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Top 150 World Banks in 2001: "Asian economic crisis"?


The news of the crash of the Nikkei, a place where almost no Japanese household keeps its money, made world news, while the trillions of dollars spilling out of the top Japanese banks wasn't even mentioned.  In just one year, in just one Japanese bank, Sumitomo, the increase in assets alone, $409 billion, was almost as much the entire assets at Bank of America of $621 billion (which lost $20 billion that year).  And this was before the NASDAQ plunged by three quarters and the NYSE plunged by a third.

One Japanese bank, Mizuho Holdings, has almost $1.3 trillion in assets, a quarter of a trillion dollars more than our top bank, Citigroup. Only one other bank in the world grew more than Sumitomo, the German bank Allianz, whose assets increased by $423 billion (compared to only $149 billion at at out top bank Citigroup).  Bank One of Chicago at $269 billion, is less than a fifth the size of Mizuho and lost $345 million.  This sure is a strange "Asian economic crisis".  Not only did these banks experience unprecedented growth in assets, but between 2000 and 2001, profits at Sumitomo Bank increased 35%, at Fuji 51%, at Dai-Ichi 20%, at Mitsubishi 68%, at Sumitomo Trust 27%, Hiroshima Bank 139%, Yamaguchi 88%, Juroku 37%, Iyo 20%, Nanto 105%.  There were Japanese banks who lost money, but the dramatic growth in assets far outweighed the unusually small losses they reported. The biggest loss, Sanwa Bank, was $1.3 billion, but its assets increased by $17 billion to $462 billion.  Bank of Tokyo lost $1.2 billion but its assets increased by more than $135 billion, to $735 billion.  Tokai Bank lost $.5 billion but its assets increased by more than that.  This is a dramatic increase in bank assets in Japan from 2000.

It's hard to imagine the conditions under which a bank can grow by $135 billion in just one year, an amount greater than the total asset value of of all but eight US banks, and lose $1.3 billion. Only Citigroup, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wachiovia, Wells Fargo, Fleet Boston, US Bancorp, and American Express are bigger than $135 billion, but well known American banks like National City Corp, SunTrust Bank, Bank of New York, Fifth Third Bankcorp, BB&T, State Street Corp, and PNC Financial are considerably smaller.

And the icing on the cake is that banks are not where the Japanese keep their family savings, which are 24-35% of each wage "dollar" and have been for at least half a century.  Instead, they keep their savings in semi-private Postal Savings Accounts.

The real "Asian economic crisis" is that Japanese banks just don't have enough places to put all these extra trillions of dollars.

World's Top Banking Companies by Assets

As of Dec. 31, 2001, or end of latest fiscal year. Dollars in millions*
Published July 12, 2002


