this having been obtained, perhaps in Mexico, but more likely from the files of Western Union in Washington, DC by bribery, if necessary.

The British would have immediately gone to work deciphering the Washington-to-Mexico ZT and fabricating a convincing story of how their agents had obtained a copy of this telegram in Mexico and how they had, after great effort, succeeded in deciphering it. By Feb. 26 this story was ready, and the text of the ZT was cabled to the State Department.

The next day, on Feb. 27, Bernstorff's ship was allowed to leave Halifax. Had the British required another 3 or 4 days to get their story in order, Bernstorff's ship would presumably have been held up another 3 or 4 days.

On April 6, 1917 the U.S. declared war on Germany, and on Nov. 2, the British issued the Balfour Declaration.

The details of the above story may be rather complicated, but at bottom, it would have been a matter of a simple trade: America-at-war for Palestine. Parts of this story are, of course, not proven, but to my mind it explains too much not to be essentially true. Several things, otherwise rather mysterious, that it explains are as follows:

1). First and foremost, it provides a simple and reasonable explanation of why the British government issued the Balfour Declaration.

2). It explains how the British were able to obtain the verbatim text of the Zimmermann Telegram although it was sent in a code that the Germans were confident the British would be unable to crack.

3). It explains why the "first full-dress conference leading to the Balfour Declaration" took place the day after the expelled German ambassador, Count Bernstorff, sailed into virtual captivity in Halifax, and why Bernstorff's ship was allowed to sail from Halifax the day after the text of Zimmermann Telegram was cabled from London to Washington.

4). It explains why Chaim Weizmann was initially startled on learning of the Sykes-Picot agreement, whose terms were incompatible with the Balfour Declaration, in April 1917 seven months before the Balfour Declaration was issued.

5). It explains what Winston Churchill was referring to when he stated, in 1922, that it should not be thought that the Balfour Declaration was something that Britain gave away and for which it received nothing in return.

6). It explains why the original enciphered text of the Zimmermann Telegram, sent from Berlin to Washington, is now nowhere to be found.(19)

Rabbi Cohen stated in his lecture "Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act and gave us total financial power over the United States. As the sole proprietors of the FED, we control all of American commerce and pull the strings of government. Although we Jews make up only four percent of the U.S. population, over sixty percent of the Clinton political appointments have gone to Jews. As Supreme court judges, foreign ambassadors, FBI and CIA positions and Democratic Party officers, We as a tiny moronity now have 80 percent control of the U.S. Government. And so we shall have our revenge...every man, woman and child of the goyim must be destroyed without mercy."

American patriots now refer to their government as ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). They have formed armed groups right across America, many led by retired army officers. They know that before the traitors in government can introduce the New World Order they will have to defeat them. According to Lt. Col. Jack Mohr thousands of foreign troops have been imported into America and these will be used against the civilian population to enforce the New World Order.

American Government Murders Its Own People: In the "Final Secret of Pearl Harbor" by Rear Admiral Robert Theobald and "Incredible Infamy" by Col. Curtis B. Dall, son-in-law of Franklin D. Roosevelt it is made abundantly clear that the American Government murdered over 3000 of its own military personnel at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese desperately wanted peace with America and the West and used every diplomatic means open to them to achieve this goal and accommodate America.

But the U.S. Government, under its Jewish President, deliberately provoked and insulted the Japanese and imposed impossible conditions on them so that they had no recourse but to fight. The American Pacific Fleet was spread out like so many sitting ducks (but the carriers which would be needed later were removed) and the Japs were allowed to bomb them out of the water. The Americans had cracked the Japanese secret code and knew exactly when the attack was coming but the information was kept from the Hawaiian commanders. Japan and Germany had a treaty which meant that war with either country meant war with the other. The plan was to so outrage public opinion that they would clamor for war and it was entirely successful. The Jewish Bankers who controlled America were determined to save their creation: Communism, which Hitler would have destroyed.

Stalin Planned the Invasion of Britain: According to Russian Military Historian Viktor Surorov in his book "Icebreaker," Stalin had assembled a massive Soviet military machine to invade the whole of Europe. This included a million paratroopers with vast numbers of C-47 (Dakota) heavy transport planes built under licence to capture the RAF aerodromes in Southern England and ten different multi-seal glider designs.

