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FBI Closes in on Anthrax Terrorist

Prime Suspect is a Zionist
Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - 2/26/2002 - (ACN) Jewish microbiologist Dr.
Philip M. Zack may be behind the deadly anthrax contaminated letters that
were mailed to NBC's Tom Brokaw, Senator Tom Daschle and others, according
to FBI sources. In a rapidly unravelling investigation by the FBI, it
appears that the "Arab-hating-Jew" was behind a vile conspiracy to frame a
colleague who was born in Egypt and who worked, along with Dr. Zack, at
the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in Fort
Detrick, Md.

La Voz de Aztlan has maintained from the beginning that the anthrax-laced
letters seemed contrived and were purposely written to make them appear
that they were coming from someone in the Islamic World. New information
just released by the FBI confirms our suspicions. On October 9, 2001 we
published "Anthrax Terrorists may be Zionists" in which we outlined the
reasons for our suspicions and in addition reported on a letter we
received with a yellowish powder. On October 24, 2001 we published an
editorial "Anthrax Letter Messages Seem Contrived" in which we commented
on our theory concerning the origin of the letters. We also published
pictures of the three actual letters and envelopes. We have now compared
the handwriting on these letters to the one we received and it looks
suspiciously the same. We are not handwriting experts and have made the
decision to publish the envelope and letter we received so that our
readership can see for themselves. Our local police department never came
to pick up the envelope and letter and we still have them in a double
zip-lock plastic bag. The letter and envelope addressed to La Voz de
Aztlan are published at

The case against Dr. Phillip M. Zack began unravelling when Egyptian-born
scientist Dr. Ayaad Assaad, now a U.S. citizen, was called in by the FBI
for an interview on October 2, 2001. The FBI had received an unsigned
letter falsely accusing Dr. Assaad of being responsible for mailing the
anthrax tainted letters. The letter stated, among other things, "Dr.
Assaad is a potential biological terrorist," and "I have worked with Dr.
Assaad, and I heard him say that he has a vendetta against the U.S.
government and that if anything happens to him, he told his sons to carry
on." Rosemary A. McDermott, attorney for Dr. Assaad, stated that here is a
very close connection between the person who sent that letter and the
person who sent the anthrax. Ms. McDermott said "The person who wrote that
letter knew intimate details of my client's life and his professional
history, and about the Fort Detrick operation. I don't think that is a
coincidence." The Fort Detrick biochemical research laboratory has
maintained stores of weapons-grade anthrax that is commonly known as the
Ames strain of Bacillus anthracis.

The anonymous letter falsely accusing Dr. Assaad was sent a little after
the September 11 terrorist attacks but before anyone knew about the
anthrax-laced letters. On October 5, 2001, about 10 days after the
anonymous letter was mailed, Robert Stevens, Photo Editor of The Sun in
Florida, became the first of five individuals to die from an anthrax

The racist and bigoted attacks on Dr. Ayaad Assaad by Zionist Philip Zack
and others started while he worked at the Army's bioweapons lab at Fort
Detrick in Maryland during the 1990's. This is when a vicious racist
vendetta was launched against the scientist of Arab descent. A group of
coworkers led by then Army Lt. Col. Philip Zack began a hateful campaign
to harass and get Dr. Assaad fired from his duties. The Zionists
apparently wanted to get rid of anyone that could uncover their sinister
plans which consisted in stealing "weapons grade anthrax" and other deadly
viruses used in biological weapons. The conspirators had the support of
the lab's former commander. Among other things, the bigots wrote and
passed around a very crude poem denigrating Arab Americans, an obscene
rubber camel and constantly poked fun at Dr. Assaad's use of the English
language. In 1991 Dr. Assaad discovered the eight-page poem in his
mailbox. The poem was lewd and mocked Dr. Assaad. The poem also referred
to the rubber camel that was passed around. It was outfitted with all
manner of sexually explicit appendages. The poem in part read: ``In
Assaad's honor we created this beast; it represents life lower than
yeast.'' The bigots noted that the rubber camel will be given each week
``to who did the least.''

