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Zero Population Growth

ZPG vs. ZMS: Another feminist lie!


ZPG is a bad excuse for abortion and the birth control  pill.


It trivialized marriage and family.


It marginalized fatherhood.


It firmly established the American woman as a moral minor.


At a population density equivalent to Los Angeles County's, the entire world's population would fit into an area two thirds the size of Texas.


If the world's population grew at the rate of Japan, who has not legalized the birth control pill, it would take 18,755 years for it to double.


Because Americans listened to the misleading jewish controlled mainstream media, whose profits depend to a large degree on creating catastrophes of one kind or another, the US population grew only 82% between 1950 and 2000, a time during which the world population grew 138%, the Asian population grew 152%, and the Latin American population grew 212%.  Even the African Continent, from which various pictures suggesting undescribable hunger which helped to withdraw private savings from compassionate Americans, grew by more than 250%.  Just the increase in the number of people populating the African Continent during that time is more than twice, the increase in India is 2.3 times, and the increase in China is 2.5 times, the total number of people in the entire US today.  In other words, just the increase in the populations of these areas is a number of people which is more than seven times greater than the number of Americans living in the US.

These aren't even the fastest growing areas.  Nigeria, Eduador, and the Philippines experienced an almost four fold increase in population.  Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, Venezuela, and Togo grew almost five fold.  Jordan grew eight fold, Kuwait grew 17 fold, Qatar grew 23 fold, and the United Arab Emirates grew 50 fold.  Why should American citizens be called upon to attempt to stem population growth when all that does is expose us to dangers of all kinds from a world which might enjoy our natural resources, and which might have large enough populations to just TAKE them from us?  Why should we provide food and medicine to countries which are already experiencing population growths that we've never experienced in our entire history?  What is the mentality behind the zero population growth advocates?

Even with all of this population growth, their agenda has nothing to do with overpopulation.  The notion that the Earth is overpopulated is advanced in a futile attempt to justify the feminist's demand for "birth control".  Feminist "principles" like this made marriage such a risky and poor investment for men that more than 30 million men of marriageable age refuse to marry today.  This quintupled the illegitimacy rate as women continued to satisfy their natural desire for child birth.  Giving mothers the sole authority to initiate an abortion removed paternal authority from fathers and enabled 36 million human babies to be aborted against the will of the fathers of those babies.  Half the population considers abortion to be "murder"  which firmly establishes the American woman as a moral minor.  It trivialized the entire concept of "marriage", which was intended to establish the moral authority of a man over his family.  It dumped massive amounts of estrogen into our water supply even though estrogen is known to destroy wildlife and can't be easily removed.  Coupled with the reduction in the birth rate caused by the birth control pill and the breakdown of the family caused by Sandra Day O'Connor, the already high US divorce rate doubled, further enhancing the American woman's reputation as a moral minor.

This trivialization of God's plan for human reproduction was not a success by any measure.  Our birth rate declined a mere 9.8%--from 76.3 births per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 1933 (before these birth control measures) to 68.6 in 1989. 

It ranks as one of the worst social policies in human history.

wpe1.gif (10627 bytes)

wpe2.gif (11151 bytes)

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, Series P-25, United States Population Estimates, various years, and unpublished data; Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics, Monthly Vital Statistics Report, various years. (This table was prepared October 1992.)

Without even legalizing the birth control pill, Japan's population growth rate is lower than the US with legalized birth control and abortion. If the entire world's population grew at the rate of Japan's, it would take 18,276 years for the world population to just double. Trying to estimate how long it would take to increase it 70 fold is impossible because there are too many other external influences which will affect population growth during such a period of time. Neither the pill nor abortions are necessary to limit population growth, and population growth is not necessary by any measure.

If ZPG was concerned about "population control", feminists would be clamoring to Japan to find out how they control their population WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. To buy the ZPG argument requires ZMS (extreme math and logic impairment). Long before considering that in 18,276 years we will have colonized the rest of the Solar System, Betelgeuse, and reached other galaxies (all of which of course demands that we *outlaw* feminism NOW) the argument that we are "running out of resources" is specious.

Even though we spent 40 times as much for welfare as for NASA we still "landed" on Mars.  This suggests that Jupiter would be colonized if we spent 40 times as much for NASA as for welfare for the next 20 years.  The surface area of Jupiter is 120 times bigger than the Earth's. If the entire human civilization, including its buried ancestors and cemeteries and dinosaurs, were to be placed on Jupiter at a population density equivalent to Los Angeles, we would take up 0.073% of Jupiter's surface, which would leave 24,316,160,000 square miles left over for "resources".   Can you even conceive of how *small* 0.073% is?  Imagine putting all of humanity into 0.073% of something within our own Solar System.  Imagine how arrogant it is to assert that puny humanity would be able to "overpopulate" the universe. To believe that ZPG is necessary because "Earth's resources are limited" requires zero math skills (ZMS). 

"Population control" has nothing to do with population control and everything to do with putting moral minors (SMHs) in charge of the nation's children and trying to justify it by calling them "families".  If it did, they would be doing way too many things way too differently. It is ONLY about robbing men of their posterity without paying for it, and furthermore making men pay for the privilege of having it robbed. Sandra Day O'Connor didn't give wives the "right" to murder their unborn children, and take away the right of husbands to stop it, just to "prevent unwanted children". If she had any reason at all, if she understood anything about what she was doing,  it was only to get even with men for having 3 1/2 billion more brain cells than her and thus creating things like civilization and a US Constitution which she is utterly incapable of comprehending.

> >It makes no difference. SPACE isn't the problem, limited one. Resources are. 
> >Humberto, don't let JK corrupt you. Happiness comes from MASTERING nature. 
> >John [aka Liz Kates [email protected] ]  

Right, and unite against entropy, and vote against space aliens!?

Feminists can't even name one single resource which is in short supply or which would be if the world population were even 70 times larger than it is. At 70 times larger, the entire world's population would fit into an area the size of Russia and Brazil, which would leave all of Europe, China, India, Africa, North American, Iceland, Central America, and MOST South America EMPTY. The argument that we would run out of oxygen is futile.

The feminists' support of ZPG is the ultimate example of their total abject stupidity, extreme ignorance, and firm moral minorship. It's almost inconceivable that Americans would be THIS gullible, not to mention so shortsighted that they make Magoo look like the Hubble Telescope--until you remember that it was feminists who taught them to be this way. The "power" of feminism to de-educate is "truly awesome".

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