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"no good matter can be accompanied by lie and fraud". - Maxim podberezovikov, Inspector, Film "Coast Automobile".

"4 truth I will describe about them such which is worse than any lie". (William Shakespeare. "Romeos and Juliette")

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The instruction of the top secret secret report of the united Joint Chiefs of Staff OF THE USA gives the solution of the events on 11 September, 2001!!!! In the English the complete text of the original, which was being located was here premeditated damaged by the secret service agency OF TSRU, here it no longer is opened. Http:// However, we had time to skachat' this file and to make a transfer of concretely important section into the Russian language. Realdokument.htm To the interested people we could send original file on the "soap", but we do not want to gleam themselves with it.


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It is agreeable, Watson, you saw that everything was rested in snake - office -"O?EO?"- To "yGVe" of -? - Yahweh - Yhwh - ? ? ? - - NAKHASH - NEKHESH ", and in spite of the fact that here the obstruction of other information, we should finish this reptoidnuyu theory. Not in vain in THE USSR Watson, all ligvisty- semantics, on part of the words, were Jews; because even in the gospel written "in the beginning there was word!", to take the same of philosopher Aleksey losev (Etot, in modified yarmulke of Zelinskiy and of linguist Yuri lotman: . If you become acquainted with the works of these Russian scientists in the aspect of evrologii, as if it will strike you by current. By the way, Watson, you do not recover, in the Greek the word of the snakes: "ofeos", "ofeon, office", and these are still versions of one word; what hence into the Russian language passed the name of the form of poisonous snakes "echis" , A also Of ofikhtuus office - "Ophichthus ophis) - the serpentine blackhead: Http:// I that is obtained, Watson? But in our yevreologicheskoy semantics it turns out that the popular now word "office", which in Russia who writes as: who with one"Fitoy", who with two "FF" - in the Greek language have a value of "terrarium"! Hence "those who do occupy offices", who, Watson? - correctly.....vy they surmised - snake origin. And as soon as 4 in Gugle found word "echis", the visit this of site rejected to me this strange warning: , this that, Watson, the new form of censorship?

Thus, Watson, (this thus far 4 I do not touch American It inet), which does tell us according to the reptoidnoy theory science? - "arguments and facts" Article, in view of interesnosti, is given completely. "The ischeznuvshiy people: who stood between the people and the dinosaurs?". - (Ischeznuvshiy WHETHER? Watson).

"LEGENDS about this have long ago circulated... The theory of the "disappeared component", supposedly connected enormous prehistoric pangolins and humanity, are actively discussed by the scientists of entire peace already of years one hundred, if not more. First dinosaurs disappeared on the planet, people then appeared - like everything is logical. Problem in the fact that no one can accurately say, until now: however, and which precisely did happen in that period, when ALREADY did die out some, but YET not it was others? (Deystvitell'no, Watson - the same of 65 million years fire from the attention, "to minutochku") one of the most popular versions - into the gigantic time interval, when propali dinosaurs (65 million years ago) arrived people (2-3 million years ago), the Earth populated the mysterious race of unknown essences... Monsters toward the end of their life on the Earth could become the ancestors of man - THIS IS sufficiently strange thing, stated in the interview for periodical Nature American scientific Robert Martin, who works in the paleontological museum of Chicago. - but fact remains fact. The first hardened imprints of the soles of unknown two-legged creation, found by us, relate exactly to that period of the time, when pangolins disappeared. What these were for the creation - any new race or simply appeared to fifty million years are earlier than anthropomorphous monkeys, 4 say I cannot (or "I do not desire on this theme to talk"?) Although undoubtedly has already been are conducted the disputes and considerations, but not these whether "two-legged" they did gradually destroy all dinosaurs, hunting on them as to the usual game? In 1961 the expedition of French researcher Cesar geman (clearly Jewish surname) revealed in the almost inaccessible alpine region of the Congo (peak Of margerita) the tribe of the pygmies of "Mongolian" (about 40 natives), who never saw white person. Finding gave the staggering results - after taking samples of the pigmeyskoy blood, Geman it explained that it in them... not hot. People were capable of falling into the anabiosis as lizards, with the cold weather (that, true, it was hardly it necessary in the African climate). Worshipped tribe to the figure of the standing on the rear paws pangolin grooved from the tree, in which easily guessed... the tyrannosaurus. After returning to Paris, scientist immediately began to gather means to the following trip, but expeditions intervened war in the Congo. But through half a year Cesar died of the malaria. Could not be sent new expedition - in the region the fierce fightings between the soldiers and the local fighters are conducted: this already many years does not make possible for scientists to reach the natives, in veins of whom, possibly, flows the blood of dinosaurs. If in this time they not at all disappeared from face of the Earth. In the Mongolia has long ago worked "the independent variable (from the state?) the paleontological group "the local academy of sciences, which collaborates with the associates from THE USA, organizing the joint studies of the bones" of local "dinosaurs. (similarly that internatsional'nyye Jews they do powder to Mongolians the brains they do destroy data in the interesting us direction) why there? Specifically, in the Mongolian desert the Gobi is located the largest in the world "cemetery" of the skeletons of pangolins, and also the enormous "laying" of the eggs of ancient predators. According to one of the versions, developed by local specialists, the dinosaurs toward the end of their epoch not only became completely reasonable essences, they also completely could be... the distant ancestors of contemporary person. People and pangolins, possibly, connected "intermediate race". The position of the young in the egg of dinosaur greatly resembles, as is located child in the womb of woman. - - IF you look, as the young of dinosaur it is located in the egg, then you will gasp - it lies at the same pose as contemporary child in the womb of mother, says the senior colleague of the "paleontological group" Of khorlogiyn Of galsan. - earlier we considered the theory of the "disappeared component" as the connection between the dinosaurs and the birds. (they understood, Watson, where they earlier took away attention?) But now we reflect: and why not to be so that there was an "intermediate race", something average between the people and the enormous predators? Indeed if we think, then very first figures and the sculpture of the just barely appeared terrestrial civilizations (to take at least Egypt, China and South America) they depicted the person- pangolins (!), as a rule, that were appeared from the sea: they were considered the rulers of the ischeznuvshego reign.

God Of dagon - man- dinosaur? (in the article it is brought the figure of man- mermaid).

The hardened silhouettes of human soles found next to the imprints of the paws of dinosaurs in many places, in essence in America - for example, in the river Of paluksi in Texas and Fisher- canyon in Nevada - this caused shock and bitter disputes: and is accurate generally the theory of evolution? Some archaeologists charged others with the forgery, those as the answer they shouted about the ignorance and the unwillingness "to understand obvious". Professional and amateurish expeditions of THE USA and Canada more than hundred times in the last five years attended the temples of the long ago ischeznuvshey Indian civilization Tiauanako in the territory of modern Bolivia, where the rock sculptures depict people in the scale - ancient Indians (on some assumptions, empire Tiauanako was based 15 thousand years ago) called their founders of their state. Moreover, immediately three Indian tribe in the Bolivian jungle, until now, name themselves "person- lizards" (but why them not to believe, Watson?) . - - 65 millions - the simply gigantic space of years, reported in the interview "Argumenty i fakty magazine" the professor of the British society of the study of dinosaurs By dzheremi Mel'forn (D it is already actually!) . - in this time it could generally appear anything, about which we do not know (yes it is already actually!). Visualize the situation: human society, do not give god, it will perish as a result of a drop in the monstrous meteorite or the nuclear war. So here, another race quietly is formed through millions years - and it can in exactly the same manner disappear, and after it will arise the new civilizations, which not they will nothing know about previous. Thus, theoretically after dinosaurs and before the appearance of a contemporary person without ceremony could exist unknown to contemporary science the race of two-legged essences, which were being themselves the relatives of pangolins or simply separate form. It is possible that they lived in the water (hence and ancient legends about the atlases), after which they were destroyed or elementarily they died out. (but if we, Watson, we put the here only the day before yesterday given history according to the Ancient Greek historian Fof eretsid from Sirosa (Pherecydes of Syros) , which said, that "the most important god was not Zeus, but Zas (Zas, the one who lives). Its father was Khronos (time). Khronos and Zas according to Feretsidu waged war Ofionom (by kite), and Zas gained victory... ", then, you see, Watson that the ancient historians held this snake problem, so to speak, for the tail). Moreover, if after the history Of feretsida, we, even on -ixnemu, the the sgipoteziruyem, that meteorite destroyed, allegedly, all, but "one, at least, the man- pangolin on the name" NOY "survived, then further generally it is possible everything on the bible to read, especially as bible directly produces half of the population of the Earth from THE SNAKE, with which sinned Eva (echis?). - the continuation of the article: Period after the disappearance of dinosaurs and before the appearance of people is studied extremely little (A why it is studied little?): practically do not have evidence whatever, which precisely then occurred (strictly speaking, Watson, we there is no evidence whatever generally to anything, which occurred not today and generally only yesterday; and in any case, we do not have any proofs and contemporary theory of the origin of man from the macacos, that neither from that nor from this suddenly suddenly grew, popryameli grew smart, "directly", on the eyes). Some skulls of pangolins, found at the recent excavations in the Gobi, forced to shudder scientific peace - in small predators at the very end of the "reign" of dinosaurs on the Earth it appeared considerably more than space for the brain, actually it increased two. This news involved the squall of interview and considerations. Spoke out the opinions that the pangolins could even "be discussed" with each other on the unique "adverb". So who did populate the Earth after the loss of the dinosaurs of 65 million years ago, before on it did appear human race, polulyudi-poluyashchery, anthropomorphous monkeys or the mysterious national character of amphibians? ("Vaaapros of kaaaneshna of intereyesnyy..", as told leading transfers "Obvious- improbable" in kriptoyevrey Kapitsa- low-order) - it is unknown. Indeed the "disappeared component" obtained, until now... (and someone it applies the maximum efforts to the destruction it is trace) BY THE WAY, THE ALREADY two hundred years ago of dinosaurs not at all studied. Even when in 1769 in France were found the hardened eggs of prehistoric reptiles with the young inside, to this no one (for some reason, Watson) turned attention. Properly study began only nearer to the middle OF THE XIX century, when British scientific Richard Owen devised word "dinosaur" (in the transfer from the Latin - "terrible pangolin"). From those found for remains it very soon was possible to recreate the "portraits" of the monsters: the most enormous essences reached increase in 40 it was meter (approximately 12- storeyed house) they weighed the hearth of 80 tons. Theories about the loss of dinosaurs appear with the enviable constancy; however, the majority of specialists consider that behave like a beast it ruined a drop to the earth in the gigantic meteorite with value to 10 kilometers in the diameter. (Wahls are everything to the meteorite, Watson. This after Tunguskogo meteorite THEY began to bring down everything to the meteorite, although from the tunguska meteorite no one not at all died out). On the Earth now live the "descendants" and the "relatives" of pangolins, who were preserved after millions years, this crocodiles, shark and tortoise.


The following article, Watson, on the the rosiyskom You inete it is called "to the man on the Earth they lived reasonable pangolins?"

"on Verberu among the dinosaurs was one form increase approximate from the man, who walked on the rear paws. Yes even the brain was approximately the same volume as our. Scientists named this form stenonikhozavrami. They could think, together hunt, by front extremities be sufficient and throw stones. And, if not "small ecological incident", this reptile would learn in the course of time to conduct automobiles and to construct skyscrapers... IN REALITY. To the gumanoidnuyu appearance of stenonikhozavra by the first in the 70's of past century focused attention Canadian paleonthologist Dale Russell. And, using the laws of evolution, it calculated, dinosaur seemingly could appear, if it would realize the bases placed in it. The essence ,which the associates named dinozavroidom , came out, the representative of the race of reasonable pangolins- - they was ill by cancer, as if people, which, possibly, as a result of them ruined, speaks about one more similarity of "elder brothers on the reason" to us Bruce Rotschild of the northeastern university medical college. He studied the strangely changed bones of some dinosaurs and he came to this striking conclusion. True, this is only version. Possibly, "reasonable dinosaurs" disappeared together with their remaining fellows of 65 million years ago, when the Earth encountered gigantic meteorite, or them ruined hard radiation supernova ". - you noted, Watson, as THEY everyone insists, what meteorite destroyed on the Earth precisely ALL pangolins - to the united. From where THEY have this guarantee? Strange meteorite is some, Watson, not truth whether? - crocodiles, sharks, tortoises, entire today's flora and fauna, and generally chute does know whom, who is still older than dinosaurs, he did leave, and here pangolins it did selectively destroy, moreover and anthropoid stenonikhozavrov-dinozavroidov also? Such impression, that in reality there was the long season of the shooting only of pangolins. Some directly after all interesting selective dinosaur genocide is obtained. In rezul'te which, from the macacos to men it was possible to occur how much you do want and it was encouraged, and from the pangolins - not- not? Logician There Is, Watson? - the logic none generally, one policy.

Here by the way, only today arrived the yakhuyevaya news: , what oldest track chethe catchingof kaa - precisely man, but not pryamokhodyashchego yashcherocheloveka, is found in Egypt. To this imprint of 2 million years. Declared Zakhi (Zakhar) Of khavass (Avas) (Zahi Hawass) - The "genral'nyy secretary of the highest council of Egypt on the antiquity" - and, "4 output his hat", Watson, if this is Egyptian Jew. In this case they note that thus far the oldest human track, found in Egypt, the speech only about Egypt, were dated altogether only by 200 thousand years. Yes, Watson, and here also one more "gaping hole": if we already have one ziyayushchayaya hole between between, allegedly the disappearance of the pangolins of 60 million years ago and the appearance of distinct chelovekov of 2-3 million years ago; that we also have the distinct gaping hole between the appearance of chelovekov 2-3, and even 6-7 million years ago (finding in Kenya), and the appearance of documentary human history only of 6 thousand years ago. And this appearance of human history of 6 thousand years ago by strange means coincides with the history of propagation and progress in the Earth of that people, which recently is called "Jews". What you, Watson, could devise the logical explanation to this strange fact that before the appearance of 6 thousand years ago in the arena of the planet of the Earth the judaic people - there was human history not generally! - although cheloveki, in the contemporary understanding, existed on the earth of already 2-7 MILLION years ago! It is correct, Watson, this is very solid reason in favor of the fact that judaic people - these are newcomers - aliyeny from another planet. Six thousand years ago their "ark" landed on the mountain ararat and their first settler- colonizers began to settle in this planet, killing everything that they counted, it was subject to destruction. It is possible that the part of aliyenov from the mountain of ararat went to the north, after becoming khazarami, and another part went to the south, after becoming sefardami; part went to the east, after becoming Indian braminami and Chinese "mandarins", and after creating the "empire Of podnebesnoy"; and part went to the West, after becoming subsequently mararanami. But now, this judaic aristocratic tribe of aliyenov in view of their technological progress concludes the enclosure of the local aborigines of the Earth, planning finally to approach the "terrible law court", which they in the "attractive religious wrapper", promise to the earthlings of the already beaten 6 thousand years from the moment of their appearance on the Earth. You do not remember, Watson, yr -2 ago, when on GUGLE appeared aerofotos'emki of the earth from space, I gave many links to the strange flat geometric figures on the earth's surface, whose age departs to the boundless past, but geometric jewel-like precision it is circular, lines and triangles leaves not the least doubt about conscious rukotvornosti of these figures on the earth's surface. It would be possible to certainly fall down the appearance of these figures to neandertal'tsev, but one large "but": these figures have an extent ten and even hundreds of kilometers over the earth's surface and consciously to plan to build them with this degree of geometrichnosti and jewel-like precision was only from cosmos or at least aero-. Yes take at least the "Great wall of China" in China. To us they gave "explanation", that wall, allegedly, for the reflection of northern nomads. But the fact is that the Great wall of China passes several thousand kilometers by the most alpine region of planet in the region inaccessible to any riders, except mountain climbers. Great wall of China region, my dear Watson, is unapproachable by itself and Beza any wall. You will look attentively, Watson, what riders could even reach the place, where then it was intended to build this wall For me it is obvious, Watson that this wall was constructed entirely on by others to the considerations, about which we nothing know. You only glance and visualize that you the martial northern nomad, who on the horse wants to subjugate China, you in the state will in general, although on karachkakh crawl to these places, where the Chinese goys they forced to build this wall, when and now there it is possible to reach only on the helicopter: both and wall goes directly along the mountain range, which is not passed by itself. Was sense it construct for the protection from attacks from the north? - it is obvious that no: - but what then was, Watson, efficient cause for the construction of this wall? 4 so I understand, Watson, as the fruitful debyutnoy idea, that 6 thousand years ago, landed on the earth aliyeny, destroyed everything, after leaving only and those animals, and people, which as the slaves, could to them prove useful in the future. Hence these incomprehensible figures in the space photographs GUGLE of many kilometers and our "dear" Egyptian piriamidy, whose copies in the glass and the concrete now propagate themselves in all countries as fungi after rain; and the same, you will look, English Stounkhedzh: - I coma and why in the antiquity it was necessary to construct obviously useless gigantic construction clearly occupied the long-standing hard labor of entire people? You do think, Watson that ancient people did construct these useless gigantic construction and signs for the reason for their complete debilizma or in the quality of hobby, in the time free from the basic work? Or them they did force by force? You will look on the ancient picture certain giant it participates in stritel'stve Of stounkhedzha:


