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yiddish is Low German, not High German

Linguistics is proof positive of Israelite lineage, and Yiddish is proof positive that jews are NOT Israelites.  It's not disputed that Israelites spoke Hebrew originally, but jews don't speak Hebrew, and the "Hebrew" made up by the Masoretic jews is even less related to Hebrew than it is to Yiddish.

So rather than the jews speaking a language spoken by Israelites, they speak a language which was *derived* from Low German, which is related to High German, which was derived directly from Hebrew.  Not only did jews not influence the languages of the world with their simplified Low Germany, but they speak a language which is so removed from Hebrew that Gaelic and even Korean are a closer fit to Hebrew than yiddish is.  Had jews been even remotely related to Israelites, then Yiddish would at least have been a more robust language than the rest. Instead, all other European languages, including English, are so similar to each other that the only explanation is that they're all derived from Hebrew, not yiddish, and not the "Latin" which was made up by the Catholic Church for the express purpose of confusing the issue of linguistics which proves Western Europeans and British [covenant people] are Israelites.

Conversely, the early pharaohs spoke Latvian which has been suggested to be an even more ancient language than Hebrew, which would explain why the pharaoh's daughter who found Moses would have instantly recognized him as "a Hebrew baby" even though both were of the White Race.  Modern Latvians ARE a White Race, they are not Negros or Berbers as many suggest that the early builders of the pyramids were, but their racial characteristics are so unique that it's easy to distinguish between them and the 35% of the Latvian population who're Russians.  If Latvians are Egyptians who came to the Baltic, then we know that the early pharaohs were WHITE MEN.  If the early pharaohs were Latvians who went to Egypt, then we know the SAME thing--neither Berbers nor Negros built, designed, nor even participated in the building  of the pyramids.  The early pharaohs were too smart to make the same mistake we made, which is to try to use Negros as slaves to pick our cotton--something that causes every White American alive today to wish our Founding Fathers had picked their OWN cotton.

Busts of "the goddess" Athena, Hannibal, and Caesar show that they had racial characteristics identical to modern Danes or Latvians.  All three of them could walk down a street in either country today and be indistinguishable from the rest of the people there today.  None of them have the Asian features that the Turks have, Mongolian features that modern Greeks and Hungarians have, Berber features that Arabs and modern Egyptians have, Indian features that modern Italians have, Hispanic features that Spaniards or South Americans have, Indian features of "native" Americans--nor Negroid features that predominate Africa and our "news" media.   They are, well, "WHITE MEN", and whether or not they'd be classified as "Caucasians", they are all three clearly of the same RACE.



bulletLow Saxon is also relatively closely related to German, Yiddish and other "High" and "Middle" or "Central" German language varieties, which tend to be classified as "West Germanic" as well but might be viewed as making up a southern branch of the Germanic languages.
bulletYiddish is spoken in Belarus, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and the Ukraine by less than 2% of the population.
bulletYiddish is spoken as a first language by approximately 4 million Jews all over the world, especially in Argentina, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Romania, the United States, and the republics of the former USSR.
bulletAlthough the vocabulary of Yiddish is basically Germanic, it has been enlarged by borrowings from Hebrew, Aramaic, some Slavic and Romance languages, and English.
bulletYiddish is a written and well as a spoken language. It employs the Hebrew alphabet in spite of its essentially German constitution. It is a literary language that has been used for translation of and commentary on the Bible as well as for the recording of religious legal proceedings.
bulletWest Germanic languages are a group of Germanic languages that developed in the region of the North Sea, Rhine-Weser, and Elbe. Out of the many local West Germanic dialects the following six modern standard languages have arisen: English , Frisian, Netherlandic (Dutch-Flemish), Afrikaans, German, and Yiddish.


bulletA bisel - A little
bulletA biseleh - A very little
bulletA breyre hob ich - I have no alternative
bulletA breyte deye hob'n - To do all the talking (To have the greatest say or authority)
bulletA broch! - Oh hell! Damn it!! A curse!!!
bulletA broch tzu dir! - A curse on you!
bulletA broch tzu Columbus - A curse on Columbus
bulletA brocheh - A blessing
bulletA chazer bleibt a chazer - A pig remains a pig
bulletA chorbn - Oh, what a disaster (Oh S**T! an expletive)
bulletA choleryeh ahf dir! - A plague on you! (Lit., wishing someone to get Cholera.)
bulletA deigeh hob ich - I don't care. I should worry.
bulletA farshlepteh krenk - A chronic ailment
bulletA feier zol im trefen - He should burn up! (Lit., A fire should meet him.)
bulletA finstere cholem auf dein kopf und auf dein hent und fiss -  (a horrible wish on someone) A dark dream (nightmare) on your head, hands and feet!
bulletA foiler tut in tsveyen - A lazy person has to do a task twice
bulletA gesheft hob nicht - I don't care
bulletA gezunt ahf dein kop! - Good health to you (lit., Good health on your head)
bulletA glick ahf dir! - Good luck to you (Sometimes used sarcastically about minor good fortunes) Big thing!
bulletA glick hot dich getrofen! - Big deal! Sarcastic; lit., A piece of luck happened to you.
bulletA groyser tzuleyger - A big shot (sarcastically.)
bulletA grubber yung - A coarse young man
bulletA kappore - A catastrophe.
bulletA khasuren die kalleh is tsu shayn - A fault that the bride is too beautiful
bulletA klog iz mir! - Woe is me!
bulletA klog tzu meineh sonim! - A curse on my enemies!
bulletA langer lucksh - A tall person (a long noodle)
bulletA leben ahf dein kepele - A life on your head (A grandparent might say to a grandchild meaning "you are SO smart!")
bulletA leben ahf dir! - You should live! And be well!
bulletA lung un leber oyf der noz - Stop talking yourself into illness! (Lit., Don't imagine a lung and a liver upon the nose)
bulletA maidel mit a vayndel - A pony-tailed nymphet.
bulletA maidel mit a klaidel - A cutie-pie showing off her (new) dress.
bulletA mentsh on glik is a toyter mensh - An unlucky person is a dead person.
bulletA metsieh far a ganef - It's a steal (Lit., A bargain from a thief.)
bulletA nahr bleibt a nahr - A fool remains a fool
bulletA nechtiker tog! - Forget it! (Lit., "A day that's a night.")
bulletA nishtikeit! - A nobody!
bulletA piste kayleh - A shallow person (an empty barrel)
bulletA ritch in kop - Crazy (in the head.)
bulletA schwartz yor - Bad luck. (LIT., A black year)
bulletA schwartzen sof - A bad end.
bulletA shandeh un a charpeh - A shame and a disgrace
bulletA shtik naches - A great joy
bulletA sof! A sof! - Let's end it ! End it!
bulletA tuches un a halb - A person with a very large backside. (Lit., A backside and a half.)
bulletAbi gezunt! - As long as you're healthy!
bulletAchrahyes - Responsibility
bulletAfn gonif brennt das hittel - "He thinks everyone knows he committed a crime." (a thief's hat burns)
bulletAhf mir gezogt! - I wish it could be said about me!
bulletAhf tsores - In trouble
bulletAhf zu lochis - Spitefully (Lit: Just to get (someone) angry.)
bulletAhntoisht - Disappointed
bulletAhzes ponim - Impudent fellow
bulletAidel - Cultured or finicky
bulletAidel gepotchket - Delicately brought up
bulletAidim - Son-in-law
bulletAinikle - Grandchild
bulletAitzeh - Advice
bulletAiver butelt - Absent minded; mixed up
bulletAlaichem sholom - To you be peace. Used in response to the the greeting Shalom aleichem.
bulletAlef-bais - Alphabet; the first two letters of the Jewish alphabet
bulletAlevei! - It should happen to me (to you)!
bulletAlle ziben glicken - Not what it's cracked up to be (all 7 lucky things)
bulletAlrightnik - One who has succeeded
bulletAlrightnikeh - Feminine form of "alrightnik."
bulletAlteh moid - Spinster, old maid
bulletAlter bocher - Bachelor
bulletAlter bok - Old goat
bulletAlter Kocker - An old man or old woman.
bulletAn alteh machashaifeh - An old witch
bulletAn alter bakahnter - An old acquaintance
bulletAn alter trombenick - An old bum
bulletAn emmisse meisse - An (absolutely) true tale
bulletApikoros - An unbeliever, a skeptic, an athiest
bulletArbit - Work
bulletArein - Come in!
bulletAroisgevorfen - Thrown out, wasted, (wasted opportunities)
bulletAroisgevorfene gelt - Thrown out money (Wasted money)
bulletArumgeflickt! - Plucked! Milked!
bulletArumloifer - Street urchin; person who runs around 
bulletAydem - Son-in-law
bulletAyn klaynigkeit - Ya, sure!! (very derogatory)
bulletAz a yor ahf mir. - I should have such good luck.
bulletAz di bobe volt gehat beytsim volt zi geven mayn zeyde! - If my grandmother had testicles she would be my grandfather.
bulletAz mir vill schlugen a hunt, gifintmin a schtecken - If one wants to beat a dog, one finds a stick.
bulletAz och un vai! - Tough luck! Too bad! Misfortune!
bulletAzoy? - Really?
bulletAzoy gait es! - That's how it goes!
bulletAzoy gich? - So soon?
bulletAzoy vert dos kichel tzekrochen! - That's how the cookie crumbles!


