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Rumors of Deaths of 6 of 19 Muslim Suicide Bombers Greatly Exaggerated


The following "Muslim Suicide Bombers" are reported by Saudi Arabian officials to be alive and well, seriously contradicting the FBI's claims that, after 8 years of being unable to resolve who the perpetrators of the Waco Holocaust were, they were able to instantaneously resolve this case in 24 hours:

  1. Saeed Alghamdi
  2. Mohand Alshehri
  3. Abdul aziz Alo mari
  4. Salem Alhazm
  5. Khalid Al-Mihdhar
  6. Waleed Alshehri

NEWS FLASH!!  Sept 4, 2002--Mohamm Atta alive and well [and hiding from the jews]:

Father insists alleged leader is still alive

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Monday September 2, 2002
The Guardian

The father of Mohammed Atta, the alleged ringleader of the September
11 attacks, said in an interview published yesterday that his son was
still alive.
"He is hiding in a secret place so as not to be murdered by the US
secret services," Mohammed el-Amir Atta, 66, told the German
newspaper Bild am Sonntag. He also vehemently denied that his son -
believed to have flown the first plane into the World Trade Centre -
had taken part in the atrocities, blaming them instead on "American

The interview painted a picture of a tortured man who has not come to
terms with his 33-year-old son's death or with the huge crime laid at
his door. He said he feared the US would try to poison him.

Speaking from his Cairo home, Mr Atta described hearing about the
attacks after returning from a holiday on the Red Sea on the evening
of September 12. "My daughter called and said she was going to drop
in. She stood at the door and said 'turn on the TV'," he said. Amid
images of the jets crashing into the Twin Towers, he saw his son's
passport photograph.

"As I saw the picture of my son," he said, "I knew that he hadn't
done it. My son called me the day after the attacks on September 12
at around midday. We spoke for two minutes about this and that.

"He didn't tell me where he was calling from. At that time neither of
us knew anything about the attacks."

Mr Atta said he did not condone the attacks, but could understand the
hijackers' motivation. "Every day our Palestinian brothers are being
murdered, their houses destroyed. If their relatives were to fly a
plane into the Empire State Building I couldn't hold it against
them," he added.

Mr Atta called his son a "gentle and tender boy", who enjoyed reading
history and geography books and was nicknamed "Bolbol", or
nightingale, by his parents.

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Five Dead WTC Hijackers Alive And Well

The American Free Press
STILL ALIVE? FBI Mixed Up on True Identities of

Some of the men the FBI claims hijacked planes on
Sept. 11 and crashed them into hubs of U.S.
finance and defense are still alive.

Exclusive to American Free Press
By Christopher J. Petherick

At least six men the FBI says were part of the ring
of 19 hijackers who seized passenger jets with box
cutters on Sept. 11 and crashed them into the World
Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon are
"alive and well," report Mideast officials.

Information Times, an on-line publication, reported
that Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud
Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with
President George W. Bush on Sept. 20: "It was
proved that five of the names included in the FBI
list had nothing to do with what happened."

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the Saudi
Arabian embassy confirmed that four of the five
mentioned by Al-Faisal -Saeed Alghamdi, Mohand
Alshehri, Abdul aziz Alo mari and Salem
Alhazmi-are not dead and had nothing to do with the
heinous terror attacks in New York and

Saudi officials at the embassy were un able to
verify the whereabouts of the fifth accused hijacker,
Khalid Al-Mihdhar. However, Arab newspapers say
Al-Mihdhar is still alive.


A sixth person on the FBI's list, Saudi national
Waleed Alshehri, is living in Casablanca, according to
an official with the Royal Air Moroc, the Moroccan
commercial airline.
According to the unnamed official, Alshehri lived
in Dayton Beach, Fla., where he took flight training at
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Now he works
for a Moroccan airline.

On Sept. 22, Associated Press reported that
Alshehri had spoken to the U.S. embassy in Morocco.

The FBI acknowledges that the identities of some of
the purported hijackers are still in question
because some of the suspects' names on flight
rosters had been reported stolen months before the
attacks took place.

Why the FBI still lists these men as suspected
hijackers who were killed during the terrorist assault
remains a mystery.