Two weeks before their plans were finalized and when they were at their most vulnerable with all their troops and equipment massed at the border Hitler ordered operation "Barbarossa" the invasion of Russia. The Soviet Union possessed thirty separate armies; the largest military force the world had ever seen. Caught in transit or crammed together in start off positions whole soviet armies were annihilated. Most of their vast air force was destroyed on the ground.

So it would seem that Hitler, the most hated man of the Twentieth Century, saved Western Europe and Britain from Russian invasion and the Bolshevik system of torture chambers and death pits which killed millions in the East. "The Nazi command succeeded in forestalling our troops literally two weeks before the war began."(20)

Wars Are Created to Cull The Best Blood: In "The Protocol of 1869" by Rabbi Reichhorn over the tomb of Simon-ben-Ihuda published by Readcliffe is the following: "We shall force Christians into wars by exploiting their pride and their stupidity. They will massacre each other and so clear the ground for us to put our own people into."

"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" which, according to the renegade Jew, Henry Klien, came out of the first Zionist Congress held in Basle Switzerland in 1897 and states: "The Goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves." "We are interested in just the opposite; in the diminution, the killing of the goyim."

The Protocols state that if any nation dared oppose the Jews they would crush it by involving that nation in a war with its neighbors and if this was not successful they would provoke "a universal war" that is a World War. The disclosures of the Jew Harold Wallace Rosenthal is in complete accord withy other revelations and findings: "Those deluded children of the church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. This truth is evident even to the dullard when one views history and sees that all wars have been White fighting White in order that we maintain our control. We controlled England during the Revolutionary War, the North during the Civil War and England and American during World War I and II. Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant White Christians in wars against themselves which always impoverished both sides so that Jews could maintain their control and we reaped a financial and material harvest." (21)

America Helped the Communist Mao tse Tung to Power in China: The late Capt. Ken McKilliam, secretary of ABEX (Association of British ex-Servicemen) stated the real reason for World War I and II was to get Christian nations to destroy each other and to cull the best blood to further the plans of the secret world rulers. Lt. Col. Jack Mohr veteran of World War II and Korea has stated much the same. Korea and Vietnam were "No win wars." General Douglas McArthur was sacked because he wanted to win the Korean War. In fact, Chiang Kai-shek leader of the Chinese Nationalist forces pleaded with the American Government to be allowed to use his forces in Korea against the Chinese Communists and was blocked. It was only because Chiang was betrayed by the U.S. government who stopped all funds and materials for his army that Mao Tse-tung and the Communists triumphed in China and the Nationalists were forced out onto the Island of Formosa. Chiang said "We have learned never to trust America for more than eighteen months at a time between elections." (22) Incredible as it may seem Communism took over in Russia, Eastern Europe and China only because the Jewish Bankers of New York planned it so. They are the blame for the hundred million murdered in Russia and China.

America and Russia Controlled by Exactly the Same People: John Stockwell of the CIA broke his secrecy oath to reveal in his book "In Search of Enemies" that America and Russia are not enemies but loyal allies pursuing the same goal: A One World Socialist Communist Dictatorship. Henry Kissinger, the Jewish Secretary of State to six U.S. president is at the top of the International Jewish Conspiracy and has worked tirelessly to promote Communist and anti-American causes.(23) In his book "National Suicide Military Aid To The Soviet Union, Prof. Anthony Sutton proves conclusively with masses of examples that the Soviet military machine is almost entirely the creation of the West, notably America. Major Jordan's 'Diaries' (New York 1951) revealed that America delivered to the Soviets "Tons of Materials for the manufacture of Atomic Bombs." Russia was made in America.

Louis Marshalko, on page 227 of his book "World Conquerors" (meaning the Jews) quotes Chaim Werzmann, leader of World Jewry for the first half of the 20th Century as saying that America and the West and the "Soviet democracies" are just the two halves of the Jewish World Empire. The American and British military apparatus is now so totally under Jewish control they should pull down the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack and raise the blue and white flags of the UN and Israeli State.