Let us glance at the object, Watson, from other side. When I begin in English to dig to this ancient side, then it occurs that neyevreyev, in all sciences connected with the history, and in the special feature, which is concerned the ancient history, where it is possible to complete real findings, and precisely into: of paleonthology, archaeology, Egyptology - there are no goys in them even closely. And how to explain this phenomenon? You can take any archaelogical expedition in the world; to pridti into their archaelogical camp to the excavations and to order them: archaeologists - to the left, diggers - to the right; and then to verify their nationalities, then diggers will prove to be - these are local goys, and archaeologists will be all scientific komandirovannye Jews. This so stereotype that in the known Soviet film the "gentlemen of success", where from the archaelogical expedition they did steal gold helmet, professor- archaeologist "Nikolai georgiyevich Maltsev" - who? - Jew Erast garin - even in these articles given above you will look, who to us raskazyvayet against the "elder brothers on the reason"? - Bruce Rotschild from the northeastern university medical college, about nationality of which, judging by its proud surname, there are no doubts. Mentioned professor of the British society of the study of dinosaurs By dzheremi (Eremius) Of mel'forn? There can be Canadian paleonthologist Dale Russell? - among Rasselov not of Jews to me in THE USA it was not encountered, typical of kriptofamiliya, especially among the intelligentsia. From most known "rassellov": allegedly, English, and in reality as everywhere - Jewish philosopher Bertrand Russell - the concealed friend of bol'shevichkov, immediately, although to it and in Sovdeyepii, allegedly, it was not pleased, that came running after revolution into Russia: sokolov1.htm. This is the laureate wof the Nobel Prize Bertrand rassell in the characteristic youth: - not truth whether a good photograph; Bertrand rassell's late zaimidzhirovali under the English "gentleman". But here the site of the founder of the knife American firm A G Russell - you see below signature - A G and Goldie Russell - A.G Gold Rassell. (Gold in Yiddish - gold). But "in 1961 French researcher Cesar geman's expedition"? - "geman" is this the same Frenchman as Russell Englishman. No... - you me incorrectly understood, Watson, us all they trained to think that "Frenchman", "Englishman", "American", "Italian", "Russian" - this of nation. - this is only index of native language and citizenship - not more. And nothing speaks about that, the goy of men, or he belongs to the race of "those chosen". THEY , as arrived at the authority in 1991 in Russia, immediately from the passports they removed "fifth point", which reveals their incognito! And entirely already complete dropping - this Bernard verber mentioned above, who writes for the goys the most fascinating novel- trilogy about the super-civilization of ants - by durdom in the progress! "recently we described about Bernard verber's novel- trilogy" ants "(see weekly" KP "from 19, on 26 July) and with the aid of the scientists -mirmekologov they ascertained that the French writer too did not dream, describing formic super-civilization. After these publications many readers asked to describe about another book of French writer "encyclopedia of relative and absolute knowledge", in which it refers to the improbable things, asserting that these are sincere truth, "is directing at the specific reflections". - to go out of mind, Watson! Jews - they themselves do indicate that they the first-rate people, and the science Of evreologii, which means, be must not? Thus? But ants to study and to develop science... as it there...? - Mirmekologiya? And to write entire novel- trilogies on the theme of mirmekologii? - this how much you do want? Yevreologii are not, mirmekologii - yes! And you after this, Watson, will to me prove, that we do not live in Zazerkal'e and Jews, being "chosen" generally not moreover? - as to you it is not shameful, Watson! Your fear to be that accused of most terrible prestuplenni of all possible, is worse than the children's ritual murder, "antisemitiz'me", it is simply pathologic and bears the nature of "phobia". What to you fear- that? - anthropomorphous pangolins - descendants of stenonikhozavrov-dinozavroidov you nevertheless will gorge. Here you will look, which writes one of the young readers: "there is a proposal to pump through the theme of the book Of r.Kiplinga" Of maugli "and similar Soviet mul'tik (give today together let us be hunted! We with you one blood - you even 4! - the dialogue Of maugli with the boa constrictor Of kaa.) Is very significant the scene of hypnosis by the boa constrictor Of kaa of the monkeys before their eating! (approach to bliiiizhe... another bliiizhe... good to you me evidently? Another bliiiiizhe of....!! And so on.) And as wise Kaa "divorced" red dogs and wild bees, itself interfering not for the minute in the fight! Indeed you will look, Holmes, they did not be sorry into the Soviet "thawing" time of money to the screening and the wide rental of Kipling's "Maulgi". It does ask itself, after what such necessity? What, the Mamin- Siberian of podnadoyel? But indeed mul'tik which impresses, which is memorized for life " - very curious observation, Watson.
And also, Watson, I want to modify their anecdote about the dinosaurs: "the correspondent OF TV asks in foolish goy in the studio: - - Which the probability that, after leaving to the street, you will meet dinosaur?- one chance of billion. The same question is assigned to the clever goy: - - Fifty to fifty! - answers clever goy. - - As this to understand? - - Well, either encounter or not encounter ".

It is good, Watson, they laughed, give let us invite to the examination of Jews themselves. The site Of "sem'ya0" will approach for this? The article from the site "sem'ya0" under the intriguing name "how Jews they are differed from mutants?" - well, and how? And so that this material not of propal s inet, 4 it I will here paste: "on 26 May (2007 or 2006) it took place the premier of film " people IKS 3: Last battle " exchanges . We know that you are enraptured by the staggering specials-effect and drama itself about the mutants (to say nothing of the hot celebrities Of khalli of Berry and Hugh dzhekmanes). But, first of all, the wild popularity of films about the people IKS among the moviegoers of all ages, explains by the fact that the creators of cinema used hero- mutants for examining the real social, political and even religious questions, which we encounter each day. Consciously whether these parallels are inscribed into the subject, there remains only to guess, but, beginning from the appearance of comics (Marvel Comics, 1963), by continuing by television mul'tserialom and by concluding by film trilogy, one cannot fail to turn attention to the set of the common moments, which unite people IKS with the Jews. Rabbi moshe Bleykh - ardent fan of "people IKS": it is convinced that these parallels are not questioned. "it is clear that the creators" people IKS "were located under the clout of Jewish culture, and American- Jewish culture in particular, indicates rabbi bleykh. - mutants live in the world, which even knows that about them dumat'".S of the point of view of rabbi bleykh, before the people IKS and the Jews arise the same problems. "0 0N throughout the world, and especially in America, he, says. - many Jews live as if between two it is world. People IKS cannot deny their nature, and Jews cannot completely be assimilated (but from where, Watson, by the way, generally the problem of assimilation in yevrrev? Indeed the problem of assimilation only and only in Jews. Very fact of the need for assimilation issues HETEROGENEITY, and consequently also INOKROVNOST'! Other people of this problem do not have any), however they wanted to be as everything else ". We will agree with Bleykhom in the fact that this is - positive moment. "certainly, it is necessary to be proud of this, notes Bleykh. - people IKS, by which it transported and they burn into the "school for those gifted" professor ksav'era, developed their talents in the design manner. So Jews with the thorough Jewish formation have positive Jewish originality ". Besides the undoubted connections of people IKS and Jewish people, the creators also introduced other characters, associated with other religious and ethnic groups, including Moslems, Hindus and catholics. The third film about the people IKS not is less saturated by new characters, who present the Jewish Americans (To kitti Prayd) of afro- Americans (Storm) and of Canadian Americans (Vulverin), and also a number of other representatives of other parts of sveta.Na this time one topical line alone will force us to pose the questions about the fate of people IKS - and it is wider - by their sobstvennoy.Davayte let us briefly study the subject: Dr. dzhin by Grey, that endowed by himself for his comrades in the second part, revives as Phoenix. Now Dr. Grey presents danger not only to himself, but also for other mutants and human race. When it is possible to reveal the potential means of recovery, which can stop genetic mutations, people IKS must solve, should be to them to endow by its unique possibilities for the rescuing of its friend, or preserved its mutatsiyu.Tot the fact that in people IKS appears the vaccine (speech, Watson, here directly goes about the biological weapon, and about the fact that biological weapon it appeared in people X, parallel with the Jews, whom he is directly indicated by rabbi bleykh!), which can lead to the loss of their unique abilities and it will allow them to become completely assimilated in the society - this is the serious dilemma, with which the Jews are well familiar. (for the film, the application of this vaccine it goes to what the stupid assimilation Person- X, whereas in the life vaccine now according to the complete program adapts for genocide of goys, especially in Africa) in spite of all our misfortunes, we must remember that to us it transported that we were unique. People IKS encounter the probability of the loss of their uniqueness for rescuing of one of their. But that would make we how people, if they would encounter with the threat to forever lose their religious originality? Or we has already been found in this situation?".

But now, Watson, without relying on the treatment Of "sem'ya0", 4 to you I will transfer, which tells about this film on "vetches, here: exchanges -

"The X- exchanges" # 1, published in september of 1963. "people X" - "X- exchanges" they left by the book of already 40 years ago - in 1963. "people - X were the result of sudden jump in the evolution, when suddenly, beginning from sexual maturity some anthropomorphous essences suddenly they began to manifest super-human abilities. In the releases of this book usual people (goys) manifest strong fear and distrust to these anthropomorphous creation, being frequently turned to them as to people of the highest type - "chosen" - Homo superior, which are considered by some scientists as the following step in the evolution and thus representing threat to the already existing human beings. Tension in the society is strengthened by these anthropomorphous mutants, which use their sverchelovecheskiye abilities for criminal, criminal purposes. People X are led by professor Char'zom Ksav'e (Charles Xavier. Professor Kh), by the multi-millionaire- oligarch of their anthropomorphous mutants, who organized the secret society (academy) of the preparation of young anthropomorphous mutants in order to protect general peace on the Earth from THE MAGNETOS (Sinedriona) - the secret brotherhood of anthropomorphous mutants (pyramid) . Of series of the books "people - X" were the most influential and popular series in 1970- e years ". - by their mouths, Watson, yes honey to drink - this is 4 in the sense, about the secret society of professor ksav'e among most anthropomorphous mutanov on the defense of peace on the earth from THE MAGNETOS - Sinedriona. However, in other respects entire collision, proceeding on the Earth sufficiently is accurately, Watson, transmitted in its essence itself; so that, as you saw, even rabbi bleykh to "sem'ya0" agreed that the discussion deals with the collision of Jews and goys. And note, Watson that to this book of already 40 years. Everything in the West already long ago in the course. And only in Russia complete otsutsviye of any prisutviya. In THE USSR still 1970- e years without ceremony could be reached "archipelago gulag" Solzhenitsina, when 4 it it read, but only not the book on the theme of evrev-aliyenov. With respect to the books of this type of urovn' of censorship in THE USSR it was for some reason considerably higher!

Therefore my task, Watson, better it is late never than, although to somehow bring intellectual discussion into Russia to the sovremenogo level. Since the impression had long ago been created in entire peace, that since we everything, but not only reptile, into some of degree "were cold-blooded", i.e., we depend on ambient temperature, (this in the science is called "poykilotermnost'": "animals are had two basic types of the heat exchange: poykilotermnost' and homothermy. The temperature of the body of the animals, that relate to the first type - and their predominant majority, depends on ambient temperature and it differs little from it. In gomotermnykh, warm-blooded animals, animals the perfect control mechanisms of temperature provide relatively the fixed level of the exchange of substances and temperature of body " ), that low temperatures clearly are reflected in the cognitive ability of Russians, moreover not only people, but also anthropomorphous Russian mutants also. This retardation of the intellectual understanding of proceeding, in Russians it does not certainly always have only negative side, but with the contemporary acceleration of the methods of the transmission of information, this already clearly strikes. Strictly, Watson, on overcoming of freezing actions cold to the cognitive ability of Russians is directed the action of this site, so that they would cease to be frozen. But that they themselves constantly and unsuccessfully attempt to warm by vodka. Personal experience me very, Watson, also speaks, that 4, after moving to New York, he began to consider clearly better. I do not know even, to what this to carry in its personal case, also it did warm that? They did focus attention, Watson, in the photo into "sem'ya0", that anthropomorphous "Person- X" do have the skin of lizards? By itself, what in the film "people - X", directors are not released into the thickets of their origin, but for the clarity ", it they suppress, calling themselves" by mutants "on the the ideopaticheskim, i.e., to unknown reasons. But reasons are known to us from the previous articles, which in contrast to the book "Person- X", left not 40 years ago, but they give contemporary information. But sovremenye given are such, what as speaks professor of the British society of the study of dinosaurs Eremius mel'forn - " 65 million - the simply gigantic space of years... theoretically after dinosaurs and before the appearance of a contemporary person without ceremony could exist unknown to contemporary science the race of two-legged essences, which were being themselves the relatives of pangolins or simply separate form. It is possible that they lived in the water (hence and ancient legends about the atlases)". But - "on Verberu fromredi of dinosaurs was one form increase approximate from the man, who walked on the rear paws. Yes even the brain was approximately the same volume as our. Scientists named this form stenonikhozavrami. They could think, together hunt, by front extremities be sufficient and throw stones. And, if not "small ecological incident", this reptile would learn in the course of time to conduct automobiles and to construct skyscrapers... ". - I, between us in boys speaking, Watson, it is clear that any "ecological intsindenta", on scales of entire planet, not was, otherwise on the Earth ENTIRE life would cease ; and the latter of 6 thousand years on us from all architectural soouzheniy, and in osobenosti from the churches of all it is specific and religions, it would not look, without blinking, the "eyes of pangolin", and would not overhang on us from the architectural construction Of gargul'i, griffins, chimeras, dvgulavye mutant- carrion vultures and other any "yebipetskiye" sphinxes, that were reached, in spite of its "poykilotermnost'", to the very, entirely next to the north pole of snow-covered Saint Petersburg, and using veshchdokom of the fact that that also "Russia - mother" did not avoid enslavement "by kite -Gorynycem", by "two-headed Nightingale- robber" and by other trecephalous dragons, and by ram "YAGOY", in name of which so is heard judaic of the snakes -naxaw OF "YAGVE".

If we still dilute theme by humor, but by humor by such... - on business, then you will look mul'tik on Yutube, as in the schematic form was understood in national- socialist Germany the origin of Jews. It is understandable that they then did not closely have that information, that have now we, but by inside they chustvovali, it is obtained, correctly: You look mul'tik:


And now about the "fateful eggs". "fateful eggs" - this is narrative, being everywhere counted by "Russian", and in reality of russkoyazychnogo writer Mikhail Bulgakov, whose dad, Afanasy Ivanovich Bulgakov were priest - was the professor of spiritual orthodox academy. Here is his photo - clear of rabbi: , in turn grandfather Mikhail Bulgakov they called Hans Abramovich Bulgakov , and it was also orthodox priest - i.e., judaic priest. I.e., as in Karl Marx, Mikhail Bulgakov was according to the father along the line of the servants of judaic cult. And judging by the subject of "fateful eggs", dad, as kriptoiudeyskiy priest, introduced son into the problems "Person- X" in sufficient detail. By the way, possibly,; therefore Stalin did not risk to remove Bulgakov, because M. Bulgakov was clearly not of the simple Jews. To goy bulgakovskiye subjects would not dream even in the white fever. Become acquainted, if you please, with the subject of "fateful eggs":, Watson, and say, it could write this book OF MEN, familiar with the problem of the origin of anthropomorphous people from presmykayushikhsya? - as speak the Americans: "I don't think so!" - by the way can anew reexamine film "fateful eggs" Moyshi Bulgakov, already from this entire reptoidno-evreoidnym point of view. And prikin'te, Watson, never goy could write the books with this penetration into the judaic problems as, allegedly, Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. Specifically, for this Moyshu of Bulgakov so love russkoyazychnye Jews, and him now instead of Sholokhov "pass to school".


