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Eliminating fatherlessness

Women Jurors Undermine The Integrity of the Constitution.

June 13, 1999

CBS' 60 Minutes interviewed two female jurors who awarded a mass murderer $500,000 because he was psychotic, and because  his psychiatrist allegedly didn't warn him how dangerous he was to society.

These idiots REWARDED a psychotic for his psychotic behavior because they became victims of his psychosis.

There is never an end to how blind dumb feminists can be duped and what they will believe about "victimhood".  They, and they alone, have turned victimhood into an art and a multi-billion dollar industry, at the great expense of our Constitution as well as to almost every principle known to humanity.

A real brilliant single mother allowed her 13 year old daughter to go out with a known violent 17 year old by at 11 PM at night.  The boy murdered her, and now the single mother is suing the parents of the boy because they gave him a knife for his birthday, which was the knife he used to murder her daughter.  She accepts zero responsibility for doing the worst thing she could ever do to a child--raise her child fatherless--which was compounded by the stupidest parental decision of all time.  And she faults parents for having knives in their homes?  Whew.

This is the moral equivalent to laying down on the railroad tracks so you can sue Amtrak for running over you.  But some blind dumb feminist juror is going to fine tune that art of victimhood and give this "poor" single-mother anything she wants, at the great expense of every principle known to humanity, to common sense, and worst of all at the expense of two parents who at least maintained a family.

Why was the boy violent?  Most likely because his parents knew that they couldn't adequately punish him earlier in his life.  Why?  Because so many blind dumb feminist jurors are agreeing that a high percentage of the 3.1 million accusations of "child abuse" each year actually constitute "child abuse" and not "child discipline".  This removes vital paternal authority from families and puts courts [read: feminist jurors] in charge of distinguishing between "child abuse" and "child discipline".  If blind dumb feminist Americans can't answer a simple science question, they surely are incapable of making a responsible life or death decisions about child discipline. 

Our jury system did work, until such women were allowed to be on juries.  John Lott notes lottonsuffrage.htm that the reason government spending grew out of control is because of the female vote.  Whatever it is about feminist decision processes which led to our humongous public debt are the same processes which led to our convoluted jury decisions.  Did putting women on juries improve the quality of juries?  No.  Did it improve the quality of life of women?  If we accept that having a murder rate three times, a divorce rate 2 times, an illegitimacy rate 5 times, an incarceration rate 4 times, & a male suicide 50% higher than before they were on juries, then you might be able to find some evidence that women benefitted from it.

These two cases above, by themselves, undermine the notion that "equality" benefits women, or that our current jury system works.  It undermines the entire reason for having juries in the first place.  The idea was to have responsible members of the citizenry applying their collective abilities to resolving complex problems.  But we have taken the lowest common denominator and mixed it with what should have been responsible juries and made it impossible for juries to uphold the simple principles of the Constitution. [read: the inmates are in charge of the asylum].

Single mothers have got to be the most irresponsible people on the planet, even before they make the stupid decisions which get their children into such trouble.  Add to that their complete inability to understand their own limitations and you have a donkey who thinks he is a nuclear physicist and won't budge off that position no matter how hard you kick.  Put them on juries and you instantly have a totalitarian state which blames all of the failures of single-motherhood on men--ANY man--but never women.



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