jews did 911 

BREAKING, Sept 1, 2007:  Two thirds blame Bush for 911!!

update: in 3 weeks, between Sept. 1 and Sept. 22, the percent who blame jews and not Arabs increased from 69% to 72% as 12,401 more people took the poll

This means that by September 22 more than 91% blamed jews and less than 9% blamed Arabs 9/11 explained in five minutes

See calculations here!

 jews did 911

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Status above as of Sept. 22, 2007

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Status above as of Sept. 22, 2008

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911: God's Warning Shot For New York

Brought to you by Israeli Terrorism

The above album cover was posted on on July 19, 2001! It depicts the World Trade Center in the exact state we all saw it in after the 911 attacks. The band, The Coup (a sudden overthrow of a government by a usually small group of persons in positions of authority), displays the Red Communist Star representing Socialism on the cover. This site has now been removed and William Cooper was killed by deputy sheriffs

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John Kaminski:  finally someone confesses they believe that 911 was a hoax.


How to escape the flames, gracefully.


Brought to you courtesy of jewerage Bush and Michael Chertoff.


Why are political pundits so out of touch?


Why would Aaron Russo shoot his foot off?


Who is STUPID enough to believe the fraudulent "Purdue simulation"?


Time to investigate the investigators.


Why are so many serial killers jews.


You MUST watch "Loose Change" to learn the TRUTH@!

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A 911 Espionage Quiz!
September 11th, 2001-----------September 11th 2011

In memory of the 3000 Americans who were
murdered on September 11th, 2001.

Throughout the year 2000 and the months leading up to the attack on September 11th, 2001, numerous foreign nationals of middle eastern origin were detected by American internal security observing and surveilling federal institutions in more than six states. This included the cities of Dallas, Houston, New York, and Miami. These foreign nationals also attempted to penetrate 36 high security military installations. They carried fake passports, and often posed as “art students” trying to sell their wares. (It was later determined that the so-called art was "manufactured" in China.) They also carried walkie talkies that were capable of encrypted communications. One of these foreigners was arrested while walking the halls of the Dallas Federal building. At the time of his arrest he was carrying the actual building plans for the federal building. And, others were found to have long lists of the names and addresses of high ranking U.S. Government officers, both civilian and military. More than 200 of these foreigners were arrested and charged with espionage. Subsequently, they were released and allowed to return to their home. When the attack occurred on September 11th 2001, Fox News ran an extensive four part series on this incident characterizing it “as the largest spy ring in U.S. history.” This report was met with strong protest by representatives of the foreign country whose citizens had been charged with espionage. Fox removed the story from its archives. Fox now reports that “the story no longer exists.” (For those interested the story has been archived at several sites on the internet.)

Question 1. How many of the two hundred people arrested for espionage were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?

On September 11th, 2001, the day New York City was attacked, two men of middle eastern origin were arrested by the New York City police department after fleeing a van that was stopped on King Street between Sixth and Seventh avenue. The van was painted with a mural depicting an airplane crashing into New York City. The van subsequently exploded.

Question 2. How many of those arrested were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?

On the day New York City was attacked New York Police Security personnel stopped a white Chevrolet Van on the approach to the George Washington Bridge. Inside the van were “tons of explosives.” Two men of middle eastern origin were arrested. The New York City Police Department said that if the van had exploded it could have severely damaged or destroyed the George Washington Bridge.

Question 3. How many of those arrested by the NYPD were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, five men, all foreign nationals, and of middle eastern origin, were observed by Bergen City, N.J. residents, setting up video and still cameras on top of a moving van. The Chevrolet van bore the sign “Urban Moving Systems.” The location of this incident was in New Jersey directly across the river from the World Trade Center. When the first plane hit the north tower, irate witnesses complained immediately to the Bergen, New Jersey police department that these same five men were not only filming the attack, but they were celebrating the event. They were observed joyously jumping up and down, “high fiving” congratulating themselves, and lighting cigarette lighters in front of the cameras while the WTC burned in the background. These same five men were again seen celebrating on a rooftop in Weehawken, New Jersey as 3000 Americans perished in the attack. When the Bergen City police department arrested them, they had in their possession phoney identification, numerous passports, maps of New York City with certain areas highlighted, box cutters, and one man had $4700 in cash stuffed in his sock. Police dogs were summoned and the dogs immediately detected the presence of explosive residue. The men were arrested and turned over to the FBI and the CIA for questioning. All five repeatedly failed polygraph examinations. Seventy days later, after considerable pressure from their own country, the five men were quietly released and allowed to return home. Later these five men appeared on a local television talk show, in their home country, where they admitted that they were “sent to New York to document the event.” The FBI later confirmed that at least three of the men arrested were known intelligence agents of a foreign country.

Question 4. How many of the five foreign nationals arrested and detained by the FBI were Arabs? What were their country of origin?

The employer for the five foreign nationals mentioned in question 4, was Urban Moving Systems, located in Bergen, New Jersey. Two days after the attack the owner of Urban Moving Systems left the USA—literally in the middle of the night. In his haste to escape the country he left his entire business, including trucks, building, business equipment, phones, and computers. In fact, he left several warehouses filled with the furniture of his customers. He has never returned to the USA. Shortly after escaping the U.S., the FBI put the owner on a “wanted list” as a suspect involved with the 911 attack. A prominent newspaper in the New York area stated that it was well known in intelligence circles that Urban Moving Systems was an espionage “front operation.” And the CIA issued a statement confirming that it was common practice to use moving companies as fronts for espionage.

Question 5. Was the owner of Urban Moving Systems an Arab? What was his country of origin?
Shortly after the attack on New York City, the Ohio State Police arrested six men, all of whom were foreign nationals. The six men were driving in two white Ford Sedans, with three men in each car. It has never been revealed the exact reason for the arrests. The six men had in their possession photographs and the plans for three nuclear power plants in Florida. They also had photographs and the plans for the 800 mile long Alaskan oil pipeline. The six men had valid passports issued by a middle eastern country. After extensive interrogation, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) released the six men. It is believed that they escaped through Canada. It is reported that upon learning of this incident the FBI was infuriated by the actions of the INS.
Question 6. How many of the six men arrested were Arabs? What were there countries of origin?

The next event may be out of context, but it is included here, because it is undoubtedly related to the 911 attack. Literally within days of the attack on New York City, a “terrorist” attack in Mexico City was foiled. Two foreign nationals posing as reporters entered the Mexican Parliament building in Mexico City. They were arrested by Mexican security personnel before the two men could harm anyone. The men were carrying phony Pakistani passports. Each man was armed with a 9 millimeter pistol. Between them they also carried nine hand grenades, large quantities of C4 Plastique explosives and detonators. After considerable pressure by their own country, they were quietly released by Mexican authorities, and allowed to return home.

Question 7. How many of those arrested by Mexican authorities were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?

Following the attacks on September 11, 2001, the espionage committed by foreigners while using moving vans continued. Here are just a few of the known incidents:

October 1, 2001, Plymouth, Pennsylvania: Two men and a women, all foreign nationals, while driving a moving van with the logo "Moving Systems Incorporated," were arrested by the Plymouth, Pennsylvania Police. The women carried a German passport in one name, and prescription medication in another name. The operator of the truck claimed that he was in Plymouth to make a delivery of furniture but he was unable to identify his customer either by name or address. The truck they were driving was impounded by the State of Pennsylvania, Motor Carrier Inspector, because it was determined that the operators log had been falsified. Also, the men had in their possession a Sony Video Camera with extensive close up footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago. The three were turned over to the FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Question 8. How many of those arrested were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?

November 1, 2001, Erwin Tennessee: Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a large moving van were arrested after a high speed chase on U.S. highway 23. They were charged with speeding, and reckless driving. This incident occurred near the Nuclear Fuel Services Plant in Erwin, Tennessee, which is the exclusive source of nuclear fuel cores for the Navy nuclear submarine fleet. In the truck was a load of “junk furniture.” The driver had a counterfeit Florida drivers license. The second man had a phoney I..D card. One of the men had in his possession a “learn to fly” brochure from a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The men were unable to explain the nature of their business in Erwin, Tennessee. Both men were subsequently released and deported.

Question 9. How many of the men arrested were Arabs? What was their country of origin?

May 8, 2002, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Washington: Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a moving van after midnight with a load of junk furniture were arrested for speeding near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. One man had a phony passport. The other had no identification at all. When the military police brought in the dogs they immediately detected the presence of RDX and TNT explosive residue. Both men were charged with entering the country illegally, but were subsequently released.
Question 10. How many of the men arrested were Arabs? What was their country of origin?
June 9, 2003, Cloudcroft, New Mexico: Two men, both foreign nationals, while driving a moving van, were arrested for speeding in a school zone. They had drivers licenses issued by a middle eastern country, but the passports held by these men were both forgeries. They had no log books, or manifests. All they had was a rental agreement that had expired. First they told the police they were enroute from Austin, Texas to Chicago. When the police officer told them they were hundreds of miles off course, they claimed they were going to make a delivery in Deming, New Mexico, but they could not identify either the name or address of their customer. The truck contained "junk furniture" that, according to the police, "was not fit for donation to Goodwill" and fifty boxes of cargo that remains unidentified to this day. The men and the truck were turned over to FBI for further investigation.
Question 11. How many of the men arrested were arabs? What was their country of origin?
May 24, 2004, Kings Bay Navy Base, St. Mary's Georgia: Two men, both foreign nationals, attempted to penetrate the Kings Bay Naval base, (this the home of eight Ohio class ballistic missile submarines), on the pretense that they were delivering furniture. When they were unable to provide any identification they were immediately arrested by base security personnel. Bomb sniffing dogs were summoned and they immediately detected the presence of explosive residue. The base was placed in "lock down," and both the FBI, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were summoned.
A briefcase was removed from the truck through the use of a remote controlled robot. The men were questioned by the FBI and then deported.
Question 12. How many of the men arrested were Arabs? What were their countries of origin?
Bonus question--worth an additional 911 points. This event happened more than forty years ago, but it is definitely related to the attack on September 11th, 2001. On June 8, 1967, during the Israeli/Egyptian war, the U.S.S. Liberty, a Navy electronic intelligence gathering ship was cruising in international waters just off the coast of Egypt. The Liberty was suddenly and without warning attacked by unmarked air and naval forces. The attack lasted nearly two hours. (This followed nearly nine hours of constant aerial surveillance). During that time the Liberty was hit by 4,000 projectiles including cannon shells, rockets napalm and one naval torpedo. Thirty four American sailors, including the Executive Officer, were murdered, and 171 others were seriously injured. Later Captain Ward Boston, the naval officer assigned to investigate the attack for the U.S. Navy, was quoted as saying: "Those goddam murdering bastards intended to kill everyone on board."
Question 13. Which Arab nation was responsible for this savage and unprovoked attack on this U.S. Naval warship?
If you answered either "no" or "none" to any of the above 12 questions, then congratulations. You scored 100% on the 911 Espionage Quiz. However, it should be emphasized that all of the incidents noted above actually happened. All of the incidents noted above involved foreign nationals, and those foreign nationals were all of the same nationality. And, all of the incidents noted above have been ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media in the interest of protecting the guilty.
Why is this important? Because September 11, 2001 was indeed a day that will "live in infamy." September 11th 2001 was a FALSE FLAG attack, designed to implicate Iraq and other Arab nations in the attack. Not even the government continues to adhere this nonsense. Yet, no other single event has done more to adversely change the political, economic and social landscape of the American Republic.
It is important because we are now ten years down the road and there has been NO murder investigation, NO grand jury impaneled, NO arrests, and NO convictions for the greatest single act of mass murder in U.S. history. The people who did this literally got away with mass murder.
It is important because the murderers are still out there, spying on the USA, committing sabotage, and killing Americans.
It is important because we as a nation have become so complacent, fat, stupid and lazy that we cannot even identify our enemies.
It is important because we are going to be attacked again!
From the Ghost of Captain William L. McGonagle, USN,
Commanding Officer, U.S.S Liberty, AGTR5.
p.s. What appears above is just a smattering of incidents that have occured SINCE the attack on September 11th, 2001. For further research one of the most exhaustive and thorough reports can be found at
" If a nation expects to be both ignorant and expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson.





In a JTF television program which aired in Manhattan on Sunday, September 11, 1994 - precisely seven years to the day before the horrendous Muslim Nazi attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - Chaim Ben Pesach explicitly predicted that the Islamic terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers in 1993 would return to finish their bloody work, mercilessly murdering thousands of Americans.

The same JTF program aired in Queens on Tuesday, September 13, 1994, precisely one year after the evil White House handshaking ceremony between Bill Clinton, Yitzchak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

Revelations 18:15-23

The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,

And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

For in one hour so great riches is come to naught. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off,

And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city!

And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee;

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

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Ed Ward, MD"   wrote:

Call for 9/11 National Strike & Protest Day: 9/11/2007
The six year anniversary of the planned, 9/11/2001, attack on freedom will occur in 5 weeks. Five years of increasing secrecy, lies, spying, torture, imprisonment, fiscal impropriety, media propaganda, media omissions of fact, election fraud, tyranny, war and destruction of our Constitution with the assistance of almost all of our representatives with completely inadequate responses by our representatives.
In August 2004, a Zogby poll revealed that 66% of New York City residents desired a new and broader investigation that explores all the evidence for government complicity.
On May 22, 2006, a Zogby poll with 2.9% margin of error revealed:
1. 44% of the nation believed 9/11 was exploited by our government. 11% were unsure.
2. 42% of the nation believed the 9/11 Commission covered up facts. 10% were unsure.
3. 45% of the nation believed the 9/11 attacks need to be reinvestigated. 8% were unsure.
4. 55% of the nation believed 9/11media coverage was less than "good". 3% were unsure.
5. 43% of the nation were not even aware World Trade Center 7 (hit by 0 planes) had "collapsed".
On July 24, 2006, a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll revealed an unprecedented anger at government:
1. 54% of the nation said they "personally are more angry" at government than they used to be.
2. 77% of the nation said personal acquaintances are more angry with the federal government than they used to be.
3. 36% of the nation said it is likely federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."
4. 16% of the nation said they believe that secretly planted explosives were the reason were the reason for the World Trade Centers "collapse".
"The Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University has tracked the level of resentment people feel toward the federal government since 1995, starting shortly after Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Forty-seven percent then said they, personally, feel "more angry at the federal government" than they used to. That percentage dropped to 42 percent in 1997, 34 percent in 1998 and only 12 percent shortly after 9/11 during the groundswell of patriotism and support for the government after the attacks."
On August 1, 2006, the Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll with a 3% margin of error revealed:
1. 59% of the nation disapproves of the way government is handling the economy.
2. 48% of the nation said the economy is doing poorly.
The numbers show America is ripe to exert it’s influence on the course of this nation even with a significant portion of The People still uninformed/unsure of facts. With prior exposure of those facts to the uninformed/unsure there could be a massive show of resistance on 9/11/2007. It will take active participation, some risk, unification of isolated activism groups, and the requirement that the citizens actually show they are willing to defend their rights rather than just passively voice them.
The People of America, once the strongest force of freedom in the world and the backbone of this country, have done little more than complain and sign petitions. Are The People of this nation no longer willing to affect the course of this government? Is there no longer a voice of The People for a true Democratic Republic? Does this government control this nation in spite of the will of The People? Are there any patriots left to defend this country from elitists overstepping their restrictions as outlined in our Constitution? There is no better day than Monday, 9/11/2007, to answer those questions.
Freedom fighting Americans need a break. Strike by taking a 3 day holiday and support the concepts of life, liberty, freedom and rights on which this nation was founded by showing that you actively support these foundations. Organize or participate in a protest on 9/11/2007. Have a BBQ, party or get together and expose the facts with a ‘premier’ of Loose Change, Martial Law - 911, or TerrorStorm. Devise your own method for the exposure of 911 facts and activism, but get active to save your rights or be prepared to lose the few you have left.
Unfortunately, true to our government’s complicity, there has been no official declaration of 9/11/2007 as the National Patriot Holiday. The action must come from you and others fighting for their God given rights.



Did New York heed this warning shot?  No:

"New York City passed a gay-rights measure in 1986. New York would be the 13th state to enact a gay-rights law if the measure is signed by Pataki."

This is the last hurrah for Yankees.

bulletTop military officers reject government's theory of 911.
bulletStanley Hilton exposes Bush's involvement in 911.
bulletGerman engineers prove the WTC was demolished with explosives, not jet fuel.
bulletThe Shaddam (Sham of Saddam) Vaudeville Act.
bulletThe proven fraud at the Pentagon.
bulletBush knew and did nothing.
bulletGovernment ordained media blackout on 911.
bullet911 widow: "procedures and protocols in place in this nation that are to be followed when transponders are disconnected, and they were not followed on September 11th"
bulletHere today, gone tomorrow!
bullet7 of 19 "terrorists" found alive and well!
bulletTop 500 questions about the WTC.
bulletCensorship of Fox News story about 200 Mossad agents in the US.
bulletOur President LIED about 9-11.
bulletAll four planes were controlled by Operation Home Run.
bulletThe UN  General Assembly condemned Israel as an apartheid state just THREE DAYS earlier!
bulletOnly FOUR DAYS after Israel was branded a terrorist nation at the UN conference in Durban.
bulletAshcroft releases Mossad agents with boxcutters!! the same as the terrorists!!!
bulletAll "American" government war hawks are jews who put Israel ahead of the US.
bulletOnly ONE dead Israeli???!!!
bulletWhite House ordered Air Force to stand down!
bulletOsama Bin Ladin:   "Israeli Regime is Behind the 9-11 Attacks"!?
bulletTom Brokaw:   "Osama admitted he was behind the attack".
bulletFive suicide bombers still alive and well?
bulletDavid Duke on the dangers of worldwide Zionism.
bulletWho benefits?  Only the Mossad, who tried to bomb the Mexican Congress so they could blame it on Muslims.
bullet58% of Americans blame US support of Israel.
bulletHow the US government framed OBL's "confession"
bulletThe real threat is government over-reaction.
bulletWilliam Cooper killed in SWAT raid within two months after posting the above picture!
bulletRussia knew 22 hours ahead of time.
bulletAriel Sharon--war criminal!
bulletTony Blair:  we have proof OBL did this but it's classified information which we can't release to the public.
bulletDavid Duke on our zionist controlled government.
bulletThe smoking gun of the government's complicity.
bulletThe government proposes unmanned drones.
bulletThe paper passport that was more indestructible than 8 indestructible black boxes.
bulletThe controlled demolition of Building Seven.
bulletWas this a NORAD operation?
bulletEven with NSA putting a trapdoor in Microsoft Windows, they STILL didn't stop 911.
bulletZionism renounced by jew.