bulletBabka - Coffee cake style pastry
bulletBadchan - Jester, merry maker or master of ceremonies at a wedding; at the end of the meal he announces the presents, lifting them up and praising the giver and the gift in a humorous manner
bulletBagroben - To bury
bulletBaitsim - Testicles
bulletBalebatim - Persons of high standing
bulletBalbatish - Quiet, respectable, well mannered
bulletBalebatisheh yiden - Respectable Jews, people of substance and good standing in the community
bulletBaleboosteh - Mistress of the house. A compliment to someone who is a terrific housekeeper. "She is some baleboosteh!"
bulletBalmalocha - An expert (sometimes used sarcastically- Oy, is he an expert!)
bulletBalnes - Miracle-worker
bulletBal Toyreh - Learned man, scholar
bulletBareden yenem - To gossip
bulletBaren (taboo) - Fornicate: bother, annoy
bulletBarimer - Braggart, show-off
bulletBashert - Fated or predestined
bulletBashert zein - To be destined
bulletBatampte - Tasty , delicious
bulletBatlan - Someone without a trade or a regular means of livelihood
bulletBecher - Wine goblet
bulletBehaimeh - Animal, cow (when referring to a human being, means dull-witted)
bulletBei mir hust du gepoylt - You've gotten your way with me.
bulletBenken - "To yearn for" or "to long for."
bulletBenkshaft - Homesickness, nostalgia
bulletBentsh - To bless, to recite a blessing
bulletBentshen lecht - Recite prayer over lit candles on Sabbath eve or Holy Day candles
bulletBeryeh - Efficient, competent housewife
bulletBes medresh - Synagogue
bulletBialy - Named for the Polish city of Bialystock, the bialy is of Jewish origin. A Bialy is a fairly large (about 6 inches) chewy round yeast roll. Somewhat similar to a bagel, it has a depression rather than a hole in the centre, and is sprinkled with chopped sauteed onion before baking.
bulletBikur cholem - Visiting the sick
bulletBillik - Cheap, inexpensive
bulletBist meshugeh? - Are you crazy?
bulletBiteh - Please
bulletBlondjen - To wander, be lost
bulletBoarderkeh - A female boarder
bulletBobbe maisse - An old wive's tale; fable
bulletBobbeh - Grandmother
bulletBoch - A punch
bulletBohmer - Bum (masc.)
bulletBohmerkeh - Bum (fem.)
bulletBoorvisser fiss - Barefoot
bulletBoreke borsht - Beet borsht which the wealthy could afford.
bulletBorekes - Pastries with cheese inside
bulletBorsht - Beet soup
bulletBorsht circuit - Hotels in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, with an almost entirely Jewish clientele, who are fond of borsht; term is used by entertainers
bulletBorviss - Barefoot
bulletBotvenye borsht - Borsht made from beet leaves for the poor.
bulletBoychik - Young boy (term of endearment)
bulletBoykhvehtig - Stomachache
bulletBreeye - Creature, animal
bulletBreire - choice
bulletBris - Circumcision
bulletBristen - Breasts
bulletBroitgeber - Head of family (Lit., Bread giver)
bulletBronfen - Whiskey
bulletBroygis - Not on speaking terms
bulletB'suleh - Virgin
bulletBubbee - Friendly term for anybody you like
bulletBubeleh - Endearing term for anyone you like regardless of age
bulletBulvan - Man built like an ox; boorish, coarse, rude person
bulletBupkis - Nothing. Something totally worthless (Lit., Beans)
bulletButchke - chat, tete-a-tete, telling tales


bulletChai - Hebrew word for LIFE, comprised of the two Hebrew letters, Chet and Yod. There is a sect of Jewish mysticism that assigns a numeric value to each letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is devoted to finding hidden meanings in the numeric values of words. The letter "Chet" has the numeric value of 8, and the letter "Yod", has the value of 10, for a total of 18.
bulletChaider - Religious School
bulletChaim Yonkel - any Tom, Dick or Harry
bulletChaimyankel kooternooz - The perennial cuckold
bulletChaleria - Evil woman. Probably derived from cholera.
bulletChaleshen -  Faint
bulletChalla - Ceremonial "egg" bread. Either round or shaped long. Used on Shabbat and most religious observances with the exception of Pesach (Passover)
bulletChaloshes - Nausea, faintness, unconsciousness
bulletChamoole - Donkey, jackass, numbskull, fool
bulletChamoyer du ainer! - You blockhead! You dope, You ass!
bulletChanukah - Also known as the "Festival of Lights", commemorates the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  Chanukah is celebrated for 8 days during which one additional candle is added to the menorah on each night of the holiday.  
bulletChap a gang! - Beat it! (Lit., Catch a way, catch a road)
bulletChap nit! - Take it easy! Not so fast! (Lit., Don't grab)
bulletChaptsem - Catch him!
bulletChassene - Wedding
bulletChassene machen - To plan and execute a wedding.
bulletChas v'cholileh! - G-d forbid!
bulletChavver - Friend
bulletChaye - Animal 
bulletChazen - Cantor
bulletChazenteh - Wife of chazen (cantor)
bulletChazzer - A pig (one who eats like a pig)
bulletChazzerei - Swill; pig's feed; anything bad, unpalatable, rotten. In other words, "junk food." This word can also be used to describe a lot of house hold or other kinds of junk.
bulletChazzershtal - Pigpen; slovenly kept room or house.
bulletChei kuck (taboo) - Nothing, infinitesimal, worthless, unimportant (Lit., human dung)
bulletChev 'r' mann - Buddy
bulletChmalyeh! - Bang, punch; Slam! Wallop!
bulletChochem  - A wise man  (Slang: A wise guy)
bulletChochmeh - Wisdom, bright saying, witticism
bulletCholeryeh - Cholera; a curse, plague
bulletChoshever mentsh - Man of worth and dignity; elite person; respected person
bulletChosid - Rabid fan
bulletChossen - Bridegroom
bulletChossen-kalleh - Bride and groom; engaged couple
bulletChoyzik machen - Make fun of, ridicule
bulletChrain - Horseradish
bulletChropen - Snore
bulletChub Rachmones - "Have pity"
bulletChug - Activity group
bulletChupah - Canopy under which a bride and groom stand during marriage ceremony.
bulletChutzpeh - Brazenness, gall, baitzim
bulletChutzpenik - Impudent fellow
bulletChvalye - Ocean wave
bulletColumbus's medina - It's not what it's cracked up to be. (Columbus's country.



bulletDanken Got! - Thank G-d!
bulletDarf min gehn in kolledj? - Is a college education necessary? (said of exceptionally rich athletes or other self made success stories. A dropout like Bill Gates.)
bulletDavenen - Pray
bulletDeigeh nisht! - Don't worry!
bulletDer mensch trakht un Gott lahkht - Man thinks (plans) and God laughs
bulletDerech erets - Respect
bulletDershtikt zolstu veren! - You should choke on it!
bulletDie goldene medina - the golden country
bulletDie untershte sheereh - the bottom line
bulletDine Essen teg - Yeshiva students would arrange to be fed by various householders on a daily basis in different houses. (Lit., Eat days)
bulletDingen - Bargain, hire, engage, lease, rent
bulletDis fayntin shneg - It's starting to snow
bulletDis fayntin zoraiganin - It's starting to rain
bulletDos gefelt mir - This pleases me
bulletDos hartz hot mir gezogt - My heart told me. I predicted it.
bulletDos iz alts - That's all.
bulletDos zelbeh - The same
bulletDrai mir nit kain kop! - Don't bother me! (Lit., Don't twist my head)
bulletDrai zich! - Keep moving!
bulletDraikop - Scatterbrain
bulletDreidal - Spinning top used in a game that is associated with the holiday of Chanukah.
bulletDrek - Human dung, feces, manure or excrement; inferior merchandise or work; insincere talk or excessive flattery
bulletDrek auf dem teller - Mean spirited, valueless Lit.crap on a plate. 
bulletDrek mit Leber - Absolutely nothing; it's not worth anything.
bulletDruchus - The sticks (way out in the wild)
bulletDu fangst shoyn on? - Are you starting up again?
bulletDu kannst nicht auf meinem rucken pishen unt mir sagen class es regen ist. - You can't pee on my back and tell me that it's rain!
bulletDumkop - Dumbbell, dunce (Lit., Dumb head)
bulletDybbuk - Soul condemned to wander for a time in this world because of its sins. (To escape the perpetual torments inflicted upon it by evil spirits, the dybbuk seeks refuge in the body of some pious man or woman over whom the demons have no power. The dybbuk is a Cabalistic conception)


bulletEch - A groan, a disparaging exclamation
bulletEch mir (eppes) - Humorous, disparaging remark about anything.  e.g. "American Pie ech mir a movie?"
bulletEfsher - Maybe, could be
bulletEi! Ei! - Yiddish exclamation equivalent to the English "Oh!"
bulletEingeshpahrt - Stubborn
bulletEingetunken - Dipped, dunked
bulletEinhoreh - The evil eye
bulletEizel - Fool, dope
bulletEk velt - End of the world
bulletEmes - The truth
bulletEmitzer - Someone
bulletEnschultig meir - "Well excuuuuuuse ME!" (Can also bu used in a non-sarcastic manner depending on the tone of voice and situation.)
bulletEntoisht - Disappointed
bulletEppes - Something
bulletEr bolbet narishkeiten - He talks nonsense
bulletEr est vi noch a krenk. - He eats as if he just recovered from a sickness.
bulletEr frest vi a ferd. - He eats like a horse.
bulletEr hot a makeh. - He has nothing at all (Lit., He has a boil or a minor hurt.)
bulletEr hot nit zorg. - He hasn't got a worry.
bulletEr iz a niderrechtiker kerl! - He's a low down good-for-nothing.
bulletEr iz shoyn du, der nudnik! - The nuisance is here already!
bulletEr macht a tel fun dem. - He ruins it.
bulletEr toig (taig) nit - He's no good, worthless
bulletEr zitst oyf shpilkes. - He's restless. (Lit., He sits on pins and needles.)
bulletEr zol vaksen vi a tsibeleh, mit dem kop in drerd! - He should grow like an onion, with his head in the ground!
bulletEretz Yisroel - Land of Israel
bulletEs brent mir ahfen hartz. - I have a heartburn.
bulletEs gait nit! - It doesn't work! It isn't running smoothly!
bulletEs gefelt mir. - I like it. (Lit., It pleases, me.)
bulletEs hot zich oysgelohzen a boydem! - Nothing came of it! (Lit., There's nothing up there but a small attic.)
bulletEs iz a shandeh far di kinder! - It's a shame for the children!
bulletEs iz (tsu) shpet. - It is (too) late.
bulletEs ken gemolt zein. - It is conceivable. It is imaginable.
bulletEs macht mir nit oys. - It doesn't matter to me.
bulletEs past nit. - It is not becoming. It is not fitting.
bulletEs tut mir a groisseh hanoeh! - It gives me great pleasure!(often said sarcastically)
bulletEs tut mir bahng. - I'm sorry. (Lit., It sorrows me)
bulletEs tut mir vai - It hurts me.
bulletEs vert mir finster in di oygen. - This is a response to receiving extremely upsetting information or news. (Lit., It's getting dark in my eyes.)
bulletEs vet gornit helfen! - Nothing will help!!
bulletEs vet helfen vi a toiten bahnkes! - It won't help (any)! (Lit., It will help like blood-cupping on a dead body.)
bulletEss vie ein foygl sheise vie ein feirt! - Eat like a bird, shit like a horse!
bulletEss, bench, sei a mensch - Eat, pray, don't act like a jerk!
bulletEss gezunterhait - Eat in good health
bulletEssen - To eat
bulletEssen mitik - Eating midday or having dinner.


