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87% of Men Score Higher than Top Woman

Thanks to wall to wall TV coverage of this dismal performance of women golfers, most couch potato Americans will now believe that it's only golf where 87% of men score higher than the top woman.  The reality is that 87% of men score higher than the top woman in MOST human activities, a simple fact which has been successfully concealed by the powers that be [read: jews] through anti-men programs like affirmative action, the Equal Pay Act, distortions of standardidized test scores, misreporting and manipulation of average incomes, elimination of the concept once known as personal savings, anti-boy bias by the morons we call "teachers", a "justice system" wherein only women win, and a whole host of other more subtle techniques.  Stripping away all of these systemic anti-male government sponsored schemes reveals that more than 87% of men score higher than the top woman in most important human events.

The differences between races and sexes in Graduate Record Exam scores are representative of other differences, though, so the above observation ignores an even more important problem, which is the inability of niggers and jews to compete fairly and justly and properly in the American business environment without all these artificial government sponsored props, and the immense cost of these artificial systems.  In the quantitative arena, for example, Asian men score 66 points higher than Asian women, a half a standard deviation higher, but they score 234 points higher than nigger women, which is two standard deviations higher.  Of course only those who understand Gaussian Distribution curves can appreciate the huge gulf between a half a standard deviation and two standard deviations, something that not even many White men graduates from our "education" system do now.

Why did jews demand, and get, included in the Census Bureau statistics on "Whites" instead of separated out as the unique race they are, in a bureaucracy which keeps track of how many kittens were born in the last 5 minutes, what color and race they were, and how many survived?  According to the INS in 1924, jews are "feeble minded ... morons", a lofty title not even applied to niggers, and of course jews don't want you to know that.   Where do jews fall on this scale, then? 

We don't know exactly, but consider some facts about jews.  They've been completely unable to create their own society without immense economic aid from Christian nations like the US and Germany, something not even niggers in Africa failed at.  They've never been able to comprehend why they've been expelled from 86 nations before us, always blaming it on "anti-Semitism", something not even niggers experienced even once.  They're immensely tormented by the prospects of a 12 year old Palestinian boy throwing rocks at their [read: our] tanks, something that doesn't even seem to bother niggers.  They're still agonizing over Anne Frank dying of typhus more than half a century ago but impervious to the news that 150 million Christians also died in WWII, that just yesterday (and the day before, and the day before that ...), 2,009 Americans died of heart disease, 1,478 died of cancer, 438 died of cerebrovascular diseases, 291 died of pulmonary diseases, and niggers murdered 12 White Americans, each of which must be a more excruciating death than mere typhus.  The utter lack of compassion or concern required to ignore anyone and everyone else who died in the interim, and fixate only on one ugly fellow member of your race who died comfortably more than half a century ago, would give any ordinary person a clue about why nobody else likes you, but to jews whose only value system seems to be their paranoia, the only "reason" can be anti-Semitism.

What about anti-Caucasianism, or anti-niggerism, or anti-Asianism, or anti-latrinoism?  They have feelings of racial pride too, right, so why are their concerns ignored? The enormity of jewish supremacism is so great that it falls outside the boundaries of our comprehension. But refusal to address the issue, and the continued mongrelization of 'merica, will lead to the homicide of an EXTRA 4 million more Americans in the 21st Century





Fuck Rich Lowry!  Fuck Annika!  Fuck them in spades!
I don't mean any disrespect to you, Robert Brown, but
fuck Rich Lowry and Annika in deuces!

She finished 98th in a field of 111, which means that
she finished behind 97 men and ahead of 13 men.  Lowry
says that should be a good enough performance to
silence the curmudgeons.  If that isn't a bad enough
performance to prove our POINT, what would be?

Instead of having the guts to say that she fell flat
on her face because she couldn't compete with the
guys, Lowry allows himself to play the typical
lame-assed conservative cheerleader making
ever-so-slight anti-feminist noises ("Women can't
really compete with men, but rah rah rah for the

And of course looking for guts from the woman herself
is out of the question - instead of having the guts to
say "I fell flat on my face", she's allowing herself
to be feted by the chivalraconservalib (a new word
that I just coined) feminists simply for showing up
and not dropping dead on the first tee.