These "anthropomorphous" simply by inside chustvuyut their origin and its entire life for themselves is opened; while the specially trained people, allowed to 33 - to the segmented pyramid of the knowledge of kabbaly, they know this accurately. In this, Watson, knowledge Of kabbaly consists! By the way, the young reader surmised about the boa constrictor Of kaa correctly. Joseph r. Kipling was English crypt blue blood. In reality his first name Joseph, but not as to us entire life of doldonili, what it, allegedly, Rudyard - "rudiyard", and even here such small tricks on the concealment of present names convict THEIR dirty game. But here Joseph Kipling's this the present photo not for the public: but this is its grave without the crosses: - even very names of the characters of its fairy tales: Kaa - tiger share - the khan (Kahn), hint to us at this. Not you chustvuyete Kaa in words kAand - bbala, kAn - Kkhan, kAof Ghana, kAof nyaz',"kAnan- Conan - barbarian", kAof non. This "kA -" (to) here the key style, which indicates, Watson, apparently, to supreme zhretsa Snake- pangolin, whose eye looks on us without blinking of all triangles, including the odnodollarovuyu paper , to trinity -Sergievskuh monastery Images/Zmey-TSLavraTrapeznYahooy.JPG and Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg the Uspenski cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin: Images/KoronaziiyaAlexanderII.jpg , the pediment of the Kazan' cathedral of Petersburg, Images/kasansoborwes.JPG , and many other places. But so that you, Watson, would entirely understand that here not khokhma, here to you in krattse "the problem
Rabbi ar'e Kaplan.
From the pamphlet to Kaplan's Ar'e
"if you were god". "shamir". Jerusalem. 1995. bogom.htm - as the saying goes, to us THEIR problem. By the way about "KHOKHME" - "khokhma" yes there will be to you known, Watson, this word on Hebrew indicates "wisdom". "CHOCHMAH NESTIRAH" (Khokhma nestirakh) - this is "secret wisdom"? - in the sense Of kaaof bbaly. This information against "khokhme" I took, by the way, 4 you already told about the booklet of 1922 of Aelius gevyurts the "secret Of kabbaly" - "The Mysteries of the Qabalah" Elias Gewurz 1922. Chicago. So here in it they are called in it - "Fifth Race", THE FIFTH RACE. By the way, Watson, therefore, as you see, known in THE USSR "fifth point" of Jewish nationality not was, it occurs, it is undertaken from the ceiling.

Furthermore, what is still "fifth race is"? - is correct, Watson, this name of Hollywood, in the quotation marks, "fantastic" film "The Fifth Race" 1) from the Hollywood series "Stargate Sg-1" ("gates to the stars"). - photos to look: - this is what writes vetches o "Stargeyte": the "system of the interplanetary vehicles of aliyenov, called," Stargeyts "(gates to the stars") connected the distant outskirts of the Milky Way, opening door for the instantaneous mezhzvezdykh journeys. In "the series of 1 Stargeyta, the command interplanetary vehicle of the interplanetary fleet of aliyenov into 25 ships, which investigate our galaxy and protect planet the Earth from the races of the thinking essences Goa'uld (Goaoldy), Replicators (replicators) is later the Ori (Oray)".

What such, Watson, Goa'uld? - this: and,this GOAOLD (with the hint on the Eng. Gold - gold) - in the series Of "stargeyt" - this is the race of alienov- parasites. They look like snakes and usually take root in the brains of larger animals, where they parasitize. In this respect they find by the most favorable organism by owner - man. Majorities Goa'uld suggest relation to themselves as to the gods and prophets, and this makes possible for them to check the armies of human slaves. GOAOLDy are considered by villains, egoists and megaloman'yakami by those, in whom it is sufficient mind to them they will not bow. In the language GOAOLDOV "Goa'uld" indicates "BG" - THE "GOD". The elite Of goaoldov forms the branched system OF THE LORDS (directly, Watson as in you, in England). However, among Goaoldov there are "dissidents" the Tok'ra, who reject the basis of the policy Of goaoldov - separation into the gentlemen and slaves and they democratically prefer to take root and to live only in the brains of people, which this are allowed for them voluntarily. Goaoldy for the elongation all of the series Of "stargeyts" are evil forces in "stargeytsakh". (yes, Watson, they did not in vain us learn in THE USSR for storages in the school to pronounce "we not slave, slave not we").

"REPLICATORS": and - in "Stargeyte" this the race of the self-multiplying robots and most from mentally the developed in "Stargeyte" races.

"oRay" - you fotki that look, look, do not turn away:

ORAY - this is the race of the highest essences, which use their exceeding technology and high standard of knowledge for the fact that with the aid of it is special effect to force people to idolize them. THEY belong to the same race of the highest essences as Anshenty. Oray on the motion of film replaced Goaold as basic forces of evil. Oray they created religion, which it named ORIGIN (origin), which they use in order to check people (goys) and religion helps them to destroy all, who are not subordinated Oray. The center of the policy of the race Of oray, that not the naked force of authority is a basis of worship to it, but craftiness, with which this authority adapts, i.e., the sacrament of authority! Religion ORIGIN, kotraya still is called the "way Of origina" it promises to people way to the spirituality (well, directly as in Russia, Watson). All its basic promises - rotten fal'sh, and not more than the method to enroll to itself worshippers; and never the priests of religion ORIGIN anything gave to their flock from the fact that they promised. In the religion ORIGIN main place does occupy the book "book Of origin" (You sekete, Watson? - bible). Special missionaries, called Priorami learn people DEMONto strirovat' some tricks from the foci of the race Of oray. Priory extend everywhere the "word Of origina" (God), and they mark people to the destruction, if they reject this faith. the "book Of origina" consists of stories, how individual people arrived at the faith in ORIGIN, and thus they reached spirituality. And only skeptics say that this book of fairy tales, intended to replace desperation and misery with false hope and by false sense. Center of the religion Of origin - city Of tselestis (this Jerusalem, Watson. Christianity here more than is transparent. Not in vain the religion Of origin extends the most malignant race Of oray) Tselestis city - this is gods city. The elite race Of oray holds people (goys) in the black tele- and at the lowest stage of development. The race Of oray uses its authority in order to support fear among the people (goys ), and so that they would idolize the race Of oray as gods. (definitely, Watson, that this is the purpose Of kholokostovogo cult). However, among the people there are pravdolyubtsy, which search for forbidden historical knowledge and they attempt to show people (goys)that Oray not gods, but kvitessentsiya of evil but these heretics they charge as those obsessed and publicly they burn. The race Of oray for the rotation into religiiyu ORIGIN uses tactics of intimidation and rough force. However, Oray tell in all that they use only their spiritual'nuyu force and spirituality. Religion ORIGIN extends its faith with the aid of the easily intelligible proverbs and the sayings, using bright means of the light and dark, blind and sighted, who follow along the correct way or who were brought down and lost. Priests Oray constantly say that "do not require blind faith" and suggest faith with the aid of the present miracles, which are without ceremony reproduced by the race Of oray, which possesses the trained paranormal'nymi abilities ".

Well, and as to you, Watson, as into the water they did look? - A now a question to the filling in, Watson: what symbol of religion ORIGIN? Surmise from three times.... - correctly, the "all-seeing eye", only set vertically. You look: - is there necessary entire this article about the religion "ORIGIN", to translate completely, but it long. Voobshchem this about khristanstvo, where the race Of oray these are Jews. Especially because the scenarios of these films write gollivudshchiki themselves, among which there are no goys. But to Jewish gollivudshchikam entire secrets of this peace is known so, that they still and earn on it money, selling to goys under the guise OF THE "FANTASIES", films and the books in which they tell, as they exploit these goys in different ways.

The sledushchaya race in "Stargeyte" - the race Of anshents (ancient): - listen to attentively, Watson: "Anshents - these are gumanoidnaya race still called call Alterans and Lanteans and calling itself anqueetas - most moved race. Because they evolved tens of millions of years even before people appeared on the earth. Strictly, precisely, Anshents the founders Of "stargeyta". Anshents belong to the same race, as Oray. This is the alphabet Of anshentov. It whisks away to Hebrew:

Race Of asgard: - this is Asgard highly developed positive race from another galaxy, by the name IDA (Jewish female name). Asgardy many times visited the earth, after giving beginning to many legends of the peoples of the north. Photos to look:

The fifth race - this Of tauri (Tau'ri) - these are usual people (goys). - Tau'ri (i.e. normal humans).

Well, and that you will say, Watson, about this, 4 would place in THE QUOTATION MARKS the "fantastic" series Of "stargeyt"? You did focus attention on the main thing, Watson, that literally ALL highest races of series do have these or other Jewish features? Hollywood Jews to you as themselves prompt - "WE ANOTHER ORIGIN". And it is not necessary therefore to occasion to break spears, Watson: there are Jews -alieny from other planets, there are Jews from the pangolins, which already here on earth tens of millions of years; are vobshche from the unknown creatures Jews. They everything which is called, "were adapted according to Darwin to the environment"; therefore outwardly, on the whole, they were anthropomorphous. Yevreoidnye races from the immemorial times lead this planet the Earth, power contest is conducted only inside the Jewish races - goys - this only object of ekspuatatsii, prize in sorevenovanii of Jewish races. These YEVREOIDY, when goys began a little to consider, invented convenient to the Jews of different races evolutionary teriyu of the origin of all people from one vegetarian marmoset, that suddenly popryamela grew smart.

Here is is one additional special character Of "stargeyta" on the name Ba- AL (you will recall, Watson that "AL - 3l" - on Hebrew "god" (hence and Moslem AL- ah) - this to you will give hint, that as the without leaving a trace evaporated from face earth of chelovekoyashchery, Phoenicians and there different to karfagenyane - these are also ancient NONHUMANS. Osnovanyy on the Phoenician mythology, to which they sacrificed of children Images/moloch2.jpg - Ba- AL, (Ba'al), which plays the Jew from REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA Cliff Simon (Klif of seeds), one of the basic villains in the series.

And THE MAIN THING - the fact is, Watson, that people, which by inside they belong in to people, but not to yevreoidam, they cannot write such "fantasies" in principle! For this, Watson, are necessary, as the saying goes, a feeling OF "COMPLICITY" and generalities with aliyenami-nelyud'yu-evreoidami. How here you will otherwise explain, Watson as authority priderzhashchiye, they did extend at the end 1990- X it was annual chip no one of the unknown Major OF THE KGB V. Putin? You do think, these aliyeny did twirl the general lotereynyy drum, in which there were the spheres of goys also? So with these Hollywood "fantasies" i"by uzhastikami". Creation of such golivudskikh scenarios; with this clear penetration into the reality, which at the level of daily press is depicted for us as unguided chaos, this understanding, Watson, not at the level of the brain, but at the level of the blood. People, which in Hollywood "devise" these scenarios, in reality of znayut"Tayny Of kaabbaly" - "secret Khokhmu" - "To khokhmu nestirakh" - "CHOCHMAH NESTIRAH".

Confess, Watson, that after these all golivudskikh films somehow entirely in the news-writer rehearses the most widely known Soviet song of beginning 1960- X it is annual :

"I believe, friends", which composed two YEVREOIDA
Music: O. Fel'tsman of the word: Voynovich Vladimir

They are charged into the plane-tables
Space maps,
And navigator refines
For the last time route.
Give- kA, children,
To spoyemte prior to the start,
even in the reserve
Fourteen minutes.
I believe, friends,
Caravans of the rockets
Pomchat us forward
From the star to the star.
On the dusty paths
Distant planets
Will remain "our" tracks......

By the way, Watson, about Russian political "OUR", to you into this word is not heard entire the same notorious ivritskiy "NKHSH" - NEKHESH- Mowiax- snakes?

THEY LOOK ON US! But this to me the reader, after digging out on by amerikanskomi the Internet: it transfers to the surname: the highest priests OF KAA, mutants, aliyenov, reptoidov, to whom as will be convenient, that are located in the waiting room Of iyegovy-Yagve-NAKhASha-Moshiakha-Ofeosa, the snake, where the eye of the pangolin will hang above them: - these are super-rich multi-millionaires. Their families are completely concealed from the human eyes.
Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) - Pindar
Cavendish (Kennedy)
De Medici
Sinclair (St. Clair)
Warburg (del Banco)
Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)
And that of 13 pieces! You will turn attention, those, who hide themselves under the surname of the clan of "Romanovs" Images/KoronaziiyaAlexanderII.jpg , they are located on 10 places of the American list of this hierarchy, which without ceremony will hang in the the American You inete on English on this link:

And 4 to you, I will say, Watson that it issues THEM: THEIR psychology and THEIR physiology at every turn issues them, if you in the course hold "tail by pistol!". Take, even, it would seem this trifle as the "crocodile of gene and Cheburashka". The crocodile of gene - this is solid authority, and what - the there "Cheburashka"; the Jews have any trash to the the humiliating chmothe kayushchiy sound "Che":"hof uvak","hMO", chehundredth, chelyad', chern', cheturnips, cherepakha, yes the same "che- lovek"- goy, who in Jews by no means sounds proudly, or similar: hof urka, hof ukcha, hof inarik. In Cheburashke indeed it is difficult to see the collective means of goy - so to itself - neither fish nor meat. You will focus attention also to, with the same value, the shipyashiy sound "She": Shepoklyak, shelupon', shel'ma, shelashovka, wfog, etc. This, Watson, from THE "HISSING" subjects so pret psychology of chosen chelovekopresmykayushchikhsya, who walk on the rear paws of the already 65 million years, and they have the appropriate odds in the time, and before which we creep how time- that, we. But those, who prizoshel from the vegetarian marmosets, to you paleonthologists acknowledged, entire only 3 "lemon" of years, as they freed hand so that you moisten "to comb the turnip".

But now you look "LOG": Images/ZionZmiy.jpg - this "LOG" from the ceiling, Watson, this I undertaken not rephotographed the cover of the book of one Hungarian Jew of Louis marshalko (LOUIS MARSCHALKO). The book is translated in 1968 from the Hungarian in the English and tells about the Jewish intrigues 0 0N throughout the world, that Marshalko as to Jew, to know better, and called yevreoid its book the samoob"yasnyayushchim name " THE WORLD CONQUERORS "- THE" SUBJUGATORS OF PEACE ". Here about this book:

And so that you would not at all think, Watson that here some simply generally nesusvetitsa and black "slander" to the "honest people"; 4 to you I will give the clear quotation Of itskhaka Of shamira, former prime minister of Israel: "this is unacceptable, when the nations, which consist of the peoples, which recently descended from the trees, pretend to the role of world leaders"! - this Itskhak Of shamir were expressed so apropos of the resolution OF UNITED NATIONS 1975, which condemned Israel and was named Zionism the form of racism. Speech pronounced was in Yediot Ahronot, November 14, 1975. - I divide, Watson, his valid indignation. To listen to necessary, Watson, that Jews themselves speak about their origin. But that do speak Jews? They to you, Watson, they speak on the styles - follow, as he spoke Klintom after my lips: We Are The chosen PEOPLE! And thus, they for us make with 99% of explanation. Why? Because izbrannnost' is determined than? - it is correct, Watson, by origin, by genealogy, by the blood! When in 1991 in THE USSR conquered bourgeois- Jewish revolution and nobles raised heads and Jew Brumel to them sold nobiliary certifications, then on what base competitors advanced requirements, what they special, not such as everything, chosen, yes on the basis of their genealogi, genetics, THE BLOOD! In such means of evreoidy they themselves, say that they the chosen people, and by this are clearly painted in the fact that they are other blood - INAKOKROVNYE! But what who they - aliyeny or half-baked chelovekoyashchery - 4 so suspect, Watson, that they already briefly were mixed between themselves and were combined owing to the oppression of local "cheburashek". Themselves that they will recognize, it is clear, and we, goys, we do not distinguish them. Do not have we such sensory organ, and have they!

This is why Sochi "cheburashki": "Sochintsy see Abramovich's yacht", (floundering themselves in the misery), and make nothing they can: , you will focus, by the way attention. Watson, to the name of yacht. "samar" (Samar) - "Samara", Samarra, "sarkel'".

