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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 11:18 AM

Subject: [demand] The Grip - 207 Circulation of the dollars in Russia and abolishing the American copyright


I.yk] Yuriy Kirienko wrote:] [gr] wrote [ 1]:] As the newspaper "New News" asserts, in the depth of the Accounting chamber of Russian Federation the text of the Presidential decree on interdiction of the circulation of foreign currency in Russia is prepared. The dollars ostensibly will exchange for the so-called universal international freely convertible hard debit checks. It is difficult to doubt that such a decree was prepared in the department of the General Stepanshin. The head of the state auditors even in the dreams sees biting off the burdening umbilical cord connecting his department to Federal Assembly to establish itself at the expense on the Kremlin payroll. It takes to have a bright personal and departmental pear.] Sergey Vladimirovich, they say, does not mind to become the Main Presidential Auditor - so that in his reception room crowds of the persons like Premiere, the Head of Administration and Speakers of Chambers would gather.] It is surprising, that in the country that is going to join WTO they discuss the like measures seriously. Well, is it really surprising? In the project of the presidential decree, quoted by the newspaper, among the other purposes of that invention, aside from the ever-standing "elimination of a shadow commerce in foreign currency " and " repatriations of the Russian capital that is hoarded abroad," there is one more motive. Namely: "attraction of the currency accumulations of the population into the useful commerce". We do not believe that.] The observers, well familiar with the corridors of the Russian Ministries of Finance, as early as at the beginning of the year President Putin issued the rigid "clarification" to the financial authorities: to carry out such PR-campaign about the coming "interdiction of dollar or its devaluation by the USA" that frightened and not trusting the private banks population would rush to sell the dollars. They say that Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) has designated to his subordinates the figure also - to take out of the stockings about $9-11 billions in the current year.] They say PR-campaign conducted, according to roomers [sic] from the profile sub-division of the Ministry of Finance, turned out to be relatively inexpensive - only $ 0,6 million approximately was budgeted. The first stage of the campaign fell on February - March. It is rumored on the background of the newspapers talk on the coming "cut off of dollar" that the population has brought to the exchange places about $ 3,6 billions. Currency reserves of the Central Bank became pleasantly heavier.] Thus, accounting for the changes in the exchange rate, the financial authorities "swindled" the subject for the approximately $120 millions. However, people should firmly believe in the inevitable speedy end to the circulation of dollars in Russia or in its radical ruinous devaluation. Therefore it is more logical to spread in time the stages of PR-campaign. It looks like the next stage has been being launched.

Read. Change.

B-I.yk] Yuriy Kirienko wrote:

1.yk] Surely President Putin could be blamed for all of the idiocy of the last ten years that the Western mob imposed upon the Russian people by its sheer presence. All of that should be liquidated and the consequences reversed if Russia wants to live instead of following the West in its suffocation in the self-induced sewer.

2.yk] The steps of the President Putin must be much more drastic. The dollar is not a currency but the instrument of crime of the Western mob. Using that instrument the commerce of the whole world is fraudulently and criminally taxed to the advantage of the criminal regime of the US.

3.yk] Using the stolen money the criminal regime of the US conducts the world wide genocidal campaign of the extermination of all national powers and the White race as such in order for the monkoids of the US to rule safely.

4.yk] In particular, the criminal Black race that instigated together with the Jews the Black slave trade into the US now demand the compensation from the Whites for their own crimes. That is the African Blacks and Jews should pay compensation to the American Blacks for it is not the sellers who are the victims of the trade but the objects of their sale.

5.yk] It is not up to the sellers to make any judgments or to stage a phony trial on a false authority of the enslavers. The compensation to the Blacks should be paid in the same currency that the damage was caused. The Jews and Blacks of Africa should be given in slavery to the American Blacks for the same period of time.

6.yk] Since the compensation of the Black criminals is paid in the Western currency, which is an instrument of criminal taxation of other peoples including the Russians, that burden of fraudulent compensation would be put in part on the Russian shoulders. Russians have no debts of any kind to the Blacks and feel deep revulsion to that race of swindlers, murderers and parasites on the White race.

7.yk] The only effective means of stopping the crime in progress of the American Jewish and Anglo-Saxon Masonic mobsters that are running Washington presently is depriving them of the instrument of their crime. The copyright for printing the US dollars must be annulled de facto and every country should be given the right and encouraged to print their own dollars, as they need.

8.yk] American dollars are not backed by gold and they are counterfeit money. They are backed by the fraudulent promises of the American state to pay that debt that they cannot and have no intent to do. For writing a fraudulent check in the grocery store nearby they charge a fine of $100.00.

9.yk] The American mob must be charged at the same rate for that obscene double standard can no longer be tolerated. They continue to do it only because the American mob also impersonates the judges within the US and attempts to do that abroad dressing them in the costumes of the international mobster state designed in Hollywood.