Our new addition to Forty Phenomenal Federal Flops

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There have been many excellent exposes of the LIES surrounding 911 and the impossibility that the world's most sophisticated, most expensive air defense system could have been so easily  thwarted by bungling Muslims who were so inept that they left their Koran sitting on the seat of a rental car during their last hurrah.  It seems, though, that none of them made the obvious connection that only one person in the entire world could have ordered a stand-down of the jet fighters whose routine protocol required them to intercept [not shoot down, but merely oberve] each of the four commercial jets involved in 911, was not Vladimir Putin nor Ariel Sharon nor Saddam Hussein nor Osama bin Ladin.  Without this stand-down order, any one of a series of violations by each of these four commercial jets over the course of forty five minutes would have triggered at least 100 intercept orders.

Had only one Air Force pilot been able to observe the cockpit of only one of these four commercial jets, we would have had vital information which would have prevented a single jet "bomb" from reaching its target.  Without that easily available information, three out of four jets did reach their target and we know almost none of the truth about the fourth one, making 911 an immense success--for the US Presidency:

Terrorism is a boon to the US Presidency
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The Phoney War On Terrorism


By Ted Gunderson
Retired FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge 
(Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles Divisions)


Attorneys who work for the U.S. Department of Justice wrote proposed anti-terrorism legislation during the George Bush. Sr. administration in the mid 1980s. One of the authors, a female attorney, publicly stated that people would have to be killed before Congress would pass it.

On February 26, 1993, a car bomb destroyed portions of the World Trade Center in N.Y.C., the F.B.I. not only knew in advance of the bombing, they furnished the ingredients for the bomb (New York Times, October 28, 1993). Not enough deaths resulted, however, to arouse the ire of Congress and pass the anti-terrorism legislation.

On April 19, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed by Timothy McVeigh, who reportedly used a fertilizer car bomb, however, an inside investigator told me that besides McVeigh, there were at least eleven others involved with the bombing, including Middle Easterners. This bombing killed 168 people, possibly 169. One year later, anti-terrorism legislation was passed that took away many of our Constitutional rights and civil liberties, such as indiscriminate wire taps, and in some instances an individual does not face his accuser in court.

On September 11, 2001, two planes flew into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. I have witnesses who saw and heard systematic, simultaneous explosions on the top floors of the World Trade Center towers before they collapsed. The country is into an uproar. Citizens are demanding protection. As a result more stringent anti-terrorism measures will be passed. The president is attempting to establish a new, gigantic U.S. Government agency, Homeland Security, that would oversee programs, such as having one in every twenty-four Americans act as a "snitch" (shades of Nazi Germany in 1933), and allow U.S. military personnel to enforce laws against the civilian population, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.
The anti-terrorism legislation is written under the guise of protecting us, however the real purpose of this legislation is to strip us of our rights.

On May 1, 1776 (a Communist holiday), after having been commissioned to devise a plan to control the wealth, natural resources and manpower of the entire world, Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit who had defected from Christianity, announced on behalf of the Illuminati, the twenty-five goals for achieving this plan. The goals included the corruption of the youth through sex and drugs, and control of the press (See the U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947, where Congressman Calloway announced that the J.P. Morgan interests bought 25 of America's leading newspapers, and inserted their own editors, in order to control the media). Another "telling" goal - one applicable to our recent terrorist attacks, is to create a preconceived "reign of terror, and then make ourselves appear as the saviors of the oppressed, and champions of the workers", to quote Adam Wieshaupt, who then added, "And we are interested in just the opposite". (85% of these goals have been completed)

A U.S. Army Special Forces officer recently told me that the U.S. Government is operating a "huge" terrorist training camp in Greece. A reliable source has advised that Osama Bin Laden met with CIA representatives from July 4 through July 14, 2001 in the city of Dubai (member of the United Arab group). The CIA representatives returned to the United States on July 15, 2001.

The common denominator in all of the above-mentioned terrorist attacks is the Middle East connection. Did our intelligence agencies know in advance of these attacks? I think so. Should our intelligence agencies have known in advance of these attacks, even if they were not implicated? Yes. Did our intelligence agencies directly or indirectly participate in these terrorist attacks? I suspect so. Did these terrorist attacks occur in order to take away many of our civil liberties and Constitutional rights, in an effort to more effectively control the population, looking toward the Illuminati takeover of our country and the world? I believe so. But, don't take my word for this: Research it for yourself. Refer to, or write to me for the information that I have obtained from my 23 years of research. Ted Gunderson, Retired FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge (Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles Divisions) P.O. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89114 (310) 364-2281

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Reaction in Beirut

To: <; <; <
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:57 PM
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 12:44 AM


Ever think or say "Gee, I wish I?Td said that," or "written that?"  We all have.  Tonight I bring you an analysis I wish I had written.   My friend, Larry Maxwell, wrote it.  Larry is better at deductive reasoning than anyone I have ever known.  He has a keen, analytical mind and takes nothing for granted.  Like Sergeant Joe Friday, he?Ts interested only in "the facts, ma?T am, just the facts."

Larry and I have discussed the WTC matter back and forth by email.  I have no access to television, so my exposure to WTC reporting has been limited to the printed word and the radio. Larry has followed the case, from its first moment, observing the reporting from all directions.  After we had disagreed on a couple of particulars, I asked him outright, "What?Ts your ?Ttake?T on the subject?"  His response, sent personally to me, follows.  I was so impressed with it that I quickly asked if I could "go public" with it and he gave his permission.  To protect his work, he has copyrighted it.

Larry doesn't want to deal with an avalanche of email, so he's not releasing his email address.  When I finish sending this, I shall take about four days off to catch up some things that are seriously pressing me.  If anyone feels compelled to respond to me, just expect that it will be a while before I can reply.    I recently parodied the President?Ts speech and it attracted more than 200 responses and I still have more than 20 of them to answer.  So, please, just be patient.

Here is Larry?Ts "take:"

Four planes that were supposed to go to particular destinations did not go to those destinations.

Three of the planes hit buildings. One of them crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

No ones knows what happened because EIGHT (8) indestructible black boxes (2 on each flight) were destroyed or reportedly damaged beyond possible restoration. Guess that is why they are referred to as indestructible. The crash in Pennsylvania did not even cause an explosion.  Even if it had, the boxes are designed to withstand twice the maximum heat that can be generated by a jet fuel fire.  Why didn't they show us the destroyed boxes?

Do you think the guys who actually found them would talk to anyone?  Or are they still alive to discuss what THEY saw with their own eyes?  Paper passports of two (2) of the alleged hijackers survived just fine and were supposedly found in the burning ruble of the Pentagon crash, and another three blocks from the WTC.......three blocks.  I   would bet good money to anyone who thinks he could contrive a way to launch a passport a distance of three city blocks.

We have been told that seven cell phone calls were made from the planes. Not ONE of the callers described the hijackers as Arabic, Saudi, Muslin, Iranian or anyone from the Middle East.

Barbara Olson, writer, author, investigative reporter, famous commentator, attorney, and wife of the Solicitor General of the United States (Mr. Olson being George W?Ts lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore), did not describe the hijackers to him as being from the middle east. She was trained to be observant and mentally record details, yet there has been no report that she described the hijackers at all. Are we to believe she didn?Tt describe them, or did she describe them and we just aren?Tt being told?  And if we aren?Tt being told, is it because her description doesn?Tt match the profile being fed to us?

And are we to believe the Solicitor General forgot to ask her to DESCRIBE the criminals?  I guess we are to accept that this is obviously an insignificant "fact" that the most high-powered-lawyer in the United States would understandably forget to ask.

From almost the moment it happened it was dubbed an ATTACK ON AMERICA. I have videotape referring to it in that manner BEFORE George W made his speech in the Florida elementary school and went prancing across the country. It has NEVER been referred to as an Attack on the United States. In everything the federal government does from a legal perspective - writing and executing laws, prosecution -- everything is the based on an entity known as the United States. But on September 11, 2001 and every day since, the criminal acts were an Attack on America.  Why are we suddenly America, not the United States?

The Pentagon is NOT in the District of Columbia -- it is in Virginia. That is a FACT and it would take volumes to explain its significance.  I will give you  a hint.   D.C. is the United States.  Virginia and New York are American States.  I am doing some research to find out, but I do not believe that the soil under the Pentagon was ever ceded by Virgina to the United States.  I know for CERTAIN that the Arlington National Cemetery has NOT been ceded because a federal prosecution for larceny in the Cemetery was dismissed a few decades back by a federal district court because the federal government has no territorial jurisdiction (United States v. Penn, 48 F. 669 (E.D.Va., 1880).  The State of Virgina prosecuted the felony.  That area was first ceded to the federal government for the seat of government in 1791 along with land on the east side of the Potomac ceded by Maryland for the same purpose.

Collectively the 10-mile-square was to be the seat of government as specified in 1.8.17 of the federal constitution.  Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia Legislature took it back (22 square miles) after Jefferson and Washington had a serious rift over civil rights issues in 1792 (making Virginians license carriages and wagons and carry identification on their person).  The place where the Pentagon and the Cemetery are situated was the General Robert E. Lee Plantation and Estate.  It was sold to the federal government after the Civil War.

Had the planes hit a military installation that had been ceded (federal territory) or anything in DC (78 square miles of federal territory ceded by Maryland under 1.8.17 of the federal constitution in 1791) it would immediately be considered and ACT OF WAR, not terrorism.  Pearl Harbor was a military base.  Hawaii was federal territory.   That ATTACK was an ACT OF WAR.  In this instance none of the planes hit anything in federal territory.

The soil was American soil of two of the States which united to form the United States of America and to create the military government known as the United States that would protect America.  Hence, Attack on America.

BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agents have been walking around all over the ruble for two weeks.  Why?

More defense systems were disabled than can even be listed.  And the media are NOT talking about THAT.

When OKC was bombed, all we heard for more than a week was Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden.  Then they pinned it on a guy that they said was driving a Ryder rental truck.

They arrested McVeigh, according to news reports, 2 hours after the bombing, driving south on Interstate 45 toward, no shirt, plates expired, no driver license, speeding, with a loaded .45 caliber automatic on the front seat.  Just exactly what you would expect from someone who had just blown up an 8 story building with a fertilizer bomb.

From that moment on, they called OKC a terrorist act.  Without McVeigh they had no terrorist.  We still, to this day, do not know what McVeigh was supposedly trying to influence the civilian population to do, or how he was supposedly trying to influence government policy....

By definition this was NOT a terrorist act (attached as PDF file).  But the media spin is NOT based on FACT or LAW.

See Attachment: PDF of definition of ACT OF TERRORISM from Black's Law Dictionary, Abridged 6th Edition -- adopted word for word by Congress codified at 18 USC § 3077.   (You will need Acrobat Reader to download and read Black's Law Dictionary's legal definition of "terrorism."  If you cannot download it, email Widowmaker and he will send it to you in email form).

Do you really think that a few 120 pound middle-easterners overtook eight pilots, and their crew members and passengers, using razor-blade boxcutters? Do you really think a commercial pilot would give up his plane under threat from ANYONE with a boxcutter?   How many hijackings have you ever heard of where the hijackers brought their own pilot?  And four times in one day?

And if you were going to do this deed, wouldn't you have a driver?Ts license in your own name, get your pilot's license in your own name, and leave your calling card everywhere you went, being rude and obnoxious so everyone would notice you?

Explain to me how all of the defense systems were disabled?  How did four planes, that were not on their computerized flight paths, fly around for more than an hour and a half without alarms going off all over the place? When their altitudes and positions CEASED TO BE VISIBLE ON RADAR, why weren't people (air traffic controllers) alarmed?

As close as Boston and Dulles are to D.C., why would disappearing planes NOT be a cause for alarm?  Why was it more than an hour AFTER the WTC crashes that fighters were scrambled?  Was the Air Force sleeping at 7:45 AM on a Tuesday morning when the planes were supposedly hijacked, and deviated from their designated flight paths?

Are we supposed to believe that when a transponder is turned OFF that no one is alerted that the plane is no longer being tracked by altitude; and that such a thing could occur to four planes almost simultaneously in the same geographical region, dangerously close to the seat of government, and NO ONE was alerting the media, the defense department, or anyone?

Am I supposed to believe that no one even had a clue for an hour and a half from the time the first plane left its flight plan until smoke started coming out of a WTC tower?   And when the first plane hit the tower, no one knew that three other planes were missing, and thought it prudent to call the media or government officials and tell them that three other planes were missing and that other locations might not be safe?

I have talked to three pilots who have told me in their own words and understandings that what we are being told happened, could NOT possibly have happened.

What I DO KNOW is that we are not hearing much TRUTH.  And 110 story buildings do NOT collapse because a plane hits them.  The second plane nearly missed the building, only going through the corner.  Most of the fuel burned in an outside explosion.   It collasped first, long before the tower that the plane completely entered.   The refined Kerosene (a/k/a jet fuel) burned up fairly quickly.  The stuff burning from that point on was desks, paper, plastics, carpet, etc.  That fuel did not generate 2000-degree heat that would compromise 6 tubular steel columns in the center of the building designed SPECIFICALLY to keep the building from collapsing if hit by a Boeing 707 that, because it was older and less efficient, carried MORE fuel that the 757 and 767 that hit the towers.  The structural engineer who designed the WTC Towers explained how the towers were designed to withstand a hit by a commercial jet -- and he did explain this to an international coalition on Terrorism in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday before the event.

And 53 minutes after Tower 2 was hit the tower just imploded because it was on fire?   Yeah right!  I discussed this with a structural engineer who investigated a HOTEL in Los Angeles that he said was 30 stories and it burned from the ground floor up.    It burned for nearly a week.  The fire totally destroyed everything on all 30 floors.  The estimated temperatures were 2200 degrees because of the natural gas and other fuel that was the catalyst for the fire.

The concrete and infrastructure did not budge.  It cost more than a million dollars to TEAR IT DOWN.  The 30 floors above the first floor did NOT cave in on the first floor when the support structure go hot.  And he reviewed the architecture on the WTC and said the type of steel and the type of construction for the WTC was double the strength of the LA hotel.

Just like in OKC, people reported hearing multiple EXPLOSIONS before the WTC collapsed.   I have video of people who were interviewed after the collapses and they said they heard a series of explosions (not floors collapsing) and then the buildings came down.   The media dismissed it as exploding main gas lines.  Gas mains on the 104th floor?  Yeah right!

We know that there would NOT be any safety mechanism in place that would have shut off gas flow throughout the buildings in the case of fire -- 53 minutes after a plane hit the building.  Guess it was a big gas valve and it could not be vented to the outside air after it was shut off.  If that is true, I have better safety measures in my own house than the WTC had.

And why would they need safety mechanisms in place?  It isn?Tt like anyone has ever tried to blow up those same two towers before.

The strength of the WTC towers was in the 6 Tubular Steel Columns in the CENTER of the buildings, not the steel structure on the outside like most construction.  The buildings were literally, according to the builder, designed NOT to pancake in the event of a Boeing 707 crashing into them. But they collapsed.  It took 53 minutes for Tower 2 and 88 minutes for Tower 1 --  to simply COLLAPSE.  Excerpts of his speech in Germany were posted to the internet five days before the planes hit the towers.

My take?  Americans are not very bright.  Americans don't think.  They accept what they are told.  They don't TEST what they are told.  They are lazy, and naive to the point of being undeserving of liberty.  And for that reason they will sacrifice liberty for what they perceive to be security. That is exactly, in fact, the genesis for the federal government.

The States gave up their RIGHTS in exchange for perceived security.  And as long as the talking-heads can convince the general public that the federal government can PROTECT THEM, the sheople will patriotically give up every right they have if it makes them feel safe -- while singing GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Copyright October 2001 Lawrence Stephen Maxwell Permission granted to reproduce and distribute

After a few days, when I have time, I will add some comments of my own to Larry's presentation above.  Meanwhile, I commend it to, and seek your own answers.

                                   This wink's for you!
"There is nothing more permanent than a temporary
       government program." - Milton Friedman
                    "If taxes aren't eating you up,
                  chances are they're feeding you."


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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 9:55 PM

Subject: Re: Who is lying

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From: "David K. Schumann" <
To: "Christian Party" <

        You have this all wrong.  It's "racist" [in your lexicon] to
        say that jews do NOT  have brains, which is exactly what I'm
        saying.  This is not an accusation that you're a jew, nor
        that you don't have brains--only that you have the
        opportunity to deal with some crucial facts about this drug
        war that you evidently want to ignore (or that you perhaps
        didn't see, so they are posted again, below).