But now 4 you will show one "eye" thus far it not "swam away" - this of eyes on the firm hunting knife for 200 Baxes. Jewish firm name is indicated - CARL SCHLIEPER - "Eye Brand":


Strange things are created in the Jewish city New York - "large apple", when Jerusalem - "apple" - small; in New York, where by the mayor Misha Of blumberg. On Saturday suddenly it did catch fire and note, Watson, in addition was not brought down, bank skyscraper directly near with those three skyscrapers of world commercial center, which were destroyed on 1 September, 2001? Cursed place? Yesterday's skyscraper, by the way, has long ago been freed and evicted for removal. And here is this the strange fire, with which and with the explosion of skyscraper VTTS-"perished no one, besides two firemen, who proved to be themselves not in time not in that place. Which is interesting, skyscraper studied, as the saying goes, from all ends simultaneously. Photos. This slaydshou - press on the pointer, there 9 photographs. I will agreeably give links in some photos:

These pridurki sit with their Masonic flag, when this is already simply ridiculous:

4 you I will remind, of the technical and economic substantiation of "terrorist attack" on VTTS, 11 September of 2001. The fact is that the owner OF VTTS was Jewish city New York, and the Jewish multi-millionaire Of larri Of sil'vershteyn, which after this case became still large multi-millionaire, he was its leaseholder. After several years up to 2001 there was the urban construction commission, which showed that the skyscrapers poiznosilis' and they must be investigated, and cannot be exploded, since to explode in that place, this as nevertheless in the "narrow by-streets of Riga". As a result of this the dismantling of skyscrapers was evaluated into 21 BILLION dollars! The owner OF VTTS, then was city. And suddenly only 6 months until 11 September, 2001, lease to the skyscrapers buys the Jewish multi-millionaire Of larri Of sil'vershteyn and he shapes insurance into 3.5 billion dollars. Immediately after 11 September Larri Of sil'vershteyn will be given to law court, requiring not single, but dual insurance into 7.2 billion dollars. These 7.2 billion dolarov of the doubled insurance are obtained after certain red tape Of sil'vershteyn. In connection with this, Watson, you to me can find in the history of world insurance such case, when client did pay and did design one insurance, and by the rear number was obtained the doubled sum? This as spoke the storekeeper of fruit and vegetables base Leonid kuravlev film "from the life of fruits", series "consequence conduct experts", TANGERINE MAFIA! With the yesterday's skyscraper of international finasovogo consortium "Deutsche Bank", to tazhe "tangerine empire". 40 storeyed skyscraper stood very closely to the place of the catastrophe on 11 September and the bankers from there slowly everything exported and began skyscraper to investigate after 11 September of 2001; but passed Saturday showed that into the head by them arrived the more economically advantageous idea. Why? Because investigated skyscraper to bankers must be to its money, and if this natural calamity, then even there if entire steel body remained, investigate it they will be already due to the city "as the consequence of the natural calamity, which presents danger and threat of the life of people". "fershteyen", Watson?

By the way, Watson, about the series "consequence conduct experts", this now, as the saying goes: "to us their concern!" Now, I look these series on DVD as pastoral idyll from the series "children's babble on the lawn". Or, you remember Watson, the name of that book of Jewish bratov'ev Of vaynerov, (this Zhora Of vayner: , and this Arkasha Of vayner: , on which removed series "rendezvous point cannot be changed" with The the vysotskim in captain Moore's role Zheglova. - this was THE "ERA OF MERCY", era of mercy to the criminals. And here it, this era of mercy, in the official terminology is more known under the term "STAGNATION", in what now it poured out, Watson. Let to you this will be lesson to the future - be it cannot to the criminals of mercy, because mercy to the criminals - and this confirmed age-long wisdom, the best catalyst of an increase in the criminality. Bacilli with the favorable conditions are multiplied in the geometric progression. But so that the society would be healthy necessary to use the rules of asepsis and antiseptics and to periodically carry out disinfection; and if purulent wound arose, then make surgical treatment according to the first rule of the surgery: "there where pus - there section and cutting in the limits of healthy tissues". By the way, Watson, you inquire who on the nationality were in actuality the authors of the scenarios of series "consequence they conduct experts" - Olga and Aleksandr Lavrov, the something 4 and by photo their not one I will find.

Here is the building of skyscraper "Deutsche Bank" to the fire.

You see the construction of this skyscraper -. One steel and concrete of prekrytiya, there burn- that to something. Here visualize, Watson that you are incendiary. How you will force to zapolykhat' this construction?


Here less than with several railroad tank cars of gasoline you will in no way manage.

The morals this fable is such, Watson: In vain v in Moscow "To siti" from the skyscrapers they construct meadows with The the resinym, them benefit- that it is intelligible, and for the Muscovites will begin the same devil's sabbath, as in New York and recently in Shanghai and Caracas! - displace this "To siti", is here to this mother herself this "city of Downs" - "downtown", until it is late!

By the way, Watson, and as the widely Russian OF THE MEDIA do illuminate this the "Adas in the skyscraper" in new York? However, New York city the adopted brother of Moscow - here only from the fifth wave of emigration lives: shch0-tysyach quota - to multiply by the last 20 years - 1 million russkoyazychnykh Jews! Here in New York - only Bokharan Jews in the skullcaps from Tashkent - 60 thousand.

Warmongers - American Jews - toss up benzinchik into the bonfire: "military aid to Israel during present yr is assigned 30 millardov of dollars", and in the last 30 years exceeded the cost of the space program OF THE USA: the Aidas -to.html

Airplane hijackers in Turkey, require flying into Iran. - yes, Watson, then urgently it was necessary to help out aircraft from Iran with the aid of the current American blitzkrieg. Diagram is here absolutely transparent. Not in vain it so intensively illuminates precisely the Israeli press: and - as Jewish spetsluzhby, but this concerns not only Mossad, but also TSRU and Intellidzhens service, they press home the aggression into Iran! They want to be taken away into Iran, although from the black entrance, although through the roof - in any manner. Energy of Jews and for peaceful purposes!

The reader reaches infu: "Boris grebenshchikov rightfully is considered" the patriarch of Russian fate ". Abbreviation BG - immense secret, mythological persona, "- no longer secret, this sly zh/dok always knew to whose place it pretends, taking to itself in the ivritskoy manner pseudonym BG, like judaic " YGVe ". tickets -bg.php/ - you will look what curious paragraph in the article, Watson: the "composition of Boris grebenshchikov" the city of gold "- this is the hymn of generations. Phrases "in each woman must be snake", "beauty never was given easily" and so forth. - they became aphorisms ". - "To ege, we said with Peter Ivanovich....."

And here another reader sends from Yevreologii region: "MOREOVER, I WILL SAY TO YOU, WATSON! If we apply cabbalism to the Russian alphabet, this is what we obtain: 666 =

wof est'sot - 8 letters

wyest'desyat - 10 letters

wthere are - 5 letters

the eighth letter of rus.alfavita - Zh

the 10th letter of rus.alfavita - I

the 5th letter of rus.alfavita - D


We obtain: the number of beast- antichrist - 666 = "GIDE". But word "Jew" into the Russian language should be transferred not as "passing", but is simpler "arrived from there": rogue, newcomer, which on is English expressed by the word of "aliyen". All are simple as twice two: the Jew = of prishelets/prIkhodimets/aliyen/ = 666 = Gide. Everything, QED."


To me was pleased, yesterday's, Watson, collective game. Speaking in football language, the day before yesterday I hung up "ball" - word in the triangle from the refectory church to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery in the triangle "O?EO?" Images/Zmey-TSLavraTrapeznYahooy.JPG and Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg ; comrade processed "ball", explained that this word OF "OFEOS" and made a long streaming transfer along winch, and 4 already packed in ball into the grid, so that the goalkeeper of enemy even did not twitch himself. However, after game there was oprotestovaniye. Some, 4 so I understand, orthodox, they expressed doubt that in the word OF "OFEOS"there can be the letter - not "F", but theta - "T". But in the Greek language the word Of "teos" indicates "god" (BG). As a result of what word in the triangle it would be possible to read as "o, GOD!" - "o?EO?". It is good, let it will be so, let there will be "o, the god!", BUT WHY TO WEIGH THIS WORD In THE TRIANGLE? And, since, Watson, our work with you is not political, but is purely scientific; we as bloodhounds, we should go on the track and to us nevertheless, into what gates this bloodhound begins to break and to bark; and for us no and it cannot be the sacred cows and protected personalities. Work is such. In order to place the points above "i", I went to the Greeks. I indicated that Brooklyn here the fifth international, I live exactly among the Greeks, and in me many years apartment masters were Greeks. From the supply of another reader, I went to the Greeks and said that, so so, allegedly in the Russian church in Moscow on the wall this inscription: "O?EO?". They said to me that this nonsense - this is incorrect. But three Greeks were gathered, one said that its father orthodox priest, and another said, chtot he generally in the college specialized in the byzantine culture. They explained to me that in a strict spelling they use articles; and that they actually have three articles: "? " - for the man kind, "?" - "this", which they read as "and" for the female kind, and for the neuter gender article "?o" - "that". However, if they should write "god" - they write simply"?EO?" - "teos" . In this case if they should isolate word and in the exceptional case write the word Of "teos" with the article, then they will write word then "? ???? " with the space between "? " and "?EO?", and above "? " in them another apostrophe-" umlaut ", for the fact that "? " with apostofom was not read as one word "?EO?" (Teos), "... otherwise this there will be another word", said Greeks. But we, exactly yesterday and they explained, what this there will be "another word" - "SNAKES" - "OFEOS" (hence the name of the form of snake "echis"?). In this case the Greeks to me did promise that not in one church of Greece you will see word "about?EO?". To that 4 about itself it thought that you simply do not know where to look, and it said to them that, apparently, this, it is simple, in Russia, since Russians in the Greek "not bu- boom"; therefore they made this incorrect inscription. On that they all harmoniously and willingly agreed.

And here I obtain "pass" from the reader: "Regards Holmes!
it rummaged in the "Greek" vetch:

"? ???? "-" TEOS " - in the Greek it indicates concrete judaic " Iyegovu ", but not nobody abstract " god ". Teos - b- g (by the way why Jews persistently write with b- g without "o"), it's a pity that in Greek I do not understand, but there everything is clear on the pictures that this for b- g ". - yes, Watson, this is the error of the goys, who deliberately assume that Greek "Teos", which, naturally, on the overall orthodox church, identical to the orthodox "Bg"(this actually mute ivritnaya manner), certain "Bg" , that differs from Iyegovy. - A, it occurs that no. And these are is one additional lesson to us by all, Watson, that it cannot be assumed as by itself being understood that that god to you given - Greek orthodox "Teos" and Russian "BG" the simply certain abstraktye (domestic)"GODS" - these are speech in reality about the same iudeyskom"Yegove" - united in all persons mute "YGVe" of (?) Yahweh - Yhwh Images/TLavraTrapeznYagveTreug.jpg and Indian BUDDHA Here is it with the octagon as the halo in the same trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery on the ceiling of Uspenski cathedral - russkoyazychnyy IYEGOVA: Images/UspenskiyZagorsk.jpg - "iyegova" strictly speaking, is pronounced as "ya-Khuy", but in Russian since this badly sounds, this "Ya-khuy" is obscured into "iyegovu". Here here it is written about this: "Yah?" or "Yeh?" is a common short form for "Yahweh" in hebrew theophoric names; as a prefix it sometimes appears as "Yeh? -" - Mda... Watson, such as passage., 4 indeed also it took this bait and it automatically implied that Greek "Teos", and the same Russian "god", certain god generally, but not all the same judaic Iyegova. You know, among the Russians someone little by little extends thought, that, allegedly, this only the "sectarians" the witnesses Of iyegovy "pray To iyegove, and, allegedly, true orthodox they pray to no one, if not Russian, then to no one to abstract" god ". - there is no A - russkoyazychnyy god the same Jewish Iyegova!

But 4 to this linguistic analysis it did not limit, because I understood the main thing that in this specific case we deal not concerning the Greek language in the pure form, but by its Church Slavonic, so to speak, slang, since I clearly know, "Thomas" - this "Thomas", but "Theodore" - "Fedor". This indeed the same play on words, that into "ofeos" - "? ???? ". And that you think, Watson - we were right, I find complete explanations. Here one V OF PDF: - this is the site of the institute of linguistics RGGU , also, in KHTML:

And so that this explanation would not be mislaid, 4 it here on the tape I paste:

"letters " fop " (was saying" stand by fop ", i.e. "hand into boki" - as letter F) and "fita" In the Russian words of Greek origin letter "t" (it originates from Greek. "tety", it is frequently substituted by letter "f": Thomas - Thomas, Theodore - Fedor and the like to 1918. these words frequently (but not always) were written through "fitu" (it it originates from Greek. "tety"): ka?edra, ka?olicheskiy, A?ina, mi?"?edor"?oma and so forth (OFEOS-"o?eo?"). The words, in which the letter "f" originated from Greek. "fie" (??), they were always written through "f". In some words "fita" even in THE XVIII century was substituted on "t", that also remains in our time: theater instead of "?eatr" ", mathematics instead of" ma?ematika ", theory instead of"?eor.iya ". A number of words had dual writing, for example: "e?ir" "in the dictionary Of dalya and" efir"" in the dictionary of Brockhaus and Yefrona. In the Greek pronunciation? resembles English th [ r ], and in the western languages it is frequently substituted on th: Eng. thermodynamics, French. thermomi.tre, Ger. Thermochemie, Italian. thermos and so forth. But Greek. "fie" in the western languages frequently correspond to "pH" (Engl. physics, French. physique, Ger. Physik). In the name Philipp up to 1918 there was the letter F; therefore in the Greek this name begins s "fie", in the English, the French and the German - with pH (Philip). 3) in the Greek. "fileo" - "love ' (this root it is present in the mass of Russian words)," khippos "-" horse ' (this root it is possible to find in the words "hippodrome", "hippopotamus" (letters "river horse ')," gippologiya "(science about the horses), etc. so that the" transfer "of name Philipp - the" amateur of horses '. In the name Thomas up to 1918 stood the letter of "theta"; therefore in the Greek. this name begins also from "tety", and in many European languages with "th": Eng. Thom, Thomas, French. and German. Thomas. 3. in Greece - "from alpha to the omega", in Rome - "from and to z", in Russia - "from the basics to izhitsy", in Israel - "from aleph (?) to tav of (?)". alchemists in the word "nitrogen" (long before its discovery) perceived "beginning and end" entire real, since in this word we meet first bukvuvsekh of three ancient alphabets (Hebrew, Greek and Latin), which equally resounds in these languages, and then they follow the last letters (more accurate, sounds) of these alphabets ".

In addition to this 4 to ides into the vetches, where I find the even briefer and more convincing answer:

"Fita? (??) - the next-to-last letter of old and Church Slavonic cyrillic alphabet, the last (after output from the use at the end OF THE XIX century of izhitsy) letter of pre-revolutionary Russian alphabet. It originates from the Greek letter of theta (??); has the same numerical value - 9 (although in the alphabet traditionally it stands not in the 9th place, but at the end).... Name "fita" is connected with the Modern-Greek reading of word???? as [ th]i?ta, where the first sound is identical to English deaf th in the yuzhnoslavyanskoy tradition (to which belonged old slavic language) was read as [ t ] how is explained, in particular, the absence epenthetic (insertable)"l" in the word to korinfyane (cf. iosiflyane). In the Old-Russian and Church Slavonic texts of Russian waste was read always as [ f ] and approximately to the middle OF THE XVII century it were used as the version of letter F (fop), irrespectively etymology. In the number of orthographical schools was used either only by one or another letter. For example, in the birch bark certificates for a period OF THE XIII century of fita it protrudes as the only transmission medium of sound [ f ], but letter F is not used; in Xiv-xv centuries, on the contrary, in the birch bark written language fita is almost completely displaced by fop. In the donikonovskoy and subsequent Old Faith Church Slavonic orthography is examined the tendency to place fitu in the beginning of words, and fop - in seredine.Nachinaya from the middle OF THE XVII century in the Church Slavonic, and fita is used etymological following it and in the Russian written language: only in the words, borrowed from the Greek language (or with its means), and only on the spot of Greek tety. For example, in the word of or?ograf.iya first [ f ] it is transferred through fitu, and the second through the fop: because initial Greek word is written as?????????? (cf. also with writing of the Lat. orthographia and by its versions in the present West European languages). So is explained the difference of writing in the names of?eodor"(conversational?edor") and Of filipp": because in Greek they???????? and???????? (cf. with the the Lat. Theodorus, Philippus). Peter I, introducing civil type, first (1707 - 1708) abolished letter "fop" (F), after making fitu the only method of the expression of sound [ f ]; but soon (1710) difference F /? along the Church Slavonic system was restored. However, orthographical reforms 1917 - 1918, on the contrary, abolished fitu with its general replacement on F."

