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From Sweden:

 I had a look at the photos at the Japanese website - and Dick,
you may just be right. This may be the smoking gun.


wtc12.jpg  wtc13.jpg


Scroll down for smoking gun evidence that will bring conviction

Wolfowitz and others in the Administration of mass murder and

treason as soon as the spreading news reaches the critical mass and

breaks through  CFR-media censorship to overwhelming public

demand for justice and anti-globalist reform.







Wonder Woman wrote:

Subject: Re: Got 'em! 9-11 Frame-up smoking gun! Japanese videos air-to-air missile ...

Okay, Dick, so now that we know we have proof in that imbecile baby Bush has blown his own cover, what do we do with it?  The Administration has the Supreme Court in its pocket!!!  Martial law is set up and ready for enactment.  WHAT do we do?  

It doesn't seem to me that there's any legal place to turn.  Continuing to wake the people up is of paramount importance, seeing as there's little else we CAN do.


Reply to WW:

Dear friend,

What do we do?  Easy.  Do what you have been doing --clearly

its working.  Can't you see it?


Remember that most of the people organized crime has working for
them are 1) either not aware that they are working for organized crime,
or 2) not aware who harmful to society and the future their participation
has been, or 3) deceived into thinking that they are building an
equitable efficient world without poverty, racism, sexism, hate, terrorism
or war  (ignorant idealists harnessed by the establishment's universities
and schools.)

It is a mistake to think that we need a plan.  White blook cells do not
have a plan for killing invasive bacteria -- they just do the correct and
corrective thing that is in front of them  -- which youy do beautifully --

My answer  --  just keep on, keeping on --  and remember they
are viewed through a distorting  magnifying glass of media monopoly
that makes them look big, strong, in control  --  whereas we are
viewed measured by false guages (deceitful polls, dishonest reporting
and analysis)  that makes us look non-existent.

I write to about eight newsgroups and I send to several lists (I want more--
but my little 200 MHZ computer gets overwhelmed --  I send to newspapers --
-- and I know my stuff gets around  --  I just can't see it.  Your's gets around too.
I've passed on lots of your postings without bothering to tell you.

There are more than you think who have not "bent the knee to Baal"

Remember in the Wizard of OZ when Dorothy throws water on the wicked witch
of the West?  When she was doused and melted away, Dorothy was afraid that
the witches henchmen (monkey men and guards etc.)  would be after her  -- but
how did that end?  "Hail to Dorothy!"

We do not know what BIG EFFECTS  little stuff can have, we do not know who
is on the verge of a change of mind, heart and action that will spell sudden
catastrophic doom for the globalist crime syndicate.

May I suggest that we start referring to the 911 crash-bombing frame-up
as "The 911 Wolfowitz Conspiracy"  -- that will spook their key Administration
mastermind and mouthpiece  --  eventually the ignoring of the frame-up theory
will become so ridiculous that POOOF! it will be over and we can get back
to our knitting.

In friendship,



The U.S. Defense Department is covering a U.S. missile

fired in support of the WTC crashbombing frame-up operation.


Here is the smoking gun article again  --  I suspect it will be

one of the most important posts you will see this morning,





UFO nothing!


First we saw video of a the dark blur of an object passing
close by the twin towers at exactly the moment the South
Tower was hit.  In that footage the faster-than-jet aircraft
passes behind South Tower at exactly the spot where the
plane would have been had it somehow missed the building.


Now the Japanese news agency has found someone elses
video of the same moment taken several miles away from
the other side of the towers.  Here we see a missile
-- travelling at missile speed and on an interception path
until the plane is swallowed up by South Tower -- continue
by presumably until it fell into the Atlantic minutes later.


The only reason for a missile timed to hit the plane
seconds after it misses -- if it were to miss  --
would be to destroy evidence and witnesses on the
plane  --  to destroy evidence that the plane was
taken over by remote control, that there were
no hijackers etc.


Leave it to the Japanese -- the best photographers in the
world, and the best newsmen  --  to solve the crime of
the 21st century.


Probably there was another missile fired to catch the first
 remote-jacked airliner if it failed to hit its target, the North Tower.
Except that no one was looking and filming when the first one hit.


Doubtless the plane that fired this air-to-air missile was
stealth aircraft -- an American plane piloted by an American




Not only does this prove the frame-up  --  it also proves that
people high up in the United States government were involved
in this super crime --  it was not just Mossad  --  the Defense
department  was in on it --  but not Naval Intelligence (which
was bombed at the Pentagon and has long been rumored to
be resisting the move toward non-constitutional globalist
world governance.)  And if you look at likely suspects in the
Pentagon, there is none more likely than Paul Wolfowitz.