  ##### NO, you've got that wrong.  Medical books written by AMERICAN
  doctors clearly state that narcotics are always addictive AND, that
  narcotics in unregulated doses have a progressive degenerative effect
  on the brain ALWAYS.  So when I simply inform you of this BASIC data
  available in ANY medical library you throw that Jewish crap at me.  You
  are not educated enough to even discuss this subject.  THE PROOF, little
  man is found in numerous places, I'll cite, for the 5th or 6th time
  TWO.   Since you obviously DON'T read history, you've never heard of
  the opium war.  Go down to your public library and ask the librarian to
  assist you in finding books on that subject.  READ THEM.  Then, go back
  to the Historical Abstract of the U.S. and check out alcohol consumption
  in 1920 when prohibition was on and 1940 when it was not on.  See?
  Lookee there, consumption went WAY up.  Since alcohol IS NO addictive,
  the fact that consumption increased is NOT alarming.  People with
  a normal amount of intelligent can easily grasp what happens when a
  similar increase in consumption occurs with ADDICTIVE drugs.

  You have the absolute GALL to call yourself "Christian Party" while
  advocating a thoroughly ANTI-CHRISTIAN policy. Shooting a poison into
  human bodies is destructive and ANY Republic has the right to protect
  itself from such merchants of death.  Sailing under false colors is NOT
  an honorable thing to do.


Dear Dave,

You may have already seen a reply to this paragraph, but that reply needs to
be updated anyway.

You don't need to be an *advocate* of the violent slaughter of 40,000 human
beings every year on the highways to have a drivers' license, but did you
know that one out of every 64 Americans who are issued a drivers license
will kill someone with a car?  Why don't you protest this senseless
slaughter by being the first to demand that your right to drive be

Another way to look at this is that American automobile drivers killed 461
times as many people as drug abuse did last year.  So your campaign to
revoke everyone's drivers license has the potential to save 461 times as
many lives as your cynical hypothesis that the vast majority of Americans
are too STUPID to make responsible personal choices for themselves, without
help from a bureaucrat (who couldn't possibly care about anything but his
retirement check).

You are correct that many narcotics are addictive, and that they destroy
people's lives.  But  you ignore that the current drug war has a cost per
life lost to drug abuse of $1.2 billion, which is about like using a 1000
megaton nuclear weapon to swat a flea on the tip of the World Trade Center.
It's not only overkill--the collateral damage is completely and totally
unacceptable.  And that's even before counting the loss of Constitutional
rights, which can't even be assigned a monetary value.

The damages done to the lives of the half a million Americans who are
incarcerated right now for drug abuse is, collectively, far worse than all
of the damages that could possibly have been done to them by drug abuse.
You are LYING to yourself  if you think we are protecting them from
themselves, or even that we're protecting society from them.  A country with
a negative personal savings rate just does NOT have the luxury to spend an
extra $150 billion/year just to lock up drug users.

You never did reply to the observation that Japan, with NO drug war, has
orders of magnitude less drug abuse, and orders of magnitude less drug abuse
inmates, than we do.  If the drug war here was so successful, then why
doesn't Japan need one too?

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"Attack on America," Fox news. "Attack on civilization," Colon Powell. "Attack on democracy," Carter. "Attack on freedom," Bush. To this stupidity I scream, Hell no! Not just NO but hell no! It was an attack on the Jew capital of the world, an attack on Tel Aviv West.

They did not attack Harlem, nor Little Havana, nor White racist in Idaho, they went after those who have, for fifty years, slaughtered Palestinian children. You can not murder peoples’ children with impunity. You can not perpetrate a continuous Holocaust without recriminations.

If we, or the Israelis, had done this to others it would have been a "surgical strike" followed by a well-thought-out letter of limited regret. Our generals would have laughed and bragged about the timing, accuracy and bravery of the troops. And the Jew fascists of New York would, again, have danced a frenzied hora.

Yes, America, cry with me for the innocent people killed in this horrid affair. But where were your tears when Manhattan Jews ran Palestinian boys into the corners of the walls of Jerusalem, and riddled their young bodies with American bullets? Where were your tears while Israelis blew the heads off the bodies of babies and committed hundreds of thousands of other unspeakable atrocities against the helpless and innocent, the powerless, old men and women?

I can tell you where the Jews of New York were because I’ve written it, many times. When New York Jews went to Israel and killed innocent babies, they returned to a hero’s welcome.

Please America, cut-off the goddamn Jew Television. Say no to the insane, pro-Israel, butt-wipe politicians, and listen to that small voice, somewhere in your inner-being, that has told you over and over again that what we have done regarding the bastard state of Israel and Jew war criminals is, and has always been, wrong and evil.

Who did this horrible thing? I don’t know and the question of ‘who did it’ must be secondary to the cardinal question of ‘who is responsible?’ And this question I can, effortlessly, answer.

First I accuse Senator Richard Shelby because I stood in his face and told him that his support of Israel was creating an extremely dangerous situation for my family and friends. Although surrounded by police, and jeered by other politicians, I told him, ten years ago, that his and this nations’ policies endangered us all.

Listen America, your poltroonish politicians are, at this moment, rattling their swords, blaspheming G-d, and quoting inappropriate scriptures. And all the while, looking for those "responsible." Look in a mirror, you mamzers, look at yourselves! You killed these people just as surely as if you had flown the planes!

You imbeciles, talking about "exterminating" those who are to blame and those who "support" terrorist. Supporters of terror? You brain-dead bastards, you have supported terrorists every time you voted to send Israel our money, our tanks, our helicopter gunships, rockets etc. etc.

Speaking now, is that beastly little war stud, Charlie Schumer. Charlie is talking about freedom just like a whore talks about love. What a cruel joke!

And now comes Hillary Clinton, wrapped in a star of David flag and talking mean. Do you really ascribe any credence to this amateurish, Yiddish, theater?

Oh, but standing a head taller, above all this septic, is that fat-jawed, deluded piece of human shit, the Rebe Jerry Falwell. Did you hear what this Judeo-Christian, Christian-Zionist, idiot, son-of-a-bitch said? Did You hear him, Jesus? He said, "We should do what Ronald Reagan did to Muammar Kaddafi, kill their families." Were it not for Jerry Falwell and his asinine followers there would never have been a Twin Towers suicide attack.

You don’t have a congressman or woman or prominent religious leader, who can say no, to the Jew. If one refuses, in even a slight way, to support Jew terrorists, they all know that their careers would abruptly end. These cowards, from the President on down, will continue to deny their own culpability and will, forever, sacrifice our people on a stupid, bloody, Zionist altar.

Listen to them! They are talking Jewish, thinking Jewish and will soon lash-out in a very unmanly Jewish way. They are talking revenge, blood revenge. Lets go kill somebody, anybody, and their families!

"We will find these people and they will suffer," said George. "We gonna hunt-down and punish those responsible."

Well, George, why don’t we start with those Jew writers who, just last week, advocated exterminating or forcibly expelling all Palestinians from their homeland. Take a hard look at what you, your vice president, and Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc. said when asked about the Israelis assassinating PLO leaders. You people approved of these horrors and some even said that they would do the same things here, if necessary. Extra-judiciary assassinations, here?

So, look at you. You miserable accessories, accomplices, collaborators, you brought this plague to our shores. Before the fact and after the fact, you will continue to deny guilt for this disaster, and like the Jew, and like your marionette predecessors, you will never question your own responsibility, nor the insanity of your one-sided foreign policies.

A few, only a precious few, thinking-people, know that we are already at war. At war with our consciences, and at war with the ignorance of those proles around us whose senses are controlled by the very ones who caused this calamity. As long as we call Israel our friend there will always be an Osama bin Laden.

Two Minutes of Hate;

And the proles will, again, blame whomever they are told to blame and demand the destruction of Oceania East or Oceania West because;

"It was not desirable that the proles should have strong political feelings. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary." (George Orwell)

Can we not stop for just one moment and ask ourselves the simple, simplest, questions - Why do people hate us so? - Is there something patently wrong with us or what our leaders are doing?

We believed them when we traded liberties for security. May we never again allow our "loathing of Big Brother to change into adoration, where Big Brother seems to tower up, an invincible, fearless protector, standing like a rock against the hordes of Asia." (ditto)

Israel is not worth the blood or bone of a single American. Oh God in heaven, look what it just cost us! Is this a wake-up call with the worst yet to come? God save us from our leaders and from our ignorance.

James Floyd

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by Joseph Sobran
SOBRAN'S | September 11, 2001
[Breaker quote: Why should anyone want to hurt us?]
It was predictable. For years I've been writing that the U.S. Government has been making more enemies than Americans really need, all over the globe, and that one of these days some of them would have a nasty surprise for us.
In fact it nearly happened a few years ago, when Islamic radicals tried to blow up the World Trade Center. But of course they made a botch of it and got caught.
This time, though, someone pulled off what must have been an extremely cunning conspiracy, a criminal feat for the ages. They managed to execute a secret plan calling for four simultaneous hijackings of airplanes. Those who committed these coordinated deeds - in spite of all security measures - also had the determination to die in hitting their targets.
This wasn't "terrorism." This was war. It wasn't a random attempt to scare people with an arbitrary atrocity, like the bombing of a pizza joint; it was a serious attempt to kill as many people and do as much material damage as possible at two strategic targets, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
But, as I write, hours after the attacks, we don't know who is at war with us. We may never know. Who has reason to hate this country? Only a few hundred million people - Arabs, Muslims, Serbs, and numerous others whose countries have been hit by U.S. bombers.
Imagine hating a country so much that you were willing to cross an ocean and carry out an elaborate revenge against its people, killing yourself in the process. This is something far more than the sort of ideological anti-Americanism that leads student mobs to throw stones at U.S. embassies abroad; that's kid stuff. This is an obsessive, fanatical, soul-consuming hatred.
Foreigners aren't quite real to Americans, and most Americans are unaware of how profoundly their government antagonizes much of the human race. We are easy-going people who generally have no idea how bullying we seem to foreigners. Until now, we have had no experience of what the U.S. Government has so often inflicted on others. Now, at least, we have an inkling of what it feels like.
Government spokesmen have responded with their usual cant of "cowardly attacks" by "terrorists" who "hate democracy and freedom." Rubbish. A fanatic who is ready to die is the opposite of a coward, and nobody can "hate" such abstractions as "democracy and freedom" with that kind of intensity.
It's dangerous to belittle your enemy, especially when his courage and cunning have already proved as formidable as his hatred and cruelty. The first question you should ask about your enemy is why he is your enemy in the first place.
You may be deluding and flattering yourself if you assume he hates you for your virtues. But our "leaders" assure us that our enemies are unnaturally evil people who hate us only because we are so wonderful. And they manage to utter this nonsense with an air of tough-minded realism.
True realism, on the other hand, doesn't mean blaming Americans for bringing these horrifying and truly evil acts on themselves. It does mean trying to imagine alien perspectives from which our government's conduct might appear so intolerable that some people might be driven to take atrocious revenge.
"To understand all is to forgive all," says the French aphorism. Not true. But understanding all can at least teach you how to avoid making enemies, and avoiding making enemies is the best defense - better than a $300 billion "defense" budget that didn't defend the World Trade Center.
The great director Jean Renoir was once asked why there were no villains in his films. He answered simply: "Everyone has his reasons." Your bitterest enemy may have his reasons for hating your guts. You may not think they are good or sufficient reasons, but you'd better take them into account. If he has any brains, he may find a way to hurt you.
The United States is now a global empire that wants to think of itself as a universal benefactor, and is nonplussed when foreigners don't see it that way. None of the earlier empires of this world, as far as I know, shared this delusion; the Romans, the Mongols, the British, the Russians and Soviets didn't expect to rule and to be loved at the same time. Why do we?  

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Why they attack us.

by Sam Francis

Friday, September 14, 2001

"We're at war," the young waitress, her voice catching, informed me when
I first heard of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon this week. She was hardly the only one. "America at war," the
Washington Times' lead editorial pronounced the next day. "It's WAR,"
screamed its editorial cartoon. A "new kind of war has been declared on
the world's democracies," the Wall Street Journal's editorial pontificated.
"The War against America" was the subject of the New York Times editorial.
"A state of war," the Washington Post called it. "This is war," pronounced
columnist Charles Krauthammer. "They were acts of war," confirmed the
President of the United States.

Well, it probably is -- except that, even as everyone from waitresses to
the president was declaring war or howling for it, nobody was exactly sure
who we were at war with. The usual suspect was the shadowy Osama bin Laden,
though some experts said the attacks didn't fit his profile, and even if we
were sure, no one seemed able to say how we should wage the war, how we
could win it, or what would constitute victory. Mainly, what most Americans
wanted to do -- entirely understandably -- was to blow the hell out of
somebody or something. No doubt, in time, we will.

But the blunt truth is that the United States has been at war for years
-- at least a decade, since we launched a war against Iraq in 1991, even
though Iraq had done absolutely nothing to harm the United States or any
American. Our bombing attacks on Iraq certainly caused civilian casualties,
and if they were not deliberate, nobody beating the war drums at the time
felt much regret for them. For ten years, we have maintained economic
sanctions on Iraq that have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of
civilians, and we have repeatedly bombed it whenever it failed to abide by
standards we imposed on it.

Under Bill Clinton, we again launched bombing raids against civilians --
once against so-called "terrorist training camps" supposedly under bin
Laden's control in Afghanistan and at the same time against a purported
"chemical weapons factory" in Sudan that almost certainly was no such thing.
The attacks just happened to occur on the same day as Monica Lewinsky's
grand jury testimony that she had engaged in sex with the president. "This
is unfortunately the war of the future," Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright said in justifying the U.S. raids, officially launched in
retaliation for terrorist attacks on American embassies.

Later the same year, Mr. Clinton ordered (but later countermanded) yet
more missile attacks on Iraq -- the day after the Paula Jones sex scandal
was settled in court. Later yet again Mr. Clinton ordered more bombings in
Iraq the day before Congress was scheduled to vote on his impeachment. Then
there are the Balkans, where the United States has waddled forth to war for
no compelling reason, and where it has also slaughtered civilians with its
unprovoked bombings.

In all the buckets of media gabble about the terrorist attacks in New
York and Washington, not once have I heard any journalist ask any expert the
simple question, "Why did the terrorists attack us?" There is, of
course, an implicit answer to the unasked question: It's because the
terrorists are "evil"; they "hate democracy"; they are "fanatics,"
"barbarians" and "cowards." Those, of course, are answers that can satisfy
only children. Some day it might actually dawn on someone in this country
that the grown-up but unwelcome answer is that the terrorists attacked us
because they were paying us back for what we started.

Let us hear no more about how the "terrorists" have "declared war on
America." Any nation that allows a criminal chief executive to use its
military power to slaughter civilians in unprovoked and legally unauthorized
attacks for his own personal political purposes can expect whatever the
"terrorists" dish out to it. If, as President Bush told us this week, we
should make no distinction between those who harbor terrorists and those who
commit terrorist acts, neither can any distinction be made between those who
tolerate the murderous policies of a criminal in power and the criminal

The blunt and quite ugly truth is that the United States has been at war
for years -- that it started the war in the name of "spreading democracy,"
"building nations," "waging peace," "stopping aggression," "enforcing human
rights," and all the other pious lies that warmongers always invoke to mask
the truth, and that it continued the war simply to save a crook from
political ruin. What is new is merely that this week, for the first time,
the war we started came home -- and all of a sudden, Americans don't seem to
care for it so much.

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--Observing the responses to last week's attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center has been interesting, to say the least. It has been 11 days now, and nearly every spokesman for the controlled media and for the government has been avoiding the obvious question: "Why was the United States attacked?"

Nearly all of them are afraid of that question; they are pretending that there is no answer to that question, that there was no reason for the attack, that it was an unprovoked attack -- because the answer to the question, "Why was America attacked?" also is obvious. We were attacked because we have been letting ourselves be used to do all of Israel's dirty work in the Middle East. We were attacked because we have supported -- militarily or diplomatically or financially -- every bit of aggression and every atrocity Israel has committed against its neighbors for the past half-century. Everyone in the world with even half a brain understands that, even if talking about it is considered Politically Incorrect.

I've been warning about reprisals against the United States for many years. Seven years ago, on February 25, 1994, an American Jew, Baruch Goldstein, walked into a mosque in Hebron and machine-gunned Palestinians at prayer, killing 29 of them before running out of ammunition and being beaten to death by the Palestinian survivors. This act of mass murder immediately made Goldstein a saint for religious Jews everywhere. They built a shrine to him near Hebron, and Jews from the United States and other countries still make pilgrimages to this shrine.

There were no reprisals from the Palestinians at the time, and the mass media in the United States barely mentioned the massacre, even though the murderer, Goldstein, was an American. But the Palestinians -- and Muslims everywhere -- remember such things. They blame not just the Jews, but also the people who finance and arm and shelter the Jews: that is, they blame America. And right after the massacre I warned all of my fellow Americans in an article I wrote for my magazine National Vanguard. The article was titled "Stay Out of Tall Buildings," and it reported the massacre and the minimal response of the media here, and then it warned, and I quote: "New Yorkers who work in tall office buildings -- anything close to the size of the World Trade Center -- might consider wearing hardhats to work for the next few months."

Well, of course, it took the Muslims more than a few months, and there were many more American provocations meanwhile. But last week the response eventually came. Of course there had been lesser responses earlier -- the bombing of a couple of American embassies in Africa and of the U.S. Navy destroyer, the USS Cole, for example -- but those events were a long way from here, and to most Americans they weren't real: hardly enough to distract them from the latest ball game on TV. What happened last week finally caught the attention of the American people. It's about time that Americans began to pay attention to such things.

Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans still get all of their opinions and attitudes from TV, and so they will not learn what they should learn from last week's attacks. What they're learning from TV is that the attacks were "unprovoked," that the attackers were "cowards," and that "we'll smoke them out of their holes, by golly." They're also taking to heart a lot of slogans along the lines of: "We're the greatest country on earth, and these attacks will only unite us and help us all pull together." When real lemmings hear slogans like that they become misty-eyed, put their right hands over their hearts, and begin singing "The Star-Spangled Banner." And they begin looking for enemies, so they can demonstrate their patriotism, a sentiment which will be in fashion again for a few months.