Well that, you did understand, Watson, in what there was the riddle of word in the triangle of refectory church to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery? "O?EO?" Images/Zmey-TSLavraTrapeznYahooy.JPG - this is Church Slavonic slang of the Greek word, where the Greek letter? - "theta" in reality Russian letter "fita", hence goes the d"yavol'skaya play on words OF" OFEOS "-" about TEOS ", which simultaneously indicates" iyegova ", and" snakes ". Especially because opposite the eyes of pangolin in the triangle and inscription on Hebrew OF "YAGVE". Hint more than is transparent. Yes even orthodox comrade himself arrived in his at letter to this conclusion, he writes: "actually here there is the dvukhsmyslennaya play on words with the hint to d'yavolopoklonstvo, which completely they can conduct anti-Christian forces inside the church. Honestly speaking, 4 I do not understand, why it was necessary to write "OTHEOS" so that it hardly pomeshchatsya in the triangle, when it was possible to write simply on- church Slav "BG" with the tilde above. (Watson, this in the Jewish language there are no open and they write everything without the open, and orthodox think that this, to them they said, it is said, not judaic, but, allegedly, "Church Slavonic manner". Another comrade- that, in other letter, by the way, was understood this). Continuation of quotation from the letter: "i.e.," GOD ", where the tilde reduces letter" O "; tilde by form as "z", assumed sideways. So that if here zh/domasony are mixed - they, as Shtirlits, always it will be dissuaded they will be able! ) " - they will not be able, Watson, already all have long ago understood, that here d"yavol'skaya game, and that here "against Teos!" = "OFEOS" Images/Zmey-TSLavraTrapeznYahooy.JPG ; all the more, when in the triangles eye- that - PANGOLIN! And not slishko whether much, mentioned by the reader, "anti-Christian forces" inside the church, in order by it at least to formally count on the side of the forces OF GOOD? - a question is intelligible? Already all understood that if from the walls and the ceilings to you are brought down the freemason- judaic signs, then this the sign of zh/domasonskoy organization be. Admire: and and especially as orthodox hierarchy - pyramidal hierarchy, and even servants of its cult are called judaic words - "iyerarkhami" and "arkhiiyereyami-arkhiyevreyami", they walk in the uniform of judaic priests and in the the Near Eastern By iyershalaim (Jerusalem) they pray. And from what this of times Judaism and iyerusalinizm did become the distinguishing feature of russkosti? But who this understand cannot, which means, there are no genetic factors in order to understand present nature of this global organization. But me already disturb more interesting questions, Watson, for example: how symbolic a cannibalism in the orthodox and generally Christian hierarchy is actually symbolic! Those more with this snake symbolism! It can be not all children, who do disappear, they do fall on the sacrificial table only of purely judaic servants of cult? Is intelligible a question?

But this yet not all, Watson, yesterday 4 on the football made one additional attached transfer, after hanging up the word of "snakes" on Hebrew: "andz of this book " the secrets Of kabbaly " Aelius Wurtz from page 21 following quotation: The "kaballisticheskoye value of the snake Of nakhash". This on our this word is read as SHITYU NAKHASH, on Jewish this it is simple NKHSH, between which "mekayutsya" the indistinct open: NEKHESH. Word is written on Hebrew thus: ? ? ? - NEKHESH". - I I today obtain streaming transfer along winch. Here is it: "" to you it is for sure known that in the Jewish alphabet all letters have numerical value. Then glance at the interpretation of the words Of "mashiakh"(messiya) and "Nakhash"(zmey) with the aid of the zh/dovskoy science of gematrii. the Mawiax-mem- tires -1ud-xet(bukvy of Hebrew)
40 + 300 +10+8 = 358
the Naxaw-Nun-tire- hairs
Is Mashiakh=Nakhash, Messiya=Zmey.
And still fell word "glad" - as it is written in the Russian transcription I do not know
tires - tires - vav - Nun - yud
Values of the letters: shin(zub), vav(talmud 6 parts), nun("zmey" on you dr.ivrite), the yud(bozhestvennaya wisdom). It found all materials on the Jewish sites.
To you large health!!!"

You understood, Watson, on Hebrew "nakhash - snakes" and "moshiakh - the Messiah" have identical value, i.e., one additional confirmation, that JUDAIC THE MESSIAH, and is Iyegova, there is that desired, what also tebovalos' to prove, SNAKES, PANGOLIN. And as you understand, those can await pangolin only, who have from it genetic origin and appear he can under the contemporary conditions only from without - this of times; or it can awake in those, who await Iyegovu - this is another logical version.

And other here comrade sends the letter: "Holmes, once you there studied lashon of kodesh, I want to add that each of its letters in kabbale has 22 values, whose large part ravy hide for the internal" use ", and only to koye that it is possible to gather interruption the mass of literature on kabbale, RR magics and the like here, for example, in the letter" of betas "we know 16 values.... (author it transfers). So that the levels of sense with reading of the words of lashon of kodesh can be very multi-I to the investigated word Of nakhash (NKHSH) = of "snakes". In the "special" value these three letters are expressed:
Nun - Knowledge
Hairs - Glory, The eternity
Tires - Messiah, Moshiakh
if we play a little, then crawls out any different "getting to know the glory Of moshiakha",
"getting to know Moshiakha (we find) glory (eternity)" and the like... So that everything
it is correct ".


Entire one to one, Watson as feather-bed - "fluff - to the fluff". And I use this streaming transfer to 100%, and I will not miss my chance. But this no longer today. Although, as you already surmises, Watson about the conclusion, on the earth indeed now there are no formal pangolins, only if anthropomorphous, which occurred from the pangolins, biblical "children of Cain"; which await, so to speak, (Hollywood to us it prompts), "reinforcement from space", in the form Of messii/Moshiakha-Nakhash/Yashcherain order to finish, the aborigines of planet the Earth or to throw out masks by itself; as in the golivudskom film - will be pulled out from the body in the cramps vile reptile. Otyuda, it turns out that there can be only chance to the aborigines of planet the Earth to survive - this to smash all those, who do await Nakhash-Moshiakha, pangolin - Messiah? In principle - this is already clear as twice - two, that we approached "toward the end of the fence".

But now as inoformatsii to reflection 4 you will show the book under the name "we - black (negroes) Jews" in two volumes the author Joseph A.A. Ben -Yokhanan. 1993. "We The Black Jews Vols. I and II in one volume "aby Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan, published in 1993 by the Black Classic Press. In anntoatsii it is written, that "the author destroys myth about" to white Jewish race "and hypocrisy, who denies existence of Black Jewish culture". - this, as you understand, Watson, negroes in predverii of "terrible law court", that is called, Watson, "without the soap into zhopu they climb" to the Jews. Even black smeknuli, that the matter "seams" (Jewish word).

But this koye what visual illyuyustratsii from the daily routine of "terrible law court". - robbery in Sakhalin:

But this communication to the West of the Russian "independent newspaper": "began the dispatch of the first party of the Russian antiflak rockets of Syria". - as you understand, Watson, this information in pritsipe secret, because military load can not reach the point of its designation. But Russian "independent", apparently from Russia "newspaper", reports this even not cipher and not along the channels of "sikretservis" - and it is simple into the insolent and in that opened:


In connection with the ektrennym communication, immediately to imformatsiyu into the number. "the respected professor! Left to your site several months ago, I read vzakhleb - it is very interesting! Thanks to you for the enormous labor! It tried to decipher word in the triangle from the refectory church to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery. Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg There po- is Greek written OPHEOS. I introduce into Gugl - even 4 in the shock! However, on the first page of results at the end we see: Opheos=".snake"[email protected] (hence the name of the form of snake "echis"?): - (about the green wood snake) - M-da... That also was required dokazat'.A of further still reference to the forum of game on to Harry Potter "Hogwarts School of Magic", there also they have some "Opheus" : - with the respect, the reader ". - Watson, he said, 4 and flapped itself on the forehead! Fine person, fellow! I accurately remembered that somewhere 4 this word saw. "ofidiofobiya" - this is the fear of snakes. ophidiophobia - snakes (cf herpetophobia) Gk. ophis (opheos) (a serpent) - well and certainly on American vetch! Http:// We read: "in the Greek mythology " OF OFEOS "," Ofion ", (Lat. Ophioneus. "ofioneus") - SNAKES - Serpent. Ophion ("serpent"), guided by peace together with Eurynome, yes, yes, Watson, precisely with Yevrenomoy (Eurynome), until both are thus far not discarded chronosomata and by Rhea (Cronus and Rhea). Yevrenoma - these are wife the snake Of ofiona: - Watson, 4 you told that very often the myths must be understood literally. There can be on this jews it is counted according to the mother, because Jews - children Of evrenomy? Can this fact exactly and otrazhatesya in the judaic myth about the seducing by Eva zmeyem? And if the husband Of evrenomy was snakes -ofion, then Yevrenoma itself was, in all likelihood, SNAKE? "Khronos of -.Kronos??????, Kru.nos - was leader and lowest-order of the generation of Titans, descendants (Geyi) of Earth and Uranusa (sky) Khronos threw out its father Of uranusa and rules during the gold era, until not it am discarded by its own son by Zeus and it was sharpened in the cave - tartarus, but Khronos from the prison ran. Khronos usually is associated with the Golden Age and usually it is depicted with THE SICKLE (take for the note), which used as a weapon in order to throw down and to castrate Uranusa ".

Even to this entire "Ancient Greek" and in reality of Hebrew mythology in the territory of Greece, Watson, which was apparently, to a lesser degree mythology, than the same bible, was similar scientific Feretsid from Sirosa (Pherecydes of Syros) and here is island Sometimes Feretsid is mentioned among seven Greek wise men (Greek Sinedriona) (as you understand, Watson, Greek scientist "it is saline" - this Solomon). So here this Feritsid describes ancient history thus: "most important god was not Zeus, but Zas (Zas, the one who lives). Its father was Khronos (time). He does not say about their fight. Khronos and Zas according to Feretsidu waged war Ofionom (by kite), and Zas gained the victory and wove dress for Khtonii (Chthonie), which began to be called Geyey (earth's surface)".

Well, Watson, somewhere, approximately everything is equal. Fact is one that Khronos carried on a struggle with the Ofionom- kite, and like seemingly would conquer. But all is obtained on the contrary, Watson. You do not forget, that all these "Ancient Greek" philosophers, different there: "Saline- Solomons" - these are the continuers of the Solomon wise men Of sinedriona, and, 4 not how much I do not doubt, that already then have the Zionist censorship to pochishche, than we, since much you will not write to take away it easily on the stone-.

And we vozrashchayemsya to the trinity -Sergievsko1 to monastery, in which we revealed by such of veshchdok that: in refectory cercus of 1692 of postoyki, - in the enormous refectory hall in the upper angles of hall nearer to the gilded iconostasis are located two triangles. In by right triangle it is located the radiating rays, like as of the triangles with the eye of pangolin, but instead of the eye is written concrete "name" - "YAGVE". - this well-known name of judaic god. To "yagve" Images/TLavraTrapeznYagveTreug.jpg, i.e., as in the sectarians of the "witnesses Of iyegovy" and as in the Catholic church of France: Images/EgliseDeDingeFranceYagve.jpg , the also very name of judaic god To yagve on Hebrew. But in the left upper angle of the banquet hall before inonostasom of refectory church is located, the same triangle in the rays, but with the name OF "OFEOS", i.e., SNAKES - PANGOLIN. All concurs, Watson, this standard password, as in the usual detective: you vomit ruble to two parts and if they coincide in your agetov of half, it means - password coincided. I.e., from the right side Of inonostasa in the triangle name "yagve". But from the left side - who this "Yagve" there is in reality - "OFEOS" Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg - i.e., snakes, pangolin, whose eye usually is sketched in the triangles. I still found in itself one photo of this "Ofeosa", and although photo a little cut off inscription in the Greek clear "OFEOS" Images/OpheosLavratrapez.jpg A if you, Watson, still, in addition in the course, that the Greek alphabet is based on Hebrew, then it is still simpler.

Here seycha 4 to you I will open one book, which to you not to reach. Is called it "The Mysteries of the Qabalah" Elias Gewurz 1922. Chicago. The "secrets Of Aelius gevyurts's Kabbaly". Thus str 77. Quotation: "each letter of the Jewish alphabet (It alef/Bet) besides its value, has the general value with the letters of many other languages and in particular with the Greek".

Aleph Bet/Vet Gimel Dalet He vav Zayin Khet Tet Yod Kaf/Khaf
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Lamed Mem Nun Samekh Ayin Pe/Fe Tsadi Kuf Resh Shin/Sin Tav
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

- this Watson, to your information. In the Jewish language there are no open it is sonic. Some hissing and sibilant consonants, which can, in principle of indicating rudimet the atavism of the vocal apparatus of reptiles. Furthermore, israelites read in the manner that it is assumed in Zazerkal'e - not to the left, but from right to left, i.e., it is specular. Consider that Lednardo.da.vinchi it wrote also from left to right; by itself is understandable, who taught it also in what family he grew. But now 4 to you, Watson, I will quote from this book "secrets Of kabbaly" of Aelius Wurtz from page 21 following quotation: The "kaballisticheskoye value of the snake Of nakhash". This on our this word is read as SHITYU NAKHASH, on Jewish this it is simple NKHSH, between which "mekayutsya" the indistinct open: NEKHESH. Word is written on Hebrew thus: ? ? ? - NEKHESH. Thus the quotation: "NEKHESH - this is snake inside the man - instinct of self-preservation, which forces it to be the center of the universe.... the instincts of self-preservation inside the human being at the early stages of our evolution - these are the reflexes of this snake NEKHESH. Man is led not by mind, but by instincts and by reflexes, and in all eastern languages this is called by "internal passion", "central fire", which searches for output outside ". - well as....Uotson, do not forget, that writes the Jew of Aelius gevyurts, but for the Jew of men - this only and only Jew, while not Jew - this goy - cattle without the soul. Did reach, Watson, now you the value of this quotation? This is the small booklet, which promises the secrets Of kabbaly, but as in it they everywhere slip only the pair of proposals, and then, everything again is mixed, because to Jews they secret open only with chosen, tied sacrament of bloody communion, which they call "sarcophaguies", and they bury in the "sarcophaguies". "Sarkofa?g (Greek??????????, literally - devouring meat; initially - the name of the species of limestone) - coffin, small tomb ".

But, as you see, I angled to you the pair of critical proposals from this very rare little brochure. I reached it v to "abeBuks", (you remember?), the "books of father" for 30 Baxes, and in it in all that 80 rather short pages, and valuable and generally the pair of proposals.

You know, who on fiscal kompe, to me his comp. does not be desirable to litter, he would put, as it put Russian, Greek alphabet, and it would drive away on the Greek vetch - this word OFEOS, which in here the triangle in the refectory church of monastery Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg, is simply interesting that on Greek vetch it will jump out and would send this reference and 4 it hung out.

