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I am repulsed by the content of this anti-semitic garbage.  Why is this on 
this list?  I thought this list was at least leftist.

>From: "Yuriy Kirienko" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: "The Grip \(E\)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 
>   "Sons of Liberty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,   "Grom" 
><[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,   "Father's Manifesto" 
><[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,   "Christian Patriot" 
><[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,   "International Action Center" 
>Subject: The Grip - 55 (B) Kidnapping of Children by the American 
>Judiciary. Why and How it Works
>Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 11:35:22 -0700
>About a year passed since I posted this article. I think it is the
>time to repost it for the new subscribers to show the criminality
>of the judicial system of the US and its genocidal policy towards
>the White race, the White Man and the Father and Son.
>The place for the judicial bastards committing those crimes are
>not on the bench but in the gas chamber for the crimes against
>humanity that they routinely commit.
>Yuriy Kirienko
>The Grip - 55 (B) Kidnapping of Children by the American
>Judiciary. Why and How it Works.
>by Yuriy Kirienko
>The text follows after the table of contents.
>I. yk] Introduction.
>A-I. yk] Some of the Background.
>B-I. yk] Usurpation of My Fatherhood Rights by the Judge
>Roderick Duncan.
>1-BI. yk] Illegality of the Judicial Kidnapping.
>2-BI. yk] Criminal Executive Decision.
>II. yk] Judicial and Executive Modes.
>A-II. yk] Corruption of the Judicial Procedure.
>B-II. yk] Criminal as a Judicial Impersonator.
>C-II. yk] Experts of the Court as False Witnesses.
>D-II. yk] What Lawyers do in the Courts of Law?
>III. yk] Manipulations with Consciousness of the Victims.
>A-III. yk] Magic of the Judicial Show.
>B-III. yk] Conflict Between the Two Contexts.
>1-BIII. yk] The False Context of the "Politically Correct."
>2-BIII. yk] The Binding Power of the Context.
>3-BIII. yk] Peculiarity of the Legal Contest Within the
>False Context.
>C-III. yk] Hats the Attorneys Wear.
>1-CIII. yk] Context Determines the Color of the Hat.
>2-CIII. yk] American Coca Cola and Cola Loca on the
>Russian Easter.
>IV. yk] Human Intelligence and God.
>A-IV. yk] Nature of Proof.
>B-IV. yk] Can You Prove that You are not a Camel?
>1-BIV. yk] Description is not a Proof.
>2-BIV. yk] Self-evident Cannot be Proven.
>3-BIV. yk] What Cannot Prove that You are not a
>C-IV. yk] What You Can Prove Within the Context that
>Claims You being a Camel.
>D-IV. yk] A Jewish Created Context Enslaves Man, Aryan
>and the White Father to the Jew.
>1-DIV. yk] Man, Aryan and White Father are always
>2-DIV. yk] Resetting of the Initial Values by the
>Politically Correct Context.
>a-2DIV. yk] Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad.
>b-2DIV. yk] Are Two Legs Bad or are Two Legs
>c-2DIV. yk] The Context Created by the Pig
>determines Goodness or Badness of Two Legs.
>V. yk] Giving the Cart Blanch to the Judicial Will.
>A-V. yk] Judicial Decisions and the Penal Code.
>B-V. yk] Whitewashing of the Crime.
>1-BV. yk] Handling of Evidence by the American Judge.
>2-BV. yk] Judiciary Magic.
>3-BV. yk] Hiding the Origin of Criminal Intent.
>4-BV. yk] Blood Ties - Bonds, Whips and Carrots.
>a-4BV. yk] Power of the Blood Ties.
>b-4BV. yk] Usage of Blood Ties by the Jews.
>C-V. yk] Two Crimes at the Same Time.
>VI. yk] Summary of the Family Court swindle:
>A-VI. yk] The burden of proof placed upon the Father.
>B-VI. yk] Are You a Good Father?
>C-VI. yk] Are You a Stupid Father?
>D-VI. yk] Is Judge a Good Pimp?
>E-VI. yk] Lawyer - a Legal Representative of the Judge.
>F-VI. yk] Do not Endorse the Crime Against Yourself.
>VII. yk] Conclusion.
>A-VII. yk] Pimps Instead of Fathers in Gun Ownership.
>B-VII. yk] The Rotten Deeds of the Rotten Mob.
>1-BVII. yk] The State Mob does not Represent Fathers.
>2-BVII. yk] The State Mob Destroys Life in that Country.
>3-BVII. yk] Judicial Monsters Turned the State Power
>Against You.
>4-BVII. yk] You can entrust Nothing to the Sate
>5-BVII. yk] Jews Plan to do What they Already did in
>Russia 1917.
>C-VII. yk] At Present Guns are Your Only Protection.
>I. yk] Introduction.
>A-I. yk] Some of the Background.
>US Department of Justice
>Immigration and Naturalization Service
>Additional information on marital history of Yuriy E. Kirienko.
>This is an expanded version of the paper with the same title
>written as an address to the White American Male - the most
>downtrodden male in the history of the Aryan Civilization.
>1. Married to XXXXXXXX X. XXXXXXX, born citizen of the
>USA, on XX-XX-78 in the State of Illinois.
>2. Divorced by Superior Court of California - case No.;
>XXXXXX-X, on 5-31-1990.
>3. Child-son: XXXX XXXX XXXX born XXXX XX, 1980.
>XXXX has dual citizenship. On November 25, 1980 the
>General Consulate of the USSR in San Francisco issued to
>XXXX a Birth Certificate No.: XXXXXX of the USSR upon
>the written request of both parents.
>4. By the decision of the judge Roderick Duncan of the Su-
>perior Court of California, County of Alameda the child was
>kidnapped from his father on May 31, 1990.
>B-I. yk] Usurpation of My fatherhood Rights by the
>Judge Roderick Duncan.
>1-BI. yk] Illegality of the Judicial Kidnapping.
>01.yk] The judgment regarding my son was a legalized act
>of kidnapping for neither was it based on any factual evi-
>dence nor was it made according to the Laws of California.
>The decision of that judge either stemmed from conflict of his
>personal values with mine or was determined by the needs
>of the undeclared and illegal executive objectives. If his de-
>cision was dictated by his personal values, his interpreta-
>tions of what I told to my son are subjective and arbitrary and
>as such are not valid in California.
>2-BI. yk] Criminal Executive Decision.
>02.yk] If his decision was determined by the undeclared ob-
>jectives they aside of being criminal in itself (for what else
>could be the reasons for keeping them undisclosed) they
>change the mode of reasoning from the judicial to executive
>thus making the decision also illegal.
>II. yk] Judicial and Executive Modes.
>03.yk] In the judicial mode, the judge transforms the set of
>the facts of evidence into the decision of acting over them in
>a certain manner. At that, he must strictly follow the pre-
>scribed for that purpose set of instructions that are called
>laws. In the judicial mode, the outcome of a trial is a function
>of the initial evidence and before lawful arrival at the final
>decision it cannot be known neither to the judge nor to the
>officers of the court. In the executive mode, the process is
>reversed and the executive proceeds from the desired out-
>come to its necessary preconditions.
>04.yk] He orders his decision to execution after establishing
>to the best of his abilities that at their expansion in time to-
>wards the expected outcome all the intermediary events
>would stay within the frame of the law.
>A-II. yk] Corruption of the Judicial Procedure.
>05.yk] The errors of the judicial procedure may be of the
>three types. 1) Acceptance of appearances of things and
>events into the facts of evidence. 2) Misinterpretation of pub-
>lic policies and non-enforcement of the laws. 3) Switching
>the mode of the proceedings from the judicial to executive.
>The error of the third type is the most dangerous for it
>streamlines the first two points into the battle plan towards
>reaching illegally the criminal objective using the power of
>the legitimate state.
>06.yk] Such judicial "error" is always deliberate and turns
>every participant of the procedure into the willing or unwilling
>accomplices of the crime. The judge himself acting in
>such a mode is a judicial impersonator - a criminal, veil-
>ing himself into the garments of the judicial procedure
>and legalese to prevent disclosure of his true identity to
>the victimized litigants and attending spectators.
>B-II. yk] Criminal as a Judicial Impersonator.
>07.yk] Lack of the causal-consequential connection with the
>reality is the distinctive trait of the so run "judicial' procedure.
>In such a procedure, with a set executive goal, the functions
>of the thief in the judicial chair consist of deliberately commit-
>ting himself and allowing others to contribute in the first two
>errors. Functioning of the other, involved into such a ploy of-
>ficers of the court, is reoriented to convincing of the victims
>and the unsuspecting public that the judicial procedure is run
>in full faith and that the reached executive goal is, indeed, a
>judicial decision.
>08.yk] Under such conditions no facts of reality would be al-
>lowed to matter to the extent as to alter the "judicial' decision
>beyond the built in margin of error. Every trade has its tricks
>and a "judicial" thief with his accomplices can victimize plain
>public with impunity at no risk to themselves. There is no
>more secure place for a criminal than the judicial chair in the
>American court. As I believe H. Mencken put it in his "In De-
>fense of Women": a judge is a student who gives grades to
>C-II. yk] Experts of the Court as False Witnesses.
>09.yk] The suite of the judge consists of such false wit-
>nesses, as often are the experts of the court. They testify in