One lemming was arrested in Washington trying to ram his car into the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Others around the country have been throwing bricks through the windows of mosques. All of them have been flying American flags. But among all of them there is hardly a grain of understanding. The dimwit who tried to ram the Saudi Arabian Embassy doesn't understand that the Saudi government is more afraid of Muslim fundamentalists than anyone in the West is. If Muslim fundamentalism experiences a surge of growth as a consequence of the success of the attacks last week, it will be either the government of Saudi Arabia or that of Egypt that will fall first, followed quickly by every other Middle Eastern government that has collaborated with the Jews -- or, what is the same thing, with America.

And the chests of all the dimwits swell with pride when their government in Washington rattles its sabers and issues demands to the government of Pakistan and other governments in the Middle East. Washington has demanded cooperation with its effort to catch the people who attacked New York and Washington last week. The rulers and top politicians in these countries are pledging their cooperation, for their own reasons, but this sort of thing doesn't sit well with their countrymen. Patriotic Pakistanis, both among the educated classes and among the religious elements, can only hate America even more as a result of these humiliating demands and the ignominious response of their own leaders.

Of course, I don't know who organized the attacks on Washington and New York last week. Neither does Mr. Bush, and I doubt that he will know with any degree of certainty even when he begins ordering missile attacks against various Middle Eastern targets, more for proving his "leadership" to the flag-waving lemmings here than for actually punishing the people who organized the events of last week.

Aside from these domestic political considerations, the principal determinant of the American response will be whatever the Jews think is best for Israel. Former Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu set the tone last week while the fire was still burning in the Pentagon and in some of the buildings of the World Trade Center complex. He said that it will not be enough to kill Osama bin Laden and his followers; the United States must destroy all of the governments of those countries where terrorist groups might arise in the future. We must do it now, Netanyahu demanded, while there is popular support among the American people for such a pre-emptive war. If you wait, Netanyahu said, you will lose your chance. New and stronger terrorist organizations will spring up to take the place of Osama bin Laden's group. So strike now! And other Jewish leaders, both in Israel and in the United States, were pushing similarly for a full-scale pre-emptive war.

There's no doubt that the U.S. military forces could depopulate the entire Middle East with ease. With minimal loss to ourselves, we could make a huge, self-illuminated, glass parking lot out of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and all of the other countries bordering the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the eastern Mediterranean -- except Israel, of course. Actually, that's not the solution the Jews prefer. Instead they want us to send in ground troops, whip their armies, take over their countries, and install puppet governments that will follow the Jews' orders. Then they can control and milk the whole area. That grinning idiot we have in the White House, George Bush, is perfectly willing to go along with such a scheme if that's what they tell him to do. The media are sampling public opinion now and reporting that most of the lemmings will go along too.

Whether or not that is the way the Bush government goes remains to be seen. There are serious liabilities and risks if the United States undertakes such a major, protracted war. Occupation armies will be required to keep the area pacified. And even though the lemmings are feeling all warm and fuzzy and patriotic and morally indignant now in the wake of last week's attacks, they may become restless during a protracted war intended to bring the whole Middle East under Jewish hegemony, especially when our casualties begin mounting. Presumably all of these considerations will be taken into account before the Bush government is told what to do. Mr. Bush's advisers also should take into account what happened to the Soviet Union during its attempt to conquer Afghanistan. The Soviet Union spent more than eight years trying to whip Afghanistan's Muslim guerrillas and had 15,000 of its own soldiers killed in the attempt before finally giving up in 1989. And during this attempt the Soviets already had a pro-Soviet government in Kabul: a government whose leaders were condemned as traitors and infidels and butchered by the Muslims as soon as the Red Army pulled out. Any government of Afghanistan that might otherwise be inclined to make a deal with the United States certainly will remember that.

Of course, just because the Soviet Union was unable to whip Afghanistan doesn't mean that the United States can't do it -- if the U.S. government is willing to make a big enough effort and to sacrifice the lives of enough Americans. We certainly have more than enough firepower, more than enough high-tech weaponry, to do the job. We are a bit short in some departments, to be sure: intelligence, for example. I am astounded that as complex an operation as that against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last week could have been planned and carried out without the Bush government having any hint of what was going on.

Was this another Pearl Harbor scenario, where our government knew of an impending attack but pretended it knew nothing and waited for the attack to come so as to have an excuse for becoming involved in a war? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, of which the Roosevelt government had plenty of forewarning, transformed the sentiment of the American public from anti-war to pro-war overnight and allowed the Roosevelt government to become fully involved in the war against Germany, which was Japan's ally. Roosevelt was itching for a war because all the Jews around him were pushing for it. Did the Bush government know about last week's attack ahead of time but pretended not to so as to have an excuse for launching a war against the Jews' enemies in the Middle East? I really don't know. I think it much more likely that the government of Israel had some intelligence about the attack ahead of time and deliberately withheld that intelligence from the United States. That's the sort of thing the Israelis often have done in the past, and they certainly welcomed last week's attack.

Well, that's a minor question. The big question is: Why should we start another war now? What advantage do we gain, even if we pulverize Afghanistan and kill its entire population? Do we thereby prevent any further attacks against America by people in the Middle East who object to our government's support of Israel? I think not. Afghanistan is not the only country in the Middle East capable of supporting guerrilla fighters, and guerrillas who are willing to sacrifice their own lives by flying into their targets will not be easily intimidated. We may be able to install puppet governments and occupation armies to support those governments everywhere in the Middle East, and we may be able to introduce all sorts of new security programs in the United States intended to make the job of an attacker more difficult, but the ultimate cost of all this will be very, very high. And again, the question is, why should we do these things? Why should we continue making ourselves a target for terrorists so that these things even bear consideration?

You know, there are Americans who have a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude. They don't want to hear that we should stop letting Israel wag America like its tail. They don't want to hear that we should stop doing the things in the Middle East that make the people of the Middle East retaliate against us. Their attitude is, "By God, nobody's going to tell us what to do. We'll continue supporting Israel with money, weapons, and diplomacy if we want to, whether it's in America's interests or not, and if any of those towel-heads in the Middle East don't like it we'll kick their asses. We're bigger and tougher than anybody else, and we'll push anybody around we want to, and they'd better not complain about it." This swaggering, bully-boy attitude is what we're hearing from some American politicians now who're courting Jewish support -- and also from some military leaders with political ambitions, unfortunately.

I think that's really stupid. Let's let the attacks on New York and Washington last week serve as a wake-up call for every thinking American: a wake-up call for us to begin paying attention to our government's policies and to begin insisting that our government act only to protect and promote the interests of the American people, and nothing else. For far too long we have watched cynically from the sidelines as our government became more and more corrupt, more and more irresponsible, more and more negligent of America's interests. We watched the Jews corrupt our political system with their money and their media and then use America's power and wealth for their own purposes. Most Americans, because of the Jewish control of their mass media, are not aware of this, but thinking people in most of the rest of the world certainly are aware of the way we're being used. This has earned America the contempt of the whole world, including not only Israel's enemies, but Israel itself. The deliberate Israeli attempt to sink our ship the USS Liberty in 1967 was just one indicator of that contempt, which has grown more profound since.

You know, there are two reasons why the people of the Middle East hate America. One reason is that to the Muslims America is the Great Satan, the corrupter of the world. They don't want us meddling in their affairs and trying to change the ideas and attitudes of their people. They don't want our Hollywood films and our Madison Avenue fashions and our immorality and our lust for money to corrupt their people. They don't want to be contaminated by us. They want us to take all of our Jewish fashions and our Jewish television and our Jewish attitudes and ideas and get out of their lives, go home, leave them alone. For many Muslims the view of America as the Great Satan, the great corrupter, as an actual source of corruption in the Middle East, is enough reason to attack us.

But if we were not meddling in their affairs, if we were not supporting puppet governments in their part of the world, if we were not supporting Israel, if we were not bringing our corruption to them, if we would in fact go home and leave them alone, their contempt for our lack of character and morality would not be a sufficient motive for them to attack us over here. The reason for their attack last week is our support for Israel's aggression against them. Our lying media and our lying politicians in Washington will deny that, but it is crystal clear to anyone with eyes to see; it is obvious to thinking people everywhere. The attack last week was not "unprovoked." We were attacked because we support Israel financially, diplomatically, and militarily. As long as we continue to support Israel we will remain a target for the patriots and the religious fundamentalists of every other country in the Middle East. Is that really what we want to do? Does that really serve America's interests?

I think not. Let's emphasize just two things in connection with last week's attack. First, anybody in the media or in the government, any politician or other public figure, who tells us that the attack was "unprovoked" is lying to us: consciously and deliberately lying, because although the lemmings may not know any better, every government official and every media boss does know better. And anyone who deliberately lies to the American people on such an important matter is thereby declaring himself an enemy of America, an enemy of the American people, whether the liar is George Bush or a top media Jew or a general in the Pentagon. Anyone who tries to steer us away from the truth that this attack was a retaliation for the American support of Israel's atrocious behavior in the Middle East is an enemy of America.

Second, when we hear media spokesmen or government spokesmen tell us sternly, their voices quivering with phony indignation, that we need to hunt down and punish the evil men responsible for last week's attack, we can only agree with them. Yes, the people responsible for the attack are evil and should be hunted down and punished. But we don't have to go to the Middle East to find the responsible people and punish them. They're a lot closer than the Middle East. They're evil, but not because a lot of Jewish real estate in New York was destroyed; yes, that's right, the owner of the World Trade Center -- that is, the owner of a 99-year lease on the property -- is a Jew, Larry Silverstein. They're evil, but not because a great many Jewish lawyers and Jewish financial consultants and Jewish middlemen had offices in the World Trade Center. They're evil because thousands of young White women who worked as receptionists and secretaries and file clerks in both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were killed, along with hundreds of airline passengers and crew members. That is what calls for punishment.

And who are the evil men who should be punished, these men responsible for the death of so many of our people? Mr. Bush assures us that he's got the FBI and the CIA on their tails, and that he'll find them pretty soon. Hey! Mr. Bush! Call off the FBI and the CIA. If you want to know who's responsible, just walk into your bathroom and look in the mirror. Of course, it's not really fair to put all of the blame on Mr. Bush. His last ten or so predecessors in the White House also are responsible. Republican and Democrat alike, they've all danced to whatever tune Israel was playing. By ignoring America's interests and letting themselves be used by Israel against Israel's neighbors for the past half century, they all helped to incur the debt that was only partly repaid last week.

And indeed, we can cast the net of blame much wider. We have a system of government in the United States that the Jews have learned to manipulate. With their money and their media they are able to swing elections, buy politicians, and control public policy to suit themselves, without regard for the interests of the American people. After the Second World War they were determined to change American immigration policy in a way that would dilute the White majority with a flood of non-White immigrants, and they found a multitude of White politicians and White clerics and White businessmen willing to collaborate with them and push through the immigration changes they wanted. And when the Jews launched the so-called "civil rights" revolution in the 1960s, again they found many thousands of White politicians and clerics and businessmen and lawyers to help them strike down the laws against miscegenation and push through new legislation requiring the racial integration of schools and workplaces and neighborhoods.

And the same pattern can be seen in the entire history of America's policy in the Middle East. From the beginning it has been a policy intended to promote Jewish interests and to sacrifice American interests, but the Jews could not have pushed these policies through by themselves. They had a multitude of Gentile collaborators willing to sacrifice the interests of the American people in order to curry favor with the Jews. And these people, these traitors to their country and to their race, who put their own selfish interests above those of their people, certainly have been aware all along of the debt that was being built up. Sally Soccer Mom and Joe Six Pack may not have figured out why everyone in the Muslim world hates America's guts and why a few Muslims are willing to die in order to punish America for what America has done to them on behalf of Israel, but the traitors understand it perfectly well. They understand who is responsible for last week's tragedy, and that's why they all try to keep the public confused by always referring to last week's attack as "unprovoked." And I'll guarantee you this: America will continue to have tragedy after tragedy, not because we don't have strict enough security measures at our airports, and not because of Osama bin Laden, but because we don't have a government which represents the interests of the American people. Until we regain control of our own news and entertainment media and have leaders whose sole concern is what's good for America -- not what will win them Jewish support in the next election -- we'll remain a nation adrift, hated by all, respected by none, and fair game for anyone who has a grievance against us.


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Mr. Speaker:

Last week was a bad week for all Americans. The best we can say is that
the events have rallied the American spirit of shared love and
generosity. Partisanship was put on hold, as it well should have been.
We now, as a free people, must deal with this tragedy in the best way
possible. Punishment and prevention is mandatory. We must not, however,
sacrifice our liberties at the hand of an irrational urgency. Calm
deliberation in our effort to restore normalcy is crucial. Cries for
dropping nuclear bombs on an enemy not yet identified cannot possibly
help in achieving this goal.

Mr. Speaker, I returned to Congress 5 years ago out of deep concern
about our foreign policy of international interventionism, and a
monetary and fiscal policy I believed would lead to a financial and
dollar crisis. Over the past 5 years I have frequently expressed my
views on these issues and why I believed our policies should be changed.

This deep concern prompted me to seek and receive seats on the Financial
Services and International Relations Committees. I sought to thwart some
of the dangers I saw coming, but as the horrific attacks show, these
efforts were to no avail. As concerned as I was, the enormity of the
two-prong crisis that we now face came with a ferocity no one ever
wanted to imagine. But now we must deal with what we have and do our
best to restore our country to a more normal status.

I do not believe this can happen if we ignore the truth. We cannot close
our eyes to the recent history that has brought us to this international
crisis. We should guard against emotionally driven demands to kill many
bystanders in an effort to liquidate our enemy. These efforts could well
fail to punish the perpetrators while only expanding the war and making
things worse by killing innocent non-combatants and further radicalizing
Muslim peoples.

It is obviously no easy task to destroy an almost invisible, ubiquitous
enemy spread throughout the world, without expanding the war or
infringing on our liberties here at home. But above all else, that is
our mandate and our key constitutional responsibility- protecting
liberty and providing for national security. My strong belief is that in
the past, efforts in the US Congress to do much more than this, have
diverted our attention and hence led to our neglect of these

Following the September 11th disasters a militant Islamic group in
Pakistan held up a sign for all the world to see. It said: AMERICANS,
THINK! WHY YOU ARE HATED ALL OVER THE WORLD. We abhor the messenger, but
we should not ignore the message.

Here at home we are told that the only reason for the suicidal mass
killing we experienced on September 11th is that we are hated because we
are free and prosperous. If these two conflicting views are not
reconciled we cannot wisely fight nor win the war in which we now find
ourselves. We must understand why the hatred is directed toward
Americans and not other western countries.

In studying history, I, as many others, have come to the conclusion that
war is most often fought for economic reasons. But economic wars are
driven by moral and emotional overtones.

Our own revolution was fought to escape from excessive taxation but was
inspired and driven by our desire to protect our God-given right to

The War between the States, fought primarily over tariffs, was
nonetheless inspired by the abhorrence of slavery. It is this moral
inspiration that drives people to suicidally fight to the death as so
many Americans did between 1861 and 1865.

Both economic and moral causes of war must be understood. Ignoring the
importance of each is dangerous. We should not casually ignore the root
causes of our current fight nor pursue this fight by merely accepting
the explanation that they terrorize us out of jealously.

It has already been written that Islamic militants are fighting a "holy
war"- a jihad. This drives them to commit acts that to us are beyond
comprehension. It seems that they have no concern for economic issues
since they have no regard even for their own lives. But an economic
issue does exist in this war: OIL!

When the conflict broke out between Iraq and Iran in the early 1980s and
we helped to finance and arm Iraq, Anwar Sadat of Egypt profoundly
stated: "This is the beginning of the war for oil." Our crisis today is
part of this long lasting war over oil.

Osama bin Laden, a wealthy man, left Saudi Arabia in 1979 to join
American- sponsored so-called freedom fighters in Afghanistan. He
received financial assistance, weapons and training from our CIA, just
as his allies in Kosovo continue to receive the same from us today.

Unbelievably, to this day our foreign aid continues to flow into
Afghanistan, even as we prepare to go to war against her. My suggestion
is, not only should we stop this aid immediately, but we should never
have started it in the first place.

It is during this time bin Laden learned to practice terror; tragically,
with money from the US taxpayers. But it wasn't until 1991 during what
we refer to as the Persian Gulf War that he turned fully against the
United States. It was this war, said to protect our oil that brought out
the worst in him.

Of course, it isn't our oil. The oil in fact belongs to the Arabs and
other Muslim nations of the Persian Gulf. Our military presence in Saudi
Arabia is what most Muslims believe to be a sacred violation of holy
land. The continuous bombing and embargo of Iraq, has intensified the
hatred and contributed to more than over 1,000,000 deaths in Iraq. It is
clear that protecting certain oil interests and our presence in the
Persian Gulf help drive the holy war.

Muslims see this as an invasion and domination by a foreign enemy which
inspires radicalism. This is not new. This war, from their viewpoint,
has been going on since the Crusades 1000 year ago. We ignore this
history at our own peril.

The radicals react as some Americans might react if China dominated the
Gulf of Mexico and had air bases in Texas and Florida. Dominating the
Persian Gulf is not a benign activity. It has consequences. The attack
on the USS Cole was a warning we ignored.

Furthermore, our support for secular governments in the moderate Arab
countries is interpreted by the radicals as more American control over
their region than they want. There is no doubt that our policies that
are seen by the radicals as favoring one faction over another in the
long lasting Middle East conflict add to the distrust and hatred of

The hatred has been suppressed because we are a powerful economic and
military force and wield a lot of influence. But this suppressed hatred
is now becoming more visible and we as Americans for the most part are
not even aware of how this could be. Americans have no animosity toward
a people they hardly even know. Instead, our policies have been driven
by the commercial interests of a few. And now the innocent suffer.