This is the Greek alphabet:

Greek alphabet
? ? - alpha? ? - beta
? ? - gamma? ? - the delta
? ? - epsilon? ? - zeta
? ? - this? ? - theta
? ? - iota? ? - the kappa
? ? - lambda? ? - mu (mi)
? ? - nyu (not)? ? - ksi
? ? - omikron? ? - pi
? ? - rho? ? ? - the sigma
? ? - tau? ? - the upsilon
? ? - fie? ? - chi
? ? - psi? ? - the omega
left the use
? ? - digamma - dignity
? ? - Kopp? ? - sampi

It is there written as follows: ????? Images/OpheosLavratrapez.jpg

With the aid of the young person, enthusiast, the riddle of terrarium to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery is solved. Bosses to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery, and, correspondingly, and the hierarchy of notorious "orthodox", in the quotation marks, churches, achieve and was always achieved after the curtains of Christian demagogy secret worship to Snake- pangolin -Ofeosu. And, takeing into account, everything that we already on the pages this site already spoke about Evxaristii- communion as to the symbolic food of human meat, also, in the blood in the form of evkharisticheskogo bread and wine, in me, Watson, a bad internal feeling, that this large hall of the refectory church before the iconostasis of svidetel'nitsa by no means symbolic human offerings and use into the food of the damp human meat and damp human blood. 4 recently it only gave hints, that the holy sacrament of communion, as this they call, this not communion - and bloody bail in the joint sacrificial eating of the human fresh meat and fresh human blood. As this they themselves determine in the orthodox Protivosektantskom management: "the question: However, what do precisely assume we in communion? - the answer: - we assume in holy communion not simple bread and not usual fault, but body and the blood gentlemen. Simple bread does not spiritually us treat not at all. While prichastniki of the secrets of Christ's have a life eternal ". - this first, about which we spoke during March-April, Watson, metaphor it is here necessary to understand directlythat if we nesimvolicheski, and in the nature drink the living arterial blood of children, then you will accurately be, if we do not live eternally, then in any case you will live for long and without the diseases and you will be young, total energy, since the blood of baby - best VIAGRA. In this holy sacrament, Watson, and consists, until naive parishioners drink the blood and eat meat purely symbolically, judaic priests, secretly they steal and cuts children they drink their arterial blood they eat their damp hearts. And, although, after this of zastukivali only of israelites, I cannot guarantee, Watson, that also Christian priests in this secretly they do not participate, Bible- that in them one on two; and symbolically they the blood and meat human eat. But can and not symbolically also? It can because on all believers of the secretly children's blood and flesh not reach? Who, in pritsipe, drinks the blood and eats human flesh, that, themselves you understand....sposoben to everything. There can be holy sacrament it does consist in the fact that until the priests do secretly drink the arterial blood of children and do eat their damp hearts, parishioners they do connect with the sacrament of symbolic bloody bail? Yes, Watson, logical rule of the "razors Of okkama" and facts tell us that THE HOLY SACRAMENT OF COMMUNION is BLOODY BAIL! And all this it is possible, Watson, it would be actually to consider it symbolic, if children did not disappear regularly, frequently and everywhere, and them they would not find exsanguinated that very conveniently and with the enthusiasm it is copied by press to the certain single "sexual maniacs". Here than, Watson, according to our expert analysis, in the terrible secret, are occupied clergymen in the clothing of judaic priests in the elegant refectory; before, allegedly, by Christian iconostasis, and in reality before these two triangles - eyes, on by right is written "yagve"Images/TLavraTrapeznYagveTreug.jpg , and on the leftist it is written "ofeos" - snakes Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg - here, Watson, "Khu from Khu".

Us by all will show large service the one who will take a trip in the trinity -Sergiveskuh monastery, will be written down to eksukursiyu into the refectory church, and he will make the good illuminated photographs of these triangles, and at the same time there still there is what to poshchelkat'.

But now 4 to you I will lay out one additional ace, if to you this it is small. You are probably familiar with The the gorgonoy? If we already recalled about the Hebrew mythology owing to Greece; and never forget, that Greece is located in one "puddle" with Israel; and Israel already existed in 1000 years to notorious Greece and that "Greek" city the salonikas - largest Jewish city in entire ancient Mediterranean. This to that, why Greeks are big-nosed. So here, Watson, Gorgona - it Medusa, this is the ram, which has instead of the hair the ball of poisonous snakes. Here is it, you look: Http:// A here this also Gorgona- Medusa, where? Images/GorgonaKreml.jpg .....Dogadaytes' from three times, Watson. You will get accustomed to the background. In the left lower angle the piece of the krasnokirpichnoy wall of state historical museum. I made with photo and took a little background for the orientation. These are the central gates of the Kremlin "Aleksandrovsk" garden of the capital of our native land of Moscow, which are directly to the eternal fire of the credence of the Jerusalem temple of Solomon, whom in the daytime and at night guard the goyskiye sons to the immolation. And this Gorgona with the poisonous snakes directly on the middle the winch of Kremlin garden. How to you, Watson, nothing to itself, syuzhetets for for the central area of the northern snowy country with the supposedly good goys in it living? Or, possibly, goys exactly as the victims? - you will agree, last version more corresponds to truth. Thus, on this five-kopeck coin, "as much to us the discoveries of strange prepare for evreologii spirit".

Letter of the reader: "how do you do Holmes,
It read your commentaries apropos of book stores and their participle for the censorship, and recalled one case that occurred with me in Odessa, year 3 back. 4 with the comrade visited into the central book store on The the deribasovskoy, and must saw David Dukas's book "Jewish problem with the eyes of American" publishing houses MAUP (by widely well-known in the Ukraine academy), unfortunately i not had with itself money, that to acquire, but tovarishch' purchased, I approached the consultants, they said that the books much by their this in the morning left. I was gladdened, that to smog to purchase it tomorrow. Next day I come, there is no book. I ask in what the matter, they answered, that pier publishing house did not conclude agreement with the "house of the book" on to this to sell their production they they not can and that all books are sent away back into the publishing house. It is honest to say, I do not know the surname of the director of this store, but are confident this some "shteyn" or other of inoplanetyanin...
- I that is characteristic, Watson, - THEY - never they are called thing their names and true reasons never speak. One of two - either WE live in Zazerkal'e, OR THEY - OTHERS than we as the saying goes, QED, since it is correct, apparently, and that and, etc.

"The basmannyy law court of Moscow gave out sanction to the external arrest of the important owner of Yuri shefler, - it is charged with the accomplishment of heavy and separately heavy crimes, in the second place, is located in the federal and international search, hides itself from the consequence, and it means, it can continue to be occupied by criminal activity, to exert pressure on the witnesses and to destroy proofs". - one additional snakes was tangled.


"strongly was burnt out the highest skyscraper of China - Shanghai world financial center" (Shanghai's World Financial Center. 445 are meter 97 floors. This: - us all convince, what steel skyscrapers with the fires have a tendency it collapses in the limits of their perimeter - this generally stands as if nothing were the matter. What, Watson, TSRU it could not explosive place? Not at home? And to the Moslems in no way you will fall down? PHOTOS: - why I turn on this your attention, Watson, Oct 17, 2004 in Caracas also is strongly burnt the highest skyscraper of the country, which also as China, goes against THE USA, Venesuelly. Caracas's "Parque Central", 221 meters, 56 floors. PHOTOS and - so here there steel skyscraper also was not brought down, to meeezhdu by other...., Watson. It is bad, that Stalin vystoki do not burn, but the "sikretservis" of feyrverk they already arranged also in Moscow. For this purpose they to now "Siti" construct in Moscow - the "city of Downs" - downtown. and - will be, what to explode and to ignite, from face of "Moslem terrorists". You do remember Film The "white Sun Of desert"? You remember, famous "Makhmud ignite!"? - "makhmud" ignited. But "makhmud" who was? - Spartacus Mishulin - Jewish artist from the theater of satire. - I in the life, Watson, absolutely so the very.

Well and since there are no skyscrapers in Moscow, and provocations arranged must be, in the course go another sikretservisnye finty. Alarming communications from Russia. Another letter: "to the doctor Of pRIVET!y/My have long ago they noted on the photographs of members NSO, size -18, SS, DPNI and other treated BY FSB" fashistkikh "structures, that there there is a very large number of neetnicheskikh Russians even among the privates. The same previously picture we observed to the photo of members NPF "memory" and "barkashovtsev" from then united RNE. To each years the national composition of "fascists" becomes increasingly less Russian. Ethnic Russian young people go there very unwillingly. Now State Security Agents for the formation of the states of its groupings began not to be sufficient also the russkogovoryashchikh "fascists". We reported recently that the workers of the organs FSB of Russia turned themselves to the young people from the Caucasian Moslem diaspore Moscow to enter for the money the ranks of State Security Agent skinov of "fascists". Young people, according to communication, "promised to think". Some Moslems, judging by the entered information, already thought and was accepted proposal FSB. In this case the State Security Agents before the enrollment of young Moslems into the state of its paid agents it requires from them refusal of Islam and adoption of pseudo-Christianity of flood FSB-RPTS. this 2/Posle shut GYU......
* to Putin not shamefully for death of Russian nation * ' ' Russian "" Putin saves Jewish people " A here all understandably about yudeprovok about * Dag and Tadzhik * - official statement apropos of video of the execution of two inorodtsev. - "we do not know, by whom precisely and with what purpose was perfected and taken this execution. People, connected with, participation in this did not assume " - it is understandable, Watson? - SEQUENTIAL "PSIOP" (PSYCHOLOGICAL BLACK OPERATION) OF FSB-MOSSAD. Psi-"operatsiya " introduction " began.Already sound words nationalist socialist skinhead - this is bad. Nationalist, socialist, fascist, those are more Russia - it is very bad. To people is suggested the insolent lie, which as known easily reveals for the truth. Here already and Patrushev on the screen carries on a struggle terorizmom and VV threateningly returns orders so that operation "introduction" it began, we await the following step." - 4 by the way, I can only establish, Watson that the brightest young people of Russia now were joined around Adolf. And this is understandable, "Adolf" - this what that clear to all goys the real facts and the intelligent goyskaya policy, around which are joined the sober goyskaya young people and agitler.htm, that beside the fact that we now will probe on the aliyensko-reptoidnoy bore hole. So that this not in vain, that on them now they collided and made a shady transaction with the execution of two "chuchmekov" and the explosion of train. This is called the "copied crime". On are American this it is called "kopiket" You do not remember as the pair of the years ago Of mosssad it did stage cutting head to American To niku to Berg so that there in Iraq Americans to Iraqis more actively would thresh and would deal with mutual bloodletting? Moslems then it is clear, even on the clothing of killers, immediately they calculated, that this was the matter of the hands Of mossad. Podcherk is one and the same. - Watson, you to me even this execution of "Dag and tadzha" against the background of swastika, kinos'emki, searchlight, illuminators, the assistant tos directors, sound directors, dul' of times, double two, even do not slip. This obvious fuflo (Jewish word) something even to analyze. Whom, then they speak already they took, who rasprotranyal this video. They took and they will end, Watson, is of the same not moreover goy as this "Dag tadzhem". - because, Watson, so it is must on the sikretservisovskomu scenario Of fSB/Mossad.

Here also into the theme comrade writes from Russia. "how do you do, Holmes!
Apropos of news from 2007-14-11. Reader reports to you that she heard as A. kadyrov it reported the fact that Khattab (Samer Bean Salem (fats) Suaylem) he is yemenskim Jew. In straight ether OF TV, for the pair of weeks before its loss, A.Kadyrov said the same! Approximately thus: "why THE MEDIA they keep silent, they do not indicate that Khattab - yemenskiy Jew, and not Arabian?! And that there are no real Arabs in its environment?!" This actually occurred to be, but he stated this not 2 weeks until 9 May, 2004, but on 30 September, 2001, it made this statement after visit to Near Eastern region, there it obtained authoritative information that Khattab the yemenskiy Jew, does not pray as orthodox musul'manin and moreover, was named her daughter Of saroy. Kadyrov it proposed Khattabu to go to war "for the faith in Palestine".
In me are a book of General gennadi troshev "my war" 2001 and in it it is indicated that the sister of black Arab manages in THE USA large weapons store. But this does not change the essence of the matter. This is 4 as the refinement. Now apropos Of dudayeva. In the archives "abroad" the information about it was encountered a total of several times. Here are some further news. Information from the book of Chechen, direct participant in the events began the 90th in Chechnya, the former officer OF MVD Ahmet kelimatov "Chechnya: in the claws of devil or on the way to self-destruction "2003 thus, this is what he writes: "the General, who called himself Chechen, was completely not im. the genetic roots Of dudayeva, which objectively became obvious, at first they were concealed prednamerenno. Made this people close to it, but from the supply of special services, deliberately knowing that the publicity will be equivalent to the effect of the exploded bomb.
Dudayev Of dzhokhar Of musayevich (15.05.44) was borne in the village first-of-May CHIASSR. It finished THE SUBSTANCES im. Gagarin. Member OF CPSU - COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION since 1968. In 1969 were married Kulikovoy Alevtina fedorovne 1947 g.r. (to native g. of kolomna of Moscow region, in the specialty layout artist). Children: Dudayev Of ovlur Of dzhokharovich of 1970 g.r., Dudayeva is given Dzhokharovna of 1973 g.r., Dudayev Of degi Of dzhokharovich of 1983 g.r. However, what to the origin, then the roots Of dudayeva depart to tatam, i.e., to the mountain Jews from Derbent, already fourth generation of whom lives in Chechnya. Legal bewilderment caused the circumstances of the dispatch of the family Of dudayeva. It was deported not during February 1944, but in the second-half of April. This fact preheated the doubts of many Chechens, and it explained by the fact that the parents Of dudayeva carried out the special commission THE NKVD, connected with the deportation of vaynakhskikh peoples. Soon after the "election" Of dudayeva by the President - during November 1991 unknowns steal and shoot the rector OF CHIGU V. Kahn -Kalika.
In the organs MVD of republic entered operational information from the concrete sources, close to the direct "executors of sentence". It appeared from it, that Kahn -Kalik, being at home, had carelessness in the unconstrained situation to react to the remark of his student about the fact that "our President will be Dudayev", it is verbatim: "as it can be your President, when it our. It indeed is married on the jewess! Yes even brother my was in them on the wedding ". After learning about the information dangerous for it, Dudayev did not begin to put aside the matter into the long box. Carelessness cost life not only Kahn -Kaliku. With the theft was killed the pro-rector CHIGU A.- X. Bisliyev, which rose to his defense. The plans of General, there was first, who guessed the member of the parliament of the Jordans, well-known religious worker, the former inhabitant of the village Of gilni Of the nozhayyurtovskeyeo region, sheik abdul tanks Dzhamo. Doubts in sheik appeared at the moment of the inauguration of President dudayev. The Koran, which held the sheik at the moment of oath, remained several aside by hand of the President (!)
So Kelimatov it writes: not randomly appeared in Chechnya General from the Baltic States, former participant in the session of the convention of the great lie of England (1989).
Here this information it told Kelimatov. Still it is possible to add the fact of the wedding Of dudayeva in the Poltava synagogue (that, by the way, and had in the form Kahn -Kalik). In the newspaper "arguments and facts" (N 3 for 1996 g.) in the note "Chechens and teypy" it communicated that Dzhokhar Of dudayev "along the paternal line occurred from little-known teypa - yalkharoy, in which there is a kind of tatyyneren, which occurred from the mountain Jews, and along the maternal line Of dudayev - from notable teypa of nashkhoy, which consisted only of Chechens".
But generally, it is interesting, be Dzhokhar thoroughbred herdsman were accepted him in 1992 in THE USA D. Bush Senior? After the return to Chechnya from THE USA Of dudayev he stated on TV that "from Russia proceeds the threat of attack". Also, it is possible to add that Dzhokhar recommended well itself in the course of the carpet bombardments of the villages of "Moslem brothers" in Afghanistan. I think, information will prove useful. I want to add also that "Ben" (Bean) Salem (Khattab) in the transfer from Hebrew means the son of Salem, and the "Abbe" (Abu) - father. For example, Makhmud Of abbas - Abu mazen, i.e., the father Of mazena, son mean in it mazen. Or Bean (Ben) Laden - son Of ladena "."

- in connection with this, Watson, to me comes to the mind only "Swedish" ansabl' OF "ABBA", besides jokes. You do not know in reality, who in reality stood after this "ABBA". But you do know, as Jews they do call Abraham Lincoln? Specifically, the Abbe, you will focus attention on signature to the photo to the vetches of the "Abbe" . - in addition to this, as on they are French "holy father"? - it is correct "abbot", moreover is written on they are French precisely as ABBA and you see from this article about the abbots that in the Aramaic language, (this conversational Hebrew), the "holy father" precisely OF "ABBA" (abba). For example on You inete the best source of the second-hand book books it is called "abebuks", that in the transfer from Hebrew of the "books of father": - I constantly use this source of the books. In connection with this play on words, not there was, the performed on tour freely 0 0N throughout the world ensemble OF "ABBA", by certain forerunner, by signal, for the knowing people? But that they us did tell, from where this name, from the first names of participants? But why not "RAM"? Either not "BAAB", or ABAB "? - you remember, Watson, even in London clocks "big Ben". Now to you the understandably full value of this Of big OF "BEN"? - very large "Ben" here where is situated - in London. Because New York - this "large apple", and Jerusalem - "apple", and America - this "new Israel", in the old - is very hot; and in the environs of Moscow new Iyershalaim. - everything is coded, Watson, is total everything.