>the name of some invisible entity to some often equally in-
>visible and irreproducible effect. Among them, the social
>workers and psychologists are the most prominent liars
>since 99% of their testimonies in court is nothing but pseudo-
>scientific rigmarole called upon to prove the "judge" right.
>They are spokesmen for the idols as they were at the days
>of the old. In those days, they existed under differently
>sounding names such as soothsayers, necromancers, star-
>gazers and other oracles and mouthpieces of the unknown.
>10.yk] However, it is doubtful that they could influence the
>judicial procedure to any significant extent. In former days,
>they were not allowed to testify and often were prosecuted
>as charlatans and liars. Due to the advances of science in
>the course of the last century people without special educa-
>tion began to view everything called scientific with respect
>and awe while everything described in a specialized and
>non-understandable for them jargon - as scientific. For so
>brainwashed people chanting of the sorcerers and shamans
>acquires the same testimonial value once they do it in the
>language the litigants do not understand.
>D-II. yk] What Lawyers do in the Courts of Law?
>11.yk] The suit of the judge also consists of lawyers em-
>ployed by the court system under the pretext of knowing the
>intricacies of the judicial procedure and pertinent laws. Sup-
>posedly, that knowledge allows them to present to the judge
>the truth of the matter with clarity and precision far beyond
>and above such capacity of the litigants themselves.
>12.yk] Were that truth actually existing aside from the facts
>of evidence the lawyers of the involved parties would have
>sought to converge upon it. It would not have been, then, a
>question of whose lawyer is better and fees higher. Were
>that truth non-existent the lawyers would have nothing to
>search for to present it to the judge. So, what than lawyers
>do in the courthouse?
>III. yk] Manipulations with Consciousness
>of the Victims.
>13.yk] One and the same glass may be half-full and half-
>empty. Depending on the context the client chooses to view
>it, the contents of the glass may appear for his conscious-
>ness growing or diminishing. Creating the context in which
>the client sees that glass the attorney invokes an illusory
>sensation of gain or loss in his mind.
>14.yk]  The purpose of manipulating consciousness of
>the client is in compelling him to err in his judgment,
>taking his loss for a gain. That error of judgment delib-
>erately prompted by the attorney is configured to fit the
>preconceived decision of the judge making his illegal
>and criminal executive decision to appear judicial and
>15.yk] Such manipulations with consciousness of a victim
>lay at the foundation of the fraud commonly used in the judi-
>cial practice of the USA. Producing a judicial fiction lawyers
>and judges deliberately distort the information they bring into
>the focus of the litigants' attention. The science fiction uses
>false assumptions, hypothetical evidence and non-proven to
>exist laws of nature stimulating the creativity of the consumer
>for the purposes of entertainment.
>A-III. yk] Magic of the Judicial Show.
>16.yk] In contrast to the science fiction, the judicial fiction
>uses the false facts, that have been illegally, deliberately and
>criminally accepted into the evidence by the judge, and mis-
>interprets the laws and public policy to reach the precon-
>ceived by that judge executive objectives. It so affects the
>human consciousness that instead of the criminal reality the
>victim "sees" non-real images of justice that are existing only
>in his consciousness.
>17.yk] Because those images do not originate in the con-
>texts of the reality to which the litigants belong, they cannot
>be debunked with the facts of that reality taken out of its con-
>text. That is even if the lawyer would have agreed to bring
>them to the attention of the judge and the judge would have
>allowed the arguments that use them to be heard. Appear-
>ance of the invulnerability of the judicial criminals stands on
>the mismatch between the imaginary and real contexts.
>B-III. yk] Conflict Between the Two Contexts.
>1-BIII. yk] The False Context of the "Politically Cor-
>18.yk] The imaginary context is prompted up by the non-
>imaginary, real but clandestine, criminal agenda. That con-
>text is termed with an absurd label of the "Politically Correct."
>Several professionals experienced in playing the con game
>of that type do the job as do several thieves playing on one
>hand the card games in the Russian trains. At the same time
>the context stemming from the reality of the non-restricted
>natural life is neither articulated nor presented in the court-
>room at all.
>19.yk] Several people conceding to it or agreeing upon it
>emotionally can maintain any context. A context can be cre-
>ated and maintained also by a strong-willed individual
>blessed with an unusual insight and capable of imprinting it
>upon others thus opening their eyes towards the truth. A
>regular litigant cannot do that.
>2-BIII. yk] The Binding Power of the Context.
>20.yk]  A child learns the definition of the words by the con-
>texts in which they are being used and by the emotions con-
>veyed upon them by the adult talkers whom he trusts. That is
>how the culture is being learnt. The falsely accused litigant
>"learns" the new definition of words as it follows from the
>imaginary context created for him by the attorneys. That con-
>text is the policy to "win the case" and is also maintained by
>other officers of the court playing their con game in their in-
>dividual capacities.
>21.yk] A false context can be debunked only as a whole.
>Every attempt to prove it wrong by using words defined by
>another context leads to endless word-mincing, endless re-
>definition of the words and endless descriptions of the self-
>evident that logically does not converge to the sought for
>truth. Attorneys have been creating the false contexts by
>misrepresenting the reality for many decades in order to en-
>slave fathers and bind them by the "moral obligations" to-
>wards their enslavers - Jews, whores and their servants.
>3-BIII. yk] Peculiarity of the Legal Contest Within the
>False Context.
>22.yk] The context created by the attorneys is a sub-
>context of the general context of the class of cases where
>the moral guilt of the falsely accused is already built in. The
>task of the judicial show of the Unite States is limited to the
>policies of winning the cases by exacerbating or mitigating
>the non-existent built in moral debt of all, mostly White fa-
>thers, to maximize the profits in the long run.
>23.yk] The contexts created during those shows are in con-
>tradiction to the context of the natural, not bound by the spi-
>der-web of the restraining laws created by the legal swin-
>dlers, free life. The conceptual definitions of the words that
>follow from the context of the free life are not the same as
>the definitions given to the same words by the legal criminals
>in the context of the litigation.
>C-III. yk] Hats the Attorneys Wear.
>1-CIII. yk] Context Determines the Color of the Hat.
>24.yk] The colors of the hats that the American lawyers
>dawn upon themselves before the trial do not change the na-
>ture of their activity. Black or white hats remain purely the
>decorations of the criminal legal clowns. They make the
>scripts of their roles appear malevolent or benevolent for the
>course of truth depicted in the show their play. Yet they still
>retain their fictitious and therefore always malevolent charac-
>ter outside its legal context for the truth defined by the real
>2-CIII. yk] American Coca Cola and Cola Loca on the
>Russian Easter.
>25.yk] On the Easter night in Russia of the 50s, they were
>showing in all the movie theaters near you all night long a
>Czechoslovakian movie called the "Lemonade Joe". It pic-
>tured a 19th century American town with two bars located
>across the street from one another. In the evil bar, the
>whores danced Can-Can wearing the black skirts, garter
>belts and stocking while in the virtuous bar all their three part
>suits were white in color. The virtuous whores dressed in all
>white treated customers with Coca Cola while the evil ones
>dressed in all black served American cowboys with Cola
>Loca brew that look and tasted just the same.
>IV. yk] Human Intelligence and God.
>26.yk] Advanced technology of the contemporary society
>calls forth the people whose training in exact natural sci-
>ences precludes pulling wool over their eyes. If you want to
>make a rocket fly, you must know for sure that what you see
>is real rather than imaginary. An effect is called true if it is
>self-evident and could be reproduced at will of the experi-
>menter anywhere on Earth under the same conditions at any
>A-IV. yk] Nature of Proof.
>27.yk] To be self-evident means that the existence of the
>object or the effect (an object differs from an effect merely in
>that its causes are beyond the capacity of the experimenter
>to discern and register and thus they remain unknown) could
>be experienced directly. Their existence requires no further
>proofs nor could principally be proven to exist by describing
>known to exist nearest to them "true" points of reference for
>"true" again means the self-evident.