I am hopeful that shedding light on the truth will be helpful in
resolving this conflict in the very dangerous period that lies ahead.
Without some understanding of the recent and past history of the Middle
East and the Persian Gulf we cannot expect to punish the evildoers
without expanding the nightmare of hatred that is now sweeping the

Punishing the evildoers is crucial. Restoring safety and security to our
country is critical. Providing for a strong defense is essential. But
extricating ourselves from a holy war that we don't understand is also
necessary if we expect to achieve the above-mentioned goals. Let us all
hope and pray for guidance in our effort to restore the peace and
tranquility we all desire.

We did a poor job in providing the security that all Americans should
expect. This is our foremost responsibility. Some members have been
quick to point out the shortcomings of the FBI, the CIA and the FAA and
claim more money will rectify the situation. I'm not so sure.
Bureaucracies by nature are inefficient. The FBI and CIA records come up
short. The FBI loses computers and guns and is careless with records.
The CIA rarely provides timely intelligence. The FAA's idea of security
against hijackers is asking all passengers who packed their bag.

The clamor now is to give more authority and money to these agencies.
But, remember, important industries like as our chemical plants and
refineries do not depend on government agencies for security. They build
fences and hire guards with guns. The airlines have not been allowed to
do the same thing. There was a time when airline pilots were allowed and
did carry weapons, and yet this has been prohibited by government
regulation set to go into effect in November.

If the responsibility had been left with the airlines to provide safety
they may have had armed pilots or guards on the planes just as our
industrial sites have. Privatizing the FAA, as other countries have,
would also give airlines more leeway in providing security. My bill, HR
2896, should be passed immediately to clarify that the federal
government will never place a prohibition on pilots being armed.

We face an enormous task to restore the sense of security we have taken
for granted for so long. But it can be done. Destroying the evildoers
while extricating ourselves from this unholiest of wars is no small
challenge. The job is somewhat like getting out of a pit filled with
venomous snakes. The sooner we shoot the snakes that immediately
threaten us, the sooner we can get safely away. If we're not careful
though, we'll breed more snakes and they'll come out of every nook and
cranny from around the world and little will be resolved.

It's no easy task, but before we fight we'd better be precise about whom
we are fighting and how many there are and where they are hiding, or
we'll never know when the war is over and our goals are achieved.
Without this knowledge the war can go on for a long, long time, and the
war for oil has already been going on for more than 20 years. To this
point, our President and his administration have displayed the necessary
deliberation. This is a positive change from unauthorized and
ineffective retaliatory bombings in past years that only worsened
various conflicts.

If we can't or won't define the enemy, the cost to fight such a war will
be endless. How many American troops are we prepared to lose? How much
money are we prepared to spend? How many innocent civilians, in our
nation and others, are we willing to see killed? How many American
civilians will we jeopardize? How much of our civil liberties are we
prepared to give up? How much prosperity will we sacrifice?

The founders and authors of our Constitution provided an answer for the
difficult tasks that we now face. When a precise declaration of war was
impossible due to the vagueness of our enemy, the Congress was expected
to take it upon themselves to direct the reprisal against an enemy not
recognized as a government. In the early days the concern was piracy on
the high seas. Piracy was one of only three federal crimes named in the
original Constitution.

Today, we have a new type of deadly piracy, in the high sky over our
country. The solution the founders came up with under these
circumstances was for Congress to grant letters of marque and reprisal.
This puts the responsibility in the hands of Congress to direct the
President to perform a task with permission to use and reward private
sources to carry out the task, such as the elimination of Osama bin
Laden and his key supporters. This allows narrow targeting of the enemy.
This effort would not preclude the president's other efforts to resolve
the crisis, but if successful would preclude a foolish invasion of a
remote country with a forbidding terrain like Afghanistan- a country
that no foreign power has ever conquered throughout all of history.

Lives could be saved, billions of dollars could be saved, and escalation
due to needless and senseless killing could be prevented. Mr. Speaker,
we must seriously consider this option. This answer is a world apart
from the potential disaster of launching nuclear weapons or endless
bombing of an unseen target. "Marque and reprisal" demands the enemy be
seen and precisely targeted with minimal danger to others. It should be
considered and, for various reasons, is far superior to any effort that
could be carried out by the CIA.

We must not sacrifice the civil liberties that generations of Americans
have enjoyed and fought for over the past 225 years. Unwise decisions in
response to the terror inflicted on us may well fail to destroy our
enemy, while undermining our liberties here at home. That will not be a
victory worth celebrating. The wise use of marque and reprisal would
negate the need to undermine the privacy and rights of our citizens.

As we work through this difficult task, let us resist the temptation to
invoke the most authoritarian of all notions that, not too many years
ago, tore this nation apart; the military draft. The country is now
unified against the enemy. The military draft does nothing to contribute
to unity nor, as the Pentagon again has confirmed, does it promote an
efficient military.

Precise identification of all travelers on all our air flights is a
desired goal. A national ID issued by the federal government would prove
to be disastrous to our civil liberties and should not be considered.
This type of surveillance power should never be given to an intrusive
overbearing government, no matter how well intentioned the motives.

The same results can be better achieved by the marketplace. Passenger
IDs voluntarily issued by the airlines could be counterfeit-proof; and
loss or theft of an ID could be immediately reported to the proper
authorities. An ID, fingerprints, birth certificates, or any other
information can be required without any violations of anyone's personal
liberty. This delicate information would not be placed in the hands of
the government agents but could be made available to law enforcement
officers like any other information obtained with probable cause and a

The heat of the moment has prompted calls by some of our officials for
great sacrifice of our liberties and privacy. This poses great danger to
our way of life and will provide little help in dealing with our
enemies. Efforts of this sort will only punish the innocent and have no
effect on a would-be terrorist. We should be careful not to do something
just to do something- even something harmful.

Mr. Speaker, I fear that some big mistakes could be made in the pursuit
of our enemies if we do not proceed with great caution, wisdom, and
deliberation. Action is necessary; inaction is unacceptable. No doubt
others recognize the difficulty in targeting such an elusive enemy. This
is why the principle behind "marque and reprisal" must be given serious

In retaliation, an unintended consequence of a policy of wanton
destruction without benefit to our cause, could result in the overthrow
of moderate Arab nations by the radicals that support bin Laden. This
will not serve our interests and will surely exacerbate the threat to
all Americans.

As we search for a solution to the mess we're in, it behooves us to look
at how John F. Kennedy handled the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.
Personally, that crisis led to a 5-year tour in the US Air Force for me.

As horrible and dangerous as the present crisis is, those of us that
held our breath during some very tense moments that October realized
that we were on the brink of a world-wide nuclear holocaust. That crisis
represented the greatest potential danger to the world in all of human

President Kennedy held firm and stood up to the Soviets as he should
have and the confrontation was resolved. What was not known at the time
was the reassessment of our policy that placed nuclear missiles in the
Soviet's back yard, in Turkey. These missiles were quietly removed a few
months later and the world became a safer place in which to live.
Eventually, we won the cold war without starting World War III.

Our enemy today, as formidable as he is, cannot compare to the armed
might of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1962.

Wisdom and caution on Kennedy's part in dealing with the crisis was
indeed "a profile in courage." But his courage was not only in his
standing up to the Soviets, but his willingness to re-examine our
nuclear missile presence in Turkey, which if it had been known at the
time would have been condemned as an act of cowardice.

President Bush now has the challenge to do something equally courageous
and wise. This is necessary if we expect to avert a catastrophic World
War III. When the President asks for patience as he and his advisors
deliberate, seeking a course of action, all Americans should surely heed
his request.

Mr. Speaker, I support President Bush and voted for the authority and
the money to carry out his responsibility to defend this country, but
the degree of death and destruction and chances of escalation must be
carefully taken into consideration.

It is only with sadness that I reflect on the support, the dollars, the
troops, the weapons and training provided by US taxpayers that are now
being used against us. Logic should tell us that intervening in all the
wars of the world has been detrimental to our self-interest and should
be reconsidered.

The efforts of a small minority in Congress to avoid this confrontation
by voting for the foreign policy of George Washington, John Adams,
Thomas Jefferson, and all the 19th century presidents went unheeded. The
unwise policy of supporting so many militants who later became our armed
enemies makes little sense whether it's bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. A
policy designed to protect America is wise and frugal and hopefully it
will once again be considered. George Washington, as we all know,
advised strongly, as he departed his presidency, that we should avoid
all entangling alliances with foreign nations.

The call for a non-interventionist foreign policy over past years has
fallen on deaf ears. My suggestions made here today may meet the same
fate. Yet, if truth is spoken, ignoring it will not negate it. In that
case something will be lost. But, if something is said to be true and it
is not and is ignored, nothing is lost. My goal is to contribute to the
truth and to the security of this nation.

What I have said today is different from what is said and accepted in
Washington as conventional wisdom, but it is not in conflict with our
history or our constitution. It's a policy that has, whenever tried,
generated more peace and prosperity than any other policy for dealing
with foreign affairs. The authors of the Constitution clearly understood
this. Since the light of truth shines brightest in the darkness of evil
and ignorance, we should all strive to shine that light.

Ron Paul

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Who Benefits

from the World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks?

Who Benefits? That's always the first question to consider when a "terrorist" attack occurs. Instead of clenching one's fist, waving one's flag and shouting vindictive slogans, let's just stop for a moment of calm analysis of the basic facts. When we analyze who benefits, we immediately will know with over 99% surety, who did it!

What was the tone of U.S. and world opinion just a week or two before the attacks?

In the U.S., the economy was lagging badly, the stock market was falling, many were questioning if the government's taxes were legal, the Gary Condit case had been poorly handled, people continued to question Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, they questioned our support of Israel in her policies regarding the Palestinians, and the approval rate of President Bush was low.

What about World Opinion? Just 8 days before the WTC/Pentagon attacks, Israel was stunned by a UN decision equating Zionism with Racism, according to Ha'aretz

Israel was branded a "racist apartheid" state by thousands of non- governmental organizations (NGOs) attending a U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. The conference was attended by representatives of 153 governments.

The declaration, adopted by 3,000 NGOs in 44 regional and interest- based caucuses, shocked Jewish groups.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called the anti-Israel declarations a disgrace, and said that Israel was "seriously" contemplating withdrawing from the conference in protest. The Israeli delegation to the conference blasted the language of the NGO declaration as an incitement to hatred of Jews.

Jewish delegates walked out. The U.S. delegates followed.

The Forum accused the Jewish state of "systematic perpetration of racist crimes including war crimes, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing" in its treatment of the Palestinians.

In addition, the head of the Danish Red Cross, Freddy Karup Pederson, told the Danish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee that the lifestyle of Jewish settlers in the Palestinian territories resembles that of whites under the former racist apartheid system. He also criticized Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinian population.

So, just 8 days before the attacks, the overwhelming attitude of the nations of the world was against Israel's policies and in support of the Arab countries' charges against Israel, a nation heavily supported by, and allied with, the U.S.

What has happened to U.S. and World Opinion SINCE the attacks?

Immediately AFTER the attack, public opinion was turned 180 degrees. Now the Arab countries are being demonized, the U.S. population is overwhelmingly backing the President (according to the Washington Post), urging him to punish, kill, destroy, annihilate the perpetrators of this crime, even though no one really has any proof who did it, the U.S. government is preparing for war, the U.S. and Israel have carte blanche support to bomb nearly every Arab country out of existence.

No one is questioning anymore the "apartheid" policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians. War, as politicians have known throughout history, stimulates the economy and (if the propaganda is handled properly) unifies the population behind the President and squelches ALL criticism.

Anyone who is not 100% behind the President is considered a traitor. President Bush in a televised Speech to Congress, urged global support for his war on terrorists, warning the world: "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." (Washington AFP) 9-21-01 (An effective way to stifle all dissent!)

If you don't go along with the plan for destruction of the Arabs advocated by the government, you become the target of threats and must have bodyguards, as California Democrat Barbara Lee has discovered. She cast the lone vote in Congress against the use of military force in response to the WTC/Pentagon attacks and now must have Police guarding her Capitol Hill office. (Reuters, AP, 9-18-01)

What ELSE has happened since the attacks?

1) The population has been prepared for a long term war where the number of U.S. casualties will be high (Washington Post Online September 21, 2001).

2) Bush creates a High Office of "Homeland Security" supposedly to protect Americans from attack. The job would involve coordination of government-wide domestic security efforts, including meshing domestic FBI and foreign CIA intelligence, working with U.S. military, emergency officials and state and local governments.

The Homeland Defense position "would probably not need Senate confirmation, which other Cabinet jobs require, nor legislation to create" White House officials said. So there would be no investigation, oversight nor accountability for this person. (Reuters - Washington 9-21-01) (Perfect conditions to appoint a crony)

3) U.S. orders 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine for $343 million in preparation for a possible bioterrorism assault. The contract has been given to a small, Cambridge-based firm, Acambis, a British biotechnology company who reported a net loss of $8 million in the six months prior to June 30, unchanged from last year. (How convenient to get this huge order! It would be interesting to find out the conflict of interest issues here.) (Reuters News, London 9-20- 01) PREPARING THE POPULATION TO EXPECT BIO-TERRORISM.

4) "America and Britain are producing secret plans to launch a ten year "war on terrorism" - Operation Noble Eagle - involving a completely new military and diplomatic strategy to eliminate terrorist networks and cells around the world." (The Times - London 9- 20-01)

5) The Senate OKs FBI Spying on the Internet: FBI agents soon will be able to spy on Internet users legally without a court order. Two days after the terrorist attack, the Senate approved the "Combating Terrorism Act of 2001" which enhances police wiretap powers and permits monitoring in more situations. The FBI's surveillance system is called Carnivore. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) MORE CONTROL!

6) The U.S. Plans to overthrow Taliban and put Afghanistan under UN Control, according to The Guardian - London (9-21-01) NOTE: Yugoslavia is ALREADY under UN control. (MORE UN CONTROL)

7) A global surveillance system known as Echelon exists and has the ability to eavesdrop on telephone calls, faxes and e-mail messages, a European Parliament committee has concluded. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) MORE CONTROL!

8) Face-ID Technology gains new support. "State lawmakers who were planning to sponsor legislation restricting its use now say they are reassessing their plans." MORE CONTROL! (Denver Post Capitol Bureau, 9-20-01)

9) "Experts See a High-Security America of Surveillance & Seizures": New York: Security Experts in the United States are describing a new kind of country that could emerge, where electronic identification might become the norm, immigrants might be tracked far more closely and the airspace over cities like New York and Washington might be off-limits to all civilian aircraft." (The International Herald Tribune 9-19-01) MORE SURVEILLANCE OF U.S. CITIZENS.

10) "Lawmakers See Need to Loosen Rules on CIA" Congressional leaders who oversee the nation's intelligence system have concluded that America's spy agencies should be allowed to combat terrorism with more aggressive tactics, including the hiring of unsavory foreign agents, including revived discussion of reversing the US 25 year ban on using covert agents to assassinate foreigners. R. James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA said that "Washington has absolutely undergone a sea change in thinking this week." (New York Times, 9-16- 01) MORE SURVEILLANCE OF U.S. CITIZENS!

11) NATO Announces a Third World War is Almost Upon Us. A pentagon spokesman hinted towards potential targets being Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria and others. (NATO Secretary-General Lord Robertson)

12) California Congresswoman, Mary Bono, R-Palm Springs warned that the country should prepare for a fight against international terrorists that will likely include personal sacrifice, the use of ground troops overseas and the risk of retaliation against civilians by the enemy. She also predicts intense scrutiny of airline passengers, a national system of fingerprinting and identification cards and the specter of chemical and biological attacks on the U.S. (The Desert Sun 9-18-01)

13) An enemy is needed to justify a $344 Billion War Budget, when the federal government currently spends only $42 billion on education, $26 billion on affordable housing and $1 billion on school construction.

14) President Bush sent his anti-terrorism bill to Congress one week after the WTC/Pentagon attack, launching an emotional debate that will force U.S. politicians to choose between continued freedom for Americans or greater security. (Lycos Network 9-20-01) DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO WRITE ONE OF THESE BILLS? IT TAKES MONTHS! They are hundreds of pages long. THIS ONE WAS OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN BEFORE THE ATTACK! How convenient! Wake up America!

15) "President George Bush focused his energy on building a GLOBAL ALLIANCE for a fight against terrorism..." (MSNBC 9-18-01) Here comes the New World Order!

16) Fast-Moving House Bill Restricts Liberties - Much of it Unrelated to Terrorism! Congress is being asked to rush to pass emergency anti- terrorist legislation written by the Department of Justice, but much of the legislation turns out to have nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Instead, the legislation contains a host of items which have been on the bureaucratic wish lists for many years.

17) "We Must Ignore the Peace Lobby and Show No Restraint" says The Independent - London (9-24-01)

18) Bush Suspends Habeas Corpus: Legal Immigrants May Be Held Without Cause: "The Bush Administration today announced it is using its powers under the National Emergency Act to suspend the right of Habeas Corpus for all immigrants in the country, including legal immigrants, meaning that any immigrant in the U.S. right now can be held INDEFINITELY by the police or government WITHOUT TRIAL OR DEMONSTRATION OF CAUSE TO HOLD THEM."

Though no one has yet suggested infringing the rights of U.S. citizens, the move is a frightening first step to a national tyranny, based on perpetual suspension of the Constitution in the name of fighting perpetual war."

19) President Bush has agreed to bail out the airlines with BILLIONS of dollars, an industry that was swimming in red ink LONG BEFORE the WTC/Pentagon attacks.

What was known BEFORE the attack - and by whom?

