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Daniel Keren wrote:
> Neo-Nazi activist, ASMarques <>, writes:
Howdy, Danny? Thanks for your renewed participation in our little
"Holocaust" discussions in the Portuguese newsgroups. But your
"cry-Nazi" hysterics are to no avail. The Nazis are the only ones that
underwent extermination by fire and the rope, and I suppose the paranoia
that sees Nazis everywhere is simply trying to hide this very telling
> # Minha Senhora, os tolinhos acreditam em cabecas reduzidas, sabonete
> # humano, adubo 'a base de cinza de crematorio, e camaras de gas
> # funcionais funcionando com motores de submarino ou insecticida.
> The "insecticide" he mentions is Zyklon-B, which releases one of the
> most toxic gases known, HCN (hydrogen cyanide). This gas is still
> used to execute condemned inmates in some US prisons. It is very
> appropriate for mass murder; see, for example
No it isn't. Take, for instance, the deposition of Wolfgang Froelich
during the recent trial of Swiss revisionist Jurgen Graf (condemned to
15 months imprisonment and 18,000 SwF in monetary penalties for
investigating the "Holocaust" in Russian archives and publishing the
results, as well as a booklet titled "On the Decline of Swiss Freedom"). 
Froelich is an Austrian engineer and an expert witness whose field of
expertise are process engineering and gas applications. He told the
court he has carried out numerous gassings to exterminate pests and
infectious microbes. Here is how he answers the questions by public
prosecutor Aufdenblatten:
Aufdenblatten: "In your opinion were mass gassings with Zyklon B
Froelich: "No".
Aufdenblatten: "Why not?" 
Froelich: "The pesticide Zyklon B is hydrocyanic acid absorbed in a
granular-shaped carrier substance. It is released though contact with
the air. The evaporation point of hydrocyanic acid is 25.7 degrees
(Celsius). The higher the temperature, the more rapid is the rate of
evaporation. The delousing chambers  in which Zyklon B was used in NS
(German wartime) camps and elsewhere were heated to 30 degrees and
higher, so that the hydrocyanic acid would be released rapidly from the
carrier granules. However, in the half-underground mortuaries of the
Auschwitz-Birkenau crematories, where witnesses claim that mass killings
with Zyklon B took place, the temperatures were much lower. Even if one
allows for the warming of the spaces by the body warmth of the
hypothetical prisoners, the temperature would not have been more than 15
degrees, even in summer time. Consequently, it would have taken many
hours for the hydrocyanic acid to evaporate.      
"According to eyewitness reports, the victims died very quickly. The
witnesses mention time frames of 'instantaneous' to '15 minutes'. To be
able to kill the gas chamber prisoners in such a short time, the Germans
would have had to use ridiculously large amounts of Zyklon -- I estimate
from 40 to 50 kilograms for each gassing. This would have made any work
in the gas chamber fundamentally impossible. The special detachment
(Sonderkommando) people, whom the witnesses say were assigned the task
of clearing out (dead bodies) from them (the gas chambers), would have
collapsed immediately upon entering the rooms, even if they were wearing
gas masks. Enormous amounts of hydrocyanic  acid would have streamed out
into the open, and would have poisoned the entire camp".    
Froehlich's statement corroborates the investigations and declarations
of such specialists as gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter, Austrian
engineer Wlater Lueftl, American research chemist William B. Lindsay,
German chemist Germar Rudolf, and German engineer Wofgang Schuster.    
Now comes another interesting bit. Immediately following Froelich's
statement, here is what public prosecutor Aufdenblatten had to say to
Aufdenblatten: "I hereby ask the court to bring charges against you for
racial discrimination, on the basis of Article 261 (the Anti-Racism Law)
or otherwise I'll do it myself".
So this is how Zyklon B killed all the millions and why "Anti-Racism"
Laws  are needed! Defence attorney Stehrenberger could only inform the
court that in view of this blatant intimidation of the witness , he
would withdraw from the case. He later expressed again his objections to
the amazing proceedings, and resumed his duties as defence attorney. To
no avail, of course:
Judge Andrea Staubli (to Graf): "Can't you imagine that Jews feel
offended by your books?" 