>28.yk] Upon ascertaining its existence as to a fact it could
>be used as a true point of reference for further reductions or
>induction to other currently non-self-evident yet entities and
>effects and could also be used for their description.
>29.yk] Description of the non-self-evident cannot prove its
>existence unless it was conclusively proven that at least one
>of the true reference points used in its description is an im-
>mediate cause of that effect. The nature of a proof consists
>of bringing such points to the forefront and is the opposite of
>the process that merely describes it. The description alone,
>and especially endlessly expanded description, hides the
>needle of the "cause" in the stack of hay as does the cloud of
>drones accompanying the warhead.
>B-IV. yk] Can You Prove that You are not a
>1-BIV. yk] Description is not a Proof.
>30.yk] A description does not converge to truth and thus
>not being a proof, no matter how long it may be, it is a proc-
>ess without a determined end. In Russia in such circum-
>stances, they say about the judiciary: "Try to prove to them
>that you are not a camel." However, the proof converging to
>truth is always finite and its brevity depends upon the fore-
>sight and intellectual acuteness of the observer. The task of
>refuting the self-evidently false is impossibility because it
>proves itself false already. It means that there are no other
>shorter passes to any other points of self-evident than itself.
>2-BIV. yk]  Self-evident Cannot be Proven.
>31.yk] It flags the breach in logic of assuming the hypothe-
>sis of the self-evident being non-self-evident at the same
>time. The black board is black because it is black. The black
>board is not white because it is black. Self-evident cannot be
>proven to be self-evident by negation of what it is not. It can-
>not be proven by the endless repetition of the same descrip-
>tion. The Black board is black because the black board is
>black and because the black board is black does not add
>anything to the fist statement of its self-evident blackness.
>3-BIV. yk] What Cannot Prove that You are not a
>32.yk] That means that if the legal context claims you to be
>a camel you cannot prove yourself not to be one by stating
>that 1) you are not a duck, that you are not a dog, that you
>are not a cat and you are not a camel because you do not
>have two humps and hooves. You cannot prove yourself not
>to be a camel 2) by stating endlessly that you are not a
>camel, that you are not a camel and that you are not a
>camel. You cannot prove yourself not to be a camel by 3) the
>endless repetition of the description of the self-evident. That
>is you cannot prove yourself not to be a camel by repeating
>that you are a man, that you are a man, and that you are a
>C-IV. yk] What You Can Prove Within the Context
>that Claims You being a Camel.
>33.yk] When the context defines you as being a camel,
>then within that context you can prove yourself only to be a
>camel to a degree - more or less. You must debunk the
>whole context as a fraud upon a court and draw a new con-
>text in order to become yourself and to demonstrate - not to
>prove - what is the self-evident. That new context should
>identify the culprits and give them a new definition defining
>also their new treatment and punishment for the fraud upon
>the court. A Russian saying says: "A stuck wedge should be
>knocked out with another wedge." The "Naturally Correct"
>context defined by the real life should destroy the "Politically
>Correct" context created by the Jewish thieves.
>D-IV. yk] A Jewish Created Context Enslaves
>Man, Aryan and the White Father to the Jew.
>1-DIV. yk] Man, Aryan and White Father are always
>34.yk] The criminal clowns, passing themselves for the at-
>torneys representing truth of that life, created the contexts in
>which Man, Aryan, White Father are always morally guilty in
>front of the rest of the colored humanity including Jews and
>Women. That is the context in which the White Father owes
>them all a moral debt that can be reimbursed only though his
>life-long enslavement working to the best of his abilities. That
>fraudulent proposition assumes that within that context a Fa-
>ther can no longer talk from the name of authority and on
>behalf of anyone any longer.
>2-DIV. yk] Resetting of the Initial Values by the Politi-
>cally Correct Context.
>35.yk] That context also presumes that only the judicial
>Pimp presiding in the court can talk in the name of truth,
>God, Father's own children and his wife. And above all, that
>context defines the Jew as the eternal sufferer of the injus-
>tice for whom the whole world owes compensation through
>self-debasement, self-enslavement and not resistance to the
>Jewish lies, marauding, rape of the Aryan men and murder
>of the innocent. Those who dare to resists that artificially
>created criminal context are immediately assaulted by the
>Jewish gang and their accomplices - Whores, Homosexuals
>and Racial minorities, in whose name the same Jews usually
>talk as well.
>a-2DIV. yk] Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad.
>36.yk] Jewish call them names colored by the context in
>negative emotions and prosecute them for that color they
>themselves created and painted them with. The inexperience
>individuals, mostly the Christian Sheeple of the Western
>brand, constitute the greatest majority of all falsely accused.
>Sheeple of the "Beasts of England" from the "Animal Farm"
>of Orwell also had an old song that they all knew: "Four legs
>good, two legs bad." They kept repeating it when they
>wanted to say something.
>b-2DIV. yk] Are Two Legs Bad or are Two Legs Better?
>37.yk]  When the pig talking in their name changed the
>ending they loved the new song even better and began re-
>peating it with an equal gusto "Four legs good, two legs bet-
>ter." Having to prove black being truly black and seeing no
>way out of the frustration the sheeple resort to endless repe-
>tition of what they see. They try to "trick" the judge into be-
>lieving their words. They do not realize that "tricking" that
>they call "convincing of the judge" cannot prove anything for
>two reasons:
>c-2DIV. yk] The Context Created by the Pig determines
>Goodness or Badness of Two Legs.
>38.yk] 1) What they say does not have its origin in the self-
>evident objectively existing facts or logic of the proof. 2) It
>stays beyond their comprehension that the false charges
>against them do not stem from the misconceptions of the re-
>ality or false interpretation of the truth by the presiding judge.
>They stem from the free will of that judge. That his free will
>that deliberately allows existence of the false context leading
>to their enslavement through the false charges.
>V. yk] Giving the Cart Blanch to the Judi-
>cial Will.
>39.yk] That fact that their "proof" has no logically deter-
>mined end leaves the energy, the time and the expense in-
>volved to the discretion of the judge. Since the ill-perceived
>logic of such "proof" does not compel the judge to act, his
>decisions are triggered by the considerations of his free will
>rather than the law and the need to pursue the truth. The
>judge can grant himself "being convinced" at any time at his
>will when he feels that the conditions that he set for the ac-
>cused have been fulfilled.
>A-V. yk] Judicial Decisions and the Penal Code.
>40.yk] The Penal Code defines fulfillment of the decisions
>set as a precondition for relieving the distress imposed by
>the judicial impersonator as an extortion of a ransom. That
>ransom also includes the condition of acceptance of the
>crimes under a false name. That by itself creates a special
>case of the judicial extortion. Coercing the victim into accep-
>tance of the false labels for the true names of the judiciary
>deeds relieve the torment of their victims. Yet it also extorts
>a statement from the victim that no crimes against his chil-
>dren or himself have been committed.
>B-V. yk] Whitewashing of the Crime.
>41.yk] Such whitewashing of a crime allows the judiciary
>the commission of the most horrible offenses with impunity.
>It not only erases the records of the crime from the judicial
>archives but it also blots it out from the victim's conscious-
>ness thus wiping it out of his memory.
>1-BV. yk] Handling of Evidence by the American
>42.yk] In the American court, the facts of evidence have no
>independent of the whims of the judiciary existence. The evi-
>dence is tailored and the laws "interpreted" to achieve unlaw-
>fully the preconceived criminal executive objective passed
>for the judicial decision. - Such a decision that has been
>lawfully arrived at from the true facts of evidence by re-
>fracting them through the pertinent laws unto the plane of ju-
>dicial decisions.
>2-BV. yk] Judiciary Magic.
>43.yk] Dressing an executive decision in the judicial garb is
>an effective means of hiding behind the impartiality and
>blindness of Law both the spirit and the agents of the crimi-
>nal agenda. Injustice of the pseudo-judicial executive deci-
>sion sank into the judicial discretion in the production of evi-
>dence and interpretation of the laws and public policies
>makes it to disappear. That magic makes it reappear as
>stemming from the controversy intrinsic to the issues rather
>than from the illegal executive intent - intrinsic to the criminal
>activity of the judiciary.
>3-BV. yk] Hiding the Origin of Criminal Intent.