1) Echelon Gave Authorities 3 Month Warning of Attacks - German Paper: Frankfurt, Germany - U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies received warning signals at least three months ago that terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American culture, according to a story in Germany's daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeiung (FAZ).

2) U.S. planned to attack Taliban BEFORE WTC/Pentagon Attacks: A former Pakistani diplomat has told the BBC that the U.S. was planning military action against Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban even before last week's attacks. Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October. (BBC News 9-18-01)

3) Expert - Russia Knew In Advance...Encouraged Citizens to Cash Out Dollars: Russian press accounts and other activities by the Russian government this summer indicate that the Russians knew in advance that something would happen to America, including a "financial attack" against the U.S. During the past three months, Russian media and officials have encouraged citizens to cash out of U.S. dollars pending an economic collapse there after an "attack." ( 9-17-01)

4) FBI tracked man in custody 2 weeks before attacks: "Two weeks before the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., FBI agents were at a flight school in Oklahoma asking questions about a man now suspected of having a link to those attacks", according to CNN.

"The fact that FBI agents were at the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, two weeks before any attacks would seem to contradict the agency's assertion that it was not aware of any connection between aviation schools and suspected terrorists. FBI Director Robert Mueller has stated publicly, "There were NO warning signs that I'm aware of that would indicate this type of operation in the country," ( 9-18-01) SOMEBODY IS LYING!

5) U.S. Pulled Plug on 500 Arab/Muslim Websites the Day BEFORE Jetliner Attacks: Five hundred websites - many of them with an Arab or Muslim connection - crashed when an anti-terrorism task force raided InfoCom Corporation in Texas. The 80-strong task force that descended upon the IT company included FBI agents, Secret Service agents, Diplomatic Security agents, tax inspectors, immigration officials, customs officials, department of commerce officials and computer experts. (Brian Whitaker 9-12-01)

6) U.S. was warned in 1995 of plot to hijack planes, attack buildings: The FBI was warned six years ago of a terrorist plot to hijack commercial planes and slam them into the Pentagon, The CIA headquarters and other buildings, Philippine investigators told CNN. The plan was termed Project Bojinka. (Manila, Philippines CNN 9-18-01)

7) "U.S. Government Had Prior Knowledge of Emergency: The most massive so-called "terrorist" attacks on U.S. soil since the Oklahoma City bombings of 1995, were known, a week ahead of time, by the American CIA. Among the foreign intelligence agencies who penetrated the plots were the French CIA and Israel's The Mossad, units of both often working with one another.

"Foreign intelligence sources confirm the validity of this story. And they state that they informed the U.S. secret police who absolutely failed, neglected, and outright refused to take action as to known prior specifics of which the top-level of the CIA were informed in advance." ( 9-13-01) HOW INTERESTING!

8) Spy in the White House? "Terrorists" had Ultra Secret Codes on 911: (DEBKA Intelligence Files 9-22-01)

9) More Unusual Market Activity Reported BEFORE Attacks: "Chicago traders on Wednesday cited unusual activity in airline options up to a month before attacks on U.S. landmarks, and German bankers reported brisk activity in reinsurer Munich Re shares, adding to speculation that those behind the attacks tried to profit from their acts. (Reuters 9-20-01)

So how come EVERYONE else knew this was going to happen? Why would the U.S. refuse to investigate when told, unless it was their own plan all along?

BIG CLUE!! Why did the Towers IMPLODE instead of EXPLODE?

The towers came down as gracefully as a fountain of water. "Too methodical to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structures" said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

"My opinion is that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse," Romero said. Romero is a former director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at Tech, which studies explosive materials and the effects of explosions on buildings, aircraft and other structures.

The Towers IMPLODED! They did NOT explode! A fuel fire causes an EXplosion, not an IMplosion. Explosions explode OUT. Implosions, implode IN!

IMPLOSIONS can ONLY occur with immense planning by a highly skilled group of craftsmen educated in the unique skill of demolishing buildings by strategically placing explosive devices within the building. This requires many experts, much time and significant access to the building beforehand.

The skill of implosion of buildings was developed primarily to demolish buildings in areas of high building density, so the destruction of the structure will not cause damage to the surrounding buildings.

In addition, the towers came down long after the planes struck. To suggest that fuel dumping from the airplanes caused a fire hot enough to melt the inner structure is ludicrous.

First of all, who can prove the planes dumped all of their fuel into the core of the building?

Second, why did the fuel take so long to catch fire?

Third, fuel-fires cause EXplosions, NOT IMplosions!

Fourth, the structure was built to withstand temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the architect and designer of the building, a man who is now deceased, but who preserved this nugget of information in an interview he recorded in 1998.

Hyman Brown, a University of Colorado civil engineering professor and the World Trade Center's construction manager, watched in confusion as the towers came down. "It was over-designed to withstand almost anything including hurricanes, high winds, bombings and an airplane hitting it," he said. (Scripps Howard News Service 9-11,01 and 9-12- 01)

So, why was it necessary to implode the whole structure? To eliminate evidence, just as was done to the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, before the forensic specialists could get in to examine the evidence.

Just like the Branch Davidian compound at Waco was bulldozed by the government before any evidence could be examined.

Conclusion: This was a highly skilled endeavor by a large group of well-trained people with access to the buildings, the airplanes and the explosives. They would have had to blend into the population and not look suspicious.

Question: Who would have these qualifications? Certainly not a large group of Arab "terrorists"!

Where are the "Indestructible" Black Boxes?

All four Black Boxes were supposedly destroyed and rendered unusable in spite of the fact that they are designed specifically for plane crashes which result in insurmountable conditions. In fact there are reported to be TWO Black Boxes on each plane, but apparently ALL EIGHT of the Black Boxes are completely destroyed.

Strange indeed!

ABC News Reports: The Black Box is "ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE. IT IS DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND HEAT OF UP TO 2,000 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT FOR ONE HOUR, salt water for at least 30 days, immersion in a variety of liquids such as jet fuel and lubricants, AND AN IMPACT OF 3,400 G's. By comparison, astronauts are typically exposed to up to six Gs during a shuttle takeoff."

Yet CNN reported that "In New York, several blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center, a passport authorities said belonged to one of the hijackers was discovered a few days ago, according to city Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik."

The paper passport apparently survived intact!

The "indestructible Black Boxes were destroyed!


Who Has Claimed Responsibility?

Within HOURS after the attack the U.S. was aggressively touting Osama bin Laden as the "terrorist" responsible for this dastardly deed. As one writer to a popular website noted, "I find it laughable that the agency notorious for its inability to find a bleeding elephant in a snowbank suddenly (within hours of the attack) has the culprit pinpointed!"

The media continuously whips up the public to indiscriminate hatred of almost any Arab. On radio, on TV, in the newspapers and in magazines, all one hears or reads is HATE towards Osama bin Laden, or any other Muslim. The Globe, a well-known grocery store rag, contains pictures of Osama Bin Laden with rifle "cross-hairs" targeted over his face and a soldier in fatigues pointing an automatic rifle at his head. Yet these same media outlets pompously demand the elimination of "hate!"

It is USUAL and CUSTOMARY for Terrorist groups to claim responsibility for an attack. Yet no such claim has been made.

Osama bin Laden says he didn't do it. "We have been blamed in the past, but we were not involved," he said. (The Guardian - London 9-17- 01)

"Egyptian President Mubarak still has not seen bin Laden proof," according to a Paris AFP report. "Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says he has not seen any proof of Osama bin Laden being "the brains" behind the terrorist attacks on the United States and warns Washington against over-hasty reprisals, in a newspaper interview published on 9-24-01.

Saddam Hussein, in a letter to the American People noted that "when the event took place, Arab rulers and the rulers of countries whose religions is Islam, rushed to condemn the event." (Iraqi News Agency 916-01)

There are even reports that Osama bin Laden has been, and may still now be, an operative of the U.S. CIA.

And now, according to The Washington Post (9-25-01), The U.S. is now "Unsure" of Going Public with the "Proof" of Osama bin Laden's responsibility for the "terrorist" attack. With the U.S. public, and other nations, demanding proof, the Bush administration is hiding behind the cloak of "National Security."

Secretary of State Colin Powell promised that the U.S. "soon" would "put out a paper. . that will describe quite clearly the evidence that we have linking" bin Laden to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla), chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said that the administration cannot present its full case "without revealing some sources and methods that we would not want to reveal." HOW INTERESTING AND CONVENIENT FOR THEM!

Now Let's Consider -

Are There Other Countries, besides the Arabs,

who have ever been involved in terrorism?

According to the Washington Report, "In 1967 on the fourth day of the Six Day War, the armed forces of Israel attacked the American intelligence ship USS Liberty for 90 minutes in international waters in broad daylight following several hours of close, low-level reconnaissance. Thirty-four men died, 171 were hurt, and the ship was so badly damaged that it had to be scrapped.

The government of Israel has lied about the circumstances ever since, telling a story markedly different from that told by American survivors. Congress has refused to question Israel's demonstrably false account.

Why would Israel risk alienating its American friends? Why did Israel attack?

According to eyewitness accounts by Israeli officers and journalists, the Israeli Army executed as many as 1,000 Arab prisoners during the 1967 war. Historian Gabby Bron wrote in the Yediot Ahronot in Israel that he witnessed Israeli troops executing Egyptian prisoners on the morning of June 8, 1967, in the Sinai town of El Arish, including about 150 Egyptian POWs. They made the prisoners dig their own graves then they were shot as they stood at the edge of the grave.

As those executions were underway, America's most sophisticated intelligence platform, USS Liberty, was less than 13 miles from El Arish, close enough to see the town mosque with the naked eye. With binoculars one could make out individual buildings and might have seen the executions if one had looked in the right place.

The attack on the USS Liberty lasted 75 minutes. It was not brief nor accidental as Israel claims. The Israelis wantonly destroyed life rafts in the water and they jammed international radio distress frequencies while Americans, who might have been saved, died!

The United States is no stranger to perpetrating acts of terrorism against other countries. The U.S. bombed Iraq unmercifully during the Gulf War. Thousands of private citizens were slaughtered. Then a deadly embargo was put in place to destroy them slowly by illness and starvation. What was the crime of the common people?

The U.S. CIA has also been involved in covert wars all over the globe, raping and pillaging entire economies of Central American and other countries.

In addition, the U.S. is not above turning on its own citizens with vengeance.

FDR Knew About Pearl Harbor: John Flynn made a sound case for Roosevelt's foreknowledge in 1946, the historian Charles Beard confirmed it in 1948 with his book FDR and the Coming of the War 1941. John Toland told the story in Infamy in the early 1980s, and John Stinnett followed with Day of Deceit. They all understood FDR's manipulation of, and complicity in, the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was done to incite the U.S. citizens to hate the Japanese and push them to support the U.S. entry into World War II.

And it worked beautifully! Americans willingly gave their own lives and the lives of their sons to fight a war that had nothing to do with them.

FDR knew in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only did he refuse to stop it, he encouraged it by his manipulative treatment of Japan prior to the attack, and his stationing of ships in the Hawaiian port, an easy target for the Japanese. (

It worked magnificently then - and it is working magnificently now!

Other acts of violence that must be considered are: The Randy Weaver family killings by the U.S. government in Idaho, the Waco horror where the U.S. shot, bulldozed and set on fire its own citizens, and the Oklahoma bombing, where there is abundant information pointing to U.S. Government involvement .

Why would a government plan an attack its own citizens, while blaming another?

What would it have to gain?

The answer is: EVERYTHING!

Go back and review what has happened

SINCE the attack:

The U.S. Government has dramatically increased its control over the American population while destroying the rights of the people, a situation necessary for the takeover of the U.S. and eventually, all other countries, by the New World Order to be run by the United Nations. And they're doing it with the citizens' complete support.

"The President has the power to seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, call reserve forces amounting to 2 1/2 million men to duty, institute martial law, seize and control all means of transportation, regulate all private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of ALL Americans...While the danger of a dictatorship arising through legal means may seem remote to us today..."

--A Joint Statement by Senators Frank Church (D-ID) and Charles McMathias (R-MD) September 30, 1973. HOW PROPHETIC!


U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft Seeks Sweeping Powers!

"The United States will remain vulnerable to terrorist attacks unless law enforcement agencies are given a wide range of new counterterrorism tools, including improved wiretap capabilities and easier access to voice mail and Internet user's personal information, Attorney General John Ashcroft told lawmakers Monday." (MSNBC 9-25-01)

A third of New Yorkers support internment camps (concentration camps) for "individuals who authorities identify as being sympathetic to terrorist causes," according to a poll form the Siena College Research Institute. ( 9-25-01) (Remember that President Bush has said that if you don't support the U.S. government 100% in their handling of this situation - - - YOU ARE SIDING WITH THE TERRORISTS!)

Public Opinion has overwhelming turned from support for the Arabs and against Israel, to supporting Israel and their ally, the U.S. and hatred against the Arab countries.

And now the U.S. has the support of the entire nation, and much of the world, for its unrestrained unleashing of vengeance on ANY and EVERY Arab nation.

But it's not surprising that the U.S. and Israel are the ONLY countries where the majority backs a military strike (Reuters 9-22- 01).

From Stern.Intel: Israeli Mossad Links to World Trade Center Attack: "A U.S. military intelligence source revealed details of an internal intelligence memo that points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence service having links to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks...

"The attacks have certainly turned U.S. public opinion firmly back in Israel's favor after eleven months of Palestinian uprising, heavy criticism of Israel over war crimes allegations and racism by a UN conference in Durban."

Lebanese Druze Leader Believes CIA, Mossad Responsible for U.S. Attacks! Lebanon's anti-Syrian Druze leader Walid Jumblatt believes the CIA and Israel's secret service Mossad are behind the terrorist attacks in the United States, and that Saudi extremist Osama bin Laden is an "American agent," newspaper reports said. (Beirut AFP 9- 15-01)

Fake Terror has been the Road to Dictatorship for thousands of years. It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times.

Create the enemies you need!

A wise philosopher has unveiled the irony of it all: "To restore our freedom, we will need to be deprived of it. To recover from senseless murder, we will need to perpetrate more of it," or so says the President.

So, Who's Responsible?

The Answer is: Who Benefits?

You figure it out!

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Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why?

By David Duke, National President
European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)
Thursday, September 17, 2001

This article will be frequently updated with further information, check for
the latest update.

America has a very big problem.

We have just experienced the shock of the most spectacular and deadly terror attack in modern history. In an almost surreal scene from a Hollywood movie, on September 11, 2001 hijacked passenger planes crashed directly into the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. Thousands of Americans were maimed and killed. The costs might even go over the one trillion dollar mark, and the event may even trigger worldwide economic depression.

These terrible acts of terrorism must be fought with every ounce of American resolve. And those who commit such heinous acts must be punished to the fullest severity of the law. No such acts must ever be permitted on American soil.

That being said, how then do we then protect ourselves from terror in the future?

Because of increased scientific knowledge around the world, the next terror could be far more deadly than what happened on September 11. The next horrific occurrence might not even entail an explosion of any kind, but the silent mass death of a biological or radiation attack.

The bad news is that no matter how many billions of dollars the government spends or how many bombs it drops, it is impossible to completely protect ourselves from these great dangers. In fact, the more bomb-dropping and devastation we do, the more likely a future terroristic response.

We have moved into an era in which even sheer military might is no protection. No longer can strong nations attack weak ones with impunity. The tiniest nation or political entity can easily revenge itself with mass terror. No nation is invulnerable, not even the strongest nation on earth.

Unless we understand the why of these terroristic acts, the motivation behind them, we can not prevent a repeat of such terrorism in the future. We Americans must ask ourselves why we now suffer such terror.

When a clock stops, we ask why.

Is it not plugged in? Is the battery dead? Is it broken? If so, why is it broken?

When you have a problem, if you don't ask why and get some good answers and act on them, it will persist. It may well even become a lot worse.

The American mass media has provided us in living color the gory details of this bloody attack on the American people. They have even told us who might be behind it, but the Zionist-dominated media so far have carefully avoided giving an understandable reason why the attack took place.

Calling the attackers "cowards" is, of course, untrue. The terrorists committed an indescribably horrible and ruthless act against the American people, but certainly they are not cowards. Kamikazes may be misguided, but sacrificing one's own life for a cause is not cowardice. And calling the perpetrators cowards or madmen doesn't answer the question of why these horrendous acts occurred, unless one thinks every coward and madman wants to blow up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Those descriptions prevent people from discovering the reasons why the event actually occurred. And, if we want to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future, it is absolutely vital that to understand "why."

Maybe a good first question to ask is why these "crazy," "cowardly," Arabs never attack Switzerland or Sweden? What could it be that those countries do or don't do that causes them to be ignored while we are targeted.

Let me be very, very blunt.

The ultimate cause of this terrorism stems directly from our involvement in and support of the criminal behavior of Israel.

Terror in response to Terror

The Palestinians and many of their Arab allies have been the target of a half century of unrelenting Israeli terrorism.

In the late 1940s the Zionists took over Palestine and drove out 700,000 people from their homes through widespread acts of terrorism. Among those events was the sadistic massacre of 254 Palestinian mostly old men, women and children at Deir Yassin. It was an especially vicious, cold-blooded massacre characterized by Jews cutting apart the bellies of pregnant women. 1 After the bloodletting, the murderers then purposely publicized the event so as to make the people flee in panic from their homes and businesses from which they still haven't been allowed to return.