Canadian comrade dispatches infu: "regards! Recently was obtained note from my Canadian clients - the champions of invisible front! Dada, do not think that only Russian goys consider in what the matter.... So here is the news, which lies down into one river bed with the trilionnymi infusions into the "paper ticket - ligal tender" by the name dollar! Attention: 20 GO of August into Montebello, in the province Quebec, are encountered the leaders of the countries of Canada OF THE USA and Mexico, namely: Premier Harper, Bush and Calderon for the consideration, or more precisely for THE RATIFICATION of the agreement about the new American union in the form of confederation or almost the same agreement of the Continental Alliance. Everything occurs with "Stakhanov" rates in contrast to Europe and without the "national" consideration. In 2010 there will be new North America! - (SAKR - the union of American capitalist republics) press it collected into the mouth of water and nothing it reports about this event... questions they are discussed in the secret government commissions without the public discussions... so that soon, apparently and on our beaches they will appear prohibitions as in America... thus far in us in British Columbia I I can bathe although entire night! But soon all our reservoirs will be privatizirovany, just as gas and oil with the electric power had buy through nasil'nuyu sale THE USA. and so the prices of the gasoline are higher than in THE USA, although this is OUR GASOLINE! So that dollar will be strengthened by Canadian energy resources and Mexican manpower! Canadian andergraund sounds the alarm! But who it will hear? Here all footnotes. Read... You be healthy!"
Vladimir. Global Research Http://, July 17, 2007. I refer readers to my website at and

You will focus attention, Watson, the press already of 300 years it doldonit about the "automatic progress in the social life", and empires are created and empires are destroyed, as turning no attention to the command "progresss!", type as "fass!". You remember English Jew gibbon into 18 more ohms century it wound tens of volumes of "destruction and decline of Roman imperiii", when it was possible to express everything briefly. Because if you trace the reason for decline and and the generation of empires, then you will see, that this in direct dependence on that, it lost in this region Of evreonal authority or, on the contrary, its authority is strengthened. The obvious case to you - loss Yevreonalom of authority in THE USSR and Yugoslavia as a result of "bonapartizma" of two kritoiosifov: Joseph Tito and Joseph stalina. Therefore Yevreonal exploded their both empires from within and it crushed on the part. Another example from 20- oho the century - breaking up of India in 1947 in Pakistan, Bangla Of desh, Burma, Ceylon and strictly India. But the disintegration of Spanish empire? Florida and Cuba to whom did belong already one hundred years ago? - Spain. With the Spanish empire it was forever finished in 1936, when Yevreonal sent its there international forces, also, including of THE USSR. But where Yevreonal already completely checks the countries, then to it, naturally, to govern better the countries together, but not separately. And this yevreonalovaya tendency to obedinit' the country under its sensitive management is the best indicator of the fact that in these countries control completely under Yevreonalom. In this there is - entire sense of history and "great migrations of peoples". 3that is the invisible motive power behind the visible waves of history - Yevreonal. Now where this yevreonalovoye tsentrostemitel'noye acceleration? - it is correct, Watson, first of all the European Union and North America - there where the force Of evreonala of vezdesushcha and dovleyushcha, if you want, is totalitarian, diktaturna and satrapichna. The fact that North America will be single state - this is fact. It is singular, what Yevreonal still thus far it fears - this these white cowboys with the guns in the West OF THE USA. For this very reason Yevreonal presses home prohibition to the bullet instrument in THE USA and for this periodically are arranged the regular shootings of schoolboys by "unknown maniacs", after which Jewish jurists to one turn more tightly turn the confiscation of firearms. Here this all on andergraundnykh American vebsaytakh is tracked well. Elegant American andergraund the site:

But this dispatches letter comrade, almost from Canada; it lives closely to the boundary with Canada in THE USA in the state new York. "we everything attempt to be dismantled and to mix alien offspring at their plans. In that material about Rotschild you noted that it aliyen. You found very correct approach to this delicate ground, boldly opened it.
I remember the letter of korespondenta from Oslo, which asserts that to on- entire evidently that something it is prepared. People await something. We everything know that THEY they prepare NWO, but we do not know that this such and when it enters the force. This of ikhniy big secret. 4 prosistematiziroval different materials (first of all the calendar Of mayya), which worked all 2,5 thousand years without any deviations, and that it ends on 23 December, 2012.can indicate that our civilization it is zaprogramirovana for this period, but not more. From other sources also proceed that something it will occur 23 dek.20y2g, to "Christmas", they write that it will be organized laser light-idea with face of Christ of that descending to the earth. This will see entire globe. Note that this in the week up to 2013! (number 13)".

- yes, Watson, and as said Maxim podberezovikov, inspector, film "coast automobile"."no good matter can be accompanied by lie and fraud". New Yorkers to such lights-idea are prepared. They have already long ago trained them for new yr, the enormous belestyashchiy sphere gets down in them and this they transmit on TV. Instead of THE SPHERE - the Messiah to depict - already with the aid of the contemporary technical equipment - once to spit. And even if specifically to this date in them again anything is torn away, nevertheless, essences, which press home this event of 6000 years - they then are rested, that they only just more greatly will be provoked and tyuey dozhmut; and living people envy to corpses. "A steppe grass smells goorech'yuyuyuyuyuyu..." I only palm of oshchushchala the coolness of living blade. This comrade continues: "i have one link in the English:, not could- you it to place on the site, "to the amateur", indeed many they read on English, can someone it will find time it will transfer it. Let this there will be type as the page of fantasy. Many do not know as that to search for in the Internet. I would be grateful to that, who tossed up to me the similar to read a little. Recently its downtown were missed. It is unnoticeable for the eye, the triangle with the enormous stone in the middle is made from the logs of those dug in into the earth. Where only possible is used orange color. The sense of labeling by their symbols in all on the planet possibly in the fact that so they can prove TO OTHERS that this their sobstvenost'. The fact that people pray to their deities also it can stop others soak to us.

Another reader writes: [email protected] > napisal(a): "how do you do. To your guess that the group of cannibals guides by peace. The true role of Jews begins to reach because of the Internet many. Here certain Nikolai levashov in its recently left book "Russia in the curved mirrors". ( on its site it positions itself by Russian, but in your science of evreologii its surname relates to the chosen clan of levitov. In order to cause to itself confidence it, probably they permitted to promulgate some facts from the secret libraries of Rotschild about the authentic history of humanity. It is compulsory oznakomtes' with these facts, which it gives in the book. But already conclusions you will make your. Your possible puzzle the "origin of Jews - people- cannibal" will be formed more rapidly. Mass of material for the reflection. Do not stint on time, becomes more clear as deeply you they dug after reading. Although, judging by the style, the authorship of the book unlike that to it belongs. In view of the importance of this letter, if you please, give to know about its obtaining ". - well that, Watson, will have to also become acquainted. And in connection with this, I would want to give "diskleymer". If I give link to the book as also yesterday, this does not mean that 4 its rekommenduyu or I approve, especially as 4 its itself did not read. This means only that the fact that I entrust to its readers, that they already have in the hands skein with the red thread and goyskiy compass, which will help them to leave the judaic labyrinth. Moreover, to me the readers read the book and they write briefly: so pier so the book presents how and how, such a one such a one. As bibliophile with 40 summer periods I can to you say completely accurately one, Watson, if the book it is possible to visit and to purchase freely in any book store - it it is possible not to read, this qualified "deza", especially as, if the books of the author leave by multi-dearionic print runs on grow prettier to paper - it means people tselenapravlenno they conduct into this side, Xof otya, "if we chop and to cut", koye that can be angled from everywhere, but is here compulsorily necessary goyskiy compass. This 4 I specifically take those only lying on top, Radzinskikh, Nosov, Suvorovs -Rezunov and Oleg Platonovs. Kryshevaya difference between which, in reality small. After first three costs directly Yevreonal, and in Oleg Platonov "roof" - the branch Of evreonala - Pravoslabnaya church - opium for the people. Large difference? And Oleg Platonov greatly interfere withs in the honest work his great-power Russian chauvinism, from which wildly it returns by talmudicheskim judaic izbrannichestvom. Near Eastern church stands after the circulation of Oleg Platonov, and this strongly prevented it from remain honest historian. That who pays to musician, that orders music. Unfortunately, Watson, although Oleg Platonov my compatriot- Muscovite and rovestnik, by honest historian and isledovatelem for Oleg Platonov remain could not be. In 21 - ohm the century of popugayski to repeat Jewish slander about "fashistkuyu Hitlerite Germany", this, either "children's cerebral paralysis", or premature senile marasmus. Not difficult to surmise to whose of money Oleg Platonov attended America and he boarded in the orthodox monastery in Dzhordanville. In order to remain honest historian, dlya of this, Watson, wage must be obtained elsewhere. To me it is completely accurately known that any official book store (everything that higher than the level of trade from the hands) it is simultaneously both censor and filter of the sold books, among which not to appear nothing actually dangerous for THESE. As experienced bibliophile, 4, Watson, can to you say as I I calculate the books and why to me it is difficult to toss up dezu. This as on the road, when I conduct machine, suddenly I begin to oshchushchat' before me the appeared machine as interference. 4 I do not see driver, the more than 4 I do not know it, and the 4 I do not know its thoughts, but 4 to oshchushchayu it as interference and, naturally, as potential threat, and I try rapidly with it to part. - accurately also with the books. If I compare facts deductive, then chustvuyu 4 - by inside.

But now, for the best understanding of protsesssov, we koye that with you Watson, investigate and is utilized the material of trip on the gold ring, and you themselves will see, that many people drive on the gold ring, but nothing they see, or as said the Christ: "many they look, but they do not see: they listen to many, but they do not hear ". Let us begin here from this: this article with the photo from the the American of andergraund of site is called the "secrets of the Zionist watch tower of the witnesses Of iyegovy and biblical society". Usually, for the conspiracy, when they speak about the "watch tower", then determination "Zionist" they pass. Here this to the vetches about the "witnesses Of iyegovy". - "iyegova" strictly speaking, is pronounced as "ya-Khuy", this "Ya-khuy" it is in Russian obscured into "iyegovu". Here here it is written about this: "Yah?" or "Yeh?" is a common short form for "Yahweh" in hebrew theophoric names; as a prefix it sometimes appears as "Yeh? -" In this sense to you more greatly is intelligible the sense of all these obelisks 0 0N throughout the world. This as 4 you it already told that the fact that nearest of all to the tip of nose, those less you this oshchushchayete, although each day you are scolded by this name and, thus, you mention it. Hence and internetovskoye "Yakhuu", since THEY stand after this mega-site. Global staff the apartment of these of ozhidateley Iyegovy is located here in "burkline": and - all, who went across its Brooklyn bridge it saw, she directly at the congress in bridge occupies entire block - this lair of the perjurers Of iyegovy. By the way, Watson, by the way speaking - the "witnesses Of iyegovy" completely not randomly be situated in the largest with the orthodox israelites region of Brooklyn - Kraun-Khayts them, by also global staff by apartment to The the istern-Parkveye, the lyubavicheskikh Jews: Images/SHLUccHIM3.jpg - the founder of this society of the "witnesses Of iyegovy" here this classical kriptoiudeyskiy priest Charles taze Russell, naturally, with the goyskoy name- surname and the judaic patronymic:

So here if you unroll downward this American article about the "secrets of the Zionist watch tower of the witnesses Of iyegovy and biblical society", then you will see the sign of the "witnesses Of iyegovy" and below its press. But so that you would not rush by by, I will give to you this press separately Images/Zion'sWatchTowerSeal.jpg . You will focus attention, that are given two the same presses, but: leftist, initial of them, is dated 1894 and on it it is clearly written "Zionist watch tower. Pennsylvania Traktatnoye society ",without any reservations and okolichnostey. But on the right press of the "witnesses Of iyegovy", dated 1956, already word "Zionist" is rejected and is written: "watch tower biblical society". Their periodical and vebsayt so is called, until now, only without the determination "Zionist" - "watch tower". but here is the Russian version: - A vfrom that on having written Russian vetch, collected "watch tower". 4 it is special, for the best understanding it broke the quotation: "watch tower (Engl. Watchtower, complete name -" watch tower announces the reign Of iyegovy") - the religious publication of the witnesses Of iyegovy. "volume - 32 pages. Periodicity - 2 times per month (from 1 and 15 days of each month). The first release by a print run of 6000 copies in the English was realized during July 1879, the periodical was called then "Zionist watch tower and the herald of the presence of Christ". At the present moment izdayetsya in 161 languages by the print run of each release more than 28 million 578 000 copies. Large-circulationst periodical in the world (the summary print run in yr). The purpose of periodical is presented on the page of 2 each releases: the "purpose" of watch tower "consists of the glorification (of Jewish) Iyegovy of god as the rulers of the universe. It (is passive whether?) it controls the fact, as by world events are fulfilled biblical prophecies. It comforts all people by good news about the fact that the reign of god will soon destroy those... ". thus, Watson, speech again it goes about the total destruction of those..., whom...? - naturally, whom they themselves will determine from their Zionist watch tower.

But the emblem of the "witnesses Of iyegovy", what you would think, Watson, surmise from three times? It is correct - this is triangle with the rays, but instead of the eye of pangolin is a clear inscription To "yagve". I.e., the eye of pangolin - belongs to judaic god Jagow, i.e., judaic god - "4- share", "pangolin". And this is clear hint to the origin of race. You, Watson, not chustvuyete, that even in the "Russian" word itself "pangolin", which, is clear, not Russian origin, does sound this judaic word To "ya-gve"? But you know that one of 12 elbows of izrailevykh so is called - "asher"! I have one "attending" - doctor it had this familyu - "asher". And if in the architectural custom most frequently, as we saw, meets eye (pangolin) in the triangle with rays, then in the more small and inform circles the name of the possessor of eye, pangolin is used in the triangle with the rays - it call "yagve" = Of "ya-khuy" = "4- share". To the vetches here are given all forms of priznosheniya of etog of the word: Http:// This is what to you will jump out, if you find Iyegovu on the American vetch: "Jehovah is an English transcription of ???????, which is a specific vocalized spelling of ???? (i.e. the Tetragrammaton) that is found in the Masoretic Text ". "To iyegova-Yagve - this pronunciation, kotroye is used in the mazoreticheskikh texts". Here is information in Russian: and and you will focus attention simply to at least the index of this book, simply will memorize the name Of "urantiya", the book Jewish, here in the Russian, and take for note.....- Of "urantiya": - A we will return to YAGVE, Watson, so here is triangle in the rays with the word Of "iyegova" on Hebrew " ???? - this is the official sign both of the Judaism and the "witnesses Of iyegovy". And if you unroll downward this American article about the "secrets of the Zionist watch tower of the witnesses Of iyegovy and biblical society", then you will see, that the sign of the society of the "witnesses Of iyegovy", which voznilo only in 1881, into entire adapts in medieval tserkvyakh of most varied konfessiy, which indicates the fact that this very and very ancient sign - sign of the Jewish god Of yagve-Yashera- of pangolin -4-xu4, the sign of Judaism - general of the religion for them of all. For example this is medieval Catholic cathedral in Le Bourget in France: - A in it this sign Of iyegovy of vnturi it: Images/CatedraledeBourgeFranceYagve.jpg - on the same link into the vetches you will see the bas relief of already protestant church in Norway, but also in it, in spite of that seen, allegedly, a difference in konfessiy, again "tregol'nik in the rays" - the "word Of iyegova in the triangle in the rays". - clear RELIGIOUS NAPERSTOK. But these are triangle with The the iyegovoy in the church in small gordke Dinge, in Brittany, in France Images/EgliseDeDingeFranceYagve.jpg. By the way, to you never it occurred, Watson, what province of France nearest to Britain, opposite England, bears the name also "Britain"- or, on Russian this sounds as "Brittany". But this so, at odd moments... Thus, is clearly written on Hebrew "yagve" - "yakhuy" - "4- share": But this is the same triangle Yakhuyem in other fratsuzskom town. But this, is interestingly made, triangle, as itself in the eye: Images/EgliseDeLaCelle-DunouiseFranceYagve.jpg . But this in the church in the city San Paulo in Brazil: Images/EgliseDeSaoPauloauBresilYagve.jpg - i.e., 0 0N throughout the world. Here this is sign on the cathedral in Aachen, in Germany: - here: - A now you will see the photo of the cupola of the Swiss Roman Catholic church, built in 1521, i.e., she is built directly in the process of reformation in Switzerland. 4 to you, Watson, he spoke, the "reformations", which had value, precisely, judaic zavet.htm. In the center of the cupola of the church above Christ the word Of "iyegova". - A this is Iyegova-Yakhuy itself in the center of the cupola of Uspenski cathedral to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery - lair of "pravoslabiya" OF Images/UspenskiyZagorsk.jpg Iyegova itself in entire krase with its sign in the form of the halo of vos'migol'nika around its head, with me entire life they called, C - "Zagorsk", name of Jewish Bolshevik zagorskiy. You will focus attention, what here by the way, its obelisk - "ya-khuya" - "4- share", here - only it leave - from the Uspenski cathedral of monastery Images/ZagorskObelisk.jpg to this Uspenski cathedral of monastery generally is the very neozhidnannye things. For example, when you enter, immediately here before you, in this Uspenski cathedral, skopirovanom from the Kremlin as khoroguvi, will hang two enormous magendavida. Here one of them: Images/ZagorskUspeskiyMagendavid.jpg