bulletFaigelah - Bird (also used as a derogatory reference to a gay person).
bulletFantazyor - Man who builds castles in the air
bulletFarbissener - Embittered; bitter person
bulletFarblondzhet - Lost, bewildered, confused
bulletFarblujet - Bending your ear
bulletFarbrecher - Crook, conman
bulletFardeiget - Distressed, worried, full of care, anxiety
bulletFardinen a mitzveh - Earn a blessing or a merit (by doing a good deed)
bulletFardrai zich dem kop! - Go drive yourself crazy!
bulletFardross -  Resentment, disappointment, sorrow
bulletFarfolen - Lost
bulletFarfoylt - Mildewed, rotten, decayed
bulletFarfroyren - Frozen
bulletFarklempt - Too emotional to talk.  Ready to cry. (See "Verklempt)
bulletFarklempt fis - Not being able to walk right, clumsy as in "clumsy feet."
bulletFar Knaft - Engaged
bulletFarkuckt (taboo) - Dungy, shitty
bulletFarmach dos moyl! - Shut up! Quiet. (Lit., Shut your mouth.)
bulletFarmatert - Tired
bulletFarmisht - Befuddled
bulletFarmutshet - Worn out, fatigued, exhausted
bulletFarpitzed - To get all dressed up to the "nines."
bulletFarshlepteh krenk - Fruitless, endless matter (Lit., A sickness that hangs on)
bulletFarshlugginer - Refers to a mixed-up or shaken item. Generally indicates something of little or dubious value.
bulletFarshmeieter - Highly excitable person; always on the go
bulletFarshnickert - Drunk, high as a kite
bulletFarshnoshket - Loaded, drunk
bulletFarshtaist? - You understand?
bulletFarshtopt - Stuffed
bulletFarshtunken - Smells bad, stinks
bulletFarshvitst - sweaty
bulletFartik - finished, ready, complete
bulletFar-tshadikt - Confused, bewildered, befuddled, as if by fumes, gas
bulletFeh! - Fooey, It stinks, It's no good
bulletFeinkochen- Omelet, scrambled eggs
bulletFeinshmeker - Hi falutin'
bulletFerd - Horse, (slang) a fool
bulletFerkrimpter ponim - Twisted-up, scowling face
bulletFerprishte punim - pimple-face
bulletFet - Fat, obese
bulletFetter - Uncle (also onkel)
bulletFinster un glitshik - Miserable (Lit., Dark and slippery)
bulletFisfinger - Toes
bulletFisslach - (chickens'/duck's) feet, often in ptsha
bulletFliegel - Fowl's wing
bulletFocha - Fan
bulletFoigel - Smart guy
bulletFoiler - Lazy man
bulletFolg mich! - Obey me!
bulletFolg mich a gang! - Quite a distance!  Why should I do it? It's hardly worth the trouble!
bulletFonfen - Speak through the nose
bulletFor gezunterhait! - Bon voyage! Travel in good health!
bulletForshpeiz - Appetizer
bulletFortz - Fart
bulletFortz n' zovver - A foul, soul-smelling fart.
bulletFrageh - Question
bulletFrailech - Happy
bulletFrassk - Slap in the face
bulletFreint - Friend,
bulletMr. Fremder - Stranger
bulletFress - Eat....pig out.
bulletFressen - Eat like a pig, devour
bulletFressing - Gourmandizing (By adding the English suffix "ing" to the Yiddish word "fress", a new English word in the vocabulary of American Jews has been created.)
bulletFroy - Woman,
bulletMrs. Frum, (frimer) - Pious, religious, devout
bulletFunfeh - Speaker's fluff, error


bulletGai avek! - Go away
bulletGai feifen ahfen yam! - Go peddle your fish elsewhere!
bulletGai gezunterhait! - Go in good health
bulletGai in drerd arein! - Go to hell!
bulletGai kucken ahfen yam! - Get lost (Lit: Go shit in the ocean!)
bulletGai mit dein kop in drerd - "Go with your head in the ground."  "Stick your head in the mud"
bulletGai platz! - Go split your guts!
bulletGai shlog dein kup en vant! - Go bang your head against the wall
bulletGai shoyn, gai. - Scram! also, Don't be silly!
bulletGai strasheh di vantzen - You don't frighten me! (Lit., Go threaten the bed bugs)
bulletGai tren zich. (taboo) - Go fuck yourself
bulletGait, gait! - Come now!
bulletGait es nit! - It doesn't work!
bulletGalitsianer - Jewish native of Galicia
bulletGanef - Crook, thief, burglar, swindler, racketeer
bulletGants gut - Very good
bulletGantseh K'nacker! - "Big Shot"
bulletGantseh Macher - "Big shot."
bulletGantseh megilleh - Big deal! (derisive)
bulletGantseh mentsh - Manly, a whole man, a complete man; an adult; a fellow who assumes airs
bulletGatkes - Long winter underwear
bulletGeben shoychad - To bribe
bulletGebentsht mit kinder - Blessed with children
bulletGebentshte boych - Literally-blesses stomach (womb) (Said of a lady with a fabulous child or children,
bulletGebrenteh tsores - Utter misery
bulletGebrochener english - Fractured English
bulletGedainkst? - Remember?
bulletGedempte flaysh - Mystery meat
bulletGedicht - Thick, full, ample
bulletGeferlech - Dangerous
bulletGeharget zolstu veren! - Drop dead! (Lit., You should get killed.)
bulletGelaimter - Person who drops whatever he touches
bulletGelibteh - Beloved
bulletGelt - Money
bulletGelt gait tzu gelt. - Money goes to money.
bulletGelt is nisht kayn dayge - Money is not a problem.
bulletGembeh! - Big mouth!
bulletGemitlich - Slowly, unhurried, gently
bulletGenaivisheh shtiklech - Tricky, sharp, crooked actions or doings
bulletGenevishe oigen - Shifty eyes
bulletGenug iz genug. - Enough is enough!
bulletGesheft - Business
bulletGeshmak - Tasty, delicious
bulletGeshtorben - The state of being dead.
bulletGeshtroft - Cursed, accursed; punished
bulletGeshvollen - Swollen, puffed up (Also applied to person with haughty pride)
bulletGet - Divorce
bulletGevaldikeh Zach! - A terrible thing! (often ironically)
bulletGevalt! - Heaven Forbid!  (Exclamatory in the extreme.)
bulletGevalt geshreeyeh - good grief ("help" screamed)
bulletGezunde tzores - Healthy troubles.  Troubles one should not take too seriously.
bulletGezunt vi a ferd - Strong as a horse
bulletGezunteh moid! - Brunhilde, a big healthy dame
bulletGezunterhait - In good health
bulletGib mir nit kain einorah! - Don't give me a canary! (Americanism, Lit., Don't give me an evil eye)
bulletGib zich a traisel - Get a move on
bulletGib zich a shukl - Hurry up! (Give yourself a shake)
bulletGitte neshomah - good soul
bulletGleichvertel - Wisecrack, pun, saying, proverb, bon mot, witticism
bulletGlezel tai - Glass of tea
bulletGlick - Luck, piece of luck
bulletGloib mir! - Believe me!
bulletGlustiyah - Enema
bulletG'nossen tsum emess! - The sneeze confirmed the truth!
bulletGoldeneh chasseneh - Fiftieth wedding anniversary
bulletGopel - Fork
bulletGornisht - Nothing
bulletGot in himmel! - G-d in heaven! (said in anguish, despair, fear or frustration)
bulletGot tsu danken - Thank G-d
bulletGot zol ophiten! - G-d forbid!
bulletGote-Vorte - A good piece of information or short concise Torahy commentary.
bulletGotteniu! - Oh G-d! (anguished cry)
bulletGoy - Any person who is not Jewish
bulletGoyeh - Gentile woman
bulletGoyim - Group of non-Jewish persons
bulletGoyishe kop - Opposite of Yiddishe kop.  Generally used to indicate someone who is not particularly smart or shrewd.  (Definitely offensive.)
bulletGreps - Blech; a burp if it's a mild one
bulletGrob - Coarse, crude, profane, rough, rude
bulletGrober - Coarse, uncouth, crude person
bulletGrois-halter - Show-off, conceited person
bulletGroisseh gedilleh! - Big deal! (said sarcastically)
bulletGroisser gornisht - Big good-for-nothing
bulletGroisser potz! (taboo) - Big penis! Big prick! (derogatory or sarcastic)
bulletGrooten - To take after, to favour.
bulletGuggle muggle - A concoction made of warm milk and honey for sore throats
bulletGut far him! - Serves him right!
bulletGut gezugt - Well said
bulletGut Yontif - Happy Holiday
bulletG'vir - Rich man


bulletHaimish ponem - A friendly face
bulletHaiseh vanneh - Hot bath
bulletHaissen - To hate
bulletHaken a tsheinik - Boring, long-winded and annoying conversation; talking for the sake of talking (Lit., To bang on the tea-kettle)
bulletHak flaish - Chopped meat
bulletHak mir nit in kop! - Stop bending my ear (Lit.; Stop banging on my head)
bulletHak mir nicht in tchainik (arain) - Don't get on my nerves (Lit., Don't bang my teapot.)
bulletHalevei! - If only...
bulletHamoyn - Common people
bulletHandlen - To bargain; to do business
bulletHarte mogen - constipation
bulletHartsvaitik - Heart ache.
bulletHecher - Louder
bulletHefker - A mess
bulletHeizel - Whorehouse
bulletHekdish - Decrepit place, a slumhouse, poorhouse; a mess
bulletHeldish - Brave
bulletHeldzel - Stuffed neck flesh; sort of a neck-kishke
bulletHendl - Chicken
bulletHert zich ein! - Listen here!
bulletHetsken zich - Shake and dance with joy
bulletHikevater - Stammerer Hinten - Rear, rear parts, backside, buttocks; in the rear
bulletHit zich! - Look out!
bulletHitsik - Hothead
bulletHitskop - Excitable person
bulletHob derech erets - Have respect
bulletHob nit kain deiges - Don't worry
bulletHoben tsu zingen un tsu zogen - Have no end of trouble (Lit.,To sing and to talk)
bulletHoizer gaier - Beggar
bulletHoizirer - Peddler (from house to house)
bulletHolishkes - Stuffed Cabbage
bulletHost du bie mir an avleh! - So I made a mistake. So what!
bulletHulyen - A hellraiser