>44.yk] Hiding the origin of the criminal intent by assigning it
>to the causes independent of the will of the originator of the
>crime lies at the foundation of all high-level criminal activity.
>That is the reason why in the US courts the evidence is arti-
>ficially generated by 1) the redefined by the "politically cor-
>rect" contexts and 2) false testimony of the "experts" de-
>clared from the authoritatively sounding names of the idols.
>Crime is a rape of the creative will of its victim by the con-
>sumptive will of its proponent by the definition. Identification
>of the criminal will's true origin could turn the criminals into
>the target of retaliation of its victim.
>4-BV. yk] Blood Ties - Bonds, Whips and Carrots.
>a-4BV. yk] Power of the Blood Ties.
>45.yk] Jews ban investigation of the ethnic origin of the
>"Italian" and "Russian" mafia in America by the non-Jews
>because that mafia is nearly entirely Jewish and is under
>complete Jewish control. Such an investigation would have
>revealed that truth and showed that the Jews are slurring
>names of the Italians and Russians nations with their own
>criminal activity.
>46.yk] Blood ties are the strongest factor influencing peo-
>ple's behavior and will. In the old days the first child in each
>family of the tribe was the child of a chieftain. The exchange
>of the leaders between the Vanir and Aesir secured truth be-
>tween the Gods. Intermarriages between the royal families
>were the most powerful factors in the questions of war in
>peace in Europe.
>b-4BV. yk] Usage of Blood Ties by the Jews.
>47.yk] Putting the Jewesses under every men of signifi-
>cance in Germany and the Soviet Union allowed Jews to at-
>tach themselves to the genetically degenerate fringes of the
>upper class of Germany and Russia. That was instrumental
>for the destruction of national power in both societies. Hos-
>tage-taking by the Jews and Germans from the Russian
>population or threats of the mass reprisal on the defenseless
>civilians was instrumental for retaining of their power in Rus-
>sia. Kidnapping of children from their fathers is the most
>powerful factor in destruction of the White race and the en-
>slavement of the White fathers to the Jews.
>C-V. yk] Two Crimes at the Same Time.
>48.yk] Consequently, it is the children who are removed in
>the name "of their own best interests" from the fathers to
>force them into compliance with the Jewish will that controls
>the US courts. It is beyond the resolution of the victim's mind
>to see two crimes in progress at same time when that hap-
>pens. They are 1) acceptance by the judge of the false evi-
>dence and 2) the whitewashing of the crime by forcing its
>acceptance under the inappropriate fictitious name.
>VI. yk] Summary of the Family Court swin-
>A-VI. yk] The burden of proof placed upon the Fa-
>49.yk] The context that the Family Court imposes upon the
>father requires the father to prove to the judge that "it is in
>the best interests of his children" to be returned to their fa-
>ther. It is assumed that he should be a "good" father in order
>for the judge to make such a decision. The truth, however, is
>that it is self-evident that children should be with their father.
>That is only when it is proven that their father is "very very
>bad" father that the children could be removed from him as
>an exception from the rule.
>B-VI. yk] Are You a Good Father?
>50.yk]  To be a "good" father means to be innocent from
>the implied charge of being "not good enough." The inno-
>cence cannot be proven because there is no such a thing as
>the facts of innocence. There is no such a thing as "not-so-
>good," "half-good," very good or an excellent father. There is
>no definition of the "Best Interests of the Children" other than
>how they are defined by their father. Their interests are to be
>in the image of their father or better as he finds it fit accord-
>ing to his values. Because that is self-evident it cannot be
>proven but can only be described . or stated and enforced.
>C-VI. yk] Are You a Stupid Father?
>51.yk] A regular American father has no understanding of
>the intricacies of the swindle played in the American Family
>court. He complies with the judge's wishes. He endlessly de-
>scribes that he is a good father, he is good father and he is a
>good father without proving anything by those repetitions. He
>also fulfils all the demands that the judge illegally places
>upon him. When the judge is "convinced" that his conditions
>are met, he may do what he has promised to the father and
>allow him to see his children.
>D-VI. yk] Is Judge a Good Pimp?
>52.yk] The point, however, is that "convinced" pertains to
>the judge's state of mind while the term "proved" pertains to
>the logic of the contested truth. A victim erroneously thinks
>that by "convincing" the judge he proves to the judge himself
>being right. The significance of the swindle is in that the
>judge may say that he is convinced at any time he pleases. -
>The defendant's labor of "proof" has no bearing on that for
>he only describes what is self-evident already and does not
>prove anything at all.
>E-VI. yk] Lawyer - a Legal Representative of the
>53.yk] Without being openly stated it nevertheless is clearly
>implied that part of the "convincing" of the judge consists of
>the victim's consent that no crime has been committed
>against him. To make sure that the defendant succeeds in
>"convincing" the judge quickly enough his lawyer explains to
>his client how the courts "generally" view such cases. That
>means that the victim would do whatever judge wants him to
>without the judge saying it himself.
>F-VI. yk] Do not Endorse the Crime Against Your-
>54.yk] The lawyer promoting the interests of the judges at
>his clients expense misrepresents the client to the judge ac-
>cording to the judicial wishes. The better he does the job the
>higher is his pay and standing in the court. When the judge
>becomes "convinced" that the father is broken in and is a
>good slave he would return what was his own to the father
>as a reward. He would return it under a different name. By its
>acceptance the father endorses that crime by admitting that
>it has never been committed.
>VII. yk] Conclusion.
>A-VII. yk] Pimps Instead of Fathers in Gun Own-
>"Senate bill requires firearm registration
>Mandates universal gun licenses featuring photo, personal
>A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would require all firearms
>to be registered and mandate the creation of a record of sale
>for virtually every firearm sold in the U.S."[ 1]
>B-VII. yk] The Rotten Deeds of the Rotten Mob.
>1-BVII. yk] The State Mob does not Represent Fa-
>55.yk] Gentlemen! The US states institutions including
>Federal Government, Senate and Police during the last dec-
>ades demonstrated more than convincingly that they do not
>represent White fathers of the US. They are selfish faceless
>mediocrity completely under the control of the Jewish mob
>operating from behind the scene.
>2-BVII. yk] The State Mob Destroys Life in that Coun-
>56.yk] They stole power from the people of that country and
>conspire to kill off the White race by degrading and destroy-
>ing their fathers and sons while turning their mothers into
>whores. There is no harder crime of a larger magnitude than
>that that has ever been attempted to be committed on that
>earth against the humanity.
>3-BVII. yk] Judicial Monsters Turned the State Power
>Against You.
>57.yk] That paper showed criminality of the judicial institu-
>tion of the US to whom American people entrusted the ob-
>servance of the law, protection of their fundamental inter-
>ests, life of their children and their future.  Your trust has
>been betrayed and the judicial monsters turned the entrusted
>to them power against you.
>4-BVII. yk] You can entrust Nothing to the Sate De-
>58.yk] You can no longer entrust anything to their discretion
>because not only they failed in every aspect of their respon-
>sibilities but they directly seek your degradation and murder.
>The guns at that point are the only protection that you have
>against that subhuman slime.
>5-BVII. yk] Jews Plan to do What they Already did in
>Russia 1917.
>59.yk] As they kidnap and destroy your children in their
>own best interest they would confiscate your guns from any-
>one who would resist their crimes. They would do it under
>any pretext making it the part of the context of the "Politically
>Correct." You must remember the mass slaughter that fol-
>lowed when Jews confiscated guns in Russia in 1917. From
>1917-1924 30 millions Russians were slaughtered.
>C-VII. yk] At Present Guns are Your Only Protec-
>60.yk] The fathers of your country gave you the right to
>bear guns precisely for that purpose of resisting the scum
>like they. You must deny them and their Jewish masters the
>authority to make any decisions in that regard and refuse to
>obey the laws of their making. At that period of history you
>are devoid of any protection by the state. - Quite to the con-
>trary the state became your deadliest enemy. Before you
>can successfully reorganize into a new power representing
>your interests your guns are the only protection that you
>have that could hold the bastards in check.
>61.yk] Yuriy Kirienko
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Grom -- 99-1 (1 of 2) Introduction Catechism of the Jew in the USSR. 04-10-2000 04-10-2000 [FRC-87 -- 03-24-1998 -- LSP14]