UN: World Government of the Super Rich: The UN Constitution was copied almost word for word from the Soviet Constitution by Gromyko, Soviet Foreign Secretary and Alger Hiss, U.S. Soviet Spy and the land on which the UN building stands was granted by David Rockefeller. Henry Klein stated. "The UN is Zionism it is the super government mentioned many times in the Protocols." While Harold Wallace Rosenthal declared "The UN is nothing but a trap door to the Red World's immense Concentration Camp. We pretty much control the UN." Rabbi Cohen stated "We will replace the US constitution with UN mandates. The New World Order is a certainty." The UN forms the framework of the Illuminati Satanic World Government. Very soon now the World Dictator or Antichrist will be placed at its head forming the most ruthless tyranny in the history of mankind. Duped British and American military personnel who serve under the UN flag are serving the worst enemies of their own race and nation in all of history; an enemy pledged to destroy them and their families.

Wars Don't Just Happen, They Are Made: Henry Ford wrote in his own newspaper "The Dearborn Independent" and later re-published in his book "The International Jew" that several wealthy Jews boasted and bragged to him about how they had started World War I. How they had cornered all the materials needed to fight the war and how it would only come to an end when they said it would. He said that they talked so long and so convincingly that they persuaded him. He later wrote: "I am convinced that nearly all wars are caused so that someone will profit and those who profited and those who are profiting now are the International Financiers, the Jews. Gather together the fifty most wealthy Jewish Financiers, the men who create wars for their own profits, control them and you will put an end to it all." It is not generally known that the British and Germans were ready to end World War I in 1916 when the Zionist organization intervened., They told Britain that if they got the Promise of Palestine they would railroad the U.S. into the war on the side of the allies. Thus the war dragged on with the loss of millions of lives and as a direct result Jewish Bolshevism triumphed in Russia and Germany was split into two by the Polish Corridor at Versailles which was the root cause of World War II.(24)

Pearl Harbor the Mother of All Conspiracies: "...Everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States..."(25)

President FDR enticed the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. FDR needed the attack to get US involved with the war in EUROPE, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war.


1904: The Japanese destroyed the Russian navy in a surprise attack in undeclared war.

1932: In The Grand Joint Army Navy Exercises the attacker, Admiral Yarnell, attacked with 152 planes a half-hour before dawn 40 miles NE of Kahuku Point and caught the defenders of Pearl Harbor completely by surprise. It was a Sunday.

1938: Admiral Ernst King led a carrier-born air strike from the USS Saratoga successfully against Pearl Harbor in another exercise.

1939 October: Tyler Kent, an American code clerk in London exposed coded messages concerning FDR's attempts to oust Prime Minister Chamberlain so FDR could involve the US in an all-out war with Hitler.

1940: FDR ordered the fleet transferred from the West Coast to its exposed position in Hawaii and ordered the fleet remain stationed at Pearl Harbor over complaints by its commander Admiral Richardson that there was inadequate protection from air attack and no protection from torpedo attack. Richardson felt so strongly that he twice disobeyed orders to berth his fleet there and he raised the issue personally with FDR in October and he was soon after replaced. His successor, Admiral Kimmel, also brought up the same issues with FDR in June 1941.

November 11, 1940: 21 aged British planes destroyed the Italian fleet, including 3 battleships, at their homeport in the harbor of Taranto in Southern Italy by using technically innovative shallow-draft torpedoes.

February 4, 1941: FBI told FDR that Germany would declare war on US if Japan attacked according to spy Hallett Abend.

March 1941: FDR sold munitions and convoyed them to belligerents in Europe; both acts of war and both violations of international law, the Lend-Lease Act.

June 23, 1941: Advisor Harold Ickes wrote to FDR a memo the day after Germany invaded the Soviet Union, "There might develop from the embargoing of oil to Japan such a situation as would make it not only possible but easy to get into this war in an effective way. And if we should thus indirectly be brought in, we would avoid the criticism that we had gone in as an ally of communistic Russia." FDR was pleased with Admiral Richmond Turner's report of July 22: "It is generally believed that shutting off the American supply of petroleum will lead promptly to the invasion of Netherlands East seems certain she would also include military action against the Philippine Islands, which would immediately involve us in a Pacific war."