Year earlier


1Mizuho Holdings** Tokyo$1,281,389 NANA
2Citigroup Inc. New York1,051,450902,20916.54%
3Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. Tokyo924,146515,23779.4
4Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group Tokyo854,749869,852-1.7
5Deutsche Bank Frankfurt815,126872,626-7.05
6Allianz AG Munich805,433382,106110.79
7UBS AG Zurich753,833673,70511.89
8BNP Paribas Paris734,833652,41012.63
9HSBC Holdings PLC London694,590672,9103.22
10J.P. Morgan & Chase Co. New York693,575715,347-3.14
11Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbanken AG Munich638,544653,861-2.4
12ING Group NV Amsterdam628,590612,8322.57
13Bank of America Corp. Charlotte, N.C.621,764642,190-3.29
14Credit Suisse Group Zurich608,781612,097-0.55
15UFJ Holdings*** Osaka, Japan601,000NANA
16Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC Edinburgh536,799477,61812.39
17ABN Amro Holding NV Amsterdam531,695509,7324.31
18Barclays PLC London519,130471,91810
19Norinchukin Bank Tokyo476,538498,437-4.6
20Societe Generale Paris456,899429,5976.35
21HBOS PLC Edinburgh454,540400,94413.37
22Commerzbank Frankfurt444,454428,7503.66
23Credit Agricole SA Paris441,124503,811-14.21
24Axa Paris432,481446,890-3.33
25Fortis Utrecht Netherlands428,471410,5824.36
26Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale Dusseldorf, Germany372,200385,639-3.48
27Lloyds TSB Group PLC London344,273325,3045.83
28Wachovia Charlotte, N.C.330,452254,16930.01
29Rabobank Group Utrecht, Netherlands324,154323,2250.29
30Dexia Brussels313,144242,86528.94
31Abbey National PLC London312,759305,0172.54
32Santander Central Hispano SA Madrid312,119322,133-3.21
33Wells Fargo & Co. San Francisco307,569272,42512.9
34Bayerische Landesbank Girozentrale Munich287,385284,1291.15
35BBV Argenteria Bilbao, Spain271,813275,920-1.51
36Bank One Corp Chicago268,954269,299-0.13
37Washington Mutual Seattle242,506194,71524.54
38Almanij NV Antwerp, Belgium231,171205,02812.75
39Royal Bank of Canada Toronto225,403189,67618.84
40Nordea Bank AB Stockholm215,285211,5591.76
41Intesa Milan, Italy211,471234,8272
42FleetBoston Financial Corp. Boston203,638179,51813.44
43KBC Bank and Insurance Holding Co. NV Brussels203,333176,83714.98
44UniCredito Italiano SpA Milan, Italy194,269195,3791.1
45National Australia Bank Ltd. Melbourne183,501185,820-1.26
46Toronto-Dominion Bank Toronto181,145173,6374.32
47Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Toronto180,550175,8872.65
48Credit Lyonnais SA Paris180,411176,7252.08
49Bank of Nova Scotia Halifax, Canada178,479165,7347.69
50Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale Hanover, Germany177,072175,5410.87
51U.S. Bancorp Minneapolis$171,390 $87,335 96.24%
52Danske Bank SA Copenhagen 169,197161,8924.51
53Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG Berlin167,509192,508-14.92
54Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG Wiesbaden, Germany161,069146,8539.68
55American Express Co. New York151,100154,323-2.2
56Bank of Montreal150,421153,208-1.85
57San Paolo Imi SpA Turin, Italy150,044161,014-7.31
58Sumitomo Trust and Banking Co. Tokyo139,840148,341-6.08
59Credit Industriel et Commercial Paris132,420135,114-2.04
60Daiwa Bank Holdings Inc. Osaka, Japan122,873145,532-15.57
61Kookmin Bank**** Seoul, South Korea119,619108,19010.56
62Banca di Roma SpA117,751126,864-7.74
63Commonwealth Bank of Australia Sydney117,261129,338-10.3
64SHB AB Stockholm112,472108,4633.7
65Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Stockholm111,219119,354-7.31
66Chuo Mitsui Trust Tokyo109,937144,989-24.18
67BHW Holding AG Hamlin, Germany109,471116,545-6.46
68Standard Chartered PLC London107,347102,3564.87
69National City Corp. Cleveland105,81788,53419.52
70SunTrust Bank Inc. Atlanta104,741103,4951.2
71Banca Monte dei Paschi de Siena SpA Siena, Italy103,635102,0531.55
72Westpac Banking Corp. Sydney93,07390,8002.5
73Forenigssparbanken AB Stockholm91,86398,777-7.53
74Societe Centrale des Assurances Generale Paris91,65691,812-0.17
75Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Melbourne91,15193,578-2.66
76Household International Inc. Prospect Heights, Ill.89,41676,70516.57
77Bank of Yokohama Ltd. Japan83,904102,535-22.21
78Hamburgishce LandsBank Hamburg, Germany82,60880,3042.87
79DBS Group Holdings Ltd. Singapore81,91464,88826.24
80Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SpA Rome81,10486,166-5.88
81Bank of New York81,02877,1135.08
82KeyCorp Cleveland80,93887,269-7.82
83Allied Irish Banks PLC Dublin 79,01774,9035.49
84Erste Bank AG Vienna76,34466,80014.29
85Banco do Brasil SA Plano Piloto71,44970,9550.7
86Fifth Third Bancorp Cincinnati71,02645,85654.89
87BB&T Corp. Winston-Salem, N.C.70,87059,33919.43
88State Street Corp. Boston69,89669,2970.86
89PNC Financial Services Corp. Pittsburgh69,56869,843-0.4
90Rheinsche Hypothekenbank Frankfurt69,25567,0923.22
91Bank of Ireland Dublin69,22764,9776.54
92HVB Real Estate Munich67,96227,758144.83
93State Bank of India Bombay67,57959,98812.65
94Shizoka Bank Ltd. Shizuoka, Japan65,65675,623-15.18
95Old Mutual PLC London64,13168,814-7.3
96Eurohypo AG Frankfurt64,04468,174-6.45
97Chiba Bank Ltd. Chiba, Japan62,17174,095-19.18
98United Overseas Bank Ltd. Singapore61,34838,24860.39
99Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Hong Kong60,87364,203-5.47
100Alliance and Leicester PLC Leicester, U.K.57,46251,81410.9


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