But now I will show koye that from the secrets to the trinity -Sergievsko1 of monastery. Here this is the refectory temple im. Sergius radonezhskiy in the trinity -Sergievsko1 to monastery, built in Peter pervy's boyishness, who was borne in 1672, i.e., without his consent, and in 1692 temple was already finished. Http:// You, Watson, if you are study Russian history more deeply, then will see, that many monastery and temples were built in reality "into peresmenok", i.e., in the period of regenstva, or "guardianship", above the young tsars. So here "vetches" it writes: One of the dominants is cloister refectory with Sergius radonezhskiy's church (it is built into 1686 - 1692), which is located in the southern part of the monastery. Paintings inside the refectory relate to THE XIX century ". Here here is clearly visible the wall of this refectory church of monastery. You see that she entire in the so-called "cockleshells", which you yet repeatedly will encounter. "cockleshells" - this is the half of the "sign of tyrant", that on the winches of Jerusalem: Images/MarkonHerod'sgateJerusalem.jpg, about the "sign of tyrant" we spoke in connection with the fact that it is located on the emperor palace of Japan, when they spoke about the Judaism in Japan Images/MarkonthecrestImperialHouseJapan.jpg. The halfof the "sign of tyrant" - "cockleshell" - is the sign of the English petroleum company "SHELL", owners of which are the certain possessors of blue krovi/chernoy bone, kotraya now is very active in Russia and Baku. You will compare, Watson, "ravine" petroleum concern Of "shelll" and of cockleshell on the perimeter of the refectory church TS of monastery, you will be in the shock. Http:// By these halves and by the entire signs of tyrant is covered entire gold ring, center of Moscow, and to trinity -Sergievska4 monastery in particular. And with the entrance into the refectory church, everything in the grapevines. And it entire of itself such adorned. Inside, very rich, this 19- oho centuries, painting, all pictures from the judaic tori, gold iconostasis is entire in the grapevines. Osobenost'yu of refectory church is, that before inonostasom - large of halls for the covering of tables and yavstv. so here, Watson, "sharp-sighted eyes", it snatched out directly before the iconostasis at the lateral upper angles of neighbor to inonostasu of refectory under the ceiling two signs. These were THEY - TRIANGLES YAKHUYA! Here are they. I only apologize myself to the dark photographs, it was little light. Their two tregol'nika: one, from one side, has clear inscription "yagve" Images/TLavraTrapeznYagveTreug.jpg, i.e., clearly as in the Catholic church of France and in the "witnesses Of iyegovy": Images/EgliseDeDingeFranceYagve.jpg , and from another upper angle of hall, nearer to the iconostasis triangle has another inscription, which for us still one must decode: Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg - I here comrade immediately operationally made issledovniye and sent: "left to your site several months ago, I read vzakhleb - it is very interesting! Thanks to you for the enormous labor!Tried to decipher word in the triangle from the refectory in the monastery, Images/TLavraTrapeznYgve2.jpg . Similarly there po- is Greek written OPHEOS. I introduce into Gugl - whereas and 4 into shoke!Na to the first page of results at the end we see:Opheos=".snake": (about the green wood snake) M-da... That also was required dokazat'.A of further still reference to the forum of game on to Harry Potter "Hogwarts School of Magic", there also in them is some Opheus: "

And you know, Watson that 4 at odd moments I look: I want to explain the origin of such words as "temple", and "monastery". Only should I indicate that the words have Greek or Latin origin. State Israel existed in this Mediterranean region for 1000 years to all these Greek and Roman empires and everything which was there there, in these empires, everything is created with the brains of the kriptoyevreyskikh "Greeks" and of "Romans", including languages. So that also bear in mind, about the "monastery" and the "temple", yes even the present origin of word "church", also it would not interfere with explaining.

So you did understand, Watson that there is de fact trinity -Sergievska4 the monastery? What function does fulfill to trinity -Sergievska4 monastery in Russia? - It is correct, Watson, This To trinity -Sergievska4 Monastery Is A ZIONIST WATCH TOWER! - I all the remaining pravoslabnye monastery also exist - "ZIONIST WATCH TOWERS"! The guide of gold ring it did report to us that, until now, the Jewish "scientists" not can, or, it is faster, they do not desire, to guess riddle, why on the Russian earth monastery do not cost on the boundaries of state and, in particular, not on what routes of no conquerors? Actually, why? Because, Watson, pravoslabnye monastery were first of all police neighborhoods and prisons of the goyskogo population of Russia, and in any way, not by fortresses from the foreign aggressors. This is what is written into the vetches: "to trinity -Sergieva monastery was one of the richest monastery of Russia, it entered into the number of quite important landowners (in 1763, on the threshold of the large confiscation of the church earth, to monastery it belonged more than 100 thousand souls of peasants (goys)). Active trade (by grains, I will pour off, by articles of daily life) contributed to preumnozheniyu of the riches of monastery; its financial position in THE XVII -.khviii of vv". If you study the map of the pravoslabnykh monastery of Russia, then you immediately will see, what this is ancient GULAG - map of the Correctional- working establishments of ancient Russia. You do think, Watson, in vain Jewish Bolsheviks, first of all they did begin to use The solovetskiy monastery? But by walls judaic iyerarkhi and arkhiirei-of arkhiyevrei fenced off from the goyskogo people - because, as you themselves isolate, pravoslabnye monastery - this ZIONIST WATCH TOWERS. And now you will see complete dropping, Watson, this orthodox icon, and, apparently, sufficiently ancient icon is called, how you did think? - she so is called - "VSEVIDYASHCHEYEYE EYE". Images/VsevidyascheeOkoMIR.jpg . But here here you will see still more than the orthodox icons of the "all-seeing eye of God pangolin" A that, Watson, they by fools pretend themselves into nesoznanku they left. Give to them let us recall: and , and can observe the sufferings, possibly, of honest young goy Valentina Konstantinovica Kazerskogo, pyatidesyatnika, which honestly attempts to be dismantled at the fact that encoded in these icons and in no way can, because it assumes everything for the clean coin, does not suspect wrong side, not it chustvuyet dirty game it does not know that it lives in Zazerkal'e, and all the more it does not have predchustviy, who us leads you will look, you will look, Watson, open link - are very curious both icons themselves and the throwings of bird in the networks.

Eksursovod in the trinity -Sergievsko1 to monastery reported to us also that in the same very interesting Uspenski monastery of monastery are stored putrid the remains of the nebezyvestnogo international Jewish terrorist Moyshi Of trivolisa, more well-known under the nickname "Maxim greka", best uchenichka of international Jewish terrorist and Florentine Trotsky - Geronimo Savonaroly , assigned into the "saints" to the Russian people; and in Troitsky the cathedral of monastery - putrid are notorious Sergius radonezhskiy's remains, to whom they be worthwhile for the turn of nekrofilov, to kiss the dug out corpse. Here read a little, Watson, two references apropos of the examination of the dissection OF SARCOPHAGUIES, which, as we did not forget, in the transfer from the Greek indicates "THOSE GORGING MEAT" : and - 4 not polenyus' to give them. Fragments from the journal "revolution and church", 1920, ?? 9-y2(Otchet VIII- GO of the division of People's commissariat of justice to the congress of councils) the summary of the dissections of the "power", produced within the limits of Soviet Russia into 1918, 1919 and 1920:

"allegedly, putrid are remains, allegedly, Sergius radonezhskogo, g. of the Sergiuses, Moscow of lips.
11 April 1919. "the pited by mole rags, cotton, the polurazvalivshiyesya human bones, the mass of dead mole, butterflies, larvas. In the cranium in the waxed paper of recent origin light-brown- reddish hair "

(this that, about which we in Swamy now told, Watson. And how much, nekrofilov there costs in the turn in Troitsky the cathedral TS of monastery, what to kiss this putrefying mass?) By the way, and why, Watson, "allegedly". Because, Watson, even analysis DNA cannot be established do belong data of the bone to specific face. Everything that can be established by contemporary analytical tools - this is the approximate age of the model of cloth, and they do belong to different by the persons or by animal. All, Watson, Name- surname and all the more nickname on DNA cannot be learned. Now, when determine putrid remains according to the analysis DNA - this only when the examination of IMET - Institute of Metallurgy im. A. A. Baykov has zvedomo the known model of cloths, completely accurately undertaken in the previously well-known person, with whom they compare sample under investigation. For example, in man took the analysis of the blood and it costs in the test tube in the refrigerator. Suddenly this person of propal is found someone's piece of corpse. Here in this case it is possible to compare DNA of blood and piece of corpse and to say that this that, disappeared person or not. It is understandable? But to take rotten bone dust from the sarcophagus "gorging meat" Sergius radonezhskiy to establish - this Sergius radonezhskiy or not cannot. We do not have any and it cannot be control model. Is possible to only predelit' the approximate age of bone dust and to say that it, for example, 19- oho century, and thus, these bones or, and without the analysis is understandable - hair, cannot belong to Sergius radonezhskiy, who, clearly, was also some of ikhniy to zhidove or kozarin. It is understandable?

Designation of power. Date of dissection. Results of inspection. Allegedly Artemiy verkol'skiy's "power", Arkhangel'sk of lips. 20 December 1918: Divided on 3 parts coffin, in the first part the cotton, into 2-1 church vestments, into the 3rd small red trunk, tied up by cord and sealed up by the presses Of the verkol'skeyeo monastery. It is discovered on the dissection of trunk: usual coal, peregorelye nails and small brick. It is indicative there are no bones.

Putrid are remains, allegedly, prince Georgiy, g. Vladimir.
15 February 1919 v the princely clothing of recent (i.e., the fresh corpse of unknown person!) origin the mumifitsirovannyy corpse. Long white silk stockings with the nameplate. (so this, allegedly, Georgiy (Yuri) Vsevolodicha, the fake "founder of Nizhniy Novgorod", which the hand black, until now, torchit and its nekrofily in the turn kiss).

Putrid are remains, allegedly, the Nile Of stolbenskogo, Ostashkov. 25 February 1919. (this The ostashkovskiy now "sex- symbol" Nile -Stolbenskogo monastery). Hearth by two thick layers of cotton, to 2 f. each, the heap of the trukhlykh bones, transposed by cotton and poured by the powder, which prevents from the rotting. Of the bones is far from all. Skull is well-packed by cotton. The bones of coffee color are brittle, their remoteness, on the conclusion of doctors, it is not identical. (i.e., the bone of different people or animals).

Putrid are remains, allegedly, Peter and Fevronii, g. by Moore. (we already about them they mentioned, Watson, when they told about Murome). 10 February 1919. Box, by the height of 5 fishing baskets, divided by wooden sorting into 2 halves. Both in the one and in the other half human bones, it is far from all, very few, strongest as that: thigh, humeral bones, skull. All this published characteristic rotten smell.

Putrid are remains, allegedly, Mikhail Tverskiy (prince), Tver
18 May 1919. Under a large quantity of covers is discovered the schema of white color, also, in it in the disorderly type of the bone. Skull lies with the separated lower jaw, vertebrae together with the edges. Those surrounded to cancer were confused. Around the temple the circles of parishioners. Old peasant spoke: "A I believed and walked to the worship of 18 years. (true, ?y0). The monks was present with the dissection and arkhimandrit Ioanikiy. Some monks with the words, this is how us until this time deceived, began to remove from themselves cloister clothing and, throwing into the angle of church, they said: "it is sufficient us to durachit'". ... One of the rural women, when saw that which was found instead of the power, she said: "4- that, fool, last year came here and, when she approached cancer, entire shook from the fear, thinking that here actually imperishable saint, and here here see, what trash is superimposed instead of saint".
11-19 g. (great Ustyug).

Everything, Watson, let us transfer only most widely known sarcophaguies. Continuation of protocol on the links: and


European Central Bank (ECB) injected on Monday a further 47.665 billion euros (65.06 billion U.S. dollars) into the banking system after pumping it with huge funds last week. Http:// Only yesterday central bank OF THE USA (FDR) rejected into the revolution of 48 billion dollars, only yesterday occupied by Americans Japan and by it tsentroBank rejected 1 trillion Jaehn, and now occupied by Americans The tsentroEvropeyskiy bank rejected into the revolution (not "on it market", as they you they tell) and into the hands to people, which them earn - also 48 billion Euro-. You do work for the money? Well and idiots! Their clever people simply print, but they do not give to you, but when it is must to them - they eject into the revolution, moreover in similar the sums, which to you did not dream. Why, Watson, TsentroEvropeyskiy bank following THE USA and Japan did reject into the revolution 48 billion Euro-? Because dollar depreciates on the eyes - "dervyaniruyetsya", but since in the world almost everything is governed of one center - Yevreonala - and that now gives command to the central banks of occupied Japan and Europe - not to allow a drop in the dollar relative to its currency, and it forcedly forces Euro- and Jena to quote on the equal (on the parity) with the sinking dollar. To Chinese yuan or ruble they so order cannot, but they strongly press by indirect methods, and as a result we with entire planet support the expenditures of American zh/dov: their war, their exclusive high standard of living, monuments to the victims of lokhokosta and the like Jewish excesses. What in principle theoretical output from this, Watson? - particular people must in the transactions between themselves use their personal money around the corrupted official Jewish institution of money - GOYSKIYE OF DRAFT (receipt). But everything is clear with the dollar, American RR no longer can be detached away from the dollar and will out of it drink the blood thus far it it will not die - then they will pass to "evreo" and this "fairy tale about the white bull calf" it will continue infinitely, as a result of which: "went to the fair Of van'ka toady, for three kopecks showed......".

And you will focus attention on this establishment, Watson, "European central bank". Europe yet was not combined, but denezhki of them already in whose - that pocket they were united. And you will focus attention on the coat of arms of this establishment YETSB - 12 yellow pentagonal stars. Http:// Among the bankers Of finInterna the randomly zvezdatykh Communists not was? Answer to this gives To khaim Rakovskiy on its examination under the comfortable conditions. redsymphony.htm

"100% proof of the fact that the search program" Of gugl "suppresses sites not consonants with the government" (100% proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down): _ is natural, Watson, the discussion deals with the world government, Yevreonale.

"New York adolescents arranged skirmish in the metro: there is be killeden incident it occurred in the railroad car of train in Bronks region ". Http:// Russian press popugaynichayet liberal Jewish press. It is necessary to be new -1orkqem in order to know that metropoyezd into Bronks - on braytonovskom russkoyazychnom SLANG is called "black treyn" (train with the negroes). But about the violence of negroes not to Hugh.

The reader reports: "how do you do, zarubezhom. It is possible to ofonaret' simply: "on the burials of cardinal they read Kadish". - "Jews, Christians and representatives of French government on Friday were gathered together on cardinal jana-Mari's burials To lyustizhe, does report DPA.Prezident to France Nicolas Sarkozi it did specially interrupt the leave, which was carried out with the family in THE USA and prile?<<<<<<< snip >>>>>>>>



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