It appears that the conspirators created an extremely toxic workplace on
purpose in order to take control of the laboratory. The lab became very
dysfunctional and hostile to the few "good" scientists that worked there
which included Dr. Assaad. Dr. Assaad said ``This person knew in advance
what was going to happen and created a suitable, well-fitted scapegoat for
this action. You do not need to be a Nobel laureate to put two and two
together.'' Dr. Assaad said he reported everything to his supervisor, Col.
David R. Franz, but that Colonel Franz ``kicked me out of his office and
slammed the door in my face, because he didn't want to talk about it.''
Dr. Assaad was eventually dismissed by Colonel Franz as were two other
scientists of Arab descent.

The evidence against the racist Zionist bigot Dr. Philip "Mengele" Zack is
very strong. Lab specimens of anthrax spores, Ebola virus and other
pathogens disappeared from the Army's biological warfare research facility
in the early 1990s during the very same period that the conspirators were
harassing Dr. Assaad. An 1992 inquiry into the disappearance of the deadly
pathogens found evidence that someone was secretly entering the laboratory
late at night to conduct unauthorized research involving anthrax. A
numerical counter on a piece of lab equipment had been rolled back to hide
work done by the mystery researcher. A lab scientist, Dr. Mary Beth Downs,
told investigators that she had come to work several times in 1992 to find
that someone had been in the lab at odd hours to use the electron
microscope to conduct some clandestine research. Dr. Downs reported in a
memo that whoever was using the microscope was "either in a big hurry or
didn't know what they were doing." Documents from the inquiry show that
one unauthorized person who was observed entering the laboratory at night
was Lt. Col. Philip Zack who at the time no longer worked at Fort Detrick.
A surveillance camera recorded Lt. Col. Zack being let in at 8:40 P.M. on
January 23, 1992, by another conspirator by the name Dr. Marian Rippy. Dr.
Philip M. Zack has not been arrested.

Who is stonewalling the US anthrax investigation?
By Patrick Martin
20 July 2002
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Two commentaries by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, published
July 12 and July 19, raise further questions about the refusal of the FBI
and the Bush administration to take any action against the most likely
suspect in the anthrax terrorist attacks that killed five people last
fall. These columns-and the near-universal silence in the rest of the
media-underscore the high-level complicity in the suppression of any
serious investigation into the terrorist attacks that targeted two leading
Democratic senators.

Kristof has previously singled out the suspect, whom he gave the pseudonym
"Mr. Z," and asked why the FBI was so reluctant to arrest him. The
multiple details about this individual-training in the Army Green Berets,
involvement in counterinsurgency operations in Rhodesia and apartheid
South Africa, past employment at the US biological warfare lab at Ft.
Detrick, Maryland-indicate that the allegations relate to Dr. Steven
Hatfill, a former Army bio-weapons scientist whose home has been searched
several times by the FBI, and who has been named in other press accounts
of the case.

In the July 12 column, Kristof suggests that the attacker had a pattern of
activity involving false threats of anthrax aimed at promoting media and
government interest in countermeasures to deal with biological terrorism.

On April 24, 1997, an anthrax hoax letter was received at the Washington
headquarters of the B'nai B'rith. It contained a gelatin-like substance
purporting to be wet anthrax. In actuality it was a closely related but
non-toxic chemical. According to Kristof, "Mr. Z" wrote a letter to the
organizer of a terrorism seminar in Washington, held the same day as the
B'nai B'rith attack, complaining that neither he nor any other anthrax
expert had been invited.

A second anthrax hoax in February 1999 was more ambitious, involving
envelopes to the Washington Post, NBC's Atlanta office, a post office in
Columbus, Georgia, near the Ft. Benning army base, and the Old Executive
Office Building in Washington. The lettering and language patterns in the
Columbus letter-the only one Kristof was able to examine-resembled those
in last fall's attacks.