The following contains the FBI's list of suspected

American Airlines No. 77, Boeing 757

1) Khalid Almihdhar-Possible Saudi national
o Possible resident of San Diego, California, and
New York
o Alias: Sannan Al-Makki; Khalid Bin Muhammad;
Addallah Al-Mihdhar; Khalid Mohammad Al-Saqaf
2) Majed Moqed-Possible Saudi national
o Alias: Majed M.GH Moqed; Majed Moqed, Majed
Mashaan Moqed
3) Nawaf Alhazmi-Possible Saudi national
o Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; Wayne,
New Jersey; San Diego, California
o Alias: Nawaf Al-Hazmi; Nawaf Al Hazmi; Nawaf M.S.
Al Hazmi
4) Salem Alhazmi-Possible Saudi national
o Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; Wayne,
New Jersey
5) Hani Hanjour
o Possible resident of Phoenix, Arizona, and San
Diego, California
o Alias: Hani Saleh Hanjour; Hani Saleh; Hani
Hanjour, Hani Saleh H. Hanjour

American Airlines No. 11, Boeing 767

1) Satam M.A. Al Suqami-Possible Saudi national
o Dates of birth used: June 28, 1976; Last known
address: United Arab Emirates
2) Waleed M. Alshehri-Possible Saudi national
o Dates of birth used: Sept. 13, 1974; Jan. 1,
1976; March 3, 1976; July 8, 1977; Dec. 20, 1978; May
11, 1979; Nov. 5, 1979
o Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida;
Orlando, Florida; Daytona Beach, Florida
o Believed to be a pilot
3) Wail M. Alshehri
o Date of birth used: Sept. 1, 1968
o Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida;
Newton, Massachusetts
o Believed to be a pilot
4) Mohamed Atta-Possible Egyptian national
o Date of birth used: Sept. 1, 1968
o Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida; Coral
Springs, Florida; Hamburg, Germany
o Believed to be a pilot
o Alias: Mehan Atta; Mohammad El Amir; Muhammad
Atta; Mohamed El Sayed; Mohamed Elsayed;
Muhammad Muhammad Al Amir Awag Al Sayyid Atta;
Muhammad Muhammad Al-Amir Awad Al
5) Abdulaziz Alomari-Possible Saudi national
o Dates of birth used: Dec. 24, 1972 and May 28,
o Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida
o Believed to be a pilot

United Airlines No. 175, Boeing 767

1) Marwan Al-Shehhi
o Date of birth used: May 9, 1978
o Possible residence(s): Hollywood, Florida
o Believed to be a pilot
o Alias: Marwan Yusif Muhammad Rashid Al-Shehi;
Marwan Yusif Muhammad Rashid Lakrab
Al-Shihhi; Abu Abdullah
2) Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan Al Qadi Banihammad
o Possible residence(s): Delray Beach, Florida
o Alias: Fayez Ahmad; Banihammad Fayez Abu Dhabi
Banihammad; Fayez Rashid Ahmed;
Banihammad Fayez; Rasid Ahmed Hassen Alqadi; Abu
Dhabi Banihammad; Ahmed Fayez; Faez
3) Ahmed Alghamdi
o Alias: Ahmed Salah Alghamdi
4) Hamza Alghamdi
o Possible residence(s): Delray Beach, Fla.
o Alias: Hamza Al-Ghamdi; Hamza Ghamdi; Hamzah
Alghamdi;Hamza Alghamdi Saleh
5) Mohand Alshehri
o Possible residence(s): Delray Beach, Fla.
o Alias: Mohammed Alshehhi; Mohamd Alshehri; Mohald

United Airlines No. 93, Boeing 757

1) Saeed Alghamdi
o Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida
o Alias: Abdul Rahman Saed Alghamdi; Ali S
Alghamdi; Al- Gamdi; Saad M.S. Al Ghamdi; Sadda Al
Ghamdi; Saheed Al-Ghamdi; Seed Al Ghamdi
2) Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi - Possible Saudi
o Date of birth used: Oct. 11, 1980
o Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla.
o Alias: Ahmed Alhaznawi
3) Ahmed Alnami
o Possible residence: Delray Beach, Fla.
o Alias: Ali Ahmed Alnami; Ahmed A. Al-Nami; Ahmed
Al- Nawi
4) Ziad Samir Jarrah
o Believed to be a pilot
o Alias: Zaid Jarrahi; Zaid Samr Jarrah; Ziad S.
Jarrah; Ziad Jarrah Jarrat, Ziad Samir Jarrahi H


If the FBI was wrong about who these guys were, is
it possible they're wrong about whose behind it?
Who cares. Let's just kill all them A-rabs anyways,
just to make sure. They're just a bunch of dumb
wogs, good fer nuthin. God Bless America!



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