bulletIch bin ahntoisht - I am disappointed
bulletIch bin dich nit mekaneh - I don't envy you
bulletIch darf es ahf kapores - It's good for nothing! I have no use for it. (Lit., I need it for a [useless] fowl sacrifice)
bulletIch darf es vi a loch in kop! - I need it like a hole in the head!
bulletIch hob dir lieb - I love you!
bulletIch eil zich (nit) - I am (not) in a hurry
bulletIch feif oif dir! - I despise you! Go to the devil! (Lit., I whistle on you!)
bulletIch gai chaleshen bald avek - I'm about to faint (from sheer exhaustion)
bulletIch hob dich in bod! - To hell with you! (Lit., I have you in the bath house!)
bulletIch hob dir! - Drop dead! Go flap you ears! (Lit., I have you....!) (Americanism!)
bulletIch hob es in drerd! - To hell with it.
bulletIch hob im feint - I hate him.
bulletIch hob im in bod! - To hell with him.
bulletIch hob mir fer pacht - I have you in my pocket. (I know you for what you are.)
bulletIch hob nicht kain anung - I have no idea.
bulletIch ken dir nisht farfeeren - I can't lead you astray
bulletIch loif - I'm running
bulletIch vais - I know
bulletIch vais nit. - I don't know.
bulletIch vel dir geben a khamalye - I'll give you such a smack
bulletIch vel dir geben kadoches! - I'll give you nothing! (Lit., I'll give you malaria or a fever.)
bulletIch yog zich nit. - I'm not in a hurry.
bulletIch zol azoy vissen fun tsores. - I should know as little about trouble (as I know about what you are asking me)
bulletIker - Substance; people of substance
bulletIn a noveneh - For a change; once in a blue moon
bulletIn di alteh guteh tseiten! - In the good old days!
bulletIn drerd mein gelt! - My money went down the drain! (Lit., My money went to burial in the earth, to hell.)
bulletIn miten drinen - In the middle of; suddenly
bulletIpish - Bad odor, stink
bulletIr gefelt mir zaier. - You please me a great deal.
bulletIz brent mir ahfen hartz. - I have a heartburn.
bulletKaas (in kaas oyf) - Angry (with)
bulletKabaret forshtelung - Floorshow
bulletKabtzen, kaptsen - Pauper
bulletKaddish - A mourner's prayer
bulletKaddishel - Baby son; endearing term for a boy or man
bulletKadoches - Fever
bulletKadoches mit koshereh fodem! - Absolutely nothing! (Lit., fever with a kosher thread)
bulletKaftan - Long coat worn by religious Jews
bulletKain ein horeh - No evil eye! (Some say "don't give me a canary")
bulletKakapitshi - Conglomeration
bulletKalamutneh - Dreary, gloomy, troubled
bulletKalleh moid - A girl of marriageable age
bulletKallehniu - Little bride
bulletKalta neshomeh -  A cold soul
bulletKalyekeh - Cripple; misfit; also, anybody not good at their craft or sport
bulletKalyeh - Bad, wrong, spoiled
bulletKam derlebt - Narrowly achieved (Lit., hardly lived to see)
bulletKam mit tsores! - Barely made it! (Lit., with some troubles) The word "Kam," also is pronounced "Kom" or "Koim" depending on the region people come from.
bulletKam vos er kricht - Barley able to creep; Mr. Slowpoke
bulletKam vos er lebt - He's hardly (barely) alive.
bulletKamtsoness - To be miserly
bulletKaneh - An enema
bulletKaporeh, (kapores) - Atonement sacrifice; forgiveness; (slang) good for nothing
bulletKarabeinik - Country peddler
bulletKarger - Miser, tightwad
bulletKaseer - enema
bulletKasheh - Groats, mush cereal, buckwheat, porridge; a mess, mix-up, confusion
bulletKasheh varnishkes - Cooked groats and broad (or bowtie) noodles
bulletKashress - Kosher condition; Jewish religious dietary law
bulletKasnik, (keisenik) - Angry person; excitable person, hot head
bulletKasokeh - Cross-eyed
bulletKatchka - Duck (quack, quack)
bulletKatshkedik (Americanism) - Ducky, swell, pleasant
bulletKatzisher kop - Forgetful (Lit., Cat head)
bulletKazatskeh - Lively Russian dance
bulletKein briere iz oich a breire - Not to have any choice available is also a choice. 
bulletKemfer - Fighter (usually for a cause)
bulletKen zein - Maybe, could be
bulletKetzele - Kitten
bullet(To) Kibbitz - To offer unsolicited advice as a spectator
bulletKibbitzer - Meddlesome spectator
bulletKiddish (Borai pri hagofen) - Blessing over wine on the eve of Sabbath or Festivals
bulletKimpet-tzettel - Childbirth amulet or charm (from the German "kind-bet-tzettel" meaning childbirth label containing Psalm 121, names of angels, patriarchs
bulletKimpetoren - Woman in labour or immediately after the delivery
bulletKind un kait - Young and old
bulletKinderlech - Diminutive, affectionate term for children
bulletKish mir en toches - Kiss my backside (slang)
bulletKishef macher - Magic-worker
bulletKishkeh - Stuffed derma (Sausage shaped, stuffed with a mixture of flour, onions, salt, pepper and fat to keep it together, it is boiled, roasted and sliced)
bullet(A) Kitsel - Tickle
bulletKlainer gornisht - Little prig (Lit., A little nothing)
bulletKlemt beim hartz - Clutches at my heartstrings
bulletKlaperkeh - Talkative woman
bulletKlipeh - Gabby woman, shrew, a female demon
bulletKlogmuter - Complainer, chronic complainer
bullet(A) Klog iz mir! - Woe is me!
bulletKloolye - A curse
bulletKlop - Bang, a real hard punch or wallop
bulletKlotz (klutz) - Ungraceful, awkward, clumsy person; bungler
bulletKlotz kasheh - Foolish question; fruitless question
bulletKloymersht - Not in reality, pretended (Lit., as if it were)
bulletK'nacker - A big shot
bulletK'nackerke - The distaff k'nacker, but a real cutie-pie.
bulletK'naidel (pl., k'naidlech) - Dumplings usually made of matzoh meal, cooked in soup
bulletK'nippel - Button, knot; hymen, virginity; money tied in a knot in a handkerchief
bulletK'nish (taboo) - Vagina
bulletK'nishes - Baked dumplings filled with potato, meat, liver or barley
bulletKochalain - Summer boarding house with cooking privileges (Lit., cook by yourself)
bulletKochedik - Petulant, excitable
bulletKochleffel - One who stirs up trouble; gadabout, busy-body (Lit., a cooking ladle)
bulletKolboynik - Rascally know-it-all
bullet(A) Kop oif di plaitses! - Good, common sense! (Lit., A head on the shoulders!)
bulletKopvaitik - Headache 
bulletKosher - Jewish dietary laws based on "cleanliness". Also referring to the legitimacy of a situation. "This plan doesn't seem kosher".
bulletKoved - Respect, honour, reverence, esteem
bulletKrank - Sick
bulletKrank-heit - Sickness
bulletKrassavitseh - Beauty, a doll, beautiful woman
bulletKrechts - Groan, moan
bulletKrechtser - Blues singer, a moaner
bulletKreplach - Small pockets of dough filled with chopped meat which look like ravioli, or won ton, and are eaten in soup; (slang) nothing, valueless
bulletKroivim - Relatives
bulletKrolik - Rabbit
bulletKuch leffel - A person who mixes into other people's business (cooking spoon)
bulletKuck im on (taboo) - Defecate on him! The hell with him!
bulletKuck zich oys! (taboo) - Go take a shit for yourself!
bulletKugel - Pudding
bulletKuk im on! - Look at him!
bulletKum ich nisht heint, kum ich morgen - If I don't come today, I'll come tomorrow (procrastinator's slogan)
bulletKumen tsu gast - To visit
bulletKuntzen - Tricks
bulletKunyehlemel - Naive, clumsy, awkward person; nincompoop; Casper Milquetoast
bulletKuppe drek- A piece of fecal matter (s--t)
bulletKurveh - Whore, prostitute
bulletKush in toches arein! (taboo) - Kiss my behind! (said to somebody who is annoying you)
bulletKushinyerkeh - Cheapskate; woman who comes to a store and asks for a five cents' worth of vinegar in her own bottle
bulletK'vatsh - Boneless person, one lacking character; a whiner, weakling
bulletK'velen - Glow with pride and happiness, beam; be delighted
bulletK'vetsh - Whine, complain; whiner, a complainer
bulletK'vitsh - Shriek, scream, screech


bulletLachen mit yash-tsherkes - Forced or false laugh; laugh with anguish
bulletLaidik-gaier - Idler, loafer
bulletLamden - Scholar, erudite person, learned man
bulletLamed Vovnik - Refers to the Hebrew number "36" and traditionally each generation produces 36 wise and righteous persons who gain the approbation of "lamed vovnik."
bulletLang leben zolt ir! - Long may you live!
bulletLange loksch - A very tall thin person , A long tall drink of water.
bulletLantslaite - Plural of lantsman
bulletLantsman - Countryman, neighbour, fellow townsman from "old country".
bulletLapeh - Big hand
bulletLayseh mogen - Diarrhea
bullet(A) Lebedikeh velt! - A lively world!
bullet(A) Lebediker - Lively person
bullet(A) Leben ahf dein kop! - Words of praise like; Well said! Well done! (Lit., A long life upon your head.)
bulletLebst a chazerishen tog! - Living high off the hog!
bulletLeck, shmeck - Done superficially (lick, smell)
bulletL'chei-im, le'chayim! - To life! (the traditional Jewish toast); To your health, skol
bulletLeffel - Spoon
bulletLeibtzudekel - Sleeveless shirt (like bib) with fringes, worn by orthodox Jews
bulletLeiden - To suffer
bulletLemechel - Milquetoast, quiet person
bulletLemeshkeh - Milquetoast, bungler
bulletLeveiyeh - Funeral
bulletLezem gayne - leave them be
bulletLig in drerd! - Get lost! Drop dead! (Lit., Bury yourself!)
bulletLigner - Liar
bulletLitvak - Lithuanian; Often used to connote shrewdness and skepticism, because the Lithuanian Jews are inclined to doubt the magic powers of the Hasidic leaders; Also, a person who speaks with the Northeastern Yiddish accent.
bulletLobbus - Little monster
bulletLoch - Hole Loch in kop - Hole in the head.
bulletLoksch - An Italian gentleman.
bulletLokshen - Noodles
bulletLokshen strop - a "cat- o- nine tails"
bulletLominer gaylen - Clumsy fool (a golem-Frankenstein monster -- created by the Lominer rebbe)
bulletLoz mich tzu ru! - Leave me alone! (Lit., Let me be in peace!)
bulletLuftmentsh - Person who has no business, trade, calling, nor income.
bulletLuch in kup - A hole in the head ( " I need this like a luch in kup").