I. Yuriy Kirienko wrote:

1. New people appeared on the lists and it warrants passing that article again with a new preface. This document has been circulated among Jews in Russia for quite a while. For publication of this document in Russia in 1995, Mr. Korchagin was tried in a kangaroo court, found guilty and sentenced. He was not allowed to present to the court the evidence of a large shipment of this document from Israel to one of the Baltic republics. That is what I remember from reading mentioning that case Russian newspapers

2. Initially "Catechism" was distributed in the form of typewritten pages in samisdat (self-made-press) among Jews and Shabez Goyim. I read a typewritten version of it in 1970s, however, I never saw the text published by Mr. Korchagin in 1995. This text is translated from the New York based publication "Svet" (Light) No.6, as of June 1991. Korchagin sentence fell under the amnesty due to the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Victory in W.W.II. On the commemorative medal, the stars of the Victory salute were minted as the 6 pointed stars. The day of Victory in Russia is a Holy Day. There could have been hardly more vicious and base insult to a Russian Heart than to smear Russian national memory with the Jewish symbolic.

3. Russians fought to the death and lost 28 millions lives not for the Jewish course but for the freedom of their country and future of their children. Saving Jews at the expense of their own lives was not on their mind even if they were misled by the deceitful Jewish and Nazi propaganda into thinking that Hitler's policy was truly anti-Jewish." In reality Hitler's policy was exclusively anti-Russian because "at the 'switches of power' in Berlin, STOOD NO ONE WITHOUT ANY MIXED JEWISH BLOOD IN HIS VEIN". [Kardel, A. Hitler -- Founder of Israel, p 68, 1997].

4. "We see Adolf Hitler surrounded by half-Englishmen, half-Americans, half-Frenchmen, half-Italians, half-Czechs, half-Rumanians, and ALL OF THEM ALSO HALF- GERMANS; and we hear him utter his wolf-cry, expecting the howling wolves from everywhere to answer him: 'Aryans and anti-Semites of all nations, unite!" [K.Heiden, Der Fuehrer, p 247, 1944]

5. It is up to you to figure out which part of them was halfJewish. -- That part that was "half-German" or that part that was made of "half-Foreigners." "Catechism" would help you to understand better the Jewish policy of their personnel department. If you still have difficulties to figure out who were the Nazi leadership ask Mr. Zundel, Ms.Rimland or Mr. Hof- man - they, certainly, know and should tell you the truth. But if they tell you that they were Germans then ask Mr.Ted Von Pioro at the site - he knows better.

6. Anything Jewish, associated to any extent with anything Russian, causes deep revulsion within the Russians mind and soul. Depicting the stars of Victory salute as the six pointed stars was smearing of the Jewish slime on a Russian Holy object and precisely for that reason Jewish pigs did it. - Many Russians felt it was better to throw the medal in a garbage can. Most of the veterans of the W.W.II, probably, put it somewhere on the bottom of a drawer. However, there is nothing new to it. - That is how the Jewish swine insults and harasses people in their own homes at all times thanking them for all that they had received from them, including their blood.

7. The text of the Catechism shows that that was just a particular case of a constant ongoing organized general Jewish harassment of the Russian Aryans. Jews do the same things even on a larger scale in the US but due to the peculiarity of the American character, many Americans are oblivious to those facts. Upon reading the "Catechism of the Jews in the USSR," Biophilos of the Roundtable raised a legitimate question of:

Yuriy Kirienko

II. Biophilos wrote:


8. Organization is what gives power to a group. Courage and Belief. Unity based upon an emotional principle of religion or philosophy. The Hebrews are on the move to " Kosherizing the entire planet." They have the money, the intelligence, the tools, the arrogance, the unity, the defined goals, their training camp in Israel, the U.S. Army, CIA, and taxpayers, enormous amounts of money flowing in their direction. What do you have??? Where is your Catechism??? Where are your banks, money lending houses, businesses, representatives??? Where do you regulate your own affairs???

9. In Twenty years, the war will be over. The Zionist Army will be trained, equipped, honed to accomplish and control the modern world. The world capitol will be Jewrusalem. All will bow in consent to being ruled by the "Masters" [Robert Reich]. Your Taxes are supporting it, your young will shed their precious blood to defend it, your politicians dance to their bidding, your entertainment is provided courtesy of them, your finances regulated, in short you are their slaves. Congratulations !!!

10. Do you have the courage to deKosherize??? To break the bonds which keep you willing or not feeding the Ideals and Master Plans of Zionism?? Is there an Alternative???

11. In twenty years, Genetic Science will make the "Super Jew" a reality. Then what are you going to do??? Your children will be made intellectual invalids by brainwashing techniques. Will you be content to be a secondary citizen, pacified by the various means at their disposal, treated with the same haughty injustice, and cruelty as the Palestinian, who provides a good training exercise for the future army of bigoted, narrow minded racists Zionists Jews, who believe themselves to be " the Chosen", the one and the only.

12. You all deserve what you are getting because you seek nothing other than what they give you. You are crippled and give no resistance other than words and complaints, all the while reaching into you pocket to support them, giving up the freedom of your mind to them by accepting their religion. The religion that is conveniently shaped to keep you enslaved, while esoterically their codes and doings allow them their supremacy over you.

13. Where are the Alternatives, Are there any, or is the planet fated by the almighty deities to become " Gods little Jewish Garden"?

Continued in: Grom -- 99-2 (2 of 2) Catechism of the Jew in the USSR.

Biophilos from Roundtable Biophilos from Roundtable < [email protected] >


Long Live Odin! The Aryan Christ of the Second Coming.



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Catechism of the Jew in the USSR

Published in Tel Aviv in 1958.

Continued from Grom -- 99-1 (1 of 2)
Introduction Catechism of the Jew in the USSR.
04-10-2000 [FRC-87 -- 03-24-1998 -- LSP14]

The Catechism (drill, teaching) for many years was passed around in Russia in samizdat (self-published) form without ever being published in the official press. Without making any actual changes in the original Russian text, it was polished in translation, rearranged and supplied with headings by a Russian Goy. Its purpose was to make the alleged "Jewish brilliance" more readily visible for the Goyim of the world.

Yuriy Kirienko

I. Jews.

1. JEWS! Love one another, help one another. Help one another even if you hate one another!

A-I. World Seen Through the Prism of the God's Promise.

2. Our God willed us to own the world and we own it. Our task consists of retaining it in our hands. Refract all the events through the prism of our interests and scrutinize each event from the point of view of the benefits or damage it can bring to the Jews!

B-I. Relative Status of Jews and Goyim.

3. Everything that they know and capable of we are capable and know of too. All that we know and feel they should not know and feel. All that they have is their limit. All that we have is our means for gaining more. All that they have today is ours being in their temporary possession. To take from them what God promised to us - that is our task.

C-I. Economics of the Struggle with the Goyim.

4. Never reduce your pressure. The more rigid is the Goyim resistance the more significant are our expenditures and all the higher our profit and our savings should be. Our profit today should cover the possible loses in the future pogroms which occur from time to time in every country. Let Goyim pay today for that part of their own which they somewhere would take back.

5. We must always be ready to escape from the rage and hatred of the Goyim, to escape to that country where they would accept us on the account of our revitalizing for their economy capitals.

6. A periodic change of countries of residence in search of a more benevolent environment for our existence is part of our strategy. Its symbol of the Eternal Jew, Agasfer, the inexhaustible optimist and eternal wanderer.

7. But we shall leave, if necessary, being not poor and sick but healthy and prosperous. Money is our feet.

8. We move our center of gravity to that place where beforehand we have transferred our money, our capital.

9. From time to time, after being strengthened materially by collecting our tax in the countries of our dispersion, we gather in the country of our ancestors to harden our spirit, our forces, our symbols and our faith in unity. We gather in order to disperse again. And so it be forever.

D-I. Importance of Unity.

1-DI. Unity as a Vehicle of Power.

10. Our power is in unity - that is the pledge of our successes, our salvation and prospering. Many peoples perished in Diaspora because they neither had a clear-cut program for actions nor the feeling of an elbow. We, however, thanks to the feeling of collectivism, passed through the centuries and the peoples, preserved ourselves, increased in numbers, and grew stronger.

2-DI. Power in the Sake of Power.

11. Unity - that is the goal and also the means for reaching it. That is the salt of the matter, to that we must strive. All the rest is derivative and it will naturally come by itself. Help one another, don't be afraid to become known as nationalists, do not be afraid of protectionism - that is our main tool.
3-DI. 3) Jewish Unity and Internationalism.

12. Our nationalism is international and for that reason it is eternal. The door there is opened for the Jews of all nationalities, of all faiths, and of all parties. Only that internationalism is true which has blood ties with the Jewry. Anything else is a provocation and deceit. Bring in more people kindred to us in blood for only they would secure for us the desirable environment.

E-I. Continuance of the Generations.

13. Prepare the Jewish youth to receive the baton of the generations. Let every generation of the non-Jews to bump into our hardened in depth defenses. Every time an older generation is passing off the scene another even more powerful cohort of timely prepared and tempered young Jews should stand up in their place as a substitution. It is necessary to promote our young beforehand into the positions of leadership as early as possible demonstrating their coming of age and brilliance. Let it be that they are not on a par with it for a while. They will ripen up while in their position. That one who has the power is always right. We have to pass to our children more than we received from our fathers. They, after preserving and multiplying the received, will pass it on, in their turn, to their posterity. Our power, our immortality and stability lie in the continuance of the generations.

