The Patriot
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

    Folks I have been thinking about the movie "The Patriot" and wondering why the jews would let such a movie be made, one which has inflamed a new interest in patritotism? It makes no sense when they have been working day and night for the last 100 years to destroy patriotism in America, EXCEPT for the period just before World War I, and again just before World War II; and they did that in preparaion for America to fight a war for them.

    Then after the end of World War II, even during Korea and the Viet Namese wars they were working hard to destroy patriotism and nationalism in the United States.

    Now they are letting this movie and Braveheart and a couple of other patritotic movies, such as Saving Private somethign or other. Think about it.

    The damn jews are setting us up for another war that is the reason they let this movie be made, and I understand there are a few more in the works at the present time.

    Whenever the jews do anything it is certainly not for our benefit or for the benefit of the people of the United States.

    SO GET READY TO SEE YOUR SONS, DAUGHTERS, AND GRAND CHILDREN GO OFF TO WAR IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR THE DAMN JEWS. It makes me sick to think that most Americans will go along with it like the trained dogs they have turned into. Never knowing that it was the jews who was causing the whole thing.

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Jew Watch - Willie Martin

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