bulletMachareikeh - Gimmick, contraption
bulletMacher - big shot, person with access to authorities, man with contacts.
bulletMachshaifeh - Witch
bulletMaidel - Unmarried girl, teenager
bulletMaideleh - Little girl (affectionate term)
bulletMaiven - Expert, connoisseur, authority
bulletMaisse - A story
bulletMaisse mit a deitch - A story with a (moral) twist
bulletMakeh - Plague, wound, boil, curse
bulletMamoshes - Substance, people of substance.
bulletMamzer - Bastard, disliked person, untrustworthy
bulletMamzerook - A naughty little boy
bulletMashgiach - Inspector, overseer or supervisor of Kashruth in restaurants & hotels.
bulletMashugga - Crazy
bulletMatkes - Underpants
bulletMazel Tov - Good Luck (lit) Generally used to convey "congratulations".
bulletMe ken brechen! - You can vomit from this!
bulletMe ken lecken di finger! - It's delicious!
bulletMe krechts, me geht veyter - I complain and I keep going.
bulletMe lost nit leben! - They don't let you live!
bulletMe redt zich oys dos hartz! - Talk your heart out! 
bulletMechuten - In-Law
bulletMechutonim - In-Laws (The parents of your child's spouse)
bulletMechutainista - Mother-In-Law
bulletMegillah - A long story
bulletMein bobbeh's ta'am - Bad taste! Old fashioned taste!
bulletMein cheies gait oys! - I'm dying for it!
bulletMekheye - An extreme pleasure, orgasmic, out of this world wonderful!
bulletMekler - Go-between
bulletMenner vash tsimmer - Men's room
bulletMentsh - A special man or person. One who can be respected.
bulletMeshpucha - Extended family
bulletMeshugass - Madness, insanity, craze
bulletMeshugeh - Crazy
bulletMeshugeh ahf toit! - Crazy as a loon. Really crazy!
bulletMeshugeneh - Mad, crazy, insane female.
bulletMeshugener - Mad, crazy, insane man
bulletMeshugoyim - Crazy people
bulletMesser - Knife
bulletMe zogt - They say; it is said.
bulletMezuzah - Tiny box affixed to the right side of the doorway of Jewish homes containing a small portion of Deuteronomy, handwritten on parchment.
bulletMies - Ugly
bulletMieskeit - Ugly thing or person.
bulletMikveh - Ritual bath used by women just prior to marriage as well as after each monthly cycle. This represents a "spiritual cleansing after a potential to create a new life was not actualized.  There are some religious men who also use mikvehs prior to festivals and the Sabbath. Some Chassidim immerse every morning before praying.
bulletMin tor nit - One (or you) mustn't
bulletMinyan - Quorum of ten men necessary for holding public worship (must be over 13 years of age)
bulletMirtsishem - G-d willing
bulletMitten derinnen - All of a sudden, suddenly
bulletMitzvah - Good deed
bulletMizinik - The youngest child in an immediate family
bulletMogen Dovid - Star of David
bulletMoisheh kapoyer - Mr. Upside-Down! A person who does everything backwards. Not knowing what one wants.
bulletMosser - Squealer
bulletMoyel - Person (usually a rabbi) who performs circumcisions.
bulletMutek - Brave
bulletMutshen zich - To sweat out a job
bulletMuttelmessig - Meddlesome person, kibbitzer


bulletN'vayle - Shroud; inept person
bulletNa! - Here! Take it. There you have it.
bulletNaches - Joy: Gratification, especially from children.
bulletNacht falt tsu. - Night is falling; twilight
bulletNadan - Dowry
bulletNafkeh - Prostitute
bulletNafkeh bay-is - Whorehouse
bulletNaidlechech - Rare thing
bulletNar - Fool
bulletNar ainer! - You fool, you!
bulletNarish - Foolish
bulletNarishkeit - Foolishness
bulletNebach - It's a pity. Unlucky, pitiable person.
bulletNebbish - A nobody, simpleton, weakling, awkward person
bulletNebechel - Nothing, a pitiful person; or playing role of being one
bullet(A) Nechtiker tog! - He's (it's) gone! Forget it! Nonsense! (Lit., a yesterday's day)
bulletNechuma - Consolation
bulletNechvenin - To masturbate
bulletNem zich a vaneh! - Go take a bath! Go jump in the lake!
bulletNeshomeh - Soul, spirit
bulletNeshomeleh - Sweetheart, sweet soul
bulletNisht geshtoygen, nisht gefloygen - neither here nor there
bulletNifter-shmifter, a leben macht er? - What difference does it make as long as he makes a living? (Lit., nifter means deceased.)
bulletNishkosheh - Not so bad, satisfactory. (This has nothing to do with the word "kosher", but comes from the Hebrew and means "hard, heavy," thus "not bad."
bulletNisht fur dich gedacht! - It shouldn't happen! G-d forbid! (Lit., May we be saved from it! [sad event] )
bulletNishtgedeiget - Don't worry; doesn't worry
bulletNisht geferlech - Not so bad, not too shabby (Lit. not dangerous.)
bulletNishtkefelecht - No big deal!
bulletNisht gefonfit! - Don't hedge. Don't fool around. Don't double-talk.
bulletNisht getrofen! - So I guessed wrong!
bulletNisht gut - Not good, lousy
bulletNisht naitik - Not necessary
bulletNishtgutnick - No-good person
bulletNishtikeit! - A nobody!
bulletNishtu gedacht! - It shouldn't happen! G-d forbid!
bulletNit kain farshloffener - A lively person
bulletNit ahin, nit aher - Neither here nor there
bulletNit gidacht! - It shouldn't happen! (Same as nishtu gedacht)
bulletNit gidacht gevorn. - It shouldn't come to pass.
bulletNit kosher - Impure food. Also, slang, anything not good
bulletNit heint, nit morgen! - Not today, not tomorrow!
bulletNito farvos! - You're welcome!
bulletNoch a mool - One more time
bulletNoch nisht - Not yet
bulletNochshlepper - Hanger-on, unwanted follower
bulletNor Got vaist - Only G-d knows.
bulletNosh - Snack
bulletNosherie - Snack food
bulletNu? - So? Well?
bulletNu, dahf men huben kinder? - Does one have children? (When a child does something bad)
bulletNu, shoyn! - Move, already! Hurry up! Let's go! Aren't you finished?
bulletNudnik - Pesty nagger, nuisance, a bore, obnoxious person
bulletNudje - Annoying person, badgerer (Americanism)
bulletNudjen - Badger, annoy persistently


bulletOber yetzt? - So now? (Yetzt is also spelled itzt)
bulletObtshepen - Get rid of
bulletOch un vai! - Alas and alack: woe be to it!
bulletOder a klop, oder a fortz (taboo) - Either too much or not enough (Lit., either a wallop or a fart)
bulletOhmain - Amen
bulletOi!! - Yiddish exclamation to denote disgust, pain, astonishment or rapture
bulletOi, a shkandal! - Oh, what a scandal!
bulletOi, gevald - Cry of anguish, suffering, frustration or for help
bulletOi, Vai! - Dear me! Expression of dismay or hurt
bulletOi vai iz mir! - Woe is me!
bulletOif tsalooches - For spite
bulletOisgeshtrobelt! - Overdressed woman.
bulletOisgeshtrozelt - Decorated (beautiful)
bulletOisgevapt - Flat (as in "the fizz has gone out of it.)
bulletOis-shteler - Braggart
bulletOiver botel - Absentminded: getting senile
bulletOkurat - That's right!  Ok! Absolutely! (Sarcastically: Ya' sure!) Okuratner mentsh - Orderly person
bulletOlreitnik! - Nouveau riche!
bulletOn langeh hakdomes! - Cut it short! (Lit., without long introductions.)
bulletOngeblozzen - Conceited: peevish, sulky, pouting
bulletOngeblozzener - Stuffed shirt
bulletOngematert - Tired out
bulletOngepatshket - Cluttered, disordered, scribbled, sloppy, muddled, overly-done
bulletOngeshtopt - Very wealthy
bulletOngeshtopt mit gelt - Very wealthy; (Lit., stuffed with money)
bulletOngetrunken - Drunk
bulletOngetshepter - Bothersome hanger-on
bulletOngevarfen - Cluttered, disordered
bulletOnshikenish - Hanger-on
bulletOnshikenish - Pesty nagger
bulletOnzaltsen - Giving you the business; bribe; soft-soap; sweet-talk (Lit., to salt)
bulletOpgeflickt! - Done in! Suckered! Milked!
bulletOpgehitener - Pious person
bulletOpgekrochen - Shoddy
bulletOpgekrocheneh schoireh - Shoddy merchandise
bulletOpgelozen(er) - Careless dresser
bulletOpgenart - Cheated, fooled
bulletOpnarer - Trickster, shady operator
bulletOpnarerei - Deception
bulletOrehman - Poor man, without means
bulletOremkeit - Poverty
bulletOt azaih - That's how, just like that
bulletOt kimm ich - Here I come!
bulletOt gaist du - There you go (again)
bulletOy mi nisht gut gevorn - "Oh my, I'm growing weary."
bulletOy vey tsu meina baina - Woe is me (down to my toes)
bulletOybershter in himmel - G-d in heaven
bulletOych a bashefenish - Also a V.I.P.! A big person! (said derogatorily, sarcastically, or in pity)
bulletOych mir a leben! - This too is a living! This you call a living?
bulletOyfen himmel a yarid! - Much ado about nothing! Impossible! (Lit., In heaven there's a big fair!)
bulletOyfgekumener - Come upper, upstart
bulletOys shiddech - The marriage is off!
bulletOysgedart - Skinny, emaciated
bulletOysgehorevet - Exhausted
bulletOysgematert - Tired out, worn out
bulletOysgemutshet - Worked to death, tired out
bulletOysgeputst - Dressed up, overdressed; over decorated
bulletOysgeshprait - Spread out
bulletOysvurf - Outcast, bad person