F-I. Mastery of Your Own Life.

1-FI. Do Not Live by a Blind Chance.

14. The world is cruel and there is no place there for philanthropy. Every nation is a smith of its happiness. It is not our business to care about the Russian national cadres. If they do not think of themselves, why should we think of them? Do not take Russians and Arabs, who live the contemplating life relying on a chance, as an example. Do not expect favors from the nature - our task is to take them from her.

2-FI. Harden Your Character.

15. Be leaders in everything, always strive to be the first! Train a leading character in yourself every hour and every minute using for that even small things of everyday life. Never yield in anything, try your best not to yield even in the small things, be it a seat in the public transportation or a line in a store.

3-FI. National Cadres.

16. Form out national cadres. The cadres are the Holiest of the Holiest. The cadres decide everything. The cadres of today are our tomorrow. Every laboratory, every chair, every institute should be made into a smith shop of our national cadres.

4-FI. Collective as a Ramrod.

17. Create your own collectives and with these collectives push out the non-Jews. Remember that all high paid, influen- tial, and profitable positions, they all, are our national income.

5-FI. Give to Goyim What They Deserve.

18. The Goyim should work under our guidance and be useful to us. The one who is of no use to us should be expelled. There are no public interests outside of our interests! Those who are not with us are against us! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Moses taught us so and so our ancestors lived. We would live so too. Vengeance is a Holy feeling - it brings up the character and affirms the Human Being. Ban- ish from yourself the feeling of humbleness and humility towards those who hurt you. Leave the slogans of Christian mercy, humility, self-abasement and self-denial to stupid Goyim - they deserve just that.

6-FI. Promote Double Standard.

19. Preach and plant the Christian virtues among the Goyim but in your soul you stay hard and uncompromising. Never make peace with our enemies. If you forgive them a small mischief today, tomorrow they will inflict a larger damage. Do not get used to mischiefs and knock out the desire to cause them to you from others.

7-FI. Disarm the Goyim.

20. Remember that every non-Jew who grew up to our level, can occupy a position, which could have been occupied by one of ours. We create collectives for preventing Goyim from hindering our way of life. Let Goyim try to create their own collectives. They would hardly succeed in it for they would start quarreling between themselves before they had enough time for accomplishing anything, and we will help them in it. Downgrade the Goyim

21. Take the power in your hands in any collective and make use of it to our advantage. We should be in charge of the administrative and creative part of the production process. Let Goyim provide for us the crude material and technical base for our creativity. Let them take care of the cleanliness of the working quarters and secure the fruits of our labor. Let them be no higher than a security guard and a cleaning lady.

G-I. Phenomena of Fascism.

22. And the last advice. Be always on the watch out - the phenomenon of Spanish Inquisition and German Fascism should not repeat themselves. Put out in embryo any attempts to contra pose us against the society. Destroy the anti-Jewish tendencies at the very beginning in whatever form should they appear. Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It appears everywhere where we underestimate the strife of the local people for mastering their land. Fascism is dormant and is ripening in all peoples. Fortunately for us, the different peoples come to it at different times.

H-I. Intelligence Gathering Against the Goyim.

23. Inform one another about everything which can be to our advantage or disadvantage. Information - this is the Holiest of the Holiest. Money, Cadres, and Information are the three wales on which our well-being stands.

24. The sacred obligation, a duty of every Jew, is to inform another Jew about the intentions of the Goyim. Today you helped me and tomorrow I would help you - in that is our power.

II. Goyim.

25. Our ideology is opposite to that of the Goyim in principle. They say: It is better to make less but better. We say: It is better to have more and of better quality. They say: It is better to be poor but healthy, than to be rich but sick. We say: It is better to be healthy and rich than poor and sick. They say: To pay back is as pleasant as to accept, we say: To pay back may be pleasant, but to accept is also useful. They say: Do it according to law - that is your duty. We say: Do it against the law and I will reward you for doing that. They say: To win or to die. Our motto: Victory in the sake of life but life in the sake of victory. (What is the victory for if there is no life? The bitterness of defeat can be suffered through - everything will come to those who know how to wait).

A-II. A. Self-Limitation of Goyim.

1-AII. The Reason for Self-Limitation.

26. They are limited in their capacities and due to that, they set limits to everything. We, however, say: The capacities of a human being are boundless because he conducts himself according to the circumstances!
2-AII. The Effects of Self-Limitation.

27. Remember at all times about the limits which the Goyim set for themselves because their thought process coarsened within those boundaries. They are not capable of crossing them. In this is their misfortune and in this is our advantage. Talk and act, as their morality does not allow it for them, as their understanding does not permit them to act. Do what they deem impossible and improbable. They would not believe in that you are capable for the words and actions for which they themselves are not capable.

B-II. B. The two Categories of Goyim.

1-BII. Judge the Goyim by Their Traits of Character Rather Than by Their Abilities or Deeds.

28. Pay special attention to the defiant and stubborn, to those who refuse to bend their heads facing our superiority, who refuse to work for us, and who counter our practice and politics. Sooner or later the anti-Semites would evolve from such people. Do not allow the small caliber anti-Semites to mature into the big men of pogrom! Let them fade out while in embryo together with their stubborn idea of national dignity. Highlight them, compromise them under any pretext and on any occasion, organize against them employing all available means. While they are alone, they cannot hold out against our collectivism and against our pressure. Let them thousand times be right in their trivia whatnots - they are guilty all the same for hindering us.

2-BII. Different Treatment for Each of the Categories.

29. Only that one receives the right for privileges and quiet life who humbly follows us and goes together with us. That one wishing to pursue the his independent ways is potentially dangerous for us and must be deprived of any support and means for existence.

III. Suppression of the Goyim.

A-III. A. Exploiting Deceit Blindness of the Goyim Ideology.

1-AIII. Creation of False Images in the Minds of Goyim.

30. It is not important what you say - it is important how you say it. Your self-confidence will be perceived as a conviction, your ambition - as loftiness of mind, the manner to teach and to correct - as superiority.

2-AIII. Paralyzing the Goyim Mental Facility.

31. Talk and act with aplomb, energetically and aggressively, discouragingly and bewilderingly. Create more noise and balderdash, more rigmarole and scientifically looking pseudo-scientific gibberish. Create theories, hypotheses, directions, schools of thoughts, methods real and imaginary - the more extravagant the better! Let it not confuse you that nobody needs them, let it not confuse you that they will be forgotten tomorrow. The new day will come. The new theo- ries will come. In that the power of our spirit expresses itself, in that is its self-assertion, and in that is our superiority. Let the Goyim pay our promissory notes. Let them be pondering in search of rational grains in our ideas, let them search and find there something which is not there at all. Tomorrow we will give a new food for their primitive brains.

3-AIII. The Goyim Eggheads.

32. If some egghead would attempt to unveil you, the rest of them would not listen to him and denounce him because by unveiling you, he would indict their stupidity and the mob does not forgive it.

4-AIII. Creation of a Make-Believe World in the Goyim Minds.

33. Hold all the means of propaganda and information in your hands: press, radio, television, and cinema. It is necessary to infiltrate still further the apparatus of the party and state control. Form the public opinion around any question, taking into account our national interests. A problem can be made out of any trifle thing and any problem can be reduced to a trifle. Not a single societal process could be left to itself. If it does not bring us advantages, let it go on the breaks or direct it against our enemies - the Goyim. Any new undertaking should be directed by us to lead it into the right direction.

B-III. Psychological Warfare Against the Goyim.

1-BIII. Attracting Attention to Yourself and Deceiving.

34. Twist their brains and wind up their nerves! Suppress the will of those who contradict you. Compromise those who stand out and yell, set the vanity of the mob against the skeptics. Use the rhetorical tricks in the discussions and disputes, bordering on indecency. Request the unbeliever and doubter to give you his family name, his place of work, the position he occupies. As a rule, it shocks and scares them and they retreat. Demand the answers and upon receiving them keep stating, paying no attention to the matter: It is not so, it is entirely wrong.

2-BIII. Use of Terror Tactics.

35. Spread compromising rumors against those die-hards and create for them doubtful reputation. At the end, even those who support them would begin to fear those who know them all too well and have an excellent opinion about them. Deprive them of the links and contacts, deprive them of the possibility to work effectively, put in doubt the rational of keeping them employed and in the current positions. Isolate them, set the crowd against them, deprive them of the influential positions in the society, provoke them into conflicts. Debase them, ignore them, hurt them by the injustice of rewards and punishments, and when they protest - accuse them of non-subordination, disobedience, inability to go along with people and crankiness.