On July 24 FDR told the Volunteer Participation Committee, "If we had cut off the oil off, they probably would have gone down to the Dutch East Indies a year ago, and you would have had war." The next day FDR froze all Japanese assets in US cutting off their main supply of oil and forcing them into war with the US. Intelligence information was withheld from Hawaii from this point forward.

August 14, 1941: After the Atlantic Conference, Churchill noted the "astonishing depth of Roosevelt's intense desire for war."

October 18, 1941: Diary entry by Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes: "For a long time I have believed that our best entrance into the war would be by way of Japan."

Codes: Purple Code; the top diplomatic code of the Japanese, encoded by a machine that used automatic telephone switches to separately and differently encipher each character sent. It was cracked by the Army Signal Intelligence Service (331 men) and the Navy group OP-20-G (738 men).

J-19 was the Japanese diplomatic code. It was a high-grade columnar code, but it was cracked.

PA-K2 was a simpler Japanese diplomatic checkerboard code which they switched to after they destroyed their J-19 code manuals on December 2, 1941. It was cracked.

Red Machine code was a relatively old Japanese diplomatic code which used Japan's first rotor machine, based on the German Enigma machine. Also cracked.

JN-25 -- The Japanese Fleet's Cryptographic System, a.k.a. 5 number code. JN stands for Japanese Navy, introduced 1 June 1939. This was a very old-type code book system used by the American Army and Navy in 1898 and abandoned in 1917 because it was insecure. It has a dictionary of 33,333 words and phrases, each given as a five figure number. These were added to random numbers contained in a second code book. The dictionary was only changed once before PH on Dec 1, 1940, to version B but the random book was changed every 3 to 6 months. The Japanese blundered away the code when they introduced JN25-B by continuing to use, for 2 months, random table books that had been solved by the Allies. It was child's play to reconstruct the exposed dictionary; we recovered the whole thing immediately.

In January 1941 the US gave Britain two JN-25B code books with keys and techniques for deciphering. The entire Pearl Harbor scheme was laid out in this code. Australia, Great Britain, and the Netherlands also had completely cracked and monitored this code. The official US Navy statement on JN-25B is the "Naval Security Group History to World War II"prepared by Captain J. Holtwick in June 1971 who quotes Captain Safford, the chief of OP-20-G, on page 398: "By 1 December 1941 we had the code solved to a readable extent." Churchill wrote "From the end of 1940 the Americans had pierced the vital Japanese ciphers, and were decoding large numbers of their military and diplomatic telegrams."(26)

In 1979 the NSA released 2,413 JN-25 orders translated in 1945-46 of the 26,581 intercepted by US between Sept 1 and Dec 4, 1941. A secret 1946 Navy report concluded that 188 of these orders had clearly indicated Pearl Harbor was the target of the Japanese attack.

Of the hundreds of radio messages sent by Tokyo to the attack fleet, only 20 are in the National Archives (Record Group-457). All messages to the attack fleet were sent several times, at least one message was sent every odd hour of the day and each had a special serial number. Starting in early November 1941 when the attack fleet assembled in the Kurile Islands and started receiving radio messages, OP-20-G stayed open 24 hours a day and the "First Team" of codebreakers worked (to exhaustion) on JN-25.

In November and early December 1941, OP-20-G spent 85 percent of its effort reading Japanese Navy traffic, 12 percent on Japanese diplomatic traffic and 3 percent on German naval codes. FDR was personally briefed twice a day on JN-25 traffic by his aide, Captain John Beardell, and demanded to see the original raw messages in English. The US Government refuses to identify or declassify any pre-Dec 7, 1941 decrypts of JN-25 on the basis of national security, a half-century after the war. Admiralty Code or Flag Officers Cryptographic System was a four character code super-enciphered by transposition. It was the main source of US IQ on Japan's fleet from its introduction in 1926 through November 1940. The official story that this trivial code was unbroken after that date is simply not credible. The Japanese abandoned it in 1942 because it was too weak. A secret memo reported on page 547 of Layton's "And I Was There" says that it was partially readable. Recall Safford's quote: "We found we could always trust the Japanese themselves to do something that would assist us in the solutions of their systems. They never failed us!"