Former Israel Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, a participant in this horrendous massacre, boasted of the importance of Deir Yassin in his book The Revolt: The Story of the Irgun. He wrote that there would not have been a State of Israel without the "victory" of Deir Yassin. "The Haganah carried out victorious attacks on other fronts... In a state of terror, the Arabs fled, crying, 'Deir Yassin. 2"

Nor did the massacres cease after the establishment of the Jewish State; they continued in times of both peace and war. Following are the names of some of them: Sharafat Massacre, Kibya Massacre, Kafr Qasem Massacre, Al-Sammou' Massacre, the Sabra And Shatila Massacre, Oyon Qara Massacre, Al-Aqsa Mosque Massacre, the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, the Jabalia Massacre. 3

In a policy of ethnic cleansing, Israel continues to keep residents of Palestine who were born there and whose families lived there for countless generations, from returning home. At the same time, it gives generous incentives for genetic Jews who never lived in Palestine to immigrate from the far corners of the world.

The British also suffered greatly from Israeli terror, such as the horrendous bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Israeli terror has not stopped since. Israel has more prisoners per capita than any other nation of the world, more than Stalinist Russia, or Red China during its worst periods. It routinely tortures its Palestinian prisoners, and is in fact the only nation in the modern world that legally sanctions torture. In fact, a Jewish human rights group in Israel confirmed in a 60 page report that 85% of Palestinian detainees undergo torture while in custody. 4 Even a major New York Times article by the Jewish Joel Greenburg, stated matter-of-factly that Israel tortures 500 to 600 Palestinians every month. 5

Israel has targeted and assassinated thousands of Palestinian leaders, and this includes scholars, clerics, businessmen, philosophers and poets, anyone who inspires the Palestinian people to patriotism. These assassinations have occurred all over the world, even in the United States. In the process they have killed many thousands of women and children. They have even repeatedly bombed Palestinian refugee camps packed with women and children.

Not only did they establish their Israeli state over Palestinian land, (in 1948 Palestinians personally owned over 90 percent of it) the Jews took almost all of the Palestinian personal property: the land, farms, homes and businesses. After they drove out the Palestinian refugees and refused their return, they then passed an "abandoned property" law that confiscated Palestinian property and gave to the Jews. The law even has the chutzpah to forbid ever selling any of their stolen land to Palestinians. 6

In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. During their invasion and 18 year occupation an estimated 40,000 civilians died. Israel relentlessly bombed and attacked cities and villages and also many hospitals and orphanages (as documented by the Norwegian Red Cross) and devastated the ancient and once beautiful city of Beirut.

The current Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, doesn't dare even step foot in Belgium or the Netherlands, fearing an indictment of the World Court for war crimes. Sharon is responsible for the murder of two thousand of refugees in the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon.

Israel shot down a Libyan passenger airliner over the Sinai Peninsula killing 111 people.

And it is has not just been the Palestinians who have suffered from Israeli terror.

Zionist Terror Against the United States

Americans have also suffered from Zionist terror. In fact, Israel has committed a number of acts of war against the United States.

Israel has a long record of terrorism against the United States going all the way back to 1954. In that year, the Israel government plotted to blow up American installations in Cairo and Alexandria and blame it on Egyptian nationals. By chance the plot failed and was uncovered. It was named the Lavon Affair after the man who supposedly set up the terrorism, Pinhas Lavon, the Israeli Defense Chief. He resigned in 1955 over the incident. 7

In 1967, Israel purposefully attacked with unmarked jet fighters and torpedo boats, the U.S.S. Liberty, an American Navy vessel of the Sinai Peninsula, even machine gunning the deployed life rafts of the ship. The attack killed 31 American servicemen and wounded over 170. 8 They sought to sink the ship, kill all the Americans and blame it on the Egyptians so they could have American support to conquer larger areas of the Arab world.

The attack on the Liberty was nothing short of a vicious act of war against the United States by Israel. In spite of the fact that U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and navy chief Admiral Moorer said that the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel was deliberate, the all-powerful Zionist Lobby prevented a formal Congressional investigation. If the Lobby can even cover up horrendous Israeli crimes against America, it's no wonder they can cover up Israel's endless crimes against the Palestinians. Yet, after the Liberty attack America didn't even reduce our billions of dollars of aid, in fact the story quickly vanished from the news after a few short days.

In 1986 Israel actually caused us to wrongly go to war and militarily attack another nation. The Mossad planted a transmitter in Tripoli, Libya and then broadcast terrorist messages in Libyan code indicating Libyan responsibility for killing two Americans in the bombing of the La Belle discothque in Germany. 9 (It was later proven that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing) By use of this fraud, Israel induced the American bombing of Libya. American bombs wrecked havoc there. One of those killed was the infant daughter of the Libyan President. It is certainly a dastardly act of war against a nation to induce it into wrongly attacking another nation. Only a truly evil enemy of America would do such a thing.

Every Palestinian and Arab is aware that Israel's half century of terror could never have occurred without the active financial, military, and diplomatic support of the United States. They know that the Jewish Lobby has control of American Mideast Policy and the Zionists can get whatever they want from Congress on issues important to them.

It was American support of Israel's brutal invasion and occupation of Lebanon in the 1980s that led directly to the bombing of the U.S.

Marine contingent, killing 300 American young men.

The Involvement of America in Israeli Crimes

Arabs know that almost every bomb that kills their people comes from America, Every bullet, every tank, every fighter plane, is manufactured or paid for by American dollars. It is America's billions of dollars of support that have enabled the Jewish state to terrorize the Arab people for half a century.

Even though Israel invaded Lebanon and killed thousands of civilians, America never threatened to bomb Tel Aviv (as it did Iraq) if Israel refused to obey UN resolutions to withdraw. A comparison of America's reaction to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait to that of Israel's invasion of Lebanon is instructive.

America's one-sided policy foreign policy can be illustrated by the different treatment afforded Israel and Iraq. Iraq invaded Kuwait. Israel invaded Lebanon.

Perhaps 3000 Kuwait civilians died in the initial war with Iraq. 40,000 Lebanese died from the time of the invasion through the occupation.

Iraq disobeyed UN resolutions to leave Kuwait. Israel disobeyed UN resolutions to leave Lebanon. (for 18 years)

Iraq broke international conventions on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Yet Israel is a far greater offender, having one of the greatest stores of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the world

Iraq refused UN inspections. Israel has always refused UN inspection.

For these violations we bombed Iraq. In response to Israel's crimes, America just continued to send more billions of dollars.

American foreign policy was and continues to be Israeli policy. Israel was not threatened with even a cutoff of U.S. aid as thousands of Lebanese civilians died from the Israeli actions. Iraq was once a friend of America with whom we bought oil and did much business. America actually supported Saddam Hussein and Iraq's war with Iran. Iraq did nothing against the United States, but it made the mistake of becoming a strong enemy of Israel. So the Jewish and the Jewish-controlled gentile bureaucrats, and Jewish-dominated media quickly made our former friend, Saddam Hussein, into our archenemy.

We dropped more explosives on Iraq in a few weeks than we had in the whole of the Second World War. We killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis including tens of thousands of civilians. Then we engaged in a blockade and embargo of Iraq that even the anti-Iraq United Nations says led to the deaths of at least 1,200,000 children and hundreds of thousands of elderly. Let those Americans who don't understand the why of this terrorism concentrate on this shocking fact. One million, two hundred thousand children have died as a direct result of our policy toward Iraq.

Some Americans reading my words will refuse to believe it, they will refuse to believe that America has purposely caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children. Here is the transcript of the interview of America's Jewish Secretary of State with Leslie Stahl of CBS on May 11, 1996:

Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And -- and you know, is the price worth it?"

Madeline Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- we think the price is worth it."

And some Americans wonder why we are so hated.

The Jewish Lobby and the Jewish-dominated media are very careful not to let the American people fully understand the real reason for the Iraqi war or the true issues in the Palestinian question. They really don't want Americans to know why so many millions in the Arab world hate us and why the number grows larger every day.

They don't want us to know the real reasons why Americans are so hated -- because it is the Jewish bosses of American foreign policy who are the one's responsible for this growing hatred of America. Imagine the anger and feelings of despair that would drive men to sacrifice their own lives to get at us.

The Zionist bosses know that by America's supporting the criminal policies of Israel spawns hatred against America. They are certainly aware that bombing and going to war against nations solely for Israel's benefit creates dedicated and fanatical enemies against America, enemies who will seek revenge in American blood.

Of course, it is not in America's interest to go and kill people for Israel; but Jewish interests are always paramount. In actuality, they are fully aware that the brutal and stupid acts of terror that recently happened in New York and Washington only help the Zionist cause by engendering enormous American anger at Israeli enemies, and make Americans more easily manipulated to do the bidding of Israel.

Think about who really gained from this terror. Have the Palestinians benefited? This terrorist act destroyed all the progress the Palestinians have recently made with world opinion. It has blinded the world to Israeli terrorism. Israel is the only winner in this tragedy. They will now have a green light to do anything they want against the Palestinians. They can kill any of their foes whether they are violent or non-violent. They will get all the money they want from the American people, and no one will be thinking about their on-going suppression, murder and human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

No, the Zionists are the only benefactors of the horrendous day of terror on September 11, 2001. Ironic isn't it, that although Zionist criminal actions led to this terror, only the Zionists will benefit from it. Of course, the reason they benefit because the American mass media is completely in their hands 10 and it will never ask the proper questions of why these horrendous events are happening. Unfortunately, too few people will ever hear voices such as mine who dare to challenge the Zionist lies.

That's why we are in this mess, because a foreign power has become the most powerful lobby in the American government and controls the direction of the mass communication media in America.

Let me repeat that one more time. The primary reason we are suffering from terrorism in the United States today is because our government policy is completely subordinated to a foreign power: Israel and the efforts of worldwide Jewish Supremacism.

American Flags are flying everywhere in America in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That is good, for we need to be more patriotic. If we were more patriotic for the real interests of America rather than for Israel, we would not now suffer from terrorism.

And truly, what could be more patriotic than wanting our own country to be led by our own people in the service of America; not a foreign power or a powerful minority.

Yes, we must fight tooth and nail against any terrorists who attack our country. But, we must understand why this terror is occurring, and how it has been spawned. It has occurred because of long-standing treason against the United States and her people.

What has Zionism cost the American People?

The Jewish Lobby and media power has cost the United States about 6 billion dollars a year in foreign aid and weapons, almost one third of America's entire foreign aid budget during the last half century and as much money spent in America's drug war.

It has poisoned our relations with the oil-rich Mideast nations. In response to our policies, the Arabs came together and developed their "oil weapon" which has cost Americans at least ten at least ten trillion dollars in higher oil costs.

It has alienated the entire Arab world, leading to destruction or confiscation of billions of dollars of American property in those countries, kidnapping of American citizens, and generated enormous hatred for the American people.

How has Israel has paid us back for our support? They have continually spied on us on us (the Jonathan Pollard Case), sold our highest secrets (such as to the biggest nuclear threat to us currently in the world: the Communist Chinese) 11 and stolen our enriched uranium for their illegal nuclear weapons. 12

They have launched terrorist attacks against the United States such as the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the USS Liberty. Both these acts were nothing short of vicious acts of war against the United States. Providing false information for America to wrongly go to war against another country is also nothing less than an Israeli act of war against the United States. Yet, in response to these despicable actions against America, our Zionist controlled leaders did not even reduce our billions of dollars of financial and military aid to Israel. We give Israel about 6 billion dollars in aid each year, that is more than all the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

What is the latest cost of our subservience to the criminal actions of Zionism? The latest price we have paid is the horrendous acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001.

The powerful agents of Israel in American media and government are ultimately responsible for this terror against the United States just as surely as if they themselves had piloted those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

And now they cynically plan to use the terror that they themselves created inspired the cycle of violence against Israel's enemies. You can be sure that the Zionist powers plan to do far more than simply punish the perpetrators of these events. America will once again be used to strike against whoever Israel wants.

An indiscriminate or intemperate response from America would ultimately produce even more hatred against America, and bring more terroristic acts upon the heads of American people. The increasing cycle of hatred is exactly want the Zionists want, for their aim is that we will fight Israel's enemies for them, spilling our blood instead of theirs. They are only ones who truly benefit from America's pain. Rather than Israel, we will pay the ultimate price.

Fighting Terrorism with Terrorism

Many in the American media and government are screaming for mass destruction against America's newly perceived enemies. Recent opinion polls (CBS and CNN) show that 60 to 75 percent of the American people endorse warfare against suspected terrorists. They support these actions (and I quote the poll question precisely) "even if it causes the deaths of thousands of innocent people." It hurts my heart to think that a vast majority of the American people take exactly the same view toward innocent human life as did the terrorists of September 11.

So far, I have heard no one, not one of the great moral media pontificators, the President of the United States, our church leaders, or anyone else of prominence who is brave enough to point out this blatant moral hypocrisy.

So we are now going to fight terrorism. So what happens when America goes out and bombs the hell out of countries and indiscriminately kills "thousands of innocent people." Will we really end the threat of terrorism? America has done the same thing before. Let's take a look at how it has worked out for us.

As pointed out earlier, in 1986 the Israelis gave America false evidence against Libya and induced us to bomb the hell out of the country. We bombed a nation to "fight terrorism" for a crime it did not even commit. A year after our bombing, a few members of a radical group in Libya sought revenge and bombed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, causing one of the worst air disasters of all time, killing 270. We exact our revenge with B-1 bombers; they do it through suicide bombers.

There is no way to completely protect ourselves from those kinds of acts. Even one fanatic person, if he are willing to commit suicide, they can easily cause a plane to crash with a minimal amount of (non-detectible) explosives. We live in an era in which deadly biological agents of mass destruction can be made in anyone's basement. America must take heed; the next terroristic act can be committed by just one person and kill hundreds of thousands of people. The exercise of brute military force can no longer protect any nation.

Does anyone remember America's last "attack on terrorism?" Clinton promised to wage a "war on terrorism" by bombing Afghanistan and by bombing a pharmaceutical complex in the Sudan. These attacks were cynically launched by Clinton during critical days of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. They failed to kill Bin Laden, but they caused the Taliban to vow bloody revenge against America for the death and destruction in his country. The events of September 11 may be a direct result of that "war on terrorism." Let me repeat, we send our B1 bombers and they send their suicide bombers. And now, unless cooler head prevail, we are ready to embark on another war on terrorism that may kill thousands of innocent people and escalate the cycle of violence.

Heal the Wounds and Put the well-being of America First

Unless we heal the wounds and give America a better course, every new missile and bomb we send will come back to us again. Every drop of blood we spill in foreign lands will result in more American blood lost here and abroad. America will sink more and more into uncertainty and fear.

After the events of September 11, a father who lost his daughter in the Lockerbie plane crash, John Mosey, wrote to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He pointed out that the 270 who died in the 1988 bombing were killed in reprisal for "aggressive" US policies in the Arab world. He went on to caution, "The utmost care must be taken that whatever path is eventually pursued is successful and does not harm innocent people, thus producing another batch of terrorists." 13

We must have cool heads now and break this cycle of violence.

Let us pray for the American victims of these events and for their suffering families. Let us go after the perpetrators of these dastardly acts with absolute precision.

But, even more importantly, let us understand why these events occurred and how we can heal the hatred against our nation.

Many traitors in our government have supported Zionism's criminal activities rather than the true interests of the American people. They have spawned the hatred that drove these terrible acts. Unless their power is broken Americans will be haunted by an increasing specter of terrorism.

Once we understand the reason why, then we will all agree on the sure way to prevent such terroristic acts in the future.

The solution to this huge problem is extremely obvious and it is very simple.

America must heed the farewell address of the Father of our Country and "avoid foreign entanglements."

Finally, we must always put America and the American People first.


1. De Reynier, J. (1950). Chief Representative Of The International
Committee Of The Red Cross In Jerusalem. (A Jerusalem Un Drapeau Flottait
Sur La Ligne De Feu', Geneva.
2. Begin, M. (1964). The Revolt: The Story Of The Irgun. Tel-Aviv: Hadar
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10. See the chapter on media control in my book, My Awakening. Also
available online at
11. Bill Gertz (1993) Washington Times and Michael R. Gordon, New York

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We've been royally conned by a Hebrew mish-mash of
vengeful Arabs who carouse the night before their
voluntary demise, Arabs who can't fly jets in any case,
"evidence" thrown around like confetti, old but newly-owned
heavily-insured buildings which inexplicably fall down
too soon, and jets which suddenly become uncontrollable...

Who We Need Fear and What is Global Hawk?

October 09, 2001 NA (Network America) e-wire
From: Jim Condit Jr.  
Many have asked why I have not sent out any e-wires since the 9-11
attack on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon. The
reason is that I have been gathering the information that will be what
you are looking for: the actual proper perspective on what has happened
– and the proper QUESTIONS we need to be asking and pursuing. This took
time. I have been preparing the coming e-wire: "Dial 911 – Mad Men
Risking World War III."

While Topica has been great to me, there's no telling how much "free
speech" will be tolerated in this or that quarter in the days ahead. If
you do not hear from me by the end of October, go to Network
or and re-sign up for the list. Again, I have no reason to
believe topica will censor free speech on this issue. It goes without
saying that no one can intelligently discuss the problems in the Middle
East without mentioning Jews and Muslims.