Graf: "Yes, and many non-Jews as well. The brain-washing has been so
thorough that anyone who inadvertently stumbles upon the truth would be
completely upset".
Staubli: "And don't you care if Jews feel offended by your books?" 
Graf: "Edgar Bronfman (the president of the Jewish World Congress) said
recently that Switzerland is like a man who has to have his feet held in
the fire before he sees reason. Can't you imagine that a Swiss person
would feel offended by that? Why is it that only Jewish feelings are
taken into account and never the feelings of non-Jews?"
Graf got his 15 months and 18,000 SwF. His publisher Gerhard Foerster --
a 78 years old man suffering from several illnesses, who needs a wheel
chair to go around -- got 12 months imprisonment and  53,000 SwF,
assorted financial punishment. 
BTW, here is what the Swiss Anti-Racism Law -- Article (Section) 261 of
the criminal code (Strafgesetzbuch) -- has to say on the subject:
"Whoever (...) flagrantly whitewashes (groeblich verharmlost) or seeks
to justify, genocide or other crimes against humanity (...) will be
punished by (up to three years) imprisonment or a fine".
Sounds like Messieurs Fabius & Gayssot really are succeeding in making
disciples, doesn't it?
The "Anti-Racism" Law is in vigour since January 1, 1995. Until now
there were no cases presented by Africans or Turks. All the cases have
resulted from  the "Holocaust" sensibilities of Jewish groups that feel
offended by the truth about the gigantic "Holocaust" hoax. 
Mrs. Ruth Dreyfuss, the first Jewish woman to be elected President of
Switzerland by the electoral college, has just considered ("Lusa"
telegram, January 6) that the extorsion of the Swiss banks on behalf of
the Jewish groups and international organisations was the rightful thing
to do. She didn't use these words naturally, but that's what her
position on the matter amounts to. She also believes the role of
Switzerland during the War should be re-evaluated. Soon, no doubt, we'll
learn that Switzerland was one of the major Axis partners, exactly like
Portugal, a neutral country who committed the crime of exporting a few
silly cans of sardines to the Nazis, while giving air and naval bases to
the Allies. Seems we too, were accepting gold dentures as currency...   
And that's why the Internet is so important for exposing the "Holocaust"
More data in English about the trial of Jurgen Graf can be found in the
"Journal of Historical Review", vol.17, #4:
More persecution and censorship cases in:
>    "Cyanide (HCN gas) is notorious as a poison (Gee, 1987)
>    but also is ideal as a chemical weapon. It kills rapidly,
>    dissipates quickly, and leaves no toxic residue".
> ("Chemical Warfare Agents", by Satu M. Somani, Department of
> Pharmacology, Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine.
> Academic Press 1992, p. 211).
> Maybe "ASMarques" will try to demonstrate his "theories", by exposing
> himself to HCN gas in a closed room?
My dear fellow, if "Danny Keren" is inserted in a barrel of beer, he
will die by drowning. However, insertion in barrels of beer wouldn't be
a practical or intelligent way for the industrial extermination of
millions of people. It would be a surrealistic joke.
> As to the motor he mentions - exhaust from large engines will kill
> people quite quickly, especially if many of them are crammed
> together in a closed chamber. This is known to everyone with even
> a little of technical background and understanding.
Not if it is a submarine *diesel* motor, like I mentioned and we are
required to believe. Diesel fumes are not toxic. Of course one would
die... by asphixy, and that would be an EXTREMELY long, convolute,
difficult, and idiotic way of performing mass murder. Practical people
use bullets: quick, efficient, cheap and infallible. Ask the veteran
professional authors of the Katyn massacre, if you don't believe the
See you,
Some revisionist sites more for Danny's information. Bookmark them now!
Excellent fast introduction:
Six important sites with a lot of information in several languages and
many links to others:
Air photo interpretation with maps and photos (sound commentary or
Three important personal sites:  (David irving)  (Greg Raven)  (Arthur Butz)
A discussion forum open to all (and its archives):


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