MAGIC: The security designation given to all decoded Japanese diplomatic messages. It's hard not to conclude with historians like Charles Bateson that "Magic standing alone points so irresistibly to the Pearl Harbor attack that it is inconceivable anybody could have failed to forecast the Japanese move."

ULTRA: The security designation for military codes. No Pearl Harbor investigation discussed Ultra even though on June 7, 1942 the Chicago Tribune and six other newspapers betrayed the fact we were reading JN-25.

Warnings: Warnings do no harm and might do inexpressible good

January 27, 1941: Dr. Ricardo Shreiber, the Peruvian envoy in Tokyo told Max Bishop, third secretary of the US embassy that he had just learned from his intelligence sources that there was a war plan involving a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This information was sent to the State Department and Naval Intelligence and to Admiral Kimmel at Hawaii.

March 31, 1941: A Navy report by Bellinger and Martin predicted that if Japan made war on the US, they would strike Pearl Harbor without warning at dawn with aircraft from a maximum of 6 carriers. For years Navy planners had assumed that Japan, on the outbreak of war, would strike the American fleet wherever it was. Logically, Japan couldn't engage in any major operation with the American fleet on its flank. The strategic options for the Japanese were not unlimited.

August 10, 1941: The top British agent, code named "Tricycle," Dusko Popov, told the FBI of the planned attack on Pearl Harbor and that it would be soon. The FBI told him that his information was "too precise, too complete to be believed. The questionnaire plus the other information you brought spell out in detail exactly where, when, how, and by whom we are to be attacked. If anything, it sounds like a trap." He also reported that a senior Japanese naval person had gone to Taranto to collect all secret data on the attack there and that it was of utmost importance to them. The information was given to Naval IQ.

Early in the Fall, Kilsoo Haan, an agent for the Sino-Korean People's League, told Eric Severeid of CBS that the Korean underground in Korea and Japan had positive proof that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor before Christmas. Among other things, one Korean had actually seen the plans. In late October, Haan finally convinced US Senator Guy Gillette that the Japanese were planning to attack in December or January. Gillette alerted the State Department, Army and Navy Intelligence and FDR personally.

September 24, 1941: The " bomb plot" message in J-19 code from Japan Naval Intelligence to Japan' s consul general in Honolulu requesting grid of exact locations of ships pinpointed for the benefit of bombardiers and torpedo pilots was deciphered. There was no reason to know the exact location of ships in harbor, unless to attack them; it was a dead giveaway. Chief of War Plans Turner and Chief of Naval Operations Stark repeatedly kept it and warnings based on it prepared by Safford and others from being passed to Hawaii. It was lack of information like this that lead to the exoneration of the Hawaii commanders and the blaming of Washington for unpreparedness for the attack by the Army Board and Navy Court. At no time did the Japanese ever ask for a similar bomb plot for any other American military installation. Why the Roosevelt administration allowed flagrant Japanese spying on PH has never been explained. The bomb plots were addressed to "Chief of 3rd Bureau, Naval General Staff," marked Secret Intelligence message, and given special serial numbers, so their significance couldn't be missed. There were about 95 ships in port. The text was: "Strictly secret. "Henceforth, we would like to have you make reports concerning vessels along the following lines insofar as possible:

"1. The waters (of Pearl Harbor) are to be divided roughly into five subareas (We have no objections to your abbreviating as much as you like.)

"Area A. Waters between Ford Island and the Arsenal.

"Area B. Waters adjacent to the Island south and west of Ford Island. (This area is on the opposite side of the Island from Area A.)

"Area C. East Loch.

"Area D. Middle Loch.

"Area E. West Loch and the communication water routes.

"2. With regard to warships and aircraft carriers, we would like to have you report on those at anchor (these are not so important) tied up at wharves, buoys and in docks. (Designate types and classes briefly. If possible we would like to have you make mention of the fact when there are two or more vessels along side the same wharf.)" Simple traffic analysis of the accelerated frequency of messages from various Japanese consuls gave a another identification of war preparations, from Aug-Dec there were 6 messages from Seattle, 18 from Panama, 55 from Manila and 68 from Hawaii.

