Environmental Wackos At It Again
Parts 1 through 2
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Environmental Wackos At It Again - Part 1

 Judeo-Christian Churches Being Used To Push Dangerous U.N. Treaty: The eye-opening article that follows, written by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Institute, illustrates the success that the Jewish controlled Communis environmentalists are having in operating from America's Judeo-Christian church pulpits. Isn't it interesting that the IRS is threatening to revoke the tax-exempt status of Bible-believing churches and ministries that dare to criticize the United Nations or who expose the environmentalist agenda? Yet, apparently the IRS has no problem with tax-exempt Judeo-Christian churches and groups (like the National Council of Churches) who use political lobbying to cram United Nations environmental treaties down America's throat!

 The National Council of churches (NCC) has launched a major drive to enlist Judeo-Christian congregations in a massive letter-writing campaign in support of the United Nations global warming treaty that was negotiated in Kyoto, Japan. The treaty must still be ratified by the U.S. Senate.

 The treaty has met major opposition in the Senate because compliance will force the United States to cut back on energy use by at least 30%; increase the price of gasoline by as much as 50 cents per gallon; and cause severe energy shortages and possible gas lines across the nation. The treaty is supported by a coalition of radical-left environmental groups who advocate central control of the nation's economy. Most scientists now agree that the treaty would do little to protect the environment.

 A Communist Agenda: The National Council of Churches has a long history of supporting and promoting leftist causes. For example, documents captured with Communist guerrillas in El Salvador in 1983, implicated the NCC in channeling money to those Communist insurgents. The NCC was also involved in promoting the communist Nicaraguan Sandinista Party and the Communist FRELIMO government of Mozambique.

 So it comes as no surprise that the NCC is now heavily involved in promoting the radical environmental agenda as well. The NCC's General Secretary, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, says the goal is to make global warming "a litmus test for the faith community."

 In truth, this effort by the National Council of Churches, along with the U.S. Catholic Conference and the Evangelical Environmental Network, is part of a nationwide drive by radical "greens' to influence American churches into promoting unfounded, nonscientific environmental policies.

 Beginning in 1993, more than 100 million Americans in 67,000 congregations became the target of radical leftist environmental propaganda, fueled by over $5 million in grants from private foundations. The goal is to break down the strongest resistance in an environmental movement that advocates earth worship, and the idea that man is only equal to rocks, plants, and animals.

 The National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) announced its $5 million dollar program on October 5, 1993, at the Mount Gilead Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Its stated purpose was to "underscore the connection between addressing issues of poverty and the environment." The Partnership is a forma agreement among four of the nation's largest religious organizations: The U.S. Catholic conference, National Council of Churches, Coalition of the Environment and Jewish Life, and the Evangelical Environmental Network.

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