But the sinister propaganda coming hot and heavy over the Major TV
Networks causes me to feel the need to point you towards the most
important pockets of suppressed information – even if that means giving
away some of the punch lines right now before my article is fully ready.
As many as possible need to see what's happening -- right now. Here are
numbered clues as to what is the real picture. I am not able to provide
all the documentation for why I am making some of these conclusions –
much comes from watching Big Media propaganda and picking up the clues.
The following are NOT in time sequence, but in order of importance (kind

1. BIO-WARFARE ATTACK? The propaganda coming out over the Major TV
Networks leads me to believe that the dark side of the Ruling Elite's
Intelligence Agencies (i.e., the dark side of the CIA, FBI, BATF, FEMA,
etc.)  in conjunction with the dark side of Israel's Mossad are planning
a biological/germ warfare attack on a U.S. population center. This may
be anthrax – it may be something else. The Big TV networks and the Guv
have been telling us that there is a 100% chance of a biological attack!
100% !! The Ruling Elite's Big Media will immediately blame this on a
guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. It is POSSIBLE that the guy hiding
in the cave will be responsible – but I don't believe it. Why do I say

2. CONTRIVED FRENZY. The Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution
(Zionism in alliance with Anglo-Freemasonry) wants to whip Americans
into a frenzy to a) send their sons and daughters over the sands of the
Mid-east to fight Moslems – the Big Media has been telling us since 9-11
to expect HEAVY CASUALTIES; b) support the use of tactical (?) nuclear
weapons against Moslem countries so as to both knock out all of Israel's
potential threats AND to force the Moslem countries into the Free Trade
/ Usury system of the Ruling Elite's hoped-for coming New World Order
government; c) give up one constitutional freedom after another to the
new Office of Homeland Security. (George Orwell would love that one –
but he would have probably called it the MINISTRY of Homeland Security.)

3. WE MUST BE CONVINCED. The 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in
NYC and the Pentagon were the beginning. Next, from the Big Media clues
I am picking up – the Ruling Elite is planning a serious biological /
germ warfare attack on a major US population center. I do not believe it
will be New York City again. The "heartland" must be convinced that this
is "our" war. As I am writing this, Zionist mouthpiece Bill Maher
(Jewish) on his Politically Incorrect TV show is raising the issue of
how many deaths by biological warfare in the USA would cause us to use
nuclear weapons against Moslem countries. Which brings up the point –

4. WARMONGERS ON MEDIA. Since the 9-11 attack I have seen almost every
media-displayed, former doping smoking, former anti-establishment,
former anti-military. sixties-era Jew -- SCREAMING for WAR! WAR! WAR!
These include Dick Morris on FOX Cable Channel, Geraldo Rivera on CNBC,
Laura Schlesinger on radio everywhere, Michael (Weiner) Savage on radio
some places, Al Franken formerly of Saturday Night Live, Joan Rivers,
David Brenner, comedian Larry Miller -- and a cast of thousands more.

5. FANATICAL MESSAGE. These pro-war media showcased Jews all exude the
same fanatical message: a) BOMB 'EM! (Who? Anything Arab or Moslem.); b)
I love the military, I back the military 1000% no matter what – a
complete reversal from the Vietnam era for reasons too long to go into
here; c) we have to be ready to give away our constitutional rights, I
love the new office of Homeland Security! (tear in the eye); d) get out
your flags and wave them all you want! It's OK – you can be patriotic
now and we in the Media will SUPPORT YOU! Get whipped up into a real
frenzy because we need your children's bodies to go to the Mideast and
fight for Israel and our New World Order Free Trade Monetary System; e)
even our atheistic Jewish led organization, the ACLU (American Civil
Liberties Union) will not interfere with you singing "God Bless America"
at baseball games. GO AHEAD – GET WORKED UP REAL GOOD – we need your
sons' and daughters' bodies to fight the Moslems in the Mid-east.
NOWWWWW!!!!!! (In the meantime, various reliable investigators on the
internet are reporting that their friends in the Army recruiting offices
tell them that next to ZERO Jews are enlisting to go do the front line
fighting themselves.)

6. HIRELINGS. Of course, non-Jewish hirelings at the Big Radio and TV
Networks are doing the same thing – but with not quite the frantic

7. SENSIBLE VOICES. Also, keep in mind that Noam Chomsky of MIT, those
at the website, Mark Brudinsky of the MER (Middle
East Realities) website and other Jews not subservient to the dominant
Zionist leadership are in the vanguard speaking out for reason and
sanity – rather than lusting after an endless World War III bloodbath.

8. BLAIR AND BUSH. Now let's look at the Anglo-Masonic side of the
Permanent Revolution. What was British Prime Minister Tony Blair doing
over here sitting next to Laura Bush during President G.W. Bush's
address to Congress? What is Tony Blair doing in the middle of
everything about this "anti-terrorist" campaign? What is he doing
&gt; leading the call for declaring war? (First of all, Tony Blair is the
type of low life "leader" you get when background manipulators rule a
nation. He looks like a street urchin who's grown up and made a trip to
the Men's Warehouse – a chimney sweep made good – or an interchangeable
comedian who could move in and out of the Monty Python comic group.)
Apparently the Permanent Revolution Elites trust Fabian Tony Blair to
articulate their program better and quicker than G.W. Bush is doing –
Bush -- who was, and maybe is, dragging his feet under reported
conflicting advice from the Richard Perle faction (Nuke em) and the
Colin Powell faction (caution).

9. OIL IN THE CASPIAN BASIN. What is the goal of the Anglo-Freemasonry
section of the Permanent Revolution? There is enough oil in the Caspian
Sea Basin to run the world at current oil consumption levels for 500
years. To get that oil out, the Permanent Revolution Elites need
cooperating governments in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Almost all the
Moslem countries are against usury. Most of them are against Free Trade.
The destruction of the WTC in New York City has opened the way to begin
a Permanent War in the Mideast to achieve all of the above goals.

10. WHO DECLARED WAR? Have you noticed that the Big Media declared war
from DAY ONE – and announced that it would be at least a Ten Year War
(!). In the meantime, the US Government has not declared war at all. We
just (again) are sending massive force against sovereign nations. I am
not suggesting that those who made the attacks on the World Trade Center
should not be retaliated against if they can be found – but who was it?
The evidence produced by the US and British governments that the guy
hiding in the cave, Bin Laden, did the evil deed --  is basically
nothing at this point. They say they won't produce anything for the
public, as it's classified. Who did do it?

11. BUT WAIT. I don't know --- but when the entire Media-Government
complex is telling us we must go waving flags and smiling into World War
III – then it seems to me that ALL possibilities must be examined.

12. VALENTINE RESEARCH. Who did this anyway? There is an ABSOLUTELY
MASTERFUL analysis of ANOTHER POSSIBILITY -- other than the official
story of Moslem Suicide bombers. This analysis is by the intrepid
internet investigator Carol Valentine – it is called: "Operation 911 –
No Suicide Pilots" and it can be found at – then click on
part 1 or part 2 – and then go down to the article by Valentine. More on
the Valentine research as we go.

13. WRONG TOWER FELL FIRST. Incidentally, we had received the Valentine
article by email, and only later found it at – after good
friend Anna Wilson pointed us there. The Part 1 and Part II on "Wag the
WTC" -- which is the main feature on that eionews website -- is also
essential reading. It documents the embarrassing fact that the 2nd Trade
Tower hit (which was hit with only half the jet fuel) – FELL FIRST. How
did that happen? They suggest planted explosives. But it is a GOOD
question: how did the tower hit 18 minutes later – and with only half
the fuel going into the building because of the near miss --- collapse
20 minutes faster? They also raise the question on why EITHER building
would collapse, and give a good case that it could not possibly have
been from the Jet Fuel. But the real blackbuster –

14.  GLOBAL HAWK. All of Carol Valentine's research is worth reading –
it is one info bombshell after another – BUT the big breakthrough which
documents for sure what I was only suspecting – is the technology called
Global Hawk!

15. . REMOTE CONTROL? You can research Global Hawk on the search engine – or other search engines (we think google is the best search
engine). Numerous articles testify to the fact that on April 24, 2001
the US flew a plane with Global Hawk technology from California to
Australia. -- Global Hawk technology means NO HUMAN PILOT – the plane is
run by remote control. --- STOP ---

16. POSSIBILITY. The unavoidable conclusion here is that for the first
time in human history, it is possible – POSSIBLE I SAY – that the planes
which hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001 – were being
powered by remote control – leaving the pilots, the hijackers, and
everybody on board – helpless once the Global Hawk technology kicked in.
. .. . Do you mean?

17.  WHAT? Yes, I mean that there may have been suicide hijackers on
those planes – and there may not have been. ---- And I mean – if there
were suicide hijackers on those planes -- that they may have succeeded
in taking over the planes, and they may not have. Read the Valentine
article on – or wait for my summary of that and other things
coming soon. But next – a REWIND –

18. INCREDIBLE NEW REPORTS. On Saturday September 29, 2001 I was
driving in my car and monitoring talk radio – 700 WLW, the 50,000 watt
station in Cincinnati – and I – COULD – NOT – BELIEVE – MY – EARS! The
national newscast – I believe from CBS – reported that Attorney General
John Ashcroft had announced that the PASSPORT of one of the suicide
hijackers – had been found --- 8 blocks from the WTC Twin Tower clean-up
site. --- Now, let me get this straight. The planes that crashed into
the Twin Towers blew up, burned up, and were incinerated – along with
everyone on board --  BUT – as a last act, one of the Arabic kamikaze
hijackers took his passport from his pocket and frisbeed it out the ---
out the WHAT? . . . no window was open as the plane crashed into the
steel structured office building.

19. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. The same "newscast" said that LETTERS written
in Arabic had been found at both the Pennsylvania crash site and the
Pentagon crash site – each from Arabic suicide hijackers – tying them
all together in a conspiracy. ( ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ) Well, it was
convenient that Lee Harvey Oswald left a diary explaining why he shot
JFK, and James Earl Ray left a diary telling why he shot MLK, and Sirhan
Sirhan left a diary explaining why he shot RFK, and Arthur Bremer left a
diary explaining why he shot George Wallace in 1972 --- but this was
both convenient and ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. On four plane flights which
crashed so violently that we are told the steel encased BLACK BOXES were
ruined – and beyond use – a passport and 2 paper letters survived – in
tact -- "proving" that Arabic / Moslem suicide bombers did this!

20. . MORE. These "finds" were so unbelievable – that somebody must have
told Ashcroft to pull them back – I haven't heard about them since. –
However --- after alerting Carol Valentine, she found a CNN story about
the supposedly "found" passport which is in her updated article. I
haven't heard anymore about the letters. And how about the fact that
supposedly one of the Moslem hijackers' luggage did not make it to the
plane in Boston, and the FBI found it the next day at Boston airport
with all kinds of "incriminating evidence" in it? And how about that
rental car left by the hijackers at Boston airport --- pointed out to
the FBI by a person unknown – which had a manual on how to fly a plane
written in Arabic. What were the hi-jackers doing? Cramming for the test
on the way to the airport?

21. CHANGE OF MIND. I had swallowed the Arabic flight manual in the
rental car, because in the days following the attack I reminded my
conspiracy minded (read alert) friends around the country that in this
case the planes HAD to be flown by Moslems willing to commit suicide for
their cause. You just couldn't hire members of the CIA or the Mossad to
give THAT much for "the company." But once I heard that preposterous
report on WLW of the "surviving letters" and the "surviving passports"
from the suicide bombers – I began to work backwords, and I remembered
that the fedgov had admitted that the plane lost over Afghanistan
recently was piloted by remote control – without a human pilot. And then
I received Carol Valentine's dynamic email on Global Hawk Technology.

22. WHAT DO WE KNOW? At that point, I began to reason backwards: what
did we know for sure? What did we know for sure – independent of
announcements from the government and the Big Media? We knew the
buildings crashed. We knew the Pentagon was hit. What did we know about
what happened on the planes which crashed? Everything we knew was from
the alleged cell phone calls. Which of these phone calls is documented
for sure from impeccable sources? I cannot name one at this moment – can
anyone help me? Where are the black boxes – it's not credible that they
all were destroyed? Where are the always taped conversations between the
pilots and the air traffic controllers? One snippet was released of a
few seconds of a struggle – but this could have been faked in a studio,
in any case it was only a few seconds of what could have been one of the
real struggles – but told us nothing.. Outside of that brief audio --
only a brief "transcript" of supposed conversations on that flight were
released by the FBI – who showed up within minutes at the Boston airport
and impounded all the tapes, all the evidence, all the passenger lists –
everything. If we are to go into World War III over this – we need to
hear the full voice transcripts of these cockpit conversations /
struggles, etc. And – since the fedguv is talking about putting all of
us under cameras and all kinds of surveillance – we need VOICE PRINTS
from the home videos of these pilots to verify that they are the ones on
the tapes – to guard against the real possibility at this late hour of
doctored tapes.

23. SEE NO EVIL. Of course, not one of the hirelings on talk radio or
working for the Ruling Elites news media has thought to ask any of these
questions. But BOY have they been all over the tapes of emergency calls
at the scene of the WTC crash and meltdowns – the tapes of victims that
are supposed to inflame us into rushing headlong into World War III
willingly without thinking.

24. WHERE ARE THE TAPES? Why would the black boxes and the audio tapes
of the air traffic controller conversations be kept from the public?
Because these tapes will show that the pilots were telling the air
traffic controllers – "We have lost control of the plane – we're going
off course and our instruments are not responding." Fantastic? Let the
Fedguv PROVE it's fantastic by releasing the tapes. In this case – on
the verge of World War III – we HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW !

25. MADE TO TAKE PUNISHMENT. Incidentally --- another analysis we will
cover makes the case that the four black boxes should be in tact at all
three crash sites based on the punishment these black boxes are designed
to take.

26. FLIGHT OVER PA. What happened in Pennsylvania? Carol Valentine
surmises that the Global Hawk technology failed and that fighter bombers
were ordered to shoot it down lest the pilots landed and told that
something had taken over their plane for awhile – which was beyond their
control. She insists, and produces impressive evidence, that the plane
which went down over Pennsylvania – was shot down by US fighter pilots.

27. FLYING ACES – NOT! Carol Valentine further documents the abysmal
flying abilities of the designated Moslem hi-jackers – carried in the
major media newspapers from the testimony of the flight instructors at
the various flight schools where the designated hi-jackers went for
lessons – which articles appeared on September 12 and 13 in such papers
as the Washington Post.

28. FAKE ID? The fedgov, also circa September 29th, fudged the whole
suicide bomber story by saying that all the kamikaze bombers had used
FAKE IDENTIFICATION. This after one of those designated suicide bombers
reportedly showed up alive in Egypt.

29. KAMIKAZES. Now let's be clear --- without the documented and well
known existence of Moslem suicide bombers – such as the ones who
routinely blow themselves up in Pizza parlors in Israel in order to take
a few Israelis with them – this 9-11 kamikaze plane attacks would not
have been credible. The widespread hatred against the USA is for one
reason: we have let our government be taken over by the Permanent
Revolution / Zionist Elites and have backed the little artificial state
of Israel against the Palestinians and the Arabs for 53 years. As one
Moslem said on TV, "When a missile rips through our home, it has 'made
in USA' printed on it." In other words, we have unstintingly backed the
persecutors of the Palestinians and the Moslem world (the Khazar "Jews"
running Israel) – and therefore these Moslems have become our enemies.
Due to our blind, ungodly subservience to the little anti-Christ state,
which on its books makes the passing out of the New Testament a felony,
-- we have now made 1 billion enemies of varying degrees in the Moslem
world. This will be covered more in my major article. Those interested
in this angle may want to visit Michael A. Hoffman's website an

30.  BIG VOICES. Within one hour of the attacks, Kissinger employee
Lawrence Eagleburger was on the tube saying we'd better getting ready to
give up our constitutional rights for security. And Kissinger himself
stated that those who did this should come to the same end as those who
attacked Pearl Harbor – a clear reference to using nuclear weapons
against Arab countries.

31. GET AT IRAN. Two years ago an astute friend on the west coast told
me that the worldwide Zionist lobby had been trying to figure out how to
draw Iran and Syria into something so that they could attack and weaken
those countries like we are continually attacking the people of Iraq
under the guise of opposing Saddam. And everyday you will hear the Media
Mouthpieces preparing the American mind for the "reality" that we will
start dealing with other countries after we're done with Afghanistan.

32. WHAT NEW DAY? In other words, what I am suggesting is what Carol
Valentine suggests: the 9-11 disasters were MADE TO ORDER for the Ruling
Elite – as soon as it happened the World War III plan kicked in, as well
as the end-the-Constitution plan. All the moron-hirelings on the mass
media began screaming, "It's a New Day." – "It's a new world." – "We
must change our thinking." – "We must be unified." – This is all code
talk for – STOP THINKING – WE'll do it for you! Just get real
emotionally hyped up and follow our Leaders into World War III and into
an end to Constitutional freedoms. The eionews folks correctly stated:
this is psychological warfare at it's best. The Twin Towers
crash/disappearance was meant to shock, paralyze and CHANGE the thinking
of Americans. Millions are now ready to go to World War III – the
perpetual war for perpetual peace – are now ready to nuke whole cities
of totally innocent Moslems who had NOTHING to do with the 9-11 attacks
– even if Bin Laden was behind it. BUT –

33.  OUR VOTE AT THIS HOUR. Everything's working out so perfectly, that
we cast our vote at this hour that this was masterminded by the
Permanent Revolution Ruling Elites – using Global Hawk technology. Why
trust such a potentially world-changing project to amateur pilots?

34. DUAL LOYALISTS. We need not fear the few Moslems who are willing to
commit suicide to get back at the USA for backing their persecutors
(Israeli government) for the past 53 years – we need to fear the
dual-loyalist Jews and Anglo-Masons who are running our media, our money
system, and our government right here in the USA. The dual-loyalists
reserve their primary loyalty for the Zionist state of Israel in some
cases, and for their hoped-for New World Order government in others – or
both. Those of us loyal to the USA need to throw off these Super
Criminals, re-adjust mideast policy to protect the helpless civilians of
all nations, but to be fair to all the factions. Only in this way, I
fear, can we avert the coming World War III, which, according to all the
information I have on my desk, will get out of hand.

35. PRAYER, PENANCE. I hope the non-Catholics on this list will
understand when I urge the Catholics on board to pray the Rosary Daily
as requested by Our Lady of Fatima – as prayer and penance were the two
pronged tools offered us to avoid or diminish war.

Those of you who can, help me spread this around to media, public
officials, and opinion molders of all kinds. Thanks.

End of this e-wire. More soon.