bulletPaigeren - To die (animal)
bulletPaigeren zol er! - He should drop dead!
bulletPamelech - Slow, slowly
bulletParech - Low-life, a bad man
bulletParnosseh - Livelihood
bulletParshiveh - Mean, cheap
bulletParshoin - He-man
bulletPartatshnek - Inferior merchandise or work
bulletParveh - Neutral food, neither milchidik (dairy) nor flaishidik (meat)
bulletPaskidnye - Rotten, terrible
bulletPaskudnik, paskudnyak - Ugly, revolting, evil person; nasty fellow
bullet Past nit. - It isn't proper.
bulletPatsh - Slap, smack on the cheek
bulletPatsh zich in tuchis und schrei "hooray" - Said to a child who complains he/she has nothing to do (slap your backside and yell "hooray")
bulletPatshkies around - Anglicized characterization of one who wastes time.
bulletPatteren tseit - To lounge around; waste time
bulletPetseleh - Little penis
bulletPhooey! fooey, pfui - Designates disbelief, distaste, contempt
bulletPinkt kahpoyer - Upside down; just the opposite
bulletPipek - Navel, belly button
bulletPishechtz - Urine
bulletPisher - Male infant, a little squirt, a nobody
bulletPisk - Slang, for mouth; insultingly, it means a big mouth, loudmouth
bulletPisk-Malocheh - Big talker-little doer! (man who talks a good line but does nothing)
bulletPitseler - Toddler, small child
bulletPitshetsh - Chronic complainer
bulletPitsel - Wee, tiny
bulletPitsvinik - Little nothing
bulletPlagen - Work hard, sweat out a job, suffer
bulletPlagen zich - To suffer
bulletPlaplen - Chatter Plats! - Burst! Bust your guts out! Split your guts!!
bulletPlatsin zuls du - May you explode
bulletPlimenik - Nephew
bulletPlimenitse - Niece
bulletPlotz - To burst
bulletPluchet - Heavy rain (from Polish "Plucha")
bulletPlyoot - Bull-shitter; Loudmouth
bulletPlyotkenitzeh - A gossip
bulletPoo, poo, poo - Simulate spitting three times to avoid the evil eye
bulletPooter veren - Getting rid of (Lit: making butter)
bulletPooter veren fon emitzer - Getting rid of someone; eg: "ich geh' veren pooter fon ihr" - "I'm going to be getting rid of her!"
bulletPotchke - Fool around or "mess" with
bulletPotzevateh - Dimwit, someone who is "out of it."
bulletPreplen - To mutter, mumble
bulletPrezhinitse - Scrambled eggs with milk added.
bulletPrietzteh - Princess; finicky girl; (having airs, giving airs; being snooty) prima donna!
bulletPripitchok - Long, narrow wood-burning stove
bulletProst - Coarse, common, vulgar
bulletProstaches - Low class people
bulletProstak - Ignorant boor, coarse person, vulgar man
bulletProster chamoole - Low-class shithead
bulletProsteh leit - Simple people, common people; vulgar, ignorant, "low class" people
bulletProster mentsh - Vulgar man, common man
bulletPtsha - Cows feet in jelly
bulletPulke - The upper thigh
bulletPunim - Face
bulletPupik - Navel, belly button, gizzard, chicken stomachs
bulletPupiklech - Dish of chicken gizzards
bulletPushkeh - Little box for coins
bulletPustunpasnik - Loafer, idler
bulletPutz - Slang word for "penis." Also used when describing someone someone as being "a jerk."
bulletPyesseh - A play, drama


bulletRachmones - Compassions, mercy, pity
bulletRav - Rabbi, religious leader of the community
bulletReb - Mr., Rabbi; title given to a learned and respected man
bulletRebbe fon Stutz - A phrase used to explain the unexplainable. Similar to blaming something on the fairies or a mystical being.
bulletRebiniu - "Rabbi dear!"  Term of endearment for a rabbi
bulletRebitsin - Literally, the rabbi's wife (often sarcastically applied to a woman who gives herself airs, or acts excessively pious) ; pompous woman
bulletRechielesnitseh - Dowdy, gossipy woman
bulletReden on a moss - To chatter without end
bulletRedn tzu der vant - Talk in vain or to talk and receive no answer (Lit. , talk to the wall for all the good it will do you)
bulletRedt zich ayn a kreynk! - Imaginary sickness
bulletRedt zich ayn a kind in boich - Imaginary pregnancy (Imaginary anything)
bulletReich - Rich, wealthy
bulletReisen di hoit - Skin someone alive (Lit., to tear the skin)
bulletReissen - To tear
bulletRetsiche - Murder
bulletRibi-fish, gelt oyfen tish! - Don't ask for credit!  Pay in cash in advance!  Cash on the barrel-head! 
bulletRiboynoy-shel-oylom! (Hebrew)  God in heaven, Master of the Universe
bulletRichtiker chaifetz - The real article!  The real McCoy!
bulletRirevdiker - A lively person
bulletRolleh - Role in a play
bulletRooshisher - Definitely NOT a Litvak; coming from Ukraine, White Russia; the Crimea, Russia itself.
bulletRoseh - Mean, evil person
bulletRossel flaysh - Yiddish refritos
bullet(A) Ruach in dein taten's taten arein! - Go to the devil!  (Lit.,  A devil (curse) should enter your father's father!)
bulletRuf mich k'nak-nissel! - I did wrong?  So call me a nut!
bulletRuktish - Portable table


bulletSaichel - Common sense, good sense; tact, diplomacy
bulletS'art eich? - What does it matter to you? Does it matter to you?
bulletSchochet - A ritual slaughterer of animals and fowl.
bulletSe brent nit! - Don't get excited! (Lit., It's not on fire!)
bulletSe shtinkt! - It stinks!
bulletSe zol dir grihmen in boych! - You should get a stomach cramp!
bulletSh' gootzim - Plural of shaigetz
bulletSha! (gently said) - Please keep quiet.
bulletShabbes goy - Someone doing the dirty work for others (Lit;, gentile doing work for a Jew on Sabbath)
bulletShadchen - Matchmaker or marriage broker. There is the professional type who derives his or her living from it, but many Jewish people engage in matchmaking without compensation.
bulletShaigitz - Non-Jewish boy; wild Jewish boy
bulletShaigetz ainer! - Berating term for irreligious Jewish boy, one who flouts Jewish law
bulletShaile - A question
bulletShain vi der lavoone - As pretty as the moon
bulletShain vi di zibben velten - Beautiful as the seven worlds
bulletShaineh maidel - pretty girl
bulletShainer gelechter - Hearty laugh (sarcastically, Some laughter!)
bulletShainkeit - Beauty
bulletShaitel, (sheitel) - Wig (Ultra-orthodox married women cover their hair. Some use a shaitel)
bulletShalach mohnes - Customary gifts exchanges on Purim, usually goodies Shalom - Peace (a watchword and a greeting)
bulletShamus - Sexton, beadle of the synagogue, also, the lighter taper used to light other candles on a menorah, a policeman (slang)
bulletShandeh - Shame or disgrace
bulletShandhoiz - Brothel, whorehouse
bulletShpatzir - A walk without a particular destination
bulletShat, shat! Hust! - Quiet! Don't get excited
bulletShatnes - Proscription against wearing clothes that are mixed of wool and linen
bulletShav - Cold spinach soup, sorrel grass soup, sour leaves soup
bulletShemevdik - Bashful, shy
bulletShepen naches - Enjoy; gather pleasure, draw pleasure, especially from children
bulletShidech (pl., shiduchim) - Match, marriage, betrothal
bulletShihi-pihi - Mere nothings
bulletShik-yingel - Messenger
bulletShikker - Drunkard
bulletShikseh - Non-Jewish girl
bulletShitter - Sparse, lean, meager
bulletShiva - Mourning period of seven days observed by family and friends of deceased
bulletShkapeh - A hag, a mare; worthless
bulletShkotz - Berating term for mischievous Jewish boy
bulletShlak - Apoplexy; a wretch, a miserable person; shoddy; shoddy merchandise
bulletShlang - Snake, serpent; a troublesome wife; penis (taboo)
bulletShlatten shammes - Communal busybody, tale bearer; messenger
bulletShlecht - Bad
bulletShlecht veib - Shrew (Lit., a bad wife)
bulletShlemiel - Clumsy bungler, an inept person, butter-fingered; dopey person
bulletShlep - Drag, carry or haul, particularly unnecessary things, parcels or baggage; to go somewhere unwillingly or where you may be unwanted
bulletShleppen - To drag, pull, carry, haul
bulletShlepper - Sponger, panhandler, hanger-on; dowdy, gossipy woman, free-loader
bulletShlimazel - Luckless person. Unlucky person; one with perpetual bad luck (it is said that the shlemiel spills the soup on the shlimazel!)
bulletShlog zich kop in vant. - Break your own head! (Lit., bang your head on the wall)
bulletShlog zich mit Got arum! - Go fight City Hall! (Lit., Go fight with God.)
bulletShlogen - To beat up
bulletShlok - A curse; apoplexy
bulletShlooche - Slut
bulletShloof - Sleep, nap
bulletShlosser - Mechanic
bulletShlub - A jerk; a foolish, stupid or unknowing person, second rate, inferior.
bulletShlump - Careless dresser, untidy person; as a verb, to idle or lounge around
bulletShlumperdik - Unkempt, sloppy
bulletShmaltz - Grease or fat; (slang) flattery; to sweet talk, overly praise, dramatic
bulletShmaltzy - Sentimental, corny
bulletShmatteh - Rag, anything worthless
bulletShmeis - Bang, wallop
bulletShmek tabik - Nothing of value (Lit., a pinch of snuff)
bulletShmeer - The business; the whole works; to bribe, to coat like butter
bulletShmegegi - Buffoon, idiot, fool
bulletShmeichel - To butter up
bulletSchmeikel - To swindle, con, fast-talk.
bulletShmendrik - nincompoop; an inept or indifferent person; same as shlemiel
bulletShmo(e) - Naive person, easy to deceive; a goof (Americanism)
bulletShmontses -Trifles, folly
bulletShmooz; (shmuess) - Chat, talk
bulletShmuck (tabboo) -  Self-made fool; obscene for penis: derisive term for a man
bulletShmulky! - A sad sack!
bulletShmuts - Dirt, slime
bulletShmutzik - Dirty, soiled
bulletShnapps - Whiskey, same as bronfen
bulletShnecken - Little fruit and nut coffee rolls
bulletShneider - Tailor; in gin rummy card game, to win game without opponent scoring
bulletShnell - Quick, quickly
bulletShnook - A patsy, a sucker, a sap, easy-going, person easy to impose upon, gullible
bulletShnorrer - A beggar who makes pretensions to respectability; sponger, a parasite
bulletShnur - Daughter-in-law
bulletShokklen - To shake
bulletShoymer - Watchman; historically refers also to the armed Jewish watchman in the early agricultural settlements in the Holy Land
bulletShoymer mitzves - Pious person
bulletShoyn ainmol a' metsei-eh! - Really a bargain
bulletShoyn fargessen? - You have already forgotten?
bulletShoyn genug! - That's enough!
bulletShpiel - Play
bulletShpilkes - Pins and needles
bulletShpits - end, the heel of the bread
bulletShpitsfinger - Toes
bulletShpitzik - Pointed sense of humour, witty, sarcastic, caustic
bulletShpogel nei - Brand-new
bulletShreklecheh zach - A terrible thing
bulletShtarben - To die
bulletShtark, shtarker - Strong, brave
bulletShtark gehert - Smelled bad (used only in reference to food; Lit., strongly heard)
bulletShtark vi a ferd - Strong as a horse
bulletShtetl - Village or small town (in the "old country")
bulletShtik - Piece, bit: a special bit of acting
bulletShtik drek (taboo) - Piece of shit; shit-head
bulletShtik goy - Idiomatic expression for one inclined to heretical views, or ignorance of Jewish religious values
bulletShtik naches - Grandchild, child, or relative who gives you pleasure; a great joy
bulletShtikel - Small bit or piece; a morsel
bulletShtiklech - Tricks; small pieces
bulletShtilinkerait - Quietly
bulletShtimm zich- Shut up!
bulletShtoltz - Pride; unreasonably and stubbornly proud, excessive self-esteem
bulletShtrafeeren - To threaten
bulletShtrudel - Sweet cake made of paper-thin dough rolled up with various fillings
bulletShtuk - Trouble
bulletShtum - Quiet
bullet(A) Shtunk - A guy who doesn't smell too good; a stink (bad odor) a lousy human
bulletShtup - Push, shove; vulgarism for sexual intercourse
bulletShtup es in toches! (taboo) - Shove (or stick) it up your rectum (ass)!
bulletShul - Colloquial Yiddish for synagogue
bulletShule - School
bulletShushkeh - A whisper; an aside
bulletShutfim - Associates
bulletShvach - Weak, pale
bulletShvachkeit - Weakness
bulletShvantz - tail, penis
bulletShvegerin - Sister-in-law
bulletShvengern - Be pregnant
bulletShver - Father-in-law; heavy, hard, difficult
bulletShviger - Mother-in-law
bulletShvindel - Fraud, deception, swindle
bulletShvindeldik - Dizzy, unsteady
bulletShvitz - Sweat, sweating
bulletShvitz bod - Steam bath
bulletShvoger - Brother-in-law
bulletSidder - Jewish prayer book for weekdays and Saturday
bulletSimcheh - Joy; also refers to a joyous occasion
bulletSitzfleish - Patience that can endure sitting (Lit., sitting flesh)
bulletSmetteneh - Sour cream; Cream
bulletSobaka killev - Very doggy dog
bulletSof kol sof - Finally
bulletSonem - Enemy, or someone who thwarts your success.
bulletS'teitsh! - Listen! Hold on! How is that? How is that possible? How come?
bulletStrasheh mich nit! - Don't threaten me!