October: Soviet top spy Richard Sorge, the greatest spy in history, informed Kremlin that Pearl Harbor would be attacked within 60 days. Moscow informed him that this was passed to the US. The most interesting part of the story is that all references to Pearl Harbor in the War Department's copy of Sorge's 32,000 word confession to the Japanese were deleted.(27)

October 16, 1941: FDR grossly humiliated Japan's Ambassador and refused to meet with Prime Minister Konoye to engineer the war party, lead by General Tojo, into power in Japan.

November 1, 1941: Order to continue drills against anchored capital ships to prepare to "ambush and completely destroy the US enemy." The message included references to armor-piercing bombs and shallow draft torpedoes. Other messages referred to 'near surface torpedoes' and 'all units scheduled to be assigned to the Striking Force have all torpedoes adjusted by Nov 18'.

November 14, 1941: Japanese Merchant Marine was alerted that wartime recognition signals would be in effect Dec 1.

November 22, 1941: Tokyo said to Ambassador Nomura in Washington about extending the deadline for negotiations to November 29: "...this time we mean it, that the deadline absolutely cannot be changed. After that things are automatically going to happen."

November 25, 1941: British decrypted the East Winds setup message sent Nov. 19. The US decoded it Nov. 28. It was a Purple Code message that there would be an attack and that the signal would come over Radio Tokyo as a weather report; rain meaning war, east (Higashi) meaning US. The Dutch decoded it December 2.

November 25, 1941: Secretary of War Stimson noted in his diary "FDR stated that we were likely to be attacked perhaps as soon as next Monday." FDR asked: "the question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot without too much danger to ourselves. In spite of the risk involved, however, in letting the Japanese fire the first shot, we realized that in order to have the full support of the American people it was desirable to make sure that the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt in anyone's mind as to who were the aggressors."

November 25, 1941: Yamamoto gave this order in JN-25: " (a) The task force, keeping its movements strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters and upon the very opening of hostilities, shall attack the main force of the United States Fleet in Hawaii and deal it a mortal blow. The raid is planned for dawn on X-day; exact date to be given by later order. (b) Should the negotiations with the US prove successful, the task force shall hold itself in readiness forthwith to return and reassemble. (c) The task force will move out of Hitokappu Wan on the morning of 26 November and advance to the standing-by position on the afternoon of 4 December and speedily complete refueling." (28)

November 26, 1941: 3 A.M. Churchill sent an urgent secret message to FDR, probably containing above message. This message caused the greatest agitation in DC. Of Churchill's voluminous correspondence with FDR, this is the only message that has not been released (on the grounds that it would damage national security). Stark testified that "On November 26 there was received specific evidence of the Japanese intention to wage offensive war against Great Britain and the United States." Washington, in an order of Nov 26, ordered both US aircraft carriers, the Enterprise and the Lexington out of Pearl Harbor "as soon as possible."

This order included stripping Pearl of 50 planes or 40 percent of its already inadequate fighter protection. In response to Churchill's message, FDR secretly cabled him that afternoon: "Negotiations off. Services expect action within two weeks." Note that the only way FDR could have linked negotiations with service action, let alone have known the timing of the action, was if he had the message to sail. In other words, the only service action contingent on negotiations was Pearl Harbor.

November 26, 1941: The "most fateful document " was Hull's ultimatum that Japan must withdraw from Indochina and all China. FDR's Ambassador to Japan called this "The document that touched the button that started the war." It is not just that the US forced the war, but that our position changed 180 degrees overnight that is inexplicable without the conspiracy theory.

Dept. of State Bulletin, Vol. V, No. 129, Dec. 13, 1941: The text of the document handed by the Secretary of State to the Japanese Ambassador on November 26, 1941, which consists of two parts, one an oral statement and one an outline of a proposed basis for agreement between the United States and Japan, reads as follows:

Oral Strictly confidential November 26, 1941: The representatives of the Government of the United States and of the Government of Japan have been carrying on during the past several months informal and exploratory conversations for the purpose of arriving at a settlement if possible of questions relating to the entire Pacific area based upon the principles of peace, law and order and fair dealing among nations.