Significantly, the 1999 letters contained a dried powder rather than a wet
substance, a shift that corresponded to the work history of "Mr. Z."
According to Kristof, the suspect's 1999 r�sum� adds something missing
from the 1997 version: "working knowledge of wet and dry BW [biological
warfare] agents, large-scale production of bacterial, rickettsial and
viral BW pathogens and toxins."

Kristof says that two document consultants hired for the current anthrax
investigation have never been shown the older hoax letters for comparison
purposes. Furthermore, he suggests that the licked stamps on the 1999
envelopes have not been checked for DNA, which could identify the sender.

The writer's July 19 column cites hundreds of pages of internal Army
documents, first discovered by the Hartford Courant, which report
widespread security lapses at the Ft. Detrick lab over a 10-year period,
with significant quantities of Ebola virus, hantavirus, anthrax and other
pathogens missing from inventory, and little checking of what researchers
were taking out of the complex.

So slipshod were the practices at Ft. Detrick that after a visit last
April by Senator Mary Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat, anthrax spores were
found in a hallway and an administrative area. Kristof concludes, "Anthrax
spores seem to have it in for Democratic senators."

This is an oblique reference to the most significant aspect of the anthrax
terrorist attacks: the obvious political motivation, as the deadly
bacteria were sent to the Democratic Party leader in the US Senate, Tom
Daschle, and to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrat
Patrick Leahy.

While maintaining a public silence on the anthrax case, the two senators
have requested private briefings from the FBI. Newsweek magazine reported
in its July 15 issue that FBI officials have been called twice in recent
weeks to discuss the investigation behind closed doors at the US Senate.
One meeting was with staffers for Leahy, the other with Daschle

Newsweek said that both senators raised issues sparked by criticism of the
investigation on the part of Barbara Rosenberg of the Federation of
American Scientists. Five months before Kristof's columns, Rosenberg
released a lengthy memorandum giving details of the chief suspect,
declaring that his name had been given to the FBI within days of the
attacks, and charging that the bureau was dragging its feet in the probe
for fear of exposing illegal biological weapons research by the US

In place of a serious investigation, the FBI has mounted an elaborate
charade. While only 50 scientists employed or formerly employed at Ft.
Detrick are believed to have the necessary combination of skill and access
to have carried out the attacks, the FBI has enlisted dozens of field
offices and hundreds of investigators, interviewed 5,000 people, issued
1,700 subpoenas, administered hundreds of lie detector tests and created
over a hundred separate databases. The inquiry is the second largest
currently mounted by the agency, after the equally fruitless investigation
into the September 11 suicide hijackings.

While the agency sent out letters to 20,000 microbiologists asking for
their cooperation in the probe, it did not even open the Leahy anthrax
letter for two months, did not collect anthrax strains from government and
university labs until five months had passed, and still has not completed
elementary forensic tests. This pretended probe is a cover for the
high-level protection being accorded the principal terror suspect.

Just how high this protection goes is not clear. But a very suggestive
fact was uncovered last month in the course of a lawsuit filed by the
right-wing Judicial Watch group, seeking documents on the anthrax attacks
under the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch charged, and the
White House has now confirmed, that the anti-anthrax drug Cipro was
distributed to White House staffers on September 11, nearly four weeks
before the first anthrax attack was made public.

Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch said, in a press statement, "We believe
that the White House knew or had reason to know that an anthrax attack was
imminent or underway." White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said that the
drug had been distributed "in the early hours of September 11," before the
exact nature of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington had
become clear.

These revelations paint a far different picture of life in official
Washington than one finds in typical media accounts of legislative
jousting or positioning for election contests in 2002 or 2004. Top
Democratic Party leaders are aware that they were targeted for
assassination by a former special forces operative with close ties to the
military and intelligence apparatus, a man whose identity is known but who
for some reason cannot be arrested. They are told that the FBI is
deliberately stalling the probe, while the Bush administration pretends
that it has no suspects and little information about the attacks. Yet the
leaders of the official political opposition say nothing publicly about
what amounts to an attempted political coup d'�tat, and a compliant media
sustains the cover-up.



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