bulletTa'am - Taste, flavor; good taste
bulletTa'am gan eyden - Fabulous (Lit: A taste of the Garden of Eden)
bulletTachlis - Practical purpose, result
bulletTahkeh - Really! Is that so? Certainly!
bulletTahkeh a metsieh - Really a bargain! (usually said with sarcasm)
bulletTaiglech - Small pieces of baked dough or little cakes dipped in honey
bulletTallis - Rectangular prayer-shawl to whose four corners, fringes are attached
bulletTalmud - The complete treasury of Jewish law interpreting the Torah into livable law
bulletTalmud Torah - The commandment to study the Law; an educational institution for orphans and poor children, supported by the community; in the United States, a Hebrew school for children
bulletTamavate - Feebleminded
bulletTamaveter - Feebleminded person
bulletTandaitneh - Inferior
bulletTararam - Big noise, big deal
bulletTashlich - Ceremony of the casting off of sins on the Jewish New Year (crumbs of bread symbolizing one's sins are cast away into a stream of water in the afternoon of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashoneh)
bulletTateh, tatteh, tatteh, tatteleh, tatinka, tatteniu - Father, papa, daddy, pop
bulletTateh-mameh, papa-mama - Parents
bulletTatenui - Father dear (The suffix "niu" in Yiddish is added for endearing intimacy; also, G-d is addressed this way by the pious; Tateniu-Foter means G-d, our Father
bulletTchotchkes - Little playthings, ornaments, bric-a-brac, toys
bulletTeier - Dear, costly, expensive
bulletTei-yerinkeh! - Sweetheart, dearest
bulletTemp - Dolt
bulletTemper kop - Dullard
bulletT'noim - Betrothal, engagement
bulletToches - Buttocks, behind, fanny (ass)
bulletToches ahfen tish! - Put up or shut up! Let's conclude this! (Lit., Asses on the table!)
bulletToches in droissen - Bare behind
bulletToches-lecker - Brown-noser, apple-polisher, ass-kisser
bulletTogshul - Day school
bulletToig ahf kapores! - Good for nothing! It's worth nothing!
bulletTraif - Forbidden food, impure, contrary to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher
bulletTraifener bain - Jew who does not abide by Jewish law (derisive, scornful expression
bulletTraifeneh bicher - Forbidden literature
bulletTraifnyak - Despicable person; one who eats non-kosher food
bulletTrenen - To tear, rip
bulletTrepsverter - Lit. step words. The zinger one thinks of in retreat.  The perfect retort one summons after mulling over the insult.
bulletTrogedik - Pregnant
bulletTrog gezunterhait! - Wear it in good health!
bulletTrombenik - A bum, no-good person, ne'er-do-well; a faker
bulletTsaddik - Pious, righteous person
bulletTsalooches - Spite
bulletTsaloochesnik - Spiteful person
bulletTsatskeh - Doll, plaything; something cute; an overdressed woman; a sexy girl
bulletTsatskeleh der mamehs! - Mother's favorite! Mother's pet!
bulletTsebrech a fus! - Break a leg!
bulletTsedrait - Nutty, crazy, screwy
bulletTsedraiter kop - Bungler
bulletTseereh - Face (usually used as put-down)
bulletTsemisht - Confused, befuddled, mixed-up
bulletTsevishen-shtotisheh telefonistkeh - Long distance operator
bulletTsegait zich in moyl - It melts in the mouth, delicious, yummy-yummy
bulletTsemishnich - Confusion
bulletTshatshki - Toy, doo-dad
bulletTshepen - To annoy, irk, plague, bother, attack
bulletTsigeloisen - Compassionate, rather nice
bulletTsiklen zich - The cantor's ecstatic repetition of a musical phrase
bulletTsimmes - Sweet carrot compote; (slang) a major issue made out of a minor event
bulletTsitskeh - Breast, teat, udder
bulletTsivildivit - Crazy, wild, overwhelmed with too many choices
bulletTsnueh - Chaste
bulletTsores - Troubles, misery
bulletTsutsheppenish - Hanger-on; unwanted companion; pest; nuisance
bulletTsum glik, tsum shlimazel - For better, for worse
bulletTsvilling - Twins
bulletTu mir a toiveh. - Do me a favor.
bulletTu mir nit kain toives. - Don't do me any favors.
bulletTumel - Confusion, noise, uproar
bulletTumler - A noise-maker (person); an agitator
bulletTut vai dos harts - Heartbroken
bulletTzedakeh - Spirit of philanthropy; charity, benevolence
bulletTziginner bobkes - Jocular, truly valueless. Also used to describe black olives. Lit: goat droppings
bulletTzitzis - Fringes attached to the four corners of the tallis
bulletTzufil! - Too much! Too costly!



bulletUm-be-rufen - Unqualified, uncalled for; God forbid; (A deprecation to ward off the evil eye)
bulletUm-be-shrien - God forbid!  It shouldn't happen!
bulletUmgeduldik - Petulant
bulletUmmeglich! - Impossible!
bulletUmglick - A misfortune; (masc) A born loser; an unlucky one
bulletUmshteller - Braggart
bulletUmzist - For nothing
bulletUn langeh hakdomes! - Cut it short! (lit., Without a long introduction)
bulletUnterkoifen - To bribe
bulletUntershmeichlen - To butter up
bulletUntervelt mentsh - Racketeer
bulletUtz - To goad, to needle


