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Women and Productivity

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bulletWomen as a group pay no federal taxes and in fact get BACK from the IRS $100 billion more in tax credits and "earned income credits" than they pay in taxes.
bulletIn the last 3-4 decades, US GDP per worker decreased $2,650 for each one percent increase in the percent of the labor force which is women.
bulletAround the world today, GDP per Capita decreases $2,450 for each one percent increase in the percent of the labor force which is women.
bulletThe negative productivity of one woman worker is equivalent to the positive productivity of 14 men workers. [read: it takes 14 men to compensate for the damages cause by one woman, on average]
bulletThe 18 year cost to society of creating a single-mother household so that American women can be "independent" of men is $1.1 million.
bulletSAT scores across the country, from state to state, decrease 2 points for each 1% increase in the percent of principals who are women.
bulletAround the world, from country to country, TIMSS scores decrease 7 points for each 1% increase in the percent of teachers who are women.
bulletEven though social security is supposed to be a "retirement system", already more than a third of social security disbursements are paid to women who neither paid into the system in the first place nor are retired.
bulletBecause women live longer than men, women are two thirds of the beneficiaries of medicare to which men are the primary contributors.
bulletWomen on average earn only 18% of family incomes, and men earn 82%
bulletAccording to nine independent studies, women initiate up to two out of three acts of domestic violence
bulletAccording to the Third National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect, children are 18 times more likely to be fatally abused by mothers than by biological fathers, and mothers constitute 78% of the defendants of fatal child abuse and biological fathers only 2%.
bulletZero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to solve TIMSS math and physics problems  


Gross Domestic Product by the Gold Standard versus the percent of women in the labor force


The negative productivity of an extra woman worker is equivalent to the positive productivity of 14 American men workers.


This pattern is similar worldwide.


Each 1% increase in the percent of women in the labor force reduces TIMSS scores by one point.


Savings decrease by 1% of GDP for each 1% increase in women with higher educations.


Less than 2% of Japan's managers are women and Japan now has the world's highest GDP per Worker.


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Original Tables

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                       Women managers
                       rare in Japan


                       BY YURI KAGEYAMA
                       Associated Press Writer

                       TOKYO (AP) -- Japanese women lag far
                       behind their American sisters in their climb into
                       higher corporate ranks, government figures out today show. But there
                       are signs of change, however incremental.

                       People are marveling over Mazda Motor Corp.'s new plan to
                       promote a few women and give 500 others a raise.

                       The praise Mazda is winning underlines the momentous obstacles
                       women face at Japanese companies -- where they are routinely put
                       on a separate track from men as soon as they are hired and often
                       expected to quit when they get married.

                       When Mazda looked at the performance and skills of their women
                       employees, it found that 500, or about a third of their female work
                       force, deserved either promotion or a better job grade, which
                       determines salary.

                       As a result, two or three women will be promoted by this fall to the
                       lowest managerial position, called assistant manager, a title now held
                       by 2,300 men and only four women at Mazda.

                       A Westerner might wonder why so many women hadn't gotten their
                       proper due before. In Japan, the news was praised as proof of
                       Mazda's progressiveness.

                       ``Women promoted -- 500 at once,'' declared a headline in the liberal
                       Asahi newspaper. A commentator on a news program praised the
                       move as surprisingly drastic.

                       ``It means more opportunities for women, so it's great news,'' said
                       Mazda spokeswoman Nobuko Watanabe, one of only three female
                       section chiefs at the automaker. ``I think many women here are

                       Today's study by the Labor Ministry painted a far more dismal

                       The proportion of women in management has hardly changed at all
                       according to the latest figures available, a survey comparing last year's
                       findings to 1995's.

               Women made up 1.2 percent of department directors, down from 1.5
t, and 2.4 percent of section chiefs, up slightly from 2 percent.
                       Women made up 7.8 percent of lowest level management, up slightly
                       from 7.3 percent. The study looked at about 6,000 companies
                       employing 30 or more people.

                       In the United States, women make up about 46 percent of
                       management, although they are still a tiny minority at top levels,
                       according to a U.N. study.

                       Japan's recent economic troubles curtailed the promotion of women,
                       said ministry official Akiko Yoshimoto.

                       ``Progress is very gradual, and it's difficult to say advancement is
                       coming smoothly,'' she said.

                       The study showed that old attitudes die hard. Companies continued to
                       justify assigning jobs only to men by saying that there were no women
                       who could do the job.

                       Asked why they had not promoted women to management, they said
                       women lacked skills, experience and decision-making ability.

                       ``In Japan, sexual equality is all talk and not at all reflected in actual
                       practice,'' said feminist activist Chiyo Saito.


                       Saito said she suspected that Mazda announced what for Japan is a
                       radical measure because it is 33.4 percent owned by U.S. automaker
                       Ford Motor Co.

                       Mazda said that erasing sexual discrimination in promotions was part
                       of an overall policy of changing old-style Japanese ways to Western
                       standards in order to keep up with the international competition.

                       ``Unless we do away with the basic thinking that women should stay
                       at home and shouldn't be working, things aren't going to change,'' said
                       Kazumi Suzuki, a 26-year-old temporary worker at a U.S. bank. She
                       quit her job at a Japanese company after enduring three frustrating

                       ``I've had it with Japanese companies,'' she said.

                       (PROFILE (CO:Ford Motor; TS:F; IG:AUT;) )

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