3-BIII. Slander as a Weapon.

36. Appeal to public and administration, drag them in front of a Party Committee, to a police, and, if possible, - to a court.

37. If you are older, accuse them of disrespect to elders. If they are of the same age accuse them of violating the fundamentals of brotherhood and, make sure of it - of internationalism. The experience of many generations testifies for the efficiency of those feats. So all, the so-called exploiters act motivated by the necessity to hold peoples in obedience. To accuse is the most important! Let the accused justify their acts! The one who does it is already half guilty!

4-BIII. Using the State Power.

38. If the opportunity presents itself, contrast their behavior against the political platform, write reports and anonymous letters about them, accuse them of anti-social behavior and of economic sabotage. Provoke them to the rebellion against the state power, and then destroy them by means of that power.

5-BIII. Misleading of the Goyim.

39. Let Goyim persuade one another to use prudence, temperance and flexibility towards us. Let them hold back our pressure cautiously. We, however, should act decisively and fast always confronting them with an accomplished fact. Let them conduct after that the long and fruitless discussions - against our methods they have no weapons. Let them accomplish one deed by a willful decision. While they conceive this deed, reach an accord on carrying it out and accomplish it we would accomplish ten deeds that are more important. Let their resistance stimulate us rather than slow down. Their counteraction is necessary for maintaining our fighting spirit and the state of readiness but is of no other importance for us.

C-III. Chaos as a Weapon.

40. It should be either our order or full organizational disorder. There, where they want to do without us, the chaos must reign! Act in such a manner as to maintain the disorder until the worn out Goyim, in desperation, would ask us to take power in our hands and secure a quiet life for them.

D-III. Keeping the Goyim Unaware.

41. Buy out, snatch and destroy but do not allow republishing of the materials, which unveil our tactics and strategy and show Jews in a bad light. The Goyim peoples should not remember and know the factual causes of Jewish pogroms and prosecutions. In those questions, they should be aware of it only through our interpretation.

IV. The Russian Goyim.

A-IV. Description of the Russian National Traits.

42. Russians are not capable of deep thinking, of making analysis of the matters and of profound generalizations. They are like pigs that live with their snouts dug into the ground and not suspecting that there is a sky above them. They perceive all the events very superficially and all too concrete. They do not see the facts as the succession of events, they do not see connections between them and they are not capable of thinking, generalizing, and making abstractions. For them every event is just an event no matter how often it occurs.

43. Russians are stubborn but they are not steadfast enough in pursuit of their goals. They are lazy, that is whythey are always in a hurry. They try to solve all their problems at once. They sacrifice a little for the great task of a decisive victory. But such victory either does not come at all or, if winning, they find themselves with a broken pot. We profess the tactics of small victories, though we are not against the big ones. A small victory is also a victory!

44. Russians neither know how to direct nor how to obey. Russians are genetic saboteurs. Russians are envious. Russians hate their co-brothers when they stand out from the gray mass. Make it possible for them to tear up those who are sticking out and they would tear them up to shreds with pleasure.

45. Russians do not know how to beg and consider it selfabasing, but at the same time, they are anyway abased and poor already. We say: Any abasement is benevolent if it brings profit. In the sake of reaching the goal, it is proper to abase yourself for it can be done also with dignity. There are no immoral deeds, if they contribute to assertion and prosperity of our people. The goal makes the means Holy.

46. Russians are stupid and crude. Their stupidity and crudity they call "honesty, decency and living out their principles." Their inability to adjust and to modify their behavior according to the situation, absence of the flexibility of mind, they call "to be yourself" or "living up to the principles." The Goyim are stupid and crude to such an extent that they do not even know how to lie. Their primitiveness and stupidity they again call honesty and decency, though by their nature they are deceitful and dishonorable. In the ancient times, they called the inherent for them primitiveness Barbarism, in the Middle Ages Knighthood (Intrepidity, Chivalrousness, Gallantry - tr.) and later Gentleman attitude. They committed suicides over their empty principles. Let them continue to do that.

B-IV. Jews as the Arbitrators.

47. Be always the arbitrators, take the posture of peacemakers, defend the "unfortunates" against whom the crowd has gathered but only so much as to make yourself known as kind and objective. A little bit of self-mastery and you will take over the place of the one who has just been torn apart. When two Russians are fighting, the Jew wins. Stir and heat up in Russians hatred towards one another. Always do it under the cover of benevolence, unnoticeably and subtly. Let them fight between themselves for you will always become their arbiter. Russians know neither how to live nor how to set their goals. We set the ephemeral goals for them and they try to solve them.

C-IV. Using of Russian Compassion.

48. Play on the compassion of Russians. Portray yourself as poor and wretched, call for pity and sympathy to yourself, spread rumors about the people who are eternal sufferers, prosecuted in the past and discriminated at present. The tactics of a "downtrodden Jew" was tested by millennia! Let the Russians have less than we do, they all the same will help us to have more. Russians love to be good-doers and benefactors for every pauper longs to be a benefactor because it elevates. They have all the more greatness of soul the less they have a possibility for its realization. Take from them what they can give to you: From the scabby sheep - at least a flock of wool!

D-IV. D. Harassment of Russians.

1-DIV. Accusation of Anti-Semitism.

49. Accuse of anti-Semitism those who attempt to unveil you. Stick the anti-Semitic tags upon them and you will see with how much pleasure the rest of them would uphold that accusation. Generally, all Russians are anti-Semites but as soon as you stick that tag upon one of them he becomes defenseless for all the rest of them throw him to us as a sacrifice and destroy him with their own hands. However, we will brand with it the next victim.

2-DIV. Polite Effrontery is Our Motto.

50. If a Russian would attempt to show himself and to attract attention, create at this moment all the more loud noises, shuffle your feet, keep standing up and sitting down, squeak with chairs, laugh, talk, tittle-tattle, cough and clear your nose, interrupt with addresses, conversations, jokes and so on. Create for the Russians great many small inconveniences that they would not be able to recognize at once. Put your objects on their belongings, step on their feet, breath in their faces, talk provocatively loud. Let them constantly feel your elbow on their side. Russians could not withstand that for long. Avoiding scandals they leave, leaving their place for you...They consider it especially impressing if they leave slamming the door and. Let them have such an opportunity! Polite effrontery is our motto.

E-IV. Expulsion of Russians from the Creative Process.

1-EIV. Internationalism Against Russians.

51. As an exclusion to the rule, the Goyim of non-Russian decent may be allowed to participate in a creative process. Never allow it to the Russians! This would always be a reproach for us. Do not be afraid to become notorious nationalists. The illusion of internationalism will be maintained for us by presence of the persons of a mixed nationality with an admixture of the Jewish blood or, at worst, by the representatives of the national minorities. If you have a vacancy, hire only a Jew.

2-EIV. The Best Allies of the Jews Against the Russians.

52. If you cannot do that, liquidate the position. If you can do neither of that take an Asian. If he is not available take a Polak, Ukrainian or, at the worst, a White-Russian - those have their own accounts with the Russians to settle. After working on them a bit they will become your allies. They all are anti-Semites only in their native land. In Russia, it is more to their advantage to be internationalists. By this, they would secure for themselves a necessary living space. Use that way.

F-IV. F. Damaging Russian Historical Past.

53. Do not destroy openly the monuments of the ancient Russia but do not restore them either. The years pass and they will deteriorate naturally on their own. Hooligans and "the lovers of the antiquity" will tear them apart brick by brick. Pretend that you do not notice it being busy with solving the big tasks of the people's economy. The people without history are as a child without his parents. He could be shaped into anything that may be necessary, to inoculate him with our worldview, with our way of thinking.

G-IV. Destruction of the Nations.

54. Using that method the whole nations can be defaced; at first they loose their memory and traditions and than we form them into our image and likeness.

H-IV. Special Treatment of the Influential Russians.

1-HIV. Keep Them Isolated and Under Constant Watch.

55. Hold under the indefatigable control every step of the influential and promising Russians. Do not let them withdraw and unite. Do not let them have any close and direct links between themselves. Their contacts should be with us and through us. That spells the information, that spells the influence. Do not let them discuss any questions without us. Everywhere where two Russians appear, there should be at least one Jew. Be ever and everywhere present.

2-HIV. Make Their Children Jewish.

56. If you fail in blocking and "drying up" the young and promising Russians make them controllable. Attract them into your companies, create around them a tight ring of Jewish surrounding, deprive them of contacts and acquaintances besides yourself. Compel them to marry Jewish women and only then give them the "green light." Do not fear. Their children will be ours anyway. Whatever nationality the prancing young bull is his calf will be ours.