bulletVahksin zuls du vi a tsibeleh, mitten kup in drerd - May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground!
bulletVahksin zuls du, tsu gezunt, tsu leben, tsu langeh yor - May you grow to health, to life, to long years. (Each may me said when someone sneezes)
bulletVai! - Woe, pain; usually appears as "oy vai!"
bulletVai is mir! - Woe is me!
bulletVai vind iz meine yoren - "Woe is me!"
bulletVais ich vos - Stuff and nonsense!  Says you! (Lit., Know from what)
bulletVaitik - An ache
bulletValgeren zich - Wander around aimlessly
bulletValgerer - Homeless wanderer
bulletVaneh - Bath, bathtub
bulletVannit - Where (from) "Fon vannit kimmt ihr?" (Where do you come from?)
bulletVantz - Bedbug; (slang) a nobody
bulletVarenikehs - Round shaped noodle dough stuffed with meat, potato, etc. and fried
bulletVarfen an oyg - To look out for; to guard; to mind (Lit., To throw an eye at)
bulletVarnishkes - Kasha and noodles
bulletVart! - Wait! Hold on!
bulletVash-tsimmer - Bathroom, washroom
bulletVash-tsimmer far froyen - Ladie's room
bulletVash-tsimmer far menner - Men's room
bulletVechter - Watchman
bulletVeibernik - Debauchee
bulletVeibershe shtiklach - Female tricks
bulletVeis vi kalech! - Pale as a sheet!
bulletVek-zaiger - Alarm clock
bulletVemen barestu? - (taboo) Whom are you kidding? (Lit., Whom are you screwing?)
bulletVemen narstu? - Whom are you fooling?
bulletVer derharget! - Get killed!  Drop dead! (Also "ver geharget)
bulletVer dershtikt! - Choke yourself!
bulletVer farblondjet! - Get lost!  Go away!
bulletVerklempt - Extremely emotional.  On the verge of tears. (See "Farklempt")
bulletVer tsuzetst - "Go to hell" (or its equivalent)
bulletVer vaist? - Who knows?
bulletVer volt dos geglaibt? - Who would have believed it?
bulletVeren a tel - To be ruined
bulletVeren ferherret - To get married
bulletVi a barg - Large as a mountain
bulletVi der ruach zogt gut morgen - Where the devil says good morning! (has many meanings; usually appended to another phrase)
bulletVi gait dos gesheft? - How's business?
bulletVi gait es eich? - How goes it with you? How are you? How are you doing?
bulletVi gaits? - How goes it? How are things? How's tricks?
bulletVi haistu? - What's your name?
bulletVi ruft men...? - What is the name of...?
bulletVi ruft men eich? - What is your name?
bulletViazoy? - How come?
bulletVie Chavele tsu der geht - Literally: Like Chavele on her way to her divorce; meaning "all spruced up."
bulletVifil? - How much?
bulletVilder mentsh - A wild one; a wild person
bulletVilstu - Do you want...
bulletVo den? - What else?
bulletVoglen - To wander around aimlessly
bulletVoiler yung! - Roughneck (sarcastic expression)
bulletVoncin - Bed bug
bulletVortshpiel - Pun, witticism
bulletVos art es (mich)? - What does it matter (to me)? What do I care?
bulletVos barist du? - (taboo) What are you screwing around for? What are you fooling around for?
bulletVos bei a nichteren oyfen lung, is bei a shikkeren oyfen tsung. - What a sober man has on his lung (mind), a drunk has on his tongue. 
bulletVos draistu mir a kop? - What are you bothering me for? (Lit., Why are you twisting my head?)
bulletVos failt zai? - What are they lacking?
bulletVos gicher, alts besser - The faster, the better
bulletVos hakst du mir in kop? - What are you talking my head off for?
bulletVos hert zich? - What do you hear around?  What's up?
bulletVos hert zich epes nei-es? - What's new?
bulletVos hob ich dos gedarft? - What did I need it for?
bulletVos-in-der-kort - Capable of doing anything bad (applied to bad person; Lit., everything in the cards)
bulletVos iz? - What's the matter?
bulletVos iz ahfen kop, iz ahfen tsung! - What's on his mind is on his tongue!
bulletVos iz der chil'lek? - What difference does it make?
bulletVos iz der tachlis? - What's the purpose? Where does it lead to? 
bulletVos iz di chochmeh? - What is the trick?
bulletVos iz di untershteh shureh? - What's the point? What's the outcome? (Lit., What on the bottom line?)
bulletVos iz mit dir? - What's wrong with you?
bulletVos kocht zich in teppel? - What's cooking?
bulletVos macht a yid? - How's it going?
bulletVos macht vos oys? - What difference does it make?
bulletVos macht es mir oys? - What difference does it make to me?
bulletVos macht ir? - How are you? (pl.); How do you do?
bulletVos Machstu? - How are you? (singular)
bulletVos maint es? - What does it mean?
bulletVos noch? - What else?  What then?
bulletVos ret ir epes? - What are you talking about?
bulletVos tut zich? - What's going on? What's cooking?
bulletVos vet zein - What will be
bulletVos vet zein, vet zein! - What will be, will be!
bulletVos zogt ir? - What are you saying?
bulletVu tut dir vai? - Where does it hurt?
bulletVuhin gaitsu? - Where are you going?
bulletVund - Wound
bulletVursht - Bologna
bulletVyzoso - Idiot (named after youngest son of Haman, archenemy of Jews in Book of esther); also, penis




bulletWen der tati/fater gibt men tsu zun, lachen baiden.  Wen der zun gibt men tsu tati/fater, vainen baiden. - When the father gives to his son, both laugh.  When the son gives to the father, both cry.
bulletWen ich ess, ch'ob ich alles in dread. - (Lit. When I am eating, I have everything in the ground.)  When I am eating, everybody can go to hell!


bulletYachneh - A coarse, loud-mouthed woman; a gossip; a slattern
bulletYachsen - Man of distinguished lineage, highly connected person, privileged character
bulletYarmelkeh - Traditional Jewish skull cap, usually worn during prayers; worn at all times by observant Orthodox Jews.
bulletYashir koyech - May your strength continue
bulletYatebedam - A man who threatens; one who thinks he's a "big shot"; a blusterer
bulletYedies - News; cablegrams; announcements
bulletYefayfiyeh - Beauty; woman of great beauty
bulletYenems - Someone else's; (the brand of cigarettes moochers smoke!)
bulletYeneh velt - The other world; the world to come
bulletYenteh - Gabby, talkative woman; female blabbermouth
bulletYente telebente - Mrs. National Enquirer
bulletYentzen (taboo) - To fornicate, to whore
bulletYeshiveh - Jewish traditional higher school, talmudical academy
bulletYeshiveh bocher - Student of talmudic academy
bulletYeshuvnik - Farmer, rustic
bulletYichus - Pedigree, ancestry, family background, nobility
bulletYiddisher kop - Jewish head
bulletYiddishkeit - Having to do with all things relating to Jewish culture.
bulletYingeh tsats-keh! - A young doll! A living doll!
bulletYiskor - Prayer in commemoration of the dead (Lit., May God remember.)
bulletYom Kippur - Day of Atonement (the most holy of holy days of the Jewish calendar)
bulletYontefdik - Festive, holiday-ish; sharp (referring to clothes)
bulletYortseit - Anniversary of the day of death of parents or relatives; yearly remembrance
bulletYoysher - Justice, fairness, integrity
bulletYukel - Buffoon
bullet(A) Yung mit bainer! - A powerhouse! Strongly built person
bulletYung un alt - Young and old
bulletYungatsh - Street-urchin, scamp, young rogue
bulletYungermantshik - A young, vigorous lad; A newlywed


bulletZadnitse - vagina
bulletZaft - Juice
bulletZaftik - Pleasantly plump and pretty. Sensuous looking (Lit., juicy)
bulletZaftikeh moid! - Sexually attractive girl
bulletZaideh - Grandfather
bulletZaier gut - O.K. (Lit., very good)
bulletZaier shain gezogt! - Well said! (Lit., Very beautifully said!)
bulletZee est vee a feigele - She eats like a bird
bulletZeh nor, zeh nor! Look here, look here!
bulletZei (t) gezunt - Be well! Goodbye! Farewell
bulletZei mir frailich! - Be Happy!
bulletZei mir gezunt! - Be well!
bulletZei mir matriach - Be at pains to... Please; make an effort.
bulletZei nit a nar! - Don't be a fool!
bulletZei nit kain vyzoso! - Don't be an idiot!  Don't be a damn fool!
bulletZeit azoy gut - Please (Lit., Be so good)
bulletZeit ir doch ahfen ferd! - You're all set! (Lit., You're on the horse!)
bulletZeit (mir) moychel - Excuse me! Be so good as...Forgive me!
bulletZelig - Blessed (used mostly among German Jews in recalling a beloved deceased ----- mama zelig)
bulletZeltenkeit - Rare thing
bulletZetz - Shove, push, bang!  Also slang for a sexual experience (taboo)
bulletZhaleven - To be sparing, miserly
bulletZhlob - A jerk; slob, uncouth
bulletZhu met (mir) in kop - A buzzing in one's (mind) head
bulletZhulik - Faker
bulletZi farmacht nit dos moyl - She doesn't stop talking (Lit., She doesn't close her mouth)
bulletZindik nit - Don't complain. Don't tempt the Gods.
bulletZiseh neshomeh - Sweet soul
bulletZiseh raidelech - Sweet talk
bulletZiskeit - Sweetness, sweetheart, (Also endearing term for a child)
bulletZitsen ahf shpilkes - Sitting on pins and needles; to fidget
bulletZitsen shiveh - Sit in mourning (Shiveh means 7 which is the number of days in the period of mourning
bulletZitsflaish - Patience (Lit., Sitting meat)
bulletZog a por verter - Say a few words!
bulletZogen a ligen - Tell a lie
bulletZogerkeh - Woman who leads the prayers in the women's section in the synagogue
bulletZoineh - Prostitute
bulletZol dich chapen beim boych. - You should get a stomach cramp!
bulletZol dir klappen in kop! - It should bang in your head (the way it is bothering me!)
bulletZol er tsebrechen a fus! - May he break a leg!  He should break a leg!
bulletZol es brennen! - The hell with it! (Lit., Let it burn!)
bulletZol Got mir helfen!- May God help me!
bulletZol Got ophiten! - May God prevent!
bulletZol ich azoy vissen fun tsores! - I haven't got the faintest idea! (Lit., I should so know from trouble as I know about this!)
bulletZol vaksen tzibbelis fun pipek! - Onions should grow from your bellybutton! 
bulletZol ze vaksen ze ve a tsibble mit de kopin dreid - You should grow like an onion with your head in the ground. 
bulletZol zein! - Let it be! That's all!
bulletZol zein azoy! - O.K.! Let it be so!
bulletZol zein gezunt! - Be well! 
bulletZol zein mit glik! - Good luck!
bulletZol zein shah! - Be quiet.  Shut up!!
bulletZol zein shtil! - Silence! Let's have some quiet!
bulletZolst geshvollen veren vi a barg! - You should swell up like a mountain!
bulletZolst hobn tzen haizer, yeder hoiz zol hobn tzen tzimern, in yeder tzimer zoln zain tzen betn un zolst zij kaiklen fun ein bet in der tzweiter mit cadojes! - I wish you to have ten houses, each house with ten rooms, each room with ten beds and you should roll from one bed to the other with cholera. (not a very nice thing to say.)
bulletZolst leben un zein gezunt! - You should live and be well!
bulletZolst ligen in drerd! - Drop dead! (Lit., You should lie in the earth!)
bulletZolst nit vissen fun kain shlechts. - You shouldn't know from evil.
bulletZolst es shtipin in toches! - (taboo) Shove it up your rectum!
bulletZolst zein vi a lomp-am tug sollst di hangen, in der nacht sollst di brennen - You should be like a lamp, you should hang during the day and burn during the night!
bulletZolstu azoy laiben! - You should live so!
bulletZorg zich nit! - Don't worry!
bulletZuninkeh! - Dear son! Darling son!


jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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