10.yk] American mob prints the US dollars at four cents a dollar. It is incomparably more economically effective to print those dollars in Russia and the third world countries at the fraction of that cost.

11.yk] Those dollars should be freely imported into the US and exchanged for goods and services. That would place the burden of compensation for the Black slavery where it belongs.

12.yk] Yuriy Kirienko  

Influential Russian Says 'Clock Ticking' for Next Attack Dr. Alexandr Nemets and Dr. Thomas Torda

Sunday, Nov. 25, 2001

The authors already mentioned in October the name of Geidar Dzhemal, chairman of Russia's Islamic Committee and an active member of the Eurasia movement, a movement backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and promoted by Putin's chief strategist, Gleb Pavlovsky.

Dzhemal is also closely tied to Muslim fundamentalists both in Russia and abroad.

In late October and early November, Dzhemal gave several interviews to the Russian media, including the establishment paper Pravda.

These interviews paint an interesting and quite informative picture of what really happened. Here are some excerpts of Dzhemal's comments to Pravda in an article entitled "9-11 Secret Sources."

The members of a certain totalitarian sect carried out the 9-11 strikes (evidently, Dzhemal means al-Qaeda, whose members are blindly obedient to its leaders).

The strikes were prepared over several years by several high-level specialists from the secret service of an "already non-existent state." (We believe this refers to East Germany, the former German Democratic Republic or Czechoslovakia.) Dzhemal claims this group of specialists planned the strikes and guided the actions of the "totalitarian sect members." The specialist group included several top-quality hackers who apparently entered U.S. web sites and government computers to gain information to help plan the 9-11 attacks.

After the 9-11 strikes, the "planning group" left the U.S. and "vanished" into some European country. 'World War Threat' On Nov. 15, according to Russia's Interfax Agency, Geidar Dzhemal told reporters in Moscow that the U.S. military presence in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan "brings us one step closer to a world war."

Dzhemal also said that the U.S. will likely experience more terrorist attacks.

Dzhemal said, "A scheme has been launched that is similar to an alarm clock or a torpedo."

Dzhemal also suggested the 9-11 attacks, the anthrax attacks and the impending attacks - while all orchestrated by groups outside the U.S. - are not organized by the same groups.

"... there is not much connection between the groups that are organizing the terrorist acts," Dzhemal told Interfax.

Dzhemal is emphatic that at least one more group of "high-qualified specialists from a former secret service" is acting in U.S. territory and plans at least one more devastating strike.

Dzhemal's warning cannot be ignored; we are dealing with probabilities, but the probabilities are not insignifcant here.

Many questions emerge from these statements, including questions about the financing of these groups.

It is important to remember the spate of news stories in Pravda and the Russian press warning of a financial collapse in the U.S. in mid-August.

One economic adviser to Putin, Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, said openly the collapse of the U.S. would be caused by a "financial attack" - a term that President Bush has used to describe the 9-11 strikes.

After the 9-11 attacks, and before the anthrax letters, Koryagina again told Pravda that there would be additional "financial attacks" of a very unusual nature. Some argue that the purpose of the anthrax attacks is to undermine mail commerce, a critical component of the U.S. economy.

Russia Surprised by Afghanistan

Let's go now from probabilities to facts. Moscow agreed to help America in Afghanistan (more exactly, to provide aid to the Moscow-controlled ethnic Tajik group of the Northern Alliance, with arms and supplies paid by the U.S. and UK), but nobody in Moscow could have imagined that the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance would achieve victory so rapidly.

Even on Nov. 6, Russia's top experts on Afghanistan, including those in the Russian Academy of Sciences, claimed that the war would continue for many months.

The Russian side expected to reap huge profits during each of those months.

This expectation failed.

To the contrary, the U.S. and its NATO allies are establishing control over Afghanistan and dramatically increasing their positions in the former Soviet republics of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Moscow's influence in Central Asia and the Trans-Caucasus zone is greatly threatened.

Moreover, the U.S. administration is signaling that after the Afghan campaign it intends to destroy the next nest of terrorism - Iraq.

The ties between Moscow and Baghdad are extremely close, and the Kremlin will do its best to prevent the fall of Saddam's regime.

The same holds true for the regimes in other Middle Eastern "nations of concern" (terrorism sponsors), whose turn would come after Iraq's.

That's why the warnings of Geidar Dzhemal - or, more precisely, of those backing him, who chant "America, pull back, or else!" - should by no means be ignored.

Dr. Alexandr V. Nemets is a consultant to the American Foreign Policy Council. He is co-author of "Chinese-Russian Military Relations, Fate of Taiwan and New Geopolitics."

Dr. Thomas J. Torda has been a Chinese linguist specializing in science and technology with FBIS, and a Chinese/Russian defense technology consultant with the Office of Naval Intelligence.



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