Rebellious or Hateful Children
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

    One of the verses of the Bible that the Judeo-Christians never mention is the one where the two she bears kill the children who were mocking Elisha. Now well brought up children will not mock their elders, nor make fun of someone because they are different.

    In this case they (the young people, both boys and girls) were making fun of Elisha and his bald head. Now from the wording of the verse and from the references made in Strong's Concordance and Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition that they were not only making fun of him but were impeding his travel, and would not allow him to proceed.

     Also please note that he was in Judea, and the children were obviously children of the Pharisees, and Sadduccees. In other words they were Jewish children mocking and impeding a man of God.

     Now many will say why would God kill children? But there is nothing in the scriptures that says they were killed, they were rended, or separated, or parted, and probably some of them were hurt somewhat and perhaps some of the killed.

     But this is an object lesson for parents who allow their children to run amok and to make fun of and impede older people who are different because of their age or infimaries.

    In other words, if your children are unrully, then they are to be punished and brought back into line. And damn what the government thinks about it. They are
to be corrected, otherwise they will be on the streets taking drugs, and having their lives destroyed by government edicts which is what the antichrsits want

    So if you love your children and want to live long and happy lives, or as happy as they can in this evil world then correct them; spank them if necessary, or
correct them in whatever manner works. Then you can be proud of them as they grow older and they will have respect for you in your old age.

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Jew Watch - Willie Martin

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