Fuck them all!  Does anyone even KNOW who WON that
tournament?  All this attention focused on the #98
finisher - did the man who finished Number One even
get his name mentioned?  Did he receive the share of
acclaim that he would normally expect to have - that
he would have a RIGHT to receive?

I wouldn't even waste my organs on the crevices of
either Rich Lowry or the Swedish female Popeye.  Use a
red hot poker on them instead!

--- Robert Brown <[email protected]wrote:

Heed Annika's lesson
Rich Lowry
May 30, 2003

Ernest  Hemingway famously wrote, "The very rich are
different from you and me -- they have more money."
When considering the genders, Hemingway's line might
be paraphrased, "Women are different from men --
they are women." This should be the epithet of the
Annika Sorenstam episode.

The pre-eminent women's golfer famously finished
96th when she played with the men. For curmudgeons
about women's sports, her performance should be
cause to abandon their disdain: Here was a
prodigiously talented athlete, performing with
impressive poise. For believers in gender sameness,
her performance should be a crashing exercise in

Sorenstam's play demonstrates, of course, the
physical differences between men and women. But the
differences reach much deeper, into temperament and
psychology. This is a fact that feminists resist,
since it means that "gender inequality" is not
entirely a product of discrimination or government

Kingsley Browne, a professor of law at Wayne State
University, has relentlessly cataloged the
differences in his recent book Biology at Work.  He
makes an unassailable case that workplace inequality
is not the doing of an evil "patriarchy," but mostly
that impressive female icon -- Mother Nature.

All generalizations, of course, have exceptions. And
women have made great strides in the work force
since 1970. The number of women employed as lawyers,
doctors and business managers has jumped. This trend
will continue but will probably never eclipse the
"wage gap" or shatter the "glass ceiling."

This is because males tend to be more competitive,
take more risks and strive for dominance more than
females -- tendencies that show up at an early age
and across all cultures.

Research shows that boys engage in more competitive
play than girls. Boys have a greater thrust toward
dominance, hogging classroom discussions even in
preschool. Browne writes, "Among unfamiliar pairs of
33-month-old children, boys are less likely to pay
attention to instructions from girls than girls were
to those from boys."

Boys are more active than girls and have less
impulse control. A World Health Organization study
found that boys are almost two times as likely as
girls to die in accidents.

Men are more likely to engage in sky diving, car
racing and hang gliding. Men dominate all the risky
occupations. In 2000, only 36 New York City
firefighters, out of 11,000, were women. More than
90 percent of workplace deaths occur among men.

All around the world, women predominate in caring
for the young, the sick and the old. One
psychologist said of studies of empathy, "In every
case, regardless of the age of the subjects or the
measures used, the females obtained higher scores
than did the males."

Feminists want to pick and choose their gender
differences. No one gets offended by the fact that
around the globe, murder tends to be committed by
unmarried young males. What causes apoplexy is the
notion that the same qualities that can make men so
brutish -- competitiveness, risk-taking, etc. --
make them more likely to climb to the top of the
business world.

Men are more willing to take career risks that
result in higher compensation. They tend to be more
driven -- men in full-time jobs work 8 percent to 10
percent more hours than women. They also consider
the bottom line more important.

According to Browne, "Women attach greater
importance than men to nonwage aspects of work, such
as relations with co-workers and supervisors,
freedom to take time off, shorter commute time,
opportunities to work part time and pleasant
physical surroundings."

Even socialism can't erase these differences.
Sorenstam's Sweden has created supports to help both
working mothers and fathers take time off for child
care. Still, only 10 percent of men work less hours
after childbirth, compared with 60 percent of women.

Back to golf: None of this is to minimize
Sorenstam's achievement. And if her performance
prompts a more honest acknowledgment of the
differences between men and women -- each wonderful
in their own way -- she deserves more than applause
from the gallery, she deserves a Nobel Prize.



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