Mr. Wolfowitz, based on all of your actions since September 11
and the positions you have taken on war in Afganistan and war
in Iraq and on in seeking to conceal the quality of all  9-11 evidence
  from the American people   I am totally and irrevocably convinced that
you have been  complicit in the murder of over 3000 people in New York
City on September 11.  You may think you are hot stuff in the service of
corrupt bankers, oilmen and Ariel Sharon, but thanks to one  Japanese
 cameraman, you clowns have blown it.


People of America have the proof they needed.  There is no question now.
Forget your fake tape of a fake bin Laden saying nothing in particular.
  Let's show the world what we do to mass-murdering war-monger profiteers
who think they can kill and plunder and decieve with impunity.


Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.





List members have written to share surprise at the low number of fatalities
in the 9.11 World Trade Center attack. Of the 3,000 plus who died, some 500
were firefighters, police and plane passengers, which means that there were
some 2,500 people who died in buildings said to have office space for

List member Lowell Manning in New Zealand – [email protected] – has
learnt from information in Time magazine and the website that 21 percent of the floor space is
listed as having been unoccupied; however, not on the impact zone floors.
Lowell concludes, “It doesn’t add up. A sinister explanation could be that
people in key parts of the building, including the impact area perhaps, were
absent that day. That’s why I think it is important to draw maps of who was
there, who was absent, who became victims and who survived. Let the numbers
tell the story. A good start can be made by getting employee lists and
checking them against the victim list, which contains the names and ages of
the victims and where they lived.”

List member Dick Eastman shares the e-mail of a correspondent who asks
pertinently, assuming that thousands of people did not turn up for work that
day, “Why haven't any of the survivors or rescue workers told us about the
fact that they were tipped off before hand?  I don't mean accidentally
mentioning it, but actually trying to get the word out.  Many of these
people knew people who were killed, and they have the internet to get the
message out, and yet silence.  I think this is important because if every
single one of these thousands of people are willingly going along with the
cover-up, then I'm not sure what that means.”


Limited hang-out spin to protect Wolfowitz,
care of CNN.:

Memo To: Wolf Blitzer, CNN Late Edition
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Paul Wolfowitz and Osama bin Laden

I watched with great interest your interview of Deputy Secretary of Defense
Paul Wolfowitz yesterday, one Wolf interrogating another. The reason I
picked you out for my Monday "Memo on the Margin," Wolf, rests entirely on
Dr. Wolfowitz's use of the adjective "friendly." My Monday memo almost
always keys off the Sunday talk shows, and I've many times honed in on one
of your guests, but never because of a single word. In this case the word
being "friendly."

It had to do with the weekend revelation that in the defeat of the Taliban,
the Northern Alliance has come across a videotape that absolutely,
positively proves that Osama bin Laden knew IN ADVANCE of the Al Qaeda
attacks of September 11. You asked Wolfowitz about it and while he seemed to
say yes indeedy, it does all that, WE HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG THAT BIN LADEN
WAS IN ON THE PLANNING, and that the conclusive proof we had was passed on
to several FRIENDLY nations.

My point, Wolf, is that the Taliban asked us several times for evidence that
Bin Laden was involved in the 9-11 planning, saying that if we provided it,
they WOULD TURN HIM OVER TO US. What does this mean to you, Wolf? To me, it
would have given them the conclusive proof that Wolfowitz says WE HAD ALL
ALONG, but only supplied to FRIENDLY nations.

Is there something wrong with my logic? Would it not have been neater and
cleaner to give the Taliban the evidence we gave to so many "friendly"
nations? They would have had to turn him over or have to admit to the
Islamic world that they were official supporters of criminal terrorism. As
it is, we have dropped a zillion pounds of bombs on Afghanistan, killed
countless men and women and children, on one side or the other, and we still
do not have Bin Laden in custody. On the face of it, the United States once
again has blundered, giving more reason for the extremists in the Islamic
world to say it is in their interests to commit suicide to make life
difficult for Americans.

Do you understand this message, Wolf? The Wolfowitz you interviewed said
that he knew before we fired a single shot in Afghanistan that Bin Laden was
GUILTY. I believe he was guilty, which is why I announced early on that I
supported any attempt to get him. But if it now turns out that we could have
gotten the bastard without having to bomb the bejesus out of one of the
poorest countries of the world, we could have given the UNFRIENDLY Taliban
the evidence and they would have turned him over to us. I am sickened by the
idea that we withheld that evidence because we really wanted to incinerate
Afghanistan. Or am I missing something? Are you missing something?

(end of excerpt from CNN transcript)

The US government proposed the use of unmanned drones four decades ago.



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