These principles include the principle of inviolability of territorial integrity and sovereignty of each and all nations; the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries; the principle of equality, including equality of commercial opportunity and treatment; and the principle of reliance upon international cooperation and conciliation for the prevention and pacific settlement of controversies and for improvement of international conditions by peaceful methods and processes.

It is believed that in our discussions some progress has been made in reference to the general principles which constitute the basis of a peaceful settlement covering the entire Pacific area. Recently the Japanese Ambassador has stated that the Japanese Government is desirous of continuing the conversations directed toward a comprehensive and peaceful settlement of the Pacific area; that it would be helpful toward creating an atmosphere favorable to the successful outcome of the conversations if a temporary modus vivendi could be agreed upon to be in effect while the conversations looking to peaceful settlement in the Pacific were continuing. On November 20 the Japanese Ambassador communicated to the Secretary of State proposals in regard to temporary measure to be taken respectively by the Government of Japan and by the Government of the United States, which measures are understood to have been designed to accomplish the purposes above indicated.

The Government of the United States most earnestly desires to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of peace and stability in the Pacific area, and to afford every opportunity for the continuance of discussion with the Japanese Government directed toward working out a broad-gauge program of peace throughout the Pacific area. The proposals which were presented by the Japanese Ambassador on November 20 contain some features which, in the opinion of this Government, conflict with the fundamental principles which form a part of the general settlement under consideration and to which each Government has declared that it is committed. The Government of the United States believes that the adoption of such proposals would not be likely to contribute to the ultimate objectives of ensuring peace under law, order and justice in the Pacific area, and it suggests that further effort be made to resolve our divergences of view in regard to the practical application of the fundamental principles already mentioned.

With this object in view the Government of the United States offers for the consideration of the Japanese Government a plan of a broad but simple settlement covering the entire Pacific area as one practical exemplification of a program which this Government envisages as something to be worked out during our further conversations.

The plan therein suggested represents an effort to bridge the gap between our draft of June 21, 1941 and the Japanese draft of September 25 by making a new approach to the essential problems underlying a comprehensive Pacific settlement.

This plan contains provisions dealing with the practical application of the fundamental principles which we have agreed in our conversations constitute the only sound basis for worthwhile international relations. We hope that in this way progress toward reaching a meeting of minds between our two Governments may be expedited.

Strictly confidential, tentative and without commitment November 26, 1941. Outline of Proposed Basis for Agreement Between the United States and Japan Section I Draft Mutual Declaration of Policy:

Section I

The Government of the United States and the Government of Japan both being solicitous for the peace of the Pacific affirm that their national policies are directed toward lasting and extensive peace throughout the Pacific area, that they have no territorial designs in that area, that they have no intention of threatening other countries or of using military force aggressively against any neighboring nation, and that, accordingly, in their national policies they will actively support and give practical application to the following fundamental principles upon which their relations with each other and with all other governments are based:

The principle of inviolability of territorial integrity and sovereignty of each and all nations.

The principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The principle of equality, including equality of commercial opportunity and treatment.

The principle of reliance upon international cooperation and conciliation for the prevention and pacific settlement of controversies and for improvement of international conditions by peaceful methods and processes. The Government of Japan and the Government of the United States have agreed that toward eliminating chronic political instability, preventing recurrent economic collapse, and providing a basis for peace, they will actively support and practically apply the following principles in their economic relations with each other and with other nations and peoples:

The principle of non-discrimination in international commercial relations.

The principle of international economic cooperation and abolition of extreme nationalism as expressed in excessive trade restrictions.

The principle of non-discriminatory access by all nations to raw material supplies.

The principle of full protection of the interests of consuming countries and populations as regards the operation of international commodity agreements.

The principle of establishment of such institutions and arrangements of international finance as may lend aid to the essential enterprises and the continuous development of all countries and may permit payments through processes of trade consonant with the welfare of all countries.

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