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By Willie Martin
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Jew Watch

    There are those on the newsgroups (foolsgroups) I don't know who is the bigger fool, those on the news groups or those like myself who do battle with them, that are predicting that there will be an October surprise, and some on one of the lists that I get also believe this. Well I don't know if there will be an October surprise or not, but I do know that at some point in time that Russia and China will attack America; remember that the Kingdom of God is taken by violence?, but they will be defeated but not before 2/3 of our people will be destroyed in the ensuing battle.

    It has been reported that only 70% of the people in America are White at the present time. That comes out to be, if the total number of people in the US is 260 million to be 170 million give or take a few million and 2/3 rds of that will be killed in the future war = 170 x 2/3 = 57 million will be left. The strangers who have invaded our land will flee to their own country; and 3/4 of them will be killed along with 3/4 of allthe forces which will come with Russia and China against the Kingdom of God. The United States of America.

    There are those who say that the end of the earth will come on August 28, 2000. Well there have been many who have predicted the end of the world and all have been wrong so far.

    The scriptures say that the man of sin must be revealed before the end; and that man of sin is the Jewish people. Judas the traitor who betrayed Christ, our Redeemer, Savior, and King, was a Jaw the only Jew of the 12. And he was a thief also, as the scriptures say.

     In the book of Revelation mention is made abut who was responsible for all the righteous blood spilled on earth since Abel. Since Cain was the one who slew Abel, then his children who are also the devils children are the ones being spoken of and that people are the Jews.

   Now it is given that there has been a great awakening of many of our people as to the evil of the Jews and etc., but so far not all the people know that these evil ones are responsible for all the blood of the righteous from Abel to the present time are the Jews. They will know but so far not all of them know it, yet there are many times the number today that know the truth, compared to how many knew the truth 20 years ago.

    Also the sun (Jacob), Moon (Rachel) and Stars (Children of Jacob/Israel) must cease their shining. This has not happened yet, although it is very close to becoming a fact because our people are giving them selves over to the dark powers. Which is God's plan for He is punishing them for the evil they have done and because they have turned their back to Him.

   At any rate, watch, for the times do indicate that we shoud look to the sky for our King is on His way.

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Jew Watch - Willie Martin

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