3-HIV. Forsaking the "Civil Rights" in the Sake of Children.

57. By helping such Russians, you make a deposit into the assets of our Jewish community. From now on, their salary is our national income. In the sake of their children, they would loose their "civil rights," feelings and mind. And anyway, they would not be able to be anti-Semitic. Cohabitation with a Jewish woman is one of the methods of attracting the talented Russians into the sphere of our influence and interests.

4-HIV. Working Horse for Jews.

58. Take beautiful and healthy Russian women as wives and let them bring us a healthy posterity, let them improve our species. So, for each promising Russian there should be a Jewish girlfriend or a friend. If every Russian will pull with himself though one Jew - all of us will be set.

5-HIV. Buy Russia for Trinkets and the Brew.

59. Give them bribes, give them gifts, give them cognac and vodka or, even better, give them, instead, for drinking the governmental alcohol for technical purposes. For those trinkets and the brew, they would sell everything including their Russia.

Long Live Odin! The Aryan Christ of the Second Coming.



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July 26, 2004


You do not understand what the Jew is. Jew is not a
race. Jew is not a religion. Jew is not an ethnic
Jew is a child of a woman and not the child of a man.
The world of a woman has nothing in common with the
world of a man. Jew is a man of the matriarchy - the
child of a whore - the twat that spawns the females in
the male form - the devils. That is because the Jewesse
has copulated not with man of a particular, genetic
make-up , culture or a religion. The Jewesse has been
copulating with money, power and status. Jewesse would
have copulated with pigs if that would have given her
money and power. By that she would have destroyed the
population of pigs but not her genetic make-up - they
would have remained the same Jews but on the trotters.

Her clitoral nose and other signs of physical
degeneracy are the signs marking the most degenerate
part of mongrels. Jewish appearance is like a vortex of
the toilet ball. It does not characterize the water in
the ball - it characterizes its rotation before exiting
into non-existence together with the genetic excrements
of the humanity.

Left without a refreshing blood the Jews would have
died out in several generations. Jew like a woman does
not have interest in the eternal life in spirit because
she is not creative. She cannot create and she cannot
desire the spiritual byproducts of her creativity. She
would sell out the whole world is only she personally
would benefit in her own primitive existence of ever
lying twat. Woman is the definition of the criminal
world and is that world reincarnate. That is why she is
known to be at the root of all crime.

The psychology and the aspiration of the male Jew are
the same as of his Jewish mother. Jew seeks to fuck his
mother because by that he lives through the excitement
of fucking up his father - the worst rape of another
man - that one who gave him the very life. Jew hates
himself with the equivalent of the female envy. Jew is
always worse than is his father and like a woman he
hates him and wishes to degrade. Woman lives by the
consumption of man, woman takes vane pride in the
success in this consumption for the rivalry with other
twats is the only joy of her existence. Woman is driven
by envy and hatred. The clear knowledge that she needs
men more than men needs her makes her envy and hate the
men too.

Every civilization was destroyed by woman. They
destroyed Muslim Ottoman Empire, they destroyed Western
Christians and they are making the attempt to destroy
Russia now. America is so much subjugated to the
capital of all twats in the world - the state of Israel
because the US is the matriarchy where the fatherhood
is outlawed through the legal theft by the pimps of the
state. Read the "Congress women" written by
Aristophanes at the time of Plato. The women of Greece
wanted to steal the power of men and over the men by
gluing beard to their faces as they put on all other of
their disguises. They wanted to vote for themselves the
power over men being disguised as men. What was their
goal - to fuck, eat and shit as they may please. That
is the goal of woman as it is the goal of the Jew and
all other degenerates on their ways to Jewishness and

When Germanic West penetrated the ruling circles of
Russia it was the most ugly of the Russian women.
Russian Sophia was Russian equivalent of the de Medici
of Italy - the whore that committed the mass murder of
400,000 men. Their Western innovation was cutting off
the beards of the Russian men and, if I am not
mistaken, taxing of the blue eyes. They called it
Western progress! The Russian men, known as
"Raskolniki" in the perverted by the whores, Jews and
Germans, history were fighting to the death and burning
themselves alive but they refused to surrender to the
twats and the Western pimps.  There were huge armed
uprising against the German presence all over Russia
and if they failed it is because the Russian men did
not know yet how to treat the new disease and deal with
the criminal world that always portray itself as
something else.

Blavatskaya was a conniving Jewesse herself and she
understood very well the significance of mixing former
male heritage for the female existence in power.
However, female envy would never create anything in
future. There would be no new race,  there would be
only the cemetery of the old races with women feasting
on corpses for a while before dying out completely.
That is unless God would let the Allfather Odin to take
over and rule the world on behalf of manhood and
creativity of all remaining races with an iron hand. He
would secure friendship between the males of the races
securing their separateness and immortality in the
creative spirit that they would pass along trough the
generations of their sons justifying the burden of
their existence. Odin would destroy the degeneracy and
the degenerate part of the subhumanity that evil
inflicted upon the men of the world through women and
their cutting edge - the Jewesses.

Yuriy Kirienko

Long Live Odin, The Christ of the Second Coming.
Down with the Jewish twat. Down with Her clitoral nose.



Irwin and Zundel are two leading actors from the same team. If Irwin gave the air of legitimacy to the Jewish terror using the hottest subject of the fake Jewish Holocaust, so Zundel created the false issue of what the Germans did not do.  In law proven can be only what the parties did and never what the parties did not for it can never be proven to a fact for lack of evidence by the definition.


The Zundel case could have had legitimacy if it were a charge of German participation in the criminal complicity with Jews against the Russians and Slavs. It was also a complicity with Anglo-Saxons, crossed-eyes, harelip, limping, hunchbacks, dwarfs and all whores but understanding of that is beyond the scope of Zundel's mental abilities. They are Western mitigating circumstances. There is nothing new under the moon. - During the Middle Ages in England the natural stupidity of women was used as an argument against the prosecution of the female witches. Their intent and attempts to defraud and kill were no longer prosecuted on the account of their female stupidity. False charges of the Jews against the Germans and the false charges of the Germans against the false charges of the Jews brought the false issues into the center of attention of the moralized Western public.


Tolstoy once said that the public opinion is the opinion of the women. It is quite true because whose else's opinion do you hear but of the whores, Jews and pederasts? They all are against the men - the creative fathers, and seek to alleviate the fathers' restriction on their destructive to the fathers' household activities. Because they are against the restriction of the fathers they falsely call themselves liberals while their own terror against the fathers once they get the power they call obedience to the law as stated by their claques dressed in the judicial cloaks.


The public opinion is not the opinion of the public as it was well understood back then when that nonsensical notion appeared in France. The public opinion is an opinion of the claques and of their masters who wield the real power. Public is too stupid to have an opinion in anything but their likings - that is in the taste for consumption that converges in essence to preferences in eating, shitting and fucking. The notion of the self-evident and of a common knowledge was not introduced during the Nuremberg trial. At that trial the veiling of self-evident by the false term of common knowledge, as the public opinion stated by the judiciary claques, took place and became the precedent in the phony trials.


Nobody but Irwins, Zundels and other revisionists of history (another term for its forgers) would appear on the Western scene. The history of Europe is also taken as a common knowledge though it has been fraud from the very beginning. It was the same massive forgery of the Westerners that they promote now as a revision of history. And as the naive scientist Fomenko and Nosovsky, who reconstructed the true history of Europe and the world, remarked, the West did not argue against the contradictions and obvious frauds in their compilation of history. - West just ignored it as they do it now though quite many Western scientists also saw the fraud and made many public statements about it. Jew would not want to talk about their crimes as women would not want to talk about their adulteries for in their talk they want to converge only on the false accusations of others as a matter of their convenience.


Fomenko and Nosovsky misunderstood the West thinking that the Westerners would ignore the truth in full faith being unable and fearing to withstand the criticism of the establishment that takes fraud for the common knowledge and evidence. They think that were the Westerners empowered in their search for truth with the complete system that backs it up by the whole context it would have changed Western stance. It would not happen because the ruling few of the Western society know what they are doing very well and they are not lost in false assumptions.


Zundel and Irwin created a theory that legitimized the union between the right and left wings of the Western morons, deceivers, dwarfs and women in one unity of Lie. Those liberals who love the Jews see in that pseudo-struggle the victory of the female beginning over the fathers. Those morons who believe in their greatness see in it the proof that Germans really fought the Jews and now are rising against the Jewish power again. In reality the two swindlers that robbed the bank pretend to be enemies on the basis of insulting one another in order to offset the truth of their crime from emerging by the noise of their false squabble.


Yuriy Kirienko       



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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